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Recon Instruments cuts Jet’s price, and actually gives back rebates to early customers

I normally wouldn’t have posted on just a standalone permanent price cut unless I felt it was of immediate interest to a large number of people.  However, I think what Recon Instruments has done is more intriguing than that.  See, … Read More Here

Recon Jet starts shipping, a look at my first month with it

Earlier this week Recon Instruments started shipping their long-awaited Recon Jet heads up display for sports, to real-life actual consumers.  Completing a journey that began just over two years ago upon announcement of the product.  In fact, a few DCR … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

It’s been a busy weekend, with a lot of new devices on the plot – here’s what I was up to the last two and a half days. 1) Starting using the Garmin Vivoactive After I landed from Bahrain early … Read More Here

Recon Jet Update: Hands on, and a discussion with their executive team

It’s been a while since I last talked about the Recon Jet around these parts, aside from passing on the occasional newsletter update.  For those unfamiliar with the product, it’s effectively a heads up display of sorts with a sports … Read More Here

Recon Jet: Hands on with the endurance sports heads up display

While the Recon Jet was introduced this past spring, it’s a project I’ve been following for quite a long time. I first sat down with the company over a year ago to talk about what athletes would want in a … Read More Here

Recon Instruments previews cycling heads-up display

Today Recon Instruments gave a small sneak peek  of their upcoming heads up display unit aimed at cycling.  And by ‘small sneak peek’, I mean a single image, with a handful of text.  Perhaps ‘very small sneak peak’ was more … Read More Here