Kona Giveaway Time! The Garmin FR920XT or Fenix2 Special Edition!


We find ourselves on the eve of the Ironman World Championships this weekend, which seems like no better reason to get into the swing of things with a good ole giveaway.  Especially now that the hangover has eased off after the Giveaway Extravaganza this past summer.

This time I’ll be giving away a new Garmin FR920XT (or, a Fenix2 Special Edition, if you prefer that instead).  And by ‘I’, I mean, my usual partner in giveaway crime – Clever Training!

The rules are simple here, simply drop a comment below with the following:

To Enter: Your best or first memory of watching Kona (be it in person, or on TV/interwebs) down below.  In the event that you haven’t watched any little snippet of it ever, then…well…I can’t help you there.

Simple enough?  Good.

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, October 13th, 2014 until 11:59PM Eastern Time.  I’ll be giving you one device (either the FR920XT or Fenix2 Special Edition, with the HRM-RUN strap) from Clever Training.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday, depending on if the interwebs work in Malta for me on Tuesday.  One entry per person.  If you choose the FR920XT your name will be put in the queue to receive a unit from Clever Training (you don’t skip the line though), but if you want a Fenix2 instead, you’ll get that shipped immediately.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I’ve got a great partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10WHP or now via the VIP program.  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!


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  1. Chris

    First time I saw it was 2004 from my army barracks. I was amazed and instantly hooked.

  2. Ral Sunt

    First time we watched it after getting initiated in our fake Triathlon Club along with all the Macca drama… :O)

  3. Briana

    Watching Tim win in 2002 after winning in 2001

  4. Diego Reloaded

    The age grouper that didn’t make it for the swim-finish cutting on time. He looked devastated but he returned the next year I believe. I found some common things since I’m not a good swimmer but always keeping the momentum and good attitude going on!

  5. J.P. Dowd

    This was the first year I watched it live and it was awesome. I was using the tracker and the live feed while reading Lava and Slowtwitch. Made for a great day.

  6. Angela

    Watching Rinny mow people down on the run. Amazing…

  7. Jason

    First time online this year!

  8. Dan Wright

    I have a friend who’s husband did it. I looked at her pictures. Does that count?

  9. Paul Leonard

    I was a kid watching on Wide World of Sports

  10. john

    remind me of the Kona half early this year, i was there.

  11. Stefan Reinke

    Seeing Paula NF staggering down Hualauli Road and being passed by Karen Smyers. PNF had a blank look on her face and glazed eyes. She very clearly had given everything that day.

  12. Sebastian Tongson

    My best memory of Kona World Championship was when Macca and Raelert was doing a repeat of the Iron War. However, my favorite part is also watching the finishers cross the line in the final hour.

  13. Azrul

    my favorite part was watching all finishers crossess the finishing line

  14. Grant Harvey

    The female race leader pulling up with severe cramp and being passed within site of the line.

  15. Alan E

    Moss-McCartney, years after the fact. I was only about ten when they raced. Still an awesome moment in sports.

  16. Mark Norfleet

    Watching that little race in 1989 with Dave Scott and Mark Allen working SO hard and being Soooo close! Amazing and inspiring!

  17. Mike H

    Julie Moss 1982

  18. Chrissy

    I love watching the finish line. This year it was great to see Apollo Oni finish and still look energized, since he’s a relatively new cross-over athlete.

  19. Dominic m

    Chrissie winning the year she had had the accident. Inspirational!

  20. Garett

    2 years in a row watching Rinny absolutely eat up ground to erase the gap and cruise to the win…what a beautiful thing to “watch”.

  21. Ceov

    Watching the athletes tread water before the swim start always captivates me…

  22. Hannah Bowers

    When Chrissie Wellington won just a week after her bike wreck.

  23. Jeff

    Watching Craig Alexander run…smooth as butter. Then there was the year he pulled up cramping, still to make it to finish in record time.

  24. Milton Evans

    first time I watched it was about 10 years ago on one of those tape delayed specials they show on a Sunday afternoon during non-football season; made me want to do one

  25. Christopher Lyle

    Watching Mirinda Carfrae smash the run two years in a row! Course record! Amazing coming back!

  26. Nicole Birrell

    Team Hoyt- if that does not inspire you nothing will!

