First look at new SRM PC8 head unit with WiFi/GPS/ANT+ & Bluetooth


Updated August 30th, 7:58PM with clarifications/additions from SRM, see note at end for summary of changes.

Today SRM unwrapped their PC8 head unit, which is the successor to their existing PC7 head unit that’s on the market today.  The PC8 is without question the biggest technological jump we’ve seen from SRM, packing in every communications chip type that’s on the market today into a single device: GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometers, and ANT+.

To start off with a visual refresher, here’s a quick before and after comparing the PC7 to the PC8:



The most significant changes come in the form of technical upgrades to the internal guts, namely the inclusion of a number of new communication types:

– ANT+ for connection to ANT+ speed/cadence sensors, ANT+ power meters [updated], heart rate straps, and weight scales
– Bluetooth Smart for connecting to smartphones/tablets (not planned to connect to Bluetooth sensors) [Update: Here’s a ton more detail on how that works]
– WiFi for download/upload of data, configuration of the data screens/pages

Outside of communications and sensors, there’s further changes:

– 240x400px screen, not restricted to just calculator style numbers anymore
– Backlight with light sensor (illuminates when you go through tunnel/darkness)
– Speaker
– Touch-sensitive buttons

In playing with the unit, the display is as high-contrast and sharp as it appears below.  The touch sensitive buttons though did take a bit of getting used to compared to the PC7.  You almost need to apply the mantra that ‘less is more’ when touching them.


You’ll notice above that Bluetooth Smart is included.  Their plan by launch is to develop apps across “a number of platforms” (i.e. Android, iOS, etc…) to allow downloading of the workouts from the device to your mobile device.  Further, they plan to make use of the WiFi to allow configuration of the data fields of your unit.  I pressed for more information on how that works (i.e. desktop app, cloud service, etc…) – but the details are still being worked out.


The unit supports multiple bike profiles, but most importantly now – unique sensor sets per each bike profile.



On the GPS front the unit incorporates both recording of GPS tracklogs, as well as following of GPS/GPX breadcrumb trail style routes (similar to an Edge 500).  It won’t do turn-by-turn navigation like an Edge 800/810.  There is also no planned ‘workout’ type functionality (i.e. setting specific workout levels to target).


Finally, the unit will feature a re-chargeable battery system.  It uses the same connector as their upcoming rechargeable battery SRM power meters, thus the cable can be swapped back and forth between the two.  The head unit (PC8) will get 30 hours of battery life with GPS on, and 100 hours with GPS off.  Meanwhile, the hub will get 100 hours of battery life before requiring a recharge.  The rechargeable SRM hub will be certified to 1,000 recharges (recharge cycles).



The PC8 will be offered in both a plastic casing and an aluminum casing.  The pricing will remain the same as it is today (550€/750€) for each head unit.

I, along with another journalist that was interviewing a different SRM representative at the time, enquired about SRM’s thoughts on pricing and the greater power meter market at large (SRM is the most expensive on the market).  Specifically that given all the new entrants at lower prices (i.e. everything from Stages to Garmin Vector), as well as established players (PowerTap/Quarq), if SRM was considering lowering their prices to be more competitive – either with prices at the power meter level or the head unit level.  The answers we both got separately were a resounding, unequivocal…no.

SRM’s Sebastian Raebiger explained to me: “We want to be a high end product, with no product for the masses.”  He went on to further explain that their current production process of producing the unit wholly within Germany was the primary reason for the higher price – as well as the plans to keep it at that price point.

Both of us also further pressed for comment on SRM looking at other measurement points (i.e. pedals), or doing left/right power.  SRM representatives believe there’s no value today in measuring power elsewhere, nor in providing left/right measurement.  They did concede recovery from injury was a potential use case for left/right power measurement, but don’t see any plans to add it.  [Note: See updated comment at conclusion for further thoughts from SRM on this point.]


Finally, the PC8’s availability is being targeted at summer May of 2014 (next year).  Given the sensors available within the unit, it’ll be interesting to see how SRM is able to develop the software and services around that suite (specifically WiFi and Bluetooth Smart) to fully take advantage of the potential there around mobile device and cloud/web connectivity.

Thanks for reading!

