Kona Giveaway Time! The Garmin FR920XT or Fenix2 Special Edition!


We find ourselves on the eve of the Ironman World Championships this weekend, which seems like no better reason to get into the swing of things with a good ole giveaway.  Especially now that the hangover has eased off after the Giveaway Extravaganza this past summer.

This time I’ll be giving away a new Garmin FR920XT (or, a Fenix2 Special Edition, if you prefer that instead).  And by ‘I’, I mean, my usual partner in giveaway crime – Clever Training!

The rules are simple here, simply drop a comment below with the following:

To Enter: Your best or first memory of watching Kona (be it in person, or on TV/interwebs) down below.  In the event that you haven’t watched any little snippet of it ever, then…well…I can’t help you there.

Simple enough?  Good.

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, October 13th, 2014 until 11:59PM Eastern Time.  I’ll be giving you one device (either the FR920XT or Fenix2 Special Edition, with the HRM-RUN strap) from Clever Training.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday, depending on if the interwebs work in Malta for me on Tuesday.  One entry per person.  If you choose the FR920XT your name will be put in the queue to receive a unit from Clever Training (you don’t skip the line though), but if you want a Fenix2 instead, you’ll get that shipped immediately.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I’ve got a great partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10WHP or now via the VIP program.  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!



  1. Thomas

    Would have been in 1991 or 1992. A video on the Internet in poor quality. But I have no idea who has won at that time. Is simply too long ago.

  2. Luisa

    I’ve heard about Kona in this post for the first time in my life, but I would really like to win a 920xt 🙂

  3. Stefan Gründel

    Started with Triathlon myself only two years ago, so my best memory of course is watching fellow countryman Sebi Kienle dominating and winning the race yesteray.

  4. DLFS

    Just seen on youtube, it would be nice to be there!!!

  5. Bjoern

    Must been at least 15 years ago on German television. As a kid I was fascinated by those futuristic bikes looking like boomerangs with wheels.

  6. rob Belson

    I’m firmly in the Julie Moss camp. I was 4/5 yrs old at the time but can remember my Dad who was a keen marathon runner summonsing me to the lounge where the footage was being shown on TV… I don’t recall the show but I like to think it was Grandstand and that the footage was followed by Housewives favorite Des Lynam smoothing the mustache and making some sort of throwaway ‘blimey’ or ‘she certainly went the distance’ type remark….

  7. felix

    Very Exciting to see it on youtube, especially the start of the race!!!

  8. boldrake

    I will never be able to do what those iron men do … will I?

  9. susyspain

    Ufff Julie Moss? Team Hoyt? Stadler crying 2 flats!!? Not sure but enjoyed all of them
    Thank you DC & Clever T. guys

  10. Watching a Belgian winning for the first time in years last year.

  11. Trevor

    Being astonished at the distances covered and the speed with which they are covered!

  12. Michael McCarthy


  13. wojtek

    Sian Welch and Wendy Ingraham finish on youtube! Respect!

  14. Danielle Sconfienza

    All of the participants are purely inspirational. I just watched Kona online and was beyond impressed. Mirinda Carfrae’s win overcoming a 14 minute deficit shows how anything can happen in this sport.

  15. Rohan

    Watching with live tracking of individual athletes – always enjoy it when technology makes anything more entertaining

  16. Joolse

    Mirinda Carfrae winning this year, now I understand what Kona is all about!

  17. Nangariel

    Watching the contestants swim – thought it was pretty cool with the surfers being around…


    see McCormack winning in 2010, when I decided that I also wanted to be a iroman. In 2015, I hope to fulfill that desire

  19. Daniel V Alhadeff

    Watching during a recording of the coverage during one of my first bike trainer rides.

  20. Gary P

    After getting into Triathlon with my brother in law and then watching coverage before I really new how Kona was the pinnacle and thinking “one day i’m going to do that” (Ironman, not Kona).

  21. Juan

    My 1st Kona I watched and followed was the 2012 one, when I started my own triathlon journey. Truly inspiring stuff!

  22. Shane Coetser

    I stumbled on the sports channel by accident. At first I was not sure what Kona was, then wondered what Ironman was. I soon found out that the people competing are both crazy & amazing! Well, since that day a few years ago I have aspired to complete my first full Ironman. I sure would love the 920xt to help me reach that goal!

  23. Carole

    Watched the kona 2014 live, great race

  24. David Harrap

    Watching the exploits of the Dave Scott and others on Wide World of Sport here in Australia in the eighties.

  25. Matyt

    My Kona moment is seeing Alex Zanardi, who, without legs, managed stay behind the 10 hours…

  26. Hallvard

    Watching Van Lierde win last year.

  27. Jerome

    Julie Moss fighting till the end

  28. Kent Kurfman

    It has to be watching the Hoyts. Seeing Dick Hoyts tow his son on a raft, tow him on the bike then push him in the chair all while trying to keep under the time cut-off made everyone else’s races easy in comparison.

  29. Michal Cohen

    Chrissie Wellington Flat in Kona 2008 … and her angry pass and awesome finish!!!

  30. Estha

    In Phil Maffetone’s Big Book of Endurance, Mark Allen wrote the foreword. After reading about his wins at Kona I looked on YouTube to “see who this Allen guy was!” Ironman isn’t my sport and watching the speed and endurance of these guys blew my mind – wow. Anyone who completes Kona is superhuman in my books.

  31. Kyle Sole

    Macca vs Crowie
    There rivalry between 2007 & 2010 is one of the best in any sporting era.

  32. Laura

    In 2012 we took over the back of the bar to watch on their big tv after one of my friends qualified. We ate mad amounts of pizza (carbs, ya know) and admired another friend’s shoulder scarring from serious road rash. I have since done a sprint and a half and signed up for a full in 2015.

  33. Wagon

    Got to be chrissie getting number four after coming back from that bike crash. Awesome.

  34. Scott P

    watching Heinz Ward tough it out. (Sorry, really all I’ve ever watched 😉

  35. Michael

    dedication and drive to succeed

  36. Champ Phetiam

    watching Crowie taking the course record

  37. Steven Agar

    My brother in law completed Lanzarote in 2010 which got me interested in the triathalon scene having only been a runner previously. I watched Kona that year and have been hooked since. Those guys amaze me, and next year I shall be one of them!

  38. Matthieu

    Watching Fred Van Lierde win in 2013 on my Iphone running out of battery and just seeing him cross the line before the battery died while my girlfriend was sleeping and curious what I was watching that late (I live in Europe).

  39. KeithS

    Well Julie Moss was first impact, but Ironwar opened up the view of two supermen going head to head. Fav race of all time

  40. Mehul Ved

    Can’t pinpoint to one individual event, but every one of Miranda Carfrae’s win where she just outruns the competition, who have no answer to it.

  41. Paul Frylink

    My first experience watching Kona was today!
    A good friend of mine qualified a couple of months ago (at North American championships) for a spot at Kona.
    So I followed him via the time tracking and watched the live video stream in the hope I would catch a glimpse of him.
    All this at the same time as watching the most iconic motorsport race here in Australia – the Bathurst 1000 🙂

  42. Feodora

    2011 Kona finish

  43. Terrance R

    Watching Marinda Carfrae running down Panini Dr to victory while I’m running up to head out to the energy labl

  44. Eric Schoch

    First intro to Kona (and triathlon in a way) was flipping through the channels and stumbling on NBC’s compilation show of that year’s race. Al Michaels narrating, amazing scenery, inspiring performances…been in love with triathlon ever since.

  45. MMB

    its the 920 any day. And unfortunately I haven’t watched any Kona, but will make amends should I win.

  46. FRANK C

    Watching it on abc wide world of sports when I was just a little kid and them a bit older watching the 1989 Ironman World Championship — in which Dave Scott and Mark Allen raced side by side for 139 miles and crossed the finish line just 58 seconds apart — is the stuff of legend in endurance sports. I thought these guys were all crazy, now I’m doing it too.

  47. suazbe

    Watching Rinny run last year…and again this year. Crazy fast!

  48. uzzy

    first time on 2013 when van lierde win

  49. Lihi

    Watched Kona for the first time last year. It was amazing to see the intensity in the athletes faces. Everyone was so much into it…

  50. Michelle Buczkowski

    I love all the inspirational age grouper stories.
    I’ll get there one day!

  51. Brandon L.

    First remember watching the television broadcasts in the mid-80s when I was about 10. Mesmerizing. Thought I could never do anything like that, and I believed it for almost 30 more years until I finally did my first tri a couple of years ago!

  52. Jean Bourgault

    in 1989 watching Marc Allen beat out Dave Scott by a minute. Wow!

  53. Dano

    Wide World of Sports in the 80’s seemed super human then and still does.

  54. of course Sian Welch and Wendy Ingraham crawl off 1997

  55. Andre

    As so many other it was Magnum PI.

  56. Gary B

    Watching a channel 9 wide world of sports special on Greg Welch, amazing stuff

  57. trdjohn

    yah definitely back in the 80s on wide world of sports

  58. Davey

    Watching a live stream last year dreaming the dream. one day maybe.

  59. Conor Dolan

    My best and first memory of watching Kona are the same – saw some coverage of the event last year for the first time. Awesome stuff!!

  60. Don Kelly

    The backstories of the competitors. Amazing!

  61. Matt Masse

    My first experience watching kona was yesterday. My brother had it on for Thanksgiving dinner and wouldn’t relinquish the TV to watch hockey.

  62. Mac brown

    Tracking my soon-to-be girlfriend (and now wife!) through 12 hours at Kona. She did so well!

  63. My friend hosts an all day ironman viewing party every year. We watch key parts of the live event, view the previous year’s highlight video, go on our own bike ride and run, and eat lots if good food. It is a blast!

  64. Tiziano

    Kona inspires me to be an ironman

  65. Dirk

    Last years men swim cut off when a guy tried to make it, but failed for less than a minute.

  66. Mark

    The Scott v Allen battles were epic!

  67. Klara Maskova

    Luc Van Lierde 1996 – greatest performance ever

  68. Kevin M

    I remember the first time seeing Kona, I thought it was insane. I had no interest in trying an Ironman until one drunken night someone bet me.

    $800 for the race entry, $750 for the airline tickets (wife had to go also), $2,100 for housing there and $4000 for a Shiv. When Mike Riley announced I was an Ironman, I won the bet and collect my prize the next night, a cold beer. As anyone knows the real prize is just knowing you can accomplish anything you set out to do.

  69. Steven SHipowitz

    Watching last years as the guy ran for his daughter, Grace. She was killed in the Sandy Hook shootings.

  70. Lars C

    Just being in Kona in 2010 as a spectator was awesome

  71. Yannick

    Like every year the running battle in energy lab !

  72. Atilano

    Craig Alexander wining in 2008

  73. Tom

    Crissie 2009. I can see that race over and over again.

  74. Somewhere in the nineties, when Luc van Lierde won the race.

  75. Luca B

    Alex Zanardi former F1 car driver, now without his legs, arriving to the finish line with the speaker shouting “Alex Zanardi you are an IRON MAN !”

  76. Unfortunately, the first clip I ever saw from Kona specifically (like many others above it seems) was the 1997 Welch/Ingraham finish, which was presented for mockery on a satirical news quiz. Both alarming in content and disrespectful to use it that way I thought. This was some years after the fact too. Luckily, I’d familiarised myself with the Ironman format before this was broadcast, and all my other exposures to the sport have been the qualifying events compressed into 30 minute episodes.

  77. aero

    2005: Natascha Badmann on her CAT Cheetah. Too bad they no longer produce these bikes.

  78. Timo

    Mirinda Carfrae’s amazing run last year… and again this year!

  79. blacky

    Last year watching Miranda win 🙂

  80. Watching ABC’s Wide World of Sports in 1982 as Hearst beat Moss and started to put the sport on the map.

  81. Marek

    Watching 2009 Kona program thinking that this triathlon thing is something I could try.

  82. Sebastian Kienle and Jan Frodeno in 2014.

  83. Dewey

    Watching it a week after I signed up for what would be my first tri — a 70.3 — and saying “oh crud what have I done?”

  84. Ihsan

    Julie Moss crawling to the finish

  85. David Vazquez

    Watchin’ Leanda Caves and thinking it is impossible to reach what she had.

  86. Ethan

    Watching highlights of Mark Allen and Dave Scott. Both inspired and horrified by the event and wondering if my body could ever handle it

  87. fuzzy

    Mark Allen of course!

  88. Céline Charbonnier

    2014 and the 2nd place for Daniely Ryf !! Hop Swiss !

  89. Pit

    I watched Kona 2012 race in internet,


    First time “watching” in blog back in 2012.

  91. Andrew

    Lying on the coach eating brownies and drinking beer…

  92. Felix Hagemann

    Countless hours on the trainer, watching Kona as inspiration and motivation!

