Timex Marathon GPS Giveaway!


With less than a week left in May, spring is flying by!  I’ve been trying to plan out weekends for the next two months, coveting a way to spend each weekend day, usually in the great outdoors.  And often based around training or racing schedules.

Tonight ended up being a perfect BBQ night after a nearly 2hr brick with hill repeats, and thus hopefully the start of many more warm spring hill & BBQ nights.  So with no more complex reason than that, I’m giving away a Timex Marathon GPS unit.


The best thing though is you’ve got nothing more to do than leave a single comment below (multiple comments don’t count around these parts!).  Simply answer the question below:

What are your training and/or racing plans for this weekend ahead (Apr 27-29th)?

For those curious, I’ll be doing a 10-mile trail run at Fountainhead on Saturday, and a 40ish mile bike ride on Skyline on Sunday.  Definitely looking forward to both!

The entry period will run until Friday Apr 27th, 2012 at 11:59PM Eastern Time, at which point I’ll close the entry period and randomly select a winner. Like the all my giveaways there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you. The winner will get a brand new Timex Marathon GPS unit.

As I do from time to time (though, it’s been a while), this particular giveaway is sponsored by one of the site sponsors (BeMultisport.com), which is an online sports device retailer based just down the road from me.  They paid for the unit, though I’ll pay for the shipping (which, come to think of it, if you’re in Uzbekistan may actually end costing more than the unit itself…).  As always, supporting site sponsors helps support the site.  Circle of life thing.


(Note: If you’re active duty US military and deployed, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya entered in. For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets. Through careful planning I picked up a handful of them when they first came available…just so I could give them away to you. Thanks all!)


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  1. Mike V

    5hour brick on Saturday. 5k race on Sunday.

  2. Road biking and/or mountain biking, if the weather allows.

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  4. Dunhill Deodores

    Planning to run at least 10K this Sunday.

  5. Friday: Easy 5 mile RT run to work commute. But supposedly my office is on top of a cat 5 hill.
    Saturday: 5-7 mile run, :30-1:00/mi faster than Friday’s
    Sunday: 20-30 mile on the bike. Making up for lost bike fitness after a winter surgery

  6. Friday: I will be doing an easy 10km run
    Saturday: 2 hours of mountain bike training (followed by a family party)
    Sunday: A 10km test run for my marathon training program.

    Happy training…

  7. Amber H.

    4 mile Trolley Run (KC)on Sunday.

  8. this weekend im up for a few short runs and walks, mainly getting some rest. 1 run friday morning and 1 saturday night. looking forward

  9. Running a local 5k on Saturday, followed by 7 or 8 miles on Sunday.

  10. 2 MTB rides in Tokai Cape Town and a 1.5km swim

  11. Great site.. a big fan and you have been a great inspiration..just to train harder and improve my skills constantly. I am going to run my first half marathon this Sunday and hoping to do it under 2 hours.. keeping my fingers crossed!

  12. Will be doing a 30 minute jog. Been out of running for awhile so hopefully this will jumpstart my training. Regards.

  13. Great site, you have been a great motivator for me to train harder and improve my skills constantly..

    I am running my first half marathon this Sunday and aiming for a time of 2 hrs.

    Keep your good work up!

  14. Have a 8x800s on Saturday and then 10 miles easy on Sunday.

  15. Easy weekend ahead. Maybe 6-9km run and 2hr walk. Only 8 days to half-marathon…

  16. Tapering for Wildflower half IM. 50mi bike and 6mi run on Saturday, relaxing open water swim in SF bay on sun.

  17. Trying to fit in a long ride and a run between coaching softball and seeing my eldest daughter off to, and more importantly home from her first prom

  18. Fri – AM -40mi bike; PM 4200m swim
    Sat 60 min run/strength training
    Sun 90min Run with Half IM pace work

  19. Recovery from adventure race, probably a little running but not much.

  20. This weekend… 5k Race – Sonic BOOM 5K, supporting my sons’ school!

  21. Absolutely nothing!

  22. Ronen

    15km trail run

  23. Running away from this sad world…

  24. Tim

    Looking forward to a 5 day weekend of training, got to love bank holidays!

  25. Tim

    We have a 5 day weekend coming up if you planned you day off work correctly. Looking forward to some good training in the cooler weather.

  26. This weekend I am traveling to Las Vegas for work. My plan is to get in a 90 minute spin cycle session when I reach the hotel on Saturday afternoon, then a 60 minute run down the strip on Sunday early morning.

