Timex Marathon GPS Giveaway!


With less than a week left in May, spring is flying by!  I’ve been trying to plan out weekends for the next two months, coveting a way to spend each weekend day, usually in the great outdoors.  And often based around training or racing schedules.

Tonight ended up being a perfect BBQ night after a nearly 2hr brick with hill repeats, and thus hopefully the start of many more warm spring hill & BBQ nights.  So with no more complex reason than that, I’m giving away a Timex Marathon GPS unit.


The best thing though is you’ve got nothing more to do than leave a single comment below (multiple comments don’t count around these parts!).  Simply answer the question below:

What are your training and/or racing plans for this weekend ahead (Apr 27-29th)?

For those curious, I’ll be doing a 10-mile trail run at Fountainhead on Saturday, and a 40ish mile bike ride on Skyline on Sunday.  Definitely looking forward to both!

The entry period will run until Friday Apr 27th, 2012 at 11:59PM Eastern Time, at which point I’ll close the entry period and randomly select a winner. Like the all my giveaways there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you. The winner will get a brand new Timex Marathon GPS unit.

As I do from time to time (though, it’s been a while), this particular giveaway is sponsored by one of the site sponsors (BeMultisport.com), which is an online sports device retailer based just down the road from me.  They paid for the unit, though I’ll pay for the shipping (which, come to think of it, if you’re in Uzbekistan may actually end costing more than the unit itself…).  As always, supporting site sponsors helps support the site.  Circle of life thing.


(Note: If you’re active duty US military and deployed, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya entered in. For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets. Through careful planning I picked up a handful of them when they first came available…just so I could give them away to you. Thanks all!)



  1. Friday: Zone 1 easy 10k run
    Saturday: 35km LSD run
    Sunday: Rest Day + Pizza Eating.

  2. W00t ! First comment. Means I probably won’t win thou’

    Since when has 1 ever been a random number … 😉

  3. I am planning a 30km trail run. Here in Japan, cherry blossoms season is already over, but we can enjoy the view of beautiful Mt. Fuji!

  4. Bugger, beaten by a short head …

  5. thanks, as always, for offering the giveaway! this weekend i’m spinning on sunday. if i’m lucky, i’ll have enough energy saturday afternoon to make it out for a nice jog, too :).

  6. I’m doing Columbia brick nick with the DC Tri club 🙂 planning on 60 miles bike followed by a 5 mile brick

  7. Whiskey 50 off-road. Only problem is, I am coming back from a broken clavicle (it hasn’t really healed yet). So, even though it is a race, I am going to take some video. It should be fun either way.

  8. Gonna try to get a 6 mile run on Saturday morning followed by a light Brazilian Jiu Jitsu work out in the afternoon, and then a 30-40 mile ride on Sunday morning.

  9. Planning on a 11-12 mile run this weekend. And studying for finals, which is a kind of training, right?

  10. 50k trail race as a (hopefully) training run, followed by another 13mi the next day

  11. My goal is 6 miles!

  12. Road race on saturday and 90 minute run on sunday weather permitting. It could do anything!

  13. Long cycling on the week-end.

  14. @Gabroe: A bike followed by a brick would be a BBrick (see Cevelo for pronunciation). A brick is a bike followed by a run. Don’t mind me, I’m just bitter because my knee is messed up so I’m not doing bikes or runs this weekend, just swimming with a pull buoy 🙁

  15. I will be doing a 12 mile run and hopefully riding my new Trek 2.3 Bike for a nice sunday ride. Marathon next weekend. Gotta take down my brother.

  16. A really, really hard rest and recovery as I taper for IMSG.

  17. I’ll run a 50K trail race on Saturday in Sweden. It’s called Runner’s World Lidingö Ultramarathon. I’ve done it once before. The course around the Lidingö island in the center of Stockholm is awesome!

  18. Friday – Couch to 5K Week 1 Day 3
    Saturday – Yoga and maybe a strength circuit
    Sunday – rest

  19. Cant wait for my first Train half-marathon

  20. Akemi

    Something long and hilly down by the ocean. Hopefully a trail run too, but that remains to be seen.

  21. Heading to the coast for a nice relaxing weekend to celebrate my husband’s birthday, where hopefully I’ll get a nice longish run in. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  22. I am unfortunately still rehabbing my knee, so I’ll be doing some indoor strength workouts, then a few easy miles to keep the knee warmed up.

  23. Just a short 20km training run and a swim along with a bike ride 🙂

  24. Bike and run so much I wont worry about swimming.

  25. Most of my weekend will actually be spent at my children’s soccer games (I currently have all 4 of my boys playing- daughter does dance, and I coach one of the teams). I am going to try to work in a 3-4 mile run on Saturday, probably in the evening. Sunday is always a rest day for me 🙂

  26. thank you for the chance

    this weekend
    15 miles training for June 2nd half marathon

  27. Anonymous

    We’ll participate in the so-called “Days of Truth”, a 3-days-triathlon-event in Austria:
    Friday: swim 1.500 m
    Saturday: time-trial 40k
    Sunday: run 10k
    Lots of fun and sweat ahead 🙂

    Love your blog!!! gabi from austria

  28. Will join a 5K charity run this weekend.

  29. Burnrn717@yahoo.com

    I am doing a duathlon on Saturday, it’s my first one ever. Sunday I am going to volunteer at a half marathon.

  30. My plan is at least two long bikerides, one of them on my montainbike.

  31. Well a week to go to Ironman Australia so it won’t be anything particularly astounding.
    Saturday will be a steady ride with some brief big gear efforts thrown in.
    Sunday will be a run to and from the local pool (4k each way) with a 3000m swim in the middle.

  32. Hoping to do a ride with USC Cycling Benefit Ride, 50 hilly miles…cheers

  33. I plan on setting a distance record for the year thus far, 9 miles! Woot Woot!

  34. Hi Ray! My Plan is to do a good long run on saturday, where the last 5k are going to be a bit faster (preparation for a half marathon in 1,5 weeks). On sunday I’m gonna enjoy a slow nice bikeride 🙂

  35. Awesome giveaway! Planning for thirty miles on the bike & a 5k on my toes! 🙂


  36. I will be doing a long run getting ready for a Hal marathon!


  37. KostasAl

    Not something special planned for the weekend. Just an easy 5 km.

  38. april 27th is the day for terry fox run here in dubai. i’ll be participating hoping that the human race will beat cancer one day. april 28th is the 10K dubai desert run. and i’ll be doing some 50 km cycling later on the same day.

  39. Saturday, probably a long row with my crewmates, i havent check the schedule yet.
    Sunday, i’ll probably volunteer for a local swimming club.

  40. I will be doing a long distance training run for the marathon that I will doing the following weekend.

  41. I`ll be biking easy trying to recover from a discectomy.

  42. An easy 5 – 10K with my sister in PARIS!!!!

  43. I’m planning my last long run in the build up to the Hamner Half marathon the following weekend. I’m also hoping for a 100k+ social bunch ride on Sunday. On a different note typo? (first paragraph) ‘week left in May’?

  44. Hi, I’m training myself for my first marathon here in France.

  45. Running the Eugene (Oregon) marathon on Sunday. Saturday workout is rest day.

  46. I have a 3 day trail race on the cards: 25km mountain, 30km forest, 20km coast (Southerncross).

    should be fun.

  47. 10 km run in the morning + 10 km run in the evening

  48. 20km time trial to get the rust out of the winter legs.

  49. Friday – 14 mile run as part of training for my first half marathon.

    Saturday – 25 mile bike ride for my cross train day.

    Sunday – Rest

  50. Iain

    Trail run in pacific spirit park here in Vancouver Saturday then bike ride Sunday!

  51. Thanks for sharing!

  52. Some MTB Skillz training on sat, (yes, ‘skillz’ with a ‘z’) and a long bike/run brick on sun.

  53. I’m training for the Berlin marathon. This Sat I’ll have the usual long run, Sun is rest day for me.

  54. Friday: stag party
    Saturday: rehabilitation, easy 10K if up to it
    Sunday: 20 K long run

  55. Planning on running with the girlfriend for ~18k on trails in prep for her upcoming half.

  56. Mountain bike session on Saturday and half marathon training on sunday

  57. Friday: Pre-race Rest
    Saturday: Race NSW Club Champs (Australia)
    Sunday: Recover and drive home.

  58. Two hours at LT pace with some technical trails thrown in.

  59. If I can fit time in between helping look after my newly born son (April 19th) and my other 4.5 yo son, I plan on a brick session of 1 hour on the trainer at home and 30 mins of street running around the block.

  60. Swim N Bike

    Prepping for 3K Swim on May st and my first Tri http://www.moganshantriathlon.com

    SO weekend, 5:00 am Bike Ride
    7:00 Swim 2 hours.

    Run on Sunday

  61. Hi there.
    Friday 18 km trail running in C. de Campo in Madrid.
    Sunday 50 km MTB in the north part of Madrid Sierra.
    Thanks for your reviews. Love your blog.

  62. Saturday: 3hour long ride @ steady

    Sunday: 2h long run

    Unfortunately there is no races in radius 250km;/

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. I recently lost my phone and really really need a gadget to record my runs/rides.
    My current goal is to recover from a knee injury and be able to ride to work on the bike to work day on May 10th.
    Ashutosh Kaushik


  65. just hoping to get out for a ride

  66. Anonymous

    I’m going for a nice, long bike ride!

  67. Saturday: 40 km bike
    Sunday: 2 km swim

  68. Tough Mudder… nuff’ said : )

  69. since it been a while the i not running cuz of hectic weeks, i plan to run at least 10km tomorrow and 15km+ for weekends…. yossshhhh!

  70. A 60 mile bike ride.

  71. wanted to be #69, but ill take this 🙂 bring it!!!

  72. I’m going to start my couch to 5K regimen this weekend! WooHoo!

  73. i am a huge fan of your blog!

  74. Might head out to the You Yangs on Friday after work for some mountain biking and then a bit of a run on Sunday. Saturday is daughter’s netball for U17(2) for Drysdale and they are 3 wins and 0 losses.

  75. Maciek maciek_gontarek@o2.pl

    Saturday: 16k easy run
    Sunday: 50-60k bike ride and a bee in the evening 😉

  76. 10k run around the neighborhood.

  77. I am hoping for a 5K cross/country run (grassy groomed course), and a 10K trail run on Sunday. The 5K may be replaced by a 10K road race … depending on a person that I run with.

  78. Peter W.

    I’m still recovering from the 24 hour run for cancer at Sandy Bottom, so I will rest on Friday. Saturday, I intend to explore the forgotten abandoned Camp Patrick Henry in Newport News, VA by running an easy 7-8 miles through the overgrowth of the WWII POW camp. Sunday-an easy bike spin for 45 minutes.
    -Peter W.

  79. This weekend I’m decorating and fitting outside lights :o( Three 5 miler training runs next week though ;o)

  80. In sweden we have Walpurgis Night this weekend which means a lot of partying instead of training.

  81. Back to back 60+ mi hilly local endurance rides with t-runs and a swim thrown in

  82. Getting ready for the Kemah Olympic Distnce Race. Can’t wait to jump off the paddle boat for the swim!

  83. Let me see if I can write a lucky comment this time!

  84. Going to the Pyrenees (South of France) for, at least, a long run in the still snowy mountains….

  85. Century ride and beer. Not sure about the order of those two items yet….

  86. First Open water swim of the year

  87. My Garmin 405 is crapping out, finger’s crossed!

    Friday: 6 (e)
    Saturday: 18 (m)
    Sunday: 7 (M) + 6x1600m

  88. I’ll be doing a 5-mile race pace run on Sat, and a 12 mile long run on Sun. I’m training for a Half-Marathon race in Athens, Greece

  89. I plan to do a nice Montana trail run with my brand new New Balance MT110s!

  90. after finishing the rocknroll madrid marathon I guess that i’m just going to walk a bit 🙂

  91. Actually going away on holiday this weekend, but I will be putting in 10kms on the beach for a 30km Mountain race I am doing on the 6th May. The Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge in the Western Cape of South Africa. Gonna be 1877m of vertical height gain in beautiful country.

