Timex Marathon GPS Giveaway!


With less than a week left in May, spring is flying by!  I’ve been trying to plan out weekends for the next two months, coveting a way to spend each weekend day, usually in the great outdoors.  And often based around training or racing schedules.

Tonight ended up being a perfect BBQ night after a nearly 2hr brick with hill repeats, and thus hopefully the start of many more warm spring hill & BBQ nights.  So with no more complex reason than that, I’m giving away a Timex Marathon GPS unit.


The best thing though is you’ve got nothing more to do than leave a single comment below (multiple comments don’t count around these parts!).  Simply answer the question below:

What are your training and/or racing plans for this weekend ahead (Apr 27-29th)?

For those curious, I’ll be doing a 10-mile trail run at Fountainhead on Saturday, and a 40ish mile bike ride on Skyline on Sunday.  Definitely looking forward to both!

The entry period will run until Friday Apr 27th, 2012 at 11:59PM Eastern Time, at which point I’ll close the entry period and randomly select a winner. Like the all my giveaways there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you. The winner will get a brand new Timex Marathon GPS unit.

As I do from time to time (though, it’s been a while), this particular giveaway is sponsored by one of the site sponsors (BeMultisport.com), which is an online sports device retailer based just down the road from me.  They paid for the unit, though I’ll pay for the shipping (which, come to think of it, if you’re in Uzbekistan may actually end costing more than the unit itself…).  As always, supporting site sponsors helps support the site.  Circle of life thing.


(Note: If you’re active duty US military and deployed, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya entered in. For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets. Through careful planning I picked up a handful of them when they first came available…just so I could give them away to you. Thanks all!)


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  1. LL

    Stubbed my toe REEEEAL bad a little over four(!) weeks ago, so although the toe is still a bit sore, I’m going to try running a little. Hope it works out well!

    Bike ride too, hopefully outside, but maybe on the trainer.

  2. Singapore Night Trail Race 18km

  3. I’m running my first Marathon: the Country Music Marathon in Nashville.

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  5. I currently have a bout of patellar tendonitis so no running for me. Still in rest and recovery so likely just a 30k bike or so. Btw I love your blog! I only recently stumbled on your blog and have spent pretty much all day reading your posts… And I’m only still in January…

    Joey from Toronto :)

  6. I am running the Kentucky Derby miniMarathon on Saturday, followed by a 50 mile bike ride on Sunday in preparation for my first half Ironman in June. Busy weekend!

  7. Hi,
    I’m plannig :
    Friday : 7k run
    Saturday: Bike Group ride 100k
    Sunday : Brick ( 60k / 7k)

  8. steve_n_houston

    Hoping to find some time on the bike this weekend…

  9. Saturday Dutch queens birthday in san Francisco. Sunday barefoot run before it ges too hot.

  10. This Saturday I’m planning on a slow 10 km trailrun followed by a 40 Km mountain bike ride. If I can still walk on Sunday then I’ll probably be doing a ~20 Km trail hike with some friends who are training for an upcoming trip to do some of the Lycian Trail in Turkey. I bet one of these friends would love to have a new GPS watch to track their progress!

  11. This would make a great Mothers days gift for my wife!!

  12. I will be doing an 8 mile run Saturday and a 40 mile bike on Sunday.

  13. Doing a 5k race for prep for a sprint tri the following week!!
    Summer nearly here.

  14. My husband will be away and my son too (though not together) so it will be me and my girl at home – this may put a damper on my training. No race on tap. I’ll squeeze in what I can when I can – just like always.

  15. I have a surprise birthday party so I will be training on eating a cake.

  16. My first GPS watch!

  17. jg

    Hopefully get a run around the national mall!

  18. 42k in 4 weeks time.

  19. Hi. Planning to continue my 1/2 marathon training to reduce my time after finishing the More 1/2 Marathon and take a swim lesson.

  20. Busy weekend. Driving to Rotorua NZ tomorrow for the Rotorua Marathon on Saturday. Aiming for sub 4:00 but not too sure as build up was weak due to injury (archilles tendinitis and tight hammies). Going to be awesome(hopefully)!

  21. I enjoy reading your thorough reviews!

    Weekend plans:
    Friday – last run of the half marathon training plan
    Saturday – running in the Christie Clinic Illinois Half Marathon in Champaign – my first half and official start of training for the Chicago Marathon!
    Sunday – massage to recover from the half!

