Giveaway Extravaganza: Polar RC3 GPS Running Watch


There’s no question that the RC3 is my most favored Polar product to date.  It’s the first Polar unit to fully integrate GPS into the watch itself.  The unit is primarily aimed at the running crowd, but can easily do cycling as well – and both activities support a variety of sensors.  Of course, just running and cycling is only part of the approval package.  After all, if it doesn’t get The Duck’s approval, it won’t likely get a positive review.  Thankfully, despite spending quite a bit of time in the shower with The Duck, the watch was no worse for wear.

Giveaway Opens: 3:00AM US Eastern Time (Now closed)
Giveaway Closes: 6:00AM US Eastern Time (Duration: 3 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: Polar RC3 GPS In-Depth Review

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself (Note: Mr. Duck not included)

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To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 3-hour timespan specified above.  All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above.  Winners will be chosen randomly.  Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training.  Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them.  I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments.  So refrain from re-trying 9 times, fear not, it’ll show up.  Note, only one entry per person.

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Thanks all!


  1. Joshua

    Well, if it’s got the duck’s approval.

  2. teapea

    Nothing more to say other than this is my entry!

  3. alex

    Polar, I also like it.

  4. ~Would look very nice on me!

  5. Pedro Fradique

    Hi Ray
    Thanks for the giveaways

  6. Chris

    I’ll take one please.

  7. Mark Jones

    Sleeeeepy in Calgary:)

  8. Kaiju Jim

    I could use a good HRM!

  9. Justin Peele

    I had to set an alarm, I love this idea

  10. Julien

    Would be nice to replace my broken Garmin…
    Et merci pour ce super blog ;)

  11. Panos

    Polar… nice!

  12. Evren

    keep writing Ray!

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  14. Aaron

    Nice watch!

  15. Euan

    TIme to comment :D

  16. David Fernandes

    Giveaway madness :)


  17. Tom

    Great review !

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  19. Daniel Loots

    what’s the duck’s resting HR?!

  20. Yes, please.

  21. Eric Finnen

    Awesome website and contest

  22. Ales Susnik

    Great giveaway, but I must admit, you should have included the duck also :-) great picture!


  23. Glenn Alverus

    Thanks for a really great website with great reviews! This one would be perfect for my wife that needs an upgrade from her FR 110…

  24. Greg G

    Great Review.

  25. Nazmi najib

    can we leave multiple comment to comment. It increase chances to win. But I think it’s not quite fair. That’s my comment. My 2 cents worth

  26. Kate

    My boy is so fat! :)

  27. Jalil

    Thanks DCR for these giveaways

  28. So many comments for one lousy rubber duck!
    Although the watch seems nice. :))

  29. Will

    Another great one.

  30. Grant Ironside

    WooHoo Polar!!

  31. Andy eC

    Ooo shiny yes please!

  32. BG

    Here I am 2…also hoping :)

  33. Josh Potter

    I’ve lost my duck! Good luck everyone!

  34. Polar is a nice alternative to Garmin, always wanted to try them out.

  35. Bryan

    Great watch, would love to give it a go!

  36. Johnsy

    Yes please

  37. pablo

    You’re the best!

  38. Mike Seymour

    My running mate has one of those and I am jealous – hope I win.

  39. Daniel

    Would love one of these! Thanks!

  40. I slept in for the first one, glad I caught this one!

  41. Brian mclellan

    Best product review website by far

    Keep up the great work

  42. Suz

    I’ll take it! :)

  43. Carl Struyk

    I hope the UK gets a look in!

  44. Mehtab Singh

    Count me in!

  45. Thanks for your great reviews, giveaways, …

  46. Mark

    I would love one of these devices, yippie!

  47. Matthew scrivin


  48. Tony

    Yes please.

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  50. Fernando Barandiarán

    What a cool watch!!! I’ll be so happy to train with it!!!!!! please let me try it!

  51. nazmi najib

    are we allowed to post multiple comments.. but i guess it wont be fair for others. thats- just my 2 cents comments

  52. Eddie

    I want one :)

  53. Mike

    Quack quack. The duck could do with a bit of running.

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  55. Ivica

    duckie is cute, too!

  56. i would take one …

  57. Hubert

    Run little duck, run for your life!!

  58. IWONA

    Wohoooo.. here I come again! This one has got my name all over it! :-)

  59. Claes Watndal

    I like the duck!

  60. Vesna

    Love running in cycling in the rain, so this would be a perfect watch for me and my sport friend that supports me. Fingers crossed!

  61. Dieter Neirinck

    Gimme Gimme Gimme, an RC3 after midnight !

  62. Excellent watch. Fingers crossed

  63. J_K

    Great Job!

  64. I want the duck too!

  65. Deano

    If I win I promise to treat all ducks equally regardless of color..

  66. loshko

    Great photo, I would assume the RC3 comes with the duck?

  67. Chris

    Worth another try!

  68. CH

    Polar seems behind Garmin these days…

  69. Finn

    This would fit on my wrist…

  70. Mark Goddard

    Looks cool.

  71. Brad Davis

    I’m in!

  72. Per Ersborg

    Giving it a go without really knowing the US time. Did I hit the time frame?
    Us Swedes needs some DC Rainmaker representation. Hit me up with a watch and a bunch of stickers would you? ;)

  73. Monica

    I kind of want the duck too :) I figured lots of people were commenting, I didn’t think your site would ever open!

  74. Uwe70

    Great duck :-)

  75. Looks like a nice watch to have :)

  76. I have just woke up. Is it still open?

  77. Andrea

    I’m in.

  78. dg

    nice article – should check in the store

  79. Sean Chan

    Enter me too, please!

  80. HansJurg

    Great site, good products:)

  81. Adam

    The orange version of this watch is lovely. Please Polar IP rate it put another £50-100 on the price tag so I can use it for open water swimming!!!

  82. Ruairi Egan

    Yes please, let’s have an Irish winner

  83. Barnabie A

    i want one

  84. Ray

    Random generator pick me please :)

  85. Andy Buchanan

    Just in the nick of time? I’ve been sleeping!

  86. Tomislav

    Great watch. Allways liked Polar.

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  88. Enrique

    I love that watch. Regards from Spain

  89. Dan R

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  91. Gene

    I like rubber….. ducks. bwhahha. Thank you ah! – Singapore!

  92. Mike

    Thank you!

  93. Mark Goddard

    Looks cool. I would love to win that!

  94. Paulo

    It would be a great training partner.