An Easter You Choose The Gadget Giveaway!


Today’s Easter.  And even if you don’t celebrate Easter, you can instead celebrate the chocolate bunny…or, as is apparently also the case here in France – the chocolate chicken (and, even an odd rash of Chocolate Nemo’s I’ve seen too).

Failing your celebration of any of those things…then how about just celebrating a gadget giveaway?  Simple and good, right?

Last month y’all loved the ‘you choose’ aspect of the giveaway.  Meaning that I let you choose which gadget you want to win.  Yup, if you want that Wahoo RFLKT- it’s yours!  If you want the Garmin FR610 – same thing.  Or the latest Timex, Polar and CycleOps creations.  Whatever fits your training best (up to $500US), I’m giving it to ya.  Technically, I suppose Clever Training is giving it to you.  (Btw, for those curious, last month’s winner selected the FR910XT with heart rate strap.)


So I’ve got you covered on pretty much whatever you want.  Unless you want a chocolate bunny.  In which case, you can pretty much go to the grocery store tomorrow and pay about 50% less than I paid for it Saturday.  And perhaps your chocolate bunny won’t look quite as menacing as my chocolat lapin looks.

To enter yourself in, simply leave a comment below with the following:

“Let me know which workout you’ll be doing in an attempt to override any Easter-associated candy that may be consumed.  If for some completely unexplainable reason you aren’t biting the head off of a chocolate bunny, feel free to just pick your Sunday workout (or nearest completed workout).  Extra points for listing the Easter candy that put you in this predicament.”

Got it?

Entries will be accepted through Monday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (April 1st, 2013).  I’ll be giving one device worth up to $500US from Clever Training.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday or Wednesday (I may still be pre-occupied eating chocolate bunnies).  One entry per person.  The winner can decide on which device after they win.  Devices/gadgets/gizmos over $500, the winner can pay the difference.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I’ve got a great partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10BTF (along with the link above).  But no bunnies.  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail instead [Entry now closed].  Note that this is ONLY for Active Duty military.  No bunny rabbits or chocolatiers allowed via this method.  Mmmkay?  Thanks all!



  1. Bernhard

    5x1mile moderately hard workout on the bike – on the trainer, in the garage. Not to work off any easter excesses just not to lose too much form over a broken ankle sustained 4 weeks ago. Still can’t walk without crutches, much less run, and not allowed to swim either

  2. Bart Dewulf

    45 min run to compensate my wife “creme au beurre” cake.

  3. Beth Browning

    I ran 2 miles to miles to catch up on the calories consumed this past week. My mother loves to buy candy for my husband and myself whenever she gets a chance.

  4. Peter

    Anything I can do in a hotel as I’m visiting my mom in California.

  5. Markus

    Did a halfmarthon with 600 meter ascend before eating “Reindling” an south austrian sweet speziality traditional on easter. You can eat it with ham and horseradish.

  6. R C

    Did a series of 55-60km rides daily – about 50% more than my usual !

  7. 10 mile run at sub-threshold pace before brunch and 1hr at threshold on the trainer tonight (2×20, to celebrate opening day, of course). Ate wayyyy too many whoppers and peeps!

  8. motosam

    I went on a wet muddy run. it was fun

  9. Dan Mc

    Swim 3k and run 50 min…then eat more chocolate!

  10. Ercan Erciyes

    10k easy run.

  11. Cheryl

    10k trail run for the Lindt bunnies, the Peeps I eat every year and immediately regret, and assorted jelly beans. I guess the cheesecake gets off scot-free.

  12. Jennifer

    2 hour ride on the Computrainer

  13. Sebastian

    A fast 10k run at 90% max to burn off some of the Green gelatinous frogs I’ve had 🙂

  14. Jamie

    20 mile run that takes me through Old Town Alexandria and up to DC….then back.

  15. K L Chan

    Easter was a series of 2 hour plus road bike rides daily and some chocolates afterwards.

  16. Cynthy

    training for my first half marathon and had 7 miles planned for this weekend.

  17. BenP

    I think a 40 minute easy run is on tap. I just murdered peep after peep after peep. It got ugly.

  18. Noah McMurray

    Did a Pre-Easter 75 mile ride and then a post-Easter 51 mile commute to work which ought to balance out the bag of Reeses Peanut Butter eggs I ate on Easter.

  19. Stuart

    1 hour ride to work off the Reese’s peanut butter eggs.

  20. Chad

    10K morning run – afternoon bike ride.

  21. Lochin

    I wasn’t able to train becuase my back is hurting me….

  22. ChadBeert

    Taper for Texas 70.3…. 3000 swim and 45 minute easy run with some pick ups built in.

  23. Joeri B

    2 hour tacx session, with a replay of the tour of flanders on the screen. For sure Cancellara didn’t have much chocolats before the start !

  24. Lochin

    A long run of 32 miles was my training during the weekend……..April fool’s

  25. Pat Shea

    40 min easy run to get ready for a 10 miler tomorrow.

  26. Jay DeBoer

    After eating all the kids tootsie rolls I did 3 miles on Easter and 11.3 miles today. Enough?

