FORM Smart Swim 2 Goggles In-Depth Review

 FORM has just announced their newest smart goggles, the FORM Smart Swim 2. These heads-up display swim goggles automatically track all your swim stats as you swim while concurrently putting a screen inside the lens of the goggles for … Read More Here

FORM Adds HeadCoach Real-Time Analysis Feature: Hands-On

There are few sports tech companies that have really been as laser-focused on their niche as much as FORM has (makers of their heads-up display swim coach/goggle), doubters be damned. About the only other comparison in the sports tech landscape … Read More Here

Openwater Swim GPS Test Extravaganza Results

A few years back I took a week while warm-water swimming to test a slate of GPS watches in openwater. Like a race, each watch got essentially one go at it, competing against another watch on the other wrist – … Read More Here

How I capture photos while openwater swimming

(Both The Girl and I are incredibly sad about the attack that occurred in Nice last night.  Bastille Day – La fête nationale- is our favorite day of the year here in France, and is incredibly special on so many … Read More Here

Analyzing your swim technique in the pool with the GoPro HD

As part of my never ending quest to improve my swim from not-so-great to ‘better’, I’ve been recently playing around with the waterproof GoPro HD camera in the pool.  This allows me to record video of my swimming (as well … Read More Here

Swimming the line

Last week following the Nation’s Triathlon, I stumbled on some pictures on Flickr from the event.  There was a huge assortment of pics taken on that day – ones of athletes during each of the sports, a few artistic ones, … Read More Here

Swimming in the Potomac

I’ve been meaning to post this forever, mostly cause I have these totally awesome photos sitting in a folder. As some of you may know – you’re not allowed to swim in the Potomac river in the waters of the … Read More Here

Fearing the swim? Fear not.

It’s been less than a year since I started swimming.  My first pool swim was on April 9th, 2007.  That day it took me 40 minutes to go 750 yards, or an average of 5:00/100 yards.  Seriously.  I think doggie … Read More Here

One big ice cube – swimming in cold water

Many of us ‘retire’ from open water swimming for the winter.  Some of us have the excuse that our dear little puddle of water is frozen over.  And then there are those of us that simply turn off the thought … Read More Here

How to swim with your Garmin Forerunner GPS

After purchasing the Garmin Forerunner, I was determined to use it as much as possible to get the most out of my money.  On an average day I have two training runs/rides/swims, and I use the GPS for every outdoor … Read More Here