Giveaway Extravaganza: PowerBeam Pro Cycling Trainer


It’s midnight in Australia right now.  Which, is somewhat unfortunate for them because as they head into winter, this giveaway is probably more relevant to them than some of you sitting here pondering your lunch options on a hot and humid Northern Hemisphere day.  But here’s the thing: You need to think long term.  No, not dinner.  But fall.  Once you hit fall it’s trainer time.*

So, if you need a trainer – and one that’s widely supported by a slew of applications then look no further than the CycleOps PowerBeam Pro.  It’ll consistently make your life miserable – one session after another.  And it’s that kind of consistency that you need in life.

*Note: It’s not trainer time in the fall if you live in the Caribbean.  Because, it’s never trainer time. In which case your opinion on riding in cold weather doesn’t count here.

Giveaway Opens: 10:00AM US Eastern Time
Giveaway Closes: 12:00PM US Eastern Time (Duration: 2 hours)

My-In-Depth Product Review: CycleOps PowerBeam Pro Trainer

Product Source: Clever Training & Myself

Even if you don’t win, you can still support the site by using either Clever Training or Amazon, both of which are listed at the left. If you purchase through Clever Training, DCR readers can use coupon code DCR10LFW to save 10% off any order (virtually everything I review is available there), plus for orders over $75 shipping is free within the US. Support via Clever Training makes giveaways like this possible!

To enter, simply leave a comment below within the 2-hour timespan specified above. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted times above. Winners will be chosen randomly. Products will be shipped to winners within a few days by Clever Training. Everyone worldwide is of course eligible as always.

Comments may take a short while to show-up, simply due to the various spam-filters catching them. I’m going through manually and approving any caught comments. So refrain from re-trying 17 times, fear not, it’ll show up. Note, only one entry per person per giveaway.

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Thanks all!


  1. Sonya

    I'm in!

  2. Oliver Christmas

    Cycling indoors - how cool!

  3. Sebastian


  4. Andre

    Would love this trainer

  5. Andrew

    This will look great in my living room

  6. Nina Peycke


  7. Paul Tourkin


  8. Toms

    nice one

  9. jade

    oh yeah

  10. Martijn

    I love training!

  11. Matt Dreyfuss

    That'd be a great replacement for my wind

  12. derNathan

    Count me in Ray,

  13. piechu

    looks good! one for me please ;)

  14. Onno Wouters

    Fingers Crossed

  15. Antonio Grimaldi

    let's ride!

  16. I need a trainer so bad...

  17. Doug

    Yes please. Thanks Ray!

  18. Xavier

    Come to daddy, let's roll together

  19. Roger S

    Yes, please ;)

  20. Hvrietsc

    Yes I'm in.

  21. Nate

    In it to win it!

  22. William Powers

    I'm In.

  23. Oriol Jiménez

    I need one new trainer for sure!

  24. Joe K

    one more try..

  25. Marcus F

    Fingers crossed again.

  26. Chris Shaw

    Winter training here we come.....

  27. Emanuele

    Second!! It's mine!

  28. Patrick Pahlke

    Want it. :)

  29. Pietr

    cool trainer

  30. Fredrik

    cross My fingers

  31. Dariozzu


  32. Michael Kouznetsov


  33. David

    wow. nice.

  34. Andrew Dickson

    Im in

  35. Thomas

    Me Me me me!

  36. aga

    let's try my chance again

  37. Paul Cole

    Ooh, yes please!

  38. Ben Fysh

    Any excuse not to ride in the rain …

  39. Gary O'Brien

    Woo hoo hoo hoo

  40. Felipe Telles

    I need a new one!

  41. Tord

    Would look beautiful in front of the TV!

  42. Brian Bier


  43. Gerard

    Turbo time!

  44. Alison

    We need this!

  45. Ricky

    Would be great to have coming Winter :-)

  46. Chris Jennings

    Pretty please?

  47. Bianca

    Me too!

  48. Brian Sharbono

    Would be nice!

  49. Kevin Johnson

    Again I'll take one.

  50. Kelvin Tan

    Something I needed most when haze is here =(

  51. Johan H

    yes please

  52. Mark Rogerson

    That sure looks like a snazzy bit of kit!

  53. Sean Ostermann

    Definitely would like one of these

  54. Tt Brown

    Yes I like it

  55. Paul champagne

    I need one

  56. Martin

    That'll be mine!

  57. Denys Tkalich


  58. Tim Nail

    This would suit the training for the power alone!

  59. Niels

    Trying for this one ;)

  60. Todd L

    Lucky thoughts!

  61. Ben Richards

    Mmmm, trainer time!

  62. mgresele


  63. Joel Reeves

    count me in

  64. Frank

    This would pair nicely with some indoor virtual training software

  65. Stanley

    I´d like to own one! :)

  66. Chuck

    certainly easier to move from room to room than my rollers.

  67. Kathleen

    Pretty please!

  68. Rob Harriman

    Great trainer to use.

  69. Graham

    NIce! this would be awesome for the winter

  70. Matt H

    Me me me me me me me!


  71. Sandeep


  72. Andrew

    Going nowhere fast

  73. Ilan Goldfeld

    Am I the first No ...

  74. Jordan Geiman

    Awesome, yes please

  75. Bart N.

    Looks like I am in again for this one Ray!

  76. Ion Dan Marius


  77. Michael77


  78. Sam

    Great, please give it to me.
    I need a trainer

  79. Andy

    I could use a trainer!

  80. Steve

    Eat Sleep Ray Repeat!

  81. Alex China

    Do not be afraid of perfection, you will never reach it…

  82. Ben white

    Thanks Ray, I'm in

  83. Matt Steiner

    No whammies!

  84. Bogdan I

    time to bike :)

  85. Eric Siebert


  86. Kate

    I'm in Australia and would love this! Yes, it's midnight but I have twins keeping me awake (they also make it hard to go outside to train!)

  87. Scott

    Keep them coming

  88. joda

    Yes, please!

  89. Daniel Widlowski


  90. Bradley

    I wonder how much the shipping and import duties would be to South Africa...

  91. Chris McDaniel


  92. Christopher Smith

    This looks yummy. A new trainer would be pretty nice!

