A Triathlon Weekend Giveaway: Garmin FR910XT

For many triathletes, this weekend holds almost as much spectacle as the Olympic Triathlon races held just two short months ago in London.  The Kona based Ironman World Championships is watched by not only by those in the sport, but also of course the handful of folks who stumble onto the recorded version in December on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

As such, it’s only appropriate to give something away to mark the festivus that the weekend ahead of us is.  Plus, it’s been too long since the last giveaway (as epic as it was!).  It makes sense to giveaway away a triathlon product – hence, I’m going with the Garmin FR910XT.  The FR910XT covers you across all triathlon sports segments from pool toys to tricycles to one-legged races.


The best thing though is you’ve got nothing more to do than leave a single comment below (multiple comments don’t count around these parts!).

As far as entry goes, we’ll keep it easy this time.  All you need to do is enter in your favorite Kona-related memory (be it watching the race, participating in it, a TV segment, or even just a random beach related thing in Kona).  Failing any Kona related memories, just give me something Hawaii related.  Anything at all really (mmm…chocolate covered macadamia nuts…).  I’m not picky.

The entry period will run until Saturday, October 13th, 2012 at 11:59PM Hawaii Time (official end of the race), at which point I’ll close the entry period and randomly select a winner. Like the all my giveaways there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send it to ya. The winner will get a brand new Garmin Forerunner FR910XT (with HR strap) – shipped anywhere in the world.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I recently announced a partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company) using coupon code DCR10BTF (along with the link above).

(Note: If you’re deployed US Active Duty military and are unable to complete the entry method above, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya entered in. For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets.)


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  1. They should run in Hawaiian shirts !!

  2. I was running in Kona and realized that the road I was on was one that I had seen on TV during the marathon.

  3. Bill D.

    Meeting the oldest competitor…what an inspiration!

  4. Swimming with the turtles.

  5. Macca’s second championship!

  6. Gotta go with the underpants run on this one

  7. Talking to my boss about when he competed at Kona.

  8. Tracking friends online as they raced Kona!

  9. Flying kinda -over- Hawaii this weekend. Does that count? My only real Kona memory is introducing myself to a fellow rider I didn’t recognise on a group ride a while back, and ask him his name, and if he races (because he seems pretty quick on the bike), and he introduces himself as Joe, and says, yep, he came top 20 in his last race. That’s pretty good, I said, until a minute later, someone else tells me that little race just happened to be Kona… and that it was Joe Gambles I was talking to…

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Seeing the helicopters approach over pros returning from Hawi. That’s when I really appreciated I was in the same race

  12. Pineapples and hula skirts! Clearly never visited : )

  13. Favorite Kona memory: Watching the ironman live stream for three+ hours last year waiting for all of my friends to cross the finish line.

  14. Pineapples and hula skirts! Clearly never visited : )

  15. John B

    I once knew a lady who took 18th in her age group at Kona.

  16. Living vicariously through my friends by listening to them talking about their Kona experiences!

  17. I got in to tri after watching the IM WC. So stoked for Saturday.

  18. Watching Chrissie Wellington smash the race over and over again 🙂

  19. Watching the inspirational personal stories during the recorded airing!

  20. Seeing the eventual winner reduced to walking and then doubled over hands on knees last year. Twice! Epic and perversely made me want to try

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Watching documentaries hoping to one day qualify to compete myself!

  23. Lets try this again….

    Luke McKenzie’s bike:

    link to slowtwitch.com

    The Bike-Porn comment completely sums this up!

  24. Sign me up to win for a late birthday present!

  25. Watching Kona as a kid originally sparked my interest in triathlon!

  26. Faris al-Sultan waving the bavarian flag

  27. Watching Macca and Chrissie

  28. Plumeria shirts. and more Plumerias.

  29. Got married in Kona! Paid for entire trip using miles and points. This was back when I only ran when being chased and only rode a bike when the car was broken down. Wish I knew then what I know now.

  30. My only Kona memory is watching a guy at a triathlon expo demo the Kona course on the Computrainer. Not the most impressive memory.

  31. Tracking good buddies racing Kona IM!

  32. watching the midnight finishers on all the reruns.

  33. Doing the race in 2011. Hope I do we’ll tomorrow.

  34. Not many people know that, but next to the Ironman – Big Island gives home to one of the best coffee-beans: link to en.wikipedia.org greate stuff! both, Ironman and Hawaiian coffee 😉

  35. VChu

    Watching Chrissie Wellington power through the pain of injuries to win.

  36. John A.

    I remember being a young person (in Hawaii) and my parents telling me about the Iron Man championship and what it entailed for the first time. I was rather unimpressed at 6 years old.

  37. I hope to go to Hawaii one of these days.

  38. Rick

    Staring out at the Pacific from my second story balcony watching kitesurfers cutting through the choppy waters of the late afternoon trade winds with someone playing bagpipes in the background…very surreal.

  39. following the festivities next year (knowing that I only missed it by 59 sec.) is motivating for next season 🙂

  40. Hi,
    Hawaii for me is palmtrees and sandy beaches…mmmmm…summer…


  41. We stayed in Kona when my husband proposed.

  42. I proposed in Kona – 10 years ago!

  43. I’ve never heard of Kona… So I am not qualified here.

  44. Love your awesome work.

  45. Time to train seriously …even under the rain !!!

  46. Is Chrisie defending this year?

  47. Never been to Kona (yet), but Maui 5x. Love running the beaches through Wailea and Kihei!

  48. Pierre Protz: Best Kona moment. Peter Reid and Lori Bowden winning Kona Ironman in 98 and 99 respectively. What makes this so good? Their Canadian.

  49. Shaved ice after a day at the beach!

  50. I loved watching the race’s live stream when Macca won.

  51. Watching a good friend finish in 2010 and the sheer joy of completing that epic event.

  52. Iron War! Kona ’89. Heading to Hawaii for the first time in 2 weeks to make some memories of my own at Xterra.

  53. The crazy winds in the bike at Hawaii 70.3 this year.

  54. When Crowie broke the course record last year.

  55. Hearing about a Navy Seal buddy of my basically walking into a Kona entry and doing pretty well.

  56. Read Iron War–an excellent account of the Scott-Allen race in ’89.

  57. Chrissie Wellington – any time she races. AMAZING!

  58. Kona = Keeping us old folks motivated to race with the youngsters!

  59. Watching the race with envy!

  60. My favorite Kona memory is standing on the Queen Lili highway while on vacation in the middle of the lava fields and feeling the sun and wind beet on me. Couldn’t imagine doing an IM in those conditions.

  61. Welschy for the win started a lifelong passion.

  62. Best Kona memory for me was the first time I tuned in and saw my first Ironman Championship. It was amazing – brought me to the sport I love!

  63. This watch is too big for my wrist but I still want to take my chances.

  64. No contest.
    The phenomenal Dave Scott vs Mark Allen. The greatest race of all time. Just mind blowing.
    Triathlon’s answer to Sugar Ray-Duran or Ali-Frasier.

  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. Best Kona memory: getting lost on a training run at the Mauna Lani resort. I missed my turn on the beach and ended up in Puako 2.5 mi. North on the Queen K with an empty water bottle. Luckily the nice folks at the fire house didn’t mind me filling up from their spigot which was enough to get me back home after the 5 mile detour.


