An Easter You Choose The Gadget Giveaway!


Today’s Easter.  And even if you don’t celebrate Easter, you can instead celebrate the chocolate bunny…or, as is apparently also the case here in France – the chocolate chicken (and, even an odd rash of Chocolate Nemo’s I’ve seen too).

Failing your celebration of any of those things…then how about just celebrating a gadget giveaway?  Simple and good, right?

Last month y’all loved the ‘you choose’ aspect of the giveaway.  Meaning that I let you choose which gadget you want to win.  Yup, if you want that Wahoo RFLKT- it’s yours!  If you want the Garmin FR610 – same thing.  Or the latest Timex, Polar and CycleOps creations.  Whatever fits your training best (up to $500US), I’m giving it to ya.  Technically, I suppose Clever Training is giving it to you.  (Btw, for those curious, last month’s winner selected the FR910XT with heart rate strap.)


So I’ve got you covered on pretty much whatever you want.  Unless you want a chocolate bunny.  In which case, you can pretty much go to the grocery store tomorrow and pay about 50% less than I paid for it Saturday.  And perhaps your chocolate bunny won’t look quite as menacing as my chocolat lapin looks.

To enter yourself in, simply leave a comment below with the following:

“Let me know which workout you’ll be doing in an attempt to override any Easter-associated candy that may be consumed.  If for some completely unexplainable reason you aren’t biting the head off of a chocolate bunny, feel free to just pick your Sunday workout (or nearest completed workout).  Extra points for listing the Easter candy that put you in this predicament.”

Got it?

Entries will be accepted through Monday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (April 1st, 2013).  I’ll be giving one device worth up to $500US from Clever Training.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday or Wednesday (I may still be pre-occupied eating chocolate bunnies).  One entry per person.  The winner can decide on which device after they win.  Devices/gadgets/gizmos over $500, the winner can pay the difference.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I’ve got a great partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10MHD (along with the link above).  But no bunnies.  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail instead [Entry now closed].  Note that this is ONLY for Active Duty military.  No bunny rabbits or chocolatiers allowed via this method.  Mmmkay?  Thanks all!



  1. Erica M.

    45 min easy run!

    • Rowerburn

      10k jog…

    • Dor N.

      So this recipe is actually intended to get rid of the Matzot eaten at the Seder but I guess it works just as well for chocolate bunnies: 60 min of road cycling
      10 min warm up and short hill reps each one with a single leg, you can rest downhill :)
      happy holidays!

    • Jeff Taylor

      I ran 4.5 miles yesterday in an attempt to offset my jelly bean consumption today

      Jeff T.

    • ray

      4 mile recovery run after yesterday’s 17 miler.

    • Michal

      Typical sunday 20km is the best to burn all those chocolate bunnies

    • Grant

      20 x 400 m intervals w 200 m rest in between

    • curtis

      before easter celebrations i’m doing a 70 min Z2 run on rolling hills. i’m sure i’ll be sneaking some reese’s peanut butter eggs from my kids baskets.

    • martin

      No easter candy consumed yet, but to get a head start I’m doing a snowshoe with over 1,500m of elevation gain. It’ll be a long, slow burn :)

    • Vicky

      I need to run a 10k later today! My hubby got me an Easter basket and I totally hauled the head of a milk chocolate bunny. RIP bunny you were deeelish! Hope Bertie made you some special cupcakes!

    • Christoph

      30km Mountainbiking in the neighbourhood.
      I hope that’s enough to burn the brunch and a bit of pre-burning the italian diner.

    • Bryan Jones

      18mile bike ride and a 6 mile run. Curse those chocolate bunnies!

    • Dave

      2 hour easy spin on trainer,

    • Joshua O'Sullivan

      I am stuck working at the fire station today. So I will just be doing some jump rope, flipping the heavy tire, hitting it with a sledge hammer, light weight workout and a short jog. Happy Easter everybody.

    • Mark A.

      Too fat to workout

    • Damian

      12k easy run today, then a bunny.

    • Dan S.

      Thunderstorms in Texas, so I’ll be spending some quality time with the treadmill… 40 minutes easy pace.

    • Kimothy Oxley

      No chocolate bunnies just a couple of Easter Eggs for protein. Then the MC Endurance Challenge 5k Cross Country at the Choctaw Trails in Clinton Mississippi!

    • Ryan G

      4mi run and then calisthenics on some park equipment.

    • Garett

      6 mile jog!! But I really love Cadbury creme eggs, ahhggg

    • Don A

      Saturday 5 1/2 hour bike
      Sunday 30 min easy run and off to work

    • Corbi

      I ran 7 miles and cycled 20 miles yesterday; today I’m only doing a 30 minute run and I’ll ride if the rain holds off. Pistachios and Endangered Species chocolate keep me going. Happy Easter

    • Leslie

      Ugh, I need to ride 50 on the trainer. It might get ugly since it will be after brunch. Nothing like some zone 3 pick-ups with a belly full of pancakes and bacon (gluten free of course). Pick me! Pick me!

    • Peter Foley

      2 hour ride either on the trainer or outdoors if the rain/snow hold off.

    • Liam B.

      5 mile recovery from yesterday’s long 16 miler.

    • Joshua S

      I have a 90 minutes ride with the middle hour alternating between 75% and 85% FTP.

    • Frank

      Has to be a 10k at 7 min mile pace

    • Frank

      Has to be a 10k at 7 min/mile pace

    • Dan

      Bought a bag of mini Cadbury cream eggs thinking it would be easier to eat only a few to satisfy my Easter sweets craving! WRONG! Should just bought one regular size egg and been done with it!

      29k LSD this morning,

    • George Harris

      ten mile run to get over chocolate and a really good coconut cupcake with raspberry filling.

    • Swim 30m Monday, Bike 45 Tuesday, Run 30m Wednesday 60/30 Brick Saturday all for those little Cadbury easter eggs Oh and my first tri of the season in may!

    • Sytse Leenstra

      To get rid of all the delicious chocolate eggs I’ll be doing a 200k ride over rolling terrain.

    • Matt Weiner

      So it started last night having to “quality control” the making of 2 Easter egg baskets. That comprised 3 Peeps, a Cadbury egg, 1 recess and a double I’d scotch (no the scotch wasn’t for the Easter baskets but went well with the chocolate.). The morning then started with waffles and syrup and a tall cup of coffee (see previous scotch comment) followed by an Easter egg hunt and a couple of jelly bean chasers.

      For training it was a double with a 33.2 mile bike ride into Del Mar, CA to enjoy some of the beach and surf and then finished the workout with a 2.1 mile run in the hills by my house.

    • Eric

      Recovery day, so an hour on the elliptical!

    • John Jatoft

      In order to combat the effect of too many Robins Eggs. I will be running a 4 set Spartacus:
      4 set Spartacus
      10 seconds between exercises
      60 seconds between sets
      1. Goblet Squat
      2. Mountaineers
      3. Push-ups
      4. Dips
      5. AB Set
      6. Plank
      7. Bicep Curl
      8. Over Head Press
      9. Grave Diggers
      10. Burpees (20 reps)

    • Daniel M

      75 minute easy zone 3 run. Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs got me!

    • Art Thompson

      0:30 Stretching Session, Legs & Shoulder PT
      3:00 Endurance Ride
      0:45 Transition Run
      0:60 Free Weight Strength Training Session (Shoulder PT)
      0:30 Body Weight Core Strength Training Session

      Reese’s Peanut Butter Easter Egg. BRING IT!

    • Brian Welch

      2 Mile recovery job with the dog and a yoga set in between meals.

    • Caitlin Welch

      10 burpies per peep. I plan to do lots of burpies today! :-)

    • Caitlin Welch

      10 burpies per peep. I plan to do lots of burpies today!

    • Stijn

      2h ride put in the cold with 30min of tempo work

    • Brian Abraham

      I will be doing a 1.5 hour recovery bike… Oceanside 70.3 was yesterday…

    • Rob Doyle

      15km cycle and 6km, slowly coming back from injury so only a chocolate egg and apple pie and cheescake to replenish:)

    • Ebony P

      I just had a baby on Tuesday.. So I think I’ll stick to a brisk walk in the morning.. And then we’ll go and watch a Triathlon in the afternoon… That counts right?!?! 😉

    • bob c

      7 days a week at the gym. Maybe 1 Easter egg today

    • Bronson

      HIIT!!!! With kettlebells . Nuff said

    • Hailey Hunt

      If I hadn’t managed to injure my Achilles last weekend, I would be doing a 7km run while I continue to work myself up to my first 10km

    • Ian

      12 mile run at 6:15 pace or better

      jelly bellies will be the death of me…

    • Justin

      “Big day” yesterday is allowing me to eat all the bunnies I want today.
      Swim 2700 meters. Main set ladder 100,200,300,400,300,200,100. First half swam at t-pace. 2nd half swam faster than first half.
      Bike: 30 WU, 2.5 hrs zone two steady pace.
      Run: 45 mins as 15 mins at half marathon pace + 30 seconds. Remainder if run at half marathon pace.

    • Rodolfo Duarte

      2 MX motos on The track, watching The cardio with The wahoo blue HR for The iPhone and tomorrow a 20km mtb ride to recover and start The week.

    • Charlie

      Easy half hour ride, to hopefully get rid of my hangover from drinking last night.

    • Max

      10k run + 1 hour on the turbo. and all of this because of those evil gummi bears…

    • Craig

      10k easy then more chocolate bunnies

    • Bones

      Bicycle Fartlek – 20 mile ride with friend on a route we both know. Take it in turns to shout a landmark and then race to there. The ‘efforts’ can be anything from 100 metres to a couple of miles. Occasional truces called when we need to go easy!

    • Brian Pederson

      Finally nice enough here in the northwest to take the bike outside! Long ride this morning before over indulaging on Easter goodies!

    • Ian Braucksieker

      A 5k inbetween my Easter ham naps.

    • Alastair B

      125k road ride, with ~1,600 ascent, yesterday in preparation for today’s chocolate indulgences. Will be doing hill repeats tomorrow… that’s how to spend Easter Monday morning!

    • Jonathan Palmer

      A 70miles ride taking in as many hills as possible as some last minute preparation for next weekend’s ‘Lakeland Loop’ Sportive in the Lake District.

    • Ben s

      Nice easy 60 minute run around Hyde park, if the calves hold up…

    • Dave S.

      I will be doing a 2.5 hour trainer ride. This ride will rid me of all the chocolate I will consume this weekend.

    • Isamu

      60 mile ride, easy pace

    • Reese’s released a new “deluxe” egg which ups the peanut butter to chocolate ratio to borderline diabetic…managed 10 gorgeous miles on rolling trails yesterday in Jefferson National Forest. Have about 7 more weeks of trail focused training leading up to The North Face Endurance Challenge in Washington DC in early June!

    • Easy. 10k in Deauville on the “planches”.

    • Bob Goodman

      It’s Passover for me, so I’m eating Manishewitz Dark Chocolate Rasberry “Artificially Flavored” Jell Bars……..yuck!!! Each square is 65 calories, 3 gms of fat. Don’t ask how many Ive eaten, but I will be doing Sufferfest Blender later today (It’s a 1:40 workout thats awesome!!).

    • Vinc

      23km run in the freezing Norwegian weather.

    • bengab01

      20km in forest, 2,5 hours

    • Floris Van de Vijver

      I did a 140km bike training yesterday (on the same course of the ‘Tour The Flanders’ as the pro’s today). I burned more than enough calories to eat some chocolate bunnies today :)
      but tomorrow i’ll be doing a 60min fartlek run.

    • Margit lind

      Big run and swimm

    • Margit lind

      Big run and swimming

    • Margit lind

      run and swimming

    • Margit lind

      A 2 mile hill run to pay for the food

    • wayne young

      Swim off the Kona Pier, hopefully with the dolphins then a little 5-10k jaunt down Alii Drive.

    • Ron Brueher

      I did 3.5 painful hours on the trainer yesterday, followed by a half-hour run, so that I may enjoy two, make that three, IPA’s with my heaping helping of leg of lamb today.

    • Eric Ericson

      Nice, easy 5K recovery run after yesterday’s 57 mile bike loop.

    • Brandon C

      Run from the fridge to the couch.

    • Nothing like early morning track repeats on Monday morning to correct for a weekend of indulgence and get the week started on the right track!

    • 1:15 easy bike ride

    • Hard 1 hr TT on the bike Saturday and easy 8 mile run Sunday. Happy Easter Ray!

    • Jason

      7.5 mile run. Too many brownies!

    • Sean Sullivan

      Recovery crawl after 70.3 Cali yesterday!

    • Nicky

      As I live in Belgium, country where chocolate is at its best, I did eat some chocolate easter eggs today. I have already done 1h15 workout at the gym today where I did 15 min rowing and 1h of strength workout. I still feel lik having some energy left though so planning a 30 to 45 min indoor cycling session this evening. Happy easter to everyone and happy workouts!

    • Dave

      Ate 2 Lindt bunnies and 2 Big chocolate eggs. Great fun , had to swim 2k and spend 120mins on my turbo to cancel them out. Not so great fun.

    • Christopher Schmitz

      3h grinding base ride in the freezing german “spring”.

    • Dave

      Ate 2 Lindt bunnies and 2 Big choco eggs. Great fun, had to swim 2k and spend 120mins on my turbo to cancel them out. Not so great fun.

    • David

      20 km @ «Boston» Pace !

    • Dave

      Ate 2 Lindt bunnies and 2 Big choco eggs. Great fun, swim 2k and spend 120mins on my turbo to cancel them out. Not so great fun.

    • Gabriel

      easy 45 min run

    • Tom Degryse

      For me, I had a 10km race simulation because there were no races nearby. It was highly needed after all chocolate eggs at work this week and the huge easter meal today :-)

    • Eester Sunday 30K Long Run. Chocolate bunnies are post run recovery food for a day :)

    • Frank

      10 k really fast

    • KimS

      Run: accelerations (5 x 100m from 50% to 80% effort) + alternate between 5 mins z2 steady / 5 mins z3 steady for 30 mins.
      Bike: 30 mins Z1
      …followed immediately by chocolate milk + chocolate (Purdy’s!) bunny

    • Jules G

      Long long indoor trainer ride while watching the awesome Spartacus win Flanders… Dark chocolate mini eggs well deserved after!
      Happy Easter Ray

    • Will Hunt

      I might switch things up a bit and go play ultimate frisbee in the park today.

    • HebdenBen

      6 Mile Fartlek, first run after a week off with a niggle in my knee and eating too many hot cross buns.

    • Lucas Moersdorf

      One hour easy endurance run should help burn off those three sugar cookies, 2 Herschey kisses, and one Minnie Reese cup!

    • Mark

      6-7 mile run in the Pacific Northwest sunshine, for real Ray!

    • Dani

      …running 12 km uphill…hard work

    • Jonathan D.

      50k bike ride to get rid of all those Caramilk easter eggs!

    • Grafmargo

      10-15 km biking

    • Grafmargo

      15 km biking

    • Regeneration walk after Saturday crazy race. Testing my new rain jacket – it was raining all the day :)

    • Seann R

      60min ride outside
      1500m swim

      Eat 3 Cadbury eggs

    • A couple of days on the ElliptiGO and a six mile run should do it. If not, I’ve got the Salt Lake City Marathon to burn off what the ElliptiGO misses.

    • matotato

      3×20′ SS ride and 30′ easy run

    • In the afternoon ran 5 km on the beach.

    • Brandon

      10K preemptive run before the turkey dinner. Actually PR’d it, too!

    • Dominik J.

      50 min. training of the easter ham 😉

    • Mattia

      I’ll go up in the mountains near my city here in Italy and try to run on a nice trail that I know. I say “try” because it depends on how much snow I’ll find. If there’ll be too much, I’ll switch to a nice walk and run the next day, when I’ll be back home :)

    • Rory O'Neill

      1hr tempo run with negative split

    • 150km bike ride with tempo intervals.

    • domino

      1 hour ‘time trial’ to [partially] counter the Wispa Easter Egg

    • JimS

      3mi easy Z1 then 2x1mi Z4 (4′) & 2x.5 Z4 (4′) . Total 8.4mi in the books.

    • runstephane

      Ok, ok. So Easter chocolate needs special treatment. And family lunch at 15 km from home add antoher cal amounts but a solution too. The best treatment I know is then: running 2 × 15 km easy, chocolate & lunch between.
      Need to reflect for the Easter lunch no 2, tomorrow :+)

    • Steven F

      A twenty mile loop ride: Eight of the middle nine miles are an average 8% grade, for a total climb of over 2,500′. I don’t do it fast, but I do get it done. It should help offset the 1,400 of Reese’s chocolate peanut-butter eggs I ate the last two days…

    • Larry S.

