You Win–You Choose DC Rainmaker Giveaway!


Because it’s the end of February (already!), and because this month got shorted 2-3 days.  And because I found two cake stands while The Girl was out today and they made pretty holders.  No, I didn’t tie those bows.  Or choose the colors.  It’s like a buffet table of devices.

This month, I’m going to mix things up a bit.  In the past I selected a gadget that I thought would be interesting to you.  This time however, I’m letting you choose which gadget you want to win.  Yup, if you want the Suunto Ambit– it’s yours!  If you want the Garmin FR910XT – same thing.  Perhaps you’d like the Magellan Switch – again, yours.  Whatever fits your training best (up to $500US), I’m giving it to ya.  Ok, actually, Clever Training is giving it to you.

For example, say you’re a swimmer – you’ll probably want the Garmin Swim.  Or perhaps you’re a cyclist, you may prefer a CycleOps Joule or Joule GPS devices.


Or maybe you’re of the Suunto, Timex or Magellan persuasion – don’t worry, those are there too.


Then again, what if you were eyeing that Wahoo KICKR trainer poking out there in the background?


Well, no worries, we’ll go splitsies on it (yes, I checked, that’s the common spelling).  You’ll get a $500US credit to Clever Training and you cover the rest beyond that.  Shipping for items is on me, so fear not.  And, as long as it’s under $500 you just tell me which item and like usual magic occurs.  You can wander around their site and pick out your mid-spring present to yourself.

Except, you cannot use the credit for pony’s, bunnies, or kittens.  And, the credit’s only good for a single packaged item.  Toys R US midnight dash this is not.  So choose wisely!

To enter yourself in, simply:

Detail out one workout that you have planned for sometime in the next seven days. If it’s as simple as “Run 2 hours at hard pace and don’t die”, then go with that.  If it’s more complex like a track or pool workout, detail out the steps.  At the end, we’ll end up with what should be fairly interesting workout library (or, a lot of confusing advice).

Got it?

Entries will be accepted through Sunday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (March 3rd, 2013).  I’ll be giving one device worth up to $500US from Clever Training.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday (unless I can’t walk after Sunday’s half-marathon).  One entry per person.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I I have announced a partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10BTF (along with the link above).  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail instead.  Note that this is ONLY for Active Duty military.  No panda trainers or ice cream chefs allowed via this method.  Mmmkay?  Thanks all!


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  1. cwsl

    Ride and ride, the list goes on

  2. Timothy

    Run and keep running, don’t stop !

  3. Bee

    Keep riding on and never give up !

  4. Stephen

    Gonna run and never let the bed pulls you !

  5. Gabriel

    High cadence for the coming week, gonna pump up those pistons !

  6. Martha

    Gonna go with Big chainring and smallest cog, leg strengthening !

  7. Wee

    Run and run, never stop till you bonk !

  8. Siew Leng

    Training with sheer strength and power, goes on and on. Never give up whether running, cycling or swimming.

  9. LCP

    Tomorrow’s swim:
    W/U: 200, 2×200 – 50, 100K, 50 (:20)

    M: 3x {2×200 Pull (:20)
    4×50 Pull Fast (1:00SI)
    8×50 Swim w/ Paddles Best AVG (1:00SI)

    C: 100

  10. Mike

    Doing a 100 minute cycle trainer session with a new training video today

  11. Dustin

    18 mile run on Sunday… LA Marathon coming up in a few weeks!

  12. Anders Majland

    Today I’ll be skiing in Hafjell. Expect to do another ~5500-6000 vertical meters and arround 30-35km according to tracking of using the lifts (my garmin watch tells a longer story, but it is with the kids so mostly long easy slopes). Get the ~6 hours will count as a workout. For the next week the schedule says an 1 hour swim. Basically jumping in the pool ant take it easy in the beginning and then end up arround 3600meters of freestyle.

  13. Dmitri

    I’m trying to get back in shape using C5K app on my phone. Just six 1.5 min intervals next time, hope I don’t die!

  14. G.Vadar

    1 x 10 min warm up
    5 x 5min all out
    1 x 2hr enduro
    1 x 15 min warm down

  15. Andrew

    I will be working on hurdle drills for track. Hip mobility, and speed to hopefully be able to race in the steeple chase. With this and other training, I hope to win a local high school decathlon, then go to my first tri, and my first half marathon this summer.

  16. Will

    I’m just hoping to get in a swim tomorrow. I say hoping because I’m currently travelling and can’t seem to find a pair of goggles anywhere in this town … Burning red eyes here I come!

  17. asia

    Today I’m going to start my mtb season. I plan 15k ride with lot of mud 🙂

  18. Adam

    15 burpees
    15 jumping lunges
    30 crunches
    15 bicycle kicks each leg
    Run 1/4 mile (Alternate run with 500 yd swim)
    (6 sets)

  19. Mark

    Hill repeats at Mt Faber, Singapore. Perform 4x climb at Z3. Recover during descent.