  93. Matt O

    Not one particular moment to speak of but I love watching the inspirational videos of all the extraordinary people every year.

  94. Nuno Costa

    2007 Chrissie Wellington winning surprise to everyone…..

  95. Will

    i remember watching in the 80s on the WIde Woeld of Sports recaps.

  96. Sian

    Watching in the 80’s, not really having a clue what it was all about!

  97. cc ram

    Cyclist riding against the Kona wind.

  98. isabelle

    Julie Moss fighting to finish

  99. Stephan Nielsen

    It must be 1997, where Chris Leigh collapsed just before the finishing line 🙁 Strong pictures!

  100. Hubale

    Ironman party 2014, with my friends triathlon-helden.de
    Kienle, du maschine!!!

  101. Soren Rasmussen

    I saw the show once but I must be honest, I liked “The A-team” better 😉

  102. Steve Y

    Watched it a few years back on a gym treadmill – made the workout sooo much better. Saw a guy without legs competing and that was truly inspirational!

  103. Jeff

    Best memory was reading about Miranda Carfrae’s second Championship in 2013 about 5 minutes ago…

  104. Matthew shepherd

    Watching it in the background when I was a wee boy and my dad was watching it, preventing me from watching cartoons :).

  105. Dave Scott and Mark Allen in the eighties.

  106. The first time I followed the entire race was last year. Seeing Frederik van Lierde and Mirinda Carfrae winning the race.

  107. Jonfucius

    Seeing the helicopter shots of the bike leg through what looked like some otherworldly blast furnace, then being there in person and thinking it wasn’t as hot as I expected (in the car), and then getting out and feeling the heat radiate off the pavement and thinking, “ohhhh.”

  108. Oscar

    The age groups start.

  109. Csaba

    I first saw it a year ago.

  110. Malte

    Watchin this year a little bit

  111. Opale

    Like many above, my best memory of Kona is the Julie Moss finish.

  112. Its Like the Iron war!! Ironman World Championships 2010 – Chris McCormack says to Andreas Raelert and goes on to win the championship!!!

  113. Chrissie Wellington. Just Chrissie.

  114. firefighter in full suit and equipment on the marathon!

  115. Damien

    The epic win of Frederik Van Lierde in 2013. Viva Belgium !

  116. EZ

    Watched yesterday to see Jan Frodeno’s incredible Marathon recovery!

  117. Sami

    This year’s men’s age group start, amazing!

  118. Christian

    My first memory of Kona is a few minutes ago when I read about what did the AMAZING Alex Zanardi. He’s the man.

  119. Troy Moxly

    I can’t beat Julie Moss’s finish. It was inspirational.

  120. Simon

    seeing Sebastian Kienle winning in 2014 with a 5min gap!

  121. Remo Karlström

    Sian Welch & Wendy Ingrahams crawl in 1997.

  122. Stein Van Loon

    The win of our Frederik Van Lierde last year and following my neighbours timing and being surprised about his great finishing time!

  123. jozef

    Julie Moss finish in 1982.

  124. Maurice

    Watching daniela ryf. Great swiss woman, great race.

  125. Ryan Dalman

    Watching the Dave Scott-Mark Allen battles on TV

  126. Michal

    Beautiful scenery watching on TV few years back…

  127. Cody Dangerfield

    It has to be Julie Moss.

  128. Frank W

    Karen Smyers’ win.

  129. Matthias

    Watching Ironman 2014 coverage on HR-online (Germany):

    “Well, ironman participation is expensive, though. Imagine: Sorry kids, there’s no holiday this year…but daddy got a new bike;-)”

  130. Rudy

    Watched a summary once. Fenix2 please 🙂

  131. Adam Watson

    Chrissie Wellingtons smile even after getting a puncture and having her C02 go off without getting any into the tyre.

  132. EJ

    First fuzzy memory was mid 80’s watching the bike leg, wondering why my dad was so fixated on the screen.

  133. Holly

    My husband making me watch Kona while cooking and preparing for kids Bday. I said it was ridiculous but I couldn’t tell him at the time that I secretly kind of enjoyed it.

  134. Kare

    Watching Kona 2012 highlights from Youtube

  135. Dave

    Rinny run last year…power house.

  136. Rinny running down everyone!

  137. Katja

    Watched Mirinda Carfrae Kona 2013

  138. Than

    Yesterday was my first experience watching Kona. Watching Kienle crush it and Carfrae running down a 14 minute deficit was awe-inspiring. Makes me look forward to IM Chattanooga next year!

  139. Jonah Fiddler

    I’ve seen small bits on tv, but I’d love to see it in person.

  140. Rachel K

    The Kona top competitors and their athletic abilities are very fascinating to watch. But watching videos of Julie Moss (and other less famous athletes) hitting the wall and collapsing then crawling to the finish line was amazing.

  141. Bogdan Pangrati

    In 1999 or 2000, in Romania . Forgot it for some time, but it come back to haunt me 🙂

  142. Javier Castaneda

    Watching Kona while training and dreamingof being there!

  143. Fernando

    This was the first time I followed Kona (online only, no TV coverage in Portugal, AFAIK)

  144. Leo

    Craig Alexander’s amazing race in 2011!

  145. Chris Shaw

    Watching it last year after having taken part in the Tri du Roi (bumped into you Ray) and being inspired to do even more ! Oh and it is my 40th birthday when you draw…..

  146. Pete Thomas

    The first time I watched Kona, I’d got two of my best mates round for a Kona party! We stayed up all night watching, it was awesome! I’ve watched it every year since, apart from this year because i’m out in Afghanistan!

  147. Grant Lastovica

    Watching Luke McKenzie tearing it up in his trucker hat to finish second in 2013.

  148. Michael Bowman

    I remember watching on TV the marathon leg of the race against a backround that looked like the moon except they were actually running past lava fields.

  149. Simon Neu

    Watched it for the first time as a kid on TV, probably around 2000.

  150. Jose Q

    I wachted it yestarday in full and kona was very interesting ,the only thing is that i was looking for you in there but no luck.jjj

  151. Fabio

    Julie Moss crawling… That was epic

  152. Eric

    Coffeeeeee boat!! 🙂

  153. Daggert

    First I watched Kona on Youtube 2 or 3 years ago. It was amazing. It gave me the stimulus to do my first IM this summer.

  154. Eugene Teo

    Watched the Ironman World Championship Triathlon 2013 Hawaii Kona GoPro age group 50-54: road movie on youtube and I salute all those took part and especially those over 50s…still going strong!!

  155. mark lever

    Watching Miranda Carfrae run through the field to win in 2014 watching my first live Kona. Having started racing Olympic tri’s the year before it was amazing to see her strength on the run over the ironman distance!

  156. Jason

    Sitting with my leg in a cast 5 years ago, broken ankle with 2 months of no walking to go, thinking “hey, I can do this”. Training still but getting closer to the big races

  157. Tony Aseere

    The best moment watching was in 2004 NBC coverage. At the end of the race, I was on the TV broadcast 3 times running down the finish shoot and jumping across the finish line. The phone call poured in from friends and family shortly after.

  158. Peter

    Macca vs Realert

  159. Ajohns

    Stadler vs. McCormack in ’06!!!!!

  160. Johann

    Screaming my hero Sebastian kienle to the win! And thereby waking my whole dorm! I’m now the weird thriathlon guy who scream till past 2am 😀

  161. Tim Foreman

    Watching Chrissie Wellington win and do the Blazeman roll at the finish line.

  162. Martijn Laan

    Watching the crawl a few years back. Crazy yet inspiring! Did my 2nd half this year.

  163. Nick S

    YouTube. Got me interested in trying a small event next year!

  164. Francois

    Anderson finishing her ironman in 16hr 59min at the age of 77!

  165. Fernando Nogueira

    Watching Julie Moss’s “finish” on youtube a couple of years ago…

  166. Tristan Matthews

    Staying up all day and night (UK time) i watched the entire race in 2011 from start to finish on the live feed website, and watched Chrissie Wellington complete her last, and in my opinion, her most impressive victory given her injuries going into the race. The deficit she overcame from the swim and bike demonstrated pure mental strength and self-belief. Amazing performance – i now write on my water bottles too 🙂

  167. Sacha Ouimet

    Mark Allen & Dave Scott 1989 enough said 😉

  168. TimRPM

    Team Hoyt – unbelievable endurance, love and strength.

  169. Quentin Lachaud

    Best memory would be seeing Craig Alexander on the last km of his last win…very inspirational.

  170. Sergio V.

    My first memory is watching the news about a guy named Mark Allen doing an event like this in just over 8 hours, back in the 90’s.

  171. Ian Glover

    The McCormack Raelert handshake in 2010, some combination of sportsmanship and psychological warfare.

  172. Tomas F

    Today is the first time actually!

  173. gig

    Watching some videos from the last year’s race just now!

  174. Brian Kohagen

    Watching in the early 90s the highlights on tv. I’ve Always wanted to do a triathlon . Never thought I could, now that I’m in my 40’s it actually seems doable!

  175. Martin Lind ommen

    Following the kona debut of Danish talent Vesterby in 2012, finishing 12. Being a huge motivation.

  176. Chrissie Wellington first win.

  177. Devin Morris

    Hey Ray!
    I watch Kona for the first time last year! It was the night before my brother raced in IMAZ! It motivated us all and since then I’ve completed my first marathon; which is the first step on my way to becoming an Ironman. I know you hear “great job” all the time man, but Your blog is the most thorough out there. It’s my go to site for all my fitness tech questions and more. Thanks for all your hard work.

  178. Louise Kennedy

    Every athlete is inspiring to watch. I can only dream of the talent and determination needed

  179. Patrick Reilly

    Julia Moss crawling to the finish.

  180. Max

    Kona 2012. Watching my friend who qualified for Kona in his first season of triathlons. It was great to hear Mike Reilly announce his name as he crossed the finish line. As a result, it inspired me compete in my first triathlon this year.

  181. Jonathan SA

    Watched it in the 90s gobsmacked by the enormity of it. Finally did my first ironman in 2011

  182. Kent

    Just seeing the people with all the personal stories. First time on TV last year.

  183. Patrick_S

    My first memory of Ironman dates back to de mid 80s. Not only fascinated by the sport, but also the surroundings of the island

  184. thomas

    Caught the stream a few years ago, hooked since.

  185. Paulo Ramisio

    Seeing the massive american victories in th 80´s, and the gal of the sub 10 hour barrier.

  186. Rich

    On my 60″ Samsung while eating kale chips! Those were some good chips

  187. Chris Conn

    Julia Moss

  188. Ybinh

    Watching it on the telly with my hubby!

  189. Marc

    All of them. Love watching all of it.
    But definitely remember the als roll at the finish. The 80something year old nun. And all the middle of the packers and last ones to finish stories.

  190. Leon

    In early 2013 I saw the coverage of the IM Kona 2011, where Crowie set the time record. I was so excited by this and seeing all the other finishers crossing the line that I started triathlon and to be there one day too.

  191. Enrico Ferraris

    Kona 2014: “Alex Zanardi you are an IronMan!” …This will be the best memory forever

  192. Stefania

    Last finishers from 2012.

  193. John

    Some highlights on TV in 1994…

  194. carndegos

    After watching Kona’14………I would like ever hear: “Yes, you are an Ironman”.

  195. dragos

    watching macca win

  196. Rafal

    Kona 2011, definitely the most inpressive finish

  197. Domen

    Watching/following David Pleše on Kona 2013 and 2014.

  198. Mike

    Watching athletes train on Queen K and Alii Drive this year. It was hot!

  199. Amie

    First time this year!

  200. Jeremy Smith

    Not sure if this was Kona or not, but the other day I was watching a clip about the Iron War from years ago and then a more recent clip of two guys battling it out and one of them said “this is like the Iron War.” Then they shared a sponge, shook hands as they ran and one guy have the other a “good game” pat. Lots of love going on there.

  201. warren

    The first time I saw kona was on the Internet!! Then I entered IMUK!!!!

  202. Pete T

    The first time I really paid attention was when a friend was doing it – he’d got his place in the lottery. Great that they still have a few places for us mere mortals to get the opportunity to race on such an iconic course.

  203. james mcnabb

    Chrissie Wellington releasing her Co2 canister when it wasn’t attached properly. Waiting for someone to throw her a spare which took ages then go on to win the race.

  204. Johan

    Well it doesn’t get on dutch TV much.. but wel Yvonne van Vlerken came in second in 2008 I saw that..

  205. Valentin Dumitru

    My most intense Kona memory was the story of Matt Hoover fishing the race in just over 17 hours. But inspiring.

  206. Marco Cecchinato

    I want to remember kona 2014, Alex Zanardi that closes his race in 9h 47′ 17″ in 273 pos, a man without legs but with the biggest heart that I’ve even seen!

