The DCR’s on Vacation Fenix3 Giveaway!


It’s giveaway time!  Partly because it’s been a while, partly because it’s Friday and it seems fitting, and partly just cause I’m on vacation and this seemed a whole lot easier than writing an in-depth review.

This time I’m giving away a Garmin Fenix3 multisport watch, sponsored by Clever Training.  It’s the only watch I brought with me on vacation (yes, I know, only one watch – incredible!)

So how do you enter?

Simple: All you need to do is write a comment below with what type of training (or I suppose racing) you typically do on vacation.  Do you cut back, or press on as per the schedule?  Or does all training just simply shift to eating ice cream and chocolate bonbons?

The winner will get to choose any Fenix3 variant from Clever Training.  This could be the base grey one (seen middle in photo above), or the more swanky Sapphire unit with the metal link strap.  And then you can get it with or without the HR strap.  Totally your choice!

As usual, Clever Training is sponsoring the giveaway.  Remember you can save 10% off anything they sell through either the coupon code or the DCR/CT VIP program, plus of course free US shipping for goods over $75US.

Thanks for reading!

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, April 27th, 2015 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly. One entry per person. The product will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming in stock.


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  1. Ben

    If I’m training for something specific I try and keep going with my program; if not probably light running / swimming etc. but depending on where!

  2. Artur Halat

    What I like to do on vacation is swim half mile (if possible), run 5k and 10k, but only one time. After that hiking as much as possible, just to see the area take some pictures and simply enjoy the off time.

  3. RQE

    I typically try to structure vacation around riding. Great opportunity to see the country and get some good miles in.

  4. Cristian

    On vacations I try to take my Brompton with me in the cities I visit, so a lot of cycling.
    Other than that, hiking, swimming and perhaps some running.


  5. Denis Lapierre

    going for the ice cream (and beer) bucket :S but hollidays are usually spent on mountain bikes with the kids.

  6. Ulf E

    Taking a run is the best training on vacation, can be done everywhere.

  7. Igor Rybalchenko

    Some say they have a problem combining travelling and vacation with their training schedule. They tell us it’s so hard to find time to do your running intervals or worse – long bike rides having your family at your hand, willing to go to another museum or amusement park and so on and so forth.

    There is no such thing. The vacation is built around your stars through the season – early spring marathon or late autumn full distance it is. All the family members are eager to get on plane and give you their best support, because they know and respect the things you do.

    And if you find yourself in the middle of foreign country in your build-base-phase, don’t hesitate to put on your favourite shoes you brought with you and show all these people how do they do proper training in your place. If it’s mid-season, it’s not a vacation. It’s training camp.

  8. Ben

    2-3 days for acclimating… then try to adapt my training to my destination… moutains, beach, cities… but every time, holidays are holidays and I am satisfied even if I run only once per week.

  9. Paul Garner

    Honestly I do nothing On holiday. Just enjoy my family.

  10. Sebastian

    If I’m training for a specific event then I stick to the program, otherwise I try to get at least a session or two of some sort of exercise in each week.

  11. triathlonchris

    Depends on the Type of vacation. But normally a run before breakfast always fits in and then in the afternoon bike ride if i finden some time. If there is a pool around or a possibility for a open water some this is also welcome. But everything not very structured in family vacation.

  12. Max

    My next “vacation” will be in Prague where I look forward to traversing all the trails in the Czech Republic. Also, just want to mention that your reviews are very, very helpful to me because I work at a running specialty store and I don’t have the means to test each device. I often send my customers to your blog before they purchase a watch. Thanks!

  13. Chris

    hit the gym, cut back the cardio, then the beach for suns out guns out

  14. German

    i usually do a short run.

  15. Navnit

    Vacation -“extra time for running/riding”. Starts with morning ride late evening run and ends with swimming.

  16. Julia

    I strap on the running shoes and walk everywhere! Who needs a taxi when you can head everywhere on foot! Berlin, Vegas, Victoria BC, they all put many many miles on my trusty old Fitbit!

  17. Isha

    Vacation are dedicated to family, no training.

  18. Graeme cowling

    The old ‘Dash and Splash’ every time.

    A good quick run those 2 inch race shorts you can’t getaway with wearing anywhere where someone may recognise you. Followed by a good old fashioned tucked bomb into a cool pool to ease and reduce muscle fatigue.