Updated Note Aug 30th: SRM’s Director of Sales and Marketing Mike Hall reached out to me today to provide some clarifications and additions to the features and functionality that were originally communicated to me during my talks with three different SRM reps at Eurobike.  These include the following updated:

1) The PC8 will indeed allow for all ANT+ power meters.
2) SRM will be implementing left/right balance metrics, including Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness
3) As previously noted, the Bluetooth 4.0 will be utilized for data transfers, and not sensors (including BLE HR straps)
4) The PC8 will allow workouts to be added to it and executed on it
5) The PC8 will have customizable training zones by power/HR/Critical Power/FTP
6) The PC8 will include the TrainingPeaks metrics of Normalized Power (NP), Training Stress Score (TSS), and Intensity Factor (IF)
7) They are targeting May 2014, as opposed to “Summer 2014” as previously communicated

I did want to include one additional note from Mike, which I’ve included in full below:

“The comment from Sebastian Raebiger about SRM seeing no value in left/right pedal, primarily comes from the small amount of peer reviewed research being done on training prescription (based on single leg workouts to improve ‘balance’ or performance). SRM has been working on a torque analysis system for the last 10 years, and have begun to see its successful application for bike fitting and positioning. Adding this feature to the PC8 will allow us to take that application outdoors. “

Further, their product manager of the PC8 itself will be at Interbike and he’s committed to giving me a more detailed dive into it.

Update Sept 21st, 2013: While at Interbike, I got a look at the SRM iOS app, here’s a full post on it.

Welcome to Eurobike week! This week during Eurobike I’ll be tweeting from the exhibition show floor quite a bit, as well as posting frequently. Here’s a quick and handy link to all Eurobike-related posts.


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  1. Dave

    As a PC5 and PC7 owner what can I say. Massively underwhelmed.

  2. Phil

    Is it backwards compatible with wired power meters? There was some talk about it a while back.

  3. I use a PC6 and a Garmin 500 now. Garmin mostly for Strava, but I like having data fields at a glance from the PC6. But since I’m old (52) I can’t configure a Garmin 500 in any fashion that I can read and have the data I want to see.

    It seems like the PC8 might give me the best of both worlds in one device.

    I don’t understand how so many people are panning this already. For my needs with two bikes, Strava, etc. this seems like a big improvement over a PC7 (let alone my PC6) and at the same price.

    I also don’t get the ask for backward compatibility to wired. Yeah, if you’re on a wired SRM it would be nice, but maybe after three new generations it’s time to move up to wireless. Nobody is wondering why Shimano isn’t making Di2 for old 8 speed systems.

  4. RoadRunner

    Wow, that is slick. While it doesn’t tick all the boxes (lack of zone based workouts is a big one) this looks very impressive. In my mind the big advantage of the Power Control has been the crisp easy to read display. When you are slogging out an interval, you need big easy to read numbers. The PC8 display is the bomb, with all the important data centre stage and nice to know metrics (like temp and elevation) at the fringes, without having to scroll screens. Big question mark is if current and average lap power can be simultaneously displayed. Nice that prices are not going up but it is still expensive.

  5. erock139

    The SRM system has been and always will be for ballers. There’s a reason even preferred dealers only get a 30% discount on SRM – they sell regardless; clearly the demand is there. Why all the desire to have SRM bring down their prices? They’re clearly in a different category and have stayed in business. Take a business class with the $$ you save on a PT, maybe you’ll learn about exclusivity and a targeted audience.

    • Not sure about a business class. I asked the question of every power meter company I talked to today (which, would be every single company on the market today). As well as discussed it with all the power meter companies I talked to that aren’t on the market today, but were at Eurobike today.

      Whether or not one wants to admit it, the power meter market has changed a lot in the last 1-2 years, and will continue to change dramatically in the next 1-2 years. There’s many drivers impacting price, no doubt, but in an age where information about product accuracy, capabilities and usage is much more transparent than it used to be, I think we’re going to see shifts in choices based on pricing and functionality. I’ve yet to hear a single person in the industry state otherwise.

  6. Randolph

    Did you take dimensions? Wondering about fitting between aero bars. Thanks for letting us know so soon….as usual

    • It’s 1cm wider, but the same height. They noted you could mount it vertically for aerobars, and they’re looking into doing some sort of display orientation change (but that’s not final yet).