  67. I tried to watch the recap with my mom once… Instead of feeling inspired by the older participants, she got really pissed that someone would do something so “age inappropriate” and walked out…

  68. I remember watching the live stream while trying to work last year. It was a surprisingly unproductive day.

  69. Best Kona memory hasn’t come yet. I’ll get there though.

  70. Last year was watching the race online, and in other screen the timings. À friend of mine was competing, this was the way to keep up to date, as hè came never on THE live streaming.

  71. Tracking local athletes online as they raced Kona!

  72. Lachlan

    I stayed in Kona a few years ago on a family holiday.
    Best memories – coming through the airport with my bike bag and being asked if I was there for the ironman (I wasn’t)
    -jumping in at White Sands Beach for some bodysurfing.
    Worst memories – being unable to fit my bike bag in the rented car at the airport and having to tie it onto the car’s roof
    -getting dumped at White Sands Beach and tearing my infraspinatus.

  73. Hawaii makes training enjoyable for me all year around

  74. Chamac'h

    At least, it would be good to let the watch live in France ! 😉

  75. I visited Hawaii when I was 11. I’d like to go back with my wife.

  76. J

    My best Kona memory is still to come… I’ll enjoy the show on my computer one more time this year. I hope I will see that magical island before my death !

  77. Watching the live last year with all the telemetry on my laptop was a sports geek paradise

  78. Mountain biking down Haleakala

  79. Never been, but gonna be updating results all night. Go Rasmus in your last race.

  80. Seeing John Blazeman ROLL….May he rest in peace.

  81. Last year it was spectacular watching Latvian Rinalds Sluckis to perform in Kona for the first time and reaching a decent position among the age groupers.

  82. Iain

    Queen K highway… watching the bikes on tv and somehow feeling the heat

  83. Last year, Crowie cramping up and sticking it out to break the course record.

  84. Googling Kona, and finding out that there is a new awesome crowdsourced site for finding photos from endurance events via this site!

  85. Watch Mr.Alexander win the event.

  86. Ola Nissen

    I read about Jonas Colting, Swedish super-triathlete, about not finishing last year’s race. Too bad he will not compete this year, would have been a good comeback I think.

  87. Doing sport on Hawaii, that’s what I’m dreaming of…far away in europe. Have fun there…

  88. Imagine an Ironman in Kona with all the athletes wearing a wreath of flowers draped around the neck!!

  89. always love seeing people right in front of the sweeper, coming in at midnight

  90. The dream of some time doing the Kona Ironman!

  91. Watching the 2011 champs inspired me to do my first ironman, completed it in 2012

  92. I always tell my coworkers that the day I’ll win the lottery, the next day I’ll send them a postcard from Waikiki Beach!

  93. Team Hoyt finishing IM Hawaii

  94. Marc Herremans participating in the Ironman of Hawaii in 2002, only 10 months after his accident.
    And finishing first in 2006…
    link to youtube.com

  95. Watching the live streaming wondering WTF I have do to do qualify

  96. Two words: Team Hoyt!

  97. Running on the queen k this summer!

  98. Never been there, but hopefully…

  99. Would be a dream to participate one day…competing wouldn’t necessarily be paradise, but aftewards would be!

  100. The blue sea and sky

  101. seeing the nature!

  102. Hellriegel, Leder, Al-Sultan, Bracht, Raelert etc.
    GERMANS!!!! GoGoGo!

  103. berber

    Just watching it for the first time.

  104. Never been to Kona, but I really enjoyed running during my recent vacation on Kauai. Later I realized that I ran a couple of segments of The Kauai Marathon route.

  105. Watching Kona fragments for the first time and now training for my first triathlon.

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. For an Estonian – Marko Albert ranking as M Pro 13 in 2011

  108. Some days ago pro triathlete Bockel did fracture his hand … he will nevertheless race …

  109. One of my distant dreams to do

  110. I’ve no a Kona memory… I’ve never been in Hawaii. But I hope I’ll be able to be there soon!!

  111. I’m always exited to watch Kona race as at least one of my fellow countryman (estonian) participates 🙂

    But year 2010 was epic battle between McCormack and Raelert, leaving 2-times defending champion Alexander into dust – cleaver “team”-tactics!

  112. A place for me to be in five years.

  113. Chrissie Wellington 2011

  114. This comment has been removed by the author.

  115. Easy! Last year I travelled with my wife to Hawaii for the first time. Got some running in too; in Waikiki and then in also a nice but hot run in Maui!

  116. Watching Luc Van Lierde win in 1996. It was the first time I ever saw a triathlon on TV and stayed up all night to keep watching.

  117. Anonymous

    Chrissie Wellington managing to win last year despite the training crash weeks before the event. Inspirational. rich_kitch69@hotmail.com

  118. I once visited Hawaii and I love macadamia nut cookies. That’s about the closest I come to Kona Ironman!

  119. I live in Sweden, and because it is veeery far away from Kona and I have never been there. So, the closest memory I have of it is when I was wearing a “hawaii-shirt”. 🙂

  120. Watching an exciting race in one of the most beautiful places in the world!

  121. Hostelling in Waikiki!!

  122. Marc Herremans winning in 2006 in his hand-cycle

  123. Alex

    Dave Scott – Mark Allen Kona 1989

  124. Go Mirinda, go like a Hawaian wind!

  125. 1988 was my first watch…in the years following mark allen became my superman.

  126. My own 910 is feeling sooo lonely… This is her only hope for reproduction (at least in my household ;))

  127. No Kona memories yet. But this time our competitor Petr Vabrousek will be racing again after a car crash aftet that he was in a hospital for a few days. I’ll cross fingers for him!

  128. Stumbling across kona on YouTube. Amazed and in awe of these guys inspired me to take up triathlon.

  129. Hadn’t heard of Kona before now. Sounds awesome, going to be following it now.

    Gordon B

  130. seeing everyone riding the week before the race in 2010 got me started training for triathlon.

  131. No Kona memories yet, as I just “discovered” this year what was all about.
    So fat I have read lots of epic moments in, arguably, the best scenario in the world for an ironman

  132. The moment I first saw Ironman Hawaii – it was magnificent! Than I realized I had to get back in shape. So 1 year later, tomorrow I’m taking part in a trail running race! In couple of years I hope I can make it to a full Ironman somewhere in Europe!

  133. cheering for Luc Van Lierde while he was participating!

  134. First time I have heard about Kona was from your post few years back..

  135. Sun, ocean, beach and running what a lovely combination.

  136. I would love to ride the bike portion of Kona and be a Kona Iron man spectator.

  137. Just a dream to be there in somes years

  138. Sun, ocean, beach and running what a lovely combination.

  139. Dolphins riding bikes and sea turtles running the marathon.

  140. Will

    I’ll never forget the legendary Marc Herremans. I’ve read his books and since then, he’s even more legendary 🙂

  141. The typical shirt full of flowers and the roasted coffee beans that a friend of mine brought back to me when he visited Hawaii for a PHD.

