You Win–You Choose DC Rainmaker Giveaway!


Because it’s the end of February (already!), and because this month got shorted 2-3 days.  And because I found two cake stands while The Girl was out today and they made pretty holders.  No, I didn’t tie those bows.  Or choose the colors.  It’s like a buffet table of devices.

This month, I’m going to mix things up a bit.  In the past I selected a gadget that I thought would be interesting to you.  This time however, I’m letting you choose which gadget you want to win.  Yup, if you want the Suunto Ambit– it’s yours!  If you want the Garmin FR910XT – same thing.  Perhaps you’d like the Magellan Switch – again, yours.  Whatever fits your training best (up to $500US), I’m giving it to ya.  Ok, actually, Clever Training is giving it to you.

For example, say you’re a swimmer – you’ll probably want the Garmin Swim.  Or perhaps you’re a cyclist, you may prefer a CycleOps Joule or Joule GPS devices.


Or maybe you’re of the Suunto, Timex or Magellan persuasion – don’t worry, those are there too.


Then again, what if you were eyeing that Wahoo KICKR trainer poking out there in the background?


Well, no worries, we’ll go splitsies on it (yes, I checked, that’s the common spelling).  You’ll get a $500US credit to Clever Training and you cover the rest beyond that.  Shipping for items is on me, so fear not.  And, as long as it’s under $500 you just tell me which item and like usual magic occurs.  You can wander around their site and pick out your mid-spring present to yourself.

Except, you cannot use the credit for pony’s, bunnies, or kittens.  And, the credit’s only good for a single packaged item.  Toys R US midnight dash this is not.  So choose wisely!

To enter yourself in, simply:

Detail out one workout that you have planned for sometime in the next seven days. If it’s as simple as “Run 2 hours at hard pace and don’t die”, then go with that.  If it’s more complex like a track or pool workout, detail out the steps.  At the end, we’ll end up with what should be fairly interesting workout library (or, a lot of confusing advice).

Got it?

Entries will be accepted through Sunday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (March 3rd, 2013).  I’ll be giving one device worth up to $500US from Clever Training.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday (unless I can’t walk after Sunday’s half-marathon).  One entry per person.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I I have announced a partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10BTF (along with the link above).  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail instead.  Note that this is ONLY for Active Duty military.  No panda trainers or ice cream chefs allowed via this method.  Mmmkay?  Thanks all!



  1. Chris Cope

    Putting on my Weekend Warrior Armor and attacking the Saturday morning group ride & a nice 3 mile recovery run Sunday.

  2. Tom

    Saturday: 90 LSD run in bootlegger canyon, NV

    Sunday: 3 Hr ride- 30 min easy, 60 min moderate, 30 min Hard, 30 min Mod, 30 min cool down.

    Cheers thanks for the contest

  3. Jamison Smith

    Not sure if this is working or not.

    Planning a 2 hour ride in Zone 2, 3 on the climbs.

  4. Fergus Anderson

    currently managing 5 miles, keen to get to a regular 6 miles three times a week without any aches! Running at slow pace HR 120 ish for a 55yr old!

  5. Early Sunday morning, I’ll run down to Lake Zürich (4.5km at 4min/km) for a nice running meetup with my friends from We’ll do 13km at 6min/km pace, with some 270m up and down the Zürichberg. Hopefully it won’t be as foggy/overcast as the last few days!

  6. Zumbi

    Tomorrow morning my first training with my son: I’m getting so excited!

  7. Andre

    Cycling, group ride, 90 km in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro. Leaving from Barra da Tijuca, up to Grota Funda and returning through Vargem Grande. Then a good climb to Alto da Boa Vista, passing through Vista Chinesa, and ending in Jardim Botanico. Something like this: link to
    But only if it stops raining…

  8. Week 8 in Hal Higdon’s Beginner 1 Half Marathon plan.

    On Tuesday I’ll go out for 4.5 mile run at a comfortable pace of 7 mph. I won’t do much of a warm up or cool down because I’m doing it in the morning before work.

  9. Troy

    Not training for anything specific right now I have taken to running two courses repeatedly one a 4.2 mile around a local golf course, the second just slightly longer around a local cemetery. I probably won’t do anything more interesting than run those two courses. Also, thanks for the Rainmaker deal at Clever Training, purchases a FR310xt at a very pleasant price using it, after my 305 started failing.

  10. Steve

    Hill Day: Twenty minute warm-up on track, 10 minutes of drills, 4X400 build up, then run up the biggest hill I can find until I want to puke. Warm down, drink a beer.

  11. John Kissane

    Treadmill hill session

    3x7k at 4.55/km, 4.50/km & 4.45/km

    at random hill level 6.

  12. 40km power cycle around the island on the weekend

  13. Steven

    Today it was an endurance swim set:
    Warm up: 3×75 build
    Main Set:
    200×2 Build :20 rest
    100 Moderate :20 rest
    200×2 Build :20 rest
    100 Moderate :20 rest
    400×2 Build :30 rest
    100 Moderate

    Cool Down

    Total = 2350

  14. My next workout is going to be my first long bike ride and I am aiming for 20-30 km. I know that’s not very far for a bike ride but it will be my first training bike ride and my first ride with click-on bike shoes.

  15. Emil Holt

    A 2×20 (+ warmup) on the trainer, using Trainer Road of course, with my newly raised FTP-setting it’s going to be a lot harder than the last time.

  16. Ricky

    2 mile warm up
    6 mile tempo
    2 mile cool down

  17. Stefan

    Next training ride: Tomorrow, I’m doing a mix of Z2 base riding and some long Z4 climbing efforts over about 100km with around 1500m total elevation in the SF Bay Area. It’ll take me through Halfmoon Bay!

  18. Markie Mark

    Recovery week for me, but I’m most excited about a 1000m time trial in the pool. I’m hoping to break 15 minutes, which has been a longtime goal for myself.

    wu-300 swim, 300 pull, 200 drill
    ms- 1000 Time Trial
    cd- 200 ez
    2000k Total

  19. Sue

    Sunday morning – 15km bike ride to the start of the event then ride 20km with my 7 yo daughter in her first ever organised bike event Gear Up Girl – River Ride 🙂

  20. Ray

    On sunday I will be doing around 100km on the bike or if it is raining really heavy the latest sufferfest – the blender!

  21. Matt H.

    WU: 250 @ Easy Pace
    MS: 1000 @ Moderate Pace
    CD: 250 @ Easy Pace

    Then run 40 min at roughly 8:30 pace

  22. Matteo

    3hours run in the forest…

  23. After 4 weeks cycling in Cuba I have my first competition next Sunday. Although I made a lot of hours in Cuba, Sunday will be my first speed training….

    Oh and I would like to ditch my 705 for a brand new 810…

  24. Andrew Carroll

    Heavy rain this weekend so will try to do my long ride on the trainer.

    Will try to go 2hrs with 10sec sprint every 5 mins to stop myself going insane


  25. Kevin Burns

    Treadmill: 10min warm up run, hill interval at marathon pace 2min at 6 incline then 1min at 2 incline x8, 10 min jog at easy pace then 1min 6 incline, 1min 2 incline x5, 10 min cool down.

  26. William Stepler

    Gave blood today so taking it easy tomorrow

    10 mile bike and a 3 mile run

  27. Ernesto Aramburu

    Training for IM Brazil, tomorrow will be 160k riding followed by an hour run. Feel tired already.

  28. Jesu

    20k easy bike riding with my husband running on my side.

  29. Matthew

    Heading to LA for the weekend so am planning a nice long run along the beach 🙂

  30. Micah

    I plan on going out for a 5 mile run on Sat. Just an easy run trying not to slip on the ice

  31. flanker

    A weekend off the long stuff after a 54 miler last week, so:

    2 mile warm up to Cambridge parkrun, push the 5k hard, coffee & cake, 2 miles easy back home,

  32. The new Sufferfest workout – “The Blender”. 1hr 40 min of trainer suffering.

  33. Susan

    I am going to do my first ever track workout next week. It is a ladders workout, but I don’t have the details yet. My goal is to not die.

  34. Dom

    The in-home, 0 kilometre triathlon by the non-triathlete:

    1. Elbow yourself in the face while attempting a standing freestyle stroke, in the shower
    2. Jump on the trainer (sopping wet) and go at 1000w for 2 hours
    3. Run on the spot for 10 seconds
    4. Protein shake

  35. Nicholas Wood

    8 hour west coast NZ Mountain bike adventure tomorrow morning.

  36. Pete Doc

    Tuesday 2 mile warmup, 4mile tempo on Woodway treadmill 9.5 mph, 1 mile cooldown

  37. Sam

    I’ve got a long run of 9.6 miles tomorrow; I’m gearing up for my first half marathon. Here’s hoping it goes well!

    Thanks for running this giveaway!

  38. Parker

    200 warm up

    4 x 200 @ 4:00 (1 – drill, 2 – build, 3 – neg split, 4 – swim 80%)

    400 @ 8:00 – Pace
    4 x 100 @ 1:30 – Fast
    300 @ 6:00 – Pace
    3 x 100 @ 1:30 – Fast
    200 @ 4:00 – Pace
    2 x 100 @ 1:30 – Fast

    600 Swim All Out

    200 Warm down

  39. Chris

    5k run

  40. Kayak Erg – Interval Training. 12 – 4min intervals at 85%HR, rest to 55%HR then start next interval

  41. Bill Gay

    1 mile warmup
    2 x 2 miles fast with 3 minute recoveries
    1 mile cooldown

  42. Evert-Jan Borkus

    Preparing for a half marathon in two weeks so tomorrow will be a 18km run with a target pace of 4:44.

  43. Scott Heldman

    I plan to do a 8 mile ride, then interval training on my run.
    5 minutes warmup
    .25 mile fast pace
    2 minute walk recovery
    Repeat 8 times
    Cool down 5 minutes

  44. John

    Next sunny day in Seattle:

    Hop on my Bianchi Sempre, ride from home down to Beach Drive in West Seattle via Lowman Beach Park, around Alki point and directly across town to the Mountains to Sound Greenway. Cross I-90 floating bridge into Factoria, and swing south on Lake Washington Blvd to Renton where I hook up with the Cedar River Trail. Out 10 miles and back on the trail brings me back to Renton, and I ride up the other side of Lake Washington, taking time to ride through Seward Park, and back up to meet I-90, then back along the Mtn To Sound to Holgate Street, then across town, back around Alki Point to Lowman Beach Park again, then home. A good 75 mile ride.

  45. Toby

    7 mile run, fartlek

  46. Ray

    Long run: 21k at zone 2-3

  47. Mary Gutman

    My weekly long run is tomorrow, 18 miles in HR zone 3. PS This is an awesome giveaway!

  48. KY

    I am planning a 3 hour LSD on Sunday. Take it nice and easy. I am nursing tight hamstrings.

