Happy Halloween–Have a great weekend!


(Rainmaker & The Girl)


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  1. OMG I am caught up on the last 30 or so posts!

    As always a whirlwind or information, travel, food, training and of course inner soles!

    You asked about the Instant Debate plugin for Blogger…it’s ok, my comment traffic has died right off although that could be a result of being such a bad commenter myself…it’s a cyclical thing right! The upside is that the spam is now all filtered but Google is doing that itself now!

    One attraction is the ability to start a dialog in the comments section and that just wasn’t happening

    So in conclusion I am going to unplug it at the weekend, it’s been an interesting experiment for 5 months but I don’t think it’s really working.

    As always love the blog

    Happy Halloween

    Oh and FIRST!

  2. I am guessing those are spitting images of you and The Girl? 😉 Happy Halloween!