  207. Chris

    Watching the segment on Chris McDonnell last year!

  208. Manfred Kloeppel

    I enjoyed watching the Kona Highlights from NBC on Youtube!

  209. Julien

    Well, a few minutes ago, thanks Youtube!

  210. Rex Richards

    Of course it has to be the Julie Moss crawl! But the battles between Dave Scott & Mark Allen were epic races

  211. SteveT

    First was in the days of Dave Scott,

    Best is watching the last of the finishers and admiring their determination.


  212. Jeremy

    Last year was my first and only time. Surprisingly fun to watch, although was helped by chatting with friends about it on FB 🙂

  213. J.T. G

    Last year’s tv broadcast.

  214. Tobi K

    My first time watching kona on tv was 2004 as Stadler won.

  215. Alex A.

    Watching it as a kid in the early 90’s and thinking the scenery was cool. I watch it now in awe of the distance and speed of the athletes.

  216. Joel

    My first, favorite, and most inspirational memory of Kona is Dick Hoyt and his son’s journey from start to finish. It this kind of heart that make endurance sports so special!

  217. Juan Perez

    Watching also Julie Moss crawl, amazing!!!

  218. Alexandru Postu


    I’ve never heard of Kona until I’ve seen the announcement of this contest. But watching a few Youtube clips was very inspiring. I’ve been running for the past 1,5 years, covering over 1.200km. I’m considering taking up triathlon and Kona really seems to be like a “mekka” of triathlon. Would love to participate in Kona Hawaii Ironman contest at least one 🙂


  219. Ricky

    Watching on TV as a kid as the runners fought the heat during the marathon section through the lava fields.

  220. Janis

    Watching with friend in annual Champion dinner last year.

  221. Sébastien

    Best Kona memory : See my friend Christophe finish in 10h18 when he could not swim 5 years ago !

  222. Pierre

    Only time i watched it was on the web, sure as i live in Nice france i can see the ironman every year on the ‘prom’, and everytime i m amazed how those guys can even finish.

  223. Jaume Lopez

    Eneko second place in the 2008

  224. Jackt

    I looked in a mirror and said to myself “Quit smoking and start running” and I did.

  225. Harry

    First ever was seeing a clip of Julie Moss during a inspirational montage and thinking “Why would anyone does this to themselves?” Planning to do my first Half next season 🙂

  226. First time was a youtube collection of Kona’s greatest finishes, 4 yrs ago

  227. Mario

    Incredible perseverance from Ben Hoffman.

  228. Vlad

    probablement cet episode de Magnum P.I
    Je me souviens avoir cru que l épreuve avait été inventée par les scénaristes. La distance était trop irréelle pour être vraie.

  229. luis

    la claridad del agua

  230. steve

    I think anyone who crosses the finish line at any long distance triathlon is a symbol of hard work and dedication. My most memorable and inspiring year at Kona would probably be 2009, although novels can be written about the race each year on the dedication the athletes show.

  231. Andrea

    I watched Kona for the first time in 2011, the year I first got into triathlon, now I’m hooked on the sport and watching the event!

  232. Eloi

    The first time that i saw Ironman Kona, i said: Someday I will be there

  233. Jesper Schwartz

    chrissies flat and comback in 2008. She was just out of this world

  234. Daniel C

    My First Time watching Kona was actually Last Night (live streaming). I won’t forget the Words from my wife closer to Midnight: “i can’t believe you’re staying up so late watching triathlon”. Than I said: “It is not just Triathlon… It’s IRONMAN!”. So she said: well if you like it so much, why don’t you do it yourself someday?”… Silence… So i said to her: “I first need the right watch, but i cannot decide between FR920xt and Fenix 2… She kept sleeping, and i kept watching!

  235. Stefan

    Watched on web. Thanks to Peter T. for link :).

  236. joubex

    Chrissie Wellington winning after a flat tire

  237. Tanja

    beautiful landscape

  238. Norm

    It was an amazing Triathlon!!!!

  239. Maddy

    The first time I saw Kona in the TV – some 20+ years ago, Mark Allen won this year – I was thinking something in the lines “Eww, it looks quite uncomfortable riding in the swimsuit!” 😉 Otherwise I was absolutely captivated!

  240. Guillem

    My frst time: Videos in YouTube when first trying to “understand” what an Ironman is.

  241. Nate Hasty

    First memory of watching Kona for me would’ve been the 2012 coverage on NBC with my wife. It was this year that pushed her over the edge to sign up for and finish her first Ironman (IMWI2013) and 2 years later, I’ve made the same decision to take on the same course in 2015!

  242. Ewout

    A documentary about two briljant triathletes in the 80’s.
    I was stunned.

  243. Boaz

    Julie Moss’s legs giving in – INSANE

  244. George Songer

    My best memory of Ironman was watching the now infamous coverage of the 1982 event on ABC’s, Wide World of Sports. Like millions of other viewers, I was mesmerized by Julie Moss’ determination and perseverance. To watch as she staggered, crawled and collapsed at the finish line was beyond belief. Her shorts soiled from bodily functions she could no longer control, she ignored it all and pushed onward toward the finish. I knew then an event or experience that could drive someone to mentally push themselves beyond their physical limits into such discomfort was truly something special. Ironman on Kona is still that event!

  245. bob kortyna

    I’ve been a fan since watching Mark Allen win his first, such an amazing feat. I’ve dabbled because of that and this year at 52 will try my first full Ironman in Cozumel

  246. Today was my first experience watching Kona live and it was amazing.

  247. Eike

    One of the most memories is from Kona 2008. Chrissie Wellington had a flat and problems with her CO2 cardridge, she was desperately looking for help while she felt her chance to win the race slowly fading away… Fortunately she received help and made a brutal comeback, the kind the then leading Belinda Granger never ever would have expected. It really is about never giving up, absolutely impressive.

  248. Ben Katz

    Taking about good days and bad days of life with my kids while watching the winner interview this year

  249. John Anthony Liray

    My best memory of watching Kona is when I watched the Team Hoyt’s story. My eyes watered for a bit and said to myself, “Now, THAT’s an Ironman.”

  250. Henk

    I have seen Jan Blokland finishing Kona 2013. In his age group (50-54) on third place. Magnificent!!!

  251. Kristina Bratasyk

    What could be better than Julie Moss finish??

  252. Zoltan

    Couple of years ago, streamed live, after deciding that I want to do an IM.
    I was seriously questioning my decision….

  253. I remember watching Ironman back when I was a kid, I always wanted to do what these men and women were doing. It’s ultimately what got me into triathlon in my 30’s. I just did my first half this year at 40 and plan on doing a full within the next year or two.

  254. Aaron

    Watching Chris McCormack and Andreas Raelert 2010. Respect!

  255. ME

    I can’t imagine how they can do that, they are real iron men!

  256. Kevin McCormick

    Hopefully not a repeat post – but watching this year as our own local hero Tim Mallen (Yuba Sutter Tri Club) competes in his first Kona!

  257. Chris G

    Being from NZ my first memories are of Cameron Brown trying, but never quite managing to win at Kona.

  258. Neill barton

    Watching the world champs in 2011 inspired me to do my first. On to my 4th now with the aim one day to get to Kona!

  259. Thomas

    Macca 2010

  260. Ulf

    The first time I saw it was in a pub two years ago with a couple of club colleagues.

  261. Tanya

    Julie Moss…

  262. liz britton

    Seeing my friend complete Kona for the first time in 2013!!!

  263. Kris

    Iron Man. Awsome.

  264. Arnaud

    When Macca and Andreas Raelert ran together, shook hands and Macca went on to win.

  265. Puffolino

    Julia Moss.

  266. Roelof

    Watching the race at night in bed with my laptop, falling asleep as the agegroupers finished

  267. Brian

    The Iron War!

  268. Adam kuchin

    Watched a few snippets this year as I prepare to train to participate in an ironman race

  269. Daniel

    Watching the broadcast for the first time in 2009 and being shocked that people could accomplish such amazing things

  270. Tadeusz Trzebiatowski

    Julie Moss crawling. Most shocking “finish” i ever saw!

  271. Tanya

    Jo Lawn and Cam Brown’s attempts over the years

  272. Joe

    Yesterday! I just started reading this blog and training a few weeks ago so new to all this. Still in amazement…

  273. hemi

    Watching them run past volcanic rock looking so relaxed.

  274. BreannaS

    Julie Moss refusing to give up is just amazing. That is inspiration in motion

  275. Seb

    Watching Julie Moss crawl in the early 80’s…

  276. david

    just watched clips for the first time on foot of this blog. mind = blown

  277. Miranda

    Just last year, after getting started in tri myself….

  278. Hayden

    In 2006 when I had just started triathlons and being inspired to do my first ironman. Following online and watching all the clips of the history.

  279. Grzeg1

    My first Ironman clip watched – Sian Welch and Wendy Ingraham finishing crawl.

  280. kim b

    Today, awesome sport.

  281. Jacek

    Watch as Mirinda Carfrae winning once again in a row.

  282. Gray

    It was just 5 years ago when I was 14. It inspired to do my first ever ironman sprint and ever since then I have been hooked.

  283. Ricardo Pereira

    Around 1997 and I was quite impressed with the final hour of it.

  284. Ally G

    Chrissie Wellington doing it for us brits! and from no where as she was unheard.

  285. Morten

    Seeing it as a kid and thinking these people are out of their minds.

    And here I am aspiring the same level of insanity 🙂


  286. Kopi Zoli

    I won’t for get it:2008 wigh my friends

  287. Justin

    Watching it last year inspired me to finally sign up for a triathlon!

  288. Attila Matyas

    Watching Mark Allen and Dave Scott go at it in their old school short shorts.

  289. Juraj

    The Kona made me to start triathlon. And one day I will be there at the finish line.

  290. AgaeM

    First time I watched KONA last year. My husband, who also competes in triathlon, was so excited watching online broadcast that I had to peek at the screen. We dream to go there sometime, if only to cheer and feel the spirit ….

  291. WillH

    Watching Cam Brown, Peter Reid, Tim DeBoon fight it out – and then Tim’s Kidney stones – ouch!

  292. Michael

    First Kona I wached was when Macca and Andreas Raelert went toe to toe in 2010… great intro!

  293. Philip ward

    Watching Team Hoyt story of ordinary people that can push beyond and achieve amazing iron distance. Never forgot it and over last few yrs I worked and achieved ‘you are an ironman’

  294. Sarah emmerson

    I love watching the Kona race the amazing endurance of these ultimate athletes! Gave me something to watch early this morning

  295. Jeff G

    Last year, watched Miranda Carfrea set a course record and crush the marathon portion.

  296. Jeff

    Julie Moss crawling at the finish.

  297. Kostas

    Watching Marino suffer in the run in 2012…..

  298. Eric Allmendinger

    Just sitting around in my living room watching the stream with some guys from my TRI group…. Great time watching my friend Mark cross the finish line this year though!

  299. Jet Pacapac

    Am relatively new to the sport, but enjoyed watching Rinny overtake Daniela in this year’s race!

  300. Sébastien

    The first time I saw it, thinking that one day I will make one.

  301. JB

    Highlights of one of the newer editions on youtube. Sadly don’t remember what year exactly. But I recall it made want to go back into swimming after very long break.

  302. Michael reyes

    I can remember watching Tim O’Donnell finish 2013 Kona championships. He put up a great fight and inspired me to push myself for my upcoming ultra marathon.

  303. TimG

    Macca vs Raelert – awesome!

  304. Herwig

    First heard about ironman when I visited Hawaii when I was about 10 (many years ago :-)), and thought that it was a fairy tale that people really do these distances at once!

  305. TorsteinH

    Highlights from 2013 on YouTube.

  306. Luke Reyes

    I can remember watching Tim O’ Donnell do an awesome job at the 2013 Kona Championships!

  307. Jose E.

    Watching Josef ajram videos, found some footage of him racing at kona 😉

  308. Matthew Reyes

    The 2013 Kona Championships was my favorite one to watch. Tim O’ Donnell was the highlight for me.

  309. danl

    Thanks for the chance — Team Hoyt for me too.

  310. Marcos

    In 2012… interrupted by dinner (as I live in CET time)… in 2013 I did not follow it, but this year around I did… As much as I enjoy DOING triathlon watching it a bit too boring to keep me up beyond T2 + 10 minutes (0:15 of the sunday for CET!).

  311. jm1

    Julie Moss

  312. JM Zubimendi

    I have VHS casettes from the 80’s and now streaming…

  313. Klaus Schoenwandt

    Watching last year when 3 of my friends participated and I nearly developed carpal tunnel syndrome from
    refreshing their live results.

  314. Joshua Kim

    chrissy wellington

  315. Franscois Snyman

    never forget watching 2 years ago from start to finish only to realise the time 8am and starting work the Sunday morning at 9.. Let’s just say the victory from Crowie kept me awake till the boss caught me watching live on my phone then told me to go home…. Best excuse to go home and watch the finish!!!!