  27. German

    I didn’t have egg hunting this time….my kids are growing….

  28. JayInChicago

    Reese’s eggs are the devils work. So that means 7 mi. run tonight and 20 mil. cycling in the morning.

  29. nick

    I’ve been eating anything lindt related. Attacking one large egg right now. Easy\slow 15k should be next on the list.

  30. ssandijss

    90 min ride on the trainer and something good on PC

  31. Neal McKegney

    10k out and back run. Disperse chocolate eggs on the way out, pick up and eat on the way back

  32. 10 mile semi-tempo run. Followed by more candy…ugh…

  33. Greg Reasoner

    1.5 hr run, that might burn half if I’m lucky.

  34. No candy for me this year while training for my first Tri as a member of the CNN Fit Nation. Instead, my Easter was an hour on the bike followed by a 30 min run. It’s a beautiful time of year to train in the Vegas desert!

  35. Frist workout was to scroll paste a gasillion of comments (my fingers hurt, for real!!). Well more seriously I’m gonna git 300km all-mountain / enduro during April. Happy paste-Easter.

  36. Michael Weitzner

    2 mile run to break in my new Newtons.

  37. Frist workout was to scroll paste a gasillion of comments (my fingers hurt, for real!!). Well more seriously I’m gonna git 300km all-mountain during April. Happy paste-Easter.

  38. Henrique

    86 km bike ride on a challenging course to burn all those easter eggs and chocolates I ate!

  39. Well more seriously I’m gonna git 300km all-mountain during April. Happy paste-Easter.

  40. Well more seriously I’m gonna get 300km all-mountain during April.

  41. AcaTri

    I ate around 15 home-made family-recipe cookies within 10mins. Felt remorse later. So today I swam 30mins non-stop at a decent speed. Perhaps also tonight I’ll be riding for a little bit the bike to make sure I got enough calories left… :O)

  42. Adam K

    I will be doing V02Max and Threshold test. Lets hope it will burn enough calories!

  43. Timo Lukkarinen

    Had an easy ride yesterday in Mallorca. 145 km of basic conditioning with two peaks on the way: Cura and San Salvador. Perfect weather, beautiful sights and, oh my, the cheesecake at San Salvador was excellent and well deserved 😉
    For everybody else here in Mallorca, ride safe and enjoy easter.
    And thanx to you Ray for good reviews, especially for the one of Edge 810. Bought mine for this vacation and it has already proved it’s worth. I’m loving the gadget.

  44. To overcome my severe addiction to Cadbury Cream Eggs, I hopped on my trainer at 3:24 AM and did the entire Wildflower HIM course (link above), for which I’m training for the race, then followed that with a 5K brick run. Bonus points should be included for the ungodly time that was required in order to fit this in due the family responsibilities associated with the holiday!

  45. Ralsunt

    Yoga early in the morning and then jogging during lunch… not much but that’s what I can do

  46. Jonathan

    90min Z2 ride outside yesterday. 60min Z2 with 2x10min Tempo on the trainer today. Ankle still sore so still no running.

  47. Bill Powers

    4.5 m run!

  48. Hi,
    I did a MTB ride on the veluwezoom in the netherlands of 97,8 km. average of 19.92km/h. took me about 6.25 hours, with 3 stops that took 1 hour 12 minutes total. i made 842 metres altitude. It was a great drive and the wheather was about 7 degrees celsius with a nice sun. I had enough when i came home and after a few hours a felt alive again…..
    i am going to do this again sometime. There are three routes to connect that make about the same km, only i then start in the forrest and not at home as i did today.

    grtz, wilfred from the netherlands

    ps i added a picture from mapsourse to back it up.

  49. Peter Johnson

    Just ate a chocolate bunny for lunch… but I ran 20 miles this weekend in anticipation of it so it’s not a huge deal 🙂

  50. Chris Rodriguez

    My next workout is going to be an easy swim workout, this is the week before my first tri of the season so I will be taking it easy and just keeping the blood flowing so to speak, only had one kit kat bar from easter so I feel pretty good about that haha.

  51. Paco

    17k easy run

  52. 2.5 hour hill and cadence session on my road bike (done today) after gorging on cream and peach pavlova and chocolate eggs yesterday 😀

  53. Patrick

    60 minute tempo run.

  54. Chris P.

    A moderately fast 10k to help burn off those yellow peeps!

  55. Stephen

    On Sat. I did a 25-mile long run, so I banked the workout before devouring several Reese’s Peanut Butter eggs on Sunday.

  56. I did a 16 mile run as I’m tapering for my first Boston Marathon!

  57. corresponsal

    40k bike (undulated terrain) @ 200W

  58. Dawie

    A few friends and I, from our residence at Varsity, finished a 10 day 1380km cycling trip to raise awareness for mental health this Easter. Wish I had some candy…

  59. Petra Aschermannova

    Just got back from a hardcore Easter orienteering running camp where I ate 2.5 kilos of Nutella 🙂

  60. Patrick Tabatcher

    Easy 10K.