      Hard 10k…does the new Shiner beer count as candy?

    • Barbara Langreck

      have to run at least a 10K to burn the cals from 2 Easter bunnies.

    • 90 min bike and 30 min run to get the fat out of my body…

    • Micah

      Hoping to get in a nice long run once the food has digested

    • Micah

      Hoping to get in a nice long run once the food has digested.

    • Kirk

      I’ll bike to work on Tuesday, 15k each way.

    • Justin Andrews

      Last long run before Boston (17 miles miles to combat 17 peeps)!!!!!

    • Brian s

      Who needs gu or cliff bloks when you could do a 40mi ride with your peeps? I do and did. Recovery? Chocolate milk with Reeces eggs.

    • Emlyn Simpson

      Ocean swim followed by 50km on the bike to get me race ready for the club champs next weekend. No energy bars required, lets hope the chocolate in my jersey pockets doesn’t melt too much though…..

    • Ties

      I’ll be going for a mere 5K. I’m still starting off with this, but I might not be doing this exercise at all if I wouldn’t have come here for a gadget review. You kind of got me started on this. Thanks!

      And yep, I had way too many weird Swedish Easter candies.

    • Gummee!

      I was running sag/support for a CCSD women’s training camp in Warrenton today, so I had to ride after everyone had gone home.

      Got in about 90min of zone 1/zone 2 cycling. Felt great to get out on the bike after sitting in a car all day.

    • OJ

      1250m swim, and 10k run in the evening. Not much chocolate to burn off, but more of yesterdays bbq lunch and dinner :(

    • ringkong

      intake. 5Kcal . cookies, cake, candy, and deviled eggs…

      output 3Kcal running up Harney Peak from horse thief lake about 17 miles round trip with 2000′ elevation gain.

    • Greg Sullivan

      20 min loop 3 times, build by 10-20 sec/mile from one loop to the nex.
      Preemptive glycogen depletion in advance of numerous chocolate coconut eggs!

    • RiccaRunner

      Run some stinky 40k on Saturday followed by a 20K on Sunday. might be able to offset the Easter eggs I stole my daughter over the weekend :)

    • Devon

      Insanity. Phase II.

    • Jodi Butler

      It wasn’t the chocolate bunnies that did me in (and that’s unusual). It was the homemade lemon meringue pie and pizzelles (plural) that got me!! My penance will be a 4 mile interval run followed by an hour workout at the gym.

    • Marco674

      3 hours of looooooong treshold interals, along the coast of the Gaspe peninsula. Awesome! Got a chocolate fix for recovery :)

    • Shannon Ammerlaan

      I ran my first half marathon on Sunday. I was aiming for sub 2 hours and did it in 1:59:07. This was to offset the chocolates and easter eggs i was going to consume.

    • Benn

      Running the 2XU Compression half marathon in Singapore on Easter Sunday – earn the chocolate!

    • Jason

      Oh man…too stuffed to make it out tonight. Tomorrow may be a two up strength and cardio day at least 40 min on the treadmill!

    • dboatrunner

      with my girlfriend, I ate a quarter of a cake. Little did I know that it was a cake with 400 calories per 13th of a cake. Let’s say I didn’t actually eat dinner that night.

      I tried to make up the excess calories with my usual dragon boat paddling practice, along with a 15 km run……but I’ve pretty much relagated those calories as weight gained. :-(

    • Jeff

      I’m weak when it comes to swedish fish. This is going to cost me…… 20 x 30s x 30s sprints

    • Peter

      11 mile run. Cadbury mini eggs

    • Janet Gillam

      I will do about an hour ride through some beautiful countryside near my house.

    • andrew

      5 minute walk around the blog. srsly.

    • Adam B

      40mi bike.

    • Adam B

      40mi bike. T’was good til it rained. Then t’was wet.

    • Johno

      Early morning 65km road ride around the ocean peninsula.

    • Darius

      I ate like a pig at my mama’s. Will work extra hard this week to burn excess 2000 cals.

    • Sarah M.S.

      14mi bike with Fremont hill. First outside bike for me this year. No candy was eaten, but I did an easter egg hunt where cans of beer replaced some ofthe eggs.

    • Ryan Shelton

      this is an awesome treat. Could really use a 910 or 610 for my half marathon training. To off set my chocolate bender strength training follow by a 4 mile run monday.

    • Steve T.

      Just did 4.7 mi trying to get away from that space alien impersonating a chocolate bunny.

    • Jake

      Tempo ride during the week (wed) then 30mi group ride next sunday!

    • Sean

      15 mile bike ride from those cadbury creme mini eggs..Delicious

    • I will be doing two workouts this weekend to cancel the Easter peanut covered M&Ms I ate at my PTs office on Friday. Saturday I did a 35 minute ride on my trainer with a focus on maintaining 90RPMs. Since I am returning from an injury I will follow that with my 25 minute walk/run in increments of 3min walk to 2 min run. Sunday we took our first outdoor ride for the year. We rode about 13-14 miles at a slow steady pace with little elevation. Oh and all of this is followed by lots of icing on all the injured body parts. LOL. Happy Easter, DC Rainmaker to you and the Girl.

    • George K

      3 mile tempo run, first one outdoors this year!

    • Wes L

      2 hr ride with 4 x 9 min intervals followed by active recovery.

    • Jimbo Hess

      I just won an Easter tradition competition I have been doing with my buddies for a number of years. Easter 10k? No.. Bike ride? No, try again… PEEP EATING CONTEST! Thats right, you know those nasty artificially flavored high-fructose infused, brightly colored, marshmallow chicks? I just downed more of those than I’d like to admit. All for the sake of bragging rights and a huge chocolate bunny trophy (which is already missing his half of his body).

      For penance I will be doing a strenuous run/bike brick tomorrow morning followed by a visit to my dentist.

    • Jeff T

      I’ll actually be taking the day off after a duathlon brick on Saturday with a buddy.

    • WayneJ

      At least 4 hours on the bike this week. Hopefully outside :)

    • Lee

      I started the day with a painful 5 mile run at sunrise….If I wake up Monday, then a 20 mile ride before dinner.

    • jonrdt

      1 hour swim sunday am

    • jonrdt

      1 hour swim

    • Bob W

      Snowing here, so i”ll be doing 3x20s on the trainer.

    • Javier Castaneda

      4 miles – getting ready to my second half marathon and preparing for the Chicago Marathon.

    • Bart

      Easy 5 mile run to offset chocolate covered pretzels with Easter sprinkles.

    • Maren

      Dark chocolate Cadbury mini eggs. Time to run. With the double stroller!

    • Ky

      3 hours outside on the bike to burn off those Cadbury chocolate eggs.

    • Tony Goncalves

      My first hot yoga session. One hour of sweating with a bunch of strangers to the point of passing out.

    • Ronan Mac

      A steady hour on the turbo to burn off all the chocolate I keep eating to “save” my children :). I’m taking the bullet!!!

    • Koen

      45 minuterun downhill and uphill with already sore legs.

    • Alex Grigg

      An 80 km hike Heaphy Track over 2 days in NZ

    • Phil belfield

      A child care brick session; 30 mins run followed by 6 hours of crawling baby management.

    • 20sec short and sharp Easter Hill Sprints on the Bike.

    • Andrew

      I skied out to the Williwaw Lakes, 15.9 miles round trip.

    • Phil Jones

      For me it’s not the chocolate, but the hot cross buns that need to be worked off!

      Today’s long session was 28km in 2:03 comprising 5km warm up then 4 x 4km at marathon pace (4:10 min/km) with 1km recovery in 4:35 then 3km warm down.

    • I’ve just spent a week in Malaga, which was a nice chance for my usual cold suroundings in Denmark. However, I did my first outdoor run down there which I wasn’t completely satisfied with. You can see it here:
      link to

      So today I’ve done a short 5K run indoors and substituted some of my training time with finding good outdoor routes, so I can get some K’s in the legs before my marathon the 19th of may.

    • Emma

      30mile bike ride!!

    • Emma

      30mile bike ride

    • James Ewing

      Long weekend camping. Beer not candy. Hard swim on Monday.

    • Steve

      No easter bunnies for me, but a 10 mile run to run off the chocolate easter egg

    • Don McAuslan

      30 minute Fartlek run. Munching chocolate eggs while sprinting is hard work.

    • Dave Zimmerman

      I train 5 to 6 days per week to cure my aching back, I have 3 bulging lumbar discs. I have been doing this for going on 3 months, and am loosing weight at a slow rate, but gaining muscle adn am now 40-50 % better than I was 3 months ago. I lap swim 40 to 50 minutes at a crack, Elliptical use at the same time frame, AND back and abdominal strenghening exercises. I know, QUITE WORDY!!!

    • Matt O

      Just finished my Monday CF WOD. will be working off those deviled eggs this week in my half iron training

    • Simone Pillon

      As I am only a beginner I just completed this morning my scheduled workout: 3 times 3′ walking+ 15′ running. Not much I know but some Easter calories got burned anyway :)

    • BJ Withrow

      Going to put in a long slow run on Monday followed by Insanity DVD sessions.

    • DaveG

      Warm-up, Weights, Wrun.
      No bunnies, just jelly beans.

    • ward

      1.5h swim. Focus on technique. Afterwards a well deserved bullbe-bath :)

    • shmulik

      i intend to run 16k

    • M Rocks

      Ray, Longest run of the year with emphasis on the S of LSD.

    • Jamie G

      A hour of running hills around the house. I still ate too much candy

    • Hannah Stedge

      I did my long bike ride–3 hrs, 45 min!! My easter candy was a Reese’s egg! :)

    • Chris W

      I will be running 5 miles for a LSD run =) because marathon training has to start somewhere, even if it’s only 5 miles

    • Matt

      90 Z2 bike ride

    • Patrick

      My usual 8km run, followed by 3 reps of push-up of 30 in each rep, and to wrap it up with about 20-25 ab crunch using TRX….. Just to get some all round mini-workout. Cheers.

    • Pierce

      The Candy: homemade chocolate mousse pie with oreo cookie crust, coconut cake shaped like a bunny and a couple random jelly beans here and there.

      The Treatment: Sunday was 45 minutes on the trainer. Monday was 1000 yards then 3 mile run then 45 minute cross fit class.

    • Alistair

      2 hours offroad ride with my girl and a couple of her friends, and whilst they got themselves ready and went out for lunch I went for a 90min offroad run and enjoyed watching the Tour of Flanders.

    • Dan

      Due to recovery from surgery, nothing :(

    • Aimee Joy Abrazaldo

      I’ll be swimming getting ready for state meets in 2 weeks to burn off any chocolates I had eaten :)

    • Benjamin

      I just finished a 10k tempo run! And I had two delicious reeses rabbits!

    • Ben

      I think I’ll work off the easter candy by doing the Cadbury Egg Mile (similar to the Beer Mile except you eat a cadbury egg after every lap).

    • Kaare

      100k on the bike in bright sunshine, low wind and +5 degrees.

    • Tom

      2400 yard swim this evening. With a few 2 x400’s at increasing pace. Not too much candy for me this year as the wife decided to go high class and get See’s candy for the kids. More $$, less candy (they’re teenagers so they like the higher quality stuff), that means that the kids are more leery of me jacking the candy.

    • Melanie P

      A very painful 10 miles were ran/walked to make up for the Aero Lambs which were consumed.

    • Brandon Fry

      25 mile recovery bike ride.

    • Jirnsum

      Easy 5k to start Rotterdam marathon taper before heading to the airport for a transatlantic flight tomorrow

    • Theo

      Run – 11 miles, fast paced (for me) – 1 hr 30 mins.

    • John P.

      After consuming a cadbury mini egg, or two, I went out and ran a 4.4-mile fartlek. Basically, I went 90% effort for 1 minutes with 3 mins moderate effort in between.

    • Wayne Riggott

      I did my local 10k Easter Sunday run, to offset all the lindt chocolate bunnies i ate.

    • Bobo Sjökvist

      Hi, as a workout to burn some of the easter dessert I`ve been out in the sunshine and carried out my favorite work out. Running and at the same time teaching my daughter to bicycle. Great workout!

    • Dawie

      A few friends and I, from our residence at Varsity, finished a 10 day 1380km cycling trip to raise awareness for mental health this Easter. Wish I had some candy…

    • Brian

      3hr tempo ride. Those peanut M&M’s are more addictive than crack!

    • Feancis Paul Oliver

      100km ride at the DFW

    • jason pretty

      3 hour ride outside on the cross bike… going to be a cold one too since temperatures are still around freezing and the wind is howling!

    • kate

      1.5 hour ride will definitely not override the amount of candy consumed yesterday :( this week… lots of training and only bunny food… carrots and the green stuff… :) haha… Happy Easter :)

    • Marco G

      Bike 30km on my indoor trainer. Coming back from PFS injury.

    • Bob M

      45 minutes doing laps in the pool in the morning before work and a 5k run after work

    • avolas

      21K friday, 10K Saturday, 10K Sunday…. 10K Monday….

    • Ryan

      40km MTB

    • DavidS

      I haven’t eaten anything Easter related, so no need to burn more calories than other days. Today’s workouthas been a 40 minutes run in the treadmill that I didn’t enjoy at all. I had planned a long run but it was raining and a little bit colder than expected so I changed my mind, but next time I’d better run under the rain.

    • Tim Flatland

      Repeats. Lots of repeats

    • Dominika

      1h easy run tommorow

    • Mieszko

      1,5 h on my bike.

    • Mika K

      Rest day

    • Mark

      14 mile trail run to offset a bag of small Ghirardelli white chocolate squares.

    • Tim Flatland

      Repeats. Lots of repeats. Would be helpful if I had a gadget to tell me how many 😉

    • Cindie McKenna

      Ran in the Columbia River Gorge with my dog up to Larch Mtn, OR (snow included) for 4-hours, 76-degrees, so unusual for this time of year in Oregon. What a beautiful day! My son invited us for hamburgers/hot dogs, we declined and had grilled chicken.

      Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul. – Douglas MacArthur.

    • Neal

      With the steady diet of ham and pizza topped with Easter candy I will be in need of some brick training so an hour ride indoors followed by a 5 mile run!

    • Chris

      1 hour in the pool. Thanks knee pain.

    • Scott

      9 mile bike ride with my son through Garden of the Gods.

    • Randy Ashley

      did a very easy run of 3.5 miles Sunday. Had a very hard workout Saturday, and needed a easy day

    • Tom

      18K run, longest of the year so far since breaking my ankle last year

    • jon

      Easter splurge the latest in a year of splurging and lack of working out. From half ironman finisher to couch potato.Wrong direction but if anyone needs the training plan I have it for sale.

      Back on the wagon this week. 5 swims, 4 runs and hopefully trainer ride or two.

    • Ryan

      2 hour zone 2 run prior to the Easter feast, but following too much candy

    • charlie

      Five (5) tempo run.

    • Kik

      5m run prepping for my first 21K on the 21

    • Jeff D

      3 mile run & 25 mile ride. M&M eggs

    • dave buckner

      60 minutes on homemade emotion rollers

    • Jeff D

      10k on Saturday; Sunday after church 3 mile run & 25 mile ride….
      M&M eggs, lots of them…

    • Toby

      40 minute tempo run should do it!

    • Clair Stewart

      I’m on track for bike intervals. Following pyramid schedule.

    • Dan K

      Swim + Run brick – figure I’ll float and roll with the chocolate assitance

    • Zach Evans

      2.5 hour bike followed by an easy 30 minute run. Managed to squeeze in just under 50 miles on the bike and almost 4 miles on the run. Oh and the candy? You name it, I probably ate it…

    • Daniel Shinye

      4 x 1k ,1 min rest time

    • John T.

      1 hour and 20 minute run at race pace!

    • Ron Gubitz

      My first short run in awhile since coming back from a small surgery. Excited!

    • 2×20 on trainer!

    • Donald Sorah

      A few laps around town on the new Specialized Roubaix! #30DaysOfBiking

    • Stephen

      Not so much candy just an abundance of ham…

      Sunday is my rest day for the week, today was:
      2 mile warmup – easy
      3 x 1 mile – T pace (6:51) + 1 min rest
      4 x .25 mile – R pace (5:48) + 3 min rest
      2 mile cool down – easy

    • ronnie petty

      I ran 6 miles to burn off the Red Chile Chicken Enchiladas and two Coronas. What can I say, I live in Arizona

    • mark d

      Riding up Lefthand Canyon to redeem myself for the can-dy full of hoppy goodness.

    • DJA

      Double brick!

  2. Ryan Menze

    3×20 minutes tempo/ss on the trainer!