  316. Krzysztof Rajda

    A few years ago friend of mine showed me how some people even crawled to finish the race.

  317. Joe Meehan

    Watching Pete Jacobs win it a couple years ago while I was visiting my friends in Maui.

  318. Michael dToit

    First time I saw it I was awed.

  319. ChipC

    streaming the 2014 finish at a church event last night

  320. Mike Shirley

    Cameron Brown (Kiwi multi-sport legend) taking a painful looking silver back in 2001.

  321. Andjelko Vrbanic

    Watching it as a kid I was thinking samo day it would be me. Still dreaming. Real inspiration was first Croatian ironman, Marijan Pedisic

  322. Jeroen

    A couple years ago:boring to watch, but you keep watching.

  323. Scooter58

    Seeing Julie Moss crawl across the line still is the most inspiring IM moment.

  324. Marlo

    I watched Kona 2013 and was inspired to start my own triathlon journey.

  325. david sanchez

    2011; third title of craig Alexander. Amazing his ride and his run

  326. Pax Tolosi

    Julie Moss is awesome…

  327. Euan

    Most definitely the first time I saw it as a kid on Saturday morning TV with Transworld Sports

  328. Raul A.

    Following Eneko Llanos in 2008.
    I also remember Julia Moss crossing the finish line, do not remember the year, but it was probably the first time I heard of Kona.

  329. Tiago

    My first contact with Kona was today. First match on YouTube: Mirinda Carfrae passing Daniela Ryf.

  330. John

    Saw the NBC coverage when I was 7 or 8 and thought this had to be the craziest, most impossible to complete event ever created.

  331. AECSUSN

    I Have never seen one in person, but the footage on both the Internet and TV doesn’t show how grueling it truly is…according to my friends that have participated.

  332. Nick Marsh

    Just watched my first bit of Kona on YouTube. Impressive.

  333. Michael

    It’s not so much having watched it, as having it described to me, in detail, by an old college friend who was visiting and had competed. He looked amazing, while i’d been rounding out. I thought he was completely mad. I could never see myself doing that.
    And I still can’t.
    Yet. But it’s less absurd than it once was.

  334. Daniel Condon

    fourth and fifth place were decided by a crawl to the finish
    Sian Welch v Wendy Ingraham

    this inspired me to never give up. Was amazing to see.

  335. Kelsey

    Watching Chrissie Wellington win in 2008.

  336. Tom

    Julie Moss crawling – wow!

  337. Keith McUmber

    norman statler too much glue

  338. Barry

    Greg Welch’s win in ’94. First win by an Aussie.

  339. Tim V

    Pete Jacobs victory speech at the finish line in 2012. Awesome words just after finishing first

  340. Linda

    I watched clips on the web in 2000 when my brother-in-law was one of the race monitors (he lived there at the time).

  341. James

    Saw a youtube video comparing the run techniques of Chrissie Wellington, Sonja Tajsich and Cait Snow in Kona 2013

  342. Eric S

    My first time to watch the Ironman was in 2005 when Madonna Buder became the oldest woman to complete the race. At 75 years old that was Amazing!

  343. Brandy

    Watching Rinny run the entire field down after she was almost 15min behind off the bike.

  344. Adam Murray

    The first time I heard of Kona was actually in a Gatorade commercial a few years back. Not into the drink, but it was a good ad.

  345. sergio

    I remember as a teenager watching on TV and thinking that it was craaaazy that people could even think of doing such distances, that’s probably what motivated me to finish one myself

  346. Maxim

    Normann Stadler in 2005. That bee sting, with blood flowing! Before that I’d never think a bee can be so devastating.

  347. jmr

    2013, first time i watched tri.

  348. GNRS

    Go ironman!

  349. Mike V

    I must have been young watching with my dad. He said he would do it one day. Well he isn’t able to so I have started my journey.

  350. Andrew Taylor

    Watching Macca and Raelert running side by side when Macca gave “the look” before he ran into the lead to win his second Ironman World Championship…. AWESOME!

  351. Scott

    Sister Madonna Buder 2005

  352. Van N

    Team Holt. Complete tear jerker.

  353. jon

    Best memories watching the stream of the finish is the best. Old 80s wide world of sports clips aee the vague first memories.

  354. Ventura

    Rick and Dick Hoyt final sprint. Unbelievably Inspiring to me.

  355. Jay Yanek

    Watching last year’s replay, thinking “they still have to run a marathon after all of that swimming and biking? Crazy!”

  356. Tom

    Seen clips before, but first watched coverage last year a few months after my first tri. I don’t want to do a full ironman, half is enough for me…but that made me want to go to Kona.

  357. James Fischer

    youtube of Julie Moss finish

  358. Jeff

    Served as volunteer in 2009 and 2010. LIfe changer. Been trying to qualify/lottery, or just travel to be there ever since. All triathletes should experience being there at least once.

  359. RayB

    Chris (Macca) McCormack

  360. BeNJaM

    I visited Kona whilst on my honeymoon in 2009. There I bought an Ironman T-shirt from the year before, which didn’t quite fit me as well as I first thought when I tried it on. This continued for a couple of years each time I decided to wear it, I often chose another instead. Then in late 2011 I decided to take up on a friend’s offer to go cycling and that continued to now weekly jaunts and regular commuting about 1-2 times a week. Hardly Ironman, but I’m much fitter, more active and my family benefits from this too. Oh and while faded now, the Ironman T-shirt fits great. 🙂

  361. Adam

    I’m sure this has been posted a thousand times, but my memory is of the woman who crawled across the finish.

  362. Joe

    Chrissie Wellington coming off an injury. Its neat how someone so decent and warm in person is such as hammer out on the course.

  363. Chris Cronin

    Watching Team Hoyt and weeping on my sofa — I’d never do the swim, I told myself. 5 years later, I broke 10 hours in Madison.

  364. Bryan S

    Watched last years championships online. I’ve never been to Kona, or Hawaii in my life.

  365. Armando

    Kona, have never watched it wish I could be in one 🙂

  366. Martin R

    Being in Kona in 2004, watching it from the road side. Amazing effort by all !

  367. AJ

    2013 competing and watching the final finishers at midnight…..incredible atmosphere.

  368. Courtney Javorski

    Natasha Badmann smiling through the pain of IM. I knew then I wanted to do one.

  369. Joe

    My earliest memory is coming across it on Wide World of Sports while flipping through the channels one day. I was probably about 7 or 8 years old. I remember thinking that the people I was watching were super-human. Little did I know that 25 or so years later, I would be working towards become one of those super-humans.

  370. Vipul

    Back in 2006 over youtube

  371. Hungy Joe

    Watching Julie Moss get to the finish line on youtube while training for my first tri. Amazing!

  372. Sarah

    Rinny’s 2014 run leg to capture her 3rd Ironman World Championship crown!!!

  373. Andrew smith

    20101 while at work. It was an inspiring display to say the least, which prompted me to get training!

  374. Eric M

    When I was around 11 or 12 watching on tv with my parents thinking…. why would anyone EVER want to do this??

  375. Ryan

    First time was seeing nbc coverage as a kid. I remember thinking those guys (and gals) are nuts!

  376. Nick

    Having never been to Hawaii, my first impression was how clean the water is and how nice the swim must be.

  377. Danny S.

    First saw Sarah Reinertsen on a NBC athlete segment and was so inspired to cheer for her in IMKona & on The Amazing Race.

  378. Steve T

    I remember watching it on Wide World of Sports when I was a kid sometime in the 90’s. I know Mark Allen won because I remember the hair. Also, I remember some video segment they did on him where he talked about having a vision of a Native American during the run segment of teh prvious years race which helped him pull through.

  379. Rolando Bonilla

    Iron wars on YouTube. Unbeatable inspiration!

  380. Erick

    I believe it was Sian Welch vs Wendy Ingraham in 1997. Made me promise myself to do Tris one day.

  381. John McLellan

    Watching Julie Moss finish

  382. Jimbo

    Watching Wellington. Mostly reading about the event on the interwebs.

  383. Jason

    My best moment(s) are watching the non-elites finish.
    Sure the stars and favorites are also great, but the people that I think I can relate to, inspire me the most. To promote the thoughts that one day, I will complete a full Ironman.

  384. Miguel Estrada

    watched 2011 and was impressed, my goal is to participate one day.

  385. Scott_E

    Inspired by Wide World of Sports in the ’80’s!

  386. Zack Desmond

    Wide World of Sports as a kid….I vaguely recall Bud Light being involved.

  387. Burke Neville

    I was moved and motivated on the piece about the visual impaired women doing Kona. Inspirational

  388. Gary

    I always loved watching the Wide World of Sports in the late 80’s and early 90’s, I caught a few of the Kona races on there.

  389. Vincent

    My first experience was last year when i got injured from my marathon. The Event inspire me to get back on the road and keep training

  390. Daniel Lott

    My only memory from watching this event was, “I can not believe what those people are doing!” Marathon was tough enough

  391. patrick hrabos

    Chris McCormack dropping out in 2004 and then getting his first win in 2007.

  392. Ray Reynolds

    I was amazed watching Julie Moss fall, yet somehow finish.

  393. Chuck Babbino

    Watching this past weekend was my first time.

  394. Gregg

    Watching people run through the desert and wondering why.

  395. Robert E

    My best memory is watching a friend cross the finish line and hearing Mike Reilly calling out his name and saying “You are an IRONMAN”!

  396. Allison

    Watching it on the couch with my husband.

  397. C Chapa

    Watched for the first time online last year. Seeing that last year was my first year doing triathlons (sprints) it was awesome and inspiring, going to start training for a full this coming year!

  398. Melvin Lee

    Watching Crowie win Kona in 2011 on TV while training for IM New York

  399. D Pindell

    The inspirational stories are always the best and I enjoy the profiles of the non-pros.

  400. Matt

    Watching my wife complete her first IM in Lake Placid. It inspired me to take the plunge into triathlon and 4 years later I’ve learned to swim, completed 2 HIM’s and am training for my first full IM at Lake Placid next year!

  401. Macca vs Raelert in 2010… quite a run battle near the end. Certainly got me excited / motivated for my first full IM at CDA in 2011… of course I looked nothing like those two at the end of my race. 🙂

  402. David Hill

    My best memory of watching Kona was watching the 2005 championship with Jon Blais. I had just committed to doing my first half iron man and I would watch old Kona recordings for inspiration during my early morning bike trainer sessions. Watching him finish made me realize that anything is possible if you want it badly enough.

  403. Ben Rogers

    I remember watching Ironman Hawaii as a teenager and thinking that I wanted to do an Ironman someday. This year I accomplished that goal. I did IMTX and loved it.

  404. Carlo

    Team Hoyt hands down.

  405. Aaron Q.

    2014 was my favorite and best viewing. Watched almost the entire race which was definitely a first.

  406. Jamie

    The first one I ever watched was actually last year’s (2013). I was curious about getting into the sport of triathlon, and I’m by no means a super athlete. The longest I’ve ever run was a half marathon, but after watching Kona, I was so inspired by the “ordinary” people completing it. Of course, the pros are awe-inspiring to watch, but one particular man was racing for his daughter, who he tragically lost during the Sandy Hook incident. I got into running when my mom got sick from cancer, so I felt all the more compelled to keep enduring and racing after watching that man. Let’s just say it pushed me into completing my first (sprint) triathlon this past August! I’m motivated for more!

  407. Nathan Simpson

    Reckon the first time I ever saw Kona was on the Wide World of Sports with Ian Chappell, Mike Gibson and Darrell Eastlake on channel Nine. This was back in the 80’s. Good times.

  408. Mary

    Seeing paratriathlete Sarah Reinertsen finish Kona on the second try after she didn’t meet the time cut off the year before.

  409. Chris Rodriguez

    First time I saw was on TV about 4 years ago, made me think how amazing it was they could do that so I thought I would try to get fit to maybe one day do it too

  410. Richard

    Watched to see if my friends competed!

  411. LT Thompson

    giddy up! watching with my ironman buddies, good times!

  412. Shanon

    Watching Julie Moss crawling across the finish line and thinking I want to do that! This year I finished my first Ironman 3 weeks after breaking my arm.

  413. Andrey Kharuk

    When I just started to ride my first bike three years ago, friend of mine shown me his bike Kona Hardtail and told me that Kona is one of the best brands. It looked nice and I wanted to have similar. Since then I have good impression from Kona but have to ride other brands 🙂

  414. Kelly

    When I watched my dad cross the finish line for the first time!

  415. becky

    I have never watched it but my husband would really like a 920 for Christmas, free would be even better.

  416. Michael

    Definitely the Julie Moss finish.

  417. J K Brennan

    Watching Blazeman finish.