  142. Rasmus Henning, DK, is ending his career at the race – what a spectacular place to do it…

    link to rasmushenning.com

  143. Haven’t ran Kona……. Yet.

  144. I’ll put my hawaian shirt this week-end during the race !

  145. Checkin a friend’s progress a couple of years ago.
    He was out of the simw when I went to bed and should be finished when I woke up – found he was still running and realised it had gone wrong.
    Brought home how long/hard these things are

  146. Anonymous

    I visited the Big Island oh Hawaii 10 years ago in November 2002. I still remember this great place and consider it as one of the nicest places on earth. I checked out some the locations connected to the Ironman World Championships.
    I have total respect for all the people participating in that race as the weather conditions are quite tough.
    Good luck to everyone for this years race.


  147. Thomas de Zoete

    Remembering me that i should train harder to ever enter a Ironman.

  148. Melting in the lava fields

  149. Chrissie having a flat and accidently wasting her co2, before being thrown another by one of the other racers.

  150. Great blog! Best memory: watching last year recap on youtube.

  151. fellow Belgian Luc Van Lierde’s first victory in 1996 in his first entry!

  152. Following Rasmus Henning from Dk, fantastic sports man:-)

  153. Greetings from Greece, keep running!

  154. will be flying to San Diego that day (from Paris). Hopefully i can squeeze some run there.

  155. in a few years Im hoping ot call my self an ironman, untill then I watch and learn 🙂

  156. Ironman Hawaii 2010 – Macca vs. Raelert

  157. Watching Breakfast with Bob online from London. Makes me really envious of not being in Kona.

  158. Never been in a Ironman, never been to hawaii…. but guess the best part of hawaii is the weather compared to the Netherlands

  159. Panicking about the Ultra I’ve signed up to near Honolulu.

  160. Never been to Kona or Hawaii, but that doesn’t stop me from trying. 🙂

  161. walker

    who cares the gift, I just like to run the race as usual 😉
    thanks anyway for you giveaway!

  162. TriMike

    Tracking my TAFE lecturer when he does Kona. He still wins local races even though he’s in his fifties now.

  163. One of the reason that made me start running was the story of 1989 Kona Ironman tell by an italian triathlete.
    I hope one day to be able to be there…

  164. Watching last years live stream.

  165. Never been there, but this seems to be the best locations to swim, bike and run!

  166. They shot Lost at the Hawaii, that’s why I can’t wait to get there.

  167. Watching the banana hammock & egg shell helmet races from before 2000 😉

  168. Watching my friend finish top 10 in her AG last year and just miss cracking 10 hours!

  169. My memory of Kona are the FB photos
    link to facebook.com

  170. What about it? I’d love to go there at least once.

    Cheers from Poland

  171. dieter neirinck

    Hard to choose from my Belgian perspective: I was doubting between Luc Van Lierde with his two wins and his record time, or Marino Vanhoenacker who took bronze in 2010 and trains at the gym I used to go to. But I’ve got to go for Marc Herremans who took sixth place in 2001, got paralyzed after a cycling accident in 2002, and went on to take bronze (three times), silver (once) and gold (once) in the handcycle category at Kona.

  172. Someday I’ll be there…

  173. All those stories (and pictures) about swimming out to the coffee boat in the bay!

  174. mallfellow

    Watching the difference between the winners and the folks finished just before the time cut-off.

  175. Watching Kona in the UK is like watching porn back in the 90s.
    You spend hours searching for a link to a dodgy stream and then sit up all night, trying not to wake the wife getting excited by blocky images.

  176. Participating in the Underpants Run and being able to be a part of the whole experience in Kona.

  177. Chrissie Wellington winning for the first time

  178. The age gropers competing in and amongst the pros.

  179. Hawaii for me still is, and will always be, israel kamakawiwo’ole… Nothing better than walk back home after a nice run and hear some of his tunes and pretend you’re coming back from a nice day on a Hawaian beach…

    Francis Medeiros

  180. The old ESPN coverage!

  181. The cannon going off over looking the water for the mass swim start. Spectacular!

  182. Last year, watching the race for first time, while we were eating a Spanish paella in Costa Rica. Good memories!

  183. I actually love the coverage prior to the event: All those nice pictures and reports shared online by athletes going to Kona getting ready for the race weekend.

  184. Norway is freezing now, the first snow has arrived some places – wish I was in Hawaii 🙂

  185. Salut Ray,

    J’apprécie les photos du tri-Hawaï 🙂 Et ce qui est super chouette maintenant, c’est que l’on peut laisser des commentaires en français !
    Au plaisir de se croiser dans Paris

  186. Francesco

    I could definitely use one! This and the FR610 are the only Garmin watches with four data fields per page. Yes, I’m a bit of a data geek 🙂

  187. Mindz

    When Chrissie Wellington had a flat and used her co2 cartridge unsiccessfully but won nonetheless

  188. Kona ??? it is where Conan the Barbarian goes on vacation?

    Meilleures salutations 😉

  189. Watching Kona archives and dreaming to one day qualify to compete myself!

  190. although seeing Luc Van Lierde win in 96 in a record time was impressive, i still think that the 3rd place of Marc Herremans in 2003 hand cycle division was far more inspiring: it took him more than 13h to finish! (He ended up in a wheelchair after a bike-accident during a triathlon training on Lanzarote; he ended at the 6th place in ‘normal’ race of 2001)

  191. Why not adding surfing during the Triathlon? Just to make it even harder.

  192. I think it is great that the first non-American to win the race was an Australian, Greg Welch.

  193. Every time I watch an old Kona with Rick and Dick Hoyt or Jon “Blazeman” Blais it makes me cry, inspires me, and then I sign up for another Ironman. I doubt I will ever qualify for Kona, but it doesn’t stop the dream.

  194. David Memau

    Just saw Hawaï Five-0 on TV but I dream to visit Kona one day. A french runner who read your excellent blog well before you move in Paris.

  195. A past Kona recap interview with Lew Hollander was priceless. He sets a great example for others.

  196. Hot triathletes among hot lava fields 🙂

  197. Watching coverage on NBC Sports (I think) of the Kona IM and getting goosebumps watching not the pros, but the age groupers finishing just before cutoff time.

  198. I borrowed a Iona t shirt many years ago and it lead me to learn about triathlon and a sport. Love it now….

  199. Watching coverage on NBC Sports (I think) of the Kona IM and getting goosebumps watching not the pros, but the age groupers finishing just before cutoff time.

  200. As an european my dream is some day have a chance to race at Kona!

  201. Watching coverage on NBC Sports (I think) of the Kona IM and getting goosebumps watching not the pros, but the age groupers finishing just before cutoff time.

  202. I would love to run Hawaii marathon some day

  203. As an european my dream is some day have a chance to race on Kona

  204. Watching coverage on NBC Sports (I think) of the Kona IM and getting goosebumps watching not the pros, but the age groupers finishing just before cutoff time.

  205. Watching coverage on NBC Sports (I think) of the Kona IM and getting goosebumps watching not the pros, but the age groupers finishing just before cutoff time.

  206. Paddleboarding with the turtles

  207. Watching coverage on NBC Sports (I think) of the Kona IM and getting goosebumps watching not the pros, but the age groupers finishing just before cutoff time.

  208. Watching coverage on NBC Sports (I think) of the Kona IM and getting goosebumps watching not the pros, but the age groupers finishing just before cutoff time.

  209. Anonymous

    Following the race online cheering on a friend to his first finish! One day maybe me?

  210. Erwan

    Deep blue sea and warm air…

  211. Newton Lee

    I want my honey moon in Hawaii, but too far away!