    • Tim Flatland

      Had the triple brick / long run weekend… Not so much chocolate, but made up with some serious bacon

  3. Sadly no chocolate in store, but the next big thing on my todo list is an hour of volleyball!

  4. Anthony Anicete

    6 mile run at zone 2, followed by core work using foam roller.

  5. Tuesday once the kids are at school a nice long walk/run. Glad spring break is nearly over so I can exercise.

    Tomorrow I think we’ll go for a family walk

  6. Ryan P

    5 KM steady state
    4-6 200M intervals

  7. Malcolm

    I am attempting this.
    link to

    ~90 km mostly no trails, < 4000m elevation gain and under 48 hours. Although the plan is to do it in less.

  8. Tom

    I’m gonna ride all the climb within 80km from my home.
    I’ve got the same bunnies, and kinder surprise eggs and lots of little eggs

  9. John

    Lots of Cadbury Creme Eggs will cost me a 8 mile hard run

  10. I’ll be biking up Mt. Diablo!

  11. Michael O

    I will be running again on Tuesday, 5km into work, then 5km back to a pool to do a 2km session. No work over the “long” weekend as I am curled up in bed sick with flu and eating entirely too much of my large Cadbury egg!

  12. Reiley

    My workout will be complete recovery after racing Oceanside 70.3. Likely eating Cadberry cream eggs or egg shaped Whoppers while kicking the legs up watching March madness on TV.

  13. Steve

    I’ll be busting my butt on muddy Montana spring trails trying to come out of a winter funk! FR910XT please?

  14. thija_59

    workout :
    1st day of canoe polo championship : outdoor and about 0°C. 3 matchs to play so “2 times” wet clothes to dress
    i think we’ll burn some extra Calories (easter egg or else)

  15. Chipper Nicodemus

    I’ll be doing a beautiful ride up Hawk Hill in San Francisco and will be treated with an amazing view of the city.

  16. Marc G

    6 mile tempo run to counter all the chocolate bunnies that will be devoured.

  17. David N.

    Still haven’t decided yet… But some running is definitely on the list.

  18. Len Cole

    Too much chocolate will mean a run on the treadmill melting snow makes it almost impossible to run outside

  19. Mark

    An 8 mile easy run to balance the basket full of chocolate and peeps that my 11-month-old daughter isn’t allowed to eat. . .

  20. Nicola

    I have never liked chocolate so I don’t have any Easter candy to burn up. I did a 24km run yesterday and a 50km bike ride today.

  21. Jose M

    Tomorrow it’s my rest day, no running or crosstrainig, some strech exercises and trigger point therapy!

  22. Saburo

    Did my routine run 8km, along the river Main, close to Frankfurt. Could resist to the choco-bunnies so far, but it’s a question of time. They are everywhere….

  23. Colin

    15 mile taper run before Boston.

  24. screwdriver

    Running, 15km at least. It’s white outside, cold and lots of snow – I’m not sure it’s easter….

  25. GrumpyITDude

    I just ate an entire Terry’s chocolate orange and feel sick… I too will be biking up Mt Diablo if the weather holds out (Thunderbolts and lightning at the moment)

  26. Jurgen De Bruyne

    60m slow run, to recover i’ll eat the kids fondant eggs they don’t like while watching one of the greatest cycling races “Tour of Flanders”

  27. TJ

    11.25 mile run to lead into half marathon taper week next week. Running my second half in a six week period and have lost 60 lbs since I began running at age 36.
    Easter candy culprit? Jelly beans. Lots and lots of them and even used a handful as fuel on said 11.25 miler.

  28. Ryan

    light 30min trainer session to prevent chocolate bunny rolls

  29. Jonathan

    I have a 4 day tour race coming up starting on Thursday. I think that will burn off all the extra Easter calories.

    link to

  30. Mansi Gupta

    Just started a gym membership… so its going to be a short and intense interval session on the treadmill followed by lower back stretches and basic upper body circuit.

  31. Jean-Marc

    It’s still snowing in the swiss alps this morning so it’ll be a 1h30 cross-country skiing training for me, to burn off these dark chocolate bunnies with caramelised hazelnuts (as well as the homemade brioche bunnies we made for breakfast)

  32. Dan

    I just realised that I’m entered in a 15 km trail run in a month and I’ve done no training! So, this week I’m planning running to work two days this week. It’s 8 km each way, so that’s a start!

  33. Kelden E

    I have a half marathon a few days after Easter. So I will let the chocolate bunny calories stay with me for the day.

  34. The standard at Easter is to go over to a local cousin’s house that’s about 10.5 miles away and have brunch / kids easter egg hunt. The cousin makes this really good pastry called a “Tea Ring”. It’s like a giant round Bear Claw, only tall like a bundt cake. Said cousin only makes her Tea Ring on Easter. If you miss it you wait another year. It’s packed with buttery calories so I leave an hour early and run over to their house and meet the family there. If I run fast enough I can get an early warm piece before the rest of the family arrives and then have my normal two pieces with everyone else.

    So my workout will be 10.5 miles at near race pace. (Pastry pace?)

  35. Wolf

    I’ll do a 16k run to get to my parents house, so I can then indulge without regrets…

  36. Having a day-off after having some 170 TSS:
    cycling: 10 km @ 150 W + 20 km @ 170-180 W + 10 km @ 220-230 W + 20 km @ 180 W
    running 4 x (5 min @ HR 165-170 + 10 min @ 155-160).

  37. Christine H

    A quick 4-mile dash along the Hudson River in NYC — an out-and-back starting from Columbia University and following the swim leg of the NYC Triathlon.

    Was in the middle of a chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s when I came across this page … I haven’t even touched my supply of real Easter candy yet!

  38. marian

    a 7-8 mile run to undo all the chocolate eggs i ate already.

  39. I’m doing a sprint tri on easter morning. Not sure that’s a long enough distance to work off all the chocolate though!

  40. John

    A 5 mile hill run to pay for those Reese’s Peanutbutter Eggs.

  41. Javy Olives

    2.5hr negative split run in the heat

  42. Mindz

    I am already eating chocolate and having a rest day, so I am not even trying to override any Easter-associated candy.

  43. Dmitri

    I’m starting running again now that there’s less ice on the streets. Going to use a phone app with intervals, first and easiest workout there is to walk 5 minutes (warmup) then 8 repeats of 1 min running, then 5 minutes cooldown. I’ve been too lazy this winter, sadly.

  44. Henri

    At least one hour trail run and trying to find Easter bunny’s stash :).

  45. Emre

    I’ll be jumping out of a plane about 5 times, work that reese’s bunny right off!

  46. I’ll do a 40k mountain bike ride with my girlfriend and a delicius M&M for the trail.

  47. Brian Ballard

    Just an easy run pushing my daughter in the jogging stroller…to burn off the Easter candy I stole from her basket!

  48. umberto

    5 km easy running.

  49. James

    I’ll be running 2.4km in my regular daily workout routine.

  50. Matty C

    I’m going to my attempt my first run to work – 7km – in order to pick up my bike from the office.

  51. Alex

    My usual training ride plus a few more miles.

  52. Wallace

    I’m planning to run a 10k on Monday. Hope to properly digest all the chocolate ’til then!

  53. Calvin

    6 mile run!

  54. David

    I’ll be adding some threshold running to my 20mi run tomorrow. That should take care of those bunnies…

  55. I will be partaking in several intense lunchtime rides. That’s it. For this week…

  56. There is no tradition of Easter here in Thailand.
    Anyway “Mango with Sticky Rice”- April favorite dessert in Thailand is the cause of my workout.
    Today(Sunday) I’m going to have a long run 23Km. Hope it helps.

  57. Mario Henrique de Oliveira

    Run 5k – just like I do every monday night

  58. Assaf

    no chocolate bunnies left for me :( “someone” ate them all…. as for the workout to burn those off it will be 8X400 of sprinting and 3X35min for my runs this week plus 2 sprinting workout… that’ll do!

  59. Todd

    3 hour group bike ride.

  60. Iain

    10k should cover the bunny… It’s all of the other indulgences I have to figure out how to balance! Happy Easter

  61. RunningBezz

    Nice hilly brick session in prep for IM Lanzarote in May.

  62. Drew

    6 mile run!

  63. mederic

    16 kms planned today

  64. Keith C

    Roughly 30 miles on the bike – preceded by some Creme Eggs

  65. Sunday’s activity – Riding up Glendora Mountain Road here in Southern California.

    I must ride off all of the holiday chocolate goodies. But, at least it was all dark chocolate.

    Happy Easter, everyone!

  66. Manuel Arguelles

    8 miler last long run prior to Charlottesville Marathon next Saturday

  67. Alex

    Putting my trainer in front of the TV and riding along with the Tour of (ned-didly) Flanders.

  68. Hans-Peter

    Had a 13k slow run yesterday and another 15k slow run on Monday.

  69. Andrew

    4 broken miles, though I don’t get to know until Monday ownexactly they are split up.

  70. Christina

    10 mile training run.

  71. Aaron

    Monday is a holiday here in Austria, so a nice long run, probably up Kahlenberg just north of Vienna.

  72. Carneiro

    10k in a few hours!! It’s been a while since I’d completed a 10k for the last time but now I’m pretty close to accomplishing it again. Can’t let some chocolate eggs get in the way!

  73. Jeroen

    a 20 km run in the spring-cold in Holland…

  74. Martin Smith

    A tempo ride on the trainer for an hour….should help combat the joys of helping the kids eat all the eggs :-)

  75. Timo M.

    Still have snow on the ground here, so XC-skiing for some 2 hours, or approx. 35 km (22 mi). The Easter candy I enjoyed was nougat in a real eggshell: link to

  76. steef

    since pneumonia has taken hard workouts out of the equation…a forrest walk on monday with the kids and wife most suffice.

  77. Mark L

    No easter bunnies for me, but a lot of matzah instead. nursing metatarsal pain in my left foot, i’ll be going for a bike ride hopefully.

  78. Jamie

    Two hour easy run followed by an hour in the pool later on.

  79. Torben Nørgaard Madsen

    12km easy running, it is going to be a flat course. Since real hills do not excist in denmark…

  80. Steve R

    2h30 PWR Z2 – No bunnies this year, just a couple of boring slabs :(

  81. Jase

    12km run and an arvo swim.
    Swiss chocolates (Lindt) did the damage today!

  82. Matthias

    I’ll use my standard weekend bike program in spring.
    2-3 hours road biking if the snow disappears again.

  83. Arbra

    12 km easy running with 5 short hill sprints

  84. Adam Pockett

    This Easter I’ve had more than the chocolate to contend with. After getting married yesterday there’s been plenty of food and drink! There’s a spa at our hotel and I’m planning on jumping on the treadmill later to try and burn off some of the excess.

  85. Maurits

    a 1 hr fat burning bike ride and than 3 x 15 sets of muscle crunching weight training.

  86. Going to ignore the heavy rain and go out for a 100km ride. That should help get rid of the excess chocolate!

  87. Henrik

    I’m doing a big Easter smörgåsbord lunch and then, after a couple of hours rest, the plan is to do a slow 15 km run in the sun, going around the next island.

  88. Ian Hall

    I’m going to be hitting the treadmill for some intervals.

  89. Bert

    Well I did a 95 ride out to the coast of Belgium yesterday. And today I have an easy run on my schedule, as Easter marks the beginning of my tapering for the Paris Marathon next week!

  90. Dimitri VDW

    Chocolate egg, chocolate chicken, chocolate bunny. In various sizes and flavours.

    To balance all that, i should probably run 2 marathons or so, but given the shape I’m in and the arctic temperatures that seem to last forever, i’ll stick with an easy 60 min stroll in the woods for today.

  91. RV

    Half an hour hi-pace 5 min intervals, followed by some light cycling. And this only to burn those calories from that very tasty almond-marzipan filled bread my wife made for Easter.

  92. Jaap

    I think I need to slow down on my chocolate today. Since I am recovering from an injury, training is just in small portions. Today It Will Be 6+12+18minutes of jogging.

  93. Laura Johnson

    I’ve been pretty bad today with my Malteaser bunnies (seriously try them) so a water front Sydney run tomorrow morning if my aching legs let me after a hike in the Blue Mountains today.

  94. Kaupo

    12 km easy run in snow, ice and asphalt melting beneath them (spring is coming indeed!). Chocolate eggs left over from kids (at some point they become interested only in surprise goodies in the eggs, and not the chocolate itself) in the reason.

  95. 2 hours on the trainer today. Too much chocolate…

  96. Nick Dorling

    Not eating any Chocholate – it’s bad for you :)

    But tommorow will bring a 60mile ride.

  97. Sam Medway

    Yesterday was a 10.5km steady run during my travels through Beautiful NSW, Australia. Nowhere near enough to counter my Turkish Delight Egg consumption. I’d love a power meter!

  98. Priscilla

    5k in a smooth 6:30 pace on Monday! Gotta keep it down after Easter celebrations!

  99. janerney

    got to be hill repeats on a 20% gradient climb(can’t wait).
    The sweets will probably be bunny’s(evil smile) and jelly beans. You can’t beat dem jelly beans.

  100. Lee Adcock

    5km race pace run as part of a half marathon training plan. Dark chocolate milk and chocolate Easter bunnies for pudding! Yum

  101. Martin Lind Ommen

    Thursday saturday and monday was/will be spent with different parts of the family for massive Easter lunches.

    It’s safe to say that the swim and recovery run today are needed. 😉 (along with the next week of workouts 😉 )

  102. KE

    60 min lsd follow by 3k swim

  103. Stepan

    60 pools and hour of cycling yesterday (as the warmup for), 130min of running @140BPM today, complex gym workout on Monday and hooray to Cape Verde on Tuesday (cause relaxation should be also included in the training, rignt?) :)

  104. Tom Smulders

    Riding 134km yesterday at the Tour of Flanders. Today just 40km,before watching the pros.

  105. Randy Spiessens

    My run in the afternoon will be a run as a preparation for the Antwerp Marathon for the end of April, 35K in about 2hours 45min is..

  106. On Sunday the last long Run (~25km) before Vienna City Marathon!

  107. MarcinD

    Only 30 min. easy run as there is more snow now than during last Christmas.

  108. Billy

    easy 40 min jog

  109. run and catch a fast 2 legs rabbit :-)

  110. Musette

    60 minute easy run possibly accompanied by some hamstring cramp attacks.

  111. Maxbre

    16 km easy pace…
    Ciao and Happy Eastern

  112. Andrew HUSSEY

    I’m going to consume a Cadburys Cream Egg and use it as fuel on a 120km round trip to see a race today.

  113. Matt W

    Easter’s not a big thing around here, so I’m just planning on squeezing an easy 6 miles in between a couple of holidays

  114. mariano kamp

    It is freezing cold here in Germany and so I want do do hill intervals on my bike to feel some warmth 😉

  115. Evert-Jan Borkus

    5 km interval training. In the snow apparently.

  116. Don’t celebrate Easter but did 100K ride in sultry weather of Mumbai.

  117. Lilisa

    I’ll eat a lot of easter eggs this holiday – can’t resist! But I’m thinking of running a 5k today to compensate it!

  118. Dirk

    I will do a half marathon tomorrow. Hopefully, there will a be a new PB at the end of the day.

  119. Harald

    Easy 30min run in preparation of my next half marathon

  120. Ken

    6 mile trail run, with exercise stations complete with logs, rocks etc.

  121. Rune Vegard Bakken

    Did a 50km crosscountry/nordic ski-workout yesterday. Feeling a bit tired this morning and I might just relax in the couch during RVV. Maybe I’ll just go for a short spin on my Tacx later if I’m up for it.

    • Rune Vegard Bakken

      Nevermind the last post: Did a 47km cross country/nordic ski-workout before RVV. Now I can eat those last easter-chocolates with a clear conscience;-)

  122. Haakon I

    7 km run in the rice paddies at Ubud – Bali. Amazing! No candy, but cold local beer instead.

  123. eugen

    Easy 30min run with my wife… no easter chocolate here… Yet :)

  124. Marco

    easy 30min workout

  125. Krispy

    Unfortunately, my easter workout will probably consist of driving, sitting in a chair watching other people move (ballet), stuffing my face with good italian food and then some more driving.

    I might be able to squeeze in a little run around the village (about 10 km) on monday though.

  126. Franck

    One week of holiday : no swim possible. no bike.

    Will try to run at least 3 times :
    – 30 min Z2 + 6 strides
    – Tempo : warmup + 3x1km + cooldown
    – 45min Z2

  127. Arun

    Coming off a net 6 hr SBR brick on Friday, I’ll be looking to pick things up again post Easter with an hour swim and 45 min run.