  49. TragicBronson

    Run 5 miles – max pace followed by basketball. And I just sprained my ankle.

  50. Omar A.

    Run 4-5 miles easy followed by 10 min of strength training.

  51. Swim warmup then 6×150 on the 2:30 and 6×100 on the 1:45. Fast lunch workout for about 2000 yds in 45 min.

  52. YL

    slow recovery run for 40 min after swollen foot is better.

  53. Ron Gubitz

    Working back from illness so just a two mile jog

  54. Anthony Button

    Brick day: 1 hour on the cycle trainer (weather permitting i will try to ride outside but i live in Oregon so there is no guarantee) then a 5 mile run with a 7:00 pace. For the week I want to do: 2 hours of swimming, 5 hours on the bike, and 20-miles running.

  55. charlie

    Eight mile run on hilly portion of local half marathon.

  56. My planned workout for sunday can have two variations depending on weather conditions. I’m going to la Cerdanya, in the catalan Pyrenees so I’m planning a mixed workout with snow.

    Option A:
    Biking from my parents home (altitude 1135m) to a cross-country ski station in France at 1800m of altitude. (about 35 km), then change the road bike for cross-country skis (taken there by car by my wife or a friend) and ski 15 to 20 km. At the end back to home with bike again.

    Option B:
    Running from home with the skis in the backpack to the closest cross-country ski station in Catalunya (about 8 km but ending up at 1900 m), then skiing 18 to 22 km (this skis station is less flat and I can end up training above 2000m easily), then running down home.

    I think option B has more chances.

  57. Josh Potter

    This weekend I actually have a swimming gala so, depending on the time I get back, that will be the main event, if I get back early ish on Sunday, I’ll be able to go for a short run (I’m limited to 5k runs by my Physio due to a bad knee); so I’ll probably work on intervals during the 5k run.

  58. 3 hours on hilly course including all heart rate zones. Boston ready!

  59. stillrecovering

    I’m still recovering from a stress fracture of the 4th metatarsal on my left foot, so my goal is to walk briskly for 3 miles.

  60. Easy ride with a collegue – 100km of just riding along.

  61. Angus

    Coming back from tendonitis – so it’s just 6×2 minutes on the treadmill with 1 minute rest!

  62. David Wegehaupt

    Trying to get back on the training horse after a few months of traveling, so my main goal is simply to get in a 10 mile run at some point in the next week. I’m gearing up to train for another Ironman, and I’m a little disappointed that a 10-mile run will seem like an achievement at this point, but that’s just how bad my training has been recently 🙁

  63. Mike

    just getting out there and running 6 miles

  64. Enrique Ortiz

    a) 3 hr bike ride
    – 45 min Zone 1
    – 1:15:00 alternating zones from 2-3 every/km
    – 1:00:00 speed + cool (15min)
    after bike:
    b) 30 in run
    – 15 at Z2 pace
    – 10 at race pace
    – 5 cool down

  65. Got a couple workouts planned: 10mi run at target 8:15 pace tomorrow and 30mi road ride on Sunday (if the weather holds) at target 18mph avg. Third time running that distance, but first time riding that far…we’ll see how it goes! 🙂

  66. Michael Garner

    Brick workout — 25 miles on the bike with a 3 mile run!

  67. John V

    Nothing too crazy, only a 30 min tempo run.

  68. Peyton Biggs

    Started running last year. Now I just picked up my first bike in 15 years and plan to go on my first ride this weekend. Would look really nice with a new Edge 510 or 810 on it!!

  69. Juan M-R

    Plan to repeat my 8 min test on TrainerRoad and actually calibrate my new power meter (inRide on KK Road Machine). Sunday will be a 5-5.5 mile Z3 run on hills. I’m new to training on my training and contemplating a triathlon. Mostly doing it for fitness.

  70. Sam Blowes

    4x 100m in the pool. I’ve only done 100’s once or twice, but I *need* to get this breathing thing down.

  71. Javel Silveira

    Run workout
    1k Easy
    10 x 150m (30s) / 50m (40s)
    10 x 150m (30s) / 50m (40s)
    10 x 150m (30s) / 50m (40s)
    1k Easy

  72. Shannon Field

    My workout today, on bike:

    6×6 minutes over/unders alternating 2 minute under threshold 1 minute over, 5 minute rest between sets.

  73. Gaye

    Tomorrow’s workout will be an hour of spin class, followed by a 30 minute hill workout on the hamster wheel.

  74. Lisa stanworth

    Mile swim followed by a 5k run

  75. Jennifer

    1 hr swim Sat. & Sun.

  76. Nate

    Baseball practice Friday night and swim some on Saturday and Sunday.

  77. Chris M

    Race tomorrow, so I’ll be taking it easy next week. Probably just a few 6-8 mile easy runs.

  78. makeenb

    The only competing I do is on Strava, so generally I don’t have a fixed training schedule. I’m hoping to get a 60km hill ride this weekend, total ascent 2km or thereabouts.

    Towards June as running season gets closer, I’ll start training to a 12 week plan to get up to speed again.

  79. Dan Mc

    2 hr bike in the sunshine (hopefully), enjoying the wind in my face.

  80. David

    Just finished a 5k race, next week starts training for upcoming 10k, working on upping the distance.

  81. Dr Steve R

    Run 4 miles
    100 pull ups
    200 push ups
    300 squats
    Broken up any which way

  82. TAbbas

    Im 18 weeks pregnant, so not much training happening here. Im planning to get back into training once Im back at work part time, so thats in about 18 months! The prize would be great motivation to do it earlier! Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. Robert

    BIKE 2:30
    Sure, this is a long workout. Of course, it’s less than half the time you’ll be riding in your big Ironman-distance race later this year! Yeah, yeah, yeah, that’ll be outside, full of volunteers, and exciting…but you’ve got to do it now, to do it right then. Have a good time with it!
    20:00 warm up spin, easing into your long ride by slowly bringing your intensity up to 70%
    DRILLS (30:00 total)
    2 x 3:00 ILT w/30 sec recovery after each
    — each repeat should be
    3 x (20 sec one leg / 10 sec transition / 20 sec other leg / 10 sec transition)
    3 x 4:30 Variable Gearing set w/30 sec recovery
    — every repeat should be as follows:
    3 x thru the following:
    40 sec in “medium” gear;
    20 sec in “easy” gear;
    30 sec in “hard” gear
    2 x 3:00 ILT w/30 sec recovery after each
    This is a longer big target set, and will be used to track your aerobic conditioning at this point. This “Descending Ironman” set adds up to exactly 25% of the overall Ironman distance.
    Start your watch at the beginning of your first interval, and check your split times at the end of each segment. Your HR should be constant @75% during the intervals, and can drop to 60% (no lower) during the recovery periods.
    (11.2 miles / 18km / 33:00) @75% — recover to 36 min mark @60%
    (8.4 miles / 13.5km / 24:00) @75% — recover to 1:03 mark @60%
    (5.6 miles / 9km / 16:30) @75% — recover to 1:21 mark @60%
    (2.8 miles / 4.5km / 9:00) @75% — recover to 1:35 mark @60%
    Continue spinning @70-75% until the 2:40 mark (about 15:00)

  84. Kyle Shannon

    15 mile mountain bike ride, going as hard as possible on every climb.

  85. Kevin Lang

    I plan on a spin down coast highway in San Diego (as the weather is supposed to be great) following working for busy season. Also, plan a run for the first time with the baby stroller. I wonder how it will affect my pace!

  86. Brent

    150km ride including a couple of good climbs in the Brisbane (Australia) area – Tamborine (7.8km @5.4%) and Mt Gravatt (2km @ 6.7%). FTP testing on the Tamborine climb. Last ride before a recovery week, so will push it fairly hard. Biggest challenge will be the weather – don’t think we’ve had a completely sunny day for 3 or 4 weeks! The ride might have to happen rail hail or shine!

  87. Ermin P

    Maintain a set pace for a midweek LSD (20k+)

  88. Alex Heldman

    For my workout tomorrow, I’m going to a group bike ride for about 1:30 in primarily zone 2, with a couple sprints of above threshold power, then an immediate :15 run off the bike at a pretty easy, light pace. It should be fun!

  89. Ben P

    Still coming back from an injury, so Tuesday is looking like 40ish minutes at around 9:00 pace. Alone I can never stick to a pace that slow, so I’ve got a training buddy to keep me in line.

  90. Devon M

    Fridays are busy days: This morning I did an hour at the gym doing strength training, followed by an hour and 20 min run – Just over 9 miles, first 50 min at HR z1-2, last 30 at z3-4a – and then 3+ hours on the bike/trainer steady in z2 this evening. Would’ve swam too, but after driving 20 minutes to the pool at 6 this morning I discovered it was closed today for a state meet: a sign on the door for the past couple of days would have been nice… By apparently that’s too much to ask for. Not cool pool, not cool. 😉

  91. Stan

    10 min warmup on Kurt Kinetic road machine
    40s all out, 20s recovery, repeat 10x
    10 min easy spin
    40s all out, 20s recovery, repeat 10x
    10 min easy spin
    Switch shoes and shorts…..
    Repeat the above on a treadmill @ 1% incline
    20 min Walk

  92. Ganabu

    I had a vasectomy last week. The doc said I should be able to do some light exercise this weekend as long as I didn’t go nuts… He was a funny guy. Maybe an easy 5km?

  93. Roger

    12 miles, nice and easy pace. Only 3 weeks before the Dallas Rock-n- Roll half marathon.

  94. Pete

    5-6 hours on my fat bike tomorrow

  95. ilias

    just couple of km for recovering

  96. Sharad Patel

    10 minute warm up, 20-25 easy minute run, and a 10 minute cool down.

  97. Nord Kappler

    4km warm up
    30km @marathon pace
    4km cool down

    That’s it 😉

  98. Shawn

    I’ll be doing my beach loop. 3 miles down, 1/2 mile beach run, then back home.

    Thanks for another great giveaway.

  99. John Bienvenu

    5 mile interval run focusing on speed work tomorrow morning. Bright and early!

  100. Caleb

    1 hour ride everyday with everything in it, intervals, high cadence and long distance on the weekends.

  101. cwsl

    Ride and ride, the list goes on

  102. Timothy

    Run and keep running, don’t stop !

  103. Bee

    Keep riding on and never give up !

  104. Stephen

    Gonna run and never let the bed pulls you !

  105. Gabriel

    High cadence for the coming week, gonna pump up those pistons !

  106. Martha

    Gonna go with Big chainring and smallest cog, leg strengthening !

  107. Wee

    Run and run, never stop till you bonk !

  108. Siew Leng

    Training with sheer strength and power, goes on and on. Never give up whether running, cycling or swimming.