  92. Great! Hope to have some luck this timeee!

  93. I have planned 10mile xc race in Estonia.

  94. Nuno Ribeiro

    I´m doing a free running night trail!
    Greetings from Portugal!

  95. A bust one planned – a mixture of cycling and rowing: 10km cycle to boat club each morning and then 2 1 hours sessions on the water in a variety of boats 1x, 2-, 4+. Then cycle home. I am still looking for the “one device” that can give me GPS, HR, running & cycling cadence, and rowing stroke rate. any ideas?

  96. Saturday: 7 AM swim (about 2.5k) and 60k ride ride after!

  97. I will run the “Trail des Balcons d’azur” 53km this week end in south of france

  98. Today is rest day 🙂

  99. Training on Texel near my parents house. A ride over the island, with some hilly intervals

  100. Saturday: LSD 25km
    Sunday: Rest

  101. Lieven

    None… I’ll be in Amsterdam for a stag party. However, I’ll have two days off on monday & tuesday to go for a 2 hour climbing training on the bike.

  102. Saturday: rest before Sunday
    Sunday: local MTB race (annual event, start of series), 40km

  103. The stuff here is pretty cool and awesome.Pellet mill, I got the meaning clearly and need no longer time to understand it. It’s really interesting.

  104. on Saturday: 10k easy run, on Sunday: 15 miles running.

  105. Friday: Easy 5km

    Saturday: Recuperating from last Saturdays 50km race Lejonbragden link to lejonbragden.se with a 21 km trail race called Sydkustloppet link to sydkustloppet.se

    Sunday: Rest day

  106. I’m travelling and won’t be able to do any workouts. As I will be on high altitude, I hope however my travelling will have some beneficial effects on my fitness level 🙂

  107. This comment has been removed by the author.

  108. The plan is similar to last weekend – one day run and the other bike, in preparation for a trip to San Diego, which will include at sprint duathlon, the following weekend.

  109. Hi!
    Saturday : I might go running in the small mountains in my garden
    Sunday : cooking and leisure day!

  110. night mtb ride at sparrow hill

  111. Running and relaxing.

  112. Doing first durathon – Hope it stops raining…

  113. Long run (7 miles) on Sat. and 2 hour bike ride on Sun., both with the baby while my wife takes the motorcycle safety course.

  114. Anonymous

    Retul Bike fit sat am… hope to get a 10 mile run in later. Sunday… scheduled for an 85 miler…ride that is. Gonna skip the La Jolla Half Marathon.

  115. because of I’m in build 1 week 4 I’m planning my test on bike and run as well as easy seasion of swim as well as easy session of run.

  116. Planning some OWS if the weather allows, and a 80m run. 9 days to my HIM race 🙂

  117. I will do a big bike block starting today with 150 km. Thursday also 150 km. Friday only 75 km and 100 km on Saturday. Sunday I will do 100 km + a Sprint Triathlon and on Monday 170 km on the race course of Challenge Roth.
    I hope I’ll make it through.

  118. Anargiros

    10k run

  119. Training this weekend includes early morning 3km pool swim Saturday followed by a run in the afternoon. Sunday will be an ocean swim weather permitting and a 40km bike in the afternoon. Thanks for all your awesome reviews you have helped influence many buying decisions!

  120. Well Sunday is my wife’s birthday, so that will be a rest and celebrate day. Saturday will be a swim/run brick.

  121. Hi Ray,
    After 5 days where the focus has been on my knee I hope to start again with mtb.Unfortunately long rungs should wait a little bit more.

  122. Friday: easy jog for about 50mins
    Saturday: long run 30-31kms, last 10kms faster
    Sunday: Caving training

  123. It’s great to hear from you and see what you’ve sent up. This is a great blog. You deserve an award of some kind. Thanks!

  124. I’m going to my hometown (Oviedo, Spain) to see my parents and i’m planning to do a litte trail- run (12-15km) in Naranco mountain.

  125. werdna123

    i am planning to ride 120 km on the bike 🙂



  126. Friday: go swim
    Saturday: social obligations in the form of a wedding of my cousin.
    Sunday: hangover ^^

  127. A Granfondo in France, called Les Six Bourgeois de Calais.

  128. Hi, i am planning to ride 120 km on the bike 🙂


  129. Last long run before the ultra next weekend.

  130. Last long run before the ultra next weekend.

  131. Friday: Easy run in Dublin
    Saturday: I would like to do a PR and run 2 6:30 miles
    Sunday: Go break some KOM’s on the road bike.

  132. Long weekend coming up: a 90 km ride on Saturday, a longish run on Sunday, a day off with the wife on Monday to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and another 130 km (80 mile) club ride on Tuesday since it’s Workers’ Day here in Belgium. Yieha!

  133. Doing my first tri this weekend and I am bricking it

  134. I’ll do my first triathlon sprint at Etampes (France)

  135. Saturday: 5k swim
    Sunday: 150k bike + 10k run

  136. Will go for a nice 10K run after long winter indoor running!

  137. Completed my first 10k race of the season last week in 45mins so looking to go under that next time around. (2/3weeks)

    The weekend looks like:
    Thursday morning 5k 6am start
    Friday morning 5 k 6 am start
    Saturday – probably will do a m100
    Sunday – 11k run

  138. Shubham

    Start running barefoot from saturday…

  139. Doing a ~85 mile bike north of Novato, CA on Saturday. Sunday a pool swim & run ~ 7 miles.

  140. This weekend, would be a 18km night race in the trail 🙂

  141. Hey Ray! This weekend have long ride Saturday and hopefully first open water swim,if the north sea decides to warm up,if not will bro hot fudge Sunday @beach :0)

  142. I’m going to run to my in laws, not to fast so that i have a great excuse for not spending much time there ;). On Sunday i ga for a nice smoothe run with friends, looking forward to this!

  143. Friday: Indoor Volleyball
    Saturday: Beachvolleyball
    Sunday: Beachvolleyball

    And between the days, running&swimming and some fitness training

  144. Friday I’m planning on doing some hill intervals for the first time in a while, take Saturday off, then a light 10 miles on Sunday

  145. w00t!!!

    joined!!! gimme gimme gimme 🙂

  146. Preparing for a 10-mile race. doing a long run on saterday (1h30min) in an easy pace.

  147. I’ll take it. Maybe it’ll inspire me to run distances needing the extra battery life.

  148. 10km run in preparation for my first half-marathon in Geneva, Switzerland!

  149. What are your training and/or racing plans for this weekend ahead (Apr 27-29th)?

    Hi DC,

    Greetings from Poland here. On weekend I would like to break 20km distance (preparing to my 1st Marathon start on September).

    Take care,

  150. Thursday: 70k bike ride home from work, Saturday: 1.5h trail/mountain run, Sunday: 15k run

  151. After two OD races in the past three weeks, this will be an easy weekend for me with some light training. And on Sunday I will take my wife on her very first ride on her new road bike with a BBQ at the end being the goal.

  152. Friday I’ll simply do my 10km each way bike to work as I do everyday for the last 6 and a half years.
    Saturday a 300km bike ride integrated in a local BRM.
    Sunday resting from the Saturday long and hopefully successful ride, gathering energy to a recovery 10km run on Monday and the usual commute

  153. Friday 3 miles
    Saturday Country Music Half Nashville
    Sunday rest

  154. Taking the bike off the trainer and hitting the road for the first time this year.

  155. Saturday 1H30 running 1H marathon pace , 2.7 mile swimm
    Sunday 4h -5 h bikeride with 1h of race pace .

  156. Fri – rest
    Sat – rest
    Sun – 85km ride

  157. I hurt my calf about three weeks ago and since then I have been unable to go out for a run. Was out on a 3.4k run yesterday and it felt quite okay.
    This weekend:
    -1+ trainer or bike exercise Friday and/or Saturday
    -A slightly “longer” run, 6 to 10k, on Sunday depending on how it feels
    Got this years first halfmarathon next weekend so I hope it will go great 🙂

  158. LucaB

    I’m quite new as runner.
    I will only have a 8′ run and 2′ walk x 3 times on sunday.

  159. Probably just one or two of my normal 8½ km loops around the waterfront. All depending on my 4 month son, he is the boss at the moment! 🙂

  160. Saturday: 10k trail run along the Rhine.

    Sunday: Bike ride with my daughter and some fly fishing. 🙂

  161. I hope this time it works. Else I’m sorry to double post.

    I’ll do some 5-10km running and a 2-3 hour bike ride. That’s probably what I’ll manage to do. Hopefully a little more. 🙂

  162. Friday I’ll do a semi-long run of about 15-20k depending on the weather and the route I choose
    Saturday should be a bike-ride and Sunday indoor-spinning for fun with some friends 🙂

  163. Hi Ray!

    Sat: Rest
    Sunday (not day of rest!)I will be doing this race!

    link to facebook.com

    It’s a night time 10km race around Dublin City starting at Trinity College where I am a student!

  164. Friday: working
    Saturday: barbecue with friends
    Sunday: 10k

  165. With a public holiday 1. may it will be a long weekend in Germany and weather forecast looks promising.
    Friday: 1 hour easy run
    Saturday: Cross-Triathlon (500m/20k/5k)
    Sunday: Mountainbiking
    Monday: Swim+MTB
    Tuesday: long run + cycling with friends

  166. This comment has been removed by the author.

  167. Saturday – Long Bike – Sugarloaf
    Sunday – Long Run – Rock Creek Park

  168. Anonymous

    Hi ray

    Just a short 23km training bike and some time run and swim:-)

    doron from tel aviv

  169. Just returning from back injury so going to start training for my first Duathlon of the year
    Saturday – Run/Bike/Run
    Sunday – Probably lay in bed in agony !

  170. Fri Swimset Masters, Sat 75k bike, Sun 14k fartleg

  171. long ride and 1/2 marathon.

  172. Weekends are always busy times for me. It is the time for racing, long runs, long rides and trying to make up for everything I didn’t have time to do during the week (which mostly doesn’t happen).

    This weekend looks particularly tricky:

    Friday: Try and get my legs going after almost a week of rest due to incipient shin pains. Probably a 5k easy run. Swimming training with my local tri club in the evening.

    Saturday: Race day! I’m looking at either a 5k race and try to see how the shape is coming along, OR a 26k trail race OR a sprint duathlon. Leaning towards the 5k, even though the 26k is probably better with respect to my upcoming half marathon. Duathlon will probably be fun but the timing is a bit off to suit me well.

    Sunday: Long ride. By long I usually mean anything in the range of 3-5 hours. Looking very much forward to this, provided the weather stays in spring mode for some more days (Stockholm, Sweden, has been in semi winter mode last couple of weeks).

    Thanks for a great blog, keep up the good work!

  173. Dave Fox

    Saturday: 2k swim & 50 min run
    Sunday: 3h Bike ride thru Essex, UK

  174. Tristan J.

    I’m planning a 3 hour bike ride that includes a 8 mile TT. Sunday will hopefully be a long run if my hip is up to it followed by a long swim.

  175. Saturday will be a 2-3 hour ride and a 1 hour run. Another run on Sunday!

  176. Sunday I am going out to run around the historical sights of Ancient Rome.

  177. Nothing really… It is my birthday so I will only have a light run on Sunday.

  178. I took some days off – will ride off-road as much as the weather allows.
    I have to train for climbing with the mtb, I have done only flat rides so far this year.

  179. a swim on saturday and a brick on sunday!

  180. On sunday there is a MTB race which opens the season for the most popular MTB racing series in Latvia (SEB MTB maratons), so I will take a part in it.

    The racing season has already started with a few races in start of April.

    On saturday we will have to go to work, to get a free monday (government swapped the days because of national holidays).

  181. After completing a swimming marathon last Saturday i am now gearing up to take on a tough man challenge called “tough mudder” in 17 days…… not that I’m counting. Eek!!
    Plus I have just agreed to my first tri sprint – 22nd July, all thanks to you for the inspiration and training tips/ hints 🙂

    Ian F.

  182. Unfortunately, probably just a lot of reading on the stationary bike and elliptical for me–law school finals next week.