  128. Tim

    Back to back long runs (~5 hours split over two days) on Saturday and Sunday. Time on feet for ultra training.

  129. Edu

    8 km at 9 p.m

  130. t_nk

    40km bike and eat ‘soba’ yesterday
    20km run today

  131. Ville Kaskivirta

    FTP Testi

  132. Tiago

    It’s long run day and I’m doing around 20 km ( I’ve been gradually increasing the distance but it’s the longest for me so far!)

  133. Shion

    Since I’m still having a flu it will only be long(ish) walks through the snow in Berlin and some Lindor chocolate eggs to lift the mood. Once I’m recovered I’ll get back on my bike and see how far I can take it.

  134. Erik Meijer

    Today I’ll be doing a 10km run to go to my parents-in-law!

  135. jezza

    2 hours easy recovery ride

  136. Stijn

    A 23k long run on monday will do the trick

  137. Berber

    Try a long run (first time in weeks)

  138. Christian Renner

    I just came back from a 17km run.

  139. Martin A

    A 1hour run in Zone 1 in the sandpit

  140. Flippy

    45′ run workout today & going to work /w bike (2*25km)

  141. Fabian

    90 min easy run after eating a whole orange chocolate. I may need more than 90 minutes…

  142. Tim

    Tossing up between a 60km bike ride or Fitocracy’s Spark challenge workout.

  143. Thomas Funch

    Going on a 22K run in a few hours.

  144. Chamac'h


    for today, a bit of work and hopefully a nice short easy ride on the bike…

  145. Christian Kastenskov

    1 hr bike

  146. Peter

    Go down to the local athletics track and try to run a 10km PB. Seeing I never run at a track and all my training involves rolling hills I hoping this will allow me to break 50 min the first time.

  147. My usual training run but this time with my little daughter :-)

  148. 8,5 km regenerativos faltan 21 dias para el maratón

  149. Gabriel

    A great 5k Run in the snowy Park after partying hard the night before!

  150. Joe

    Three BMF sessions and a long slow run.

  151. I’ll be doing a 20k running workout to burn the torrijas

  152. Marko

    Due to bad weather 2h on trainer and a slow run after that… :)

  153. Michal

    Nearest workout would be my volleyball training.

  154. Karina

    I’ve catched af cold, so it will be a walk around the nearby lake and then recovery until tuesday with 2 hours of spinning

  155. azrul

    Just recover from an ankle injury..a nice 3km run-walk is enough for me..

  156. Kim Bo Jensen

    I’ll be doing some strength based intervals on the bike. About a minute or so uphill in the top gear 3 or four time.

  157. Gordon Binnie

    Been fighting the flu with Choc Easter Eggs and good whisky. Alarm set for 5am Monday for fell run up Ben Cruachan, (1124m, Argyll, Scotland) Vertical Km into snow and ice, with perfect weather forecast.

  158. Damien

    90 min run, z1 to z2, around Edinburgh’s hill

  159. Michael Bryan Horn

    The robin eggs, Cadbury mini eggs, Cadbury creme eggs, and reeses eggs deserves a nice two hour run ( on Monday of course). Th

  160. Chris

    Here in Munich everything is snowed, so no ride today. Instead I’ll head to the pool and hope tommorow it’s dry and a bit warmer…

    Happy Easter!

  161. Chris L

    Easy one hour Z2 spin to recover from road rash after ice related accident! Thank you Cadburys!

  162. I will after clearly over eating on choklad eggs, gummi bunnies and also consuming some Swedish Easter brew be attempting the Stockholm Urban 7 Summits challenge. Have enough carbs to go around so to say.

  163. alper

    easy recovery rides of 1 hour and some speed walking to compensate for the recent laziness!

  164. A cruisy 1h30 trail run, and then a near 3hr mountain bike ride to practice my mtb skiiiiiillzzzz!

  165. I’m about to leave for my first 10K run ever, pretty exiting!

  166. Vaclav

    Only easy runs as I am recovering from this week’s flu.

  167. Jason

    My return to running from injury continues, but Easter morning’s run saw me complete 3 miles. Though that is a far cry from what my original training plan had me completing on this day, I savored every moment of it.

  168. matt brown

    I worked out the calorie consumption and will now be walking from now until April 5th

  169. Ditte Lind Ommen

    After eating way to much GOOD danish easter-food. The only thing to do is Run. Run till I drop.

  170. der Nathan

    I’ll be popping out for a run for a couple of hours (26km). Not so much to burn off Easter Chocolate, more to get away from the in-laws!

  171. Cato

    I ran 20km around the Sydney CBD, the Harbour, the Botanicals Gardens taking in all the sights on a glorious sunny Sydney morning. So happy to be back with family and friends in my home town for Easter that if it burns off none of the Haighs chocs I ate today – I won’t care a bit!

  172. Daniel

    Long 2:30h trail run to burn as much calories as possible. Bad thing was, that I bought just before Easter the book “Racing Weight” by Matt Fitzgerald and I actually exactly did what I’m not supposed to do: Eat tons of chocolate!

  173. DanielS.

    Trying to do 20 fast kilometers; think could be hard after all the things to eat!

  174. Massi

    I will be running this afternoon 18 miles to support my desire to eat Chocolate during Easter.

  175. Erika

    5 KM at T3 before easter lunch… Just to be on the safe side of things 😀

  176. Marcel

    I’ve pre-burned some chocolat eggs with a 15K run yesterday and will do some burning tonight with a 75 minute rowing excercise.
    HAPPY EASTER to everyone !! (no White Christmas last year, but a White Easter this year here in NL :-) )

  177. Marcello

    A simple run in the park: today in Italy seems to be Spring.. and tomorrow winter again :(

  178. Pierluc T.

    Little hiking in the mountain with my wife.

  179. René

    Here, in switzerland, it’s stille snowing/raining. So I think I will go for a little swim workout in one of our indoor swimming pools (2-3km)

  180. Alan

    20km trail run through the beautiful trails along Middle Harbour, Roseville, Sydney Australia.

  181. Rudy

    Looks like today is the only sunny day in a rainy series that is not over yet. So I’m going to jump on the bike and ride as fast as I can for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

  182. Seank

    30 min easy run – no where near sufficient enough to offset Easter lunch and Ronde celebrations.

  183. Mike B

    5 miler.

  184. Tomislav

    16k easy. Hope the rain will stop.

  185. Jodi

    16 weeks preggo here.. so I’ll be walking or swimming… and saving the Garmin for September!

  186. Simon P

    20-25km run on the trail. Not so much to work off any chocolate I have eaten but more to avoid the three sugar high boys who did eat all the chocolate. 3 hours of peace and quiet.

  187. Arend

    1 hour 45 min run steady pace with a slight negative split.

  188. Tabatha

    Going to head outside on this beautiful spring day for a 10K run with hubby 😉

  189. Gary O'Brien

    90 minutes Power workout on the turbo trainer before work. While watching The Biggest Loser. The perfect motivation for when those imaginary hills get too tough

  190. A walk with the dogs is all I need now happy Easter Ray

  191. Leo Flindall

    A gentle run round the local running track following a 6 week break for a knee injury!

  192. Priya

    An hour of running and some strength training

  193. Amy J

    ran 9mi the day before Easter since we’ll be traveling on the holiday. jelly beans, of course!

  194. Phillip Partridge

    Only running 6 km instead of my normal 12 km as i’m recovering from a virus that has kept me at home and not running for over 2 weeks.

  195. A 2-hour ride on a Saturday followed by a 2.5-hour ride on a Sunday. Both at steady pace 90-95 rpm.

  196. Colleen

    10 mile easy run

  197. Mohamed Hanifa

    2 hours of swimming followed by 10k slow run.

  198. Matt

    Ran a 10 miler yesterday in 1:17 as a tune up for next weekends 10 mile race.

  199. Rhona. Dempsey

    A nice easy four miles with my Bro Mike D. by the river Lee. :o)

  200. af5ive

    I will be doing a 3x 0.75 mile run, .025 mile walk in the morning followed by spin class in the evening.

  201. JD

    40minutes tempo run

  202. Amanda

    I’ll be going to the gym on Monday to do a short run, some elliptical, and maybe some weights.

  203. Monte

    An easy 10k.

  204. Jon C

    2 hours easy run, followed by gorging my self on chocolate.

  205. Luca S

    Unfortunately, I’m recovering from an injury and the workout was short (10km mtb) and light (3’30″/km)

  206. I just ate a lot of easter cake, which is kind of a typical habit in my family (it’s a huge flat cake shaped in a rabbit with a lot of delicately bitter chocolate glaze and many smarties on it)

    To burn it I will do a 40-50k time-trial workout with my new 3T Bars :)

    Happy easter everybody!

    – Lennart

  207. Dustin

    13.1 mile run on Sunday! Ran my first marathon a couple weeks ago and loved it.

  208. After running 3 days in a row on treadmill I was hoping to go out today, but with crappy weather I’ll stay in and do 100min @ 150HR

  209. Mike Graham

    As a result of lots of chocolate, and tomorrow(Monday) being a public holiday in Australia I will be doing a 17km run then instead of today. Was supposed to be doing it with a mate, but he piked!

  210. Marc Michals

    PEEPS PEEPS made me do it. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH 30 mile cycling Virginia Beach’s Cape Henry and oceanfront. BTW Mr. DCrainmaker… Thanks for the tip on the 910 … bought thru Clever Training… have my eye on the Fenix. Thanks for all you do! -M

  211. Couple of hours on bike after breakfast on Monday. It’s our tradition, but this evening the snow storm is coming to Warsaw, so maybe we’ll change it to cross country skiing :)

  212. I did a 36Km trail run in sandy pinewoods just to get some space for the Easter lamb.

  213. Richard McDowell

    No workout on Sunday but Easter Saturday saw an off-road Olympic distance tri in Pokhara, Nepal. Missed out on first place by under a minute but did come away with an engraved knife!

  214. Jim P

    Just completed the Ironman Oceanside 70.3 so I could eat a chocolate bunny and not have to worry about it!

  215. TriAbel

    I’m afraid a workout isn’t going to happen for me in the next few days…

  216. Richard McDowell

    No workout on Sunday but Easter Saturday saw 2nd place in an off-road Olympic distance tri in Pokhara, Nepal.

  217. Glenn M

    A 30km bike ride with a 8km run – Brick session. Getting ready for my biggest Triathlon to date next Saturday.

  218. I’m not sure it will counteract the multitude of chocolate eggs and buttons I’ve consumed, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do anything more than a long slow plod down the Thames path for 25-ish km.

  219. Chris

    Usual track session consisting of 10 sets of 400m. To celebrate Easter, let me add in a lap of bunny hops! Hope that doesn’t kill the quads!

  220. Thomas Eklund

    25k cross-country skiing after too much chocolate

  221. Today’s workout will be 5 * 15 min Z1-2/5min Z3

    This should work off those Lyndt that I will eat later 😉

  222. Mary Alice F.

    Some yoga today then a long bike ride tomorrow.

  223. Nur Aqilah Ismail

    Daily (at least) 5k runs next week at easy pace… leading up to my first ever half-marathon on Sunday 7th (also my birthday, yay!)

  224. Ciaran

    30 minute 5k run steady pace then into the kayak for a pyramid sprint session.

  225. C Goodman

    Just eating chocolate as I’m tapering for Paris marathon next weekend.

  226. Stephan Postmus

    1.5hrs on the bike. 5*5min Z4 intervals with the remainder in Z2.

    Have a great Easter.

  227. Franko

    easy 1 hour run & 20 min core workout. :-)
    happy easter!

  228. Tom

    Since 2 AM is snowing heavily in Czech republic (from 0 cm to 25 cm so far) so probably I wil go shovel the snow …

  229. Mathias

    35K cycling and 6K run today (sunday).. Monday a 7.5K run.

  230. Daniel

    4x500m swimming today and 2.5 hours biking tomorrow

  231. Suzanne's out running

    3 mile run today

  232. Matteo

    12 km easy run……Happy Easter to everyone from Italy!

  233. Abhineet

    Did a 4.5 hour timed workout on hills, approximately 20 miles of complete altitude training, which included mostly climbing and trekking through deep woods, this was as part of my saturday workout…followed up with a sunday workout of 1.5 hours of steps training, did approximately 1000 steps in the duration as part of my drills…and then did a tempo paced 3 mile workout as part of the same drill !!!

  234. Mine will be a 100km running week, with probably a 30km run next Sunday. That should help get rid of all that Milka chocolate I just ate/am eating/will eat 😉

  235. Michele

    45 minute easy run

  236. Magnus

    2 hr trail run along the coast and streams near my old folks, with loads of snow and mud – was great!

  237. Tom

    I’ll guess I will be burning Easter breakfast with easy 40 min jogg.

  238. Jan Venglarcik

    I joined the Strava Spring Classic Challenge from Specialized and it starts on Monday – it means 1319km of riding in April 😉 So I can use some of these gadgets to record it 😉

  239. luca

    My training today has been 21km steady running, but no training is suited to melt all the food we consume in Italy, and specifically in Campania region, on Easter!

  240. Markus

    3h Z2 indoor biking, weather in vienna isn’t very well this days…

  241. Trent

    6 x 10 min intervals on the trainer.

  242. Ritika

    having completed a sprint triathalon last sunday in 2hrs 40 mins, this sunday is all about staying in bed and reading Steve Job’s biography.

  243. manfred rotgers

    10k run preparing for 21k in a month

  244. Alfredo

    Slow run 1h20’…. Won’t compensate breakfast but it will be ok for Easter 😉

  245. Jed

    It’s finally sunny and warmish ( read not freezing) in Maine and due to the extensive old school jelly bean eating that has occurred I’m doing a bike and run brick after lunch…. 15 mile bike and 3 mile run

  246. Julian Stockwell

    60 min Sandhills session – 30 min OWS session over 1000 cal…..just enough for at least 2 Lindt bunnies :)

  247. Bring my brother out to his longest ride (his 5th ride on his new road bike) 60k then ran 5k hard with him around the lake. Got him hooked on triathlon and helped him to forget about recent sad happenings in his life. Triathlon is the way to go.

  248. Conor Dolan

    I’ll be doing a cold and windy 20mile cycle, really need an indoor trainer!

  249. David

    Did a 16.54 km run from my apartment bouilding to city park and back…after party = 2hours of crossfit.

  250. john

    we celebrate 3 days for easter in Indonesia, begining on friday to sunday
    so this is what i did today (no chocolate bunny, but yes.. a lot of dirty meals)

    morning : plyometric cardio circuit 30 minutes
    afternoon : core cardio and balance 40 minutes
    all by Insanity program

    Hope thats enough to just balance the calorie surplus
    we ll see

  251. Zac

    Ran 7.2 miles on Sat and will be following up with a Insanity workout on Sunday night (plyocardio circuit)

  252. Joe Zairo

    Hike 5 or 6 miles with my wife.

  253. Heather Dodds

    Easter Sunday treats:
    Home made hot cross bun

    Easter Sunday feats:
    10 mile run around the Rock and Roll Half marathon route in Edinburgh ahead of my first half marathon in 2 weeks time.

    Easter Sunday greats:
    It is sunny and dry in Edinburgh for the first time in at least a month!

  254. Joyce U

    Go for a run!

  255. Edd' Gūs

    Actually before the Easter I was planning to do 12k with substantial variations, however everything went not as I expected after some chocolate bunnies beat the crap out of me :D, and so now I’ll do 8k run to the lake 1k swimming lap and will try to sweat those 8k back slightly faster than before the swim. You know those tricky bunnies, I’ve never trusted those guys… 😀

  256. Carlton

    18 mile long run – outside finally!

  257. I did a 15k trail race yesterday on a pretty awesome/tough course. This AM before the festivities have a chance to derail my plans I’ll log a handful (3-5) of miles to loosen up and prepare for the training week ahead.

  258. Craig chapman

    Long long long run in prep for my first marathon,then into training for my first ultra marathon…….oh and cadburys creme eggs are to blame,thank you please

  259. Just getting back into things after a breakthrough performance (for me!) in San Juan 70.3 so I’ll be doing a 1:30 hour run, leisurely pace with friends and some strength training.

  260. Tucker

    77 mile road/off road ride with lots of climbing.

  261. James Nguyen

    20k time trial

  262. Peter Sumner

    Swim workout as I buggered my foot in my local half marathon last week. 300m warm up followed by 20 x 100m sprints with 15 seconds rest then a 200m warm down. Fun Fun!

  263. David

    Did a 16.54 km run from my appartment bouilding to city park and back with my good friend Suunto Ambit. After party = 2hours of crossfit.