  27. Double Mt. Tam ascent!

  28. Race to Stop the Silence 8k starting/ending at Freedom Plaza in DC. Still time to register for a smallish race and a good cause!

    link to active.com

  29. KathyC

    5 Mile run with friends on Friday.

    4 Miles over the weekend, will pick whichever day has the better weather 😉

  30. Lympy

    On Saturday morning, I’m doing a 40km ride along the Barelang Expressway in BATAM, INDONESIA

  31. I will be doing a brick workout of 20 mile bike ride and 6 mile run. Hopefully the weather in Maine is warm enough for it!

  32. maloney.andrew@gmail.com

    What are your training and/or racing plans for this weekend ahead (Apr 27-29th)?

    I plan to run my fist 5K in 2012!

  33. I will be doing a brick workout of a 20 mile bike ride and 6 mile run. Hopefully the weather in Maine is warm enough for it!

  34. Since its an off Friday for me; I plan to get in the pool for a while and do some strength training, Saturday I’m running in a local 5k – probably get in a few miles after that as well, and Sunday I’ll be heading out early for a nice long bike…

  35. Hey there,
    I’d love to win the Timex watch, my 305FR is getting old! I’ll be running the Dublin Night Run 10k on the 29th.
    Take care,

  36. will be doing 3rd half marathon next may in singapore.

  37. 60 miles on the bike on staurday, and then a nice long run on sunday probably over 10 miles. Might throw in a 1000yd swim just for fun. Yea it is going to be good weekend if I can find the motivation to do it all.

  38. Anonymous

    Planning for a couple trail runs. The trails are beautiful in Wisconsin now! Oh yeah…and taking the dog to the dog park! Does that count?

  39. Oompa Loompa

    Planning for a couple trail runs. The trails are beautiful in Wisconsin now! Oh yeah…and taking the dog to the dog park! Does that count?

    Ignore the last comment… I hit the wrong button

  40. Tom

    Last long ride on Saturday before I start my taper for Wildflower.

  41. Mia

    Sat – 28 km training run for upcoming marathon in May
    Sun am – Volunteer at local trail run race
    Sun pm – short recovery bike and swim

  42. Adam

    Friday: Moutain bike with the wife
    Sat: Race Simulation consisting of 2200 yd swim, 50 mile bike and 10k run.
    Sun: 12 mile run

  43. Tim

    I’ve got a 90 minute run and 50 mile bike scheduled for the weekend. Sure hope the weather is nice.

  44. MLV

    20k along Montevideo boardwalk tomorrow mornign!

  45. Friday: Fast tempo 5-mile run in Central Park – followed by cigar
    Saturday: 7-mile run in Park…circuit training w/trainer…18 holes of golf
    Sunday: Rest and bad food dinner day

  46. Long ride outside if the weather holds.

  47. I am training for a sprint DU that’s coming up soon, so hopefully I’m going to try to get my last long brick in.


  48. Friday: adaptation ride on new Canyon speedmax + run off the bike
    Saturday: Strength training + swim
    Sunday: bike ride + run

  49. 43mi ride on Saturday, racing a Sprint Tri on Sunday!

    Come on, random number generator!

  50. az

    Going to do a 14 mile trail run on Sunday here in San Diego – Saturday is a rest day.

  51. CDK

    I’m doing a brick (30 Bike / 3 run) on Saturday and a long ride-70 miles on Sunday

  52. 3 hour bike and 2 hour run this weekend before officially tapering down for my first 70.3 event. Hoping the rain stay’s away.

  53. 30Km road bike and a 10k run on sundays

  54. jh

    Soccer on Sunday, if my foot feels better

  55. Tim

    30k training run for the Amsterdam Marathon.

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  57. Saturday serves up a sunrise 60-75 minute zone 1-2 run followed by a Little League Opening Day Parade (1 mile) and then a tee ball and a little league game. Sunday I’m supposed to do a 70 mile ride but will be happy if I can find the time to get in at least 50 before an afternoon youth lacrosse game and little league practice.

  58. taper week. Only running 6 miles.


  59. Don

    Due to injury I’m recovering from, no race this weekend. But I will be hitting the trails at Lake Arcadia for a (hopefully!) long run. 🙂

  60. 8mile run on sat
    brick on sunday

  61. This weekend will be a recovery weekend after some minor surgery. If I can, I will try and sneak in a short bike ride (if I can sneak past the wife LOL) Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. BrettW

    Thanks for the giveaway…your reviews are awesome. This site is a treasure trove for noon’s.