  418. Jeffrey O.

    Watching it on Wide World of Sports when I was a kid and wondering who these crazy people were.

  419. Ben Simes

    Watching Mirinda Carfrae storm home on the run this year!

  420. Deny S

    Yesterday I was watched by streaming since there is no local channel show it in my country.
    So impressed by the race when Sebastian Kienle cross the finish line in 8 hours, that was so awesome. I wish I can do ironman too someday and this race is really inspired me.

  421. Whitney M

    Amazed at watching all the inspirational stories of real everyday people that compete! Some day I hope to do an Ironman!

  422. Karl

    My first vision of these athletes was on YouTube. Someone said to google the name and there they were.

    Watching them push themselves beyond what a human really should be capable of put my own weight struggles into perspective. I’d been 115kg for years and never had the will power to do anything about it.

    Since then i’ve changed my work to something more physical, dropped 41kg (90 pounds) and registered for my first triathlon in December 2014.

    All you really need is a little perspective!

  423. Kim

    I watched Kona 2008 on YouTube with my husband. Christie Wellington got a flat tire and lost 10 minutes. For anybody else I’m sure that would end any chance they had of winning. But her? Nope, she still won it all. It was an absolutely incredible display of athleticism.

  424. Nick Hammerschmidt

    Watching the bike sections and saying to myself “I want to do that”

  425. Andrew

    Grinding out z4 intervals during 3 hr rides on the trainer!

  426. Tae Lee

    watching the determination of people; so inspiring.

  427. Tom

    Read Chrissie Wellington’s book. Admired her respect and enthusiasm for Kona.

  428. Tony

    I would have to say my first memory of watching Kona was from YouTube of the infamous “crawl” across the finish line re: Sian Welch & Wendy Ingraham – The Crawl – 1997!
    link to youtu.be
    I watched this video last year in preparation for my half-IM as inspiration for my 50th birthday on 8/24/2014 at MiTitanium in Grand Rapids, MI.

  429. I remember being amazed with the biking section where they are going thru the lava fields 2001 and just thinking how hot that must be. Had to do at my friends house as he had cable.

  430. Add one more for Julie Moss!

  431. Watching the Julie Moss crawlfest, such perseverance!

  432. James Wang

    The determination of the age-groupers and those back-of-the-packers to run through the night to finish before the final cutoff.

  433. Mike

    Apolo Ohno Completes Ironman Kona

  434. John

    Norman Stadler melt down during the bike leg in 2005.

  435. Luc

    Andy Potts on youtube, just published Oct. 12, 2014 🙂

  436. Chrissie Wellington’s second Ford Ironman World Championship (2008). She struggled with a flat tire but recovered and won with nearly 15 minutes in front of Yvonne Van Vlerken.

  437. Katie M

    Watching the athletes run in the humid and hot conditions, and thinking they are crazy (but AWESOME!)

  438. Derek

    Julie Moss on YouTube!

  439. Jari

    Julie Moss on youtube.

  440. Duane

    Watching it when I was a young lad, thinking it would not be that hard to run that far….heck I thought I run all day. As I got older I realized how talented and difficult these athletes are.

  441. Peter Popp

    Welch and Ingraham crawling across together for 4th and 5th in 1995.

  442. Rory Taylor

    Watching Paula Newby-Fraser taking numerous titles – go Zimbabwe!

  443. Julie Taylor

    Paula Newby-Fraser

  444. Daniel Eberle

    Ironman Hawaii 2010. Macca vs. Raelert!!!

  445. ML

    Alex Zanardi is an Ironman!!!

  446. Roger Wong

    suffering on the trainer as I watch the coverage. Closest thing to being there

  447. Judah

    Watching my training partner break 10 hours in his first Kona (and only 2nd ironman). This has kept me motivated to try get there myself one day!

  448. Martijn KvdM

    I know it from the internet, with all the great stories!

  449. David

    Kona, Kona… doesn’t really ring a bell… hope that “no memory” counts as well.

  450. Many of my colleagues were already competing in triathlons back in 2008. When I almost accidentally zapped into the Kona broadcast, I got hooked immediately and did my first sprint distance in 2009.

  451. Lucas

    Watching a Family member cross the finish line in 2013 in Kona, 30 Kilograms Lighter then when he qualified in Cairns the same year. Inspirational. Changed my life.

  452. Wow… To see Alex Zanardi finish kona it’s magical… And the fenix 2 is wonderful…

  453. Peronnik Beijer

    To see Julie Moss crawl over the finish line was breathtaking ..

  454. Kristensen

    I saw it last year – a colleague attended 🙂

  455. Ole Kristensen

    I saw it last year – a colleague attended

  456. Ondrej Blaha

    Julie Moss… Incredible!

  457. Kikimanki

    Watching Chrissie Wellington winning it for the first time…

  458. Tony Goncalves

    Watching YouTube clips and thinking these guys are crazy!

  459. Christian Renner

    watching Thomas Hellriegel win in 1997

  460. Nick

    The crawl of course..

  461. Arif Lukito

    Watching australian women’s winner Mirinda Carfrae.

  462. Jeff

    I was in Hawaii on my honeymoon in 2003; we had no idea that Iron Man was being held that week. While walking on the beach one morning I said to my wife that everyone here seems really fit. It wasn’t until a few days later that I discovered why.

  463. Adam

    anything on youtube with search “kona crawl” 😛
    Hopefully one day it will became olso my personal memory…

  464. Jimmy Spets

    Waching the runners doing a great race altough they are already tired.

  465. Tan Ee Tze

    Watching last year race online when Mirinda Carfrae overtook the front runners to claim the woman championship.

  466. Yeung Ka Ming

    Watched my friend to cross the finish line in 2009, what a great race!

  467. Tony West

    Watching Craig Alexander win in 2011, then seeing him (+ all the others!) in T2 at Ironman Melbourne in 2014. They make it look effortless.

  468. Michele Cea

    In my opinion watching Alessandro Zanardi crossing the finish lane was a wonderful moment!
    Never seen such a determined guy, I had the honour to meet him this year in an italian granfondo.

  469. Jose Luis Andrade Diaz

    I remember watching 2012 kona live on the internet, I was so inspired that I watched about 7 kona races the next weekend on youtuve.

  470. Watching Normann Stadler bike away from the field in the year that he rode the yellow Hawaii inspired Kuota

  471. Laszlo

    Watched Kona Highlights 2014 few hours ago 🙂

  472. meso

    Youtubing and the aftermath: drooling.

  473. Bat

    Julie Moss crawling, incredible!

  474. Rain K

    Working on the dream to visit Kona in person..

  475. Jonas

    Watching Mr. Hell on Wheels winning the Ironman in 1997!

  476. Kristian

    The crawl!

  477. C chin

    Watching the age groupers and being inspired

  478. LanceR

    Watching Norman Stadler ride away in the early 2000’s.

  479. spiessr

    Watching the older guys kicking the youngsters there ass 😀

  480. Dan S

    Crowie telling his wife that he “couldn’t stop because of you guys” after setting the course record in 2011. Shows what drives these incredible athletes when they have nothing left.

  481. Michelle

    Watching the highlights, thank god for YouTube…

  482. Seeing Dick & Rick Hoyt for the first time on youtube racing on the big island. awsome.

  483. Ondra

    Cannot say one single moment. Its all fantastic – wonderful place and fantastic sports performance!

  484. Joel

    Hoping to watch it one day in person…

  485. TomTom

    Several folks said it before but most vivid memory has to be Julie Moss crawling. When I saw this for the first time I thought: Why would people do this to themselves? Now I’m one of them…

  486. Trev

    Watching Chrissie Wellington get her last win.

  487. JeromeG

    Kienle was incredible yesterday, and GG to the french guys ^^

  488. Aleis

    Seeing the 2011 post-race press conference of craig alexander about 6 month ago.

  489. Garth Calver

    1982 Julie Moss collapsing and crawling…seen a few more of those at the Comrades Marathon in Durban, South Africa though!

  490. Carl T

    Chrissie Wellington!!

  491. Last weekend seeing Sebastian Kienle win the Ironman on Hawaii.

  492. Gabriel

    The guys trying to make the finish line before midnight – determination & exhaustion.

  493. Oldguy

    One day I will take part at Kona Ironman

  494. angelo bryant licup

    Watching J. Moss crawl to the finish line. wow

  495. carlos

    Some years ago on tv, I didn’t realised what I was watching, But I remember being impressed.

  496. Ricardo

    The first Macca win in Kona!

  497. Jeroen

    Watching Kona competitors battling the heat, then heading out for a run myself in the cold and pouring rain…

  498. Ignas

    To be honest, first time I heard about IRONMAN after my first marathon year ago, when my friend joked that now I have to prepare to swim, then to cycle and only then to run… But a real understanding of it came to me after I saw “The Finishers” by Nils Tavernier. Definitely recommend this movie to everybody.

  499. Margus

    Sitting up all night long just to watch our team guys 🙂 Even if its in the other side of the world does not keep me away 😉

  500. EO

    Watching Chrissy Wellington win her last Ironman in 2011. Truly inspirational!

  501. Jurgen

    Watching the ironman 2011 win by Graig Alexander, the fantastic youtube summary, that is to say…

  502. Derek_Li

    Watching the live coverage of Ironman World Championship – Kona 2014 from the comfort of my home in Singapore through the livestream from the official ironman.com website and the adrenaline rush of witnessing Sebastian Kienle running through the finishing line and emerging as champion!

    (Badly want a FR920XT, will pay for shipping costs). Thank you DC Rainmaker and Clever Training for this opportunity!)

  503. Bernd

    This year was the first time – very impressive.

  504. Thomas van Eijkeren

    The first time I watched Iron Man, I remember seeing a guy who participated in the biggest loser and finished the Iron Man race, but just missed the time limit. Still very inspiring, and I hope to be part of the Iron Man legacy in a few years or so!

  505. LCH

    Never seen the race live but walking down the finishing stretch while visiting still gave me a thrill. One day!

  506. strongman

    Kona could be a bit tougher. Too many people finish it 😉

  507. Daniele

    Really hard race, I would like to be able to do what those ironmen are doing!!!

  508. baul

    I have just ordered a watch fenix 2,but once i found the 920XT,i finally decided to buy this watch.

  509. Sunshine

    Comments not accepted- so next try…. First Time I watched years ago via livestream- due to bad transmission rate the screen stopped several times…. On German TV three years ago they had black screen on the finishline- the last 500m!! I like the fight during the whole distance- not only ‘The winner is’
    I’m really keen on the FR920- my HRM is broken and I really need to control my heartbeat- And with all the new features I probably run faster in the end….

    My HRM is broken and I want to start better Training with the FR920!! Keep on writing Ray!

  510. Olav Krogsæter

    Just a few years ago on the web – but btw: New Norwegian record on the IM distance this year by Allan Hovda: 9:15:50 🙂 congrats!

  511. Kulich

    Saw it when browsing the different events….

  512. Tom Gell

    2007, had travelled to Hawaii for the first time from the UK, just happened to be Ironman weekend. Watched some of the race in a bar in Honolulu, very jet lagged.

  513. Sascha Haendel

    When julie moss crawling to finish 1982.

  514. Xavier Gastaud

    Watching a video of Chrissie Wellington overcoming a flat tire in Kona 2008
    Great blog btw!!!

  515. Berti

    Maybe take part at ironman one day 😉

  516. Mike A

    Chrissie winning in 2007

  517. Bradley Shea

    When Macca crossed the line first in ’07 with his sponges still in his suit! He was too spent to even tidy up for his winner’s photo! Inspiring stuff!

  518. Gary Kellett

    Chrissie working hard to win from behind when injured.

  519. Horace Chu

    Thomas Hellriegel race in 1997 winning championship!

  520. Cornelius

    The first time I watched the full coverage was in 2010, when Raelert fought against Makka – that was awesome. Reminded me of the Ironwar!

  521. Søren Damsgaard Andersen

    First memory from Kona, was seeing Torbjørn Sindballe setting the bike record in 2005.

  522. afrofrench

    Looking up Kona 2014 on YouTube, seeing a video mentioning David Beckham and thinking to myself that we’re obsessed with ‘stars’ for no good reason.

  523. Patrice-63

    Well, I must say that even though I knew about the legend, the first time I followed it (on the internet) was this week-end.

  524. Tomas Sari

    Watching youtube video 2 years ago with the highlights from 2011

  525. Tiago Ferrão

    I believe it was in 2010 when i moved back in Italy. The next week i resume my running and swimming workouts. Haven’t stopped since..