  22. RD

    Well, I just sent in my old Timex HR watch to see if it is reasonable for them to repair, so a new one would solve that problem. Looking forward to more Power2Max and Cycleops GPS Joule info!

  23. I will be running 3-6 miles easy Saturday and then take a well deserved break :)

  24. Friday – Long Swim (after a week out of town w 10yd hotel pool)
    Saturday – 40mi B
    Sunday – WaveOne swim clinic + 60m R

  25. Wife is out of town for the weekend… so with young kids at home my plans are:

    Friday: work my way though Mark Allen’s Top 12 Strength exercises

    Saturday: 20 miles on the bike trainer. 8 miles on the treadmill. As much walking around with the kids as they (or I) can take

    Sunday: 8 miles on the treadmill

  26. 10 mile long run planned this weekend. Hope the weather doesn’t suck.

  27. love the giveaways, and most importantly, the in-depth reviews.

  28. Rehab exercises … dealing with patellar tendonitis.

  29. Swim at least a mile and run a couple. Most of my training is monday to Friday.

  30. Riding the Espresso Loop in Maryland and then doing a BRICK on Sunday.

    Rock and Roll!!!!

  31. Tim

    After two weeks in Europe, and taking a week to recover from bronchitis, I will be relaxing this weekend. I may play some soccer weather permitting.

  32. No racing this weekend but Saturday I’ll be riding mountain bike trails for two hours and Sunday I’ll be tackling a 70+ mile training ride on the road. Thanks for the chance at the watch!

  33. Since I run every other day I’ll be doing my usual 30 minute run on Sunday.

  34. I’ll be doing 12oz curls because my knee is injured.

  35. Preparing for the first hill climb of the year. 350 meters in 7 km.

  36. MMV

    Running 6 miles followed by a yoga class :)

  37. Hi,

    I’m planning to do the Beach Blast triathlon in Florida on Saturday. It’ll be my first tri, so I’m pretty excited. I’ll probably go for a short run on Sunday, too.

  38. plan on getting a long ride and run is.

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  40. Last weekend before Vancouver International. 10 mile run at race pace to get preped.

  41. Jon Edwards

    I have an eight mile recovery weekend coming up.

  42. Father Teds 10K on the Notre Dame campus in South Bend Indiana

  43. I will be doing my first 6.5km swimathon this weekend!

  44. Capital Punishment

    100km point to point MTB – single speed

    Canberra, Australia

  45. mo

    an 11-12 mile run and getting out and playing some golf (we walk so I consider that exercise!)

  46. Sunday is long run run day (21-23 miles)includes a 4 mile race and then running back home with a few detours to get the mileage in. Prepping for May marathon.

  47. Al

    Saturday: 25km run
    Sunday: Mommy´s birthday=rest,eat,rest,eat and rest again.

  48. Saturday: 90 minute trail run
    Sunday: 30 mile bike/3 mile run

    It’s an early spring in New England, and I’m ready to be outside!

  49. MDW

    Got to find time to get my 20 mile training run in in between my daughter’s weekend-long volleyball tournament.

  50. Chris M.

    20 mile trail run in Prince William Forest (VA) on Saturday, to try out some new shoes (NB 110s).

  51. Swim on Friday.
    Brick on Saturday.
    Long ride on Sunday morning.
    Nap Sunday afternoon.

  52. Trying to hit 50 miles for the week.

  53. Hi

    Saturday: hardest workout there can be: shopping with wife.
    Sunday: 13 km race

    Thanks for everything

  54. Long run Friday, Swim work out Saturday, and Monster Cookie Metric Century Sunday.

  55. Going to Maine for the weekend. Will do some scenic bike rides, and perhaps a short run while I recover from my shin splints!


  56. Saturday 100km on the road, then Sunday – when the weather forecast is awful – it’s time to do the hundred miles of nowhere (Fatty’s ride) on the rollers :-) GPS not required for Sunday

  57. Working the weekend, so did 8 mile run today!

  58. I’ll hopefully be getting back to training after a bit of a hiatus.

  59. Our weekend in Israel is Fri-Sat and thus:
    Fri: Easy 10-12k
    Sat: Doubling: The morning will see me run 20k’s with my new established running group and on the afternoon a 5k trail race as tempo with the Mrs. at a village up north.
    How exciting is that?

  60. My plans were crushed by the sudden illness of my mother – hope she will be OK soon

    Greetings from Slovenia

  61. 2km straight swim on Sat am.
    18km long run Sat pm.
    Long ride Sun 60 or 70km.