  212. Sunshine, especially when it’s raining at home

  213. Best Kona memory: seeing Craig Alexander in front of me in the final straight, I speed up and begin to overtake him; he curses as I pass the finish line. Then the whole cheering and clapping wakes me up…

  214. It was watching the Kona broadcasts on NBC in the early ’90s that planted the seed. It may have taken me a decade and a half before doing my first tri, but, now, seven Ironmans later, I couldn’t imagine my life without the sport.

  215. Spending the night last year watching Kona and drinking beer

  216. Hi Ray, I remember the 6th place of the swiss Iron Mike Aigroz !! Cool 😉

  217. I mostly remember Luc van Lierde ‘s first victory in 1996 (while I was only 12y old). The first and still only Belgian I think to over win the Hawaii Iron Man and if I’m not mistaken in a record time that stood until last year. Incredible athlete!

  218. “I wish I was there” – as simple as that

  219. No.1 watching Chrissie win last year but no.2 was meeting one of the guys who competed in the fifth Kona in, of all places, the EUROTUNNEL departure lounge on my way back form IMCH!

  220. This comment has been removed by the author.

  221. This year will be the first for me to be followed via live stream.
    I’m looking forward to it.

  222. so will lance be racing at kona?

  223. Watching IM Kone inspired me to compete in Triathlons;)

  224. My memory is that every time I see Kona on TV, I think about picking up triathlon again. Although I like cycling probably as much.

  225. Waking up on sunday morning and watching the age groupers come in:)

  226. This comment has been removed by the author.

  227. Waking up on sunday morning and watching the age groupers finish;)

  228. Andreas Raelert fighting against Chris McCormack on the run in 2010

  229. goal is to someday race in Kona after watching it every year

  230. Would love to go to Kona 😀

  231. Mathew Pottinger

    The International Airport

  232. Favorite Kona memory: watching the TV coverage and seeing Sister Madonna Buder. She inspires me!

  233. Thank you for your incredible giveaway!!

    Even if I run quite well, I swim like a poodle attached to a rock, and my bike skills are well.. like a poodle again 🙁
    But I don’t why, I’ve always been attracted to tri :o)

  234. Hmm…I have not been in Kona but what I saw last year made me start running, cycling and swimming; thank you Ironman

  235. Anonymous

    My memory of Kona is always watching the coverage; whether that is live online or on NBC afterwards. I could watch those shows over and over again (and I have while on the trainer or working out)!


  236. Volunteering at the race the last two years!

  237. I love the lava area of Hawaii, the food and of course this great event…another thing on my to do list is this Ironman

  238. Thales

    Kona isn’t the destination, it’s the journey to get there.

  239. My first tri ever, Ironman Hawaii 70.3 2009. Hooked ever since!

  240. As an Aussie it has to be the first time a non-American won it – Mighty Mouse, aka Greg Welch.

  241. I haven’t been to Kona but have watched tv show of last years event

  242. Shubham Bawa

    Never been to hawaii buy I really want the watch.

  243. Jalil

    Hawaï, probably i’ll go there one time !

  244. as usual, I try to win something… never won in my life…

  245. Watching the Hoyts compete.

  246. Alex

    Someday I’ll be there…

  247. will never forget the smell of the flowers arriving in oahu airport and the look of the lava fields in kona. what a race it was last year for chrissie. I miss her for sure!!!

  248. Rebekah Keat’s generosity to Chrissie Wellington in 2008 on Chrissie’s puncture.

  249. no actual Kona memory, but when I was a kid I remember eating _way_ too much pineapple and my mouth getting all weird while in Hawaii.

  250. Even though I’m not able to watch Ironman World Champ live, I do catch it later on YouTube. I’ll be rooting for Crowie again

  251. Watching Chrissie and Rinny fight it out last year!

  252. David Nguyen

    I’m still training to qualify.. and then I’ll have some memories to share.
    So far it’s only sweat from training hard and hoping to get there someday.

  253. I really wish I could visit Hawaii some day.
    And given the future of my MotoActv seems to be up in the air (though I do really like it), I’d take a 910

  254. Watching it on TV for the first time and becoming so hooked that it has become my life now.

  255. I remember watching the race as a youngster. About 10 years ago I got to ride some of the course on a bike tour of Hawaii

  256. Waiting for returning of Chris McCormack to Kona! 🙂 Great man!

  257. Kona is the place to be on day. At least in of the beaches

  258. Dick Hoyt and son Rick

  259. member of my team is racing Kona, she’s going to rock it!

  260. I’ve never watched it as I’m new to running/tri, but I’m planning on it this time around!

  261. Awesome giveaway! Sadly though, I don’t have any memories of Kona or Hawaii to share…

  262. Spam. As in canned spiced ham.

  263. My first honeymoon and of course Macca’s performance.

  264. The finisher’s who just make the time cutoff at the end!

  265. Have yet to make it..but its on my bucket list

  266. i like last year craig alexander winning the race

  267. A big fan of your reviews 🙂 … and loving the watch 😉

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  269. I love watching the final hour finishers on the coverage every year.

  270. Good luck to everyone for the race.

  271. Hoping retire there and enjoying its waves…

  272. I’m not a triathlete, not really even much of an athlete, really…I am trying to get back into running after a 7 year break, though.

    Even since I was a kid, watching the Ironman in Kona on the television has been a treat. I always enjoyed the views and respected the efforts by the athletes.

    Good luck to all the participants!

  273. I remember watching coverage of a woman doubled over with back spasms during the marathon and thinking “I’m never going to do one of those!” Never say never.

  274. I really wish I had an Kona related memory. But I totally agree with first poster.
    Hawaiian shirts ftw 🙂

  275. The greatest memory are yet to come, me crossing the finishing line!

  276. My parents brought me back an AWESOME hawaiiian shirt after their anniversary holiday there.

  277. It’s always nice to watch all competitors in the nice scenery of Hawai.

  278. Watching Rinnie kick it in the marathon!

  279. Kona… the first time I saw a Triathlon and I was able to understand that the best swimmer and best biker… do not win… the best runner does!

  280. Someday when I get married I want to go to Hawaii, Kona in particular. Don’t tell her I plan to ride while we are there!

  281. The only memory about kona is riding a friend’s kona mountain bike. LOL

    I keep dreamimg onde day I could go to Hawaii…

  282. Hawaii……. just reading about it, in this autumn in Holland, makes me warm-all-over. I hope to make my own Kona-memory in the near-future…… (and the 910xt would help…;))

  283. This comment has been removed by the author.

  284. The first time I watch the battle between Dave Scott and Mark Allen!

  285. Heroes! – how do they all do it? Best of luck to all partaking: volunteers and athletes.

  286. Watching families reunite after the finish line.

  287. A two week trip to Hawaii was the first time in my life I started running. I had picked up a how to run book in the airport and started on the trip. By the time we left, I was hooked.

  288. Watching with my wife and mate is great as we have all started triathlon in the past couple of years

  289. This comment has been removed by the author.

  290. Heading to Hawaii this summer – perhaps I can squeeze in a triathalon.

  291. I am usually watching the live stream of Kona while riding my bike on the trainer. I always seems to push harder on the pedals on that day 😉

  292. Watching my friend train hard with the aim of someday competing in this prestigious event. To earn it and compete amongst the best athletes in the world. When he makes it, I will be there to cheer him to the finish line- with a cocktail in hand!