  93. ROB

    Best giveaway yet! Hello faster bike splilts and upgraded pain cave

  94. JEL

    I'm in Australia!

  95. rm2000

    would like to try...

  96. Jeroen Meirlaen

    Fitness galore!

  97. Neal

    It's always trainer time!

  98. Flemming

    Beam me up!!

  99. Jean-Paul

    Yes please ;-)

  100. Osbert

    Have I won yet?

  101. Will


  102. Kim


  103. I need the power!

  104. Greg

    pretty please?

  105. Olivier

    Cool !!!!

  106. Jallal

    Let's hope !

  107. Fabian Campo

    I wanna

  108. Bastian Sembdner-Braun


  109. Looks like I'll be (one of the) first!

  110. Louise Kennedy

    Lordy - I so need this! I've been mulling your recommendations for too long now Ray. This would take the decision part out of the equation!

  111. Steffen

    Uiuiuiui, now this would be a massive improvement over the rather simple winter setup currently in my basement.

  112. Stefan Wallström


  113. Diplomatack

    Zoom zoom.

  114. Pat Ramos

    Need one!

  115. Gabi Popescu

    love it

  116. yannick

    i'm in for this one

  117. Sergey

    I want one

  118. Brian S

    I'll take it ;)

  119. Lev

    Awesome gadget!

  120. Chad Beert

    Love me some indoor training

  121. Simon Lau

    I'm first!!

  122. lepadatu

    yes,i need this

  123. Jeffrey

    After the winter we had, I WANT ONE OF THESE!

  124. Jochen Ismer

    need one

  125. mark b

    make me suffer... need it!

  126. Corey Morreale


  127. Stu B.

    I've always wanted a trainer!

  128. Jeremy

    Awesome trainer

  129. Adrian Davies

    Just what I need for fall after my trainer died at the end of this past winter..

  130. The_Blackkite

    Yep I could try that

  131. Markus

    Ray, you are just awesome :)

  132. Pablo Raffo


  133. Sagar


  134. Alex

    I want to participate

  135. Vladimir

    I use a bike trainer year round!

  136. Montana Steve

    Wifey needs this!

  137. Scott H

    My wife would love this...

  138. Richard Warner

    Yes please!

  139. Will

    not exactly what i need but i'll take it! thanks ray!

  140. Tomas Hektor

    Could sure use this coming winter(s).

  141. Paul Schwartz

    yes please!

  142. EricW

    Sounds awesome!

  143. Hans


  144. Anthony Yuri

    Want it!

  145. Audrey

    Yes please!

  146. Joe White

    Yes please!

  147. Harm v Baar

    :) :) :)

  148. Justin

    I could use a trainer!!!

  149. Ornoth

    Ornoth destroys trainers!

  150. brokv


  151. John

    wouldn't mind this one

  152. Jenni

    I could really use that!

  153. Dylan

    A trainer. I'd like A trainer!

  154. Frank

    Pick me

  155. Wagon

    Hook me up!

  156. Simon Morton


  157. Geoff

    Here's hoping...

  158. Kurt Stonebraker

    How about me?

  159. Rudy

    Ah, definitely something I never planned to buy, yet entering this contest too :-)

  160. Jdbyrnes

    I'm ready for my life to be miserable, pick me.

  161. pablo bustamante

    Thanks for the giveaway

  162. matthew jochym

    I hope this works!

  163. Jamie Watson

    I could definitely use that trainer....pick me please.

  164. Jennifer Hienton

    Me please! :)

  165. Mike G


  166. Todd

    Sign me up

  167. Thibaut


  168. Jared Baker

    My buddy sure could use this trainer. If I win I will certainly give it to him. Keep his legs spinning in the off season! Good luck everyone :D

  169. Karri K.

    Fingers crossed.

  170. Rob

    Time to get into shape

  171. Chris

    I am trainerless, so this would really come in handy!

  172. Roberto Germanos

    My turn now!!!
    Thanks DC for the exciting Tuesday.

  173. Chris Wilkinson

    My mind cant handle all these competitions!! arrrgghhhh

  174. Kyle Pennell

    Yes pLease

  175. Hugo

    Yes !!!...

  176. John F

    Perfect for the Norwegian Winter :)

  177. Becky Phillips

    Oh man, I definitely wouldn't mind a trainer upgrade!

  178. Bora

    Me me me me me me me me

  179. Stephen G

    This would be fantastic!

  180. Barrie

    Nice one :)

  181. Will R

    Yes please :D

  182. Mark P

    Would be great DC :)

  183. Haakon

    oh yes

  184. Todd Whited

    I NEED one of these, badly!!!!!

  185. Philippe

    Oh yes, please.

  186. Martin

    Nice trainer!

  187. Per Stenvall


  188. James C

    Wouldn't mind one of these!

  189. Heather matthew

    Me please! Turbo me up ;)

  190. I have one of these, but need one for my husband so we can train together! Awesome trainer.

  191. Jens Einar

    Yes, thank you.

  192. Bart De Weirdt

    Always wanted one of those ....

  193. Jonas

    I'm in!

  194. Matt Seeds


  195. Marius Popovici

    nice looking trainer!

  196. Markus T.

    First in... :-)

  197. XLrunner

    Oh yeah I need this

  198. Anthony


  199. I could always use a new trainer, anything to make riding inside a bit less terrible.

  200. Chris Kloc

    Excellent! Good stuff!

  201. Ian

    It might be midnight but I'm considering setting an alarm every two hours!

  202. jorge Marron


  203. beardyweirdy

    I would love this. Fingers crossed :-)

  204. Ants

    <--- enough said

  205. Jimmy Spets

    Hope I win

  206. Alex Rose

    train train train train train

  207. Cristina

    I want it, now!

  208. J_T

    looks cool!

  209. Mark

    Yes please.

  210. Eugene


  211. Chris

    Need a trainer!

  212. Randy

    wow awesome :o

  213. Roy

    Good tool for the winter now

  214. Pat T

    Yes, with the Edge-now that's greedy!

  215. Stuart Stent

    Very nice!

  216. Rachel


  217. Patrick

    Nice Tool,esp. For Winter

  218. Joel White

    I need this. Fat and slow are my two descriptors of my power curve.

  219. Renee McKinney

    Much nicer than my current one!!