  109. LCP

    Tomorrow’s swim:
    W/U: 200, 2×200 – 50, 100K, 50 (:20)

    M: 3x {2×200 Pull (:20)
    4×50 Pull Fast (1:00SI)
    8×50 Swim w/ Paddles Best AVG (1:00SI)

    C: 100

  110. Mike

    Doing a 100 minute cycle trainer session with a new training video today

  111. Dustin

    18 mile run on Sunday… LA Marathon coming up in a few weeks!

  112. Anders Majland

    Today I’ll be skiing in Hafjell. Expect to do another ~5500-6000 vertical meters and arround 30-35km according to tracking of using the lifts (my garmin watch tells a longer story, but it is with the kids so mostly long easy slopes). Get the ~6 hours will count as a workout. For the next week the schedule says an 1 hour swim. Basically jumping in the pool ant take it easy in the beginning and then end up arround 3600meters of freestyle.

  113. Dmitri

    I’m trying to get back in shape using C5K app on my phone. Just six 1.5 min intervals next time, hope I don’t die!

  114. G.Vadar

    1 x 10 min warm up
    5 x 5min all out
    1 x 2hr enduro
    1 x 15 min warm down

  115. Andrew

    I will be working on hurdle drills for track. Hip mobility, and speed to hopefully be able to race in the steeple chase. With this and other training, I hope to win a local high school decathlon, then go to my first tri, and my first half marathon this summer.

  116. Will

    I’m just hoping to get in a swim tomorrow. I say hoping because I’m currently travelling and can’t seem to find a pair of goggles anywhere in this town … Burning red eyes here I come!

  117. asia

    Today I’m going to start my mtb season. I plan 15k ride with lot of mud 🙂

  118. Adam

    15 burpees
    15 jumping lunges
    30 crunches
    15 bicycle kicks each leg
    Run 1/4 mile (Alternate run with 500 yd swim)
    (6 sets)

  119. Mark

    Hill repeats at Mt Faber, Singapore. Perform 4x climb at Z3. Recover during descent.

  120. Phil

    28km long run in 2:07.

    5km easy + 20km @ 4:18 min/km + 3km easy.

  121. Marcello

    40K ride on saturday + 6K @ 5:00 on sunday … If it doesn’t snow here in Turin 🙂

  122. Lex

    It’s all going to depend how my pounding headache goes, but it will either be an easy 3.5 kms on the local beach just to keep me moving, or a moderate paced 45 minutes up and down that same beach again and again until my timer goes off. The trick will be keeping my heart rate under 75%.

  123. Erik Meijer

    Tuesday core stability, Thursday a10k run and finally on Sunday also a 10k run! Can’t wait until the snow is gone and I can ride again on Sunday.

  124. Ben Khoo

    1h long time trial (usually take exactly that long) on a rolling course. Gonna hurt!

  125. Gallind

    recovery exit on my bike: only 40km

  126. Bruno Collier

    After a month of riding to collect power data.
    sunday: a 5min/20min FTP test for the first time

  127. Maxbre

    Ciao Ray,
    Run 21 km for the first time: Shall see….

  128. Tom

    The toughest of the week for me :

    Standard warm-up
    15k: 6k @ Tempo + 5×1′ @
    5k race pace, 2′ jog rest
    3 x 1′ Standard Core

  129. Thomas Meszaros

    work up for this afternoon:
    about 8km with 5x100m speeding up to prepare my competition tomorrow! Cross swiss championship!

  130. Laure-Christine Emery

    60 to 70 minutes, pace 5’20”/km with 2x10minutes at 4’30”/km.

  131. ivan

    next Sunday I have a 80km and 2500m mtb race

  132. Ricky

    Warm up 5min

    5xIntervals 1km
    90seconds recovery

    Cool down 5min

  133. Ulense

    Gym today and 1 hr swim on monday.

  134. Raphael

    A half marathon on sunday!

  135. Simon

    Travelling in Saudi on biz so outdoor running in the city not possible so over the next week will be treadmill and bike sessions only. Tomorrow will be 2 hours fast (4.30min/km) on the treadmill followed by easy 1 hour cycle.

  136. Fabiana

    10min warm up

    12x25m crawl
    12x25m backstroke
    10x25m backstroke (legs only)
    10x25m backstroke (2 arms up together)
    10x25m crawl (legs only)
    10x25m crawl (arms only)

    10min warm down

  137. F79

    200m crawl (easy)
    1600m crawl (medium)
    200m crawl (easy)

    in the evening various exercises for core stability (about 30min)

  138. Petteri

    Trail running 15-20 km on a sunny but cold Saturday along the local small river and around the lake. Plenty of snow on the ground and -8 C, so should be a lot of fun.

  139. Jose E.

    Im planning to ride a hard mountain track tomorrow with some friends. We are testing ourselves out before the trail triatlon next week. Hope we are in a good condition 😉

  140. bruno barcelos

    14k long run leading up to half marathon in 12 weeks

    thanks for give away!

  141. CML

    This week I plan to try getting back to running after an injury, probably using C25k to take it really slowly (and not make things worse again)…

  142. Christopher Fife

    Running a sub 40min 10km.

  143. Tyler Haas

    I’ll be running my second half-marathon on Sunday with a plan towards a PR (2:07; yeah, I’m a slow newb) based on “slightly slower on the uphills, slightly faster on flats and downhills.” 13 miles, paced at 9:46, 9:40, 9:37, 4@9:31 (flat stretch), 9:37, 9:40, 9:47, 9:51, 9:56, 10:01, and a .1 mile sprint (technically 1:02). Then a cooldown walk of at least 10 minutes. Then wings and beer (the half is sponsored by Hooters).

  144. MattyJ

    10km run TT

  145. Aaron Ainsworth

    9 mile run total

    3×800 (2 min running rest)
    3×400 (2 min running rest)
    3×200 (2 min running rest)

    Half marry in 2 weeks!!

  146. JasonDC

    I’m flying back to DC, where I lived for 8 years, for a run in Rock Creek with old friends!

  147. mondoshawan

    2 h Bike ride outside at 70% – winter ends!

  148. Everyone’s old faithful speed workout: 8 x 400m. I’m doing mine with a half mile warm up and cool down and 200m recovery intervals. To mix it up I’m going to drive up to Bangkok (living in Pattaya these days) and do my workout in Lumpini park!

  149. Mr Ed

    ‘dry’ sprint indoor triathlon:

    5km Row on a Concept 2
    40 minutes on the spin bike
    5km Run on the treadmill

    On the spin bike alternate between 2 minutes sprinting or climbing out of the saddle and 3 minutes normal pace. Finish off with plank, crunches, press-ups, stretches.

  150. Henry Wang

    I’m getting ready for the NYC HALF Marathon. I’m hoping to crack 1:30, so my main workout this week? A 10 mile long run @ 7:00min mile. Thanks Ray!

  151. Joshua Kim

    Today’s Workout (Rest Day) Rock Climbing and twilight snowboarding

    Tomorrow: Race pace effort 10k

  152. Mark Melton

    Last long run (11 miles) before my upcoming half marathon (by 2nd one).

  153. Chris L

    2 hour endurance road ride on what feels like the first sunny weekend of the year in England!

  154. To go on a 12 mile hike.

    Side note: Long hikes are great training when you know you are going to have to walk in your race. Have you done a workout your walking muscles.

  155. Patrik Palmgren

    Sunday: 10 km. Easy run, starting at a comfortable speed and will pick up the pace if it feels good.

  156. Matthew Messer

    1000 pushups done threw the day

  157. Jorge Blanco

    I just run a easy 10k, just relax.

  158. Patricia garrido

    Just run with my husband one hour in the park.

  159. Charles Lee

    Thursdays are “Hill repeat Thursdays.”

    On Thursday, we will run 2 miles slowly out to “Fertilizer Road,” a long, narrow, winding, hilly, wildlife infested, backwoods road and make three excursions up and down it.

    This gives us the benefits of hill repeats and doing them on Fertilizer Road helps take the drudgery out of it.

  160. Andrew Cable

    11 Mile Run, on the scenic River Road, Cook Forest, PA. 30 to 60 Secs. per Mile under Race Pace. Training Run for link to on 03/30/13.

  161. Daniel

    I’ll be doing 5x 4min running with 2min breaks as I am coming back from shinsplints injury. Hopefully I can run my 3rd half marathon later this year!

  162. Jussi K

    Planned to ride about 4h on the ice roads monday or tuesday.

  163. Anthony Yuri Veras

    5k training (10min warmup + 20min on the beach – 4min hard + 1min easy) + 10 min recovery run. Training for my first half on July!

  164. Ben Jackson

    Final taper this week. Biggest workout will be my triathlon next week!

  165. Marcos

    I should do 80Km bike ride with 8k run after on saturday and 90k bike and 10k run on sunday. all with progressive zones alternations

  166. Andrey

    In the winter days my trainings with the bike are entirely indoors on the tacx trainer. Currently – buildup with some endurance rides on tacx videos.

  167. Carly Compas

    Just a nice easy run this weekend on the mall. Just running by feel.

  168. I’m dealing with a stress fracture in my foot, so no running for me for a while. I’m planning to walk and swim instead. I don’t have a specific plan, but all of my workouts include “and don’t die.” 🙂

    Thanks for the contest!

  169. Trying to get back into spinning after being cleared by my doctor after giving birth. So an hour spin class for me

  170. Coming back from an Achilles injury, so will be happy to get through a flat 45 min ride tomorrow without pain!

  171. swim – 400 WU, 10 x (200 free, 100PB) leaving at 5:00, 300 CD. that’s tomorrow AM.

  172. Amber

    Working on controlling my breathing in the water, so I’m doing 25m breathing every 2 strokes, 25m breathing every 3, and so on until I breathe every 5 strokes (beginner). Then repeat as much as my body will let me

  173. Irene

    Indoor tri: 10 min. swim in 25 meter pool + 30 min. on stationary bike + 20 min. run on treadmill

  174. Spiessr


    The next run I sheduled is next week, I’m going for a far trailrun of about 25km in Germany. It’s my first time I do a trailrun so it will be heavy.

  175. Michael R

    Choose your own adventure! I like this type of giveaway. This week will be my first week back from an injury, so I’ll be doing a couple easy 2-3 mile runs with some biking sprinkled in there.

  176. Charles

    warm up: 1×100 @1:55, 2 x 75 @ 1:20, 3 x 50 @ :55, 4 x 25 @:25
    main: 4 x 500 (9:00, 8:45, 8:30, 8:15); 1 x 200 drills
    cool down: 2 x 150 (100 easy, 50 kick) @:15 rest

  177. Rickey

    “Power Ladder”
    Warm up for 10 minutes on a bike with a power meter.

    Start with 125 watts, hold for 1 minute while maintaining cadence at 90 RPM. Rest 1 minute back at 100 watts/90 RPM. Increase watts by 25 on each cycle. Go until you pop!