  526. Dmitry

    It was the first time… When I read that my city’s representatives are going to take part…

  527. I must admit, my first Kona experience was watching Sebastians Kienle’s victory on German television far past midnight…

  528. TheHut

    First memory would be the tension and build up watching the start…

  529. Matthijs

    My first Kona experience was watching it on Eurosport somewhere in the eighties when I was still a very young kid. I was really surprised to see people biking and running in what appeared to be their swimming suits (I had missed the swimming bit obviously) and in the extreme sunlight of Hawaii. Back then I thought those people where crazy, little did I know about myself though…

  530. Julien W

    A video on the web and it’s so scenic. I see why everybody wants to qualify.

  531. H M

    This year is the first year I have watched….

  532. Chris

    2011 with Crowie continuing the Aussie dominance with the record time.
    Go Aussies!!!

  533. Alberto

    My first Kona experience was listening to the commentators pronouncing wrong every single European athlete name…

  534. maddodo

    I were watching some TV sports channel (I can’t remember which). I saw people crying and not able to stand on their feet. It was actually inspiring, I started to run then.

  535. Chris Woosnam-Savage

    I’ll be watching my friend Dave in kona this year 🙂

  536. Ashri Sanif

    My first impression of Kona “Impressive, and wondered what kind of sacrifice they made to finish that”. It was part of my motivation in getting fit. A year later and minus 17kg, Im still struggling to finish my first marathon length run. But I’m getting there 🙂

  537. Stephen

    My first memory of watching ironman is a grainy one, because it was Ironwar on VHS. To this day i think it’s incredible that fellow human beings race over those distances, rather than just try to survive. But i guess it’s that endeavour that draws us all back..

  538. Alex Begley

    Luc Van Lierde in 1996 becoming the first European to win at Kona

  539. Paul

    First memory was watching Paul NF epic bonk in 95 – one of the most inspiring things I’ve even seen in a run.

  540. Michal

    Dave Scott finishing 2nd in 1994.

  541. Rob Fry

    Watching Norman Stadler crush the bike in 2006 and become the first true cyclist to win at Kona.

  542. Jose Vazquez

    Watchin’ Leanda Caves and thinking it is impossible to reach what she had.

  543. James Worley

    Watching it in person in 2006, seeing the support the athletes gave each other across the finish was awesome.

  544. Bill R.

    Watching Marinda Carfrae crush it on the run in ’13 (and again in ’14) and endless hours on the trainer re-watching past races and listening to Al Trautwig do the play-by-play — it never gets old.

  545. Amit

    Mirinda Carfrae finish! WOW!

  546. Alek Dalewski

    Watching Dave Scott and Mark Allen – not live but few years later on youtube – nevertheless first KONA I saw

  547. Zo Hegedus

    It was Frederik Van Lierde crossing the finish line last year. What a season he had.

  548. Georgios

    Julie Moss in ’82

  549. Maximus

    Streaming from Finland with HD in 2011.

  550. Monica Anido

    watching chrissy wellington win back to back to back to back

  551. Andrzej

    it was 2007 and I knew right away that one day I would become one.
    did it this year 🙂

  552. Lili

    Laurent Jalabert. Support our national cyclist.

  553. Dave

    Craig Alexander making it a back to back in 2009.

  554. Ian McH

    THE crawl over the line…

  555. Just

    After all these years Ironman still remains one of the best movies I saw. Oh wait.. Its about other Ironmans – 10 times stronger and more powerfull. The ones wich I still dream to become..

  556. Bela Varday

    My favoutite memory is watching Sebastian Kienle on the 2013 edition. He is a great athlete!!!

  557. mbuk

    I love the technology these days! I watched the live streaming for hours and hours – right up until the end. Maybe next year we can have live streaming of data off the bikes or if there are cameras on the bikes, huh? Craziness!!!

  558. C Elvsaas

    Watching youtube just now 🙂

  559. Chris A

    The Hoyts would be my favorite for non pro. For pro it would be Wellington’s bike after she flatted and blew her co2.

  560. anthony

    Julie Moss give it her all and end up crawling over the finish

  561. Lev

    Chris Legh in 1997

  562. Manuel

    Watching Kienle win, after seeing him already live at his “home” 70.3 event.

  563. The Julie moss crawl yearssss agoooo!!!!

  564. Julie Moss crawling over the line!

  565. Adrian Cuciurean

    I’ve discovered Kona on Youtube a coupe of years back.

  566. turco2025

    My first time was last year, I always practice 3 sports in my life ( swim, bike and run ) and last year a friend of mine invite me to watch Kona and I was amazed and finally I discover this fantastic sport !. I will start doing triatlon this year so finally I can merge my favorites sports !.

  567. jason K

    Being quite new to the sport my most vivid memory of watching coverage of Kona is the NBC highlight show this year of last years race. It was cool to see Gordon Ramsay talk about how much harder it was than he ever expected. And of course this year having gone “all in” to triathlon I watched the live feed most of the afternoon and evening while recovering from my half marathon earlier in the day (and I needed to follow the progress of my coach who was there racing).

  568. Watched last year’s race earlier this year on YouTube when I signed up to do Nation’s Tri for Team in Training. Now, I’m hooked!

  569. mosca79

    I started to run this year and I like this sport a lot. This year I watched with my husband Kona and I’m impressed with these iron guys !.

  570. runstef

    First impression after few pictures of Kona : Mark Allen’s sunglasses, first sport product I was aware to not have.

  571. Mike

    Just so happy for Sabastian showing that a true uber biker can win the big one!

  572. Hasan

    I want to do one…one day!

  573. Clint L

    I watched it last year for the first time, and other than not likingbthe dramatic editing I loved watching the stories. I was glued to the TV for hours.

  574. Alex V

    I have been watching YouTube videos. Discovered the event reading your blog 🙂

  575. TriGuy

    The best moment was … last Sunday when I saw Cyril Viennot finishing 5th and breaking the best French time ever at Kona. So deserved for him.

  576. James

    Vague recollections as a child of seeing pictures of the bikes and wondering why they were so odd.

  577. kyle

    I remember seeing it as a kid and thinking it was insane…. now i’m just thinking its slightly crazy (but i really want to try)

  578. Genna Lehman

    I watched it years ago with my sister after she completed her first Ironman. I love it.

  579. Davide

    Last year Frederik Van Lierde win The kona competition!

  580. Robert Lendvai

    Started watching IM as a kid. Thought they were all crazy until I took up triathlon at age 50. My goal is to qualify for Kona before I’m 55. Crazy is the new reality for me.

  581. Brody

    #1 Watching those who look like they should be competing and seeing them do well. It has always given me hope and motivation. As someone who struggled with weight for a long time, watching them has helped me get to my fitness level and commitment I have today. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do an IM, but I know from watching them it’s not impossible.

    #2 trying to scroll to the end of this post to comment!

  582. Bogdan I

    4ys ago when I start running..I saw a video on youtube and whatched the event afterwards on web all night

  583. Hugh L

    The Julie Moss Crawl!

  584. Will

    Watching the NBC “highlight” broadcasts with my 9yo, who can’t wait until she’s allowed to enter an IM.

  585. Matt

    I have some vague memories of the wide world of sports broadcasts from when I was a kid. Thought it was cool.

  586. Faith

    Watching Kona 2013.

  587. Cosmin P

    Mostly youtube videos, and I have no idea what year…probably 4-5 years ago.

  588. Albert Jordana

    Watching highlights on youtube! I want to go there at some point! 🙂

  589. Alvaro

    Julie Moss!!!

  590. Michael Clark

    My first memory of Kona was only last year – this shows my age and my inexperience!

  591. JL

    Last year was the first time I followed the event, because an acquaintance of mine participated. My interest in tri has grown since, I participated in a cross country sprint this year and plan to go longer next year.

  592. Patrick

    Honesty alert: I didn’t even know about Kona until a friend of mine competed about 5 years ago. She’s there now!

  593. Mark Yancey

    Watching the last portion of the run on TV and wondering how anyone could have the endurance to withstand what they had already been through and still keep running. So impressive.

  594. Wadim

    First memory is seeing the memorable crawling finish…

  595. DJ

    best memory is seeing age groupers with extraordinary stories competing

  596. René Jørgensen

    The pictures of Paula Newby-Fraser in 1995 hitting the wall two years before I made my first IM

  597. Matthias

    Having a few beers with the guys from my tri-club and watch the race from europe till late night

  598. Prettorian

    2013 – watching the last contestant getting out of the water, still making the limit….and at the same time seeing all the volunteers cheering for her and clapping.

  599. Trey

    Watching the Ironman smelling grandma’s cooking

  600. Karina

    Watching Chrissie Wellingtons win in 2011, despite being injured just before Kona

  601. Konstantinos Michopoulos

    Watching Crowie wining!!! Awesome athlete!!!

  602. Jamie

    I used to watch with my Dad in the early 80s. We were both fascinated by the sport. Now I’m a triathlete too!

  603. Jean-david samuel

    White I was not able to run 2 miles, remembering seeing them swimming, cycling and running all those km… And so fast! Didn’t know anything about the sport at that time but that’s how I began to train!

  604. Jen

    Being Inspired!

  605. Patrick

    I vaugely remember seeing it on TV in 2011 after deciding to do my first sprint tri and thinking I will never be able to do this because I could never run a maraton…3 years later and I’m signed up for my first Ironman.

  606. Kyle

    Being in awe of the endurance and drive of the competitors. And the desire to go and do it myself.

  607. Nick

    Today when I found out what Kona was.

  608. Kent

    Julie Moss

  609. Watching the people who have done it for close to 20 years, whose bodies are failing them as they close in on the finish line to the point where you can see it become a literal mind over matter situation….powerful stuff and the definition of dedication.

  610. Ian

    I have never watched the Kona event. However I have been quite fixated on triathlons after a former college teammate finished the Ironman in Madison WI.

  611. BruceL

    Saw Greg Welch training on world world of sports in early 1994 before his win that year, which had some highlights from previous years. Also saw the race on TV late that year or early ’95. I still watch this race in front of the windtrainer today, Welchy vs the Man rocks!

  612. Philipp

    Seeing Normann Stadler win in 2004.

  613. Kory

    I’m always moved by the participants who just barely make/miss the various cut-offs.

  614. Rob

    Don’t remember the year, but I remember being in awe at what they could do. Running a marathon was enough of an accomplishment, nevermind the swim and bike before hand!

  615. raf

    yesterday, when i saw the highlights on TV, and the German winner

  616. Mario

    I’ll have to go there!

  617. James Dutkowski

    First real experience with Kona was reading the Chrissie Wellington book. I then watched on youtube the historical rival between Mark Allen and Dave Scott. Very motivating and overwhelming at the same time.

  618. Tobywankenobe

    Allen vs Scott. Never got old.

  619. Lorraine

    Watching Sister Madonna Bruder in 2006, I think cross in just under 17 hours and set a new record for oldest person! So sad that she DNF’d this year 🙁

  620. Terrence Decker

    My first memory was watching the NBC broadcast (or wide world of sports) in 2005. I was a year out of college, out of shape, and lazy. Watching it was memorizing, and I got the bug right then and there. Loved it ever since. It truly changed my life for the better.

  621. Chris Bowers

    There are so many incredible moments: Iron war, Macca winning – when he told everyone that he would, Craig Alexander keeping quiet and then owning it, Chrissie winning after being injured, but I think my favorite may have to be this year with RInny making up 15 minutes on the run and just reeling them all in. Incredible!

  622. Sami

    Watched TV highlights many years ago in the 90’s, but really got into watching it. Mostly just sole YouTube highlights.

  623. Kelly Foss

    Lisbeth Kenyon winning her age group for the 3rd time at 48 in 2013! Go, Lisbeth!!

  624. Mark Skattum

    The first memory-when It was first televised and the woman who bonked crawled across the finish line.

  625. Every year I am always in awe of the wave of people and the water churning at the beginning.

  626. Iron War..Mark Allen performance was spectacular

  627. BigH

    My earliest recollection was watching the battle between Dave Scott and Mark Allen in 1989. Ironwar was epic! I wish I could find it on DVD to watch it again.

  628. German

    Watching Alex Craig in 2011!!!! Tremendous race!

  629. Jeff Tignor

    my first memory is randomly turning on the broadcast in college and watching the whole thing in awe.

  630. I remember watching it on TV for the first time and being blow away by the diversity of body types. Back then, I thought only lean, mean, fighting machines were racing endurance events. It was a beautiful and inspiring realization!

  631. Alan

    It was about ’88 (showing my age) – World Wide Sport, not too much IM shown on Irish TV back then, or now!

  632. Michael Manlove

    My first time was actually via YouTube. Can not imagine getting to see it live, but would love to some day.

  633. FredericS

    Watching Mirinda Carfrae’s running form during Kona 2013.

  634. Ubaldo

    Watching it for the first time and thinking to myself are great these athletes are. Watching it now and still thinking how great these athletes are….

  635. jt

    watching Julie Moss on youtube!

  636. Jeremiah Owen

    Going to Kona on a family vacation in 1999 then a few years later watching and realizing that I was actually there at the finish line and never knew it. One day I hope to go and cross the finish line but even then I probably still won’t know where I am after 140.6 miles of racing.