  220. Jeff McClaine

    Nice trainer!

  221. Kris

    Everyone can use a new trainer!!

  222. Tiago Cardoso

    Bring it to Portugal!

  223. Jonathan Sampson

    I'd be real stoked to win one of these bad boys.

  224. Dean

    In! I've got to win one of these...right?

  225. Konstantinos Michopoulos

    I wanted it!

  226. Stephanie


  227. This is also handy for those of us who live in thunderstorm country.

  228. Patrick

    How much? Bloody hell! Ok, I'll have it so. Thanks!

  229. De baere


  230. Dena Gregory Fisher

    I'll take it!

  231. James Burkhardt

    This would be nice :-)

  232. Jakub

    I want this ! :)

  233. Andreas Lodhammar

    It´s mine, it´s my. My precious! :)

  234. Pete Blaitr

    It's a comment for a trainer.

  235. Clara

    Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
    Just what I needed :D

  236. jason mant

    turbo time

  237. Alex


  238. Nic

    This is awesome!

  239. It would be great to win that Trainer!!

  240. Mats Jogbäck

    Hey ya.

  241. David Hill

    This would be awesome!

  242. Tommi

    I'm in again!

  243. Ernesto

    I'm in!

  244. Oooohhh - nice :)

  245. Meagan

    I could definitely use one of these.

  246. Aaron Codispoti

    Winter fun!

  247. Albert

    No winter here

  248. Alan W Yueh

    I don't need a trainer as much as I need an "attitude adjuster"...

  249. Jenny


  250. Sethjk

    Awesome. Love DC Rainmaker

  251. lionel


  252. James Nguyen


  253. Thomas Hormby

    I'd love one


    Hey, i love that turbo snail!

  255. Krishna

    I need it badly!!

  256. scott pasatiempo

    Count me in. Marylander living in SC

  257. Nick B

    In for the win!

  258. Antti

    Again, win, me

  259. Lance Ware

    I'm in.

  260. JohnO

    I need a trainer.

  261. Brad G

    Dude! Did I win?!

  262. Adam


  263. Rondon


  264. Tim Daley

    Who wouldn't want a Powerbeam?

  265. Mark Rituper

    pick me

  266. Roser

    Go go go

  267. Jason

    Hook me up thanks!

  268. Maciej

    I have to win this time

  269. Erik

    pick me

  270. wannes

    I'd be able tot train while the kids are asleep!

  271. Nate

    I need more miserable is my life.

  272. paparun

    am I lucky?

  273. Philip

    great to have in winter-time

  274. Roger

    Already dreading to win this... ;-)

  275. Andrew


  276. Patricia Garrido

    Mine, please!!

  277. Nick Dorling

    I want :)

  278. Paul

    Be good for uk winter!

  279. Greg K

    Count me in. Thanks.

  280. carnetremula

    this would fit perfect for my bike!

  281. Dave F

    pretty please

  282. Rachel

    My entry. Ps. I'm from Australia!

  283. Skammenv

    Indoor training here I come?!

  284. James Spooner


  285. Eyal

    first one to write a comment?

  286. bbzz

    trainer wanted

  287. Joe

    DC is awesome.

  288. Rebecca

    Hope I win!

  289. Pat

    Winter is coming.....

  290. Gloria

    Thanks Ray

  291. Ralf

    Like it

  292. Duebrithil

    One more!

  293. Chris

    I need as much help on the bike as possible!
    Great extravaganza!!!

  294. Attila

    This is great. Thanks for the giveaways!

  295. Bart

    I'm in Oz and could do with some more misery. Yes please.

  296. Luke

    Um, yes please!

  297. David James


  298. Erik Noppa

    Living in Sweden, I really need och good indoor trainer.

  299. Damian

    I would love to have this.

  300. Matthias

    would be the perfect match for my living room :)

  301. Ian Darling


  302. Shaunak

    may be this time!

  303. Antti H

    No more biking to school!

  304. gandhareee

    That would be awesome!

  305. Jason kimball

    Yes please

  306. Carey

    Hoping for some Trainer time with this one !

  307. First one? Now here is a question, that picture of you and the girl running over the weekend, was that staged or is that little action camera really that quick?

  308. Simon Degoti

    Enter contest for power beam pro. Cool device!!!

  309. John Stuart

    I sense the need for some winter pain, and this could bring it!

  310. mander

    Well I could always use another trainer. Two trainers means twice the suffering right?

  311. Tyne

    Oooh, a trainer's been on my wishlist for a bit now.

  312. Michal

    I'm in again!

  313. Francis Jago

    In for a penny etc

  314. Anja L


  315. Jonatan Leff

    I want it!!!

  316. Stuart

    Thanks Ray!

  317. Tim Schulze

    Want it!!

  318. Jen

    Yes, please!!! :-)

  319. Perry Taylor

    Thanks for the great website

  320. Robby

    Love the blog

  321. Gerard Fleet

    Now this I could use.

  322. DJ

    Totally awesome to replace my CycleOp 2. :)

  323. Mathias Sdun

    Would be nice when winter again arrives in Denmark :-)

  324. Arend


  325. Sal B. Fit

    Lets try this one! :-)

  326. Kyle


  327. Alex


  328. zeid

    It's hot here in dubai!

  329. Jeremy

    I've always wanted to do miserable sessions on the trainer! Thanks for the chance now.

  330. Monika

    Hope I am the chosen!

  331. Heather Moyer

    Ooh - pick me!

  332. Matt

    I don't have a trainer yet - this would be great!

  333. dblA


  334. Jeff McFarland

    I've got and old Cyclops trainer that is in need of replacement.

  335. Mark Goddard


  336. Jorge Blanco

    Brasil, decime que se siente.....

  337. Arno Lamprecht


  338. Chris

    Why not.

  339. Renee Preziuso

    Yes please!

  340. Philip

    Probably soon time for trainer in DK too!

  341. FunThomas


  342. Antti H.

    love u random.org

  343. Mike

    I could certainly use this!

  344. Josh Potter

    Yet again, another big thank you to Clever Training!!

  345. Alastair Fowler

    I'll happily take that off your hands!

  346. Nicholas Fournier

    Love this trainer

  347. Kenneth

    I'm in!

