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5 Random Things I Did This Weekend in Sardinia

Turns out the last few months have been a wee bit heavy on travel.  Thankfully, they’ve all been to great places – and for better or worse, we’ll be taking a bit of a staycation for the majority of the … Read More Here

5 Random Things From A Weekend in Venice

I’ve just got back home after spending the last few days hanging out in Italy.  Here’s what I (and we) were up to! 1) Running around a Castle Ok, so I lied.  Not all five random things were in Venice. … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend in Rome

With MWC over this past week, it was off to a new place.  Why not go home you ask?  Because they’re tearing up the floors in our apartment and we have to be out of it for a number of … Read More Here

5 Random Things I Did This Weekend in Côte d’Azur

We just wrapped up an awesome few days with friends down on the other side of the country – here’s what we were up to! 1) Flew down to the French Riviera Getting a slight head start on the weekend, … Read More Here

Florence Marathon Race Report: Perhaps not my cup of ‘THE’

I wasn’t exactly ignoring writing this race report.  Not entirely anyway.  It’s of course a bit hard to ignore such a downer of a race result, as well as to ignore the 18.4 requests per day via three social media … Read More Here

Florence Marathon Packet Pickup Complete!

Our aircraft landed at the Florence airport last night with the same grace and thrust of Miley Cyrus and a giant foam finger.  The weather…not so hot.  So windy and rainy in fact that the airport’s power/electricity immediately shut off … Read More Here

The Honeymoon: Part II

We left off yesterday with us leaving the Amalfi coast town of Positano.  From there, we headed northbound on an assortment of trains via Rome, eventually ending up in a big long town that started with a ‘C’. I could … Read More Here

The Honeymoon: Part I

There were very few people who knew of our honeymoon plans.  In fact, there was really only one who knew the entire plan…me.  There were a few reasons for this – but mostly the simplest was that The Girl and … Read More Here

Run around Rome

After a 9ish hour flight (and only about 2 hours of sleep), I landed in the city of pasta – Rome, Italy, where I’ll be for a few days for work before moving on elsewhere. The above flight path is … Read More Here