Special Events

Dîner en Blanc 2016–the best night in Paris!

For the past three years we’ve been going to Dîner en Blanc. It’s without question our favorite night of the year here in Paris. Sure, Bastille Day (Fête nationale) probably ranks as our favorite overall day.  There’s the parades, air show, picnics, … Read More Here

Riding Velibs on the famed cobbles of the Champs-Élysées

Continuing along this week’s trend of cool summer Parisian events, Sunday was Velib’s big annual event on the Champs-Élysées.  For those into the cycling scene, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the locale as being the scene for the finishing … Read More Here

A Night at Diner en Blanc 2015!

There are a near never-ending flow of cool events and things to do within the city, but I think that there’s really a handful of events that rise above everything else into the ‘Epic’ status category.  Some of these are … Read More Here

Paris Blog: Hanging out at the French Open

Despite my sunburns – luck was definitely on our side Monday.  First, we have some good friends that have been in town the last few days and gave us tickets to go check out the French Open.  Then, it got … Read More Here

Paris Blog: Let the new bells ring!

Yesterday celebrated the installation of the new bells at Notre Dame.  Though, the process has taken a wee bit longer than just one day.  A little over a month ago they paraded the bells through the streets of Paris, en … Read More Here