  348. conor

    Yes please :)

  349. Mark Wells

    New trainer would be great

  350. jonathan

    ummm sufferfest !!! i need one

  351. ryan jiv


  352. Tyler B

    Perfect! I need a new trainer!

  353. Mark Hahnfeld

    lets play

  354. Tony

    Yes please!

  355. Paul Stock

    Desperately need a new trainer!

  356. Amy

    It's always trainer time in Russia.

  357. Mike

    Need a new one

  358. Stephanie

    Nice! Mine pls!

  359. Angela

    Sadly, I don't live in the Caribbean...

  360. James Ventre


  361. laq

    now this would keep me going in the fall ... maybe i should have tried for that edge ...

  362. Moe

    I just started cycling but ain't no harm in trying!

  363. Andy Wulff

    A new trainer would make the winter shorter!!

  364. Lindsey A.

    Will this oedal my bike for me too? Looks awesome! Thanks for the giveaways!

  365. Rich

    Woo hoo! More toys!

  366. Daniel B

    So need a new one....

  367. jeff M

    I've been looking to get a trainer so this would be perfect!

  368. Cristiano Goncalves

    Come to your home baby.

  369. Michael Swann

    Midnight in the eastern states perhaps. Cold, miserable past couple of days here. Brrr...

  370. Mark

    Cheers buddy

  371. JustinTT

    I want it!

  372. Nate Kane

    Oooh Shiney! Pick me please!

  373. george

    Thanks Again Ray!

  374. John Green

    Here's hoping.

  375. Gavin

    C'mon luck

  376. Daniel


  377. Ignas Rybakovas


  378. stubs

    Training in the wet - yes please!

  379. AlbertMC

    I'm in

  380. tero

    count me in

  381. Julien Chenelat

    Need some indoor cycling during the hot summer in Dubai.

  382. Mirek_


  383. Tabatha

    I'd love one!

  384. Damien

    YES !

  385. Harald

    indoor Training!

  386. Jonathan

    Keep em coming.

  387. Ytournel Bertrand

    Would be useful for winter training... Cheers Ray

  388. Ben Lee

    Cool. I really could use this.

  389. Stephen Addison

    This would be perfect for the garage/man cave in my new house!

  390. doot4runner

    ok, ....

  391. Clara R

    need it

  392. Erica

    I need this!!

  393. Anton Møller Christensen

    Thats mine

  394. johan

    I dont need a new one - I need one fullstop. And couldnt get better than getting the best. Yes please :)

  395. Gary

    Good work on making sure things are running smoothly! To celebrate, how about giving me a trainer? :)

  396. Vicente Alonso

    Maybe i'll start using my bike a bit more if i win this trainer

  397. Jonathan

    Love that!

  398. Hans

    Made me smile

  399. sny

    Giveaway extravaganza!

  400. Patrick McIntyre

    It's 80+ and sunny and all I can think about is riding in the basement on this thing!!

  401. Pedro Santos

    Perfect for the winter!

  402. Kent

    PowerBeam Pro =)

  403. dave m

    Yes pls

  404. Dennie

    Can use this as well...

  405. Matt Johnson

    Count me in!

  406. babelfish

    Perfect for Polish winters!

  407. Shiri

    I like to ride outside but oh well...

  408. Marcus B

    Definitely need one today in melb au, 50kmph+ winds and pouring rain!

  409. David Hale

    Dang, but you're hitting all my favourite devices in this giveaway. I sure do need a Pro Trainer! ;-)

  410. Matt S


  411. ludtoll

    a good replacement, big step up for a cheap trainer

  412. KS

    hello from malaysia

  413. Matthew Basanta


  414. Jared Harley

    I could use a nice trainer like this!

  415. jason K

    not winter yet but will be needed hear in New England

  416. Karl Hunt

    Yes please!

  417. Peter Gaboury

    Even though I already a trainer, why not

  418. JG

    Need it!

  419. Ron Green

    Wow! The giveaways keep getting better

  420. Steve Duval


  421. Mafalda Rodrigues

    One of the first.

  422. Andy

    Daaaaaang look at that bike trainer!

  423. Mark L

    Now that would make tomorrow's training session easier. Forecast is for freezing temps...

  424. Reinhard_63

    Looks wonderful the power beam trainer. Guess i will love it!

  425. Ewan

    My entry.

  426. marian

    thanks ray.

  427. Keenan


  428. Jason Uhlrich

    This would be a huge upgrade to my current trainer.

  429. Andrew Robinson

    Looks rad!

  430. Thomas VERIN

    a trainer weeeeeeeehhhhhhh

  431. Ils

    Love the reviews!

  432. May the odds be ever in… my… favor. ;)

  433. Michel

    Almost hoping for winter

  434. os

    Here we go again.

  435. Gordon

    Winner Winner Probeam Pro

  436. Zhen Ning

    pick me!

  437. Andy

    Thanks Ray!

  438. Cliff

    This would be great

  439. Victor

    I think I need this in my life haha. Thanks Ray!

  440. rcrober

    Make me ready for winter.

  441. kinase

    wouldn't mind it!

  442. viktor vorobiev

    this trainer would really help me out Ray :)

  443. Matt Field

    Boom yes

  444. Brady P

    yes, I want this one!

  445. carl ahrendt


  446. Mick Oliver

    and again

  447. Angie

    Wow, this one's great!

  448. Martin Smith

    Something to help over the winter months :-)

  449. Bill A


  450. Kristin K

    Count me in! Thanks.

  451. Kelvin Lim

    Am still up lol

  452. Mark


  453. blondin

    Help me to brave the rainy summer that is coming, (really ;) )

  454. Andrew Porte

    And again this list of give aways gets better every time....

  455. Jeff K


  456. Kenneth Dandy


  457. Anthony

    Amazing kit!

  458. sven

    Ooooo :D

  459. Paul Waye


  460. folkert

    awesome site!

  461. Karen

    Fantastic tool on crazy cold and/or rainy days!

  462. Matt Charlton

    I hope it's my lucky day!

  463. Semih

    Hey there!

  464. Stephanie Wolf

    I'm not looking forward to using this.

  465. Simon

    Summer feels a bit like fall these days...

  466. Ito

    Yes, please.

  467. Jacob BUgno

    Please please please random number generator land on me!