  293. The Chrissie Wellington story about peeing on her competitors who draft.

  294. On my way there . . . biking!

  295. Swimming with a pod of dolphins after a long swim from the pier. One of my absolute favorite memories ever.

  296. Getting into the coverage is great for a newbie like my wife and myself. Bring it on!

  297. No memories, just love watching the last finishers!! Very inspiring!!

  298. Watching the time cutoff competitors make it in.

  299. Lance Armstrong WOULD have been competing..and I remember seeing him cycling along a Hawaii road pre-2010 Tour de France with lots of little tassles coming off his skin suit, testing his time trial position.

  300. Anonymous

    The different shades of green of the plant life. Truly amazing.
    Thanks again.
    Clinton from Mooresville, NC

  301. I like the segment at the end watching the last finishers before the time cutoff.

  302. I live in Scotland so my only Kona related memory is wishing i had one of the bikes. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

  303. Never been to Kona, but I’ve always enjoyed watching the race on TV. I know I’ll never get there as a racer, but maybe I’ll go and watch in person sometime.

  304. I do enjoy seeing some underpants run photos.

  305. Hearing about triathlon for the first time when a Belgian guy won the Hawaii IM in de 90s.

    Then some 15 years later discovering the multisport for myself!

  306. A Hawaii qualifier in 1985 with a speedo and a road bike.

  307. Kīlauea volcano on Hawaii Island

  308. World class athletes competing in one of the world’s most beautiful places – just awe-inspiring!

  309. My favorite Kona memory…the party we had after doing the Honu Half IM 2 years ago!

  310. Amazing event in Kona! Those of you competing in Iron men repeatedly amaze me! Keep up the great work.

  311. Looking (from my couch)for 2 friends at the start line and hopefully during the race. They a sheering/ screaming their lungs out for every athlete.

  312. Daniel Calo

    It been almost 7 months when this journey first started. I’ve trained over 85 miles in the water, 1325 miles on the bike, and over 350 miles in my running shoes. All this training for one goal…. Finishing Kona Ironman World Championships .

  313. Watching it on the live stream!

  314. It been almost 7 months when this journey first started. I’ve trained over 85 miles in the water, 1325 miles on the bike, and over 350 miles in my running shoes. All this training for one goal…. Finishing Kona Ironman World Championships .

  315. Road to Hana was a great drive!

  316. This comment has been removed by the author.

  317. Macca vs. Raelert last year about 1 Mile to go…

  318. Remembering when my cousin competed in Kona and the family that couldn’t go all waited for online and phoned in for race updates.

  319. Macca vs. Raelert last year about 2 miles to go…

  320. Anonymous

    Starting running in January mostly from reading your blog. Overweight and not in shape then, I’m registered for my first half marathon at the end of the month.
    Watched the last finishers at Kona on YouTube and decided that this will be my goal for the half marathon, just to finish!!!
    Bonne chance à Paris, ça semble être une très belle ville!!!

  321. Watching the INSANE swim start which kickstarted my pact to make it to Kona before I’m 40.

  322. Macca vs. Raelert last year about 2 miles to go…

  323. Macca vs. Raelert last year about 2 miles to go…

  324. This time I win, I can feel it. Definitely.

  325. it is definately the IronWar 1989 Mark Allen and Dave Scott

  326. Connecting the computer to my TV and watching 10+ hours straight of live coverage. Needed my own refueling station.

  327. Anonymous

    Raelert and Chris McCormack hand-shake in 2010!

  328. Kona memory: salmon with pineapple. I don’t remember the name of the place!

  329. The first one I ever watched in the 80’s.

  330. I still remember watching the coverage when I was a kid thinking these are real athletes.

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  332. This comment has been removed by the author.

  333. The first one I watched in the 80’s.

  334. Mark Allen catching Thomas Hellreigel on the run in 1995.

  335. Participating in 2009 has to top my list!

  336. Hearing the inspiring stories like that of Blazeman!

  337. Lawson Parker

    My favorite part of Kona is how much qualifying means to those fortunate enough to have a shot.

  338. Watching it with my grandfather. Thanks for the chance at winning!

  339. Julie Moss on the Wide World of Sports showed the world how tough a race it was.

  340. Pascal, from Paris

    can’t remember anything from Kona, but happy to participate to this “Giveaway” and luckyly you may give it away here in Paris with some “take away” at Berties’s CupCakery 🙂

  341. Watching Kona made me intrested in triathlon!

  342. Seeing all the amazing bike set ups!

  343. Watching the live stream!

  344. The coffee man… it’s all about the coffee.

  345. No personal “Kona” moment, yet. The most vivid is watching Crowie catch and beat Lieto in the first Kona I paid attention to after joining the fold as a triathlete.

  346. Dave H

    Watching Macca and Raelert shake hands on the run a few miles from the finish in 2010…epic race.

  347. Watching my first ever Kona recap show and deciding that’s something I wanted to accomplish.

  348. Kona coffee is the variety of Coffea arabica cultivated on the slopes of Mount Hualalai and Mauna Loa in the North and South Kona Districts.

  349. This comment has been removed by the author.

  350. Never been to Hawaii, but love Garmins! 😉

  351. Kona is the pinnacle of triathlon for me, I’ve got to get there one day!!

  352. Lew Hollander and all of the other multi-time Ironmen “fossils”. How they continue to do it year after year…

  353. Watching Chrissie Wellington flying on the bike breaking segment record!! Of course, also Watching Macca´s new championship!! GO MACCA GO!!!!

  354. I will definatly go to Hawaii to learn how to serf. I already had one lesson 🙂

  355. Watching Chrissie Wellington flying on the bike breaking segment record!! Of course, also Watching Macca´s new championship!! GO MACCA GO!!!!

  356. The only reason I wouldn’t mind my husband qualifying… so I can go to Hawaii!!!

  357. Remember seeing Kona for the first time on TV as an overweight/out of shape high schooler and thinking “those people are crazy” and “I wish I could do that.” Never dreamed one day I would be competing in tri’s myself!

  358. Watching Chrissie Wellington flying on the bike breaking segment record!! Of course, also Watching Macca´s new championship!! GO MACCA GO!!!!

  359. Hawaii can be heaven and it can be hell. 🙂

  360. I think I first learned what a triathalon was by stumbling onto a tv piece about the Kona race.

  361. stevenlufc

    The colours… I’ve never seen such vivid colours as I have on Hawaii…

  362. Watching Kona highlights when I was a kid thinking these people are crazy. Now hoping to get there someday myself.

  363. Just running in the nature… liberating, inspiring, and beautiful!

  364. Never been to Kona, but I wanna win the FR910XT. 🙂

  365. Bethany

    Watching the inspiring stories from the age-group athletes. It’s amazing to see what challenges people have overcome to get to Kona!

  366. Natalie Cudney

    S P A M burgers with pineapple! Weeeeee!

  367. Elizabeth Parker

    Cheering for friends who qualified!

  368. I really like those Hawaiian rolls.

  369. Never been to Kona, but went to Maui for my honeymoon. Loved it.

  370. I never went to Kona…

  371. I remember watching my first Kona on my little laptop and being totally fascinated only to remember like 3 hours later that I actually had chores to do! 😉
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  372. Freshest and tastiest pineapple in the world is in Hawaii

  373. 6 Russian triathletes including one Pro in Kona this year! That’s the new record for our country!

