A Triathlon Weekend Giveaway: Garmin FR910XT

For many triathletes, this weekend holds almost as much spectacle as the Olympic Triathlon races held just two short months ago in London.  The Kona based Ironman World Championships is watched by not only by those in the sport, but also of course the handful of folks who stumble onto the recorded version in December on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

As such, it’s only appropriate to give something away to mark the festivus that the weekend ahead of us is.  Plus, it’s been too long since the last giveaway (as epic as it was!).  It makes sense to giveaway away a triathlon product – hence, I’m going with the Garmin FR910XT.  The FR910XT covers you across all triathlon sports segments from pool toys to tricycles to one-legged races.


The best thing though is you’ve got nothing more to do than leave a single comment below (multiple comments don’t count around these parts!).

As far as entry goes, we’ll keep it easy this time.  All you need to do is enter in your favorite Kona-related memory (be it watching the race, participating in it, a TV segment, or even just a random beach related thing in Kona).  Failing any Kona related memories, just give me something Hawaii related.  Anything at all really (mmm…chocolate covered macadamia nuts…).  I’m not picky.

The entry period will run until Saturday, October 13th, 2012 at 11:59PM Hawaii Time (official end of the race), at which point I’ll close the entry period and randomly select a winner. Like the all my giveaways there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send it to ya. The winner will get a brand new Garmin Forerunner FR910XT (with HR strap) – shipped anywhere in the world.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I recently announced a partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company) using coupon code DCR10BTF (along with the link above).

(Note: If you’re deployed US Active Duty military and are unable to complete the entry method above, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya entered in. For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets.)


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  1. Flight delayed and spent 10 hours at Kona waiting for my next flight out. Great time exploring the area.

  2. Masses of people and beautifull nature.

  3. Watching on TV and wishing I was there and taking part.

  4. I will hopefully this weekend, when Rasmus Henning ends his career with a win 🙂

  5. Watching on TV and wishing I was there and taking part.

  6. bbberttt

    Luc Van Lierde winning on his debut!

  7. Getting ready to watch it tonight to give me more inspiration for me when I do my first ironman next year

  8. Love your giveaways! Compliments from Portuguese living in Ile de France

  9. I first heard of Kona when I was 18. The internet didn’t really exist back then and I went and bought a book about the Ironman Hawaii.

  10. Hearing there was such a thing as the “Underpants run” for the first time. That cracked me up real good (of course not as much as reading about Ray’s underpants run in Canada, but that’s not strictly Hawaii-related).

  11. I first heard about Kona when I was 18. 18 seems like a long time ago.

  12. Pauli Kiuru racing at Kona

  13. Geert_Vanhoof76@hotmail.com

    As a Belgian the mast favourite memory of Ironman Kona are the fwo victories of Luc Van Lierde … even with a course record set the second time… Lets hope Bink Vanhoenacker can make history again today.

  14. Martin N.

    Simply stepping off the plane and smelling the flowers…

  15. The thought of actually entering Kona makes me brick it 😉

  16. Ian

    I used to lust after Kona mountain bikes. Does that count?

  17. Would love to run there but can’t afford getting there. But I can definitely dance a Hula and imagine being on Kona Beach 🙂
    Thanks for all the good reviews

  18. Rasmus Henning finishing 5th in kona 2009 with a brokken hand.

  19. Never visited, but hey would I like to!

  20. The finish of the 1999 edition when the Hoyts despite not making the bike cutoff managed to get to e finish line before midnight. I still get goose bumps every time I watch it. Its the ultimate source of inspiration

  21. My best memory? Maybe sometime making my own memories 😉 .

  22. It’s a dream of my life!

  23. Dreaming to do the IronMan of Kona some Day

  24. Never been there (yet), but Kona is the dream destination for once of my training buddies, so for me Kona is friendship & training. And again DC thanks for tour vive asas

  25. when rasmus henning forgot to remove his swimsuit and rode the entire bike leg with it

  26. Yes please, thanks.

  27. I love seeing the champions decked out in the bright leis and wreath crowns at the finish!

  28. Jonas Coltings Ultraman adventures.

  29. Anonymous

    Some day I will be there

  30. Kona underpants run

  31. Chrissie Wellington handing out medals to the age-groupers.

  32. TK

    The beach and the sea and feeling free!

  33. The win of Thomas Hellriegel in 2007.

  34. Edu

    Hawaiii is incredible !!! go Eneko !!!!

  35. Bob

    Hawaian skirts !

  36. Last years Chrissie Wellington win even though she had a severe injury.

  37. People crawling to the finish line

  38. Couldn’t miss Kona on my honeymoon to Hawaii

  39. KalleL


  40. Remembering one of the races on TV …. Thinking i would never be able to do that. Working towards my second marathon now and thinking i can do this!

  41. Easy….Macca’s 2nd Win

  42. Kaunaoa Beach and swimming with turtles! And also endless lava fields crossed with road on which poor triathlets take second part of Hawaii Ironman.

  43. Realizing the first couple placings get pulled into a clean up area only to arrive at the finishing line looking like they are in a sporty fashion shoot

  44. How can you combine the most beautiful place in the world and the most intense effort? Easy Kona!!!

  45. I always watch the race on TV/live stream starting 6 pm our time.
    Usually I fall asleep at maybe 4 in the night.:-)

    And wake up with the race again, hearing the voice saying “You are an ironman…You are an ironman….” .