  468. laurent

    I am in. Thank you

  469. Winter is coming!

  470. Matt

    This would be awesome for the upcoming East Coast fall/winter season!! Lucky number, don't fail me now!!

  471. Lou W

    This will look great next to the rower in the basement

  472. David

    Me me me!!

  473. Marcel

    Whoop, whooop....
    I like the powermeasurement so much!!!!

  474. Mike James


  475. Johnatan

    Hey! It's mine:-)

  476. Julie

    I have been looking for a trainer and I did hear that the cycleops are very good

  477. filippo

    Very nice indeed

  478. Dolf denkens

    Yes please!!!!!!

  479. Allen

    Yes please!

  480. robert allen

    Me me me me

  481. Dustin McKinney

    Maybe this time.....

  482. Genevieve La Fontaine

    I soooo need a new HT to go faster! :-) and to make my life miserable!

  483. Sirapat Konkham


  484. Johnny Mack

    I could use a workout ! Thx!

  485. Geert

    Wow. Nice giveaway.

  486. Andy Collins

    ..always need a trainer in England

  487. Samantha

    I'm in need of a trainer!

  488. John P

    Fingers x'd again!

  489. Roy Mitchell

    Thanks for doing this Ray!

  490. Dennis Steffensen

    Really want one.

  491. Ben Murray

    I'm in!

  492. Thomas Strande

    We have mild winters here, but a trainer would be nice for rainy days!

  493. Rogier

    Wouw, that's what I'd like!

  494. Youri


  495. Charlie D.

    Winter just means layers and lights.

  496. Vincent

    I'll take it....

  497. Brian

    I suppose I could start riding a bike.

  498. Michael W

    Awesome way to train when it's too icy out for running!

  499. Jyrki Puttonen


  500. Mats B.

    I'm in.

  501. Will

    Yes Please - Count me IN!!!

  502. Eric

    This is a must for MN winters!

  503. Gary

    I could use this.

  504. Marcel

    Cool looks fantastic

  505. JF

    I'd like to have one.

  506. Dan Morley

    It just keeps getting better! Thanks Ray

  507. DaiPao

    pedalling nowhere to reach the peak of fitness

  508. Ally

    Can I win this one? Pretty please!

  509. Bond

    Wow, this is something really big!
    I wanna this

  510. Ruben van Dijk

    I'd prefer that in stead of biking with six layers of clothes!

  511. BruceL

    Hi Ray

  512. Tracy Katzenstein

    Really awesome- would be great to train indoors!

  513. Meghan

    Now this, would be amazing! (As if to say that none of the other items so far have been amazing -- because they all most definitely are!)

  514. Mark Liversedge

    Might have to try and get it working with GoldenCheetah !

  515. Chris Cooper

    My legs say YES

  516. Anna

    Row row row your bike

  517. Matthew

    After last winter, this would be great!

  518. Eric

    Maybe this time. Love the trainer.

  519. Grant

    Really need it for the winter - please :)

  520. Jon

    10 AM already I see.

  521. teemu


  522. Mike

    Man, I'd love to own a trainer!

  523. Mark Landry


  524. Romain


  525. Christa

    I want one!

  526. K. Richardson

    Two thumbs up

  527. Matthew


  528. Robert Runge

    Uhh - winter pleasure .. yes please

  529. Need to get ready for Winter training For next Ironman...

  530. Tosin

    I already have one...but I can give one as a gift...

  531. Anne Farawila

    Nice trainer, what about some of thesufferfest videos and a trainerroad subscription with it

  532. Troy Braxton

    I'm in. But I'm wondering if it comes with the joule also.

  533. Donnie brooks

    Pick me

  534. Nick Valaitis

    This would be perfect!

  535. Verena

    that would be awesome during harsh and bike unfriendly New York winters

  536. Sam Manlosa

    Perfect for winter, or for secret training. :)

  537. Christian

    Hope i win!

  538. Thorsten

    I'm in!

  539. Bryan

    OHH, I want that!

  540. Todd

    What an AWESOME giveaway!

  541. Ian Dawes


  542. Pit Poland

    very nice, I'm waiting....

  543. Magali Havard

    Why not

  544. Remco

    Altijd goed!!!

  545. Shmuel Raviv


  546. Harry Roberts

    Pick Me.....

  547. John Henault

    This would be nice on snowy days!

  548. Jim Ford

    Sure, a new trainer with nifty gadget integration would be just fine.

  549. DanielC

    Thanksss. I'm in!

  550. Sabrina Adams

    I want this!

  551. Vincent BASTARD

    ah Moi....ah moi..... Ah moi......

    seul les personne qui on vu le Film Némo pourront comprendre;-)

  552. Andrea

    Nice trainer!

  553. Stefan Polak

    It's Christmas time on dcrainmaker.com :)

  554. Mikkel Stecher


  555. Jon Lumpkin

    I lived in Madison. CycleOps FTW!

  556. tom

    I want one

  557. meara

    I'll add me to the list!

  558. Piotr

    Biorę :-)

  559. F. Kerckhof

    Nothing beats cycling your till you drop without moving an inch, I'm inn!

  560. moosetender

    New trainer would be great!

  561. christophe

    i want one too !!!!

  562. Jackson

    oh what a joy

  563. Kris Chiu

    thank you

  564. Jon Western

    Yes please!

  565. Aaron E

    Wow is all I can say

  566. John Kelchner

    Pick me!

  567. Larry M

    My son and I would love this -- keep spinning!

  568. Andreas

    Hhm glad to be outside right now, but winter is long here.

  569. Brian Begley

    Perfect for winter in the Pacific Northwest!

  570. Jeremiah

    I would love this!

  571. skijeti

    At a lunch brake.

  572. Forrest

    Great giveaway!

  573. Anthony


  574. Isabel Guimarães

    Hope for the best!

  575. alex

    would love this in the arctic winter!

  576. There are some very cold winters in Latvia.

  577. Tommy Larsen

    Would be great to have the opportunity to train at home, while the kids are sleeping :)

  578. Michelle

    Could use this for those late night training sessions.

  579. Carl Purczel

    Pick me!! :)

  580. Ana

    Hood luck

  581. likepend1

    yeah! i was hoping for some winter training stuff!!