  374. Captain Zodiac Boat tour from Kona Pier – best tour ever!

  375. Watching the amazing personal stories of the athletes. They always give me hope that I can compete in IM, albeit false hope!

  376. I like watching the people finishing just before the cut off and hearing their stories.

  377. Just playing a drinking game with my roommates watching the race 😀

  378. Seeing Chrissie win and then hearing about all the injures she had including a torn muscle.

  379. The Ironwar! Mark Allen vs Dave Scott! I didn’t watch this live but I have since watched documentaries on it… so good! What a race!

  380. My first memory is watching on TV last year after I got into the sport 2 years ago. I was so excited to see how amazing the top athletes are and just wishing one day I can race that course.

    with this watch, itll help

  381. Saturday morning after my long run, coming home, brewing a tall french press of coffee, and watching Kona streaming off the internet.

  382. Lew Hollander finishing every year; if he can do it, no reason why anyone else can’t.
    Hope to be as fit as he is when I get to his age.

  383. Dreaming of a vacation on a tropical island.

  384. Watching Kona and irresistible desire to take part in it.

  385. So I always enter your contests and never win! Here’s to hoping that this one is different!

    I really have enjoyed watching several Kona races. I enjoy all the drama, etc., but my favorite memories are always the underwater shots at the start. The videography is always amazing!

  386. Brian B.

    I remember the first year watching the race online. I was at my parents house with a computer open for Kona, another computer for a friend in a marathon and the tv on for playoff baseball!

  387. This comment has been removed by the author.

  388. Tristan Jones

    Seeing Crowie cramp up with a mile to go last year and then still pushing through it for an awesome finish time!

  389. nothing beats watching someone (else) running around lava!

  390. Waking up on the beach!

  391. In 2004 I crossed the finish line at full speed (not that it was fast) and didn’t see my wife put our daughter in the run shuute and crossed the line only to turn around and see my 4 year old sucking up the applause and running across the line herself

  392. The thrill of checking live feeds as a teammate competed in 2010

  393. Can not wait to watch the race this year!

  394. The wildlife is the best part!

  395. I will be dreaming of going to Hawaii tomorrow, aka my birthday.

  396. Tim K

    I liked when they featured a guy in his 70s. Pretty inspiring.

  397. I had no idea what triathlon was until I watched last year’s Kona championships. I have watched it again a half a dozen times since. I also met Chrissie, completed my first Olympic tri and signed up for two 70.3 next year. Kona inspired me, Kona drawing me to triathlon like an earth magnet.

  398. No question, it’s the inspirational stories showing what everyone has overcome to beat the odds and make that “attempt” to become an ironman. Each of them over the last several years have been what pushed me toward training so I can earn that right to be called an IRONMAN by 2014.

  399. I love chocolate covered macadamia nuts while training for my races…but for some reason all I get are nuts and a big mess in my pocket.

  400. I share the sentiment that Macca’s second championship was epic! Though if I ever get to Kona, I’m sure the underpants run would be a huge highlight.

  401. I want it! My Timex is feeling dated.

  402. I share the sentiment that Macca’s second championship was epic! Though if I ever get to Kona, I’m sure the underpants run would be a huge highlight.

  403. No particular memory springs to mind but I’m entered!

  404. We recently had a great party with lottery etc to sponsor a guy from our team who qualified for Kona in IM Sweden (so pretty short in advance). I hope he’s been able te maintain/improve his form for Hawaii!

  405. As a runner I’m a bit of a Loner
    And sometimes also a Moaner
    But for what its Worth
    I also Surf
    And for that reason was often in Kona!

  406. Watching Crissie win. Every time she wins it’s like she’s winning it for the first time. Macca’s first win.

  407. Dole whip. Amazing stuff from Hawaii. It’s like lightly pineapple flavored whipped cream.

  408. Favourite Kona moment, watching pictures of the underpants run for the first time 🙂

  409. The story of how it all began.

  410. Watching Hawaii 5-0 while sitting on the couch.

  411. Forgot to put a Kona related comment. I loved watching my wife be inspired by Chrissie win that first time. Always good when your wife stars liking your hobbies.

  412. My son had a really nice and strong Kona mountainbike, when he was 14. Unfortunately it was stolen after 6 month.

  413. I enjoy watching the finisher videos on Youtube. One of these days, I’d like to complete the race myself.

  414. Unfortunately loco moco is no food for runners…

  415. As a kid, I can recall watching the Ironman with awe on Wide World of Sports.

  416. tracking friends and kona coffee….

  417. That’s got to be the 1982 women race, with Julie Moss finish

  418. Last year I watched Kona on TV for the second time in my life. I had already lost over 100 pounds at that point and was looking forward to competing in my first triathlon in the spring. Now I have lost 200 pounds and am inspired by all the ironman participants I watch on tv and know personally.

  419. Chris Lieto Pushing hard on the bike part with his fast Trek

  420. Watching Chrissie Wellington overcome her injuries and come from behind to win the race last year. Truly inspiring!

  421. Being there in 2003 for my honeymoon. I didn’t follow triathlon at the time, but I have since. It was great to see it in person!

  422. Watching craig alexander dominate the run last year

  423. This comment has been removed by the author.

  424. I’ll have to catch the latter part of the race as I have a long bike tomorrow. IRONically I’ll be trying to stay warm.
    It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  425. I love watching the inspirational stories of the people racing for something larger than themselves!

  426. Best memories are watching US-network coverage with their uber sentimental stories.

  427. Doing the 70.3 Honu last year and thinking… my god, do I even want to qualify for Kona??? This wind has physically blown me off my bike! Numerous times!

  428. DBrand in CT

    Watching the broadcast on NBC with my wife who finally “got it”!

  429. winner winner kona coffee!

  430. My friend came back from Hawaii on his honeymoon and gave me a chocolate covered macadamia nut.

  431. My favorite Kona moment was the first time I saw the Ironman world championships on TV. I had just graduated college and was a bit lost with regard to my future. After watching it, I was so inspired, I signed up for a triathlon the next week before I had a bike to ride. Becoming structured with my training helped me become structured in my life and eventually help pull me out of my lull and got me started on my future.

  432. The story of the beginning of Triathlon. Who will be the IRONMAN?
    And a foto on this years World Press Photo, it is a nice one

  433. My favorite Kona memory was watching two years ago and seeing my friend who was competing in the background while they were interviewing some of the pros at the start. I never thought I’d see her on camera while I was watching. I felt so cool that I personally knew someone who had qualified and was racing in Kona.

  434. Training training training!

  435. Steffen and Jacobs will win in Kona!

  436. Tracking friends during the race…

  437. those great shirts from Hawaii

  438. I’ve been watching Kona online the last few years and the suspense of 2010 with Macca and Raelert then the excitement of Alexander in 2011 nearly missing the course record. I was entertained.

  439. kajza

    Nothing better than a cup of Kona coffee in the morning…

  440. When I was about 11 years old I remember watching Mark Allen win and thinking one day I would do that race. Signed up for my first Ironman this summer

  441. Hawaii related, windsurfing at Spreck!

  442. I dream not only of making the podium in my age group at Kona Ironman but also scuba diving with the 100+ giant manta rays that live just off the coast of Kona.