  264. Keith Rousseau

    Just doing a 7 mile EZ run

  265. Leiba

    Planning for an easy 7 mile run

  266. TT Brown

    10 mile bike time trail followed by a 5k run to prepare for my 1st triathlon next Wednesday

  267. My workout for the day is a 6h alpine ski session, and the cause of my candy hangover is chocolate eggs filled with cream 😉

  268. Vito

    1 hour session on the trainer with Trainerroad.
    Italian pastries will be my Easter treat.

  269. Walter

    For some weird reason we have 2 Xmas-days and 2 Easter-days in Holland. This year we have a snowy Easter :-). On the second Easterday (tomorrow) I will run a 10k Easterrace. Hopefully I win some Easter-cheese. Today we are eating chocolate eggs and chickenegg, all brought to us by the Easterbunny.

  270. Will be running a short 3 miles later tonight. Cadbury Creme Eggs are by far my biggest weakness. Thankful they are only around this time of year!

  271. jvecer

    the plan was 2 hours trail running but today i woke up with sore throat so i’ll stay in bed :-(

  272. Soccer machine

    1hr Crossfit workout followed by 10k run…first half ironman this year!!

  273. Theo Renkum

    Today I did my second to last long(35Km) run before my first marathon. Tomorrow I will do a short pre eastern bunny eating run of 10K. My mom will prepare brunch so I have no clue what I will be having.
    I would like to have one of the garmin cycling computers. Because of the training for the marathon my swimming and cycling got kind of downsizes. I will be making longer tours and the 910 just isn’t such a nice routing watch.

  274. Mike P

    18 miles on ft. Lewis mountain. (Mtb)

  275. Alexandre Gonçalves

    Sadly, not that much training lately. My foot have been not that great, and it have been snowing so…. I have been doing a round of insanity, going for week 4, its fun i it also gives some cardio preparation so… Seems ok :)

  276. Tom Blackburn

    Well, today is Sunday, so it’s my rest day!!! No training today then I’ve a relatively easy recovery week next week. Lots of triathletes seem to forget the importance of rest and recovery so I’m calling it out here!

  277. Vidal

    10 mile run with some hills and beach! One of my favorites!

  278. Gary

    Looks like a treadmill run. Love the reviews by the way.

  279. Abdul Halim

    A slow bike ride of 20km to work tomorrow morning followed by a short 30 mins swim during lunch. That should be enough I guess ….. –

  280. Michael Swann

    If the weather’s nice enough, attempt Mount Lofty. If not, a 6km jog/walk in 50 minutes or thereabouts.

  281. Bogdan Iacob

    did an UpRun Race yesterday..easy run today

  282. Carolyn

    3 mile run in the park. Chocolate covered Peeps! Blast those things! A new creation since lat Easter – and oh so yummy!

  283. Kristof

    I’m tapering before saturday ultra. My workout is to eat well and get rest during steady runs followed by core with foam roller.

  284. Gary Nolan

    Looks like a treadmill run. Love the reviews by the way!!!!!

  285. Nicole richards

    800m repeats…did them last week for the first time and now I’m hooked! Didn’t help that my runkeeper app didn’t track the run!! What candy didn’t put me here, twix, Reese’s peanut butter eggs, snickers? You name it ill eat it! Hoppy Easter!

  286. Mike

    Racing Nautica SoBe!

  287. Gary Nolan

    Looks like a treadmill run.

  288. Niklas von Maltzahn

    10km recovery run after doing PB at the Two Oceans half marathon yesterday

  289. Gary Nolan

    Treadmill. Dreadmill.

  290. Matej Kajinic

    mountain bike training 25km, trail running 14km and just simply walking in nature enjoying the view :)

  291. Niklas von Maltzahn

    10km recovery run after doing PB at the Two Oceans half marathon yesterday.

  292. kyle

    3.8k indoor swim! looks like a freezing day in calgary…

  293. Chan Ming Siu

    30 mins high intensity interval

  294. Running every day between 20 and 30k, though there is enough space for candy and cake :mrgreen:

  295. Jeremy Wang

    Long run of 10 miles as I prep for brooklyn half marathon. Going to have a bit of chocolatewith my coffee this morning and some jelly beans later today! Happy Easter!

  296. Carolyn B.

    40k ride up MacArthur, hopefully before the rain comes in. Dark chocolate with sea salt was well worth it though. Happy Easter!

  297. Harry

    I enjoyed to many of those stuffed little easter eggs. So this morning me and my pal went for a 30 km MTB ride to get rid of the cobwebs and the calories……

  298. Antonio Cruz

    I’ve just finished a Marathon 2 weeks ago, so i’m just starting a new block for a 10k race in late May. This week i’ll start doing 10 x 400m.

  299. Harry

    Knee rehab exercises, 2 mile jog, 1hour trainer ride.

  300. Chmouel

    long run trying to build distnce after being away due of injuries

  301. James Johnston

    12 km run home following a 12 hour shift in a hospital emergency department after eating two Caramel Koalas during my shift

  302. Ligia

    My training will be 15km run for the first time in my life….so the tasty Easter Bunny icecream I ate today will fuel me in finishing the 15 km run..:)

    Happy Easter everyone!

  303. Cecile olson

    Pyramid workout, 1×400, 1×800, 1x 1000, 1×1600 with warm up and cool down

  304. Martin

    Did visit the chocolate pusher yesterday so I have lined up a 3.5h brick session today to compensate.

  305. jonathan Harris

    2600 meter swim
    3 mile easy
    Reese’s eggs are the best

  306. DaRoiT

    Hitting the pool tomorrow morning at the uni, smashing 2k crawl-non-stop!

  307. Champ Phetiam

    Went for MTB ride today, after the ride some random girl came over to me and offered me some of her GIANT, dinosaur egg size Easter chocolate. She claimed that it was Belgium chocolate.

  308. easter hunt done. easter eggs eaten. 2h30 run needed to clean it 😉

  309. amanda abbott

    Going out for my longest run ever, injury free to get ready for my first 1/2……8 miles before Church this a.m…and looking forward to some Peanut Butter eggs!!! Yay!!!

  310. Andrew Collins

    There may or may not have been a few extra mini reecies consumed. Regardless there is an 8 mile long run in my future this morning! Happy Easter!

  311. christ

    4x1mile repeates

  312. Krzysiek

    Today only 3,5 km. Still recovering after knee surgery.

  313. James White

    Just a recovery run after yesterday’s progressive long run, just 5 weeks until Salzburg Marathon

  314. David Fernandes

    In Portugal tradition demands a big family reunion for the Sunday lunch. Roated lamb is the main course, followed by lots of deserts. I’ll need at least a marathon to burn all, but I’ll only go for a 20 km run 😉

    Happy easter for all

  315. Daniel

    I’ll be doing 5x 10 minutes running with a 2 minute walking break. Still recuperating from an injury…

  316. Jon C.

    14 k, zone 2, chocolate bunny burning run!

  317. Damien McConchie

    After a month of very little post a good Olympic distance tri and reading posts on this competition I am feeling inspired to hit a good 40km hard ride up and down the local banana hills and trails. Will probably hit a frozen choc coated banana or two at the end!

  318. Henry

    I’ll be paddling on the surfboard on a flat lake.

  319. Emmanouil

    After the 56Km, b2b runs, today 5Km walking:-)
    Happy Easter!

  320. IzzyODT

    I have a really taff week coming ahead in my job so I’m already preparing my self for it.
    Training will continue in two weeks ;-(

  321. Chris L

    First outdoor ride of the season (finally!) to fight off the Reese’s peanut butter eggs.

  322. Luc

    Sadly, Easter chocolate will be postponed for a bit as I’m off to a 10k race this morning here in Quebec, Canada. It’s -2C outside so my chocolate will be consumed drinked after the race. Thanks for the new giveaway!

  323. Chris Thompson

    I’m hoping to takemy son to the playground later and use part of the play scape for my workout.

  324. Tim

    24K easy marathon training!

  325. Marge

    Training for the Women’s Nike 1/2 Marathon in DC — April 28 (it’s my second 1/2). Schedule calls for 4 miles today. Also training for the Mountain Goat run in Syracuse … Training run yesterday – 6 miles …oh those hills were tough to conquer which reminded why not to eat those most delicious Cadbury creme eggs!!!

  326. hmmm chocolateee, vanilaa chocolatee, vanilaa ice cream is good after a long cross country ride. 40k ride to catch the easter bunny in the jungle. and eat some more vanilaa chocolatee.

  327. Eric

    Rode the tri bike for the first time this season yesterday for 2 hours.

  328. zazo

    3 miles of trail running and followed by 2 hours on trainer. Though I haven’t eaten too much chocolate. 😀

  329. Greg

    Workout: 8 mile easy run tomorrow morning with strides after.
    Culprit: Jellybeans and Reese’s Reester Bunny

  330. Bradley Baker

    ok, here’s the deal. Don’t eat the bunny!! That’s the best way to overcome the fear and anxiety. As for me, a quick 3 mile easy run before I do my last serious workout tomorrow before my half marathon next weekend (make sense?).

  331. Fred

    I’m going to do some insanity work at home

    Definatly some chocolate and Maple sirup to burn.

  332. davide (@ddddaveede)

    5 min warm up, followed by a 10 km quite fast, and the 10 minutes cool down.
    and no chocolate for these week 😉

  333. Alice

    Having had generous helpings of my mom’s delicious chocolate+orange Easter cake, I’d be heading to the swimming pool for at least 1 km of backstroke (can’t do any other discipline after my accident)

  334. MartialMax

    Well, because tomorrow is also holiday and the weatherforcast promiss that the Sun will shine, i will take a 100 km + ride on my bike.

  335. Henrik Damslund

    Ray…. I’ll be starting with a ½ Trail marathon tomorrow, then on Saturday I will run 60k trail from the South of the Danish Isle – Bornholm to the North of the Island, in af race from Lighthouse to Lighthouse.
    3 weeks after I will return to Bornholm and run a 50 mile Trail ultra with approx. 2600hm – followed by a 2 day 50k orienteering run with a buddy… So I NEED some new gear to play with.
    Thanks for an excellent blog.

  336. David C

    I will be doing an easy 3 mi run after moving my long 8 mi run up to yesterday so I could better enjoy Easter. No chocolate for me but I might eat a Peep or two, I apparently am the only family member that likes them so I take one for the team.

  337. MG

    Plan is 1.5h on the road bike with about 30min of hill repeats, back for coffee and a little bit of 85% dark chocolate that’s left over :-)

  338. Jeff Timleck

    10K easy breezy run with the Misfits.

  339. Monica

    For eating a chocolate bunny (who was smiling by the way) I will do a 2 mile walk then strength training with stretching and foam rolling. Happy Easter!!

  340. Tyler

    Sucker for Cadbury Eggs.

    I’ll be doing strength and speed, with 400m intervals, interspersed with burpees and pullups during the recovery intervals. Half an hour to 45 minutes.

  341. Charles Lee

    Sadly, with the daughter away at college, the Easter bunny will not be visiting us this year. I will, however, be doing a 5 mile back country road loop to see how all of the critters are doing this fine Easter morning.

  342. Christian Denton

    Suffering indoors with Blender.
    Peanut butter eggs are my weakness…

  343. A 20 miler in preparation for the New Jersey Marathon on May 5th.

  344. James

    No running for the next few weeks as I broke a toe on the Tuesday, so for the start of this week a cross training session in the pool for an hour is in order.

  345. Christian Denton

    Suffering indoors with Blender.
    Peanut butter eggs are my weakness.

  346. Brian Fox

    Just strapping my shoes on to knock out a 14mi trail run.

  347. Lester LI

    Hill runs!

  348. Very easy run, almost no chocolate consumed!

  349. Fr. Br.

    three hours spinning by watching the „De ronde van Vlaanderen”

  350. Eric Appel

    Recovery run after nice ten miler yesterday. Half marathon next Sunday

  351. Limegren

    Easter! Time to eat Cadbury eggs till I’m sick! Then 6 miles easy tomorrow as a recovery..

  352. David Hale

    It still feels like winter here in Belfast, but it’ll be an Easter Monday start to my cycling season, so it even more than Easter fat I’ll be trying to burn off!!

  353. Magnus Högberg

    30 minutes cross trainer is on the schedule for today.

  354. Dawid Alama

    After 3 month training of every day I will do 12 km easy run in forest 😉 happy ester

  355. rookie

    – 90K bike (3 x 30min. BT) + 1h steady run.
    followed by
    – 2 chocolate eggs
    followed by
    – the ears of the Chocolate bunny (The same 200g as Ray’s)

  356. John

    Was supposed to be an easy 1-hour ride in the hills, but after an aerobar mechanical failure cut yesterday’s long ride down to 15 miles, I’m going to see if I can squeeze in 3 hours plus a transition run before coming home to see what the Easter bunny delivered.

  357. Sean Grube

    12 mile run for me today – then a big Easter lunch

  358. Toby

    30mile bike

  359. stephan

    12 mile run…

  360. Dawid Alama

    After 3 month training of every day I will do 12 km easy run in forest. happy ester

  361. Bill Fish

    Just a easy bike ride today. Still recovering from yesterday’s 15K trail run

  362. Tomas

    Just finished my cholocate bunny and today’s workout is gonna be 2 hours of cross-country skiing

  363. Robert Olasz

    10k easy run was today and strenght training tomorrow, before the swim on Tuesday. Happy Easter to all!

  364. Dave

    Easy 80km ride followed by 9km tempo run. Plus eating, lots and lots of eating!

  365. Toomas

    1h-run + 2h walk should do it.

  366. Reeses PB Eggs!! So much better than the regular ones!

    I ran 16 miles on trails yesterday and I am following it with 10 more today.

  367. Jared

    66 miles on the road bike…

  368. Amber S.

    5 AM 1300 meter speed swim with 6 x 75 m sprints as main set!

  369. Joe

    60 mins. on the bike trainer, then 45 min run on this beautiful Easter morning!

  370. Going for 10km cross country run in snow, hills and (I hope) frozen lake.

  371. Jake

    Nice easy one hour spin on Monday then on Tuesday I have a lactate threshold test scheduled (hoping for 300 watts)

  372. van de put Jan

    Currently watching tour of Flanders on tele while enjoying some chocolate eggs, this evening da slow rum over 6,5 km

  373. Brian

    Ughhh … I’m working and then painting the house. So, I guess that is some lame weight lifting like event.

  374. Jeremy L.

    10 mile tempo run at the Cherry Blossom race next weekend.

  375. Myria

    Fortunately (or sadly, depending on my mood) the closest thing to chocolate in the house are Builder’s Bars and protein powder.

    Sunday is my rest day, but tomorrow it’ll be back at the gym for twenty minutes on the elliptical, twenty on the step machine, twenty on yet another kind of elliptical, a five mile run on the treadmill, and, later, four or five miles of walking (or, depending on how ambitious I feel, running) the dog.

    To be honest I prefer lift days to cardio days, I guess I’m a bodybuilder at heart, but, eh, both are important, so that’s what my Mondays and Fridays are for.

  376. Rick Recker

    I have an easy pace 12 mile run this morning. My diet today will consist almost entirely of ham and black jelly beans.

  377. Håvard Nordahl

    I´ve had the shin splints for some while, could hardly run. Rested and didnt run for a couple of months, and started on a easy running program. Since christmas i have now run almost 200 km without any pain, and im now gonna run of som calories from the easter eating.

  378. Pavel

    Will make a off-road trip from Jerusalem to Dead Sea on my bike.. ;-))

  379. Robert mcmillan

    I’m actually going to start training tomorrow, now that weather is hopefully breaking in Boston!!!

  380. Brendan R.

    Training for the Boston Marathon, a 16 miler at 7:50 ish pace, followed by 3-5 minutes of standing waist deep in the 43 degree Fahrenheit Atlantic Ocean. By the way, Cadbury Mini Eggs are the culprit!!

  381. Not eat the candy in the first place, avoiding the issue, then riding to work (45 miles) tomorrow.

  382. Gilles Dessureault

    55 minutes run

  383. Brenden

    2 hour long run!

  384. Brian G.

    I have kids a na my wife and I have been “sampling” the candy for the past few days. Sunday’s workout is a 2 hr. trainer ride with 6×6 min at Z4-5a builds with 4×30 sec. spin up’s. That should get rid of anything remaining (Ham dinner included). Happy Easter!!

  385. Brett Cole

    10 mile Sunday Run – 20 min warm up; 2×15:00 @ 6:00 pace, 5:00 recovery after each; 10 min cool down

  386. Andrew

    7 miles on the trails at Great Falls, VA (your hometown).

  387. gb

    1 hour bike. 15 minute run.

    Burning off brunch!