  183. My plans for the weekend:

    Friday: 10k tempo run
    Saturday: Short run with my dog
    Sunday: Long run on some beautiful trails

  184. On saturday 200min bike followed by a 25min brick
    On Sunday visit to Krakow 🙂

  185. 10 mile easy run on Saturday followed by a swim

    Cycling with the family on Sunday 🙂

    Enjoy your trail running!

  186. Sunday 5: my first triathlon !!!!

  187. Jalil

    I am planning to take a rest to recover from a periostitis 🙁

  188. Running in the American Odyssey Relay from Gettysburg, PA to Washington, DC. So, I’ll be in your neighborhood sometime on Saturday.

  189. Leeka

    Sa: 10 km race in Tikkakoski.
    Su: Recover

  190. Hello,

    Most likely I will race with my 2-year old to the park to build some sandcastles!

    Take care

  191. I’ll be flying to the Galapagos Islands….any advice for triathlon training on an airplane!!

  192. Saturday: First open water swim of the year! I am preparing for it to be on the colder side of chilly here in north England.
    Sunday: Long bike ride around the countryside.

  193. This comment has been removed by the author.

  194. Friday – Some gymnastics with the yongest (5year). I’ve neve done any gymnatics before the past year but the trainer lives just down the road. The purpose of father+child gymnastics is that the child should have fun while the father uses him/her as an exercise tool. I.e running arround with him on the shoulders, trowing him into the air etc. I’m amased what and old fart like me can actually do on an airtrack or trampoline without getting hurt when you have a soft mattress to land in. I also plan to take an hour on the MTB up/down a local track outside my door (~20-24km)

    Saturday. Outdoor gymnastics show.

    Sunday. 1-1.5 hour (~30km) on the MTB and 45min indoor swim (~2.5km)

  195. Anonymous

    It`s going to be a hard weekend for me….just partying with my friends,barbecue, and a tone of beer :))..hope to survive 🙂

  196. On Sunday I’ll be running in a ‘night-time’ 10km race around Dublin city centre (Ireland), my third 10km in April!

  197. Minuteman 5k in CT on Sunday!

  198. Bad; moving this weekend and not training. Good; new place closer to the running trails for easier training in the future!

  199. Second sprint tri of the season! followed by modified 2hr bike ride.

  200. No racing plans. Would be happy if I could do a 5k run over the weekend. Thanks again for doing the giveaway! added bonus for reading your blog!

  201. Sat 1h run
    Sun 1h40min run.

  202. I’ll be kicking off the dreaded taper for a big race the following weekend. Hoping to PR in the HM!

  203. Hey from Germany,

    I will start the triathlon season this Sunday with a sprint distance here in Munich. Hoping to beat the time from last year, which should be no problem, as I trained twice as many hours. But we will see what the official time says 😉


  204. Hey Ray,

    I’ll be trying to get in another high volume week, without hurting myself before my first race post injury in 2 years.

    Would love a new watch to help with the training.



  205. My plan is to make 20km run in VFF and check if I can do it.

  206. a

    I will be running a 10K road race in my new town!

  207. Hey Ho Lets Go!
    1.5k swim
    40k bike…
    Sao Paulo

  208. Planning nice long Bike followed by relaxation

  209. on the 28th i will be joining the rotorua marathon.

    link to rotoruamarathon.co.nz

  210. Sat 1h run
    Sun 1h40min run.
    Training for Tallin marathon 🙂

  211. Dimitri vdw

    Easy 10k run on Saturday and nice long 100k ride on Sunday.

    And a brand new watch would come in very handy to measure all that.

  212. Hi Ray…looking for a bit of a rest week this week…around 80% before ramping back up next week. Cheers Billy

  213. I would love to win the Timex Marathon GPS watch, as I am planning to do my first Full Marathon in December 2012!

  214. I’ll be doing a tempo run on Saturday or Sunday, following this week, which saw my first double commute to work on foot (2 x 10.5 mile runs there and back)

  215. Just going to do my first swim, first run and first cycle after a 8 month training hiatus of pie-eating and beer swilling.

  216. Friday: 2k swim, 80k bikeride
    Saturday: 18k run, 50k bikeride
    Sunday: 80k bikeride

  217. I’m currently injured so for this weekend I plan only two slow 5-8k runs!

  218. Nothing really, just training to get better.

  219. I hope to be doing a 10K easy run! Still coming back from a knee injury..

  220. Enjoying tapering down slowly but surely as the Toronto GoodLife Fitness Marathon is on May 4th !!! 🙂

  221. it’s a total recovery week for me so resting and eating well.
    Oh, my dream bike will be here this week so TOTALLY gonna just drool all over the place while staring at her beauty.

  222. sweet! I’ve got strength training on Friday. 12k run Saturday. and an easy mtb ride with friends on Sunday.

  223. Hi! I plan on doing my first brick workout this weekend! I have a 25 mile bike then 3.2 mile run planned!


  224. Been sick most of this training season. With that said making up for lost time and will be running a 10 miler on Friday for my long run.

  225. Plans for this weekend
    Besides eating tons of spaghetti
    Friday Training on tacx : max 1heasy pace Z1 HR 131
    Saturday : rest
    Sunday 100km mountainbike, organised TT.

  226. I’ll be running a 5k on Sunday with my wife. It’s her first race and I’m excited for her.

  227. Anonymous

    I am doing a 170 km bike sunday, so please no raining in Denmark

    martinsanderhoff at yahoo.com

  228. Seeing some of the workout plans make me feel a complete wimp… I probably won´t be able to do anything on Friday, but should walk somewhere around 13 km (overall average of about 7 kph), around 30 min of circuit weight training and 30 min of stationary bike (about 220 watts, I think) on Saturday, and maybe a long walk on Sunday of around 20 km… As I said those workout plans make me feel a wimp

  229. This comment has been removed by the author.

  230. I’ve got two long ride planned, one of which will be a long brick workout.

  231. I’m doing a half century ride in the morning with my son (23) in Athens, GA and that night we’re watching the Twilight crit races in downtown Athens.

  232. Friday- 40 mile bike run
    Saturday- 50 mile bike run
    Sunday-75-85 mile bike run 🙂

  233. Friday: Hopefully buying first tri bike! Here’s to many thousands of happy miles.

    Saturday: Running 13 miles from Mt. Vernon to Buzz Bakery for a post-run cupcake (hey, it’s carbs, right?).

    Sunday: Recovering. See Friday & Saturday.

  234. Still recovering from Boston so longish run on the Chicago waterfront for fun.

  235. Saturday: 7 miles through Umstead Park (Raleigh NC).
    Sunday: Nothing Planned (I am tapering for the New River Marathon on May 5th).

    Whatever y’all do this coming weekend, best of luck and enjoy.

  236. I am planning a 10km time trial race. The first race of the new bike season.

  237. Just purchased and received this week a Zipp 1080 rear and 808 front, so there will be a nice and long bike ride ahead for me!!!! Also probably a 16 mi run.

  238. 10K race this Sunday. Also plan on tuning up my bike.

  239. Friday – Swim during lunch followed by Pub crawl that evening

    Sat – Long Run breaking in new shoes

    Sun – Long Bike ride, new QR won’t be ready till next Wed 🙁

  240. After last weekend’s wicked hard half marathon, this weekend I’m just hoping to get in a few easy miles each day, likely in the form of running to my kids’ soccer games.

  241. Night Ride on my mountain bike in Uwharrie. 20-30 miles.

  242. I’ll be running my first Half marathon this weekend.

    Maybe this clock would help me train for a full, next year 😛

  243. Just started commuting to work on my bicycle (a little scary in NoVa) so Friday will be a 16 mile bicycle ride and an easy run. Saturday, 4-6 mile run and for Sunday, the 8th annual Vienna Elementary 5k race! Can’t wait for the weekend. Good luck to all and many thanks Ray for all your posts/reviews!

  244. I’ve only got an 8 miles on the schedule for this weekend because I’m running Flying Pig marathon the next weekend. Thanks for doing an awesome giveaway!

  245. My weekend training plan includes (1) a long, slow foundation ride – primarily zone 2, (2) a 2000 swim, and (3) a bike/run brick. In addition I will be attending a Tri Clinic at Revolutionary Velo-Watts getting tips from some local coaches.

  246. Planning on a 20 mile run this weekend.

  247. Weekend racing? Not this weekend. Overtime at work and traveling for youth soccer (I coach, son plays). Hopefully I can just squeeze in some riding time to get ready to race next month.

  248. Aaron Ainsworth

    training straight through my first triathlon of the year (West Point Lake Olympic Triathlon).

  249. CedricB

    I am looking for a 5k to do with our two younger kids.

  250. Just had I surgery yesterday. This weekend will probably go on a run with my wife and then chill for her Birthday all week long.

    Love your articles!

  251. I am planning a ride to help get my bike to the 1000mi mark and a 5mi run (its finals season so not too much time for anything else)

  252. Half Marathon in my town! Though this watch would be for my girlfriend since she needs one!

  253. Hi Ray,

    Friday: indoor rowing. easy pace.
    Saturday: 7-9k training run
    Sunday: 7k run

  254. Long Bike ride, interval run, 18 holes of golf.

  255. I’l run the 20 km of Lausanne (20km.ch) race saturday evening and on sunday I’ll (if I can stand) preach in our church 😉

  256. I’m running a flattish 10km race with some ambition to create my new PB.

  257. Alex

    Going to be in Sydney this weekend so are
    planning a sea swim most probably the last
    before winter

  258. i am training for a half on the 12th. I hope to go for a bike ride on Saturday and my long on Sunday

  259. First TTC group ride plus long run sunday

  260. I will have my last long run before the Copenhagen Marathon

  261. Running the Country Music Half Marathon and getting another medal for the walls!!!!

  262. Friday I will be picking up my race packet for Saturday’s Triathlon at Ohio University. This will be my first triathlon on the year and my second ever.

  263. I have my first sprint tri of the year on Sunday

  264. 80 mile training ride in preparation for AOMM

  265. Saturday I’m doing a 95km ride through the gorgeous Odenwald area in Germany (mostly lower heart-rate zones, but including a bit of pushing on some interesting hills). Sunday morning I have a 3km swim, which I’ll do in an outdoor Thermalbad in Heidelberg, and then later in the day a quick hour-long hill run in lower-heart rate zones. The temps here are supposed to hit 25-30 celsius on the weekend, so I’ll be looking afterward my run for a BBQ (with cold drinks) of my own!

  266. Saturday a 10K running in the pyrenees and sunday a short (15-20 Km) mountaing biking with some friends

  267. Last long ride of the training plan (75 miles) this Saturday. Training for my first century ride. Saturday night to consist of eating everything in sight and a recovery spin on Sunday.

  268. Last major training ride before doing 3 state 3 mountain century ride in Chattanooga!

  269. Coming off of a race last weekend… my plan is just take it easy and do something I haven’t done in a while – a CASUAL bike-ride! Yep, that means I’ll be sitting as straight-up as possible!

  270. Thankfully, this weekend weather doesn’t call for 3 inches of rain so get to play outside.

    I’ll be embarking on a shorter running interval workout Saturday and a nice 30ish mile bike on sunday.

  271. “With less than a week left in May, spring is flying by! “

    I sure hope you meant April or I’ll be playing major catch up this weekend!

    I plan on running in circles in our woods until I get dizzy or trip. 🙂 Probably around ~ each day.

  272. I’ve been training to lower my 5k time. On Saturday I’ll take another stab at breaking the 20 minute barrier. Sunday I’ll either go for a long run or rest, depending on how I feel.

  273. 9-mile run Saturday morning, and a 60- to 70-mile group ride on Sunday, followed by a short 3-mile run. Hopefully not in the rain!

  274. Tapering for the Pittsburgh HM. Masters swim on Saturday, short bike in the PM and short run and group breakfast on Sunday.

  275. Ray Rules! Have a fun training weekend!

  276. Anonymous

    Heading out to the hills in bushy Brisbane to fit in a solid 40km trail run-training for the Oxfam Trailwalker later this year


  277. Hello DC,

    Friday: 50km Bike + 5km Run
    Saturday: 100km Bike + 1km Swim
    Sunday: 1km Swim + 10km Run


  278. Vaclav

    I’ll be doing my usual 18-20 K’s weekend runs.