  443. jeandonis@hotmail.com

    Yay weekend giveaway!

  444. My best Kona memory is a well-deserved week at the Waikoloa Hilton, paid for with frequent flyer points after 2 years of 80-hour weeks in a software startup. Good scuba, good tennis, good food.

  445. Hawaii 1992 Mark Allen v/s Cristian Bustos

  446. I remember televised coverage of an early 90’s or late 80’s Hawaii Ironman with Paula Newby-Fraser winning and Jan Ripple coming in later stumbling on all fours. Very determined competitors, a great motivating race.

  447. love to visit Hawaii someday, watchin Magnum PI to get into the mood…

  448. Iron War. Watching two giants pull the best from each other was, and still is, amazing.

  449. I remember televised coverage of an early 90’s or late 80’s Hawaii Ironman with Paula Newby-Fraser winning and Jan Ripple coming in later stumbling on all fours. Very determined competitors, a great motivating race.

  450. This comment has been removed by the author.

  451. Nothing quite soo good as Kona Macadamia Nuts… unless it’s perhaps Kona Macadamia Nut Coffee!!

  452. I’ve never been to Kona, but if I win I’ll surely go!

  453. steve_n_houston

    Unfortunately, my only memories of Kona are from watching it on TV. Hopefully that will change some day!

  454. ..kona underpants run..

  455. Watching Chrissie overcome her bike crash injuries to win.

  456. I love the stories of the non-elite competitors, the ones that barely make the finish cut-off time and how they struggle to get there

  457. Charles Molnar

    watching Crowie set a new Kona record

  458. Kona brewpup….mmmmm beer

  459. Watching Chrissie Wellington win last year.

  460. Great Kona quote from @russelcricket on twitter this morning:

    “Always be yourself. Unless you can be an Ironman… Then be an Ironman.”

  461. I don’t have any memories, but I’d like to go someday.

    Thanks for the time you but into your site.

  462. Macca and Raelert running side by side down alihi drive.

  463. Vlasta

    I need a birthday present for my boyfriend 🙂 first watch, then trip to hawaii

  464. Hula heck deserves to win this competition?? I do!

  465. My favorite thing about Hawaii are those crazy monk seals!

  466. Watching it on tv for the first time when I was a little kid, it still amazes me.

  467. The inspiration of watching everyone finish…even and especially the final finishers.

  468. Last year i watched it for the first time on internet because a friend of mine was participating. Since then I do swim, bike, run as well!

  469. I could really use one of these right about now!

  470. Macca and Raelert shaking hands during the marathon.

  471. Kissing my wife moments before crossing the Finish Line last year!

  472. This comment has been removed by the author.

  473. Kona is definitely all about the coffee for me, but love watching the race on TV

  474. Sea breeze and nice scene~

  475. AndyP

    Going on vacation to Hawaii for the first time ever, straight into the worst rain storms for decades…and still completing my interval training…

  476. My only Kona memory is doing the 112 miles on the Kona course on Computrainer. Prob the single hardest thing I ever did 😉

  477. The day after the 2003 IM Hawaii, I spotted Faris Al-Sultan sitting at the swim start eating a loaf of bread and humus.

  478. My best kona memory happened this morning, starting my day off with pictures from the kona underwear run, curtosey of timex and fb. 🙂

  479. Watching the swim start online. So cool!

  480. Friends of mine have been in Hawaii last summer.

  481. Supporting Chrissie and all the Brits online.
    And the coffee that one of them brought me back!

  482. Watching the start of the swim….

  483. Julie Moss crawling across the finish line on wide world of sports!!

  484. I don’t think you can go wrong with the Kona underpants run.

  485. The wind! I can’t believe how much wind hey have to ride and run against.

  486. Well, I enjoyed drinking Kona coffee when I working in Berkley last summer.

  487. Amusing that when I tell people outside of the multisport world that I’ve done an Ironman, they instantly assume Kona. I wish…

  488. Looking at vid’s from Kona on the tube, first time hearing about it! *embarrased*

  489. Best Kona memory? Hopefully before 2020 and me finishing the race.

  490. Love the regular folks racing along side the top level pros. You don’t see that in Formula 1, do you?

  491. Hoping to create a few Kona memories in the next few years. Can’t wait to go.

  492. PeterSumner

    The first British winner, Chrissie Wellington!

  493. Visiting Hawaii for a family cruise! cmt268

  494. Watching Chrissie win even with all her injuries. Inspiring

  495. Kona Pipeline Porter for the “any Hawaii anecdote” category. And, for the race category, imagining the politics behind who gets to be the volunteer inside the changing tent, where world-class athletes with killer bods strip down for the better part of an hour. I want to read a race-report from THOSE people!

  496. The First time I saw the Hoyts’

  497. yucko@alum.mit.edu

    Never been to Kona. And will never probably make it to Kona. Closest I’ll get is that some relatives live on Oahu….and watching the race on the December broadcast (Universal Sports).

    But I *need* this watch. Not for triathlon…but thanks to your posting, I realize that I need it for the one-legged racing. I’ve decided to take up the sport, turn pro in a year or so, and own the World Championships…


  498. Hawaii is the only U.S. state whose land area is increasing (from volcanic eruptions).

  499. Chrissie’s win last year! Lady is tough.

  500. This comment has been removed by the author.

  501. Reading about Chrissie Wellington’s epic road rash and torn muscles… after she’d demolished the 2011 Kona. And being even more impressed. Also, one of my favorite labs is named Kona, and kind of resembles a chocolate-covered macadamia nut. AKM

  502. Daniela

    I don’t think I’ll ever qualify for Kona, but if I’m there to watch the race, I would like to swim over to the Coffees of Hawaii boat for some delicious coffee.

  503. How the heck can you sustain your pace, with all these long trips, your deep reviews, your cupcake testing duties and still maintain what seem to be an excelent humor?

  504. hearing about kona for the first time is what got me interested in triathlons in the first place! and what got me to your website!!

  505. Well, the first girl that truly broke my heart was from Hawaii. So as a revenge I messed with her toothbrush, we are even now…

  506. Mmmmm…. Kona ice cream…

  507. watching the end of the race with the crowd cheering on the people who aren’t the elite people

  508. My favorite Kona memory will hopefully be this year when I watch it for the first time!

  509. Still never been there. But sometimes dreams come true. Maybe one time I will enjoy Ali’i drive.

  510. Ops, I forgot to include Kona in the previous comment, probably because before stumbling across its name on your blog I just didn´t have a single clue about it, except as a coffee source, competitor to my own preference, Brazilian coffee (since I hail from Brazil, that shouldn´t be too surprising:))

  511. Was just in Hawaii for my honeymoon, though we didn’t get to the big island 🙁

  512. First Crowie win, hope another one tomorrow 😉

  513. My favorite memory is of the woman with one leg. She didn’t make the run cutoff, but her continued effort was inspirational!

  514. Reading peoples blogs about them competing at Kona and making me want to have a go at a local tri.

  515. watching the live stream

  516. Sun, ocean, beach, running and surfing ;-). For sure, it is an awesome place.

  517. The nicest sea aroud Fabio

  518. Realizing while running in Kona that I’m terribly adverse to heat.

  519. May I just say… Pineapple!

    Actually, watching Crowie smacking down the youngsters last year was pretty sweet!