  27. Caroline Bowers

    This year when Renny passed everybody on the run it was awesome!!!!!!

  28. Vincent J

    Watching it 2 years ago and saying out loud “I’d like to do that one day’. Next thing you know, my wife had signed me up for two sprint triathlons the following summer. That started it all for me.

  29. Mike

    To be honest, I love watching the mad dash into the water!

  30. PC

    Watching the Father-Son combo Team Hoyt.

  31. Gede Adhyatma


  32. Oliver

    I saw a film of the 2010 Kona Ironman with McCormack and Raelert having an incredible finish. However what inspired me to do triathlons was the story of the “normal” people taking part of Kona; to learn their stories, to see their difficulties, determination and tenacity was a breathtaking for me. It was almost a documentary about the spirit of ironman. I loved it.

  33. Nate Miller

    Not even sure what year it was, but watching on TV with my brother’s wondering what insanity was being shown.

  34. Abraham

    Seeing Chrissie win Kona for the 3rd time! Fantastic!

  35. George

    After years of only watching the replays on TV, watched it live for the first time this year.

  36. Michelle

    The best is the run into the water. Every year looks crazy!

  37. Mendel

    I remember seeing it for the first time on YouTube :) as a runner i was just browsing for something inspiring and I was blown away by how thought am iron-man is. Pretty cool stuff!

  38. Dan

    A few years back there was an amateur athlete feature on a young guy who was a double amputee competing in IMKona. I always make my sons watch those segments, they are my absolute favorites.

  39. Jaime O Lopez

    Moss on WWS.

  40. Ben

    Scott v. Allen…Watched on youtube….Incredible!

  41. Jason

    I watched it on youtube and I loved seeing the water filled with people from around the world. Hook me up with the new 920 I am looking forward to the upgrade.

  42. Randy Lovelace

    As a road cyclist I would watch the NBC broadcast, but it wasn’t until Norman Stadler’s 2006 bike split record that I began to follow more intensely. He was an animal on the bike!

  43. Dan Irish

    Watching Dave Scott and Scott Tinley on ABC Wide World of Sports in absolute awe!

  44. Noah

    Watching Kona 2013 highlights on youtube last year.

  45. Mary Julia Keller

    Watching Carfrae crush the run back to back years. Inspirational.

  46. Matt Robertson

    Only having got into triathlon’s last year, and just running my first Half Ironman this year (Muskoka!), I am still new to Ironman events so this year’s Kona was the first time watching for me! I watched the coverage all day online (in the midst of home renos, cooking, and then doing 40km on my indoor trainer), and I think the best part for me was watching the updates of Miranda Carfrae absolutely destroy it on the run course! It was pretty amazing to watch her determination as she was just tearing it up!

  47. Greg Inglis

    The memory of watching a woman collapse near the finish line and struggle to finish the ironman and thinking they do this for ‘fun’, it was Julie Moss.

  48. Leonardo Pierre

    Watching Normann Stadler win in 2006 after setting a new bike course record

  49. steve bishop

    Mark Allen on his Kona experiences and lessons. Brilliant!

  50. Dustin

    Watching the NBC highlights on YouTube

  51. Michael Michelangeli

    My first time was in Iowa i did not know anything about triathlons and my friend spend the day drinking beers and getting me into th sport

  52. Zachary crumbo

    Leanda Cave holding off Rinny in 12

  53. Gene

    I love watching the uber-bikers ride away, and the chase happen on the run.

  54. David Altmaier

    Probably watching with my grandfather when I was younger, before I even knew I wanted to give triathlons a shot. Thanks for the opportunity.

  55. Richard S

    Scott and Allen, the Hoyts, Carfrae, Wellington, Alexander, all on youtube while I was as training for my first half iron distance back in 2009.

  56. Karl

    Watching the nbc coverage of the ironman on tv about the ordinary people competing and finishing. Very inspiring.

  57. Matt

    Seeing the oldest athletes crossing the line with a smile is always the best part!

  58. Mike Rivera

    I agree with the last comment…I was way more interested in the average joe competing…not sure if you can ever call a Kona participant average, but none the less…heart felt.

  59. Jody S

    Watched the coverage a few times in the past