  178. DB Fatz

    Bike Workout indoors

    Warm-up 15 minutes.
    3 x 1 minute hard1 minute rest between
    5 minutes easy
    5 minutes ALL OUT
    10 minutes easy
    20 minutes ALL OUT
    15 cool down

  179. Jacek


    15min warm-up
    15x30s, 1min break
    10min cool down

  180. Kirk Theofanides

    10X100FS Concentrate on Technique+Form
    1X500FS PULL :30
    1X500FS PULL+PADDLE :30

  181. Eneko

    Swimming and swimming. 1.5km everyday. Shouldn’t do less…

    …and stretches.

  182. Dan

    5 hours easy on the bike, with a few inclines thrown in. Straight off and into a 40 minute easy run.

    Side note: was in Paris on Tuesday and swung by the cupcakery but no cake for me. Next time I will have to get there a bit earlier!

  183. My workout plan is quite simple: run, run and run every day! 🙂

  184. Stu

    Starting the first week of Base 3 training;

    Swim: speed skills and aerobic endurance
    500m drils
    4x500m at zone 2 pace w/ 30sec recovery
    Run: force and muscle endurance
    4x 5min hills at zone 4 – 5a w/ recovery on the descent

  185. Spinning classes, hill climbs on the road bike, and golf to cool down!

  186. Christoph

    On Sunday 30km run in 2:50 for my marathon target 3:15 in april!

  187. Marcell

    wednesday, running speed session.
    15 min. warm up
    15 x (1min hard ;1 min easy)
    25 min cool down

    Have a nice week, everybody, and don’t forget to train hard, race easy!:)

  188. Peter

    Been sick with grunge /flu for two weeks. Hope to get three weight workouts of increasing intensity over the next week and get back on the bike trainer for rides as I get well.

  189. oz

    Planning a 2 hour ride!

  190. fester

    3×10′ Z3(fc) 75rpm recovery 10′
    6×5′ z4 80rpm recovery 10′
    2x 5x(3’z3 +1′ burst) from 70rpm to 85rpm recovery 10′

  191. Michael Auchenberg

    Workout type: Swim
    WARM UP:
    400m EASY F/C – focus on smooth exhalation + bilateral breathing + 30sec
    300m PULL – focus on good hip rotation + 20sec
    200m ↑6-3-6 Drill ↓Swim + 15sec
    100m EASY F/C – Nice & smooth
    6x 50m + 15sec. All done as 25m FAST holding good form + 25m easy
    Can you hold back the pace on the 100’s ready for the 300?
    2x [3x 100m, 2x 200m, 1x 300m all at sustainable threshold pace +20sec]
    200m as 2x[50m EASY F/C + 50m LEISURE STROKE]
    Leisure stroke = Double Arm Backstroke with Breaststroke Legs

    Planned Time: 1:15
    Distance Planned: 3500 meters

  192. Michael Auchenberg

    Workout type: Swim
    WARM UP:
    400m EASY F/C – focus on smooth exhalation + bilateral breathing + 30sec
    300m PULL – focus on good hip rotation + 20sec
    200m ↑6-3-6 Drill ↓Swim + 15sec
    100m EASY F/C – Nice & smooth
    6x 50m + 15sec. All done as 25m FAST holding good form + 25m easy
    Can you hold back the pace on the 100’s ready for the 300?
    2x [3x 100m, 2x 200m, 1x 300m all at sustainable threshold pace +20sec]
    200m as 2x[50m EASY F/C + 50m LEISURE STROKE].
    Leisure stroke = Double Arm Backstroke with Breaststroke Legs

    Planned Time: 1:15
    Distance Planned: 3500 meters

  193. Steve

    Bike: Base Builder
    warm up 5-10 minutes
    All reps done at 10-15 beats below threshold
    4x5min, 45 sec rest
    1 minute rest
    4x4min, 30 sec rest
    1 miniute rest
    4×2 minute, 15 sec rest
    1 minute rest

  194. Andrej Jacko

    Been sick with a viral decease for more than one week on Sunday I can only run at easy pace for 30 – 40 minutes and see how the reactions of my organism are.

  195. Javier Perez

    On Tuesday, as one of the final steps for my marathon, I should run 3 series of 4000 meters at my expected marathon time (5:40 min/km). Hope I’ll survive it!

  196. Hannah


    3 Hour ride on road (@ zone 2 – heart rate).

  197. Ross


    Warm Up:
    4x75m Free Fins
    100m Free Fins

    500m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m pull (desending rests)

    5 sets of 5 x 50m (15s rest)
    150 kick

    300 cool down

  198. Mariano

    Just had a flu and try to ease back into it very slowly.

    Did a short 5k run today at conversational pace and will ride my bike for two hours tomorrow at Z2.
    Currently my heart rate is still higher than usual when working out, hope this goes down again soon.

  199. Lara

    No specific workout, but I’ve moved back to western PA from southeast VA, so I’ll be learning to run the hills again! (And learning to deal with the cold weather)

  200. Per Bjarte Nes

    Hoping to do a proper long run sometime during this week.

  201. Vamast

    Sunday bike 3hr easy pace, tuesday running 35min 70%+ 3 intervals , thursday running 25 minutes 85 %.

  202. beth

    swim/run, bike/run, swim/bike, run, bike, run. rest. that’s the next 7 days!

  203. Caroline H

    convincing myself to get back to the pool this week, in the middle of a stressful work week.

  204. doron leibovitz

    Preparing to get back to regular cycling this week, so only 1.5 hrs for me

    doron from tel aviv

  205. Chris Chapa

    200 yards-rest for 12 breaths
    4 x 100 yards-rest for 10 breaths
    4 x 50 yards-rest for 6 breaths
    4 x 25 yards-rest for 4 breaths
    2 sets TRX Basic Training
    30 sec set with 30 sec rest
    Squat Series
    Sprinters Start Series
    Hamstring Series
    Row Series
    Chest Press Series
    Deltoid Fly Series
    Roll Out Series
    Plank Series
    Crunch Series
    Lower Back Stretch
    Long Torso Twist Stretch
    Chest and Torso Stretch

  206. Sunday complex training:
    1 – MTB warm up, 5 km, 20 min, intencity light-medium
    2 – XC skiing, 2h, 5 laps on heavy cource, intencity medium to highest, total ascent 600m
    3 – MTB cool down, 5 km, 25 min, recovery intensity
    4 – Recovery for 3 hours, dinner, light sleep
    5 – MTB sprin intervals, 15x(20 sec int., 3 min recov.)
    6 – Pool, recovery, 1.5 km

  207. colin waugh

    Its warming up so I will be riding to and from work, 20 miles each way. Going to try and fit in three to four runs a week also

  208. Tommorow; A sunrise early slow D1 run for two hours in preparation of a 25 kilometer trail next weekend. Main goal for tommorow; Testing, gear, drinking and nutricion patterns while enjoying the woods, quietness, first rays of sunlight and hopefully some deers or wild pigs crossing my trail.

  209. Geert Goossens

    I am training for a half marathon that begins on 24th March. The next long trainings run is 19k. The goal is finishing within 2 hours.

  210. Vil

    Long bike ride tommorow on Computrainer. 2 hours @ Zone 2, 1 hour @ Zone 3 and cooldown.

  211. Haviv Rosh

    15 min warmup
    6 x 800 10-K pace
    15 min cooldown

  212. Gibby

    Already did 4 on the treadmill this morning. Adding 6 miler in the snow tomorrow here in KC.

  213. Swim session to work on high elbow recovery:

    200m Medley
    100m Pull
    100m Catchups

    Main Set:
    8 x 50 – Unco with ear touch on each stroke, 25m Left, 25m Right – 1 min rest
    8 x 50 – Finger drags – go on 1:00
    4 x 100 – Freestyle – go on 1:45
    4 x 50 – Unco with fist drills and flippers, 25m Left, 25m Right – 1 min rest
    4 x 50 – Freestyle – go on :45

    Cool Down:
    400m mixed

  214. joerg

    Just a plain 1h run @ about 5 min/km tomorrow

  215. Ditte Lind Ommen

    I walked 10k today (I’m just getting back in the game) and tomorrow is intervaltraining, about 5k. (And I’m a student and REALLYYYYYY need a 910xt.

  216. Martin Lind Ommen

    It has come to my attention that i might need to start running more effectively. Therefore, I am going to run about 6 km HR oriented, trying to keep a fairly high pace, but keeping my HR below 175 bpm.

  217. Mary

    40m bike ride with 10m w/u, 20-25m half IM pace, 5-10m cool down
    30 min transition run with 20 min at race pace and 10 min cool down

    Half ironman in two weeks!!

  218. Mark

    15 min warm-up bike

    3min – 200 watts

    30 reps. Leg extension 45 kg

    3 min – 225 watts

    30 reps. leg Extension 45 kg

    3 min – 250 watts

    30 reps leg extension 45 kg

    3 min – 300 watts

    30 reps leg curl 45 kg

    3 min – 325 watts

    30 reps leg curl 45 kg

    3min – 350 watts

    30 reps leg curl 45 kg

    3 min – 375 watts

    30 reps Leg press 90 kg

    3 min – 350 watts

    30 reps leg press 90kg

    3min – 325 watts

    30 reps leg press 90kg

    3min – 300 watts

    30 reps squat 70 kg

    3min – 275 watts

    30 reps squat 70kg

    3min – 250 watts

    30 reps squat 70 kg

    Cooling down 15 min

    My lucky tuesday

  219. Doug L

    Time for another fitness assessment on Trainer Road: 1 hr on the trainer to perform the 8 min test. See how my fitness progressed over the last couple of months.

  220. Finish Week 4 of the Intermediate Base I on Trainer Roads (Tioga) followed by an easy one hour run.

  221. Reeli

    Looking forward to a great 3 hour group ride!

  222. Jalil

    I am just planning to walk, because I am recovering from a tendonitis of achilles’ heel 🙁

  223. Hiram

    taking a day off training and doing some bike maintenance

  224. zzzzzz1

    In a day or so I will do the following :

    * 10-15 minute warmup beforehand
    * 5 miles of trails with about 700-800 ft elevation gain
    * 5-10 minute cool down after

    It will be the third run after starting up again from a break due to injury earlier in the month. Pace will be easy, gentle and careful in order to asses recovery and avoid relapse of the injury.

  225. Sarah C

    Where to start, endurance ride tomorrow, swim Monday, endurance run Tuesday…

  226. Robert

    70 minute easy run around Stanford’s campus on Saturday

  227. Lionel

    For me as it is winter it wil Body Pump fitness on monday and maybe swimming on tuesday morning.

  228. Felipe

    Outdoor running on Tuesdays and Thursdays and try to keep 5K in 30 minutes and heart rate avg under 170. (I still new on running).