  279. Riding the southern half of the 14 hill challenge. 7 hills, 35 miles, 6,000+ ft. of climbing. 🙂 Ride on!

  280. Friday: My VLFR (Very Long F***ing Run) on the C&O Canal Towpath – 20+ miles.
    Sunday: Some sort of bike ride, but probably won’t have the legs for a VL one.

  281. Long run on Sat and long bike on Sun to get ready for Mooseman in Jun

  282. Thanks again for the giveaway (and paying for shipping out of your own pocket).

    This weekend I hope to get a few slow runs in of about 6-8 miles as I’m tapering for the Pittsburgh Half Marathon next weekend.

  283. Thanks for the great giveaway. Going to celebrate my birthday this weekend with some running! 12 miles on Saturday and a 20 mile trail run on Sunday. Have a great weekend!

  284. I’m going to get motivated this weekend, I’m going to be motivated this weekend, I’m…still waiting for motivation.

    Maybe a new gps watch will light the spark! Have a good one.

  285. 10k run on Saturday.

  286. Friday: run 8km (pre competition warm up); swim 1km
    Saturday: run a half marathon in Gijon (Spain)
    Sunday: bike, 3 hours with some KOM;
    run, 30′ easy

  287. Spin class on Saturday, then an easy run on sunday to rest the legs.

    would love this watch

  288. Long run prepping for 1/2 marathon

  289. BogeyBMoe

    I am doing a two hour trail run on Saturday and a 3 hour brick on Sunday!

  290. My plans are to head up your way for the weekend. To be exact I will be in the Baltimore area, and plan to do a long run with my dad on the NCR trail on Saturday. Attending a baptism ceremony and luncheon on Sunday.

  291. Thanks Ray for the giveaway …
    Got a 5k race on Sunday with profits going for a local school, the watch would look great on my wrist 🙂

    BTW, wondering what would be the best overall run/bike watch? looking at the 210,410 or 610.

    Keep up the great work on your blog, really appreciated.

  292. John Dizon

    On the 29th, I’ll be running a 10k at the Hyundai Run For a Cause here in Manila!

    Email: humblejowdie@yahoo.com

  293. *One week left in April

    Spring is the best season to train in. I want to slow it down.

  294. Friday : Interval running, 1′ fast, 3′ slow, 6 or 8 times
    Saturday or Sunday : Easy 8k run with my gf to run a bit with her and rest on the other day

  295. Liezl Esquivel

    I’ll be doing my intervals with my dog on Saturday!


  296. Raphael / raphes at hotmail.com

    Hi, I plan to do a long run (1h40) on saturday and a 2-hours ride on sunday !

  297. Planning a 5 mile run sometime this weekend around my house. Nothing too exciting. Maybe some strawberry picking with the kids.

  298. Hoping to finally get some miles in as I’m coming off nasty PF. Probably 50 miles on the bike and 2500 yards in the pool, or ideally lake.

  299. I probably won’t be able to run. We’re living in a hotel due to furnace and soot problems. But if I get a chance to I’m going to run a 5 miler in the state park this weekend and regain some of my zen that I haven’t had in almost three weeks.

  300. 3 hour bike Saturday, 12 mile run Sunday

  301. 104 mile bike ride to Waterford loop and back on Sunday, provided it isn’t raining!

  302. Friday – speed session in the pool
    Saturday, short pool session and a run
    Sunday – taking 3 of my new athletes out for a look at the course for their first tri next month!

  303. Hello,

    Awesome giveaway. My training this weekend.

    Saturday: Little obstacle parcours through the city of Amsterdam. Running and 15x pushups for every tram i see, squats for every bus etc.

    Sunday: Just a 10 km run along side the river Amstel

  304. Terrence Joseph

    LSD Run on Sunday! Been looking forward to it!


  305. Hiya,

    I’m training for the Eindhoven marathon which is on Ocotber 14th and I’ll be trying to run a sub 3:10. Might be quite a challenge as I set my current PR two weeks ago at 3:13…

  306. A light first run back after injury.

  307. Two hours of Ultimate Frisbee on Saturday, which means about 5 miles of sprints 🙂

    Here’s my Ultimate GPS track.
    link to cl.ly

  308. Saturday will be a wish mile warmup run for the Big Sur marathon on Sunday.

  309. Woo more giveaways.

    Friday: Swim intervals/drills, 1hr easy run.
    Saturday: 2hr easy bike with a few short climbs,
    Sunday: Long swim, 2hr long run

    Hope everyone enjoys their weekend too.

  310. Saturday: recover from riding this week
    Sunday: go on a good hike as its been a while

  311. Welsh Mike

    swim training with local tri club on Friday night (27th). bike/run bricks on Saturday (28th) in prep for my first oly distance tri and then swimming with my 4yr old and 2yr old kids on Sunday (29th). back to work on Monday (30th) for a rest 😉


  312. Trailrunning race called UTBCN in Barcelona on Saturday (74km and 3100m d+).
    On Sunday I think I’m gonna take a rest day 🙂 maybe I wont’t be able to walk.

  313. Friday: short run, Saturday: 1:45 run, Sunday: 3 hour bike. Should be fun!

  314. Saturday – long bike + short run
    Sunday – long run

  315. This weekend I make yet another attempt at my lifetime goal of a sub-20 min 5K.

  316. Just some easy running

  317. JeeWeetje

    A easy trail at the “Drunense Duinen” (sand dunes in forrest area) of 10KM as last real training for my first trail run race at the sixth of May.

  318. First marathon for me on Sunday

  319. This weekend:
    10 mile race pace on Sat,
    20 mile LSD on Sunday.

  320. Long bike ride and a recovery day on sunday.

  321. Saturday 2-3 hour bike
    Sunday 5-6 hours bike

    200km brevet next Saturday

  322. I have a long course brick planned and an easy swim. If I can fit it around the 2×5 hour birthing class this weekend. Probably wasn’t the best idea to train for an ironman while my wife is pregnant.

  323. I’m trying to recover from a half marathon, so I’m taking it easy this week. Hubby and kids are running so I’ll be there cheering them on. Maybe I’ll crank out 3-5 miles or so

  324. Friday, strength training
    Saturday, Rest
    Sunday 24km run

  325. Friday: Easy Run
    Saturday: Easy Bike Ride
    Sunday: 30km Long Run

  326. My training plans for the upcominmg weekend include easy runs of 3-5 miles. Nothing too exciting but we’re awaiting the birth of our first child, so that is something super exciting!!!

  327. After a week of swimming and running watching my wife run a 5K on Saturday.

  328. I am recovering from a femoral stress fracture and I am in the beginning stages of getting back to running and biking. This weekend I am in week 4 of a C25K program and I incorporate it into a long walk/run about 10 miles in prep for the Lake Placid Half Marathon on June 10th. Just feels wonderful to be moving again!

  329. Running 6 miles on Friday and then beginning the taper for the Pittsburgh half marathon!

  330. I am planning a gym session and a couple of short runs. I am still trying to adjust to my minimalist shoes, so short runs are very short at the moment.

  331. Normal day in the office.
    Rest on Saturday long run on Sunday.

    Thanks Ray

  332. hope for a 37 mile bike ride with rollers to funks grove saturday. On sunday 50 miles of hills around spin lake. Good times

  333. Shawn

    5k race in CT on Sunday.

  334. Swim 800 on Fri, run 12 on Sat, ride 20 on Sun. Just another weekend! Thanks.

  335. Yay, this is the first contest of yours I’ve entered.

  336. Friday- strength train
    Saturday- 3.5 mile run
    Sunday- Rest

  337. Ihsan

    Will go for a nice ride on Beach Dr. on saturday. Weather should be nice.

  338. diana

    Friday night 5k
    Saturday morning the illinois full marathon
    Saturday night pizza and beer
    Sunday more of the same

  339. I´m hoping to get some time in the pool; weather is expected to be pretty ugly – less temptation to simply go cycling…

  340. TOUGH MUDDER!!!!!

  341. Hi there!

    My plan for this weekend is… to resume my training! I’ve run the Paris marathon on the 15th, and gave myself some rest, and now I’ll get back to my running routine with a slow-pace run! 🙂

  342. I’ll be driving myself crazy tapering! Too much energy!!

  343. On Friday I’ll just do a short run. In the weekend I plan to do a 40-50km test drive on my new bike.

  344. I’m planning a 10K run with my new pair of running shoes

  345. The 10k Run for Shelter in Alexandria on Saturday morning!

  346. Anonymous

    Work sat an sun, squeeze in 3hr ride sat, sun swim and 45 min run Chris Calais rccalais01@cox.net

  347. 8.5 mile run along the national mall and bike ride to Bethesda with the hubby!

  348. Anonymous

    Running the Get in Gear 5k – Susan in Shoreview

  349. I have a little husky puppy who hasn’t been out for a jog with me yet, so I will be starting her off with a nice light 5 miler to see how she fares.

  350. With my birthday on the 28th, I’m going out on the 27th meaning that on the 27th I won’t be doing any training, on Saturday I’ll probably do a quick 5k – if I’m relatively sober! On Sunday I should be going for a 50k bike.

    Cheers for hosting this!


  351. I am either going for a 4-6 mile run or an easy bike ride as this is last weekend before the Broad Street Run

  352. 35 mi bike in the morning, 7.5 mi run in the afternoon and then a tempo 4.5 run on Sunday!

  353. I’ll be doing two long runs in the swedish woods – friday and sunday.

  354. I’m planning a short walk with my new daughter.

  355. I am running in the Miles for Melanoma 6.2k in Charlotte, NC!

  356. Thanks for the giveaway! Planning a short run to de-stress and get back into serious training.

  357. Cramer

    TARC 50K Trail Race, Weston, MA!

  358. My wife and I will be doing a half marathon in the Twin Cities this weekend. Thanks for the giveaway!

  359. Friday – 4000 yd pool swim
    Saturday – 112 mile ride (depending on weather)
    Sunday – 18 mile run

  360. I’m running a 5K race on Saturday with my 9 year old daughter, which will be her first ever 5K and first race! Will follow that up with a 2 hour long run on Sunday.

  361. Recovery for me. I’m rehabbing a torn adductor muscle and haven’t been running for two months. I’m dying!

  362. recovering from a tibial stress fx … still … soneill75@hotmail.com

  363. On Sunday it’s the Bangkok Dash, a 1.5k / 40k / 10k triathlon at a golf course south of Bangkok. The forecast is 100F so really looking forward to the swim…

  364. A hilly 6-miler on Saturday followed by a flat 50-miler on the ill-fitting outdated Specialized on Sunday!

  365. I am riding in my first cycling event (100k for Meals on Wheels) and training for my 2nd 5k next weekend (May 4).

  366. I am running a 9 mile trail in Houston Anthills. I will be running with my sister that I haven’t seen in almost 2 years.

  367. A hilly 6-mile run on Saturday followed by a flat 50-miler on the ill-fitting outdated Specialized on Sunday

  368. In the gym for some strength training Saturday and then a long run on Sunday.

  369. Planning a 30-mile bike on Saturday, with a sic-mile run come Sunday.

  370. In the gym on Saturday for some strength training and then a long run on Sunday.

  371. I am running the Gettysburg North/South Marathon on Sunday!

  372. Saturday is a 2 hr easy ride and Sunday is a 7 mile fartlek run. This watch would be great to have!

  373. 10mile run on Saturday and 2 hour bike on Sunday

  374. Mike BROYLES

    Weekend off. Just a couple of bike rides.

  375. Depending on the weather on Saturday I’m either doing a 2 hr bike or a 1:45 run. On Sunday I’m going out to cheer for participants in a duathlon whose course goes past my house and running afterward.

  376. Friday: Rest
    Saturday: Rest
    Sunday: Hamburg Marathon…

    It’s my second marathon ever – the first one was 13 years ago – also in Hamburg… I can’t wait! 🙂

  377. Anonymous

    Hi Ray
    This is my first comment, I found your site via a search on the net when I was considering bying a Garmin 500, read your how to and have become a daily fan of your blog. Keep up the great work.