  61. J

    Easy 2.5 hour bike ride

  62. Francis Paul Oliver

    100KM ride @DFW airport…

  63. Teresa Hardy

    Hitting the treadmill again (albeit for a much shorter time post-injury docs orders). The Easter bunny keeps hiding those Cadbury creme eggs all over the house… you know who you are.

  64. Melissa M

    30 mile road ride… on my new birthday bike!!! 🙂

  65. jason pretty

    3 hour cross ride in the cold!

  66. Vincent

    262 km by bike per week to commute to work.

  67. Sebastian

    A fast 10k run at 90% to burn off some of those gelatinous green frogs 🙂

  68. Brian Olson

    40 mile bike ride to wear off those peanut butter chocolate eggs!

  69. 10K running in my favourite forest

  70. Dave Ruedeman

    A quick hour spin class followed by a 5 K run.
    Watch out those peeps are catching up and passing you!

  71. Andrey

    No candies for me as Orthodox Easter is one month later. Candies will come after yet another month of swimming and cycling workouts.

  72. Mike D

    3000 yard swim to work off those Peeps!!

  73. Robbie

    Snowing here, so hitting the trainer.

  74. Rob Pineau

    Well after the fact but yesterday I jogged 11k, my farthest ever!!, very happy with that.

  75. Nic

    Im gonna ride 25 miles today on the bike to get rid of the half a dozen cadbury eggs ive eating the past week

  76. Joseph

    Sunday afternoon ride. 50 miles up canyon roads. First warm ride of the season here in Utah.

  77. Matteo

    6K fast run

  78. tal kman

    i am going to run a steady 10K tomorrow morning, and hopefully I’ll finish without knee pains…

  79. Lee J

    BootCamp pre-sunrise 1 hour followed by 2 mile run and 75 min of Power Yoga… Bunnies both fluffy and chocolate were avoided ; )

  80. Troy

    Easter Sunday was too full of family and church fellowship to attempt a workout. But, with the coming of Spring the urge to up the weekly mileage and come out of hibernation indoors is coming into play. I need to plan my ‘season’ and register for some races in the coming year to give me something to train towards.

  81. KD

    5 to 6 mi in gross cloudy weather in NYC to work off too many Easter beers…:-).

  82. StevenB

    Just-in-time comment?
    I ran 9 strava – k’s, but ate no chocolate this weekend…

    Training for the 20k-race in brussels on may 26!

  83. Rhett

    I ran 8 miles on Saturday in anticipation of the upcoming Peep-fest, and am doing an hour of fitness boot camp on Monday – which will hardly make a dent in the number of Reese’s eggs I ate.

  84. First workout was to scroll trough the sick amount of comments (really got my finger screaming in pain)… Well back to reality.. During the Easter we have chocolate dipped marzipan rolls with tutty frutty topping. They are so God D*** good! And one contain about 400kCal and I ate like three/four each day during Easter. So salad and at least 300km of all-mountain / enduro for me the next month. Godspeed!

  85. andres

    10k run after eating 3 Easter eggs!

  86. Kraig

    Alternating my shoulder rehab with a modest 3 miler.

  87. Amedeo

    before Easter, 17km long run in order to eat everything I want 🙂

  88. Fabiana

    Interval workout: 7x1200m

    maybe now I can eat another choco egg 😀

  89. Denis

    Quick 10k, good but not enough to burn all chocolates i already eat 🙂

  90. tal kman

    running a 10K tomorrow morning…

  91. Anthony

    I rode Stage 1 of the ATofCA, 100 miles and 10,000+ ft of elevation hanging on….ok falling off the back of three faster riders on every hill/mountain….chase, chase, chase. Ben and Jerry Ice Cream with a bunny sticker on the pint of Brownie Batter was the soon to have calories that needed to burned off first.

  92. Paul S

    50k ride to test out road tubeless tires on the cx bike… need to ward off pinch flats post-Easter chocolate consumption??

  93. Henry Rudland

    Did a nice BRICK session; 2 hours on the bike, and then a 10k run.

  94. Predatrice

    Didn’t eat candy. But will go swimming.

  95. John G

    Normally a “slow-carber” – I had enough candy this weekend to make insulin leak from my eyelids… Ugh.
    Swam 2000m this morning, and since I’m having plantar fascia problems, my run was replaced with a 5 1/2 walk. (still makes the foot hurt, but not as badly…)

  96. Iain

    2.5 mile “dog running” intervals every morning this week to offset home made pies, cakes and of course the ubiquitous easter egg

  97. Mikey F.

    I have a newborn, so my Sunday workout involved carrying him around the house while I cleaned, and handing him to the grandparents. I can’t wait to get on the trail again!

  98. HansJurg

    Hi, i was out on a 1hour 10min cross country skiing here in norway.
    Sadly i discovered that all of my exersising this easter has been corrupted on my old Forerunner.
    Looking forward to hopefully win a new gadget:)

  99. running a 10K, more or less ….

  100. I will run slowly this week to be prepared for a 16km race on Sunday, in Ville d’Avray (near Paris): this one will definitely override all the Easter chocolates!!