    Indoor cycling on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday, average of 8 miles each day.

    Rest on Saturday.

    Outdoor cycling on Sunday, average of 30 miles.

  229. KPTriVa

    A 1:45 indoor trainer ride… tomorrow.

  230. Katri

    To do SOMETHING in Nottingham…. I’ll be there for business next week, very tight schedule, and my knee does not allow running. I hope to squeeze in a fast tempo walk of 2-3 hours. Or maybe I will find a swimming pool? Although I do not fancy swimming in other countries if I am not familiar with the pool etiquette.

  231. Beth

    Running then getting on a plane to go to Haiti

  232. Ev

    First brick of the season – 45min bike and 15min run.

  233. Alex

    Ride 100km with about 1500m climbing. Last big ride before #3peaks13.

  234. I’m planning on running my first run over half-marathon distance. 14 miles.

  235. nikolaos

    many 1 hor runs every day almost
    includes up and down a small bridge 4 times per run

  236. Wolf

    I’ve just come back from a week of snowboarding today and I’m supposed to run a 1/2 marathon next Sunday… So tomorrow I’ll do a 16k hard run to see where I stand.

  237. Running: 2km pace 5’, 4km pace 3’55, 8x1000m pace 3’10 recovery 300m, cooldown 2.5km. Bike: 15 minutes. Aquafit: 40 minutes. Bike: 15 minutes. Gymnastics & stretching 15 minutes. Spaghetti, fruits, eggs, a large can of water and sleep loudly 😉

  238. magoo

    Do “vasalopp” spinning on sunday start spinning when the race starts and stop when the first man finishes the race. Most likley a 3,½ hour spinning session in a cramped basement space with 25 other crazy people.

    Incase Vasalopp sounds strange its a x-country skiing race in sweden that stretches 90km.

  239. Plamen D

    My goal is to reach 2km swimming but maintaing my HR at low levels (due to heart murmur). 910XT seems to be the solution. Congratulations for the comprehensive reviews 🙂

  240. Kelly

    Cyclo core HIT cardio leg ripper and strength blaster

  241. Jose Ramon

    1hour spin class then into a 8km run

  242. Daniel Calo

    for next week i had planned to about 10 miles each day, but yesterday i played some basketball and now i’m all cramped up, so a really hope not to die on those runs

  243. Stefan

    Tomorrow its 25k in DL1. I do it on the river on a 2.5k circle 10x. The plan is to do the last one on HMR.

  244. Nicolas Christin

    A good 55′ trainer workout that I do twice a week:
    – 10′ warm-up
    – 20 x ( 1’40” @ 90% – 20″ @ 120% )
    – 5′ cool-down

  245. ericmin

    I’m waking up at 5am to ride on my indoor trainer at my office and then back home by 6:30am to make breakfast for the kids.

  246. Beth Browning

    I am a new runner and today I rode the exercise bike at the gym for 20 minutes.

  247. JMount

    After a 2 week hiatus, I am planning a 3 hour MTB ride in sunny Tucson.

  248. Megan

    I have 8 miles planned for tomorrow. It looks like it may be on the treadmill if I don’t want to deal with the wind. I need to find a good movie to watch!

  249. Walking at the beach, usually with a peanut butter milkshake in hand. That counts as resistance training 🙂

  250. greta

    60 min on the trainer in the basement – mind numbing, but i have to put in the time cuz the weather in WI stinks right now.

  251. Steve

    9 mile run in the beautiful English countryside, hopefully with the sun out and spring on the way.

  252. Jonas

    The plan for tomorrow was, 5km skating with the kids, then a 45min run.
    But will probably end up with 40 min on the trainer after a look at the forcast.

  253. David

    Around 28 kms of trail running trying not to get lost and enjoying of nature.

  254. Alberto

    I’m loving this new running training program by Bobbie McGee. My next run training sessions is called AeT 15:
    7×10:00 with 1:00 of fast walk.
    By interspersing a few short fast-walk breaks during the long run, you can easily increase your mileage and your endurance. Folks try it!

  255. Darren

    One hour intervals on spin bike.

  256. szzs

    Morning 2 hours trail running, with hard uphills.

  257. Greg

    3.5 hours on the bike, followed by 45 minute run.

  258. Thursday. 1:20 treadmill long hill repeats as:

    10 min FLAT @ EZ
    4 X 11 min @ 5%
    *4 min FLAT in between
    #1-2 @ 6.5 MPH
    #3-4 @ 7.5 MPH
    10 min FLAT @ EZ

  259. Tom Strade

    B90 + R60 @ Z2-3

    BT: Endurance brick. Bike moderate to long in mostly heart rate 2-3 zones for 90 min. Transition to a medium duration run in heart rate 2-3 zones up to 60 min. Refuel as in race.

  260. k barrows

    new sufferfest video ….i think its 1hr 40 mijn

  261. Tom

    Endurance Bike Workout (on Turbo Trainer):
    Warmup 10 mins (with a couple of spinups). Then ride for 90 mins at 65%-70% of FTP, finish off with 60 mins at 83%-88% of FTP. Keeping rpm above 85 throughout the main set.

    Long Run (25-30km)
    Run 15-20km at an easy pace, then increase the pace to marathon pace for the final 10km.

  262. steef

    good for me i had a week of rest planned with just one speedskating workout

  263. Lev

    Got hit by a Porsche while circling to work about three weeks ago, but participating in a half marathon in Frankfurt on 03/10. Will try to make it in 01:44:59

  264. Russell G

    I’ve got an upcoming running workout where my primary goal is to test my pacing ability over a somewhat hilly 10K in preparation for running a prescribed pace at my primary race of the spring, an upcoming half-marathon.

  265. jonasbr

    After a long pause, I’m planning my comeback to the pool. 2000m to start the season.

  266. I plan to do some “Miracle Intervals” on the bike trainer. I found an article recently describing these and the dramatic impact they were shown to have on a group of cyclists after following the protocol for many weeks. I also heard Ben Greenfield discussing the biochemical reasons behind doing this type of workout.

    The workout is as follows (created via TrainerRoad’s workout creator):
    3x30s All Out intervals each followed by 4:30 of rest
    3x20s All Out intervals on 4:40 rest
    3x10s All Out on 4:50 rest.
    The rest periods are meant to be full and complete so that these intervals are not done with too much fatigue. I’ve been doing them once a week for just a few weeks now, but expecting that I’ll need to keep them in my routine for quite a while (15+ weeks) before realizing the results.

  267. Calculated Heart rate Zone LTHR track workout. 10 minute warmup; 30 minute time trial on track.

  268. Les Thorn

    Running and walking 7 km on a runway in the middle of Papuan rain forest. been 15 years since I ran any real distance – so this is hurting a lot.

  269. Giles Levy

    Trail running with fast runs on the uphills.

  270. Stuart Edwards

    Training for my first cycling sportive, 90 miles and I’ve never ridden that far! So building up mileage gradually – this week 50 mile ride, pretty much flat, average 17 mph.

  271. eduardo nasta

    Ill run 31k on sunday at marathon pace

  272. Matt Dokken

    7 mile fatbike ride through the snow.

  273. Chris Sebastian

    10 Minute warmup, 4×15 second pickups with 10 second rest between. 2 minutes easy. 1×12 minute on 5 minute rest, 1×9 minute on rest of 3 minutes, 6×1 minute on rest of 30 seconds, 6×30 seconds on 15 second rest. Warm down 10 minutes.

  274. Mark

    45 minute run tomorrow morning to see London’s sites one last time before I rush off to the airport to fly home to LA

  275. Siggi

    I don’t have a strict schedule, so I usually do whatever I feel like and what is compatible with the weather/snow/daylight situation on any given day, be it running, biking, swimming, XC skiing or ice skating. The only thing I actually have planned is tomorrow morning’s short hike with a friend, involving an ascent of about 600m.

  276. Derek

    Building up mileage, 13 miles today, training for SF Marathon in June!

  277. Kim

    I have no clue what half of these people’s training plans mean!

    3 mi easy run

    But I swear I would use a GPS running watch because I just finished the half marathon

  278. Kim

    I have no clue what half of these people’s training plans mean!

    3 mi easy run

    But I swear I would use a GPS running watch because I just finished a half marathon

  279. Kim

    I have no clue what half of these people’s training plans mean
    3 mi easy ru…But I swear I would use a GPS running watch because I just finished a half marathon

  280. Reinhard

    Going hiking in a local state park, 10+ miles, with an elevation gain between 2,000 to 3,000 ft.

  281. Kim

    I have no clue what half of these people’s training plans mean
    3 mi easy run…But I swear I would use a GPS running watch because I just finished a half marathon

  282. Kim m

    I have no clue what half of these people’s training plans mean
    3 mi easy run…But I swear I would use a GPS running watch because I just finished a half marathon

  283. Monica

    Run a hilly half marathon then rest for a week or two cuz I’m injured but dont want to miss out on the race…

  284. Ben

    32 mile bike ride followed immediately by 3 mile run.

  285. Matty C

    Hoping to download and do 100 minutes of endurance training with the new sufferfest vid, “Blender” (+ TrainerRoad of course!).

  286. Sarah L

    I’m going to run five miles with my baby in the jogging stroller. It will only be my second run with the stroller and it’s a fun new challenge.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  287. jonwb

    Sufferfest – A Very Dark Place with TrainerRoad! THIS WEEKEND!

  288. stevea

    With the 20inches of snow currently covering my usual trails, I just plan to head out on a 13mile run on Sunday, 3/3 for an easy paced run. And hope the snow starts melting.

  289. Mike G

    Tomorrow, 32 degrees, but: 2.5 hour tempo ride in the morning. Then 1-2 relaxed pace MTB with some friends in the afternoon.

  290. Clair Stewart

    Ran 3 mile recovery run after being down with the flu

  291. Wallace

    Run a 6 mile one! Need to keep track of my pace and see if I’m getting any better… Mizuno 10 Miles 2013 will happen in a few weeks!

  292. marian

    run 1:15 tomorrow. just checking the weather forecast. no downpours please!

  293. Ana Elisa

    As I am getting ready for college games, my next workout will be a 25m sprint followed by a 3 mile run

  294. Priscilla

    I need to attend to a family marriage with all of my folks – including those who have a penchant for gossip. As long as showing up chubby is not a option AT ALL, I need to get back to the tracks! I love running but it’s been a while since my last workout. I’m planning on doing two 5k runs in the next week. After that I will never quit running anymore! Can’t stand being away from it!

  295. Carrie

    New runner here (since Dec) planning on finishing my final day of the C25k program on the treadmill on Monday, running 3 miles as fast as possible, which for me is 45 min. 🙂 After Monday, I will continue my 4 runs per week goal while continuing to work on my speed.