    I cry. It is so overwhelming. I watch until the last Agegrouper comes in an than I start training.

  46. Hawaii? Elvis! 😉

  47. Watching Macca and Chrissie

  48. loshko

    Watching the Kona race and realizing I’ve got a long way to go before doing something of that scale.

  49. Mmmhhh…. this is a tough one!
    I’ve never been in Hawaii, so I guess my only memories of the place come from watching Magnum P.I. episodes on TV when I was a kid!

  50. Since I haven’t been to Hawaii, I’ll have to say that My favourite Hawaii memory is Magnum PI in his glory days.

    Also I will be following the Swedish athletes in the race on saturday!
    Kör hårt!!

  51. watching it on tv each year – some day in person.

  52. David Hale

    D4veH4le@gmail.com says: It has gotta be the story of the 1983 womens result with Kathleen McCartney passing Julie Moss in the dark. Julie had completely bonked and well…lets say politely soiled herself…and continued on slowly with the pregnant giraffe walk. Tough Event, for tough people!!

  53. biking through the lava desert

  54. watching the Blazeman roll across the finish line.

  55. My fist holiday with my wife was in Hawaii. We loved it!

  56. Haven’t been to Kona (yet). But all theses breathtaking scenes of the athletes on this beautiful and impressive island. Especially the great run duels in the energy lab give me a motivation to train even more.

  57. Cant wait to watch Kona IM! Must be tough doing a tri in a grass skirt.

  58. Rab

    watching a video online of the race a few months ago and being inspired to finally get my act together and start training for and competing in Tri

  59. going to hawaii on vacation next year!

  60. I’d really, really love to go there someday…
    But is kinda half the world to travel from Italy

  61. I always look forward to seeing Chris Lieto on the bike part.

  62. Favorite Kona Moment – When Chrissie Wellington got a flat I think in 2009. She forgot to put the valve and wasted her CO2 as it all blew out again. She stood on the side of the road and watched all her challengers pass her for about 5 min. Finally a fellow competitor lent her a CO2. She came back to take the lead and the win.

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. I wish I have Kona related memories, maybe in 3 years time… Only starting triathlon this year.

  65. Francesco Riceputi

    Three weeks ago I dream to win the Kona in final rush against Macca

  66. Watching the race and hope to qualify one day

  67. Watching Kona to see two people cross the finish line just seconds past the cut-off time.

  68. I’m just glad that Lance will never race there!!! And I really hope he’ll give his Leadville 100 title back.

  69. Best memory from my one and only time visiting Hawaii – getting in a kayak and paddling out until my arms gave out, then coasting back to the shore.

  70. Best memory from my only time visiting Hawaii – getting on a kayak and paddling out until my arms gave out, then coasting back to the beach.

  71. A reason to take those old holiday image slides out of their box!

  72. Favorite memory from Hawaii – paddling on a kayak in the beautiful blue sea.

  73. I been to Hawaii once! While I was in the Navy, it was pretty amazing!

  74. Seeing all the different ages groups. definitely inspired me to run more 🙂 Rob

  75. Favorite memory from Hawaii – paddling on a kayak in the beautiful blue sea.

  76. Just when I broke my 310XT :))

  77. Watching the last hour of the race. The atmosphere is amazing!!

  78. Seeing all the different ages groups competing. definitely Inspired me to run.Rob

  79. Andreas Møller Stokbro

    Watching Chrissie Wellington competing over the years – Road Rash (2011), punctures (2007), nothing stops that woman – She’s a true inspiration to me, and I hope we’ll see her in Kona again.

  80. Every year u setup my laptop and watch the race and clean my bike because its the end of the season for me. great times.

  81. If I get it, I will be there next year (or the following one, or …)

  82. MarkS

    Watching Chrissie Wellington win.

  83. Can’t wait to watch IM! Must be hard doing a tri in a grass skirt

  84. Not necessarily kona-related, but when I was four, my family was vacationing in Hawaii, and we stumbled upon a Dead Sea lion on the beach with huge chunks missing from the sharks. Needless to say, I didn’t go back in the water during that trip.

  85. Not necessarily kona-related, but when I was four, my family was vacationing in Hawaii, and we stumbled upon a Dead Sea lion on the beach with huge chunks missing from the sharks. Needless to say, I didn’t go back in the water during that trip.

  86. Snorkling with about a dozen manta rays for over an hour right off the Kona airport is still the coolest thing I have ever done!

  87. Amazing snorkeling amongst coral and turtles.

  88. I drank Kona beer at the Polynesian Resort in WDW, is that tenuous enough for you??

  89. Growing up I remember watching the bike leg and seeing the Zipp Y frames. I thought those were the coolest bike ever.

  90. I liked reading about the first ironman and the crazy participants

  91. The race between Chris McCormack and Andreas Raelert in 2010.

  92. Constantly refreshing the browser because I have to read (yes, read!) the race progress through forum’s posts due to the slow internet connection I have.

    Still, the last few km are very fun when nobody posts an update, hehe

  93. Been into running lately and even finished a 50k ultra. Someday hope to join a triathlon at least once !