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5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

I have now had two weekends at home in a row!  And both of them had mostly great weather.  Here’s what we were up to the last few days. 1) Accuracy Testing on the 4iiii Precision Dual-Leg Thursday I got … Read More Here

5 Random Things From a Warm Fall Weekend

Finally, a complete weekend back home without having to arrive via airplane or other transport mechanism.  With the busy early-fall conference/convention season complete (Eurobike/Interbike/ANT+ Symposium), it’s back to a bit of normality in my life.  Or, at last as normal … Read More Here

A weekend in the snow in NYC…and planes, trains and automobiles.

This weekend started with a short 45 minute flight up to New York City for the NYC Urbanathlon.  This is the race series I’ve been doing as part of my partnership with Men’s Health Magazine. Of course, before we picked … Read More Here

Marine Corps Marathon Time-lapse and Photos

There’s no bigger race in Washington DC than the Marine Corps Marathon, and – in the case of this weekend, no better weather than today’s for the race. The Girl and I headed out before sunrise to stake out our … Read More Here

A warm fall

After returning from Austin mid-last week, I’ve been in a fairly easy training mode.  Though, Saturday had a fair bit of pop to it with respect to workouts. It started off with a 1hr wetsuit swim, as has been usual … Read More Here

Pumpkin Eater

Back a few weeks ago I picked up a few pumpkins – one for cooking and one for carving. Since then, I’ve been serving up all sorts of random pumpkin creations, kinda like the Blueberry post this past summer. But … Read More Here

Turning into a pumpkin…or a turkey

Halloween has many pieces – there’s the pumpkins, the costumes and of course the candy gathering (even if as an adult that simply means going to the grocery store and buying the candy instead of standing at peoples doors).Tuesday evening … Read More Here

Nearly Arrested!

The good news here is that I can outrun a police officer.  For about three miles anyway’s.  The bad news is that when you want to find one – they’re nearly impossible to find. Last night was costume night at … Read More Here