  296. Rick Bancroft

    I plan on beginning my 4.5 mile roundtrip bicycle commute to work as soon as the weather breaks. Here in Rochester, NY, that may take a few more weeks. But I used to bike to work years ago and I’m really looking forward to resuming it!

  297. Alec

    Tomorrow is an 11 mile run. And thanks to the snow covering all the local trails, looks like I am going to have to use the outdoor track. Beats a treadmill though

  298. Luis Rubi

    Hill repeats, 3 times up a 4 km climb, any cadence, HR or power. Each rep should be faster than the last one and there’s no pacing, all out.

  299. BrianW

    Indoor spin cycle session. 30 minute HITT

  300. M. Macias

    Saturdays I run with my friend @ the park. We run for about 10 minutes and walk for 1 and start all over again. It’s about a 5mile run. I don’t have a running watch so I just look @ my ipod.

  301. Matej

    A usual weekend + week start: 60k MTB yesterday (easier pace), 50k MTB today (quicker, but not super fast), 3k swimming / climbing in the evening, climbing / 3.5 swimming tomorrow…

  302. Daniel

    My entry is for today. I’m gonna submit myself to something they call Caveman, which apparently is two hours of swinging ropes, hammering tractor tires, climbing ropes and the likes. We’ll see if I pull through =)

  303. mojojosh

    Start the first round of Yasso 800’s for OC Marathon training with 4 x 800 meters at a 7:50 pace.

  304. Dunhill Deodores

    easy 10K run, still recovering from a marathon last week.

  305. Eric

    Getting ready for IMCDA
    Sunday Brick;
    2500 yd Moderate Swim
    3:30 Bike
    :30 Run

    Good times!

  306. Blanca

    Boot camp class at 7:30 AM, then a 10 km run on the trails with two (damned fast) work colleagues if the rain doesn’t ruin it!

  307. Brian

    50K Tour of Anchorage ski tomorrow. Keepin it relaxed the first 30k, then pick it up if I’m feeling good.

  308. Jed

    2000 yard swim (freestyle, kick, pull, breast stroke interchanged)… no cramps in the deep end so the lifeguard doesn’t have to pull me out!

  309. Tomas

    15min Warm-up
    8km hard pace
    15min recovery

  310. Elle

    Run 5 miles, training for SD RnR marathon!

  311. Gil

    10-20 minutes warmup
    10x400w/1:30 RI
    10 minutes cooldown

  312. Tony

    10km run
    4 x 40 push ups
    4 x 15 pull ups
    4 x 15 leg raises (ankles up to bar)

    All in 2 hour.

  313. Musette

    Easy, slow 5 mile run down the bike trail for about an hour. Then some fast pace walking back and forth, up and down the sections and aisles of Ikea.

  314. Floris Van de Vijver

    Tempo Swim 2.2:
    Set 1: 200m Z1 swim, Free and Back
    Set 2: 2x50m Z1 Drill + 10sec
    Set 3: 4x50m + 15sec building each 50m Z1-Z2-Z3-Z4.
    Set 4: 1500 Z3 swim + 30sec
    Set 5: 200m Z1 swim Free and Back
    Use the 1500m rep to practice your pacing for your race. Visualise yourself swimming in the event.

  315. FiorL


    12x400m @ 4:10 min/km, rec 200m

    coll down

  316. Erika

    This weekend a good skii session will be great 🙂

  317. My purpose for tomorrow’s bike ride is to reach my aunt’s home riding for 62 km. I hope for a not windy morning. 😛

  318. Tomorrow I’m going to work by bike. 10 km is enough when you have a cold…

  319. As soon as my cold is better I’m going out cross country skiing!

  320. RobertC

    • Run in Z2, easy pace, 60 minutes.
    • Run in Z3, half marathon pace, 30 minutes.
    • Cool down, 5 to 10 minutes.
    • Stretch
    and the sun is comming out !

  321. Trent

    Going to run 90 minutes up and down a mountain, about 15K.

  322. Jason

    7 mile training run on 3/3 in prep for Tough Mudder – want to hit below a 9:00/mi pace.

  323. AnneMa

    I have spinning interval at 0630.
    Way to kickstart your day.

  324. Rick

    Key 12 mile run Sunday. HM in 2 weeks and this will be my final “long” run before I start tapering. Looking to avg. 9:10 or so for this run.

  325. Larry

    90 minute workout using my Kinetic Trainer. Tempo training for improving race pace effort and increasing power output. 530am, a real daybreaker.

  326. Lars Ejaas

    12 km. medium pace run around 4:00 min/km. 8 x 200 m. fast repetition intervals included at 3:00 min/km. Repetition intervals are done to get the legs ready for interval training later within the next few weeks, without getting to tired (I have primarily focused on long easy runs during the winter).

  327. Rob

    A six mile tempo run on a cool Georgia morning.

  328. James

    Post ACL surgery, 50 thigh contractions followed by 50 squeezing knees together with rolled towel between them. May follow with a hobble to the fridge.

  329. Blake Helms

    Track workout:

    1 mi warm up
    4 x 1600 @ 9:38, with 2 min. rests btwn.
    1 mi cool down

  330. Simon Langer

    Tomorrow morning I am going to do my first recovery run since Tokyo Marathon last week. Probably 6-8 km slow and easy pace 🙂

  331. Jason Uhlrich

    I don’t have anything big planned. Probably a 40-50 minute run. I haven’t dipped my toes into the interval waters yet . . .

  332. Matthew

    Today’s workout calls for 75 min on the bike. RPE 5/6 out of 10

  333. Martin

    I am going to do an interval running training next Tuesday. This time, it is going to be:
    – 1 km warm-up
    – 6×3 minutes (~5:00 min/km) with 2 minutes easy jog between
    – 1 km cool-down

  334. Brett Erickson

    In addition to this weeks runs I have a 60 mile bike ride on the schedule. I’m traveling for work this week so I have the pleasure of exploring a new city (in this case Gainesville, FL) by bike. Looking forward to it!!!

  335. yyaguar

    Slow 12.5 km on sunday for steady buildup from 10k to half marathon distance.

  336. Mark

    15 minutes – Warm up (increasing intensity)
    5 x (4min high intensity + 2min low intensity)
    5 minutes cool down

  337. LCH

    A simple and short early season bike workout for building strength, trainer optional: 4×5′ in your biggest gear with 5′ recovery between each interval.

  338. Leo F

    A simple 4 mile run on Saturday then a few pool sessions. Still in my offseason for a few more weeks so I want to enjoy it

  339. plao

    Running: hill interval
    15 minute warm up followed by light stretch
    6 hill climbs. Each being minimum of 1 minute in length. Recover back down the hill.
    You want all 6 climbs to be the same time. So pace properly.

    15 minute warm down at the end.

  340. dboatRunner

    Middle distance runner that is doing Dragon boat off season training with a 10k race around the corner:

    1) 3 x1km run with ERG rowing machine for 3 minutes in between each run (targets: 3:30/km run split, and 1:50/500m erg split)
    2) Weights

    Tuesday (easy-ish run)
    1) 9km run at 4:30/km pace
    2) Body weight excercises

    – Off

    1) 1) 3 x1km run with ERG rowing machine for 3 minutes in between each run (targets: 3:30/km run split, and 1:50/500m erg split)
    2) Weights

    1)5km run 4:00/km split and 5km 4:30/km pace
    2)Bodyweight excercises

    1) Pool paddling practice
    2) Circuit training.


  341. BG

    Run 10k at race pace, ~8 min/mi.

  342. René

    Repeat the workout from yesterday:
    Trail bike, five hours. Natural intervals looking for new trails to ride and picking up the best ones from before.

  343. Helder

    After a month and a half of forced immobility I’m slowly returning to running. This week I’ll build on the 30kms of the previous week following the 10% rule.
    Next week I’ll start with more intense training with some hills.

  344. MotorHeart

    Hi! My run plan.
    Friday – 1 hour wide run
    Saturday – 1 hour of acceleration
    Sunday – or is more 2,5 hours endurance

  345. Kir

    My goal is to ski 20 km to get ready for couple of nordic marathons.

  346. Michel R Alonso

    I’m working on my cycling skills so Thursday I’m doing a Spinervals series technique workout. Lots of one-legged pedaling which I hope will make my pedaling more rounded and efficient.

  347. Frank

    I’ve been neglecting my cycling training and hate riding the trainer. My goal or planned workout is to get at least 30 minutes on the trainer for 3 days next week.

  348. Sumrit

    Run 20km @ pace 6:40 min/km .

  349. Kristy Kelly

    Take a long walk around the lake today.

  350. Tanner Pinney

    Skate ski 20 km at 4 min / km pace, with hill repeats x 10. Then stairs x 1500. Feel the burn baby!

  351. Tanner Pinney

    Skate ski 20 km at 4 min per km pace, with hill repeats times 10. Then stairs times 1500. Feel the burn baby!

  352. Tanner Pinney

    Skate ski 20 km at a 4 min per km pace, followed by stairs times 1500 as quickly as possible. Still recovering from the American Birkebeiner. Feel the burn man.

  353. Bernard

    Mine will be an easy 5 to 7k recovery run, after the Jerusalem Marathon on Friday.

  354. Mariano Bernardo

    Run for more than 21km. I am trainng for the Madrid Marathon and this is going to be my first time running more than the the half marathon distance.

    So the plan is: Wake up at 7:00 am, have a breakfast, start at 08:00 am, run 24 km (more or less), have a shower and enjoy the rest of the day with my kids and wife…

  355. trell

    Climb 10x 30″ on 30″ off

  356. Steve

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Cycle 25-35 miles plus 1 hour of swimming when the pools open
    Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 2 hours of rock climbing
    Sunday: Rest

  357. Tuesday, 28km crosscountry skiing on intensity 4. Hoping sub 2 hours 🙂

  358. Oana Bega

    Monday : easy run for 30′
    Thursday : 10km with heart rate bellow 165 (hope in 60′)

  359. Jon Delmore

    12 mile hilly run. work the uphills easy downhills.

  360. Rob Galliers

    Training for my first sprint Triathlon later this month
    Run – Swim – Run
    4km – 1km – 4km

  361. DanielS.

    Easy run in the forrest! about 2h GA1 training.

  362. Hubert

    Let the forest disover you :

    2km to get to there, slow (little warm up).
    Then repeat the following 6 times:
    800m (1/2 mi) fast
    45sec slow
    But most important : if anything stikes you (beautiful bird, colorful trees, …); just take the most of it and enjoy : you will have another time to train harder.
    Finally, 2km to get back home.
    This week, met 1 rabbit and 5 wild boars, last time some dears… because I learned to run quietly :-p

  363. James

    I’ll be running 10k in a loop along the Thames. No plan beyond running it as fast as possible and with a negative split.

  364. Mike G

    2hr. Tempo ride today followed by a 3mile run with 3- strides before warm down…

  365. Lisa R

    Adding a little cross training to the mix with snowshoeing today.