    Mike from Canada

  378. Kids triathlon on Saturday my 7yo is racing, and then a sprint triathlon for myself on Sunday. Hopefully a fun weekend!

  379. Woo hoo just in time for my first race

  380. Pikes Peek 10K this weekend, Frederick Half-Marathon next weekend!

  381. The Country Music Marathon in Nashville. 🙂

  382. Racing a road mile tomorrow (Thursday 25 April), my first in a couple of years. If I feel recovered Saturday morning I’ll post-enter a 5K; if not, I’ll run an easy 12K.

  383. Anonymous

    Just some easy 10 k for the weekend, as it is getting really hot here and I am not used to these temperatures yet.

  384. David B NYC

    To take my son out in his joggin stroller!

  385. Friday: Watch TV
    Saturday: Walk the dogs
    Sunday: Walk the kids

  386. Mike Guitard

    Great Job

    Love your blog

  387. On a rest week… Some nice mountain biking with the girl…

  388. I hope for the first 100km bike ride this season 🙂

  389. Just some easy 10 k for the weekend, as it is getting really hot here and I am not used to these temperatures yet.

  390. I’m running the crazylegs classic 8k on Saturday and if the weather holds will be doing a long ride on Sunday!

  391. Sticking to the trails here in the UT.

  392. Much cycling planned for the weekend. I got my butt kicked by a local hill recently, so Friday night is hill repeats on that very hill, Saturday is going to be a Long Slow Distance ride, probably in the 60 mile range, and Sunday is up in the air. Likely a shorter pleasure ride with my version of The Girl and/or some friends. Or maybe mountain biking if the weather dries up enough.

  393. Friday – 5 Mile Run
    Saturday – 30 Miles Bike, 2000 yd swim
    Sunday – 12 Mile Run

  394. Would love to give this watch to my gf as she has just started running and knowing her pace would provide motivation.

  395. Ray,

    Hoping to get in a sandwich run this weekend in preparing for the DC North Face Endurance Challenege 50K in the beginning of June.

    Hoping to get in 16 on Saturday and 16 on Sunday, or somewhere in the neighborhood of that mileage.


  396. I’ll be doing my marathon training (for a May 20 race) in Venice, Florida, while on vacation. Finally a good, warm long run opportunity!

  397. I have a 60/6 brick saturday morning followed by 105 minute run Sunday. Should be a nice relaxing weekend (eek)!!!

  398. My wife is out at her baby showers this weekend. So, for the first time this season, I’m focusing on mountain biking. Going to do a several day MTB/Camping trip in Kettle Moraine South Unit (WI). I’m going out to practice my technical skills & might do a little trail running dependent on how I’m feeling.

  399. Hitting the MacArthur loop, getting in a long run, and hopefully a swim!

  400. St. Anthonys triathlon in St. Petersburg, FL this weekend.

  401. I am riding 90+ miles on Friday, then taking Saturday off to go to a dog parade and drink beer, then running 16 miles on Sunday!

  402. Quabbin road race and the Massasoit Lung Buster MTB race

  403. Friday I’m planning on getting on my bike (a new thing for me) and riding around 10 miles. On Saturday I will probably be playing golf. Sunday a 5-6 mile run.

  404. Running 5000m on Saturday Evening, looking for PR on the first race of the season!

  405. This weekend, my husband is doing a bike ride for charity, and the kids and I will be cheering him on and taking pics! It will be his first metric century, and we are very excited! 😀

  406. This week, it’s 10x100m swim, 60mi ride and 7mi run, all at Z2.

  407. Nice easy weekend plan since the knee is still injured. Just running through the 5k course on Saturday for the 5k on the 4th. Nothing on Sunday. Hopefully I’ll be able to work back up to longer runs in the next few months.

  408. Benjamin Smith

    Friday:16-21km hard training run
    Saturday:3-5km swim
    Sunday:Brick session (20km bike,
    5k run + 5k bike).

  409. semi-peak for a 5k race this weekend. Looking to smash my PR for the distance by a fair amount.

  410. Ben

    I think that I will get a 30 miler on the bike on Saturday, and a 7 mi run on Sunday. Thanks Ray.

  411. This comment has been removed by the author.

  412. Oooh, A giveaway!!!

    Terrible forecast weather wise here in the UK, but I’ll be doing a bike ride on Saturday: 6x 4min hill reps and then on Sunday more hill reps but this time running – 10x 2 minute hill reps followed by a swim.

    I;ve yet to decide if the swim will be a pool swim or a dip in the chilly waters of the Irish sea.

    Happy training!

  413. 10km race close to Prague and then bike ride to check out the bike part of sprint triatlon i plan to race in a month…

  414. Training this weekend for my first 10k race in May!

  415. 13.1 at 80 pct race pace sat
    1.2 mi swim sun

  416. MNLOK8TR

    10k race on Saturday, leading up to a half marathon in June.

  417. Friday: 32 mile bike
    Saturday: 2.5k meter swim
    Sunday: rest day- study for finals 🙁

  418. 13.1 at 80 pct race pace sat
    1.2 mi swim sun

  419. Looking forward to a 9 mile training run on Sat!

  420. Louise

    Recently joined a “Learn to Run 10k” program so will be repeating what they get us to do on Thursday, more likely run 10/walk 1 for 7k. Hope the weather is good!

  421. 13.1 at 80 pct race pace sat
    1.2 mi swim sun


  422. Friday: I’m running the Crystal City 5K to celebrate turning 32 (and to beat my time last year).

    Saturday: Hopefully a long bike ride on the Mt. Vernon trail if my bike gets its new front derailleur in the next couple of days.

    Sunday: Swim at the Y!

  423. My training plan is simple: just go out and run and cycle. I have no racking plans for now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  424. Saturday: 60 mile bike, 4 mile run brick
    Sunday: 90-min run

  425. Thanks Ray!

    Finishing up getting ready for IMSG.

    Mike Welch

  426. Friday: Swim
    Saturday: Bike for 2.5 hours around Lake Belton
    Sunday: Attempt to run, following injury

    Thanks! Love the reviews

  427. Wed Hammer ride in appalachian Mountains, so hard!!

  428. Hi Ray,

    I’ve been fighting ITB for a while so most of my training has been related to stretching and strength training. That said, I may test the waters a bit and log a few (5) miles on a local trail to see how the recovery is progressing.

  429. This comment has been removed by the author.

  430. I’ll probably do an easy run on Saturday and then take it easy on Sunday!

  431. I plan to start training for a 5k that will be in May, my gym has it every year and I this will be my first year doing it. LindaHP

  432. Hopefully a good bike ride both on my own and then with my 6 year old son.

  433. Thanks for the giveaway. This weekend I am doing a race simulation with an open water swim, bike, and a run in Madison, MS.

  434. Friday – 1h20 easy run
    Saturday – 6x(6min+2min) intervals
    Sunday – 2h30 long run

    I’m preparing for Nordea Riga Marathon

  435. Breaking in my new tri-bike!

  436. Anonymous

    Will do a 10k run at the peak of summer


  437. I race canoes. So, I gotta get out on the water.

    Saturday: Paddle 10 miles with new partner. Probably pretty easy pace.

    Sunday: Run and Paddle. Not sure about distance

  438. I’m running the St. Jude Country Music Marathon in Nashville, TN. Looking forward to a hilly 26.2!

  439. This comment has been removed by the author.

  440. Run a 5k on Sat. and ride 40 on Sunday…Thanks

  441. Friday: 13 miles on the bike
    Saturday: 7 mile run
    Sunday: 3 mile run with my son.

  442. 3 swimming workout …

  443. Doing my first half marathon in two weekends, so this weekend light Saturday ride (40 miles) and a 10 mile run on Sunday.

  444. Putting some serious bike miles on….hopefully the rain doesn’t slow me down!

  445. This weekend? Just a long run/ride combo. Thinking I might do a 1/4 iron 3-discipline brick though. Got Alcatraz and Buffalo Springs 70.3 on the horizon 🙂

  446. I’m just doing a light bit of jogging after training for the 1/2 Iron-distance race in Charleston.

  447. 11 mile trail run!

  448. I’ll be running 6 miles around Atlanta. Running is always the perfect way to see a city!

  449. Chris - aladdinhfj@hotmail.com

    No race plans, but will doing my long weekend run and I am hoping to fix the flat on my bike and start summer riding early.

  450. I will run the marathon in Hamburg, Germany. I hope to make it under 04:00!

  451. Hi Ray,
    Friday: Swimming before work and a 8km run after
    Saturday: Soccer with my daughter (I’m the coach) and a bike ride (part of the Challenge Copenhagen course)
    Sunday: Restitution run and picking up our puppy 🙂

  452. I am slowly increasing my mileage after recovering from a plantar fasciitis… so not more then a couple of miles for me on the weekend… Maybe in future with a new GPS watch?

  453. On the 27th I am running the last Crystal City 5k and on Saturday I’m doing Paul’s Ride for Life in Reston!

  454. Hello!
    Since this weekend is a 4 day weekend here in Sweden, my plans are to talk my husband into heading over to one of Sweden’s beautiful lakes here in the middle of the country. This lake has a biking/walking path around it, and at the halfway point, there is a castle that has become a B&B. It takes about 6 hours to bike to the castle and another 7 or so to bike the rest of the way around the lake on the following day. I’m really looking forward to it!

    The name I usually go by online is LadyofQuills. I hope my sign in via my gmail account gives you my email address. I didn’t want to post it directly in the comment. 🙂 You can figure it out though, with the info I just gave you! Thanks for doing this!

  455. This comment has been removed by the author.

  456. Easy 10 mile run followed by brunch at Vinoteca!

  457. It’s the DC Tri Club annual Columbia brick-nic. Yay!

  458. Planning 3.5 miles tempo on Saturday; 4.2 miles easy on Sunday. Both in Lusaka, Zambia

  459. Site sponsor visited on many occasion. Hopefully that will favor me 🙂

  460. Courtney

    No race plans – still coming back from an injury.

  461. 5k swim on Saturday morning. 10 mile run in the afternoon. Then a 2 hour bike-run on Sunday. Plus, finishing unpacking/organizing.

  462. Excited by the NYC Marathon lottery drawing today. I have guaranteed entry, but the lottery is still exciting.

  463. You won’t even have to ship to me! I’ll just meet you in Arlington, AND you’ll help out a newbie DC triathlete.

    Workout plans are for a brick workout with the DC Tri Club on Sat, with either a long bike or long swim on Sunday, depending on weather. I hope it’s the bike!

  464. Anonymous

    This would make a great gift for a friend who can’t afford a GPS

  465. columbia brick-nic, then the kinetic bike course!

  466. I will be doing a 10 mile road run on Saturday and a 3.5 mile easy run on Sunday as I continue to train for my first half marathon! June 2nd Hospital Hill Half in Kansas City!! Can’t wait and thanks for all the good info.

  467. My birthday being April 26 this would be an awesome present 🙂

  468. I’ll be cranking out an intense brick on Saturday and a power swim and run on Sunday. All to get ready for Rev3 Knoxville.

  469. Friday 8 miler then lift
    Saturday beer festival
    Sunday recover from beer fest

  470. Daniela

    It is the weekend before my half marathon race, so I won’t be doing a lot: 5K at race pace on Saturday and 1.5 hour slow run on Sunday.
    Happy running, everyone!

  471. Easy run after flight back from business trip and brick on Sunday.

  472. Saturday: DC Urban Adventure (that counts, right?)

    Sunday: long bike ride

    Just hoping the weather holds out!

  473. Friday: 112 mile ride + 20 min run
    Saturday: 2.4 mile swim + 3 hr run
    Sunday: Rest Day

    Thanks Ray!

  474. Ralph B

    Heading to Southern Maine for weekend. Sat 10 mile trail run and Sun 7 mile hike and photography.

    Thanks for your generous contest.

  475. Just a longish run. Speed work was all during the week. No racing until late May.

  476. 2.5 h ride + 15 min run for Sat. 1h run for Sun.

  477. Planning to do a 4-5 mile trail run on Saturday!

  478. Easy Trail run.

  479. on Sunday, I’ll be racing the Big Earth Sprint Triathlon… and helping our team win the 2nd straight first place in the team competition

  480. I’m tapering this weekend in preparation for the Providence marathon next Sunday. Running 10-12 on Saturday and 14 on Sunday.