  7. David

    I’m pretty sure Factor’s power meter costs even more.

    I like the look of this new unit. If I had a spare stack of money, I’d get one. I’ve looked at enough FIT files to know that Garmins aren’t perfect.

  8. Morten Tillquist

    Does this mean that the new PC8 is fully kompetibel with Power2max, Quarq etc so you can buy a PC8 and use it together with all other manufacturers of power meter?

  9. Harmless Harm

    Too bad, there is no support for BT sensor support. Was hoping for BT headunit coming-out, whom can handle e.g. MIO alpha’s heartrate streams.

  10. Harrison

    SRMs look better and better. Shame about them refusing to reduce prices. Do you know if Quarq plans to reduce their pricing within the next year?

    • I’ve got a post update coming later this afternoon with their thoughts on that (as well as everyone else’s plans). Essentially if a PM company had a new product out I wrote/writing a full post (SRM/Power2Max/PowerTap), but if not a new product I’ve got a combodish post for everyone else with minor updates (Quarq, ROTOR, Pioneer, Brim Brothers, Cyclismo).

      In short, for Quarq, no current plans. Though we had a long and interactive discussion on the topic and the current market. They were very interested in my thoughts there.

  11. mmf

    Thanks for the snappy review .
    Did they mention the available date for the XX1 rechargeable power crank ?

  12. Any idea what the accelerometers are for?

    Thanks for the great reviews!

  13. Dexter

    That’s a real shame SRM won’t allow 3rd party powermeters to communicate properly with the new PC8. They would sell like hotcakes if they did! It is definately an impressive unit.

    • Ivan

      stay tuned – I visit the SRM booth today and hear that in fact the PC8 will use the standard ANT data stream that all other devices are using, along with their current version of offset frequencie. very excited to see this on the market!

  14. Hi All-

    Just as a quick heads up, SRM reached out this evening and has provided updates and additions to the post. For those following along on e-mail, see the updates here: link to

    For those viewing this comment on the page, simply scroll up.


  15. Stuart

    Superb. Just wish they’d update the shimano 7800 cranks!

  16. HammerTime

    Could you please clarify “2) SRM will be implementing left/right balance metrics, including Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness”. Does this refer (only) to the PC8 being able to display/record left/right balance metrics, including Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness, from power meters by vendors other than SRM? Or will SRM implement these metrics in its own power meters, and if so, which, and does that require some left vs. right measuring ability, which if I understand correctly, their current power meters do not?

    • HammerTime

      And to further clarify my comment seeking clarification, are these metrics even supported in the PC8 when used with an ANT+ power meter which does support them?

    • Since they’re implementing the ANT+ spec version (they used the correct terminology), it’ll work with all ANT+ PM’s that transmit that data.

      As for SRM, they do some left/right stuff on some units today indoors.

  17. John

    How will you know when the crank needs a charge? Having it die in the field is not a worthwhile trade for being able to recharge.

  18. It sounds good with the updated information.

    This means that I will be able to use PC8 with my Power2max and QUARQ Elsa power meter.

    Some who know about PC8 will measure speed via GPS signal or do you still have a speed Senson mounted on the bike.

  19. And will you be able to do a workout at PC8 like you can do on a Garmin Edge 810 with intervals etc.

  20. Bas

    great article. is it right that they’ve revised the handlebar clip, too? looks like they added a lock clip.

  21. Steve

    I’m very disappointed to hear they didn’t include support for older wired PMs.

    Although from their response about prices, I don’t suppose they care one way or the other if I (and others) are disappointed or not!

    SRM did say themselves in an interview a while ago (which appeared on their own website for a while before they deleted it) something along the lines of “we know we have lots of wired users with perfectly working PMs who require an updated PC, and we will not forget about them…”

    So they knew they had wired customers who would benefit massively, I guess they just decided to not bother in the end.

    Personally I have 2 bikes with wired SRMs and the PC5 whilst its display and info are still just about as good as a PC7 (except for altitude), is quite inconvenient to live with (transfer speeds, battery life, internal memory size etc).