  366. I don’t know if there are any rowers on this website, so I thought I would lay down some real erging workouts because the ones I saw in the comments weren’t that great. (source: I rowed in high school for four years and won Stotesbury twice, once in the novice 8 and once in the Varsity B event), and rowed another four years in college and got second in the Dad Vail Freshman 8, second in the ACRA Varsity 8 twice, and third in the ECAC in the varsity 8 event)

    Here is my entry (#1), and the rest are just for everyone else. Ray – maybe you can do a piece on ergs/rowing at some point? Only Concept2 ergs are really worth your time, but hey, its another great sport in my opinion, and a lot of rowers move to triathlon-type stuff after they finish rowing.

    #1 (the entry) –
    I would do this once a week.
    1x1500m, one minute rest
    1x500m, ten minutes rest
    6x500m, one min rest in between each one.
    For anyone that doesn’t know, the 2k is the standard race piece in rowing. It’s what they do at the olympics, college races, even some high school ones too.
    This workout builds your 2k endurance by having you do 3/4 of a 2k, taking a short break just long enough for you to maybe catch your breath, and then crushing the last 1/4 of the 2k. Ideally you’re holding your pace on the 1500m part and then breaking past it on the 500m part. FYI, pace in rowing is per 500m. So if we’re trying to break 6 minutes 0 seconds on a 2k, we need to be going at least 1:30 per 500m.
    Then you take a nice long 8-10′ break. Obviously shorter is better because we’re training 2k endurance, but if your heart rate is still above 120bpm then you definitely need to rest a bit more. On the other hand, if you’re below 100bpm within the first four-ish minutes, 1) you could go much, much harder, 2) start doing the 500m part now!
    Now onto the 6x500m’s. Here you’re basically going to try and beat your pace and then some on each piece. So if your 2k time is 6:00, your pace is 1:30/500m. Well, we’re only going 500m, so make sure you complete each segment under that time. As you do this workout over the course of the season, you’re hopefully going to be getting better so we want to start going under your pace a little bit more each week. Say we want to do 2k-1. That would mean 1:29 each 500m segment. But maybe you can only do that for the first 2x500m… fine. Then hold 1:30 for the next two and try to not go up any higher above 1:31 on the final two. It’s better to miss your goal but stay consistent over the 500m segments than to do really well for the first couple and then limp over the finish line for the last bunch.

    Anyway, so that’s the workout. 1x1500m, rest 1′, 1x500m, rest 10′, then 6x500m, 1′ rest inbetween.
    Eventually you’ll do a 2K (ideally once a month or so) and then you’ll redo this workout based on that 2K.

    Here are the other workouts:
    #2 – 10K at 155HR (this is based on a college-aged male, so adjust HRs as necessary)
    #3 – 13′,12′,11′,10′,9′,8′,7′,6′,5′,4′,3′,2′,1′:1′ rest inbetween, 150HR
    #4 – 3×30′, 4-6′ rest inbetween, 150HR/155HR/160HR
    #5 – 4x5000m, keep between 150-160HR on all of them but go 16/18/20/18 SPM (strokes per minute)
    These are all what we’d call steady state.
    #6 – 3×15′, 7′ rest inbetween, 160-170HR. If you’ve done a 6K before, you want to be at 6K+5. If you’ve done a 5K before, you want to be at 5K+7. If you’ve been doing the steady state workouts, you want to be pace-10.
    #7 – 2x6k, 10′ rest inbetween, 170-180HR. Same pacing as #6, but preferably a little faster, like 6K+3, or steady state pace-15
    #8 – (my personal favorite) 2x8x1k, same pacing as #6. Take a minute break inbetween each 1K and a longer break inbetween the first 8x1k and the second 8x1k. If this is the first time you do it, you might want to just do a single set of 8x1k one week, then 8x1k and 8x4k a second week, then so on to slowly build until you’re doing 2x8x1k at the desired pace.
    These are all what we’d call AT (anaerobic threshold) workouts. They’re what help you build physical and mental capacity for racing. While the first workout (#1) is the speed workout (and it’s brother, the 8x500m), those are both short. You need longer workouts to essentially be the foundation for your speed work.

    Anyway, I’ve labored on for more than I intended, but hopefully this highlights some of the real work you want to be doing on an erg. Sure you can go for a lazy row once in a while, but that’d be like going to a gym to just walk on a treadmill… if you’re at the gym or on the water, you might as well make it challenging!

  367. Eoghan

    Swim this afternoon, 10 minute warm up then 1600m broken up into intervals of 200m, 20 seconds rest between each. 10min warm down

  368. My training plan would be:

    – HIIT (12km/h run; 8km/h rest; 1.30:1.00 mins ratio)
    – AB cruncher machine (30kg; 10reps; 3sets)
    – arm curl (12kg; 10reps; 3sets)
    – full squat with weight (12kg; 10reps; 3sets)
    – wide hands push up (10reps; 3sets)
    – close hands push up (10reps; 3sets)

  369. Sean

    Interval ladder on the bike at about 95-100% effort
    1 min on 1 min rest
    2 min on 2 min rest
    3 min on 3 min rest
    4 min on 4 min rest
    4 min on 4 min rest
    3 min on 3 min rest
    2 min on 2 min rest
    1 min on 1 min rest

  370. Chris

    5k run outside (I have two days of +10C surrounded by sub zero temps and snow).

  371. run – bike – run
    was the last 3 day with good weather really fun

  372. Michelle

    Deep water workout after a few months off (7 weeks postpartum)

  373. Andrew D

    1 mi warm up followed by 10x800m intervals with 1.5mi cool down

  374. corrado

    running 1h ti 1h15 min to get motivated again after a month and a half of sad sad weather,

  375. Tim

    Run half marathon sunday as training for the marathon!

  376. Francis Jago

    2 hour bike ride
    10-15m FTP intervals with 10m rest

  377. Irina O'Farril

    Demain: une demie heure de course et aprés une heure de musculation

  378. Cameron

    Tuesday’s workout is 60 min on the bike small chain ring low effort. Followed by a 30 min run, RPE 3.

  379. Elise Schwartz

    5 mile pace run, Wednesday

  380. Carlos Sagasta Reussi

    Warm up for 2km

    8×1000 @ marathon pace

    2 km easy recovery

  381. erom

    5×200 @ 3 min
    3000 swim

  382. erom

    5x 200 @ 3 min

  383. Pavel

    weekend 25 mile run +50 mile mtb

  384. larissa

    5 mile run in sunday

  385. Joe Meehan

    Ray- What a great giveaway idea!! My workout was a 16 mile hike up Saddleback Mountain to Santiago Peak in Orange County, California. That mountain (so I have heard) is not very big by west coast standards (Sierras, Rockies, Ranier, etc.) but it is supposedly taller than every mountain except one west of the Mississippi. That means in all of the Catoctins, Catskills, Alleghenies, Smokies, etc. there is only one mountain taller than the climb I’m doing. It is a 16 mile climb that peaks out at 5,687 feet of elevation. So excited!!!

  386. I’ll be doing workout 1 of week 3 of the 5k running program of the Zombies, Run! app. Getting chased by zombies is a great motivator to keep your pace up 🙂

  387. I’ll be doing a few olympic lifting sessions as well as riding my bike a few times. Gotta get one run and one swim in as well.

  388. Gerard

    Hi Ray,

    Tuesday training will be a 1 hour technical speed skating sedsion, with lots of painstaking focus on style, posture and timing. this is followed by a 1 hour session to go with the days feeling.

    Nice work on the site. Love this giveaway, would like the Garmin Fenix package to use in Geocaching, outdoor running/trail activities

  389. Stefania

    I’m planning a 2 hour spinning lesson.

  390. Michele

    I think i’ll go or a quick tempo run

  391. anbody

    One foot isn’t doing well, so the next workout will probably a pull bouy only swimming workout again.

    Getting warmed up, doing some regular swimming, some meters technics, doing some intervals, doing some more lanes and swimming out.

  392. Adam White

    Pushups 5 sets: 14, 18, 14, 14, 20

  393. maximdamage

    Well, since i really need to do something to improve my climbing, it´ll be a hunted sufferfest.

  394. Shane O' Donovan

    10 miles @ 6.30 a mile, ballycotton Ireland

  395. Nick Gander

    Time Trial Intervals today –

    1hr easy warm up

    3×10 km building to 175bpm by the end (then 5 minute recoveries). Flat to slightly rolling course. Challenge yourself with big gears. On time trial set-up. 85-100 rpm. Aero position. Wait for blurred vision.Try not to barf.

    30 mins cool down

  396. Jon Rose

    Spring is almost here in the great Northwest. So a quick 20 mile ride out and back on the Spring Water Trail. Enough riding on the trainer in the bsmt. at least one time this week. Maybe twice if the warm weather holds.

  397. Oliverio Medina

    Hey Ray, I hope I get lucky this time around. I’m working on my core so lots of core strengthening excercises and aerobic sessions on the trainer to use the new cadence sensor I just installed yesterday.

  398. Steven Silvers

    Run as many laps as I can with out dropping.

  399. szyMarek

    Yesterday 20min@10k tempo run + 30min@T21, today LSD but not so slow: 26k@T21 (1h40)

  400. EvE

    Run15 Km & Mountainbike 25Km.

  401. ckizzle

    Getting ready for the bike season, I’m going to attempt to do TWO Spinervals workouts back-to-back…I’ll have to keep a bucket close to me just in case, should be interesting.

  402. zac_in_ak

    Sunday 2nd time on trainer with new to me powertap.
    Tues more roller riding
    Thurs even more roller riding
    All while watching paris-nice and hoping I don’t fall of the rollers

    • zac_in_ak

      also waiting for the @#$% snow to melt so I can start going up hills and down…..whooosh I live for the down and earn it with the up! fat guys go FAST down the hill 🙂

  403. Guille

    5 weeks to go for the Vienna City Marathon and I have on the schedule the following:
    Tuesday 5km easy-going: 6min/km
    Thursday 13,5km fast: 4:40min/km
    Sunday 30km testing: 5:30min/km

  404. Running,

    Next Tuesday in the Juan Carlos I park in Madrid, Spain (about 1050km flight distance from Paris 🙂 )

    1600 m X 2 @ 4:15 (2 min. rec)
    + 4000 m @ 5:30
    + 1600 m X 2 @ 4:25 (2 min. rec)
    + 2000 m @ 5:10

  405. Roelof

    First outdoor ride of the year on sunday, Check if bike is OK and ride for 2 hours.

  406. Roberto

    Run 9k tomorrow morning at 5:30 min/km

  407. Jolynn

    Monday I will hit the gym for a cardio workout (likely the elliptical) and then give yoga a try for the first time.