  637. Effi Ofer

    Following my country folks – Nina Pekerman and Gilad Rotem! Go Israel!

  638. Michael H.

    It was challeging watching the very unstable live stream some years ago, because there was nothing on tv at all. I love the live report on german television, we had in the last years.

  639. Jose S.

    Watching Kienle, this year and last, rip the rest of the fields legs off on the bike!

  640. Jared Jenkins

    I remember watching Peter Reid taking 2nd in 1999. So proud of him!

  641. enrique ortiz

    last weekends event, mirinda was amazing

  642. It’s so difficult to choose, but watching Rinny break another marathon course record was awesome! I find all of these athletes extremely inspirational!

  643. Oleg

    For me the most exciting moment is always the race start.

  644. swim start always pumps me up, best one was back in 2012 day before we did the urbanathlon CHicago

  645. ed rusk

    This year, watching Rinny chase down the leaders – being patient but consistent.

  646. FredW

    Dave Scott & Mark Allen in the 1980´s on RTE

  647. Steven

    I have not followed Kona much in the past but had a blast following it on Twitter over the weekend. The amount of people commenting and following the race was amazing.

  648. KC

    Several other people mentioned it above, and I can’t remember if it was on a stream or a replay on a sports network but it was very inspiring for me to see Harriet Anderson finish just before the cutoff a few years ago.

  649. Allen

    Best moments are watching Rinny run.

  650. Wulong

    I watched my first ironman championship in 2002 and couldn’t tell what it takes to finish all 3 events and literally have no idea what that distance means until one day my friend take me to a 70km ride. My but hurt for more than one week after that ride and I realized what ironman is.

  651. Paul

    Shortly after discovering this website I learned about Kona and started watching the madness on the web.

  652. Luigi


  653. Jamie S

    2014 race! I was working during the live broadcast, but got away just in time to fire it up and see Rinny pass Ryf on her way to victory. She is otherworldly!

  654. Andrew E.

    I remember watching the swim portion when I was a teenager and marveling at how big the field was.

  655. Bambang

    chrissie wellington bike & run with a huge wound!

  656. Seth Anderson

    I think it was 1985 on TV. Now I watch it online.

  657. Jenny

    I watched the ABC newscast in college and watched two women battling it out/crawling across the line to finish: Sian Welch & Wendy Ingraham. It was amazing to see how much they were willing to give to finish and I still can’t imagine doing that to myself.

  658. That Alex Zanardi completing it without legs was amazing!

  659. Guillermo Vives

    Watching Cristian Bustos, a chilean triathlete, running neck to neck with Mark Allen for the 1992 Ironman Championship firtst place

  660. It makes me wish I could (but am glad I haven’t) actually step up from olympic to ironman!

  661. Jason

    Watching Carfrae run down whoever happens to be in front of her!

  662. Paolo

    Go to fuck yourself and your fucking watch!

  663. Michelle B Hunt

    I’ve always been amazed while watching Kona each year, ever since I was a little girl, but now having done a few triathlons, watching last year’s was simply awe inspiring. Nothing like seeing Rinny kill the run.

  664. Sandra P Whisnant

    Watching Chissy Wellington win and due the Blazeman roll after the horrific crash.

  665. David R

    Watching Al-Sultan win in 2005 rocking the speedo and man bra!

  666. Alberto

    The 1997 finish line between the two woman that had to crawl, epic!

  667. Paul

    Watching a snippet of McDevitt cross that made me think, “maybe I could do this…”

  668. Muckyb

    Just a replay, on Youtube, nothing fancy

  669. First time was a youtube collection of Kona’s greatest finishes. Some years ago. Incredible!

  670. Bobby Croom

    Watching Mark Allen in the early 90s as a high school kid. Shear amazement at what these folks could do from the eyes of a track runner.

  671. Andrea

    Sister Madonna’s 2006 (?) Kona race, finishing less than a minute away from the cut off time. That and when one year a former The Biggest Loser contestant almost made it by 10 (15?) minutes. I highly respect their mental grit to keep going despite knowing they might very well not make it.

  672. Oliver Christmas

    It’s got to be the ’97 women’s finish. Awesome!

  673. Gianandrea

    First time i know Kona, was on 2002, when my friend of the same triathlon’s team went to Kona to partecipate.

  674. Benjamin Winter

    Don’t remember year but I remember thinking they are crazy. Went to Kona in 2008 on a family vacation and thinking wow this is where the magic happens.

  675. Daniel

    watched it as a teen in the 80’s!!


    During a vacation to the Hawaii islands, and bumped into people racing!! My first time viewing an actual race. Was amazing !!!

  677. illdie4u

    This weekend because a good friend of mine was participating for the first time.

  678. Maurice

    Watching it on tv and thinking these dudes are crazy!!!!

  679. Tyler Ross

    When I was probably 12, I saw the video of Rick and Dick Hoyt (Team Hoyt) racing Kona. I thought the race sounded like the stupidest for of suicide, but Team Hoyt got me interested in triathlon.

  680. Seeing Sebastian Kienle win his first Kona.

  681. Doug Pollock

    Watching the Chrissy Wellington 2008 Kona race when she got the flat tire, and still came back to win. Watched it over and over again!

  682. Amber Harris

    I remember watch Team Hoyte cross the finish line. So amazing and inspiring. All the athletes are but Team Hoyte is always a tear jerker.

  683. Sarah C

    My fave was my first – naturally! I was training for my first tri, a sprint, and watched in awe as the Ironmen and women rocked the Kona course – totally inspirational!

  684. Jonathan Eveleth

    Always watch re-runs on the trainer while prepping for the next race. Always motivational.

  685. Wasn’t my first Kona memory but was certainly impactful – Watching Lew Hollander finish in 2011. I was a NCAA Div 1 runner back in the 90’s – my first Triathlon in ’96. I’m now 40 years old and still doing it and was inspired to see that it’s possible to keep going. I remember thinking, if Lew can do it, I have no excuse to not do it.

  686. Patrick Myers

    This is the first year I’ve been into tris, so it was my first time watching Kona (via the webs). It blew my mind watching Kienle and knowing he did a sub 3 marathon after the first two legs. And then realizing all of the top 10 males did.

  687. Ben

    One of my favorites was working a graveyard shift a few years ago, when I was just starting to get into running, one of my co-workers queued up that year’s presentation of the race on youtube (we were allowed to watch tv/internet at this job) and I watched it, fascinated. Yes, completing a full length ironman was bucketlisted during that hour. I’ve since watched the last several years’ races on youtube as well, it’s a fascinating race. I completed my first marathon this month, need to get a bike and start putting in some work on it and in the pool.

  688. Gregory Mauldin

    Watching the 2007 Ironman World Championships. The entire coverage on NBC was awesome, and really got me into the sport. Watching Stadler puking on the bike, and Badmann get back on the bike after her crash. Wow. I wanted in.

  689. I remember watching a few years ago before I was into triathlon. I couldn’t believe the runners were drinking coke during the marathon!

  690. Jenny

    Watching my husband watching the tri on TV, and him saying that it didn’t look so hard and that he could do that, if he wanted to. He still hasn’t even tried a sprint distance, and it is close to 20 years. Amazingly, something always comes up to stop him from training.

  691. Tim OLeary

    Macca/Crowie rivalry, especially when Macca got the other riders to push the bike just to get separation from Crowie. Great stuff.

  692. bettie

    watching amazing seniors stumble cross the finish line…made me wonder about the worthiness of all my excuses…

  693. Yvonne

    For me, the start of the race is almost a holy moment! All those nervous faces before hitting the water and the family hugs!

  694. George

    Julie Moss crawling in the early 80’s. It was a great example of determination.

  695. Ana

    My only experience of Kona is through youtube. They are crazy.

  696. I will make sure to watch Kona 🙂

  697. George Aston

    Just remember watching it as teenager and thinking that the participants must have been super humans.

  698. Robert Walz

    Sian Welch & Wendy Ingraham in 1997…

  699. Ady Beleanu

    I remember my father showing me Julie Moss crawling to the finish, struggling si fighting, while he was saying: “If you want to be good, you have to accept the pain and go beyond it. Once ytou do that, there is no pain anymore, it’s only you and your heart”. Many years I did not understand…

  700. Nicole

    I loved watching the Iron War!!

  701. James Orr

    I remember seeing it when I was in fifth grade. My dad’s gym had a sitting area with couches and a TV near the racquetball courts. We were waiting to play, and it was on. Specifically I remember them running near the lava fields.

  702. Mariano Giacone

    I remember the first time I ever heard about the Kona Ironman was watching a Magnum PI episode.

  703. Keith Lassman

    Watched it for the first time last year, it was pretty cool seeing rinny catch up and get first! and to have a super similar repeat this year was awesome

  704. Simon Cope

    Kona (UK) used to make good coffee.

  705. Ale c

    My first time watching kona was at ESPN while buying a Fuji bike in a bike shop!

  706. Josh Potter

    This is probably the first time I saw something from Ironman. Its stuck with me ever since. link to youtube.com

  707. MotorHeart


  708. I had no idea what Kuna was before today; Italian media gave a lot of coverage to this guy:

    link to gazzetta.it

    (link in Italian, use google translate..)

    Well.. Impressive..

  709. Meng Zhu

    Thanks Ray for all the great info and giveaways 🙂 fingers crossed

  710. Caferey

    Never really paid much attention to it, being honest. Then I read Chrisse´s book, and just had a look on you tube, it´s just incredible, not only what the pros do, but the vast majority of others much further back in the pack that have regular 9-5 jobs and have to balance, life, family and training.

  711. Tommy T

    Last year’s sweat session on the trainer watching them bike away over the lava fields.

  712. Grant

    First one was the 2007 one when Chris McCormat won it in extreme heat. But what stood out was a man(not sure his name) competing without any legs, thought if he can do it so I can I. Was truly inspirational watching this guy putting on his artificial limbs and climbing on the bike and then running and still completed it all in the extreme heat. That when I said, if he can, so can I and so started my triathlon journey.

  713. Nils

    Never seen kona but I’d really like the garmin.

  714. Bob Croucher

    My favorite is the first time that Dave Scott was beaten by Mark Allen. Epic Battle!

  715. Bret Bartness

    Hot runners shown on ABC Wide World of Sports.

  716. David Maume

    To be true, I never watched Kona Ironman in live but saw some TV reports talking about it. Quite impressive !

  717. Adam Konczewski

    Julie Moss, I was still little kid the. It was very inspiring!

  718. Adam Smith

    In 2009 when US Chris Lieto was overtaken by AU Craig Alexander after leading the race for nearly the duration. With about 4mi to go Craig Alexander bested Lieto. I suppose the consolation for Lieto is the fact that he did his best career finish, but just didn’t have enough steam to maintain. I suppose that 2nd in a World Championship is not too bad either!

    -=Adam S
    Atlanta, GA

  719. Glenn Elliott

    My favorite memoriy is when on of the pros had a bad race but stayed at it. When asked why he stated because there are age groupers out here still racing it would be disrepectful to them not to finish. I smiled thinking this is why I love this sport!

  720. adeel

    Watched it over the weekend. amazed at the perseverance !

  721. Faith

    Favorite memory was watching the 17:02 hour finisher come in and the crowd going WILD. We were lining the streets cheering. The huge smile on the mans face. Must have been over 60 years old but his perserverance was inspirational!

  722. Mary Peterson

    KONA? What? I just started training and looking into different computers for my swim, bike and runs! Hmm, I dream of Ironman one day…

  723. Jon Wright

    Newbie, so watching recaps of Hines Ward and Gordon Ramsay in last years’ race.

  724. Ursula Lenseele

    Heard about the hawai ironman watching Tom Selleck in Magnum long long time ago. Today like watching Kona on the web (txs to Youtube and dedicated web sites) even if french are not very good in that sport.

  725. Joel

    Been a soccer player all my life. Married a girl who’s into triathlons. Watched my first Kona with her at her local tri club a few years back. Decided once I was done playing soccer, triathlons would be how I stayed fit and Kona would be my goal. The time has come, training for that goal begins this winter.

  726. Romster

    Watching the Swiss Miss Natascha Badmann win it 6 times… 🙂

  727. Tomas

    First time this year!

  728. Soren Kjeldmand

    Just watched the Kona chocolate run on Youtube. Amazing 🙂

    Greatings from Denmark


  729. Virikshit Sembhoo

    Dave Scott and Mark Allen – 1989

  730. Watching Stadler ride like a demon towards his first win in 2004. Intriguing performance.

  731. EvE

    First time I saw someone pass the finish line seconds after closing time.

  732. Rune Skaar

    Another one for the Julie Moss crawl 🙂

  733. yoyo

    i first saw the kona ironman 4 years ago when i started training for triathlon . i watched it on the web with the friends from my team. it teached me there are no limits to the human body!

