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[Updated Monday, 12:14PM Eastern)

We’re going to keep this post quick and short, since all the real goodness from my posting today is over in my Singapore Race Report.  Here’s the new deals for Cyber Monday, as well as the deals that are still out there.  This follows on the Black Friday deals of last week.  As with last week, I’ll keep updating these throughout the day (or week) as I see new ones.  I think I updated the Black Friday post about a dozen times with new deals last week.

New for Monday – Amazon Cyber Monday Deal:

As noted on Friday, these only last an hour or two, and prices aren’t announced until it goes live:

Garmin FR405 with heart rate strap – $149: As noted previously, not a huge fan here of this watch due to the touch-bezel.  Beyond that, it’d a fine running watch.   Given the FR410 was down to $149 yesterday on Amazon (with HR strap), I think we’ll see more of that kind of Amazon pricing before the holidays are over.  Thus, I wouldn’t nab this deal unless we’re talking closer to $125ish (since the FR405 is older than the FR410).  Otherwise, other deals like the Timex Global Trainer below at $110 are too good. This deal goes live at 12:30PM Eastern on Monday only, likely for an hour or two.

Monday-specific deals:

Randomness for the full of Monday:

Withings 20% off: (All countries): Withings themselves is running a 20% off all products. It’s good for everything in their store except the new WS-30 Bluetooth/WiFi combo scale.  But the original Withings WiFi scale is good with this deal.  [Review of WiFi scale here].


Wahoo Fitness 25% off Blue HR: 25% off the Blue HR Bluetooth Smart heart rate strap with code “BHRturkey25”


Finis Swimsense – $99: This is a good pool swimming tracking unit.  It’s been eclipsed by the cleaner Garmin Swim unit, but for $99, you certainly can’t go wrong with the Swimsense.


Finis Lap track – $19: This is a end of lane lap tracker.  You tap it during each turn and it counts your laps on a really big display.  It’s far bigger than it looks.  I actually have one, though haven’t written a full review on it.  $19 is a good deal, but the $90 retail price they quote is BS.  It’s routinely found for $29 on Amazon.  And I paid $5 on Woot.com last January…


Deals still going on:

And here’s what’s still out there for a couple more days:

35% off all Polar RCX Heart Rate Monitors: This includes stuff like the Polar RCX3 and RCX5 – normally a bit overpriced for the functionality afforded, but at these lower prices they’re more in range with competitive offers.  Go for the RCX5 if anything (with GPS pod, otherwise it’s silly).


Garmin Forerunner 310XT – $211US: This is pretty much a steal.  It normally hovers in the $260ish range, but dropped down this week led by Amazon.  The core difference between it and the FR910XT is the lack of indoor pool metrics, and TSS/NP/IF power meter metrics (though both support power meters just fine.  If you’re just getting into the sport – solid deal.  [Review here] – Sale Underway


Garmin Forerunner 610 (with HR strap) – $299US: This is $100 off the norm, so a great deal for my favorite running-specific more advanced watch. [Review here] – Ends Dec 3rd.


Garmin Forerunner 410 – $175US (w/o strap) & $205US (with HR strap): I’m admittedly not a big fan of either of these two units due to the touch bezel.  But the deal is out there (for those that missed out on the FR410 at $150 deal yesterday).  Beyond the touch bezel, they’re fine GPS running watches.  [Review here] – Ends Dec 3rd.


Garmin Edge 800 bundle – $499US: This is $150 off the normal bundle price.  In general, I only recommend the Edge 800 if you explore new and unknown routes constantly.  If you’re a route-regular like me, stick with the smaller Edge 500 and save $250.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the Edge 800 and use it daily, but I think it’s overkill for many. [Review here] – Ends Dec 3rd.


Magellan Switch Up – $239US:  Both of these are pretty low these days price wise.  Do see my comments on exactly which situations you should (and shouldn’t) pickup this unit. [Review here] – Sale Underway.


Magellan Switch regular – $169US:  A VERY good price for this unit. It doesn’t have the barometric altimeter or vibrating alerts, but otherwise it has the same functionality as the more expensive Up version. – Unknown end date.


Kinetic Kurt Road Machine – $271US: This is about $70 off the regular price.  This unit is compatible with their upcoming inRide power meter accessory (another $200 though).  I put up some new images of the inRide in testing up in ‘The Queue’ section.  As a standalone unit it’s a great trainer that works with TrainerRoad VirtualPower quite well. – Sale ends Monday, Nov 26th.


CycleOps Trainers  – 20% off: These are reduced further, down to about 20% off in total, including the PowerBeam Pro.  I’ve only reviewed the PowerBeam Pro, so I can’t comment much on the others.  I’ll be reviewing the newly released Virtual Trainer software coming up in the next few weeks. – Ends Dec 3rd


Timex Global Trainer for $110: This is a sweet price for this unit.  With the foot pod firmware update last summer, it’s probably the best deal out there for a budget triathlon watch. (Thanks to Steve for sending in). [Review here] – Unknown end date.


Training Peaks offers free Pro apps: It’s small savings compared to many of the other here, but it’s certainly worthwhile noting.  You can download any of their apps for free till Monday (and they stay on your phone at that point forever).  Additionally, you can use their higher end platform free for 14 days a while with code BLKFRI14DAY here.

Thanks all, enjoy!


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  1. If Wahoo fitness had free shipping I would buy thier Blue HR. Final price with shipping is the same as amazon.com with Free Shipping.

    • David

      AMZN customer service is pretty great, but so is Wahoo. They’ve been pretty responsive when I have asked questions. Give them a shot direct.

  2. Dustin

    Trisports.com is also offering 25% off on a lot of products until the end of today (11/26). Unfortunately, it excludes some of the bigger stuff like anything from Garmin.

  3. Garrubal

    If you are a heartratemonitorusa.com customer, you should have gotten a 10% off coupon for cyber Monday. That means you can get the 310xt for $186 and change (CYBER1012 is the code if you didn’t get the email).

  4. George

    I tried getting the cyclops powerbeam pro from clever training but the 10% code DCR10BTF is not applying. What am I doing wrong?

  5. Jerry

    While the deal on the Kinetic Kurt Road Machine has expired on clevertraining.com , it’s currently running for $271.20 on Amazon. link to amazon.com

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  7. This is about $70 off the regular price. This unit is compatible with their upcoming inRide power meter accessory (another $200 though).

  8. The cyber monday sports is a good websites for buy things for sportsman.