  520. The Hoyt team (link to youtube.com) – true Heros!

  521. My Kona related memory is when my team coach and another team member came back from Iron man regensburg with two slots to kona 😀

  522. Seeing my teammates in last year’s promo video!

  523. My favourite memory is the age gropers. Especially the ones with really soft hands. Meow. Oh wait, that’s not a memory—that’s a fantasy. Okay, then I suppose my best memory was reading about Julie Moss’ finish, as gross as the read was.

  524. Watching Chrisse Wellington smile and all others cry, pity she is not racing this year

  525. My parents took me to Hawaii when I was a little girl and too young to remember it. But I absolutely love hearing my mom tell me about how much fun we had when she took me swimming the dolphins. She even has a picture of me kissing one!

  526. I found out a former boss completed the 1982 Ironman along with Julie Moss. To hear her tell it, it was just something cool to do and it is amazing what the race has become 30 years later.

  527. Kona is beautiful.

  528. Surfing in Kona and the Kona Brewery.

  529. Watching the documentary about kona on nbc sports

  530. I heard a podcast with one of the competitors in the original race; pretty amazing hearing the history and the approach they took — look what’s evolved!

  531. My first attempt at surfing at Waimea. I slipped while trying to stand up and smashed my face on the board. Surfboards are not as soft as they look.

  532. My best Kona memory is actually a Kona fantasy. I have yet to work up to the long course, but when I am on a long swim/bike/run I try to imagine getting into a perfect pace and form during “the race.” Sometimes I swear I just saw some tropical fish in the pool or lava fields to my left as I head south on my bike…

  533. Checking out the tri bikes

  534. Brian Pederson

    Discovering Kona Brewing, Koko Brown Nut Brown Ale, mmmmmm!

  535. Watching the swim start the first time I ever watched Kona. Beautiful and amazing!

  536. Back in my PhD days, my advisor complained about his travel to a congress on Hawaii… I’d have gladly taken his place! (on the beach? 🙂 But one day I’ll get there, be it for science or, better even, for running.

  537. Watching the Macca – Ralert run battle live was a great memory!

  538. Maybe in a few years I can do the Triathlon!

  539. Sian Welch – The Crawl in 1997

  540. I’ve never been in Kona, so I hope I win this watch to track my workout when I have the chance to go there!!!

  541. Just watching on TV and wishing I was there.

  542. I liked it when those two chicks were crawling to the finish line. I watched a recording since I’m not old.

  543. A friend of mine raced the XTerra Worlds in Maui a couple of years ago… He said it was a lifetime worth trip!

  544. Shannon D.

    I am obsessed with the Kona broadcast. I have the last 8 years saved on my DVR and I watch them over and over. I even still cry when people get pulled off the course or anytime they talk about John Blaze. Kona nerd up in the house.

  545. Macca and Raelert in 2010 was exhilarating to watch.

  546. Fire Rock Pale Ale at the finish!

  547. Macca v. Crowie over the last few years.

  548. I haven’t had my favorite Kona memory yet. But I will make it one day, even it if it’s just to go to the expo and watch the race.

  549. Hawai, the place where foreign people are bathing in the sun, while the residents make food recepies out of mud because they’re starving to dead.

  550. Watching the races on TV (and over and over again on youtube) inspired my own ironman journey – IMOO 2012!

  551. Favorite memory was being glued to twitter on my phone eagerly checking is Crowie was going to set the record last year.

  552. Watching the pro women run sub-3 hour marathons at the end… wishing I could do that on its own.

  553. I am not a triathlete, but I love watching Kona and seeing Dick and Rick Hoyt. They are an inspiration, for sure.

  554. My favorite Hawaii memory: visiting Pearl Harbor and then climbing up inside Diamond Head.

  555. I got to bike to Hawi once. Riding on the road of legends…

  556. KONA WC memory: the 2010 finish excitement between MACCA and Raelert!

    Hawaii memory: 2007 trip on Ohau, noth shore. The largest and most beautiful beach for all but ourselves (off season)…

  557. No kona memory yet since its a dream for me to get there and compete just once. Waiting for that dream to come true

  558. My favorite moment will be tomorrow when Rasmus Henning wins at Kona for the first time !

  559. Watching the last hour of the live feed online and seeing someone cross the line with less than a minute before the cut off. Truly inspiring.

  560. Watched on TV as a female age grouper missed the swim cutoff by seconds and sat there crying her heart out when they told her she was DQ’ed.

  561. My favorite Hawaii memories are through my grandparents who used to go to Hawaii every winter for vacation and would bring us back grass skirts, coconuts, macadamia nuts, and fresh pineapples.

  562. Watching on TV as a female age grouper missed the swim cutoff by seconds and was DQ’ed…sat there crying her heart out…

  563. Tracking friends online while watching Chrissie Wellington run down her competition.

  564. Crowie breaking the course record last year.

  565. wasabi macadamia nuts for me personally.

  566. Love your blog, 910XT would look good on me!

  567. Best memories hopefully to come with future participation. Haakon Norway

  568. TV intro to last yrats event!!! Gave me goosebumps!


  569. Love your blog, 910XT would look good on me 🙂

  570. Having never been to Kona, yet, my favorite memory so far was reading a race report about a guy racing Kona for his father. It was such a touching writing of that course and the emotions of it, that it made it special! I hope to make it there one day!

  571. DanMc

    Watching Normannator throw his bike and cry because he couldn’t change a flat!

  572. Watching Chrissie smash it up

  573. Have not visited Hawaii. Maybe someday. A co-worker, on impulse, tried to grab an octopus while there on vacation, it grabbed him instead. He said it took 2 bystanders to get it off of him.

  574. TV intro to last years event!

  575. When the last age groupers arrive before cutoff.

  576. Natascha Badman’s smile.

  577. Love watching all the regulars trying to finish before the time cut off. It’s inspiring to watch their determination.

  578. Carfrae always destroying the run, really awesome to watch the fluidity she has

  579. watching Cameron Brown and Terrenzo Bozzone competing (my fellow kiwis)

  580. Aloha, keep up the goog work!

  581. Getting ready for a honeymoon on the Island with a stop at Huggo’s!

  582. I was stoked to survive Honu last year. The wind on the bike course was intense. It’s so hot right now that if it stays that way it could really impact the race.

  583. Tracking Macca as he executed a great strategy for the 2nd championship.

  584. I’m old school, so I preferred the ongoing rivalry between Dave Scott and Mark Allen when the sport was still relatively young. It brought alot of attention to the sport.

  585. Jan

    Being amazed with the finish times of some old timers

  586. Jan

    Being amazed with the finish times of some old timers

  587. I’d like to be there some day, It’s beautiful!

  588. Beautiful sunsets seen from the beach.

  589. Don’t have any memories from Hawaii but hopefully in three weeks I’ll have some good memories from beach-runs in Hawaii since I’m going there for the first time!

  590. I’m currently reading “The Iron War” about Mark Allan’s epic win at Kona!

  591. Watching the livestream from Kona and suddenly recognizing one of our local athletes cross the finish line in 73rd place overall.

  592. Walking to Hawaii – Tom McRae
    I’ve never watch the IM in Kona nor anyone else the one I finished.