  20. Phil

    28km long run in 2:07.

    5km easy + 20km @ 4:18 min/km + 3km easy.

  21. Marcello

    40K ride on saturday + 6K @ 5:00 on sunday … If it doesn’t snow here in Turin 🙂

  22. Lex

    It’s all going to depend how my pounding headache goes, but it will either be an easy 3.5 kms on the local beach just to keep me moving, or a moderate paced 45 minutes up and down that same beach again and again until my timer goes off. The trick will be keeping my heart rate under 75%.

  23. Erik Meijer

    Tuesday core stability, Thursday a10k run and finally on Sunday also a 10k run! Can’t wait until the snow is gone and I can ride again on Sunday.

  24. Ben Khoo

    1h long time trial (usually take exactly that long) on a rolling course. Gonna hurt!

  25. Gallind

    recovery exit on my bike: only 40km

  26. Bruno Collier

    After a month of riding to collect power data.
    sunday: a 5min/20min FTP test for the first time

  27. Maxbre

    Ciao Ray,
    Run 21 km for the first time: Shall see….

  28. Tom

    The toughest of the week for me :

    Standard warm-up
    15k: 6k @ Tempo + 5×1′ @
    5k race pace, 2′ jog rest
    3 x 1′ Standard Core

  29. Thomas Meszaros

    work up for this afternoon:
    about 8km with 5x100m speeding up to prepare my competition tomorrow! Cross swiss championship!

  30. Laure-Christine Emery

    60 to 70 minutes, pace 5’20”/km with 2x10minutes at 4’30”/km.

  31. ivan

    next Sunday I have a 80km and 2500m mtb race

  32. Ricky

    Warm up 5min

    5xIntervals 1km
    90seconds recovery

    Cool down 5min

  33. Ulense

    Gym today and 1 hr swim on monday.

  34. Raphael

    A half marathon on sunday!

  35. Simon

    Travelling in Saudi on biz so outdoor running in the city not possible so over the next week will be treadmill and bike sessions only. Tomorrow will be 2 hours fast (4.30min/km) on the treadmill followed by easy 1 hour cycle.

  36. Fabiana

    10min warm up

    12x25m crawl
    12x25m backstroke
    10x25m backstroke (legs only)
    10x25m backstroke (2 arms up together)
    10x25m crawl (legs only)
    10x25m crawl (arms only)

    10min warm down

  37. F79

    200m crawl (easy)
    1600m crawl (medium)
    200m crawl (easy)

    in the evening various exercises for core stability (about 30min)

  38. Petteri

    Trail running 15-20 km on a sunny but cold Saturday along the local small river and around the lake. Plenty of snow on the ground and -8 C, so should be a lot of fun.

  39. Jose E.

    Im planning to ride a hard mountain track tomorrow with some friends. We are testing ourselves out before the trail triatlon next week. Hope we are in a good condition 😉

  40. bruno barcelos

    14k long run leading up to half marathon in 12 weeks

    thanks for give away!

  41. CML

    This week I plan to try getting back to running after an injury, probably using C25k to take it really slowly (and not make things worse again)…

  42. Christopher Fife

    Running a sub 40min 10km.

  43. Tyler Haas

    I’ll be running my second half-marathon on Sunday with a plan towards a PR (2:07; yeah, I’m a slow newb) based on “slightly slower on the uphills, slightly faster on flats and downhills.” 13 miles, paced at 9:46, 9:40, 9:37, 4@9:31 (flat stretch), 9:37, 9:40, 9:47, 9:51, 9:56, 10:01, and a .1 mile sprint (technically 1:02). Then a cooldown walk of at least 10 minutes. Then wings and beer (the half is sponsored by Hooters).

  44. MattyJ

    10km run TT

  45. Aaron Ainsworth

    9 mile run total

    3×800 (2 min running rest)
    3×400 (2 min running rest)
    3×200 (2 min running rest)

    Half marry in 2 weeks!!

  46. JasonDC

    I’m flying back to DC, where I lived for 8 years, for a run in Rock Creek with old friends!

  47. mondoshawan

    2 h Bike ride outside at 70% – winter ends!

  48. Everyone’s old faithful speed workout: 8 x 400m. I’m doing mine with a half mile warm up and cool down and 200m recovery intervals. To mix it up I’m going to drive up to Bangkok (living in Pattaya these days) and do my workout in Lumpini park!

  49. Mr Ed

    ‘dry’ sprint indoor triathlon:

    5km Row on a Concept 2
    40 minutes on the spin bike
    5km Run on the treadmill

    On the spin bike alternate between 2 minutes sprinting or climbing out of the saddle and 3 minutes normal pace. Finish off with plank, crunches, press-ups, stretches.