  388. Had 6 on the calendar but going for 10 instead!

  389. Michael K

    15k this morning, should give me peace of mind for the rest of the day. Tomorrow is another day of chocolate eating :-)

  390. Paul

    Easy recovery day, walk to stretch the legs and hopefully burn off a few chocolate eggs.

  391. Gary Webster

    I have been consuming a range of Easter eggs with my son Alex. He won the competition to eat a packet of mini eggs the quickest so I have a 10k run to do to burn off the 800 or so calories I ate. :)

  392. Natalie Mungenast

    20 weeks pregnant, prior to which I lost nearly 50lbs taking up running :) will make attempts at completing a 6 mile run to combat the effects of sweet tarts, sour patch kids, jelly beans, and star bursts (all of which I ate last night while filling hundreds of eggs for the egg hunt!) and then there’s the bunny…. The yummy, solid chocolate bunny…..eyeing me down as we speak….. RIP mr bunny, RIP :)

  393. Lars

    Well, I actually managed to steer clear of the easter candy – so far. And as it’s still snowing over here, I had no bad conscience cutting my easter sunday workout short to an easy 5-miler. It’ll be recovering on the couch the rest of the sunday…

  394. Kevinm

    Back on the trainer to work off the hot cross buns.

  395. Martin S.

    8km run followed by 45min cycling. The main reason are two chocolat bunnies, twenty chocolat eggs and probably some other sweet things I don’t have a name for.

  396. 18 mile run on Friday for the last long run before Boston, then a 20 mile bike on Sunday.

    Then, cant wait to have all the best Easter candy. Nerd Jelly beans, swedish fish jelly beans, and sour patch kid jelly beans.

    Yeah, they are all that good

  397. Andjelko

    It’s still cold in Croatia so this week is my choice elliptical trainer, but next week will be interval running or bike

  398. Scott

    Going to run to my mothers house (12 miler descending miles 3-6, 8-11) then shower up and eat, eat, eat! I also ride 50 miles yesterday – first day on the road, yea spring. Happy Easter!

  399. Willem Wijnans

    60km easy ride planned for today, my feet will get a hot bath (5 degrees C atm here in Amsterdam). Burn: all this bread I consumed with peanutbutter / applesyrup

  400. david

    Did a 90 minute run this weekend, aiming for 100 next Sunday

  401. 10K recovery run.

  402. Phil G

    Long ride with some of the family

  403. Lynn in MD

    I’ll be attempting to run… been rehabbing my knee, so we’ll see how that goes.

  404. Rai

    2 hours on the rollers (for the first time in about a year), complete with broken saddle. Figuring the bad balance and saddle crack will stop me from reaching for the bunnies mid workout!

  405. Cameron

    1 hour Bike followed by a 30 minute run with strides every 5 minutes. It’s the jelly beans.

  406. Bonny

    1.5 hr step up run with 3 minute surges–in the rain! Jelly beans. It’s always the %#* jelly beans!

  407. Mike

    Easter morning quick 7 mike run done!

  408. 109km Sunday morning ride devastated me – but now fully revived thanks to Easter Egg filled with chocolate buttons!

  409. I’ll be getting a 2 hour bike ride in Z2 with 4 or 5 intervals of 7 minutes in Z4 thrown in throughout the workout. Preparing for Ironman 70.3 Raleigh! That and burning off some of the Paddy’s Lucky Loaf from Great Harvest Bread Company I ate yesterday!

  410. Elizabeth C

    A six mile run brought on by Haribo gummy bunnies.

  411. Uri Nizan

    I have an MTB race on Friday.
    I’m sure it’ll do to burn off the extra calories from Passover dinner.

  412. Jacob

    A 16.7K run progressively in hilly terrain. Die bunny, die.

  413. Jennifer Scales

    Recovery run after a race yesterday. Plus lots of Jelly Bellys.

  414. Deanna

    3 1- hour trainer sessions spread around eating Cadbury mini-eggs. I have three short sessions as my broken arm starts to swell at the 45/50 min mark.

  415. Razvan Radu

    6 km intervals run + 15km cycling and this will compensate half of the candy …

  416. katie

    Long slow run after eating lots of homemade low carb peanut butter eggs.

  417. Keith Christopher

    As i transition into running barefoot. My exercise is to rest my calves from yesterday run… Hurrah for the bunnies though!

  418. Brynjulf Spalder

    Completet a tour of the island Mallorca. Covering 313km in 10hrs 45min. All part of our teams training towards Trondheim-Oslo. A 540km team bike race.

  419. Jim

    Started my plan to devour a pound (two half pound cups) of Reese’s peanut butter cups on Saturday.

    First, up at 5:00 to drive down, warm up, and run the 35th annual Creacent City Classic 10k (PR 40:53!), quick one mile warm down, then am easy 60 minute trainer spin the off to bed. Up Easter morning at 6:30, 30 minute recovery run followed by 2.5 hour bike with long intervals at HIM pace.

    Done by 10:30 (hoping), and hoping to do it all without eating more than 500 cals so that the gluttony can commence. Those cups pack a lunch (2000 plus kcals), but damn it is going to be worth it.

  420. Stewart

    Been traveling for work for the last three months and next week will be my first week home so I am planning on at least one 25 mile ride on a real bike..

  421. Cesar Vence

    My gf ate all the chocolate. 10 mile run, getting ready for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler next week.

  422. Orn

    Probably a 30m ride and ascent of Great Blue Hill, which I believe still has skiers on the slopes. No candy, but I might have a Stewart’s Key Lime Soda: 46g of sugar in a 12-oz bottle!

  423. Julian

    Intervall-training 7×1000

  424. Dominic

    Baby lifting and baby buggey walking! haha! Can’t wait to start training again…I mean none baby related!

  425. John S

    Today is my rest day, except maybe for an easy 20-minute spin. I ran 11 miles yesterday and am planning 4 tomorrow in preparation for a 10-miler next Saturday.

  426. David

    No candy but doing a 7-8 mile run to make room for Easter dinner.

  427. Tom

    Regrettably I’ve been put in the unenviable position of having to finish my Sister’s easter eggs as she’s emigrated – one of those burdens one has to take in one’s stride…

    To try and combat the chore of cleaning up after her, I’ll be upping the road biking (especially since Spring looks like it actually might’ve arrived) this week – resting the running legs in preparation for the Paris marathon next weekend (excited!!)

  428. Bicycle
    Push the 53 hard for 40 sec/recover 20 sec for 10 min then spin easy for 5 min (4x)

    Find a hill, and then charge it standing for 30 sec, coast back down. Charge it sitting for 30 seconds repeat 6 times. Take a break. Do it again, and then ride home.

    The culprit…. I want to be faster, however I’ve no Issue blaming the (ONE) “REESE’S Peanut Butter Egg” for the bonus points. 😀

  429. Tord

    The snow is finally gone and the roads are dry.

    I will do my best to fit in a long bike ride unless the winter is returning.

  430. marieclare

    Despite having slight tension in my achilles, after eating peanut M & M’s for breakfast the only thing I could do afterward is go for a wee run! Happy chocolatey Easterness everyone! :-)

  431. With my sport fasting behind it I am like mad to t sports. Yesterday, a bosloop 8.92 km in 44.40 seconds. Of 98.9 kg in January to 81.3 kg yesterday. Tomorrow we walk off the Easter chocolates with 12.5 km at least. 80 kg is my goal. Fine new gadget for running or cycling would be perfect.

  432. Alex R

    Chocolate is now a luxury in recession hit Britain but running hasn’t been taxed (yet) and a 10k race in Calne, Wiltshire, England means I can have some bread and water.

  433. Christian Denton

    Double post, sorry.

  434. Dan Rukeyser

    Hopefully no candy… I’m visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico so just trying to get through a decent run at 6500 feet will be my workout.

  435. I hiked 6 miles yesterday w a weighted pack to override the jelly beans I shoveled in my mouth. Today I’ll run 8 miles to make a dent in the candy my kids will be bringing home from my MIL’s tonight.

  436. 5mile super easy taper run as I get ready for my first ever marathon. Need to go easy as I’ve had some knee pain in the past couple of days.

  437. Gary Crowell

    20 miles on the mnt bike; tempo pace. No candy, but am having BBQ at Franklin’s here in Austin (look it up…)

  438. Paul

    15 Miles hill run. Bike 60 and swam yesterday. The bunny is untouched.

  439. 30 mile road bike ride around dc in the rain followed by 4 miles on the treadmill and one cardio abbs insanity workout! What can I say, go all out.

  440. Sarah Löhr

    nice hour of swimming or some free climbing, we’ll see

  441. Chris

    Moderate run when if I ever get out of the office then some shrimp tacos.

  442. Bastian Sembdner-Braun

    90 minute roller training, thanks to this fabulous winter weather, grrrrr….

  443. I prepared myself for easter a week ago, with 2 workouts.

    They amounted 250Km cycling, where i spent 6500Kcal. Today, I will eat a huge easter egg with no remorse! 😀

    link to

    link to

  444. Rob

    gentle recovery run on Monday due to the sore knee I got on Saturdays 5k park run. only 11 secs off my pub :)

  445. Pablo

    Trainer Road Newcombe followed by a strength session in the garage. Really should be outdoors!

  446. Getting back from a week of all inclusive vacation eating has forced me into an 8 mile run and a 30 mile ride today.

    It would make for an interesting update on your blog. I remember an article about eating while traveling, but a week trapped with nothing but Mexican food proved to be difficult to manage. There was so little lean protein and so much carb.

    Now to find half price bunnies. Of the chocolate variety, of course.

  447. Jose

    I’m swimming for 2500 meters. I love chocolate. What can I say?

  448. Rob

    gentle recovery run on Monday due to the sore knee I got on Saturdays 5k park run. only 11 secs off my pb

  449. Nate

    Dude, I’m on spring break! What’s a workout?

  450. Richard C.

    After stealing too much candy from my daughter’s Easter basket (stolen candy tastes ever so much better), I will take easy with a fartlek run that is more fart than lek.

  451. Ronen

    3X9000 marathon pace, 6min rest between.

  452. Kenneth

    25 km easy run in preparation for Hamburg Marathon in three weeks…

  453. Ride my bike for the first time outside because the weather is finally warming up! But, my trainer will be on standby just in case.

  454. Lisa

    I am doing a 5 mile run, I did enjoy my Reese’s peanut butter egg!!!

  455. Eric

    1h tempo ride followed by a 1h run.
    Trying to get over the home-made Easter bred.

  456. Andrew

    Hour easy run

  457. Stephen Murphy

    Getting blown off my bike in Kerry on the south coast of Ireland

  458. Eoghan Murray

    1hr easy spinning on the trainer

  459. Matt Nguyen

    We’re boiling 70 pounds of crawfish, so I’m getting a 12 miler in before all the festivities.

  460. Antonio

    10k easy run in the rain

  461. Christine R.

    I will be doing a 30 minute beach run, and some strength exercises while there too… Using the soft terrain to my advantage to make me work harder!

  462. Crowey

    90 min fast walk

  463. Mario Lira Junior

    Today I´ll take a nice walk/run, somewhere on the three to four hour range
    Monday, Wednesday and Friday should be just aerobic exercise days, so about 1 h each on the treadmill and ergometric/exercise bike, plus 30 min on the elliptical trainer.
    Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday should be mixed days, with about 30 min each of the above, plus 30-45 min of mixed weight-lifting and core exercises
    Next Sunday will be a local 5km race…
    What am I doing penance for? Besides both chocolate eggs and bars, about 42 years of eating way more than I should… I have lost about 30kg since 2009 on eating less and exercising more, after my dad got a big heart scare :(

  464. Michael

    Not much time easter lunch coming up. Road bike 30k fartleg, hard on hills.

  465. Jeff

    Regrettably, I started early and had a chocolate easter egg last night! Today it’s 4 hours on the trainer (UGH) because it’s raining outside!…

  466. Rafael Tadashi

    2 hours biking should be enough

  467. Mike Seymour

    After all the Easter eggs I ate, should be bunny hoping around the block 10 times. However, would most likely get institutionalized for that, so most likely 10 km run will be sufficient to burn of 7 easter eggs x 100 cal’s = 700 calories.

    PS great site – one of my favorites

  468. Marcel Moesgaard

    8km tempo run

  469. Dan

    And I was going to skip today’s workout!?! I mean, the pool is closed since it’s Easter. Any way, after a real easy 9 mile run on Saturday, I’m thinking about embracing the pain of some 1/2 mile repeats. Then, I’ll be ready to go bunny hunting – no offense to The Girl.

  470. Geert

    18km long run, to compensate for all those chocolate Easter eggs, as well as to prepare for the Antwerp 10 miles in 3 weeks.

  471. Luis Flores

    Yasso’s 800s. 15 min warm up / 10 x 800m intervals trying to keep a 3 min pace / 15 min cools down and stretch. Getting ready for my first marathon and burning some Easter eggs my 2 year old insisted I should eat with her.

  472. Nick

    8-mile easy run.

  473. Luis Flores

    Yasso’s 800s. 15 min warm up 10 x 800m intervals trying to keep a 3 min pace 15 min cools down and stretch. Getting ready for my first marathon and burning some Easter eggs my 2 year old insisted I should eat with her.

  474. Ryan

    A LONG 4 hr turbo session!
    And my chocolate was the exact Lindt bunny in your pic!

  475. Scott M

    Run/walk for 30′
    6 months of chemotherapy and not watching what I ate during that time got me here.

  476. Mary Beth

    I am planning to run 6 miles in Zone 2 – so I can afford the Chocolate eggs later in the day! I know, I should be eating the boiled eggs instead!

  477. yuval aharoni

    i will be doing trainer with run after + workout:

    1h20m 10 minutes warm up. 5 * [one leg drill 30 sec]. 1 * [5 minutes V1 + 4 minutes V2 + 3 minutes V3 + 2 minutes V4 + 1 minute fast + 5 minutes easy spin]. 1 * [5 minutes V1 + 4 minutes V2 + 3 minutes V3 + 2 minutes V4 + 1 minute fast + 2 minutes V4 + 3 minutes V3 + 4 minutes V2 + 5 minutes V1+ 1 minute easy spin]. 5 minutes V2. 5 minutes V3.
    15m Right after the cycling. 5 minutes on 4:15. 5 minutes on 4:00. 5 minutes easy run.
    4 * 15 lounges. 4 * 30 abdominals. 4 * 30 lower back. 4 * 15 push up’s. 4 * 15 squats. 4 * [50″ work + 20″ rest] static abdomials. 4 * 30 lower back lifts (lie on the back and lift the buttom). 4 * 20 back push ups. 4 * 15 twins (calf raise). 2 * 20 (open and close legs w/ rubber).

  478. Javier Cordero

    Just did a 10 Mile run :-)

  479. Manuel "Markiño" running besides the sea in the Mediterranean city of La Manga. A bit cloudy…. After that half km spinning…. Quite cold but refreshing.

  480. Shelly L.

    Yesterday I ran an intense 15K trail race with a lot of elevation change. Part of the aid station offerings included PEEPS and robin eggs (malted milk balls), so I was required to eat some of them along the way! Great time.

  481. Brenda

    Two hour easy bike today followed up with a 20 minute transition run.

  482. Andi N

    Sweet sins: – 2x dark chocolate-bunnies
    – 2x white chocolate-bunnies
    – countless small pieces of mean easter-candy

    Got burned with: – 3.2km swim in the morning
    – 1h30mins easy run without heartrate info, because my t6d struggled the last weeks and
    died yesterday 😉

  483. Helping my best friend painting and decorating the baby chambers for his twin to come.

  484. Jim

    I won’t be eating candy. I plan on another run post surgery recover run of 1 mile. Slow and steady no more than 15 min.

  485. Kurt

    I did a 20 mile run yesterday so that I can eat all the ham I want to today!

  486. I have 6 kids. None of them like the black jelly beans, so….

    I will probably be eating about 476 black jelly beans this morning.

    Since it is Easter, I am pushing my morning run to this afternoon. An easy 10 mile run should do the trick.

  487. Nicole

    I didn’t eat chocolate….but stuffed myself with Belgian Gilletes (sp?) instead! I’ll be doing 8 x 1 mile repeats then riding 30 miles along A1A in Florida!

  488. Chris Purner

    Three hour run to burn off too many Cadbury Eggs!

  489. Fean

    6km easy run !
    no chocolate…

  490. Robert

    2nd post knee surgery run.

  491. Dave Hayes

    After a relatively healthy birthday/Easter celebration last night (paleo cake shaped like a bunny)… Delicious, spongy and oh so much chocolate. Long slow day 17 mi run around Town Lake in Austin, gearing up for IM Texas!!! Happy Easter to y’all!!