  408. Patrik Akselsson

    1km warmup
    6x1000m @ 3:55, 1 min rest
    2km recovery

  409. benjamin

    hit the streets for a 15 minute warm up

    6x: 1/2 mile run – 50 crunches – 25 push-ups – 50 flutter kicks

    10 minute cool down

  410. Here is my run workout for today.
    WU 10′ EZ

    MS: 2 x 1.5 Mile (5′), 1 x 1 Mile (5′) @ z4/Hard. Remainder of the run should be at z3/Mod-Hard.

    CD 5′ EZ

  411. Here is my run workout for today.
    WU 10′ EZ
    MS: 2 x 1.5 Mile (5′), 1 x 1 Mile (5′) @ z4/Hard. Remainder of the run should be at z3/Mod-Hard.
    CD 5′ EZ

  412. Damian

    Just coming off a 6 week break from running, due to a stress fracture, so tomorrow is just a 1200m swim with a 20min light run to test out the foot, then a 60min interval session on the bike later in the evening.

  413. Christoffer

    Torrow I’m doing a run/walk long run, 800 m running, 400 m walk, 1min/km over my
    5 km tempo. Total distance about 11-12 km. Looking forward to a sunny day running with teperature just above 0 C.

  414. Jason Newville

    Easy run of 45 minutes at zone 2. Just getting back into the swing of things after being injured for 6 months.

  415. Marta Castillo

    easy 5k run, circuit strength training and 5k run cool down

  416. Mike D

    Swim workout:
    300 free
    150 kick
    300 pull

    Main set:
    5×100 drill down/swim back
    15×100 1-5;6-10;11-15 decend on :15 sec; 30 sec between every 5

    Cool down :
    150 EZ

  417. Michael Man

    2x 10km runs at 5min pace
    1x speed day
    1x friendly run with the neighbour
    1x lonesome Sunday

  418. Eddie Tomlinson

    A bit of Cross training for me in the park – Boot camp style

    Dynamic stretching warm up
    5 min gentle run
    Circuit session – 45 minutes followed by warm down.
    Session includes sprints along with everything from press-ups, sit-ups, burpees, squats, squat thrusts, plank (various variations)

    Really good for fitness, balance, strengthening core muscles to reduce injury (touch wood!)

  419. Matt

    I plan to do 3 training rides using trainerroad and the sufferfest videos.

  420. Simon

    60mile on the bike with a couple of hill repeats.

  421. Nick

    9 mile long easy run in preparation for a half-marathon – the longest continuous run I will have completed up to this point!

  422. Run 8 miles with 10x100m strides. Nice giveaway!

  423. Matteo

    Run for 15km at 5min pace

  424. Pedro Fradique

    i intend to restart training, with a half-hour each (bike, swim, run)…

    Hope I make the restart this time


  425. Grant W

    5 sets of 5min at 5k pace with 3min Rest

  426. Carol Kleckner

    The workout I had planned today was short and sweet but a good power workout…5 miles of snowy trails at 10 above 0. Had a wrench put in the run when mama moose and baby took 15 minutes to yield the trail to myself and 3 dogs.

  427. Predatrice

    Will go swimming. Simple endurance.

  428. Brian D

    I’d like to get over this cold so I can resume my training.

    Up next on Trainerroad is a workout called Carson.

  429. Garrett

    In the process of recovering from a long-standing injury incurred during IMMT, I plan to start back on the stationary bike and possibly treadmill.

  430. Don Kiely

    Training for Boston, so today was a hilly 17 miler, “easy” pace. Temps ranged from -9F in the lowlands to +20F in the hills on icy roads and snowy trails, so dressed for the cold and wore my IceBugs. Didn’t encounter the moose that delayed Carol, but it was a beautiful, sunny day, and I loved every step. Wished I had had the dog I ran with yesterday in harness for the long uphills though!

  431. Every other week I am trying to complete a 100km ride around the hills of Melbourne. This coming weekend, I’ll be by the beach so I am planning my 100km through the rainforest behind the beach and then a recovery swim in the ocean.

  432. D. Reiley

    Swim Workout

    500 Warm up
    15×100 hard with 10 second rest interval
    500 pull
    500 moderate to easy
    200 breast stroke (or any non-freestyle stroke)

  433. Mike Lacy

    10 min EZ spin warm up
    1 min climb 80% RPE, 1 min recovery spin
    2 min climb 80% RPE, 1 min recovery spin
    3 min climb 80% RPE, 1 min recovery spin
    4 min climb 80% RPE, 1 min recovery spin
    5 min climb 80% RPE, 1 min recovery spin
    Then, back down the ladder
    10 min EZ spin cool down

  434. Chris

    In about 5 minutes I’ll be starting Eclipse on Trainerroad.

  435. Rodrigo Lucchesi

    I intend to run, within the next 2 weeks, 10k for the first time since last October!

  436. JeffT

    I’m planning doing some hill intervals to kick start my cycling training. It worked wonders last year and I have some big goals on improving my times this year.

  437. Marko

    Just a noob here… 4 x 10minute run with 1 minute walks in between.

  438. Attila

    Stage 6 repeat of tour of sufferlandria. Ride the wretched and immediately follow it with the longest scream.

  439. I’m currently tapering for the DC Rock ‘n’ Roll in less than two weeks. Today I completed my LSD 12 mile and will have Monday as a rest day before Tuesdays leg opener.

    4 Miles recovery – 8:30 pace

  440. Michelle Walker

    I’m going for 3 mile run but the river in my town!

  441. Tim V

    Open Water Swim: 4 x 750m, 2 min rest between each effort.

  442. Jonathan Seeds

    2 hours running totally aerobically with at least 1000ft of vertical accumulated.

  443. Christian Carling

    Just getting back on the bike after a few months break so low intensity and short duration:
    Cycle to the top of the hill and back.
    Next time go over the hill to the bottom of the other side and back
    After that go over the hill to the bottom then 10kms to the round about and back.

  444. Gabriel B

    A 10 mile run with 8 miles at Marathon pace

  445. Mine will be a trainer workout. 90min. 10 warm up, then a pyramid of 5min intervals of different speeds up to full at the top. 10min cool down.

  446. Jerome Feuiltault

    Ramping up…3 HIM’s coming up in a few weeks/months:
    3 hour spin following with 1 hour brick.

  447. Jeff A

    15min – WU
    5min – 5% over threshold
    5min – easy
    6 x 2min x 3min – 30% over threshold
    10min – CD

  448. Cameron

    Thursday: I’ll be doing a 3 hour zone 2/3 endurance ride in the morning, and racing a criterium in the afternoon/evening.

  449. Brian L

    Wake Up. Run 40 Minutes. Shower. Go to work.

  450. Jason Allard

    Still easing back into training for Pittsburgh Marathon from shin splints so doing an easy 7 miles followed by 1000 meters in the pool. Trying out new shoes also, so should be a fun workout!

  451. Noah Rosenthal

    Tomorrow will be one hour on the bike trainer in Zone 2.

  452. Dan

    My early season swim workout:

    15 minute warmup
    5 x 100 on 2:00
    5 x 50 on 1:00
    200 with technique drills every other lap
    100 cool down

  453. Bill

    Have a V02 workout scheduled for Tues. 4-6 x 5min w/5min Rest in between intervals – 106% – 115% of FTP.

  454. Aaron

    Easy run to explore the new suburb that’s being built around the corner

  455. Edward

    This trainer workout is intended to build strength whilst preserving a focus on efficient pedal stroke.
    Warm up: 15:00
    Single-leg drills: 5 x 0:30 each leg with 1:00 spin between sets
    High cadence drills: 5 x 1:00 @ 105-110 rpm w/ 1:00 spin
    AT build w/ mixed cadence: 10:00 build to AT, alternate 1:00 each at 90+ and 60-70 rpm
    Recovery: 5:00 easy spin
    Power: 5:00-15:00 at lactate threshold (can build to LT if early in season)
    Cool down: 10:00

  456. Jonathan

    Run 6 miles with 10 1-minute sprints.

  457. Derek Lam

    Bike 45 miles with some olympic-distance race pace thrown in there.

  458. olivier L


    600m warm up
    18x100m in 1’25, 10secs rest.
    4′ rest
    2×400 in 5’45
    400m Cool down

  459. Tina

    6.25 mile run at half-marathon pace.

  460. Yesterday: Snowshoe 3 miles.
    Today: Cardio intervals x 30 minutes. Strength training arms x 30 minutes
    Tomorrow: Spin bike 60 minutes indoors
    Tuesday: Strength training legs x 45 minutes
    Wednesday: Swim
    Thursday: Hot Yoga x 60 minutes
    Friday: Off
    Repeat. 🙂


  461. Daniel

    This week my only workout will be to shovel the snow from my parking space 😉

  462. Emily B

    Today was a quick run followed by some tough mudder specific strength training.

  463. Emily B

    Today was a quick run followed by some tough mudder specific strength training

  464. Brian

    Swim somewhere between 1,000 – 1,250 total meters to get aerobic endurance up.

  465. Marc B

    Ride the trainer during the hockey game endurance pace. High tempo during commercials and power plays.

  466. Bush Meister

    This week I want to work out what my maximum heart rate is.

    So this week I’m heading off to Nigeria with my bike!

    Once I get there, my aim is to find a bunch of feisty hyenas out in the country side and entice them into chasing me by dragging some raw meat behind my bike.

    I’m going to be seriously unhappy if I lose signal on my heart rate monitor and have to find some more hyenas to chase me.

  467. Lily

    Long run of 8 miles planned for this Thursday.

  468. Dave S.

    Actually get outside and run instead of talking about doing it.

  469. Michael bowman

    Biking Farmer intervals! I live in a farm town. 10 mile straight county road. Farm houses are about a quarter mile apart. Hard to the first chicken farm then easy to Mr. Roses cattle farm then hard again to Thomas cow farm etc. That out to get the winter rust out of the pipes.

  470. Tom Meese

    Wednesday: 90′ brick ride with 3×10′ @ 265w w/5′ RI @ 210w starting @ 50′; 30′ brick run

  471. Chris Y

    2x 100m warmup
    3 x 500m
    100m cooldown

    Goal #2, buy a watch to actually time myself as I don’t have anything right now! (Considering the Timex Run GPS 2.0??? vs other great DCRainmaker suggestions)

  472. Fabricio D'Amico

    Training for tomorrow morning:

    50 minutes running
    – 5 minutes WU walking
    – 40 minutes 8x (4 min running, 1 walking)
    – 5 minutes cool down walking

  473. Toban Moroz

    Use the rowing machine to do 7000 meters each day for the next 7 days.

  474. James N

    A lovely 3 hour trainer ride, blah!

  475. Jane

    I’ve got a two hour ride on the spin bike while watching old Ironman event coverage. Thanks Ray!

  476. Gerard

    Brick workout tomorrow night…