    Lovely stuff.

  19. Pilar

    When possible I run in the baech.

  20. Mike

    My wife and I are trying to get the marathons in all 50 states, so our trips generally involve a marathon. We even did one in Hawaii on our honeymoon.

  21. John Himes

    Running and hiking. Swim if near the open.

  22. Dave

    Walk everywhere from the time we wake up until dinner, then sleep rinse and repeat.

  23. Rob Pineau

    I usually find more time to run while on vacation than I do otherwise, as a result many of my longest runs have been while away.

  24. Tim Corso

    Holiday is holiday and time to go steady. Normally this involves at a minimum 25 miles of biking each day, followed by beer or wine training.

  25. Steve

    Running continues through vacation to matter where I am and actually increases.

  26. Grant

    relaxed runs and cycles

  27. Martin K

    First bike ride, then ice cream. Or the other way around.

  28. Jeremy

    Depends on the destination but generally take my bike and run / cycle every day and if the sea is inviting I may also get some swimming in. You have to earn the evening excesses after all!

  29. Gert

    Swim, bike and run:)

  30. Aaron S.

    I typically swim so long as I can get a hotel with a pool or a gym nearby. I stay on track if I am currently training no matter how difficult it can get. Gotta keep in mind vacation is for relaxing so have to fit it in early to not interfere!

  31. Krishna

    Chocolate, ice cream and rum punch. Maybe some kayaking. :-).

  32. Bex Green

    Holiday what’s that? 🙂

  33. Quentin

    Crossfit 2 times a week and running 3 times a week.

  34. Jeanne Bishop

    My husband and I travel for races so our racing schedule determines where we go on vacation! This year it’s Colorado for the Leadville 100 MTB race and Eugene, Or for a marathon. So we get there, do our event and then eat ice cream! We have had some wonderful weekends picking marathons and going someplace new.

  35. Navnit R

    gets extra time for long run in morning…

  36. Pedro Navarro

    Exploring whatever place I happen to be by running all around it!

  37. MarkW

    Normally, I try to do shorter runs. Depends on length and location of vacation though.

  38. Lcp

    Vacations this year involve racing tris In different states and enjoying local cuisine

  39. Prafful

    Long street walk…

  40. David B

    City exploration running (in the morning) to burn that last nights ice cream off 😉

  41. Phil

    Intervals of eat…sleep…eat…sleep
    Repeat each day of vacation

  42. Ken Clark

    Morning runs before everybody else is up, then family time!

  43. Gary Webster

    I love how running on vacation leads to an exploration of a new part of the world. It’s all about the joy of discovery!

  44. fabio

    Bike and rest

  45. Vincent Coupat

    Vacation means training camp.

  46. Gordon Warren

    While planning a vacation my wife and I choose locals that have scenic areas to run, swim and/or cycle. The training becomes more leisurely, but always adds something special to the vacation.

  47. Jessica

    I generally prefer ice cream to running, but when I’m on vacation, I embrace the ice cream more than I normally would.

  48. josh leahy

    Rest, play with kids and usually swim

  49. Simon Freathy

    Training on holiday luckily involves cross training with tandem surfing with 6 year old daughter and a bit of sup’ing. Rides are sedate and to French markets…

  50. Jon

    I typically run on vacation. You can get a run in anywhere with limited gear.

  51. Gwen

    Run & swim

  52. Dave Osswald

    usually able to fit in longer runs, esp. if on a beach vacation

  53. David G

    Vacation means hiking, backpacking, mountain biking or kayaking. Maybe not full training but enjoying the outdoors.

  54. Tara

    I tailor my training to my vacation. Depending on where I’m going I use my workouts as another way to get to experience the location/sights. So I run, hike, or bike depending on which is the best way to enjoy the trip.

  55. Shawn

    I typically scale back my training but still get in some running on the beach and riding in the gym before I begin enjoying frosty beverages for the rest of the day.

  56. Dirk

    Cut back a little with just a little running

  57. Jeroen V

    Vacation is drinking beer in massive quantities …

    • Todd Koleszar

      It depends on where I go. I usually at least run. If I can get a swim or hike in that is bonus. I only ride on vacation if I’m going for a race like IMFL.

    • Todd Koleszar

      Running usually. If I’m going for a race like IMFL, I will bike and swim too.