  492. Chris bates

    Long slow run due to chocolate and carb over indulgence.

  493. Amy Pelegrin

    Fifty five km cycling up and down hills in the beach with some long fast runs..

  494. Dan

    8 mile run, any chocolate candies will be to blame.

  495. Andy Wood

    30 30″ Box Jumps
    1 Mile Run
    30 30″ Box Jumps

  496. dan

    1:10 recovery ride with 0:15 transition jog. Had a 10k yesterday!

  497. Kevin

    Easy one mile run walk with my Border Collie puppy. Trying to slowly ramp up her miles so we can enjoy longer runs together. Later in the week back to training for my first 26.2. Can’t forget stretching and the foam roller. Justin’s Almond Butter <- Not quite Easter Candy but man that stuff is good!!!!

  498. James Spooner

    I’ll be avoiding my easter eggs until after an LSR of 10 miles, my last long run before the Berlin HM next week.

  499. Jim Burdan

    I won’t be candy today, but I do plan on another 1 mile post surgery recovery run.

  500. Reuben

    40-50mi zone 2-3 ride Saturday
    1:30 run on sunday, holding back 5-10% for first hour, ramping up through finish.
    Legs are tired from saturday so I’ll need some chocolate to get through it!

  501. Viesturs

    Will take 1h bike ride on roller after Eastern cheesecake and tiramisu.

  502. Dan

    Let me know which workout you’ll be doing in an attempt to override any Easter-associated candy that may be consumed. If for some completely unexplainable reason you aren’t biting the head off of a chocolate bunny, feel free to just pick your Sunday workout (or nearest completed workout). Extra points for listing the Easter candy that put you in this predicament.

  503. Yves

    3:20 bike with 1000 m altitude cumulative, just to find a chocolate bunny in front of my garage.

  504. Ben

    Start cycling…. not 1km this year so far… just freezing cold and still snowing here in Germany

  505. P Godwin

    45min zone 2 run with 8x20s fast mixed in throughout.

  506. Randy Cantu

    TrainerRoad Pain Cave!

  507. Lucas Wall

    Just getting on the bike after being sick will be a win for the day.

  508. Ben

    60km double hill climb with a river loop thrown in for fun. Had a 100km race last week that i did with the flu so that Easter bunny was welcome and is missing his ears at the moment. The rest of him looks pretty tasty now though.

  509. clinton fisher

    1st open water swim of the year in Lake Norman, North Carolina.
    Jelly Beans are the best.
    Clinton North Carolina

  510. Suzy

    Short 40′ run after the Oakland Marathon last weekend!

  511. Peter

    Rowing a 10K on the concept2 indoor rower.

  512. Guillermo

    18km after eating like a pig. Picture of our Easter table: link to


  513. Jan

    50 mile bike ride!

  514. Kristopher Wekarchuk

    A small (indoor) Sprint Duathlon; 2.5k run -10k bike – 5k run!
    … and then, Chocolate milk! 😉

  515. Jon

    The gym is open this morning, so a 2000 yard swim followed by an extra little biking session to see what can be done about counter acting the ill-affects of all the chocolately goodness that will be consumed later on… and the stuff I sneaked out of my sons Easter basket already this morning.

  516. Bill

    Today will be a quick 1 hour bike with 18 holes of golf— that should be good for the 1 small dark chocolate bunny.

  517. Janine N

    14 mile run with 20 minutes of tempo…fueled by a chocolate bunny ear i bit off my 7 year olds chocolate stash!

  518. Ryan Glover

    90 minute Endurance ride on the KICKR to make up for eating too much bacon and prime rib and Easter Brunch

  519. I’m on the injured list and have numerous food intolerances that include my favorite Easter treat (Robin Eggs!!–just thinking about them makes my mouth water!!). If I could work out I’d definitely be doing a 9 mile trail run this morning! 😀

  520. Jason

    45 minute tempo. And I’m on shift so maybe I’ll fight a fire if necessary.

  521. 4 mile easy run. Darn Peanut Butter eggs!!

  522. Ed Bortoni

    20 mile bike ride for me!

  523. Bcrle

    Long ride this afternoon. Need to lose some winter weight as it just turned warm and summer jerseys will be put on.

  524. Liesbeth Bruers

    Since I’m at my parents house and I forgot to take the power chargers for both my cell phone and my garmin 210, I decided to go out for a run without caring about pace or distance for once. My Ipod’s stopwatch did the trick today. Came back feeling very refreshed after a 35 minute run. :)

  525. With my sport fasting behind it I am like mad to t sports. Yesterday, a bosloop 8.92 km in 44.40 seconds. Of 98.9 kg in January to 81.3 kg yesterday. Tomorrow we walk off the Easter chocolates with 12.5 km at least. 80 kg is my goal. Fine new gadget for running or cycling would be perfect. Greet everybody

  526. I’m doing an Easter “brick”.

    Swim – 3100 yds One hour and fifteen minutes. (400 warm up, 6×150 (50kick, 50 drill, 50 swim), then 4×200 (1st 100 catchup, 100 swim) with 30 sec. rest. Then 4×200 free slow & steady. Long free with 30 sec. rest. – 200 warm down)

    Run – One hour, easy and light.

    That out to burn a few extra calories! Happy Easter!

  527. Murphy Flynn

    A 1 1/2 hour bike / run brick should wear off all the peanut butter pastel egg shaped M&M’s I’ll be dining on all day!

  528. Have a 12 mi. easy run to start the day off with a caloric deficit and then a 45 min. spin later to help work off the over indulgence. Happy Easter.

  529. Denali B

    I ran 16 yesterday and will be logging another 10 today to combat all of those jelly beans!

  530. Matheus Mendonça

    9km running from Recife to Olinda + 1km swimming with temperature around 30 degrees Celsius!

  531. I’ll be riding 15 miles and then running four. Cadbury mini eggs are my weakness.

  532. Treadmill. Dread mill. Ugh. Love your reviews!

  533. Peanut M&M’s, then 5 miles. Great giveaway!

  534. Jen B

    Couch to 5k – Week 1 Day 3 ….probably only burn enough cals for two mini Reese’s peanut butter cups :-)

  535. Michael

    7 mile run at 7.30min mile in Richmond Park, followed by Cadburys Flake egg and all the contents! :-).

  536. Jakob G

    2 hours on the bike with 8x1min all out, in the middle, followed by 30 min east run.

  537. As if scrolling to the bottom of these comments isn’t enough of a workout, I am doing a 1:40 LSD run today. No candy for me, just a smoothie.

  538. Michel

    Did a 12 Km training round to warmup for tonights Danceparty. O.W.A.P (= Oldskool Warehouse Acid Party) here we come :) :) .

  539. logg

    10 k trail run with 600 m elevation within 2 k

  540. Ehretjs

    Not gonna lie…I’m gonna stuff my face all day today. If anyone gives me kids some of those Starburst jelly beans, I’ll probably OD. But for the next week, I’ll be hitting the pool at 5am to counteract all the damage.

  541. John

    Long steady state ride with low cadence intervals thrown in.

  542. Chuck Potter

    easy spin on the trainer since it’s raining……and legs are dead form yesterday!

  543. 8km easy long run to murder the Peep army stationed inside my tummy.

  544. A Kelly

    I’ll be doing an easy 5 miler tomorrow before work. Dang Hershey miniatures!

  545. David Altmaier

    I put away over half a bag of Starburst jelly beans while filling my daughters plastic eggs. Fortunately there were enough left over for her. I’m going for a 6 mile run to make up for it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  546. Elle K.

    HAPPY EASTER, EVERYONE! Well, I must confess that chocolate eggs and Spring Limited Edition Oreos have made me need to burn more calories today.

    I’ve got a spin class in an hour. And I will also go out for a jog in the afternoon.

    Thanks! Hope to win!

  547. Dawn C

    90 min run maybe on trails, but likely on the pavement. little chocolate eggs are practically gu, right?

  548. Timothy Ridgway

    I will be running hills to work off Easter lunch and all the candy that will follow.

  549. Biking 36km’s to home from spending night in laplander’s hut.

  550. 3:20 on the indoor trainer (race simulation) and a 50 minute flush run later in the day. Going to ugly after a friend’s wedding last night.

  551. Paul

    After consuming my first borns weight in yorkie, I’m eggisted to be entering to my first 10k next Sunday. Hop in the park after my first half 2 weeks ago

  552. Dor N.

    So this recipe is actually intended to get rid of the Matzot eaten at the Seder but I guess it works just as well for chocolate bunnies: 60 min of road cycling
    10 min warm up and short hill reps each one with a single leg, you can rest downhill
    happy holidays!

    ( the first one was a reply to a comment made by mistake X)

  553. Valerie F.

    Sorry chocolate bunny, but peeps (those squishy yellow chicks) are my downfall. To balance out the fact that I can eat them nonstop during the Easter/spring season, I added extra mileage to my weekend workout, I ran 12 miles yesterday (Saturday) on a hilly course and am running 10 miles today at an easy pace.

  554. Easy 10k run on my FiveFingers. Still easing in!

  555. Javier Perez

    Due to bronchytis, some indoor-thingy like bodyweight training, need to burn that train replica made of chocolate I ate yesterday!!! :-)

  556. Roger

    I will go for another long bike ride in the lovely sun that is finally melting the snow away here in Sweden!

  557. barry

    One hour hard trail run with my co-workers to train with my co-workers for an upcoming race. We will do about 8 miles of very intense trail running, hills, and rocks.

  558. Shannon R

    2 hour ride today to offset the mini robin’s eggs.

  559. christian rasmussen

    well the evil but delicous mr. praline filled chocolate egg put me at a
    3 hour bike ride at
    45 min zone 2
    20 min zone 3
    5 min zone 2
    20 min zone 3
    40 min zone 2
    20×1 min push hard at zone 4 1 min recovery
    10 min cooldown

  560. rick kelly

    a couple hours on the trainer (raining here today) in preparation for the Ouachita Challenge. happy easter!

  561. Tina Englert

    Rest day today but I prepared by working hard all week. Finished it off yesterday with an awesome hour long cycling class.

  562. Darci

    Recovery week, 50 minute easy run and 45 minute swim.
    Easter candy – peeps of course!!!!!

  563. Alasdair

    90 mins swim session and straight into 2 hour hills ride

  564. I’m addicted to chocolate, but nothing a few hours on a bike trainer couldn’t fix. Except it’s too convenient to eat some more while riding! :)

  565. lannen

    Not planning to eat much today, but as soon as the wind and rain calm, as long of a bike ride as I can manage.

  566. Shane

    Easter? It’s easter?
    90/10 Brick!

  567. Javier

    I’ll be running a slow 6, getting ready for next week’s cherry blossom 10-miler!

  568. Brylant

    Went to grandparents to run in the wild planning 21-27 km peace 4.20/km

  569. Tina Ichenberg

    I will be running off some Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs.

  570. Shaun Moran

    Did my normal Sunday 10km run with my running buddies and hired a City Cycle bike (like the paris Velib) to get me back to the starting point. Peanut M&M are my evil friend….

  571. 10 miles in Central Park with a close friend and training partner, plus possible hot yoga at 6:30 if I get enough work done in the afternoon. I am waiting till the chocolate’s half-price, though!

  572. Greg

    90 minute easy run. Screw chocolate, it’s all about the peeps!

  573. Björn

    16km sub 05:00min/pace vs. 500g Milka chocolate

  574. Justin K

    Easy 15-20 mile ride

  575. John Davies

    A ‘Fight Gone Bad’ Crossfit workout followed by interval sprints for 20 minutes. Then repair my running trainers as they are falling apart and i cant afford a new pair!!

  576. Ulf Z

    As the weather is bad (snow&stuff) I am going to have some indoor fun with The Sufferfest: Blender.

  577. Gunk

    Peeps are my downfall, and I’ll do an easy two hour run to escape them.

  578. Michal

    20km on the trainer and 5km run

  579. Ian

    I had a nice 70km road ride this morning, then and evening was an easy 8km trail run as water/jellybean carrier for my girlfriend.

  580. inneke beirnaert

    Riding the ‘tour of flanders’,the last 75km, around 15hills with elevation between. 10-22%! In this weather it’s really tough!

  581. Susan

    Power – based bike workout follow by 20 minute run

  582. Tango

    7 mile run around the mall and tidal basin to see the cherry blossoms that should have bloomed weeks ago.

  583. Lilian

    I’m going to do my LongRun – 3 hours in preparation for 21 april Marathon

  584. Ken

    Reese’s Easter eggs are the bomb.
    Therefor I’ll be doing 2x 3×10 over unders
    On the trainer this morning. Then a easy 10k
    This evening.

  585. tracy maccherola

    no chocolate but a healthy size bag of fruit pastilles on the long flight from Heathrow to BWI.
    Brick (sort of)
    2 hour bike on trainer (while emailing, fbooking, writing this comment..etc)to
    then small pause to deal with Easter preparations/greating family arrivals to be limited to 15′ transition to
    45 min easy run

  586. Jeff

    Peeps, peeps and more peeps!

    Today will be chasing nephews and niece around, tomorrow will be a lunchtime 5k.

  587. Tom

    Reese’s peanut butter cup eggs, five mile run (maybe), followed by a pack of peeps

  588. Rich Mc

    Not quite a chocolate bunny, but had a chocolate microbrew beer in Burlington, Vt, followed by a 5 mile run around Lake Champlan

  589. Iona

    I carry the egg up the hill. I push the egg down the hill. i chase the egg down the hill. I carry the egg up the hill. I push the egg down the hill. I chase the egg down the hill. etc. It’s hill repeats, but with omlette.
    My egg is called Mr Humpty. He has a faster 5k pace than me, despite having no legs and running in a tie. Although it might be a belt, it’s a little hard to tell.

  590. Candy consumed last night: a total of 12 Jelly Bellies.

    Work out (I have a 4yo so I just finished hiding the eggs): 3×12 over head squats, 45 burpees, 60 kettle bell swings.

    Happy Easter.

  591. Adam Cox

    Going to scramble to get in a 10 mile run and try to stay dry from the rain.

  592. Jeremy

    Happy Easter to you! For my workout, it will probably be in a day or so, since today is one of my rest days from a half-marathon distance workout yesterday. Tomorrow will probably be some sort of average 10-15K run. Also, I’m not one for chocolate, so no need for extra runs to counteract it!

    P.S. We have those chocolate chickens too!

  593. I’ll be heading out for a 4 mile run at 10k pace.

  594. Lucas romero

    90 minute long run…..starburst jelly beans

  595. 30 minutes of intervals followed by an hour at tempo. Stacked 3×2’s followed by three 15 sec bursts.

  596. Bill D

    Hitting some local trails on my mountain bike…

  597. Vasilis

    Today’s brick 1:30 bike and then to a 1 hour run.. All in zone 3..!!

    cookies, and chocolate cakes, with a little bit of icecream.. Oh and also a plate of cheese, with salami, and jamon.. etc.. All the above and many more i tried to burn..!

    Happy Easter to everyone..!!

  598. Andrea Telmo

    After a week of no running and crosstraining due to a calf strain, I’m going o attempt an easy 3-mile run wearing my silly-looking electric blue calf sleeves. If it still hurts to run, I will try not to cry and resist the urge to buy several discounted Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs and continue crosstraining on the arc trainer.

  599. Meghan

    20 minutes tempo and the 40 minutes long run and 10 minute abs!!!

  600. Robert Conway

    10k run through and around my university.

  601. Tyler

    I did 10 miles easy yesterday and will be doing hill repeats up a high rise bridge on Tuesday, 10×400 straight up for 0.25 miles. The cadburry mini eggs and cadburry cream eggs are too delicious to pass up and I go a little crazy for them this time of the year!

  602. Run 45 miles over the next week training for my upcoming marathon in may.

  603. Mark Collins

    5Km Parkrun yesterday, 5aside football tonight, then fit new kitchen tomorrow. A new take on a triathlon!!
    Would happily do 2 ironmans b2b as i hate DIY.

  604. Eric Martyn

    24km trail run today to burn off some of the Lindt Easter eggs

  605. Shay

    8×3′ strong, 1′ base, total 1 hour run

  606. Anton

    100km TT followed by 8x1km at a little above race pace

  607. Kim

    a 4 mile run along with a short fun bike ride hopefully to counter the hot cross loaf I’ve been eating

  608. David

    Completely fell off the wagon. Visiting family and eating way to much. Normally 3 to 6 miles a day. Will be running that damn bunny off for a couple of weeks!

  609. Mike Smith

    Absolutely pissing rain here in NC… gonna hit the gym for a crossfit workout (open workout 13.4 – a 7minute ladder of Clean and Jerk and Toes to Bar, ascending in 3s) in about an hour, and a 90 minute swim at 4.