  734. Ari

    Watching Kona with my father in the mid 90s. As a kid it looked so tough.

  735. Steve Sherman

    Saw Julie Moss crawl to the finish in 1982, which inspired me to do my first triathlon that same year.

  736. Steven

    I was home on a random weekend in 2002 or 2003 after a long run training for the Marine Corps Marathon. While icing my sore legs from a brutal run in Washington DC I naturally sat on the couch, turned on the TV, and got ready for my afternoon nap. Until I saw the listing for “Triathlon” and sat up. The swim portion was just starting and I was hooked. I thought, “I want to be there. I want to participate. I want to finish late at night and join the celebration” (because I knew that there was no way I would be anywhere close to finishing in a great time. I had barely finished my grueling training run. But this was absolutely motivating and it’s an event I have watched on TV ever since. I make sure it’s locked into my DVR and one of these days I want to be there. I want it so badly.

  737. Bart

    The first time I saw it live on the computer was 2009 the day before I tackled my first sprint tri – hooked since

  738. Michael Thompson

    Watching Kona as a teenager, in awe of the athletes…

  739. In the early ’80s watching on Wide World of Sports!

  740. Jimmy Juhl

    Watching the epic 2010 battle between Macca and Raelert!

  741. Jazmin Tello

    I just watched my first Ironman world championship (right after I run my first half marathon in CT) and I loved it, my best moment was when Mirinda Carfrae passed Daniel Ryf, epic moment!

  742. Sebastian Vargas

    Best moment: when the last ironman passed the finish line before the 17 hours mark.

  743. David Hoy

    I won a lottery slot for Kona 2011. Race week was a total blur – seeing all the pros, having breakfast at a table next to Macca, etc – but as I climbed the steps onto the pier at the end of the swim, a scene I’d seen on TV countless times, it really hit me, “Holy crap, I’m racing Kona!!” At least I did not horribly embarrass myself ;-).

  744. “I want to do that!”

  745. Mikolaj Kolakowski

    Watching Kona 2011 start with “First Class” music by Henry Jackman

  746. jakub

    Watching it last year inspired me to design a Tri T-shirt 🙂

  747. Jia Chen

    A few years ago watching the amazing athletes hammer through the lava fields . . .

  748. FILIPPO

    i would say one of the most impressive memories i have is the crawl in 1997 between Sian Welch and Wendy Ingraham

  749. Gary

    Mirinda Carfrae run everyone down on her way to a 2.50 in 2013

  750. Rolf

    I can remember seeing it on Wide World of Sports when I was a kid. Always looked so tough, which of course it is.

  751. Ondrej

    My best memory of watching Kona is seeing all the lava rock greetings along the route.

  752. Peter Bernhard

    Watching replays of Kona 2011 and 2012 while on the trainer recovering from a broken ankle

  753. The Hoyts….watching a dad tow his son in the swim, ride the bike with him and then push him for the run…gets me in the heart every time

  754. David Ingram

    I remember getting prepared to do the Raleigh 70.3 in 2012 and watching old repeats of Kona on TV. I was hoping to gain some pro-tips and inspiration, and was glued to the TV watching the stories surrounding Kona and all the stories of personal perspicacity in continuing on with their training and competing goals!

  755. Claus Hansen

    Julie Moss crawling, but also the countless hours watching youtube video of amazing people doing something incredible, crossing the finishline….. Luckily I swim only slightly better than a brick, so haven’ t so far been tempted to try a Triathlon….. So far….

  756. Mike. B

    Watching Kona as a kid, wow!

  757. Alan Stewart

    Best memory was the iron war with Dave Scott and Mark Allen. Even if it was lousy coverage, you could not get away from the drama of the shoulder to shoulder battle that lasted for so long.

  758. Jesse M

    Even tho i didn’t see it live I watch the Iron War on youtube all the time

  759. Brian

    Watching NBC coverage in 2007 or 8. This started me towards doing tri’s.

  760. Aryeh

    Watching as a kid on television

  761. Niklas H.

    It was amazing seeing Kienle finishing this year

  762. Doug

    The sight of any swim start, and Julie Moss 1982.

  763. Leon H.

    I thought it was really amazing how fast they get through the three disciplines and look so relaxed.

  764. joey t

    My favorite memories of Kona is watching the recaps of the finishing line… where you often see a flood of emotion as the participants end their epic adventure.

  765. Dan Benton

    Has to be the famous crawl. Julie Moss.

  766. Craig

    First memory? Can’t recall. Favorite? Iron War. I’ve spent hours on the bike trainer watching videos from the 2004-2011 races.

  767. Thiago Campolina

    The best memory of Kona for me is always, year after year, to see all athletes in a race to overcome the human physiology. It’s contagious.

  768. Kirstin Plachta

    Seeing Chrissie come back from so far behind, even with her terrible wounds from her bike crash – so exciting to see, especially after having met her in Roth. An amazing woman.

  769. Rebeca Zamora

    My Favorite… Watching the Mauren Solano (CRC) crossing the finish line… She got 3rd Place on her age group.!!

  770. Annette

    I was probably in my late 20s the first time I saw it; I was drawn to watching, because I love Kona, Hawaii and have been many times.

  771. Gabriel Rugai

    Definitely watching Rinny destroying the marathon this year, coming out of T2 with a 14min gap between her and Ryf. Also Seb winning his first was awesome, been rooting for him since 2012, and was stoked when he managed to open that gap on the bike and kept it throughout the marathon. Awesome event.

  772. Greg

    Team Hoyt. I still get chills when I watch that story.

  773. fester

    it is a easy ride only when you have finish

  774. Ethan S

    Gotta say, watching a random re-run of the Hawaii finish with Julie Moss when I was about 12. Remembered the emotion — I knew I wanted to do one someday. 14 years later… I did, altho not Kona. 🙂

  775. Natascha

    Watching the live stream as a close friend was finishing Kona a few years ago.

  776. Alan

    It was few years who,I saw the race finish on a local tv station and it was basically my first insight i to triathlon and how amazing athletes those people are!

  777. Mike Boone

    I usually see snippets instead of the whole broadcast, so I never remember the years. The Julie Moss clip is always heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time.

  778. Zoltan V. Laszlo

    2011 Kona Ironman finish. Especially liked the old man enjoying the moment (race# 215).

  779. Maarten Van Vliet

    Last year’s finish. Got me into triathlon

  780. Bennett W

    I remember Paula Newby Frasier “bonking out” in ’95 just before the finish line!! Thanks for putting together this drawing. The FR920XT looks like an awesome unit!!

  781. Keith

    Chris Lieto setting the pace on the bike and trying desperately to hang on for the win.

  782. Brian K

    Macca vs raelert…intense and inspiring!

  783. Mark Moylan

    I want it so bad.

  784. Chris S

    Julie Moss finish. Still incredible to this day.


    My first watching Kona was last year but the one I enjoy the most was this year supporting the two french guys Cyril Viennot and Romain Guillaume who finisehd in the top 10 !

  786. Im interested in how this will compete with the pebble.

  787. Roger

    Always enjoy watching guys I train with come across the finish line. So fortunate to train with such gifted athletes.

  788. CN

    just crazy.. but awesome

  789. Ken Owen

    How awesome the swim looked!

  790. GenoZ

    I think what gives me chills about watching this sport on the NBC broadcast is all the causes that are driving the age groupers to race at Kona. The commitment to the training and qualifying for these personal causes is truly inspiring!

  791. steph

    some poor gal crawling…it is etched in my brain forever

  792. I distinctly remember the ’87 Ironman Hawaii when the legend Dave Scott took the title once again but the young upstart Mike Pigg kept in the fray (finishing 4th, improving each of his three years to that point). The next year Pigg almost won it, finished 2nd with an epic performance, before all those health problems derailed his career.

    That was my first interest in triathlon, though it took me until last year to attempt one.

  793. Brian

    People half the world away doing the race while it’s midnight here…..

  794. Csaba

    Julie Moss, unforgettable!

  795. Marissa Camacho

    My Husband Loves 70.3 and says that someday participate in a full ironman, and why not, Kona.

    The first time I heard of Kona was their talks

  796. al

    I remember watching my first Kona event while I was in college. I saw this girl almost at the finish line when she collapsed. her body could no longer go. people kept cheering and pushing her. She got up, looking like bambi barely learning how to walk. she took a couple of steps and collapsed again. The other runners kept encouraging her and telling her to get up, that was almost done, the she could finish it.
    She kept getting up and falling down but she never quit. she eventually made it to the finish line and again collapsed on some dudes arms. A bunch on volunteers ran to her and helped her to get medical attention.
    It was amazing to see people completing that amazing race and encouraging everyone to finish. From that day I started doing research so I could train and compete on my first triathlon.

  797. Julie

    The crawl, on youtube only recently.

  798. AcaTri ST

    Kona winner crossing the finish line and being completely emotional while looking indeed vulnerable for the first time after grueling it for around 8-9hrs! And of course all the Age Groupers making it feel even more real! :O)

  799. Chris

    First time I saw it was 2004 from my army barracks. I was amazed and instantly hooked.

  800. Ral Sunt

    First time we watched it after getting initiated in our fake Triathlon Club along with all the Macca drama… :O)

  801. Briana

    Watching Tim win in 2002 after winning in 2001

  802. Diego Reloaded

    The age grouper that didn’t make it for the swim-finish cutting on time. He looked devastated but he returned the next year I believe. I found some common things since I’m not a good swimmer but always keeping the momentum and good attitude going on!

  803. J.P. Dowd

    This was the first year I watched it live and it was awesome. I was using the tracker and the live feed while reading Lava and Slowtwitch. Made for a great day.

  804. Angela

    Watching Rinny mow people down on the run. Amazing…

  805. Jason

    First time online this year!

  806. Dan Wright

    I have a friend who’s husband did it. I looked at her pictures. Does that count?

  807. Paul Leonard

    I was a kid watching on Wide World of Sports

  808. john

    remind me of the Kona half early this year, i was there.

  809. Stefan Reinke

    Seeing Paula NF staggering down Hualauli Road and being passed by Karen Smyers. PNF had a blank look on her face and glazed eyes. She very clearly had given everything that day.

  810. Sebastian Tongson

    My best memory of Kona World Championship was when Macca and Raelert was doing a repeat of the Iron War. However, my favorite part is also watching the finishers cross the line in the final hour.

  811. Azrul

    my favorite part was watching all finishers crossess the finishing line

  812. Grant Harvey

    The female race leader pulling up with severe cramp and being passed within site of the line.

  813. Alan E

    Moss-McCartney, years after the fact. I was only about ten when they raced. Still an awesome moment in sports.

  814. Mark Norfleet

    Watching that little race in 1989 with Dave Scott and Mark Allen working SO hard and being Soooo close! Amazing and inspiring!

  815. Mike H

    Julie Moss 1982

  816. Chrissy

    I love watching the finish line. This year it was great to see Apollo Oni finish and still look energized, since he’s a relatively new cross-over athlete.

  817. Dominic m

    Chrissie winning the year she had had the accident. Inspirational!

  818. Garett

    2 years in a row watching Rinny absolutely eat up ground to erase the gap and cruise to the win…what a beautiful thing to “watch”.

  819. Ceov

    Watching the athletes tread water before the swim start always captivates me…

  820. Hannah Bowers

    When Chrissie Wellington won just a week after her bike wreck.

  821. Jeff

    Watching Craig Alexander run…smooth as butter. Then there was the year he pulled up cramping, still to make it to finish in record time.

  822. Milton Evans

    first time I watched it was about 10 years ago on one of those tape delayed specials they show on a Sunday afternoon during non-football season; made me want to do one

  823. Christopher Lyle

    Watching Mirinda Carfrae smash the run two years in a row! Course record! Amazing coming back!

  824. Nicole Birrell

    Team Hoyt- if that does not inspire you nothing will!

  825. Caroline Bowers

    This year when Renny passed everybody on the run it was awesome!!!!!!

  826. Vincent J

    Watching it 2 years ago and saying out loud “I’d like to do that one day’. Next thing you know, my wife had signed me up for two sprint triathlons the following summer. That started it all for me.

  827. Mike

    To be honest, I love watching the mad dash into the water!

  828. PC

    Watching the Father-Son combo Team Hoyt.

  829. Gede Adhyatma


  830. Oliver

    I saw a film of the 2010 Kona Ironman with McCormack and Raelert having an incredible finish. However what inspired me to do triathlons was the story of the “normal” people taking part of Kona; to learn their stories, to see their difficulties, determination and tenacity was a breathtaking for me. It was almost a documentary about the spirit of ironman. I loved it.

  831. Nate Miller

    Not even sure what year it was, but watching on TV with my brother’s wondering what insanity was being shown.