  58. Gary

    Run the World!
    A chance to get up early and get lost in a completly different place.

  59. Thom Wood

    Start with big plans to bike on the trainer, run the beach roads and do some ocean swims in OBX, North Carolina and usually end on the Duck Donut line. 🙂

    Thanks for all you do for us gadget geeks.

  60. Jovan

    Cycling after playing with kids.

  61. oleg

    I typically run

  62. john jensen

    Hiking om the mountains

  63. Jacob

    Typically, I try to cut back when on vacation because those I travel with don’t want to get out and I want to spend time with them. I figure the added walking counts for something.

  64. Eshan

    I’ll usually change my training plan while on vacation to better suit the facilities I’d have access to while abroad. For shorter trips I continue to follow my regimen.

  65. Adam DV

    I try and find local trails to explore wherever I go.

  66. Stefan Raab

    Really depends on where the vacation goes. There’s always activity, but it fits the location more than the schedule.

  67. Gary

    Running early morning and walking(sometimes driving) rest of the day.

  68. Uwe

    some runs, depends on vacation

  69. Eric Sommer

    Big run week!

  70. randee

    training on vacation continues as much as possible – which usually means no biking but I can run or swim anywhere!

  71. Jurre

    I press more during the holidays because I have more time than during the working weeks! This would make the training more focused!

  72. Tom

    Only fishing on vacation!

  73. Fernando

    It’s my highest mileage week(s) every year… Running one day, biking the other…

  74. Kelly

    I try to keep running as-is since I do enjoy it and plus it’s a great way to see where I’m vacationing. I also try to get in open water swims as much as I can too. Biking, usually takes a hit while I’m on vacation.

  75. Nik1Tweezy

    i like to relax while on vaction. i usually do a 5 to 7 mile run every other day and that’s good enough for me!

  76. Marek

    I usually do a run – because it’s easy and you can run *almost* anywhere.
    On top of that, I try to add something that the specific location offers – swimming in the sea, hiking on the trails, or skiing – depending on where I am.

  77. Kevin R

    Early morning runs are always a great way to start the day even on Vacations!

  78. Casey M

    On vacation I only do 12oz curls (beer drinking!).

  79. Chris

    My training ceases and donuts reign supreme.

  80. Rapeepat Lekkham

    Vacation is reading running and eating good food:)

  81. Chris

    I try to stay on schedule with runs. I try to find trails near where I’m staying.

  82. Eric

    I love vacation runs! Great way to mix it up and break out of a rut.

  83. Johan Sleeckx

    On vacations we try to log a couple of runs but only if we feel like it. Not because we have to. On vacations there are no “must do’s”.

  84. Vien

    Hit the trails!

  85. Emma

    I usually just run on vacation unless I can find a bike somewhere and then I’ll do that too.

  86. Dan

    Best scenarions is to bring bike along to continue my training plans as normal. If I can’t do that pack up the shoes and goggles to cross train.

  87. Thibaut

    Love tour site!

  88. Teague

    I usually put off training while on vacation but I did once run a half marathon around a 1/9 mile track on a cruise ship.

  89. trevor

    Running is the best way to see a new city. Almost every city has a park or a cool district to explore on foot. Way better than being stuck in traffic.

    Plus, exercise is great for helping with jet lag!

  90. Rick

    I like to try to get in a few runs someplace new…

  91. Alison egan

    I eat ice cream on vacation

  92. Gunnar

    lots of climbing by bike. Giro this year. Tuscany!

  93. AK

    I usually just vegetate during vacations

  94. Micah

    Usually early morning runs followed by vegging out at the beach. We don’t do cold places!

  95. ap

    Just running, as I am with my family and no room for the Bike 🙂

    Also some swimming if we are to the sea

  96. I love booking a race during a vacation. Gives you an excuse to take a detour and possibly see something cool and different. No too mention alleviates the guilt of vacation eating!

  97. Will

    Always try to manage at least a few quick jogs!

  98. Frank

    I try to keep my training going while travelling. I like finding new routes, and find the change of scenery to be refreshing!

  99. Thomas

    If possible, I bring my bike and ride before breakfast. Otherwise, I run or have a TRX with me.

  100. Opa

    I usually cut back a bit, but not totally! When abroad it’s fun to go to a local gym, where few to no tourists ever visit 🙂