    Thanks for the great giveaways


  62. 80k bunch ride on Sunday

  63. Hoping to get a 7 mile interval run in

  64. Well, my weekend will be very interesting.
    I just adopted siberian husky dog.
    She is 3 years old and has a lot of energy.
    Yesterday i collected all needed gear for canicross and bikejoring and i will start to train it on friday by about 5-10km easy run.
    Saturday and sunday i want to wake up before sunrise and do some about 30km bikejoring training.
    The coolest thing is that in Poland (where I’m from) we have long may weekend. It is starting on 28 april and ending on 6 may.
    Just can’t wait for it.

  65. ErwanM

    Hi Ray,
    27: 12km including fartlek.
    28: Rest
    29: 20km trail running
    This is actually the last WE before my first mountain marathon of the season! (www.ecomarathon.ro)
    Enjoy your WE

  66. Kel

    Helping run a conference.

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. I’m currently training for my first sprint tri happening on May 27.. It’s April 26 today here in the Philippines..
    April 27 : Brick(20k bike – 5k run)
    April 28 : Bike commute to and from work around 13k
    April 29 : Half Marathon

  69. train bout a month now frm couch to 5k.. this weekend will try to do 3k without stopping ;)

    will enter 10k race in june in Standard Chartered KL marathon :)

  70. Friday nothing.
    Saturday and sunday 10k run.

  71. Tom

    Finally sunshine!!! So lots of biking this weekend.

  72. Russ

    From England doing the Sevenoaks Triathlon on Sunday 400m/25k/7k

  73. Sunny SA weekend – Freedom Day on Friday (marking day Mandela was released) and Workers Day next Tue so a looong weekend
    35km LSD Friday
    Surf on Sunday, followed a 20km run home along the beach
    COmrades Marathon wind down

  74. On Saturday, April 28th, I will be participating in the rhinO-Course Race in Boulder City, Nevada! That’s 5 miles covering 100 military style obstacles!

  75. Saturday, at least 12 k easy run or 1000 m intervals, depending on the rest of the week. Sunday, weights.

  76. TriMike

    Just did hill repeats for an hour. Friday will be a weights session and a 40min swim. Saturday will be 80km ride. Sunday; 15km run. Monday; swim and weights. Tuesday; 3km run in the morning and and hill repeats in the afternoon. Wednesday; 40 min swim.

  77. Friday – 15k easy run. Saturday is my rest day and Sunday 10k interval run.

  78. 5 Mile Tempo run and Flag football. Good times!

  79. On Sunday I’ll take a 13km ophill race. My first uphill…

  80. Well, trying to get 2x3km done without destroying my right leg again….

  81. Chris

    American Odyssey Relay race this weekend!!!

  82. 3 days @ 10 km running.
    40/50 kms on saturday, mountain bike.

  83. Long swim and long run on Saturday, plus brick (long bike ride and short fast run) on Sunday!

  84. ciaranrodgers@hotmail.com

    big training weekend in the wicklow mountains in ireland, lots of hills for running and cycling.

  85. Long run, hopefully on a trail at the local state park. Thanks!

  86. Having run for a while as I love cycling too much. Hoping to change this.

  87. Long run and a long brick. Ironman Texas is only 3 weeks away!

  88. Cross training with an intensive gardening session on Saturday and on Sunday I’ll be chasing my boyfriend’s wheel as he cycles home from mine….he’s got 35 miles to go, so I’ll follow for 20 before turning back.

  89. Half marathon recovery this weekend :)

  90. A short run and a long run. How short and how long exactly always depends on the mood of the day.

  91. Brian L @ 72764

    Marathon + 13 days = low intensity bike and longish run.

  92. I am racing the National DU on Sat

  93. 2hr trnr ride saturday – 17km run sunday

  94. long run planned at relaxed pace.

  95. restweekend this weekend, but the week after I’m racing in Bruges a 15k race :)

  96. I hope to crack out a couple of 65km cylces from home to work!

  97. Saturday – 1 hour aerobic run (HR z1)
    Sunday – 2 hour endurance bike (HR z2)

  98. Shannon R

    Flying from warm/sunny San Diego to Cold/Possibly Snowy Madison Wisconsin to run Crazylegs on Saturday

  99. sidnik

    Thanks for the giveaway.This weekend a 10k run with my running buddy.