  610. Today is a 4.0 mile recovery run and then tomorrow speed session on treadmill or at track if above 40 and no rain :-) Love my Yellow Peep Chicks :-) but now got to work them off.

  611. George

    30 mile bike zone 3 on Saturday to easy the pain. Then another 30-60 mile bike zone 3 on Sunday to make the bad men go away from all the good stuff.

  612. Stephanie

    No workout on Easter – just some easy effort the day before to stave off all of the jelly beans.

  613. Darren

    90km Bike with 30min brick run followed by 5 easter eggs.

  614. In Hungary, we don’t take Easter dishes easily…
    An approximate 3-4000 calories are guaranteed throughout the weekend, so next week, I’m going to get back to hard work.:)
    Mon-Tue-Wed: Easy morning runs+boidy weight strength trainnig, and an interval Tuesday afternoon.
    Thursday is all out 3k military championship. Going for the podium.

    Happy Easter everyone!

  615. SAC

    Bike / elliptical work (rehabbing a hip injury). I see lots of jelly beans in my future!

  616. JulesB

    Due to the ministrations of both a Lindt chocolate bunny on Friday and then multiple Cadbury Mini-Eggs attacks yesterday, I’ll be hitting the bike for 60ish miles and a few thousand vertical feet around Philadelphia this morning before getting on the red-eye to the UK tonight with the express intent of gorging on cut-price chocolate Easter eggs tomorrow…..

  617. Bob Quindazzi

    No single workout could compensate for the mass of oh so tasty treats I’ve consumed so far- and Easter has just started here. Tomorrow I’m shooting for 2x45min at LT to at least take advantage of carbing up

  618. Clell Adams

    Easter Candy was only two bites of 80% Coco chocolate. Yum. Workout is 10 miles with warm up of 1 mile, 2 miles Easy, 4×1 miles at HMP, then 2 miles cool down.

  619. Vano

    Inline skating for 7+ miles right down the center of deserted residential streets in the early AM of Easter morning.

  620. Vincent Pimentel

    I have a 2 20min FTP test for today!

  621. Alexandre

    I broked my RD and the bike is now at the shop. I wanted to ride this weekend but I’m pretty sure the mechs are eating chocolate instead of fixing it so I’ll just run till I drop. ( I hope I won’t really drop).

  622. Corey M

    1 hour on the bike and a 40 min run.

  623. Jim

    13mi bike followed with 4mi run

  624. “Let me know which workout you’ll be doing in an attempt to override any Easter-associated candy that may be consumed. If for some completely unexplainable reason you aren’t biting the head off of a chocolate bunny, feel free to just pick your Sunday workout (or nearest completed workout). Extra points for listing the Easter candy that put you in this predicament.”

    (NOTE: I follow rules exactly how they are requested. You said to leave a comment with the following, so I did :D)

    OK, enough humor… my hope is to take my new Tri bike out on the road today for the first time as it has been relegated to trainer for the two months of ownership. I plan to ride it a extra hard because I am conspiring to murder a chocolate bunny today. It’s chocolate rabbit hunting season!

  625. Neil G

    Easy spin today, legs and weather permitting . I did my easter bunny burn yesterday, a 20 mile run. I’m training for my first marathon which is quickly approaching. So far I’ve actually not had ANY easter candy. I’ll see if I can’t change that today as well.

  626. Josh Potter

    Still recovering from a knee injury, but will hopefully be doing a 10k steady run, today, with an hour in the pool later in the evening.

  627. Mark

    After an 18 mile run, I think 2 hours easy on the bike is in order.

  628. EvelienR

    My run will be a small run of about 5 miles with steady pace..

  629. I was going to do my first brick of the year outside, but the pollen is coming down like snow, so back on the trainer!

  630. Scott Trice

    Any candy my 4 year old leaves sitting around.
    2 hour bike followed by 30 min ez run.
    Bike is 25 min warm-up, ms: 2×20 FTP 4 min ez between 1×15 FTP rest on the time at IM power zone.

  631. Titan

    I’m planning on riding our local 1,000′ climb (Mount Scott) once for every 200 calories of delicious candy I eat. I may be out there for a while!

  632. Liv Adams

    7.6 miles yesterday, 6 miles today. I think I might be able to eat a mini chocolate cream egg! =)

  633. Traci

    I definitely need to get a workout in today. To compensate for the wine I *have* consumed and the chocolate I *will be* consuming :-). It will be an easy run, and u also hope to get the bike ready so maybe a short bike ride will happen as well! Happy Easter!

  634. Alex

    Plan on running today around 5 miles. Went out last night so it’s a recovery. 10 mile race in 1 month.

  635. Scott Heldman

    Having eaten/shared the chocolate bunny……I will do a 9.5 mile Mountain Biking Trail ride through the hills of North Carolina!

  636. Douglas

    I’m going to the track & will do intervals (6x @2:30 min hard, 1 min rest). Hard = 90% max heart rate. A warm up & cool down, too. ^^

  637. jonnie nilsson

    Bike 6x(4×30/30) @ Vo2/Z5/Very Hard. Take 2′ easy between each set of 4×30/30s

  638. Ronen Ben Ari

    Plan on running 18km to recover the food and wine we have consumed and will be this evening.

  639. Sashinho

    Just finished 10k run “hunting the bunny” !

  640. Just finished my 10km Easter run. To make it a bit more fun, in the middle did 1km fast run. In the evening will do one of those nice 90min workouts.

  641. Angelika

    As our hills are still covered with snow and ice I did a 28km long run on the roads this morning. Should burn down the calories of the chocolate I am still hoping to get this weekend.

  642. David H.

    30 mi bike and 6mi run for polishing off an entire chocolate bunny.

  643. Harrison

    Long tempo style workout tomorrow.
    -15 Minutes on
    -5 Minutes off
    -15 Minutes on

    I’ll be burning off some Reese’s and this massive brunch!

  644. Mike Threadgould

    Box of four creme eggs = 13 mile run around Austin town lake! Got to be done!

  645. Jeff

    Putting in a 10 mile run to make room for all the Easter ham I’ll be eating later.

  646. Luis

    I’d love to post up my workouts for today, or any coming up this week, but this cold I have had for the last two weeks has convinced me to shut it down for at least the next week while I try to recover. However, if I am able to recover quickly I will be attempting some 5x5x5s @110-112% for my first workout back on the bike.

  647. Aida

    Last longish run before Berlin half marathon: a “wintery-rather-than-eastery” 17K! As a reward: colorful eggs! the sweet tooth is missing in my dentition… :)

  648. Diana W.

    I’ve got a 10 mile run on deck. Haven’t done any splurging on Easter candy. But we had a board game day yesterday, and I ate too much pizza.

  649. Noelia

    Short, easy run to recover from yesterday’s long run! and numerous chocolate rabbits… :)

  650. PMKofahl

    18 mile run…it was my daughter’s chocolate bunny that got me!

  651. Jerome

    At wake up “OMG it’s so late.. :O” (Forgot new hour)
    Immediately 3km run, then a typical “sunday french breakfast”.
    Little rest then going for 3h out on my bike. (No rabbit, No eggs, nothing to see) :(
    Now recovery and looking tour of flanders!

  652. Jacov

    My ‘endurance’ 2 hour ride as part of week 2 of the Computrainer PIG training program.

  653. Josh Walker

    I’ll be doing an 8 miler to combat those pesky Reese’s eggs. Hopefully it doesn’t rain!

  654. Julien CT

    Special Easter run (when running in group):

    – Form 2 teams,
    – One person of each team announces his target time to run 1 lap around the track,
    – The coach times the 2 “pace makers” of each team,
    – The team that gets the closest to the target time wins a chocolate egg,
    – Repeat as many times as there are members in each team…

    At the end of the training, everyone gets to share the eggs won during the run. Some chocolate well deserved! We have done that last week with the mates and it’s good fun!

  655. Jeremy

    W&OD run – Cadbury Cremes, of course!

  656. 7k jog

    Apple pie!

  657. Mike Welch

    30 min trainer ride.

  658. Stephane

    90 minutes easy swim !

  659. Today is a rest day and I am on a taper for the Boston Marathon. So I have to watch how many peeps and chocolate chickens consumed today.

    In just 2 weeks I will be representing Team CMT in the Boston Marathon. Team CMT has 120 athletes raising awareness for Charcot-Marie-Tooth. CMT is the most common neuromuscular disorder affecting 155,000 Americans, as many as MS. I will be running in the Mobility impaired division wearing number 21,109. To learm more about CMT

  660. G Um

    I have calculated that my wife’s delicious brownies, and associated easter weekend chocs, will have me running for the next month no less than 25km a week… I wouldn’t have it any different though 😉

  661. Justin

    Strength training today — injury prevention is key! And chocolate … lots of chocolate!

  662. 2 hour bike trainer

  663. Tim

    Hopefully I can get on my bike for an hour if my travels home are quick enough… Otherwise I guess I’ll start burning the calories tomorrow with a Masters Swim session.

    For most recently completed, we were able to get a 2 hour run in yesterday morning while away from home.

  664. Jason Uhlrich

    I will run 5-6 miles tonight in an attempt to work off my daughters chocolate bunny. She can’t eat then entire thing, right?

  665. shawn skillman

    Hitting the track. 6 x 1 mile speed work.

  666. Stephen Bilen

    The 30 minute swim will counter act the over eating of everything except the chocolate. The hour bike ride is specifically targeted just for the chocolate. That sounds about right. Happy Easter!

  667. Tim

    Hopefully I can get on my bike for an hour if my travels home are quick enough.

    For most recently completed, we were able to get a 2 hour run in yesterday morning while away from home.

  668. Dan

    5 mile run in snowy Wales. Can’t wait! Lovely friends bought us a massive Easter Egg…

  669. 5/6 km running
    30 minutes of sprints

  670. Bjorn

    5k run in a bunny suite :-)

  671. Elquique

    This year I went preemptive. No more bad feelings after eating!

  672. Edmund

    hunt the bunny

  673. Phil

    7 mile run to work off that big Easter brunch!

  674. Reno

    running a mile for every easter egg I find in the hunt…im a sucker for cadberry eggs

  675. Candice

    Running off my Cadbury Eggs and Trader Joe’s Gourmet Jelly Beans today! Last long run before the DC Cherry Blossom 10 miler!

  676. Sylvie

    5k run and an 1 hour of Tacx Home trainer because of the 2nd serving of Ferrero Rocher.

    Happy easter


  677. Dave

    2 hour easy spin on trainer

  678. Mike

    60 minutes of Z2 on the trainer then 60 minute Z2 run.

  679. Bill Burke

    After munching on the kids’ chocolate goodies and robin’s eggs, followed by the obligatory smorgasbord brunch, I’ll be lacing up and running 6 miles @ HR zone 2. Slow burn!

  680. Alison F

    6.5 mile taper before a half next weekend! Reese Peanut Butter Rabbits – get me every year :/.

  681. Matthias

    8k run this evening at an easy pace.
    Tomorrow I’ll try to head out for cycling – let’s see what the weather looks like :)

  682. Kevin Goodwin

    I’ll be lifting the remote control. Repeatedly. While screaming at my children to stop eating candy all over the house. Aw, OK…I’ll probably go for a run this morning, too.

  683. Keith McUmber

    I have a date w the spin bike.

  684. Since it’s colder & there is more snow than on christmas i did a 20 km nordic skating run. #great!

  685. Lucica Covaci

    Haven’t decided yet.

  686. Andrew C

    Going for a half mile pre-surf swim in the lovely Northeast waters!

  687. Rob Stroud

    Bike Ride. What’s tough about it? 20 year old steel MTB with a 5 yr old child on the back. Said child has consumed so much chocolate he weighs more than a kettlebell.

  688. Tom

    I am doing 1 mile easy run and maybe 1000 yards in the pool.

  689. Fauze Ardi

    I’m not celebrating Easter, but I love chocolate so much….so, I’ll do Interval Training (2 mins runs: 1min walk) 5 sets or more in the gym.

  690. Nicholas Fournier

    50 minute fartlek run to make up for the chocolate pie (not really a candy) from last night.

  691. Victor

    After what seems to be a stomach virus floating around I will just be happy to make it out for a basic run.

    Yeah my Easter was ruined.

  692. Joel

    After a 5 week break after the birth of my son, I’ll be back to work and back to lunch time runs.
    So I’ll be working off 5 weeks of holiday plus Easter, going to be hard this first few weeks.

  693. Marisa

    I am going out for the inaugural ride on my new Specialized Ruby bike this am, then for a 3 mile recovery run after yesterdays 14 mile run. Started Easter early with birthday cake oreos last night (so addictive), and plan on having a sugar filled evening including a reese’s peanut butter egg, hot tamales and cotton candy.

  694. Yoeri Geerits

    1hr threshold run with 10min pick-ups at 10k pace….

  695. mmb

    Ive gone easy on the chocolate so nothing out of the ordinary planned. Hoping to spend a few hours on the bike riding hills, maybe try Norton Summit with a new pedal cleat position.

  696. Blake Holscher

    25 mile ride followed 4.5 mile run

  697. Tony B

    I’ll go out later for a 20 mile ride or maybe a 10 mile run to burn off a reese’s peanut butter egg the easter bunny left on my laptop last night.

  698. Bruno

    Yesterday a marriage to attend. Today, watching the “ronde van Vlaanderen” so a day of doing nothing. (Just running 1km with my kids 5&7 years)

  699. Tom

    Cadbury cream eggs will be fueling my 1-hour tempo ride (and outside no less! Spring is finally here in Chicago!)

  700. Jonathan Tremblay

    For me it is going to be a breakfast poutine (Montreal). In order to burn all of these calories well it will be a long run, around 1h30. Poutine is the thing I missed the most when I was in Paris.

  701. Ted

    Just over a 1 hour tempo run that will get me to 140 miles for the month.

    Not only do I need to make room for Easter brunch though but with Game of Thrones starting again tonight I need to make room for all that honey mead beer!

  702. Laura

    Four miles planned for tomorrow – so far I’ve destroyed some Cadbury mini eggs, still working on the rest!

  703. 10kms today, in exhange for Lind Giandor Easter eggs and lots of real eggs, too. Need to take it easy as I am a bit poorly, too. Need to be fit for running Boston . . .

  704. Rocketman

    17 mile run today.
    ‘Quick like a bunny’, my mom would always say when trying to get us moving. God I hated that. 😀

  705. tudor

    hey, I’m did a 9km uphill & 9km downhill, no chocolate but had a small slice of cake 😀

  706. Allan

    It’s rainy here, so I’ve been tuning up the bikes in my basement. I’ll probably do a Trainer Road workout or head to the pool. No Easter treats to deal with — this week’s guilty pleasure was a trip through the drive-thru for those awesome little Krystal hamburgers and “Chili Pups”.

  707. Jaime

    20km mountainbiking, then relax on the couch with family, no chocolate bunny though

  708. Lee

    Monday starts 70.3 training. Jelly beans can be used as training nutrition, right?

  709. 5km swim // 5.5km*2+200hm bike to and from there
    45min TRX // 13.5km bike to and from there

    // try to avoid candies for Easter to get rid of winter weight, while Spring is damn cold here in Germany this year.

  710. Zhiquan Yeo

    Easy bike ride around Central Park, no thanks to chocolate eggs…

  711. piccir

    Yesterday First RR of the seasson on the Appalachian “hills”.
    Get dropped early due to a bit of confusion, and then all my day was chasing group and making an Hell of effort on a windy day.
    In Zone 4 for way too much, but I remounted many position.
    Good day to be on the bike finally some good weather

  712. Mike

    Going to ride about an hour to compensate for all the sugary madness!

  713. Stu

    Today is a rest day, unless you can count chasing after a chocolate stuffed 3 yr old as a work out. Tomorrow’s workout is an hour strength training.

    And as for Easter treats … no chocolate, just following my Sunday tradition of ‘Whiskey and Walking Dead.’

  714. Alex

    I will do 60km bikemountain this in three sessions 20km today its far enough to burn many, many calories

  715. Mike

    Take my boys out for a ride. We do a hill TT near our house 1/2 mile avg 10% with some steep 19-22%.

  716. Jim Childress

    If chocolate equates to easter, every day is easter in my life…I keep handy a bag of delicious dark chocolate candy…so, every workout is driven by the chocolate!! Today’s workout will be an awesome bike ride through the Texas Hill Country.

  717. Jan Hollis

    2250 yds in pool after too many snack size candy bars.

  718. Chase

    I did my first half marathon yesterday. Running a short distance tomorrow to recover.

    Had a package of 12 peeps a couple days ago