  481. Still taking it easy after melting int eh Boston Marathon

  482. Thanks Ray!
    I entered the Calgary Police Half-Marathon on a whim and to support a friend. It goes this Sunday the 29th. Last year it was a 13 mile slog through wet snow and ice…

  483. Just 6k but it will be the longest run this year, so I can be happy about that.

  484. Feels like a 10-mile tempo run Saturday through local State Park (about the only hills I can find in otherwise-flat Lubbock, Texas).

    Thanks for the giveaway, Ray!

    Les Kinman

  485. TomFL

    Road race 110km Sunday!

  486. Had a long run, and an indoor tri planned for this weekend, but the top of my right foot has been hurting me, so I’m going to take it easy for a couple of weeks. Maybe some sort of upper body interval workout.

  487. 50% chance of rain but…

    Sat. – Pre-ride the Tri Columbia bike course with the DC Tri Club.

    Sun. – Probably do the 10k PRR group run at 8:30 a.m.

  488. Love your site!
    This will be my last weekend training before my first ever tri! Doing a half-ironman on May 6 and would love to have an awesome watch

  489. Wow, you sure do have alot of followers! I found your blog looking for reviews of the Garmin GPS watches… and liked your reviews so much, I’ve favorited your site. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the detailed reviews!

    Here’s hoping I win this giveaway…

  490. Anonymous

    I’ve finally recovered enough from a stress fracture to resume running, albeit on a limited basis. So I’ll be doing a lot of laps on the track.

    Thanks for writing your terrific blog! I enjoy it!


  491. I am planning that Friday will be more CrossFit Endurance, Saturday will likely be a rest/recovery day since I have to work, Sunday 3-5 miles.

  492. Fri: 20 mile trail ride on Cross bike.

    Sat: 6m run and kid’s baseball games

    Sun: rest and kid’s soccer games

  493. Doing the Kentucky Derby Half-Marathon in Louisville, KY.

  494. 1500m OWS/ 55 mile brick at 1/2IM pace…woot!

  495. Suzi

    Pueblo-to-Pueblo Run in Cortez Colroado – my first race ever!

  496. Anonymous

    Hi Ray,

    Plan for a wednesday 10k easy run, thursday 10k pace run and a LSD 20k on Saturday. Prepare for my 10k run in 5th May.

    Benjamin from Malaysia@KL

  497. The wife has a family member getting married in Omaha this weekend. I’ve got a 20 miler on tap for Saturday, so I’ll be shuffling through the corn fields of NE somewhere…

  498. Try to get in 3-4 mile run as I recover from a knee injury.

  499. No specific training plan for the weekend but I am planning on getting back to running again in time for the December marathons.

  500. Will be trying to replicate an SVT while wearing a Holter Monitor. Probably an easy Saturday run and a long run on Sunday.

  501. “Raced” a half-marathon last weekend, so I will take it easy this weekend. Probably road ride & a shorter run.

  502. A couple of nice runs lined up for the weekend, including a LT test on Sunday.

    Get to mix in celebrating the wife’s Birthday on Saturday, which includes a massage for me as well!

  503. Lilac Century Ride on Sunday

  504. Love the reviews. Been trying to get a GPS watch used for a while now. Scored a Timex Global Trainer and has the confidence to purchase it based on your reviews. Keep up the good work!

  505. half marathon in Cheshire, CT

  506. Bike/Run Brick and long run

  507. Nimrod

    Hi Ray,

    I’m recovering from ITBS, so 5 miles, every two days is my diet (till my physician says otherwise).


  508. I will be doing a 80 mile bike ride on Saturday and recovering on Sunday! Thanks Ray!

  509. Doing the Kapas Marang swim, which is a 6.5K open water swim where they drop us off on an island in north-eastern malaysia and we have to swim back to mainland. Fun!!

  510. Beer Mile at the Spring Picnic for my Tri Club…Training started in college.

    Also tapering for Rev3 Knoxville half…and studying your car crash post.

  511. Planning to run the Thunder Over the Blueridge this weekend. Just a heads up, this is April… not May. “With less than a week left in May, spring is flying by!”

  512. I’ve got a 2hr zone 2 run with 3 min surges on Saturday!

  513. No racing for me this weekend, but I hope to get in my first proper long run for a while. 20+ miles on the trails should do it!

  514. 12+ miler in good old Tosa town

  515. Friday: Swim & run
    Saturday: bike and maybe run
    Sunday: slack line and relax 🙂

  516. Plan on 5k Race Followed by 100 miles in the mountains riding Saturday then a hilly long brick Sunday. Should be good for 200 miles.

  517. I am flying to Phoenix to hike the grand canyon this weekend. I guess that counts as some training right?

  518. 8 mile run Friday
    Kayak Saturday
    Hills from Hell Bike Ride Sunday

    Looking forward to the weekend (DUH, I guess we all are…!)

  519. Running, coaching, and running some more!

  520. Friday—easy 6 mile run. Saturday easy 1:00 bike. Sunday—80m bike/8m run.

  521. Saturday: Swim / Bike 45min / 2hrs
    Sunday: Trail Run: 2hrs

  522. I am doing the University City Duathlon over in Charlotte, my first Duathlon ever!

  523. Probably very little in the way of training. I’m an accountant in Canada. Our income tax returns are due April 30 so I’m sure I’ll be at the office all weekend cleaning up returns for all of the last minute people!

  524. I’ll be doing a nice 40 mile bike ride on Saturday then a sweet 14 miler run on Sunday. The weather will be beautiful in San Francisco!

  525. Awesome! Thanks for the giveaways as always. My weekend training plan is a 12 mile run on Saturday and 45 mile bike ride on Sunday!

  526. Awesome! Thanks for the giveaways as always. My weekend training plan is a 12 mile run on Saturday and 45 mile bike ride on Sunday!

  527. on tap for the rest of this week is a couple more swims, a new more trinaer rides and a long run on Saturday.

  528. Running the Thunder Over the Blueridge this weekend. Just a heads-up, it’s still April… not May. “With less than a week left in May, spring is flying by!” Must be all that traveling you’ve been doing.

  529. Get in Gear 10k in MN!

  530. I’m scheduled to run a 10 miler with a new running buddy – starting at the Columbia Marina in DC.

  531. Friday-gym


  532. Saturday:20k following River Guaiba
    Sunday: Rest

  533. After a 70.3 last weekend, this is a recovery weekend: I will cut the grass, then fall asleep in front of the TV while watching a backlog of cycling coverage.

  534. Getting a 20km long run in, and hoping to spend some time in the pool, to improve my stroke and kick efficiency! Cheers!

  535. This week is quite exciting for me with my training volume peaking.

    Friday: rest
    Saturday: 12 miles – 1000ft
    Sunday: 25 miles – 2500ft

    That should make it a 65 miles week…enough to be ready for my first 50km in 3 weeks!

  536. On a recovery week, so easy swim and run, with some chasing-the-kids-round-the-garden for cross training.

  537. Kemah Olympic Triathlon in Kemah Texas. with a 1.5 hour run afterward to prep for IMTX.

  538. One week from now I’ll be one of the 3:30 pacers in the Limerick marathon here in Ireland, so my training this weekend will be a medium run on Saturday (12 miles) and a reasonably long run on Sunday (17 miles) at about 8-minute pace, using it as a test for the marathon.

    For a pace a GPS watch is absolutely vital. It would come in very, very handy. 😉

  539. I’m planning a 10K trail run on Saturday and a nice relaxing kayak on Sunday.

  540. I could use one to help train for my first distance race!

  541. 50 Mile ride Sat in Reston for Pauls Ride for life and a 10 mile run on Sunday

  542. Friday – 1,400 yard swim followed by a 1-1/2 hour ride on the trainer

    Saturday – day off (camping so maybe a hike)

    Sunday – 1 hour run

  543. I plan on going for a short run and doing lots of biking.

  544. Lots of icing and foam rolling my IT band :(.

  545. My training plans are sticking with some fast paced runs and a strength training class.

  546. I’ve got the first of 3 20-milers this weekend – getting ready fro Grandma’s marathon!

  547. I plan to stay at home for another weekend nursing my two broken feet back to health. You did read that correctly, I broke a bone in each foot, separately 8 days apart….

  548. swim, run. not necessarily in that order..

  549. I’ll be riding my first 100 miler ever. Eeks! I just hope the weather holds up.

    Have a great weekend and thanks for the giveaway!

  550. Sean

    Very excited to take a short vacation in NC this weekend

    Friday: Long Trail Run
    Saturday: Recovery run on the beach
    Sunday: Speed work in the sand

  551. Saturday – 50+ miles on the road Bike
    Sunday – 20is trail miles on the trail *weather permitting*

  552. Hong Kong Dragons Triathlon Club 48 km individual time trial on Saturday morning in Tung Chung. 2 km Hong Kong Amateur Swim Association Open Water Championship Race in Tai Mei Tuk Sunday morning. Thank you for offering this give away. I very much appreciate the efforts that you put into maintaining your web site.

  553. The watch looks great! This weekend I’m going for my first long run since injuring my achilles last month. I’ll consider a racing again when I get back to at least 45mpw.

  554. JMB

    Camping in Oklahoma this weekend – for Saturday planning an interval session on the bike on (hopefully) quiet and clear Oklahoma country roads. Then on Sunday a 30-35 minute open water swim in the lake at the campsite.
    Thanks Ray!

  555. hello! training for 1/2IM, itis cold and wet here in Costa Rica, but still nice!

  556. I am registed for a 75Km MTB race in Arraiolos.



  557. study for my antitrust final without eating too many starbursts and maybe sneak in a run.

  558. Long bike/ short run brick on Saturday, although I may run a 5k instead of the run portion of the day. Sunday I’m doing my long swim and a medium bike ride.

  559. Still following your great blog. Still hoping to win one of theese.

  560. Thanks for the give away.
    Saturday 90 min trail run, Sunday 2 hr road bike

  561. got a 30k slow run planned in the coast dunes near the hague.

  562. CarlosA_Garcia

    I’ll be doing 20 Miles Cycling and 4 mile jog getting ready for my first Tri Sprint.

  563. Bummer of a weekend. Just recovering from some surgery and will not be able to ride until next week. Thanks for the giveaways.

  564. 80 km bike ride!

  565. I’m probably gonna lay in bed all weekend, both kids are sick at the moment so I’m next?

  566. Finals are around the corner, so I’ll be venting my stress on the roads around the National Mall. A hard six miler should do the trick.



  567. 40 mile ride on Saturday (moderate)
    EZ 6 miles on Sunday.

    It’s a taper weekend before Wildflower, which I’m not doing, but all my training partners are. So I’m tapering for a race I’m not doing… hmmm…

    Josh in Trabuco Canyon

  568. This weekend is just trying to get through a long work weekend. Back to training next weekend!

  569. A recovery run, a medium swim, and a long bike ride followed by watching the Athens Twilight Criterium.

  570. Thanks Ray.

    Just a small time 50+ 5k runner here. Having fun but slow. 🙂

    Weekend will consist of some interval training for next weeks race. And training I need!

  571. First weekend without racing for 2 months so I’ll just enjoying riding again. Big mtb ride Saturday, big road ride Sunday.

  572. Recovering from an oly tri last weekend so easy run on Saturday, but 60+ ride on Sunday. Still waiting for friends to help decide the route.

  573. I don’t know. Training schedule didn’t come out yet. Probably a long bike ride followed by a short run. Hopefully not swimming where they recently saw a tiger shark.

  574. Running the OKC Memorial Marathon!

  575. I plan to bike 10 miles Friday afternoon, run 10 miles on Saturday, and take a walk on Sunday.

  576. Three hour ride in Central Park with some tempo efforts, with quick brick off the bike. 5K swim and EZ 8 mile run on Sunday. Woohoo for Weekend volume!

