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Watching the Tour de France live from 35,000 feet

It seems appropriate that as this post publishes, I’ll be on another airplane somewhere over the Atlantic, probably just north of Newfoundland.  But, this post isn’t about tonight’s flight, but rather a short domestic flight I took last weekend on … Read More Here

The NYC Red Bull Air Races…and other items in NYC

When I heard about the Red Bull Air Races a few years back, I mentally jotted it down as a pretty sweet thing to eventually go check out (btw, check out videos like this to see what I mean).  At … Read More Here

Getting pushed out of a plane at 14,000 feet

As you may remember from yesterday’s little Space Shuttle adventure, we had a brief stop to make on the way home…or so I thought.  I had been told by pilot and crew (aka…The Girl) that we were just picking up … Read More Here

Checkin’ out a Space Shuttle launch

Back a few years ago a friend (Bruce) and I started talking about the idea of going to see a Space Shuttle launch.  We’re both fairly interested in aviation and space, and it seemed like a logical road trip to … Read More Here

The day before Knoxville Rev 3

I was going to make this all one post (Race Report and Pre-Race Stuff), but decided to split it apart.  It will be more epic that way…which…will go along with how the race went. As I mentioned earlier in the … Read More Here

How to fit two triathlon bikes into a really small private airplane

There’s some smart nuggets amongst ya’ll yesterday in the guessing game around details about the picture I posted.  You can read all the guesses here.  And here’s the original the picture: Some of you picked up on two key items … Read More Here