    So can we hold out / hope for a BB sensor that replaces the wired one and transmits ANT+, converting our wired systems to wireless? I’d buy 2 of them and 2 PC8s if it were possible!

    Or do I need to spend £4000+ on 2 new PM’s before I can use a PC8?

  22. Nicholas

    Hi Ray.
    You may be interested to know I asked SRM in Germany regarding the rechargeable road cranks, specifically if there will be a Shimano 9000 version for example in 2014 – SRM have confirmed this will NOT happen in the near future but the PC8 will be ready in Q2. You might be able to seek more clarification on this at Interbike Ray?

    • Nope, they’ll be available starting in January 2014. They’re starting with FSA/Canondale/Rotor 3D for January, but I’m getting a list of exact models and should have them within a day or two. A bit more info here for those just stumbling onto this post:

      link to

  23. Zach Wong

    $800 for a power meter headunit? I’d rather get a power meter…

    And if they’re going to target their products at the very high end of riders, I feel like they should make it look sexier. Quarq has got that down pretty well, but SRM looks ugly (imo). Whenever I see a Dura-Ace SRM crankset, I cringe. It’s that bad.

  24. Ray, did you ever get that list from SRM with an approx. timeline/schedule for the launch of the rechargeable power meters ?

  25. El Tejan

    Are the screens customizable? That is, in the current PC7 and prior there is a “current” screen with current values of wattage, heart rate, speed, etc. There is another for “average” and one for “max/total”.

    What I would really love to see would be average and current power simultaneously, especially during shorter interval workouts.


  26. Dexter

    Hi Ray

    Any insider news on the release date for the PC8? Are they on target for May 2014 still?

    Will the app be available then too?

  27. Nicholas

    The lack of PC8 news might be a little alarming – perhaps SRM need more development time or have some issues to iron out first?

    Normally new product releases are tested or used by sponsored World Tour teams before it is rolled out to public and the fact that PC8 hasn’t appeared any where or even in spy shots might lead us to think the release date may be pushed back to the summer or beyond…?

  28. Norm Corriveau

    August 15th according to the SRM Twitter page – link to

    Not good.

  29. Steve

    Whats the word on the left/right power on an SRM? Are they going to be able to get this data from existing SRM pm’s (eg SRM DA 9000) or are they going to come out with a whole new line of PM’s that are left/right power capable?

  30. Bryan

    Hey Rainmaker,

    Any new word on availability for us in the US? At one point was spring, then I heard Aug 15, now I’m hearing more like Jan 2015? Any thoughts?


  31. Jman

    So, it’s 15th of August today…

  32. steve

    At least this has given me time to save and upgrade from WiredDA-7800+PCV to now a WirelessDA-7900+PCVI.
    (Not going to buy a PC7 now, waiting for the PC8)

    2016 maybe?

  33. EB

    Have you confirmed the breadcrumbs style navigation feature, or was that just listed as a possibility? An SRM rep is telling me they have no plans to implement any sort of turn alert or breadcrumb nav.

  34. Audi Capellan

    I’ve been following this thread for a a while and the release date of PC8 keeps moving. Any new dates yet?

  35. AK

    It’s end of 2014 and no PC8 or the new rechargeable crank available to be purchased. Any idea on the timeline of release dates for both products?

  36. Alex

    Hi, so there is still no news regarding PC8?

  37. Steve

    Yep. Battery life is about 1/3rd what DC suggested…

    link to

  38. Steve

    Yep sorry, wrong wording.

    • Yeah, they’re currently saying shipping to consumers 1st week of April. I believe they said online they had a backorder of approximately 200 units (pre-orders).

  39. Duncan

    Looking for some info on how the PC8 will receive data. Please correct me where I am wrong.

    My understanding is that the PC7 receives data at 4Hz vs a Garmin that only receives it at 1Hz? They both use ANT+ and record at 1 sec intervals but the PC7 receives more data?

    It seems to me that data is smoother when using a PC7 vs Garmin 500 and the same SRM crankset. Does SRM use a rolling average? Will it be the same with the PC8?


    • Almost.

      There’s two elements:

      A) The transmitting device
      B) The receiving device

      They have zero to do with each other in most situations. ANT+ can transmit at a variety of rates, and how a power meter transmits depends a little bit on the way it calculates power. Many actually transmit tied to cadence (revolutions) In most cases, the PM’s are actually broadcasting more power bits per second than once.