  577. I have a 30k zone two run this saturday then a 2 hr zone 2 sunday, b2b getting the ultra training in

  578. Sadly, I will be on call the whole weekend, so no training or racing for me.

  579. Mirek L

    I am planning a 10m run on saturday

  580. Friday – Going to music events in Toronto

    Satuday – 5-10 km bike ride depending on the weather

    Sunday – Strength training session at the gym

  581. British Mountain Bike Orientearing Champs on Saturday. 3 Hour MTBO Score event on Sunday.


  582. Rob Lahoda

    Looking forward to racing my first sprint tri of the season in Athens OH! Forecast is cold, though, so not excited about that.

  583. Hi, this week my training will be focused on the last long run before the Copenhagen Training.
    Ale – Italy

  584. Planning an easy 10K run this Saturday. All the best to you!

  585. Anonymous

    hi ray 2 runs this weekend 6 miler on saturday and my long run 14 on sunday ! find your strong !! thanks montecristo65@live.com

  586. Will I finally be lucky this time round?

  587. Anonymous


    18 km in slow tempo saturday plus 8 km “fartlek” sunday.

  588. Half Marathon this weekend in Louisville,KY for Kentucky Derby festivities. Should be great fun.

  589. I plan to be hiking in the Enchantment Lakes area of the Cascade Mountains of Washington State this weekend

  590. 10 miles on Saturday followed by 14 miles on Sunday. Gotta get those miles in!

  591. Racing the Kemah Triathlon on Sunday. “A” Race!!

  592. Hi Ray,
    Long run (90min) for Saturday. Have a 5k on May 4.

  593. I just finished my 2nd collegiate cycling season and am planning on just going on a somewhat relaxed 50+ mile ride with some of my teammates to just enjoy the awesome weather that MT is having right now.

  594. Hi Ray! I am woefully underprepared but doing the Eugene Half Marathon this weekend. Like the guy in the “stuff triathletes say video,” I am “training right through it.” HA!

    Hope you have a fun weekend with your training AND get some BBQ. 🙂

  595. I’ll be doing a track workout consisting of 2 x (6 x 300m) with one minute recovery between the 300’s and 4min between sets on Saturday and a 4h bike ride in the countryside North of Copenhagen on Sunday. The thermometer is supposed to hit 68F on Sunday for the first time this year, so I’m excited!

  596. Ray,
    Good weekend ahead. 12 mile rune scheduled for Sat afternoon. Then Sunday a nice 3 hour ride on PCH.

    Matt Aguirre

  597. I´m planning a Long Run Dist: 26 KM @5:47, than going to the movies for The Avengers!

  598. My training this weekend consists of running around after the kids. My son and I might get out for a bike ride Saturday morning, maybe helping him practice on a few hills.

  599. Miguel Lopez

    Stopped running for a few months following a minor injury, but hope to get an easy 3 or 4 miler on Saturday. Finally getting back into it.

  600. Hi Ray,

    Even though we are having another wint here in Ireland, racing must continue and I have a sprint Tri on Sunday, the Joey Hannan Memorial in Limerick.

    Hope wind not too bad!


  601. Great!! One entrie.


    I’m headed to the Gettysburg, PA “North South” Marathon. The North is going to win, again, and I hope for a PR if the weather holds.

  603. Sat – 50 road race
    Sun – Crit or long training ride, depending on how Sat went.


  604. Just 10K for saturday and 15K on Sunday.Thanks

  605. 5k this Sunday! Evan

  606. Probably 5-ish on Saturday and 8-10 on Sunday. Thanks for the giveaway!

  607. Anonymous

    15 on Sunday morning. Pat


  608. I working for the Miami 70.3 with a locak marathon in August. Here in Florida, its getting to hot and/ro to much rain to train outdoors.. Im setting up the computrainer!

  609. This comment has been removed by the author.

  610. Anonymous

    1ok on Sunday Race. Great Blog!!

  611. Last week before my first 21k.
    Ill be running 18k and then taking it easy for race day!

  612. No racing plans but I do plan on running

    ninajanke at gmail dot com

  613. Anonymous

    With the tri season on its way here in Catalonia I will start with the 1/2 IM Banyoles (hope it won’t rain).


    Robert – robib666@gmail.com

  614. Still building up distance in my newtwon shoes. 3 mile run followed by a 20 mile bike.

  615. The battery is wearing out on my watch, a new one would be nice!

  616. New to the site, first comment! (Love the posts by the way)

    This weekend I will probably run on a local nature trail with my wife and 3 kids (2 in a stroller, 1 on training wheels). Most of the time will be spent trying to motivate my 4 year old to keep going with us…. turning about 5k (the trail length) into about 10k (including the running in place).

  617. a new watch would be nice

  618. Hoping to run all three days–distance depends upon time left after chasing kids.

  619. Friday 1.75mi LSD Swim, Saturday 8-9 mi run around Kelly Dr/West River Dr in Philly, 2-3hr bike ride around Amish country near Kutztown, PA.

  620. Cross Training (aka preparing to move).

  621. This weekend I shall enter the last phase of taper in preparation for The Flying Pig marathon. Therefore, a couple of short, threshold pace runs.

  622. Nathaniel

    Swim 2500 yds on Friday and bike 70 miles on Saturday. Rest on Sunday.

  623. Saturday will be my recovery/Yoga day. Sunday is my long run…in the trails of the Arizona Mtns.

  624. This comment has been removed by the author.

  625. im in south america specifically Chile (end of the world ) and this weekend finally i will have time for a serious training so i will doing some mountain bike (30 or 40km) some road bike (70km) and finally some hiking on the the beach near forest. it’s been like 6 or 7 month that I’m looking for a gps watch to track all my activities..i hope i win this time!!! cheers!!!

  626. Today in Italy it’s holiday so rest.
    Tomorrow 60km bike ride (I hope).
    Thanks in advance… lol.

  627. Trail runs and canyon climbs!

  628. Thanks for the chance. On Apr 29, I am planning to race the Pike’s Peek 10k in Rockville, MD, which basically ends in my backyard.

  629. Saturday I’ve got a long bike and a transition run. Sunday is a local 5K race. Should be a fun filled weekend. Now just need the weather to be nice too.

  630. Openwater swim and brick of undetermined time or distance since I don’t have any races lined up currently due to other obligations and hard to predict schedule. Doesn’t matter as long as I get something in.

  631. Looking forward to getting out of the gym and back outside after a long medical sidelining!

  632. Well, I haven’t quite figured out the specifics, but I’d like to get in a solid bike ride (20-30mi) and a bit longer of a run than I have been doing, at least 5.

  633. No racing or training plans, coaching athletes in competition all weekend its really a positive negative 😀

  634. Eric

    Beginning to taper for important track races. This weekend I’ll be logging some easy miles with one day being a solid tempo run.

  635. Saturday should be the first ride this season around my favorite loop. Its an 100km loop on mostly fire roads that have just finished drying up from the snow. Its the reason I still ride a steal frame :).

  636. 10k trail run and crossfit type workout. Prepping for the Colorado Tough Mudder!

  637. I am planning a 6 miler on Friday, lifting weights on Saturday, then a spin class on Sunday offered at the hotel I’m staying at in San Juan, PR for work.

  638. Sunday: i’m “only” running 10K. part of the plan to taper for marathon race the Sunday after.

  639. I’m tapering for Ironman St. George on May 5th.

  640. Anonymous

    thank for everything! Friday : 3m speed work, Sat : 5m jog, Sun rest!

  641. I will be doing some trail runs getting ready for my Physical Fitness test that will be in the next few months.

  642. dsadler@wifirst.et

    Hmm previous post didn’t seem to work … 🙁

    This weekend
    50k cycle
    research paper presentation

    thanks for such a nice site

  643. Anonymous

    damit –

    thats wifirst.Net

    and I didn’t mean to publish the address
    here comes the spam 🙁

  644. Going to run in the IL marathon in Champaign IL this Saturday. Looking forward to giving it my all!

  645. Saturday I plan on getting a 30 km bike ride in.

    Sunday: Get 10-12km in. Last loong run before my first half marathon the following week!

    All weekend: chase my 23 month old around the house and try to keep up!

  646. Solo peloton this weekend followed by beer and a housewarming party.

  647. Pike’s Peak 10k for me. With a leisurely ride the day before to shake the legs out..

  648. I have to start training post baby. Hopefully a 10k Saturday morning!

    ykatrina at hotmail dot com

  649. Saturday – my APril 5K
    Sunday – re-tweak the bike and start for spring

  650. A little rowing on Saturday & a 10 mile run on Sunday – last long training run for my 2nd Half Marathon! 😉

  651. A little rowing on Saturday & a 10 mile run on Sunday. Last long training run before my 2nd Half Marathon! 🙂

  652. a marathon watch for a marathon race, can´t be other than success!

  653. a marathon watch for a marathon race, can´t be other than success!

  654. Epic mtb ride planned!

  655. I am going for a bike ride with a friend. First one of the season.

  656. Anonymous

    I’ll be going to yoga on Saturday morning after a wee jog along the River Kelvin in sunny Scotland…



  657. yucko@alum.mit.edu

    I’m in my taper for the White Lake (NC) weekend in a week and a half–Half-iron for myself on Saturday and a sprint relay with my son on Sunday. Therefore, I expect to drop down to about a 20 or 30 mile easy ride on Saturday (probably with the Duke University Triathlon team’s public ride) and an easy 6 mile run on Sunday.


  658. Jenny, Scotland

    I’ll be going to yoga on Saturday morning after a wee jog along the River Kelvin in sunny Scotland…


  659. thank you for the chance

  660. planing a easy 10k run friday afternoon and a 20 mile bike on Saturday

  661. I will be doing a 12 miles long run.

  662. No races this weekend, just a couple of long rides.

  663. This comment has been removed by the author.

  664. I am training for the Gulf Coast Half Ironman in Panama City Beach. I am excited about it because this is the 30th Anniversary of this historic race!

    Next few weeks include several tune-up workouts with intermittent sets at race pace watts/pace while I freshen up for May the 12th!


  665. This comment has been removed by the author.

  666. Friday – SS 1 Hour on the Bushido
    Saturday – ME Intervals in the pool followed by a 13.1 run along the bike trail in Oceanside
    Sunday – 3 hour ride through Oceanside and Camp Pendleton

    Good times!

  667. Going to our NH ski house this weekend and hit the mountains on the bike and run both days. Should be a tough but beautiful weekend.

  668. I’m going to try for my longest ride of the year so far on Saturday (~200km) and a light trail run on Sunday.

  669. Saturday: 13 mile peak training run 4/28 for my very first half marathon next month!
    Sunday: 3 mile recovery run on 4/29.

  670. I am planning a short run (8k) around Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

  671. Hello,
    on saturday track training, 6x1000m, sunday longjog!


  672. Tri season is upon us!

  673. A 10K run on sunday and I’ll be preparing for ‘Queen’s Day’ after that (30 April).

    Erik Meijer

  674. Here in Brazil, I’ll do a esay bike spin on Friday, a full swim-bike-run training on Saturday morning, and rest a lot on Sunday. And IM Brazil 2012, here I go!!!!

  675. My the girl has a suprise weekend for me, hopefully with some (mountain)biking…

  676. Kid With the Water Gun

    Jumping off the boat in the Kemah Olympic tri Sunday!

  677. I’m done with polar. I’m tired of my garmin and I don’t want a Nike.

  678. Anonymous

    Recovery weekend, so light swim/bike on Sat, easy run Sun


  679. Chamac'h

    Let’s give it a try…

  680. Another slow, working back from injury, run is planned for this weekend.

  681. No race this weekend. Still recovering from Boston.

  682. YNWA Steve

    I am planning on continuing to learn about being a new father. I might get on the bike trainer, but probably not with the in-laws in town. I am just “carbo-loading” until I can find time to train again.

  683. Short and sweet 8 miler as taper for the Rhode Island marathon next weekend!

  684. In the middle of training for my first 50 miler, so I have a 30 mile training run this weekend…really not looking forward to it!

  685. Anonymous

    Looking forward to the weather cooling down a bit this weekend here in AZ so I can enjoy a nice 25 mile ride and and 4-5 mile run!


  686. doing a medium distance run (6-10 miles) at an easy pace to begin my taper for my first olympic distance tri!