  63. sadly i have a lot of plans and if i can manage 50 miles on the bike i will have accomplished a lot.

  64. Friday 6 mile run and 1 hour swim
    Saturday 55 mile bike
    Sunday 11 mile run.

  65. Wow! I’d really love to win.

  66. Anonymous

    I’m running the Waterloo 1/2 to honor the 1yr anniversary of my Mother’s death

  67. I plan on walk/running 5k and biking 8miles

  68. dessaulg

    this weekend is our triathlon training camp in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. We will be be trying out the 90 km bike route, plus the half-marathon running circuit, then heading out to a pool nearby to swim. Sunday, we will do more of the same. supposed to be only 3 or 4 degrees celcius (about 40F) !!!

  69. I’m going up to NY to visit friends, so hopefully a nice run down the west side of manhattan and a loop back up through Central Park!

  70. Hope to squeeze into the top 1024, in case you have a 10-bit generator…

  71. I will be racing a Sprint Tri on Sunday – 300M/13.8/5k

  72. I’ll be running the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon (half marathon) on Saturday.

  73. Cherry Creek Sneak 5 miler

  74. Planning my longest ride to date. 70 miles! Can’t wait!

  75. Longest ride to date. 70 miles! Can’t wait.

  76. ash

    5K Friday
    5K Saturday

    Thanks for the giveaway

  77. Ben

    Probably a 20 or 30 mile bike ride Saturday morning and a easy 30 minute treadmill run on Sunday.

  78. Saturday: Swiss Orienteering Championships Middle Distance

    Sunday: Easy Day or Rest day…

  79. Swimming, Running and Pilates. Have a great weekend everyone and good luck!

  80. Anonymous

    This is a long weekend in Germany, May 1st being a national holiday. So I am gonna make a mini training camp out of the four days:

    Saturday: Cycling Road 60-70k easy with some hills
    Saturday: Swim
    Sunday: Run 12 k easy
    Sunday: Strength training
    Monday: Easy Swim in the morning
    Monday: Cycling Road 50k combined with Run 4-5k easy
    Tuesday: Swim in the morning
    Tuesday: Cycling Road 70k with some hills

    Weather forecast looks great, should be a fun weekend.

    Gerrit (Münster, Germany)

  81. Cruddy weather in upstate NY, so I’ll probably be indoors on a trainer for 2 hours Saturday and 1.5 hours Sunday.

  82. Friday: Rest day
    Saturday: Rest day (yep!)
    Sunday: 6.5k Z2 run.
    Monday: 85k on the bike (for completeness sake)

  83. Just to get out and have some nice miles in the hills. Hopefully it won’t be too hot, and that the ground will have firmed up a bit from this last rain.

    Thanks for the chance at winning this!

  84. I plan on running the weekly free timed 5K run in Edinburgh this Saturday, doing my usual run in the afternoon and then heading into the hills for a recovery hike/run on Sunday

  85. Going to try and set a personal best in a 10k road race.

  86. A couple of easy runs this weekend-training to get in better shape as I’m leaving for MCRD Parris Island in September!

  87. Possibly a track workout on Saturday and, like many of us, a slow 12 miler on Sunday.

  88. Friday: spinning 75 min + treadmill or outdoor running depending on weather
    Saturday: Swimming 2 hrs + Gym
    Sunday: Floorball 2 hrs + Gym

  89. Super fast group training ride on Sat; team recon ride on Sun on race course for July race.

    — Craigster

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  91. 85 mile ride arounf Loygh Neagh in Northern Ireland. The largest freshwater lake in Europe. nice scenery – hope the wind doesn’t blow.

  92. Two 10K’s one on friday and one on sunday. Getting ready for one of my base’s running events.

  93. 7 mile run on Saturday and an easy 5 mile “race” with free wine on Sunday.

  94. BAM

    12 weeks to ironman uk 🙂

    nice and easy spin and run on sat, then olympic distance race on sunday.

    whoop whoop

  95. This weekend I plan on doing another 6 mile run/walk as I am training for a 10K. Have a great weekend!

  96. No racing plans this weekend but I do have some interval work on tap for the bike on Sunday and a long run on Saturday.

  97. Nae

    Saturday is a 2hr ride followed by 10km run. Sunday a long ride in lovely Richmond Park (London – if the rain ever stops….) and possibly a swim. Love the blog!

  98. JAB

    Just raced my first tri two weeks ago (rumpus in bumpass), now its time to get back into the training. Long swim sat, medium run sunday. Thanks for the great blog.