  50. Henry Wang

    I’m getting ready for the NYC HALF Marathon. I’m hoping to crack 1:30, so my main workout this week? A 10 mile long run @ 7:00min mile. Thanks Ray!

  51. Joshua Kim

    Today’s Workout (Rest Day) Rock Climbing and twilight snowboarding

    Tomorrow: Race pace effort 10k

  52. Mark Melton

    Last long run (11 miles) before my upcoming half marathon (by 2nd one).

  53. Chris L

    2 hour endurance road ride on what feels like the first sunny weekend of the year in England!

  54. To go on a 12 mile hike.

    Side note: Long hikes are great training when you know you are going to have to walk in your race. Have you done a workout your walking muscles.

  55. Patrik Palmgren

    Sunday: 10 km. Easy run, starting at a comfortable speed and will pick up the pace if it feels good.

  56. Matthew Messer

    1000 pushups done threw the day

  57. Jorge Blanco

    I just run a easy 10k, just relax.

  58. Patricia garrido

    Just run with my husband one hour in the park.

  59. Charles Lee

    Thursdays are “Hill repeat Thursdays.”

    On Thursday, we will run 2 miles slowly out to “Fertilizer Road,” a long, narrow, winding, hilly, wildlife infested, backwoods road and make three excursions up and down it.

    This gives us the benefits of hill repeats and doing them on Fertilizer Road helps take the drudgery out of it.

  60. Andrew Cable

    11 Mile Run, on the scenic River Road, Cook Forest, PA. 30 to 60 Secs. per Mile under Race Pace. Training Run for link to on 03/30/13.

  61. Daniel

    I’ll be doing 5x 4min running with 2min breaks as I am coming back from shinsplints injury. Hopefully I can run my 3rd half marathon later this year!

  62. Jussi K

    Planned to ride about 4h on the ice roads monday or tuesday.

  63. Anthony Yuri Veras

    5k training (10min warmup + 20min on the beach – 4min hard + 1min easy) + 10 min recovery run. Training for my first half on July!

  64. Ben Jackson

    Final taper this week. Biggest workout will be my triathlon next week!

  65. Marcos

    I should do 80Km bike ride with 8k run after on saturday and 90k bike and 10k run on sunday. all with progressive zones alternations

  66. Andrey

    In the winter days my trainings with the bike are entirely indoors on the tacx trainer. Currently – buildup with some endurance rides on tacx videos.

  67. Carly Compas

    Just a nice easy run this weekend on the mall. Just running by feel.

  68. I’m dealing with a stress fracture in my foot, so no running for me for a while. I’m planning to walk and swim instead. I don’t have a specific plan, but all of my workouts include “and don’t die.” 🙂

    Thanks for the contest!

  69. Trying to get back into spinning after being cleared by my doctor after giving birth. So an hour spin class for me

  70. Coming back from an Achilles injury, so will be happy to get through a flat 45 min ride tomorrow without pain!

  71. swim – 400 WU, 10 x (200 free, 100PB) leaving at 5:00, 300 CD. that’s tomorrow AM.

  72. Amber

    Working on controlling my breathing in the water, so I’m doing 25m breathing every 2 strokes, 25m breathing every 3, and so on until I breathe every 5 strokes (beginner). Then repeat as much as my body will let me

  73. Irene

    Indoor tri: 10 min. swim in 25 meter pool + 30 min. on stationary bike + 20 min. run on treadmill

  74. Spiessr


    The next run I sheduled is next week, I’m going for a far trailrun of about 25km in Germany. It’s my first time I do a trailrun so it will be heavy.

  75. Michael R

    Choose your own adventure! I like this type of giveaway. This week will be my first week back from an injury, so I’ll be doing a couple easy 2-3 mile runs with some biking sprinkled in there.

  76. Charles

    warm up: 1×100 @1:55, 2 x 75 @ 1:20, 3 x 50 @ :55, 4 x 25 @:25
    main: 4 x 500 (9:00, 8:45, 8:30, 8:15); 1 x 200 drills
    cool down: 2 x 150 (100 easy, 50 kick) @:15 rest

  77. Rickey

    “Power Ladder”
    Warm up for 10 minutes on a bike with a power meter.

    Start with 125 watts, hold for 1 minute while maintaining cadence at 90 RPM. Rest 1 minute back at 100 watts/90 RPM. Increase watts by 25 on each cycle. Go until you pop!

  78. DB Fatz

    Bike Workout indoors

    Warm-up 15 minutes.
    3 x 1 minute hard1 minute rest between
    5 minutes easy
    5 minutes ALL OUT
    10 minutes easy
    20 minutes ALL OUT
    15 cool down

  79. Jacek


    15min warm-up
    15x30s, 1min break
    10min cool down

  80. Kirk Theofanides

    10X100FS Concentrate on Technique+Form
    1X500FS PULL :30
    1X500FS PULL+PADDLE :30

  81. Eneko

    Swimming and swimming. 1.5km everyday. Shouldn’t do less…

    …and stretches.