  687. doing a medium distance run (6-10 miles) at an easy pace to begin my taper before my first olympic distance tri!

  688. Janice K.

    Been running a bit … with the BOB. Would love some new gear.

  689. I will be running 10 miles on Sunday, my last training run before my 1/2 Marathon!

  690. Heading up to Oklahoma City, OK for the OKC Memorial Marathon.- State #11 in my quest to run a marathon in all 50 states.

  691. I’m running my first 10k race, the Get in Gear, in Minneapolis on Saturday. My hubby will be super happy if I win, because I keep borrowing his 405.

  692. Tapering before the NJ Marathon on May 6, so:

    Friday: rest
    Saturday: 7 Easy Miles plus coaching TNT Spartan Race workout
    Sunday: Recovery run

    Awesome site man!

  693. This comment has been removed by the author.

  694. a one day training weekend for me on sunday i’m doing a 70km mtb parcours with 1250 positieve altitude meters.
    rest of the weekend will be spent with the kids

  695. I will begin training for my first marathon this week after completed successfully completed a trek to the base camp of Mt.Everest.

  696. This mom of 3 (and full time attorney) will be doing the following:

    Sat am – 1 hr pilates
    Sat pm – 3 mile run pushing 30 lb toddler in Bob Jogger to older brothers’ baseball game
    Sun pm – 8 mile run with hubby

  697. Anonymous

    Fri- 6.5 mi run in Bethesda
    Sat – 40 mi ride in Western HoCo
    Sun – 20 mi ride in Western HoCo

  698. John

    50 mile bike ride Saturday and a 20 mile run Sunday.

  699. Saturday : half marathon in Gijon, North Spain.
    I would like to be down 01:45 hrs

  700. Last long run before NJ Half.

  701. This weekend is mainly prep for law school finals. But I’ll rest Friday night, hit weights on Sat (almost back to 100kg squats 5×3; I’m so weak!) and practice swimming on Sunday (just learning, but learnin’ quick!).

  702. Friday rest! Saturday heavy weight lifting (though I’m still weak; trying to get back to 150kg squats 5×5 but at 100kg 5×5 atm)! Sunday continue learning to swim!

    It’s a light weekend because law school finals are just around the corner. Lots of prep to do.

  703. I will removal over the weekend. But do not stop me from 3x 100 km on a bike

  704. I suffered a Grade 2 calf strain last week which caused a MAJOR setback for Tri and Marathon training. So I’m relegated to swim workouts for the next 5 days. Maybe a recumbant bike.

    Being injured stinks, Cant wait to get back to brick workouts

  705. Tapering for my half the following weekend

  706. HM on Sunday to get on the road to IM 🙂

  707. blurunning

    Looking forward to rest this weekend after a very hard plan for the entire week! blurunning

  708. Craig Huggart

    Hey Ray:

    Thanks for the awesome reviews. Just got a 910XT.

    27th 45 min walk (recovery)

    29th brick: 100 min. bike and 20 min. run.

  709. Parkway half marathon in Sacramento.

  710. Enjoy your training days this weekend!

    My plans are to do my first tri of the season… The Kemah Tri! If I’m fast enough, I might even win a spot to Alacatraz (unlikely).

  711. ann b

    fun 5k mud run with the girls!

  712. ToddM

    I mapped a new 14 mile route to a lake I haven’t been to yet for Saturday’s run, and this is the first week to do a back to back with an 8 mile recovery run on Sunday to begin ultra training.

  713. Running 2x5k on 15 min rest on Sat, followed by a trail run along Dickey Ridge Trail Sunday morning.

  714. Incredibly busy weekend planned with non-running events. So my weekend training may be nothing. If I can get away for a little while, it will probably just be a few miles near home.

  715. I am hoping for a sunny weekend of riding and running after a week of minor surgery recovery

  716. Hmm – need to get back in the groove – maybe fit in a long run this weekend

  717. None unfortunately because I’m currently ill 🙁 Though as one guy did say, ‘I’ll be back and I’ll need something with GPS in it since my onboard unit took a bullet to it.’ Or something like that.

  718. I am planning on doing around 7-8 miles on some local trails on Saturday and a 6 mile tempo run on Sunday. Races coming in mid to late May so I’ve got to be ready!

  719. long run+long ride possibly on a tandem cycle.

  720. No races scheduled for a change, but I’d love to win this anyways. Will probably run a couple of 5-milers.

  721. Thanks for doing this giveaway! Love the watch!

  722. Hi Ray, thanks again for the giveaway opportunity. Saturday will be on the mountain bike and Sunday a good long run. Weather looks dismal but that’s part of the fun.

  723. Anonymous

    I’m riding my mtb. just for the fun of it. 🙂


  724. Friday: 10x1000m interval
    Sunday: 20k trail run by the river in hometown after one year missing

  725. I am training to run my 1st marathon in June this year (Wellington NZ) and my 1st Ironman (Challenge Wanaka 2013) so my weekends consist of running and biking.
    Saturday: 2hr bunch ride with 45min run off bike.
    Sunday: 3hr 30min ride with 15min run off bike.

  726. I am reducing mileage for a marathon first weekend in May.

  727. This sunday ill wake up before every body else and take of for a run over the canals of Amsterdam

  728. Saturday: 2hr bunch ride with 45min run off bike.
    Sunday: 3hr 30min ride with 15 min run off bike.

    Training for my 1st marathon in June in NZ and 1st Ironman at Challenge Wanaka 2013.

  729. gordnlee

    Marysville to Melbourne adventure race as support crew

  730. ernie – training for kure beach

  731. Friday: Run 3 miles with the dog.
    Saturday: Aiming for 4 miles at a 8:20 pace
    Sunday: Rest day. Maybe yoga.

    Thanks for your reviews! It helps to have feedback before purchasing.

  732. I’ll run for an extra round when the sun shines

  733. Long progression run in the am and a recovery ride in the afternoon. Hopefully the weather in Calgary cooperates and I can be outside for both workouts!

  734. Thursday: off
    Friday: Easy 4miles
    Saturday (Apr 28): Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon!!

    – Shamir

  735. I’ve been training for my 2nd half marathon in May and considering a full in the St Louis RnR Marathon this fall. Love your blog – very useful info.

  736. Hi Ray, I’m participating in the Batavierenrace for my triathlon team. It’s the biggest relay run in the world, from one university to another, with a huge party n the end!

  737. 30 miles bikes, 5k run, 1 hour swim

  738. Hi Ray,
    I spent all winter training endurance (for marathon with beach sections in cold November and for 200km skating event on frozen lake in Austria).

    I am now training for a exam black belt Judo.
    So this weekend, Judo technical training it is!

    Keep up the writing, I enjoy to read the blogs and website articles.

    Greetings from Netherlands


  739. This comment has been removed by the author.

  740. Hi Ray!
    Running 5K Run for Southlake Hospital in Aurora, ON, Canada.
    Hoping get my new PR – finish under 20min!
    Alex T.

  741. I plan on running a 7 mile trail run on saturday. Icing shins on sunday lol.

  742. I’ll be running a 5K! Starting off my racing season right…

  743. 40 mile bike on Saturday, 9 mile run on Sunday

  744. I am planning on doing a 40 min threshold run Saturday. Sunday traveling to Disney World for a vacation and high mileage week of running.

  745. I’ll be in San Francisco to celebrate the Dutch Queensday, so no training on Saturday. But on Sunday there will be a 45 min run in San Jose.

  746. Planning to ride london sat (i.e. get lost) and run or gym sunday

  747. This comment has been removed by the author.

  748. Nice (city) half-marathon!
    Anthony… from Nice, Fr.

  749. A couple hour ride on Saturday, then day off on Sunday to rest up for IM St George the following week.

  750. Bike. lots of bike

  751. Crossing my fingers that my stress fracture has healed enough for a short run. It’s been almost 3 months since I last ran, and I don’t know how much more of this I can take…

  752. This comment has been removed by the author.

  753. Thanks for yet another awesome give away!

    Traveling this weekend, but hoping to squeeze in a 5K and an hour or two on the bike.

  754. Acquatri

    Nice, by the way, in the first paragraph it’s written MAY and we both know that by MAY (a month from now) i’ll be doing 1-2 MPH faster in my bike runs than today.
    As for the weekend hill repeats, just discovered a .7 mile hill with a 8% avg about 12 miles away. Looks just perfect for the workout…and definitively a BBQ afterwards.

  755. Gonna try to work on balance – chop & lift, turkish get up, 1 leg/cross arm dead lifts…

  756. This comment has been removed by the author.

  757. Evan St. Cyr

    Hi Ray,

    very similar to yours actually. Saturday morning 7-8 mile trail run on the beautiful ridegeline trail in eugene oregon. Then Sunday a 35-40 mile road ride in the hills. Thansk,
    Evan saint541@msn.com

  758. Saturday, free day. Sunday, hitting the gym…weight training, lower body. 🙂

  759. Long Brick on saturday and a nice easy ride on sunday

  760. I’ll be watching my husband compete in the Beaverdam Olympic Distance Triathlon on Saturday and heading to Greensboro Sunday to watch my swim coach compete in the Master’s national Swim comp. Hopefully a couple of swims for myself, but no running as I’m nursing at shin splint.

  761. Finally get back in the pool and back on the bike after breaking my elbow last week

  762. A good long 70 mile bike ride!

  763. Hmmm… lots of rain forecast for Melbourne this weekend. Looks like I’ll be stuck on my treadmill.

  764. meeting my college XC team mate in NYC for a run in Van Cortland Park plus one in Central Park, and some other activities 😉

  765. Getting ready for a half marathon

  766. I am planning to run a half marathon in Gijón (Spain). Thanks!

  767. resipsa99

    Going on a girls’ weekend…so the training will be riding a cruiser bike through wine country…

  768. Pedro Fradique

    Thinking of restarting my training with the bike. Been resting since my child’s birth…
    Time to restart.

  769. Planning a 14km run on the saturday, and playing feild hockey on the sunday, which is about as close to interval training as i get these days.
    Plus a 30th birthday BBQ, so plenty of good times

  770. Hi Ray!
    I’m sort of new to your blog and I find yuor reviews insanely useful… I’m actually training for my second “official” sprint triathlon (I dnf’d the first cause I broke the bike’s derailleur hanger) I’m planning on some easy spinning and drills on the bike trainer on Sat and a 45 minute moderate long on Sun.

  771. A long trail run in the hills surrounding Wellington New Zealand with an old friend..followed by a long bike ride on Sunday..

  772. Anonymous

    Pick me?
    Clinton North Carolina

  773. I am taking a rest day on Saturday, celebrating my partner’s birthday, and then we’re going out on a gorgeous 3hr ride Sunday. 😀

  774. Looks like a fun gadget. I’d love to give it a try. My garmin is getting pretty beat up. Love the blog and thanks for the giveaway!

  775. Week 9 of 10 of a 10K training.
    Fri – last training run of the week
    Sat – rest day
    Sun – long-ish run (for me)

  776. Race plan is to do a special self created race for my birthday. I turn 32 so I’m going to do a 3.2 K swim, 32 mile bike followed by a 32K run.

  777. Being injured, my plans are only to rest and heal 🙁


  778. Running the Big Sur International Marathon on Sunday!

  779. Looking to do a 12km trail run on Vancouver’s North Shore Mountains. Should be a nice 1500 ft of climbing thrown in there to make it interesting.

  780. Anonymous

    Hey Ray,
    I am running a 5k this weekend. I am still recovering from Boston. I hope the weather holds out!

    Jason J


  781. I’m doing some cross-training at the gym on Saturday and then my long run on Sunday. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  782. No racing, but I plan for 2 bikes, at least 1 run, and a lifting session from Friday through Sunday!

  783. Wet and rainy in Hampton roads this weekend. Bad for training and barbeque.

  784. Hopefully will be doing my first 32k for the year around the beautiful Sydney Harbour – bridge, opera house, botanic gardens. Doesn’t get much nicer than that around these parts.

  785. I’ll be goign for a long ride and long run this weekend.

  786. 3:30hours bike ride on the precious mountains of San Jose, Costa Rica

  787. 3 and half bike ride

  788. Kaves

    Win win win!!!!