  582. Minh Nguyen

    I want this too!

  583. Ljubo

    nice looking gadget

  584. Gemma Lovergrove

    Winnage! :)

  585. i like training.

  586. bobbi


  587. Kim Smith

    this would be handy

  588. KevinT


  589. Jeffrey

    Please pick me, i need a gift for my father in law

  590. Tom F

    This or a Kickr

  591. Steve Taylor

    Yes please!

  592. Jens

    For me

  593. Charlie G


  594. tinta

    must-have stuff

  595. Judy

    I totally want this one!

  596. Bob Hickes

    Nice, need an upgrade here as well!!

  597. Andrii

    Winter Is Coming)

  598. ciberjim

    want it

  599. Hildi Coetzee

    Cool trainer!

  600. Ryan Starbuck


  601. Susanna Laurila

    In again!

  602. Blake Danner

    As bad as my bike splits are, this would come in handy

  603. Kevin Richardson

    Two thumbs up

  604. Catherine Moisan

    Me me me!

  605. Frannybobs


  606. Lauren

    I made my husband wait a whole year before he bought his trainer.

  607. Mikael Hilton

    Yes please :D

  608. Dan

    Thank you!

  609. Daniel

    One for me please!

  610. Rico

    I'm in for this

  611. Clayton Montgomery

    i call dibs

  612. John


  613. Andrew

    could always use some more power!

  614. Jakub

    Yay! I won!!! :-D

  615. David Burns

    Nice trainer

  616. James Denmead

    Perfect addition to the garage when I don't want to get wet.

  617. deanna doohaluk

    perfect for the polar vortex.

  618. Tepi

    Yes please

  619. Shaunak

    may be this time

  620. Kyle

    This would be great for Colorado winters!

  621. Pat

    Fun times!

  622. David

    Need to get saddle time during winter

  623. Charles

    Gimme gimme please please!

  624. Tovi

    As someone who trains 3/4 of the year indoors, this would be sweet!

  625. Juho

    Yes please

  626. RC

    Yum! Pick me.

  627. Ellie

    I need a new trainer for sure!

  628. Dave C

    Make as much rain as you want man, it won't stop me now!

  629. AndreiS

    this is mine :)!

  630. Jim Rapose

    Thanks for the chance to win!!!!!!

  631. Pospi

    lucky in cards, lucky in training!?

  632. Tom S

    Like it been wanting to try trainer road

  633. Nate

    that is nice.

  634. Claus Miller

    Crossing fingers!

  635. Sean Runnette

    This too! :)

  636. Jamie

    Oh yeah yeah

  637. LNA

    J'en rêve :)

  638. Annelies

    Whooop, whoop....
    So nice. It is a beautiful day

  639. Chris Kuchin


  640. brian

    Thank you

  641. michelvl

    Perfect for helping reach my goal.

  642. Alex

    No more excuses during winter with this.

  643. Virginia Riches

    Yes Please :)

  644. Marko

    come to papa

  645. Mike

    Would make a sweet addition in my house.

  646. Ben

    Much nicer than the current mag trainer in the basement

  647. Ricardo Macías

    First time in extravaganza!

  648. Rebecca

    This would be great! My husband and I would not have to fight for time in the winter for the use of our one trainer!!

  649. Adam

    In it to win it.

  650. J.P. Dowd

    Always time to be on the trainer.

  651. Janpeter

    Wow! Thanks Ray for putting this together!

  652. Mathijs

    I'm in again!

  653. Mary

    this is great! would love to win!

  654. Raulmf

    Ok, I've got a Wahoo Kickr... But the one I really wanted was this CycleOps one... So, please...

  655. this is AWESOME!! I want to get one!!

  656. Namtran Nguyen

    I can totally use this!

  657. priz

    yes please

  658. Rob H

    I live in UK, its always winter

  659. David

    This would be great to have!

  660. Judy

    yes please!

  661. Arnas

    Winter is coming fast

  662. Jesse Bennett

    If I am winning I won't be sinning !!

  663. Kasper Vainio

    Yes please

  664. Josh Parks

    hundreds of replies per minute - lovely for the random number generator!

  665. Martyn Thomas

    *fingers crossed*

  666. David

    Yay trainer!!

  667. Dean Porter

    count me please.

  668. chris


  669. Steve W

    In again

  670. Morey000

    ok one of those will put me in pain

  671. Rónán Mac Con Iomaire

    That's the kind of misery I'm looking for!

  672. benji

    this is fantastic

  673. Phil

    Me please...

  674. Mark

    I'll take it!

  675. Brian Pederson

    Very nice!

  676. Nynke

    This would be great for Swedish winter!

  677. Goran

    would be pretty useful

  678. Tim

    "Its trainer time!" sounds like a power rangers segue for triathletes. In the end, it will all end with a giant power sword and a slain monster. We're talking about cycling, right?

  679. Kim

    Is it sad that I like trainer workouts?!?!

  680. jkissane

    Count me in!

  681. Dan McGowan

    Hoping for a win!

  682. Stephane lefebvre

    Wish to win, I'm in!

  683. John R

    This would bve sweet!

  684. Tobi

    why not :)

  685. It may not be trainer time here now, but oh, the winters are long, cold and dark at 9,700' here in Breckenridge, CO!


  686. Vosters

    Let it snow :-)

  687. Jiri Macourek

    hope for luck

  688. william mcanirlin

    I actually need a new trainer, and have been looking at that model!

  689. I want in please'

  690. Justin Fabian

    Should be working, prefer daydreaming about winning contests.

  691. B Carter

    I can become a cyclist for one of these.

  692. Milessio

    Yes please.

  693. Belinda

    This would be nice, still up late here in Australia. :-)

  694. Justin

    I never win anything! So pick me!

  695. Hate training indoors but it's a lot better when it's NEW and FREE!! Please me!!

  696. Nick

    Thanks again Ray! :-)

  697. Vugi

    502 Bad Gateway

  698. Roy Mitchell


  699. Bill


  700. Alan


  701. mark machell

    I probably need this

  702. Mike Scheetz


  703. Huy Nguyen

    Yes please!

  704. Brent Tininenko

    want this!! Thanks!

  705. Andrew Crockett

    Perfect the abu dhabi summer.