      Meanwhile, on the Garmin side, the highest rate it supports today is 1s. Depending on the power meter transmitting that could be the average of the last 1s worth of samples, or, it could be just a point in time.

      The PC7 data shouldn’t be any smoother unless you have a rolling average filter applied.

  40. han

    pc8 seems to be available now … any updates?
    My vendor tells me that any ant+ powermeter is going to work with it

    • They’re saying it’ll start shipping to consumers the first week of April.

      And yes, the ANT+ inclusion has been the case for a while now (good stuff).

  41. John

    So any info on recording rate? 1, 2 or 4Hz? Really important for us track sprinters. Need to get power, cadence and speed as accurate and high resolution as possible.

  42. Philip Turton

    Having received my PC8, I thought I make a comment. There is absolutely nothing in the user manual about bluetooth or wifi. Can’t therefore see any way to use either function. Also the SRMMac (ver2) software that I previously used with the PC7 doesn’t recognise the PC8 and I can’t manually import the file. Before, with the PC7, this was easy, then I could just upload the file to training peaks.
    Its staggering there is no information on this in the manual or on their web site. Actually I am more than disappointed I’m actually quite angry having spent a lot of money and waited a long time.
    If you have any answers please let me know!

  43. Steve

    Yep, the lack of wifi/BT & native iPad software is a serious functionallity back-hole.

    We can only hope that the PC8 hardware itself has what’s needed and the missing features will be addressed in firmware/software and manual updates, and sooner rather than later.

    Personally I’m happy enough with the PC8 using Windows OS and uploading files to Strava/WKO+ (via Device Agent) using the Magnetic/USB cable, but I can imagine how frustrated Apple users are at this moment.

    • Steve

      Edit: To confirm – I’m not using SRMWin at all. The PC8 shows up as a USB removable drive, just as a USB memory stick appears, so files are “uploaded” directly from that drive, not through any SRM software middleman.

  44. Philip Turton

    A week with the PC8 and I am very likely to send it back for a refund. As said before I can no longer use SRM’s own software that I have imported files to with the PC7 for 5 years. Fine uploading straight to Training peaks. But you have to plug it in to the PC/MAC to upload the files as the wifi and bluetooth are non-functional on the device! You have to laugh really, and just wonder who has made this product as it reflects v poorly on SRM as it stands. So, what else- well the backlight that is supposed to come on as you ride through dark shaded areas doesn’t seem to do that- has to be virtually night time.The screen is nice and clear and the glass must be antireflective as it copes well. The numbers on the main screen are only large and clear enough for the four main items you can display, such as power, HR, Cadence, Speed. But the smaller additional bit of info on the top line, is a little small to read e.g. distance, ride time, and TSS. Hit the mode button, and you move to the next screen with average data, displayed in a similar way, though you could customise it. Next screen is max data, next screen is altitude then back to start again. Would be nice if you could have the screen automatically scroll between 1, 2 and 3, then you could keep power displayed in same place all time on each screen, but have more useful bits of data showing on the alternate screens every few secs. Finally the GPS data recorded is nice, but as it has zero function on the ride you do, it is pretty superfluous except to allow your data to upload to stave (though yes you guessed it, you have to do this manually). But what actually really has finished this rather pretty but somewhat expensive and underwhelming device off for me, is that it is not pairing with bike 2, 3 or 4! Looks like it should do this easily, but it keep searching, and searching and searching, whereas if I have the PC7 with me, it instantly finds the PM, Garmnin speed sensor, or whatever is on each bike. The PC8 is supposed to be able to pair with these bits on bike 1, 2, 3, and 4 then remember them. But it won’t do it for me. It also takes a good 20-30 secs to boot itself up, by which time my faithful PC7 has already paired up!

  45. Steve

    I’ve my displays configured differently, and don’t have an issue with the readability, or their functions.

    Screen One is “current” ride data – Time ridden, total distance, current power, current HR, current speed etc
    Screen Two is “Interval” – I switch to this at when I’m about to do an interval. Power, Avg Power, Time. that’s it (all i need to know about an interval!) – then I switch back to “current” after the interval has expired.
    Screen Three I don’t really need ! NP/TSS etc. Interesting, but pointless on the road
    Screen Four is the Gradient graph. Again pointless on the road.

