Garmin Forerunner 310XT Giveaway Results!

This has been the biggest giveaway around these parts thus far!  Over 1,024 individual comment entries into the giveaway, and another bunch from Active Duty folks.  That’s a lot of peeps!

I then took all the entries and sorted through them like I usually do to ensure everyone gets the correct number of entries.  However, since I’m not at home this time, I refrained from cutting out some 1697 total unique pieces of paper.  Mostly because I think ink costs like $12 a character to print up here in Newfoundland – and that would be a wee bit expensive!

So, instead, I used a two part random system with The Girl’s (err…now The Fiancée’s) parents.  I asked her Mom to give me the first part and pick a number between 0 and 16, and then her Dad a number between 0 and 99 – thus creating a random number between 0 and 1697.  Neither saw the entry list.

Her Mom picked: #8
Her Dad picked: #23
Thus the winning number is: 0823

And the winner is: ‘BA’



Congrats!  Please contact me with your shipping info so I can get your new Forerunner 310XT on its way to ya!

And, for those that didn’t win – don’t worry – you can still go out and pick up your very own little orange watch and enjoy it for the rest of the tri season and the upcoming fall running season (or, if you’re upside-down in Australia, some other whacky season).  If you utilize the link above, you help to support more giveaways like this.  It’s sorta like recycling: Utilize linkage > More Giveaways > More good stuffs for you.

Thanks all!


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  1. Congrats to the winner!

    Creative way to pick the number.

  2. ABrazee

    Soooo Close! I was number 826! Congrats to BA!

    Also figured out feeds so now I won’t miss any updates to my email program (Thunderbird).

    This is my must read column now!


  3. I love the way you pick your winner’s… so cool. Congrats to BA.

  4. He came around the bend

    Something had gone wrong

    Something had gone very wrong

    What was he doing?

    He pulled in (or up)
    Got off his bike
    And said

    “Do you have a wheel I could borrow?”

    The marshal (like no one had ever had a flat before) went and got him a tire

    Then he said
    As though he was taking a walk in the park said (and I saw him mouth the words)

    “Thank you. See you next time around”
    Generous like

    Like he hadn’t been robbed of the win

    Like he wouldn’t have eaten them on the bike

    Like we were all just out at a picnic or a Sunday in the garden
    And the contest was mostly the last reason he was there that day
    And maybe he had something else on his mind…

    So I must say
    I wasn’t all that surprised…

    Welcome to the family