  706. mthorhauge

    Awesome! :)

  707. Nick

    Would love an indoor trainer!!

  708. Claus Kaastrup

    Perfect :-)

  709. Zoé

    I'm in!

  710. Didi

    Give it to me...

  711. Melissa

    Oh, my word, this would be amazing. Came in dead last during last weekend's triathlon - need to build power.

  712. Dan Spangler

    Can I have one please?

  713. Wayne Kao

    This would be cool to have!

  714. Chris Nguyen


  715. minja


  716. Andrew

    Count me in.

  717. ppor

    super to be a winner ;)

  718. Sue

    Make my dreams come true Ray!

  719. Frantisek

    good luck to everyone!

  720. Bryan Alsdorf

    Summer is Trainer time in Houston! 100 degrees with 100% humidity sucks.

  721. Tony

    pick me!

  722. Matthijs

    Can I please win everything :)

  723. Thobias Bergqvist

    mememememememe ME!

  724. Jonnor

    I will take it ;)

  725. BigTank

    Struggling to work out which ones I've missed because I'm on UK time but fingers crossed for this one.

  726. Nathan

    I'm in

  727. Kent

    Another great product. Keep them coming.

  728. chuckcates

    Want it muchly!!

  729. Markus

    In the livingroom or in the bedroom, that is the question...

  730. Marlene


  731. Jochen Berntgen


  732. Chris M.

    Oh Hello.

  733. Daniel

    looks nice!

  734. Joe P.

    I've been very good this year. Please Santa,let me have one. Wait a minute, it's Summer...

  735. FRiC

    I'll buy a bike to use this if I win!

  736. isa

    As treatment for my gadgetitis, I beg the Random Number God to select me.

  737. Guy

    I would love that.

  738. Marco Castro

    This is mine guys, you may as well stop your postings right now. lol

  739. Tyler

    I could use that!

  740. Mixuli

    I like this one too.

  741. Lars

    Maybe an upgrade for my Tacx Sirius?
    (the server gave me a "bad gateway" error message, so I tried again...)

  742. Kim

    need this trainer

  743. This is a great choice!!

  744. Sergio V.

    Just what I needed! :)

  745. Francisco Araujo

    Winter is coming

  746. Chris

    Count me in!

  747. jay

    Would love to have this!

  748. Rianne

    In again

  749. Maria Jesus

    Me, please.

  750. S. Wall

    Fingers crossed.

  751. Mark

    Want! ;)

  752. RLanrivain

    What an existing day !!!Never been so active in dcrainmaker.com ! Cool idea :-)

  753. Lester Li


  754. Ewelina

    My trainer broke and I am using a borrowed one from a friend. I'm less than 2 mos away from IMMT. I could so use this bad boy. Keeping fingers crossed.

  755. Troup k

    I hope I win

  756. KilkennY

    Looks like something great for Winter.

  757. Robert

    I could use a new trainer for my weekly sufferfest sessions :)

  758. Ben pittsley


  759. Dave Gilson

    I want to be a winner!

  760. Brano Jacko

    pick meeeee

  761. Nick14

    I could use a new trainer

  762. Michael

    I want it!

  763. Herve

    Cool for training under wet conditions but at home :D

  764. Marinalva Codispoti

    wow! this is pretty cool! I want it!

  765. Enrico

    You wanted the bicycle? Now pedal

  766. Sean

    I need this to stay in shape this winter!

  767. Sorin Enache

    Great stuff!

  768. Andrew Broad

    Count me in.

  769. Nicky

    Owning a Tacx, but this seems definitely a good replacement for it!

  770. George H

    Cool breeze.

  771. Matthew

    Trying for more :-)

  772. chris

    very nice! don't have one for winter yet!

  773. Henrich

    I'm in!

  774. Thomas

    This is great

  775. Mark Jarred


  776. Olivier

    I want that!!!! thanks

  777. Stefan

    Never had one but want one :)

  778. Steve G

    Gotta have it!

  779. Larry H

    Nice giveaway!

  780. Jeremy

    I would love it!

  781. Patricia Didone

    It´s winter here in Brazil too! I want one! :)

  782. Mark

    This will take me to the next level!

  783. YUAN YUE

    let's go !

  784. Robyn

    I could use this for sure!

  785. David Wilson

    Boom, in it to win it!

  786. Michael

    Oh! Me please :)

  787. Jürgen

    hope it's mine

  788. George C.

    Need to prepare for the european winter :)

  789. Bastian

    I just want it badly ...

  790. Pick me, pick me! :)

  791. Nathan Zimmer

    I want one!

  792. Laura

    Love! pick me.

  793. will

    I want one Ray

  794. Luke Martinez

    Pick me please!

  795. Need to have this to prep for cold dutch winters!

  796. Mike McGinn

    It looks awesome! Sure could use it…

  797. Trond Pedersen


  798. Dave B

    I'm in

  799. Brian Grober

    Trainer > snow

  800. Manos

    Ok I have to ask from my manager a break every two hours today cause of DCrainmaker. Lost the previous giveaway. Daaam

  801. Tim

    Definitely trainer weather today.

  802. I live in Canada where the outdoor cycling season lasts from June to September! I'm going for a Kona spot at St. Croix next year and this would ABSOLUTELY help.

  803. Matt Field

    Yes please

  804. Peter

    This comment will win.

  805. Dona Cardenas


  806. Darius


  807. David

    My bike will look good on that.

  808. Dan T

    Woo free stuff!

  809. BWinter

    Things are getting better and better!

  810. Chris powers

    Add me to the list!

  811. Brian M.


  812. SamSamB

    Hit me!

  813. Dr. D

    Brings back memories of racing on rollers.....

  814. Katie Wilson

    Another great one! Thanks!

  815. bryan kraham

    You never, NEVER know!

  816. Mark

    Hey, great Winter ride!

  817. NyquilInquisitor

    Give me a thing for my bike!!

  818. remco

    Winter is coming and must keep on training

  819. Adam K

    Thanks Ray!

  820. Michael Hughes

    Now this is one I'd really like to win.

  821. Mike

    Yes plese!

  822. Victor W.

    Thanks Ray!

  823. Dave

    Yes Please!

  824. Keith

    Yes please!

  825. Pedro de carvalho Paese

    it's training time!!!

