Tip of the day: How to use The Pear to keep you from fainting

(Note From Ray – Quick Last Minute Heads Up: Today, Friday at 1PM the Washington Post will be doing a live Q&A chat with Columbia Triathlon Winner Lindsey Jerdonek.  You can quickly and easily submit questions now, so let’s show … Read More Here

How to travel (a lot) and still eat (mostly) healthy

I’ve talked in the past a bit about nutrition and how I balance my desire to eat everything that looks great with attempting to be healthy in my choices.  Yet how does that jive with all the travel I do … Read More Here

Chocolate Milk vs Endurox R4 Recovery Drink – Stimulus Edition

The other day I was chatting with a friend talking about recovery drinks.  I’ve been on a chocolate milk kick for a while now – as I’ve previously gone in depth on.  Given it’s been proven to be just as … Read More Here

The effects of a cold on athletic performance

Indoor trainers provide a really great way to analyze the effects of a given environmental parameter without all of the fuss of the environment itself changing. Last Saturday I had an indoor trainer workout.  The exact same workout I did … Read More Here

Wine vs. Workouts: Effects of alcohol

I don’t drink a lot, never really have – but I certainly enjoy an occasional beverage.  By ‘not a lot’, I would say I maybe had four drinks all summer long.  Yes…not a lot. Last Friday night I went out … Read More Here

Milking the chocolate cow

There is no greater food than chocolate.  I’ll do just about anything for chocolate.  Perhaps the only thing that’s greater than chocolate itself, is some other item covered in chocolate.  Like chocolate donuts, chocolate covered raisins,  or chocolate lava cakes.  … Read More Here

The water bottle assembly and storage system

Some ideas I manage to conjure up myself…but others are best borrowed.  I was at a friends house for a party a number of weeks ago and noticed that they had dedicated a full kitchen cabinet for water bottles.  It … Read More Here