    Although, why limit to 4 screen layouts at all? There seems no real reason why 4 is the max screen layout allowed.

    And I agree a rotational display as supported by the PC7, wouldn’t hurt. Whatever you could do with a PC7, you should be able to do with a PC8, and currently thats not the case,

    Have not tried to switch to bike 2 yet! I setup all the pairings on both my bikes (that went smooth enough), but have never just flipped to “Bike 2” yet and tried a ride, if that doesn’t work then thats a massive issue!

    Would be good to get an update from SRM regarding timeline for firmware and software updates for sure.

    • Lars

      Hey, thanks for the comments. Interested in the interval page:
      Does it have the option to show 10 second, 3 seconds, etc power as well? Are those fields available? I use that quite a lot for trending while doing intervals. thanks!

      Btw I find it shocking that the SRM website does not actually have any detailed information about the PC8 or their products in general. The PC8 manual which is on the website only covers the absolute basics.

      If you have a look at any Garmin manual it does literally answer any question. It lists all available data fields per unit, explains how it can be configured. How to pair etc. Also mentions that Garmin can use GPS speed if you dont want a speed/cadence sensor. The SRM manual does not list any of that.

      I know where its coming from though. Being german, having worked in similar companies etc. Pure arrogance about their products (comments about prices reflect that). And I dont think they have any employee under 45. Clearly behind what the new millennial consumer is expecting from a product. It doesnt work that way anymore and SRM will get the bill for that sooner or later.

      As for the PC8? Ask some of the distributors and their returns and refunds. SRM tried to venture into new waters with Bluetooth/WiFi and it did not really work. Their background is power and power only. PC7 worked great. Had nothing but time and power.

      They need to get their game sorted. Maybe hire some young talent instead of graduated engineers in their 50s. Times have changed SRM.

    • Philip

      Lars I very much agree with your comments. I just feel let down by SRM. I had been looking fwd to the PC8 but will be returning mine. The interval screen can show you current power, average power, normalised power and 30sec average. It doesn’t have any other power options than that.
      Biggest issue is that Bluetooth and wifi have zero function on the device. It may as well not be there. The manual as you say already is incomplete and doesn’t even mention Bluetooth or wifi. From what I can tell you have more features and customisation on a Garmin 800 and for under half the price of the PC8. That really shows how far off the mark SRM are.

  46. Steve

    And yep. GPS functionallity is purely for Strava uploads (or GoldenCheetah I suppose if you use that).

    No maps/breadcrumgs etc, but SRM always said they werent interested in maps or breadcrumb trails.

    For me, the the GPS addition is perfrect, as it means I no longer need to carry my (heavy!) android phone in my back pocket, just to record a ride with the Strava app.

    OS issues aside (which I realise is one of your main issues Philip Turton), the PC8 is basically a PC7 + GPS and a relatively minor screen upgrade (as the PC7 was so good in the first place) with some nice configuration options (Avg Power during an an Interval being the most useful one)

  47. Lars

    Does the PC8 need a speed sensor to display speed? Or can it display the GPS speed like garmin. Not keen to put a speed sensor on the bike again….

  48. Philip Turton

    Well, am doing a 100mile TT tmrw, and thought that would be a good opportunity to test the PC8 out in a race. However, I just can’t get the PC8 to pair with the Suunto speed skewer I have on the TT bike. I thought it might be the battery on the speed sensor so changed it, but still it won’t connect, just doesn’t find it. So I brought in my trusty PC7 to see if that would detect it, and bingo, found it in under 2 secs. Tried multiple times to no avail. Even manually put in the speed sensor number (as displayed on the PC7 screen after connecting) into the profile set up for my tt bike using the PC8 software, but that didn’t help. Then I spent ages on line double checking whether the Suunto speed sensor (skewer) in ANT+, which it appears to be. So why doesn’t it pair? What is wrong with this PC8? Beyond frustrating. So going to go for a quick spin to see if the GPS will show speed without the Suunto skewer. Fingers crossed.