  82. Dan

    5 hours easy on the bike, with a few inclines thrown in. Straight off and into a 40 minute easy run.

    Side note: was in Paris on Tuesday and swung by the cupcakery but no cake for me. Next time I will have to get there a bit earlier!

  83. My workout plan is quite simple: run, run and run every day! 🙂

  84. Stu

    Starting the first week of Base 3 training;

    Swim: speed skills and aerobic endurance
    500m drils
    4x500m at zone 2 pace w/ 30sec recovery
    Run: force and muscle endurance
    4x 5min hills at zone 4 – 5a w/ recovery on the descent

  85. Spinning classes, hill climbs on the road bike, and golf to cool down!

  86. Christoph

    On Sunday 30km run in 2:50 for my marathon target 3:15 in april!

  87. Marcell

    wednesday, running speed session.
    15 min. warm up
    15 x (1min hard ;1 min easy)
    25 min cool down

    Have a nice week, everybody, and don’t forget to train hard, race easy!:)

  88. Peter

    Been sick with grunge /flu for two weeks. Hope to get three weight workouts of increasing intensity over the next week and get back on the bike trainer for rides as I get well.

  89. oz

    Planning a 2 hour ride!

  90. fester

    3×10′ Z3(fc) 75rpm recovery 10′
    6×5′ z4 80rpm recovery 10′
    2x 5x(3’z3 +1′ burst) from 70rpm to 85rpm recovery 10′

  91. Michael Auchenberg

    Workout type: Swim
    WARM UP:
    400m EASY F/C – focus on smooth exhalation + bilateral breathing + 30sec
    300m PULL – focus on good hip rotation + 20sec
    200m ↑6-3-6 Drill ↓Swim + 15sec
    100m EASY F/C – Nice & smooth
    6x 50m + 15sec. All done as 25m FAST holding good form + 25m easy
    Can you hold back the pace on the 100’s ready for the 300?
    2x [3x 100m, 2x 200m, 1x 300m all at sustainable threshold pace +20sec]
    200m as 2x[50m EASY F/C + 50m LEISURE STROKE]
    Leisure stroke = Double Arm Backstroke with Breaststroke Legs

    Planned Time: 1:15
    Distance Planned: 3500 meters

  92. Michael Auchenberg

    Workout type: Swim
    WARM UP:
    400m EASY F/C – focus on smooth exhalation + bilateral breathing + 30sec
    300m PULL – focus on good hip rotation + 20sec
    200m ↑6-3-6 Drill ↓Swim + 15sec
    100m EASY F/C – Nice & smooth
    6x 50m + 15sec. All done as 25m FAST holding good form + 25m easy
    Can you hold back the pace on the 100’s ready for the 300?
    2x [3x 100m, 2x 200m, 1x 300m all at sustainable threshold pace +20sec]
    200m as 2x[50m EASY F/C + 50m LEISURE STROKE].
    Leisure stroke = Double Arm Backstroke with Breaststroke Legs

    Planned Time: 1:15
    Distance Planned: 3500 meters

  93. Steve

    Bike: Base Builder
    warm up 5-10 minutes
    All reps done at 10-15 beats below threshold
    4x5min, 45 sec rest
    1 minute rest
    4x4min, 30 sec rest
    1 miniute rest
    4×2 minute, 15 sec rest
    1 minute rest

  94. Andrej Jacko

    Been sick with a viral decease for more than one week on Sunday I can only run at easy pace for 30 – 40 minutes and see how the reactions of my organism are.

  95. Javier Perez

    On Tuesday, as one of the final steps for my marathon, I should run 3 series of 4000 meters at my expected marathon time (5:40 min/km). Hope I’ll survive it!

  96. Hannah


    3 Hour ride on road (@ zone 2 – heart rate).

  97. Ross


    Warm Up:
    4x75m Free Fins
    100m Free Fins

    500m, 400m, 300m, 200m, 100m pull (desending rests)

    5 sets of 5 x 50m (15s rest)
    150 kick

    300 cool down

  98. Mariano

    Just had a flu and try to ease back into it very slowly.

    Did a short 5k run today at conversational pace and will ride my bike for two hours tomorrow at Z2.
    Currently my heart rate is still higher than usual when working out, hope this goes down again soon.

  99. Lara

    No specific workout, but I’ve moved back to western PA from southeast VA, so I’ll be learning to run the hills again! (And learning to deal with the cold weather)

  100. Per Bjarte Nes

    Hoping to do a proper long run sometime during this week.