  826. Juanita


  827. Sandra

    This would be nice during the Dutch winter!

  828. Valerie

    im in!!!!!!

  829. Michael

    Pick me!

  830. Goncalo

    I want that!

  831. Donnie Brooks

    pick me!!!

  832. Alison

    Oh yeah!

  833. Milan

    Need one for winter

  834. Richard

    I wanna suffer!

  835. Remko

    sounds like a plan for this winter

  836. matotato

    Well done Ray.

  837. Rachel K


  838. Brian Ward

    Indoor cycling - there's a novelty!!

  839. Philipp Ha

    Indoor cycling on a new level

  840. iztok

    :] want one

  841. Christian

    I'm in!

  842. Lisa Y

    This would help!

  843. Joan


  844. Ryan Sunley

    Very Nice!

  845. DanielB

    here we go

  846. Steven Cameron

    I'm in

  847. Ritvvij Parrikh


  848. Perzo

    I want it! I need it! :) cause of the rainy Ireland

  849. Tammy Overacker

    Would be great to have my hubs join me on my trainer rides...suffer together.

  850. Bradley


  851. hflack

    Thanks Ray

  852. Craig

    Could be useful for the winter.

  853. Eric

    I need one of these

  854. Donald Mack

    I could really use this. Thx Ray !

  855. Matt Yoder

    Very Nice

  856. Jon

    Pick me please!

  857. Fernando

    I need one!

  858. Lara

    I'd love to win this!

  859. Lennart Rasmusson

    Hot? It is a cooold summer.

  860. me! pick me! mostly because where I live it rains for all but a few weeks a year! thanks again

  861. teteety

    I love you.

  862. Bettina A

    Wow a trainer would be awesome!

  863. Wim Schelfaut

    Yes, please.

  864. Nick

    Just had my first baby on friday so doubt I'll be doing lots of riding in the near future so this would be amazing right now.

  865. Justin Koehler

    giddy up

  866. Chris

    I'll seriously get into biking if I win this!

  867. Edu Callejo


  868. yay! bikes for everyone

  869. Adam York

    Pick ME!!

  870. Michel

    Let's try again

  871. Paul Doust

    Oh go on then, but just the one.

  872. Allen

    I'd really like this.

  873. Kristy Lahoda


  874. Gert Wuyts

    indoor cycling a must have

  875. Don in Baltimore

    Thanks Ray!

  876. Brett V


  877. Brian


  878. Chris Flavell

    me me me me me (please)

  879. Dan

    In it to win it.

  880. BB

    I really need this!

  881. Mark

    In again

  882. Jason nuss

    Count me in please

  883. Px


  884. Stuart

    The pain cave is due an upgrade!

  885. KAY

    definitely need this during chicago winters

  886. Rogelio Abrego

    im in!!!! I'll be waiting for it in Mexico!!!! Thanks!!!

  887. Chris

    infinity and beyond!

  888. damines

    good for winter time :)

  889. Angeliki

    Why not me...?

  890. Martin

    I already reserved a space in my house for this one!

  891. Ronald

    Power is key!

  892. Anita chou

    Let it be ~ me!

  893. Sathit Rompultan

    good luck

  894. Martin

    I am hoping, you will pick me!

  895. John Gavin

    I'd like to suffer with that ;)

  896. Mihai


  897. Sean Tibor

    Looks like a great trainer!

  898. jason

    This is the lucky number!!

  899. Iain

    I'm in

  900. Byron MIller

    Let's roll!

  901. Anish

    This would be a nice upgrade.

  902. Geoff Kerr

    It's also getting cold in New Zealand!

  903. Andrew

    Gettr' Duuunnn!

  904. Patrick Robb


  905. Tri Mike

    Great website

  906. Rick

    I'm too much of a puss to ride below 40, so hook me up!

  907. Ben

    Great for catching up on my shows!

  908. Michael

    Phone entry!

  909. Ronen

    yes please

  910. Colm

    I would love one of those

  911. Becky


  912. omer horovitz


  913. Kim Bo Jensen

    I'm in.

  914. Klara Maskova

    me me

  915. Ranner

    Yes, pleas

  916. Simon

    Beam me up....

  917. Christian

    Could replace my Elite

  918. Linus De Paoli

    I want this

  919. David Mangold

    Just keeps getting better and better... thought I wanted the last item, but...

  920. My boyfriend and I would love this!

  921. Jonathan NAIM

    I want it!!!!!!

  922. Leland Smith

    That... is a hell of a giveaway item. Thanks, Ray!

  923. Martyn Saint

    Yes Please.

  924. Gyomu

    I'd like one of those ty !

  925. HugoP

    Great !!!...

  926. Leomar Paese

    Go training!!!

  927. Felix

    I wanna be a winner.

  928. Tim Marriott

    Train train trainer!!!

  929. Mayra

    Team no rest til I win !!

  930. Michael Jones

    502 Bad Gateway on first attempt - trying again.

  931. michal

    Count me in :)

  932. Don

    Yes please!

  933. Jonathan Ho

    I'd like to win

  934. Eric Kubota

    Yes, please.

  935. Andreas Liljenberg

    Thanks! :)

  936. Seong Heng


  937. Trace Thompson

    Keeps getting better.

  938. Enrique

    In the caribbean, but it rains a los!!!

  939. Matt

    No idea where i would put this in my house but just to annoy the wife i hope i win

  940. Ulrik Wichmann

    Pick me Pick me

  941. Chris M

    hope to get picked for this one

  942. Dávid Farkas

    Early Chrisrmas gift for me:)

  943. Andrea

    I'm in one of those too hot and wet summer, I'm going to pull out my trainer again!

  944. Ryan Gard

    Yes plz

  945. Bernard

    me please

  946. Beth


  947. Taylor Drage


  948. Jukka

    Yes, please. Beam me up, Scotty!

  949. Magnus Holmén

    Ja tack

  950. PascalDG

    One more try ... ;-)

  951. David


  952. Marcel Brinkman

    Ray - great event

  953. Jeremy

    Hook me up

  954. teepin


  955. Katie M

    Pick me!

  956. Dagfinn

    My trainer Just broke. Need a new one :-D

  957. Jonas Christensen

    Pick me!!

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  986. H


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