    • Unfortunately the Suunto speed skewer is actually private-ANT and not ANT+. This means it’s a variant of ANT but only readable by Suunto devices. Some companies made these sensors years ago, thinking private versions would somehow be better (SRM actually did the same thing for a while, and even some of the newer fancy metrics on Garmin devices are also private-ANT). Sorry!

  49. Philip Turton

    Thanks for quick update- at least I’ll stop trying to pair it with the PC8 with that helpful information from you. Annoying that the Suunto front speed sensor skewer does pair ok with a PC7!!!! And the Suunto front speed sensor skewer was sold as option with the SRM PM instead of the chain stay mounted SRM speed sensor!!!!
    Anyway, I have also worked out today that I can ride without the speed sensor on at all and the PC8 displays speed from the GPS reading, which I am guessing will be reasonably accurate for my TT as its on open road where GPS signal will be 100%

  50. Philip Turton

    An update! After 4-weeks of use I returned my PC8 for a full refund. Just too expensive for what it does or rather doesn’t do! For a third of the price I have now got an Edge 520 which does so much more including mapping and Bluetooth phone connectivity and control of turbo!!! The SRM is pretty but not £600 pretty! The features it was supposed to have weren’t even active- Bluetooth and wifi for example.

    • Jay

      Hi Philip…

      I was about to pull the trigger on the SRM as i have the 520… yours is the first comment ive come across pro garmin… what power meter do you have? its a tricky decision, to upgrade to something which might be a downgrade in functionality…

    • Philip Turton

      I have an SRM. I’ve been with the 520 for over 6-months now and very pleased I ditched the PC8 headunit! I was lucky to get a refund. The 520 is so much more functional and for me it has worked flawlessly.

    • Jay

      Cool mate. The one thing I really like (well at least from what ive seen and read) is the ability to setup the PC8 from a windows/mac interface.

      Ill hold fire and see out my 520 for a few more weeks and see if i can fall back in love with it.

      does your 520 ask you everytime for the a powermeter calibration? i have a rotor power meter left/right and each time the headunit asks me to calibrate…. annoying but maybe im doing something wrong!

      thanks for replying

    • Philip Turton

      Yes, the 520 is set up to do it, but you don’t have to do it as it saves the calibration from the previous setting- it is actually a good feature that is deliberately designed into the Edge520 as you should always do an offset zero (which is what this calibration is) prior to your ride each day as they are affected by barmoteric pressure changes- it probably only makes a difference of a few watts, but if you are doing intervals at or over threshold you’ll appreciate the accuracy. So on the Edge it is set to come up as soon as you turn the pedals so it reminds you and is easily done without having to press lots of buttons to get there. On an SRM headunit (either the PC7 or new PC8) it doesn’t prompt you but you just do the offeset zero calibration anyway by pressing the button combinations, as you have to do it to keep the accuracy with the weather. Hope all that makes sense. I still have a PC7 which I much prefer to the PC8!

    • Rob


      Does anyone know how to upload a workout or ride into the SRM PC8?

  51. Kevin


    Just ordered the pc8, but was wondering how it works to upload a route with breadcrumbs… could you elaborate on this DC?

    Thank you in advance

  52. Lars

    Hey there, just got my PC8 with latest firmware 2.1.8 – 010318.

    I have 2 issues:

    The totals in the History are incorrect. In my case it just shows 65km while I did several rides and actually all of them were longer than 65km.

    I understand that the clock is set by GPS but mine is always 4 Minutes behind the actual GPS time of my Garmin, Iphone, Polar GPS etc. and the time of my friends which results in non grouped activities on Strava. How is that possible? Anyone else?

  53. Danilo

    do you know if SRM PC8 has implemented left/right balance metrics, including Torque Effectiveness and Pedal Smoothness?
    I need to buy a bike computer, but i need this metrics

    • Jonathan Panoff

      I know it has left/right balance as an option. Not sure about the other metrics. Of course you will need dual side power meter to implement

  54. Lars

    Will there ever be another review since the firmware has changed a fair bit?

    • Honestly no. Some 7 Years on and the PC8 isn’t really competitive in the marketplace anymore. I know there will always be a few people that like it, but in terms of 99% of the population – there’s just no interest.

      There is interest in some of their power meters however…