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Photos of the Day: Our Christmas Tree by Parisian Velib Bikeshare

Earlier this week The Girl and I made our sorta-annual trek to pickup a Christmas tree at the nearby market.  The first year we returned home via Velib (the bike share system).  Last year, we ended up walking it home.  … Read More Here

Running hill repeats with the Velib bike share

The last few weeks in preparation for the upcoming Paris-Versailles running race I’ve been doing a variety of hill-related workouts on the main hill of the course itself (a nearly 2-mile long and 600ft climb).  However, while that works out … Read More Here


Watching a high-speed bike-sharing police chase, and other weekend updates

Woot, a weekend back home!  The weather up until Sunday was rather warm – about 80*F in fact.  Which meant the crowds have been out in full force.  Here’s what it looked like on Friday night out along the river.  … Read More Here


A weekend cycling around the city multiple times

With my brother still in town after our ski trip, we continued to explore the city a bit.  Of course, no better way than to get him into the kick of the Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday market near our place.  He now fully … Read More Here


Paris Blog: Getting our Christmas tree home by bicycle

Like the US, Christmas trees are readily available in France.  Be it at just about every corner convenience store or small grocery, or even at gas stations.  Here the trees are a wee bit shorter in general, and a little … Read More Here

Running into a Parade, Cycling in Circles, and Crushing Cardboard

Finally, a full and complete weekend at home, in Paris.  But boy, was it busy!  Everything from runs to bikes to lots of unpacking.  Unpacking of pots.  Unpacking of bikes.  Unpacking of books.  Unpacking of trainers (how on earth do … Read More Here