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Garmin FR910XT update adds TSS/IF/NP, gazillion other items/fixes

A few hours ago Garmin released an update that enables the TrainingPeaks metrics of TSS/IF/NP, as well as adds a whole crapton of other items and fixes.  And yes, crapton is a technical term.  This brings the unit inline with … Read More Here

Sneak peek at FINIS Hydrotracker GPS, FR910XT Firmware Updates…and just a nice evening run.

Since it’s Friday, I’ll keep it quick and pictorial. First up is yesterday’s announcement from FINIS about their new Hydrotracker GPS unit.  This unit is designed to attach to your swim goggles and hang out on the back of your … Read More Here

Pushing the envelope: Ultra-long time tests on Timex Run Trainer andFR910XT

Earlier last month someone on one of the various Internet Forums had asked how long the Garmin FR910XT and Timex Run Trainer would last if you turned off GPS, and instead let it just rely on ANT+ data (heart rate, … Read More Here

An In-Depth Swimming Comparison between the Garmin FR910XT and the FINIS Swimsense

Without question, the most common request I get these days related to the FR910XT has been about the swimming pieces. Unfortunately, it wasn’t until just recently that I’ve been able to fully dive into this area.  While the FR910XT’s swimming … Read More Here

Garmin Forerunner 910XT delayed until after the holidays

After quite a bit of public wrangling on dates over the past few weeks, the public availability of the Garmin FR910XT has been delayed temporarily.  While there has been significant discussion by many retailers and distributors regarding the FR910XT’s date, … Read More Here

The Weekend: Motorola MOTOACTV, Zeo Mobile, Jawbone Up, long battery tests

I didn’t exactly plan on having as many different gadgets arrive this weekend as occurred – it just sorta happened.  But holy cow – there’s some really cool stuff in here!  Like increda-cool. I can’t wait to get full in … Read More Here

Friday Tidbits: First Garmin FR910XT Swim Workout, Timex Run Trainer & TACX Trainer arrival

Just a few interesting tidbits that haven’t grown up yet to get their own posts yet, but since I get tons of questions on them – I figured I’d share some of my Thursday arrivals and tests. First up is … Read More Here

Garmin Forerunner 910XT In Depth Review

(Updated: May 1st, 2013) The Garmin Forerunner 910XT represents the next generation triathlon/multisport watch from Garmin.  The watch builds on many areas that the FR305 and then FR310XT had – including a slimmer profile then either of those watches, and … Read More Here