Garmin Forerunner 910XT In Depth Review

The watch builds on many areas that the FR305 and then FR310XT had – including a slimmer profile then either of those watches, and a new pool swimming mode to track your distance while swimming laps. … Each bike can then store a slew of different saved parameters, such as ANT+ sensor details (power/speed/cadence) and wheel size/bike weight.

Timex Run Trainer GPS 2.0 In-Depth Review

You can also utilize time instead of distance, if you want it to automatically lap after – say 5 minutes – as opposed to 1 mile. … You’ll simply set a threshold pace (or speed), depending on which configuration setting you’re in.

Timex Run Trainer 1.0 GPS In-Depth Review

In this case, you can configure goals for distance and altitude (total). … Zones: You can configure zones based on Heart Rate, Speed, and Cadence.

Garmin Fenix2 Multisport Watch In-Depth Review

But in general most folks will use fields like pace, distance, heart rate, and time. … Alerts can be defined for proximity, distance, time, elevation, navigational arrival, speed, pace, heart rate, cadence, and battery.

Adidas Smart Run GPS In-Depth Review

The default page shows your heart rate, along with distance and time below it. … In an effort to speed up satellite connection time, the unit pre-caches the satellite information ahead of time.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Garmin HRM-RUN

Pace and distance is different however. … You’ll also notice as I warm-up it gets faster (in part, because I’m speeding up the treadmill).

Garmin Forerunner 620 In-Depth Review

By default this will be things like pace, distance, time and heart rate. … You’ll likely see this number fluctuate directly with that of cadence, which in many people's situations tends to also correlate with speed.

Garmin Forerunner 920XT In-Depth Review

At this point the unit will start showing you pace and distance from GPS. … The FR920XT uses satellite caching to speed up satellite acquisition time.

The Magellan Switch Up In-Depth Review

Now, I knew going into the event that the unit wasn’t designed to measure distance accurately on your wrist (or stoke information). … Once in cycling mode, the unit will now display speed information as MPH or KPH, depending on how you’ve configured it.

Nike+ Sportwatch GPS In Depth Review

As you’re running the main display will show the overall distance of the run. … First up is that as of this writing the Sportwatch doesn’t contain any cycling mode, which means it can’t show you speed in MPH/KPH, but rather instead shows it in Minutes/Mile (or Minutes/Kilometer) – as if you were running [Update: This has been added in a firmware update, speed can now be shown].

TomTom Cardio Runner & Multisport with Optical Heart Rate In-Depth Review

This then also enables the lap data fields such as lap time and lap distance, which will be shown during the activity. … Essentially, best I can tell, the unit and me only have one basic speed.

Initial thoughts on the new Adidas Smart Run GPS watch

I can also swipe up to see other metrics while paused, such as distance, average heart rate and pace. … While this may be the first physical GPS unit for the company, they’ve actually been fairly involved in the sport tracking world for a bit now – with previous connected sensors such as footpods designed to go into your soccer cleats, as well as other speed sensors for running related activities.

TomTom Runner & Multisport GPS Watch In-Depth Review

The Goals mode allows you to specify a goal (time, distance or calories) and then receive a chart indicating your progress towards that goal during the run (it’s specific to a run, not overall goal). … The difference is that here we have the option of utilizing a Bluetooth Smart Speed & Cadence sensor.

Wahoo Fitness Blue SC Bluetooth Smart Speed/Cadence Sensor In-Depth Review

And finally, you can reset the odometer as well as go ahead and specify a given starting distance. … Instead, it’s a new Bluetooth Smart (aka Bluetooth Low Energy) sensor, one designed to track your speed and cadence information while on a bike.

Garmin’s new Vivoactive HR & Vivofit 3: Hands-on & First Run

I was mostly interested in how the watch handled on pace and heart rate, as well as just general use like the touch screen and distance accuracy. … At present it supports the ANT+ Heart Rate straps, ANT+ Cycling Speed/Cadence sensors, ANT+ Running Footpod, and the ANT+ Tempe temperature sensor.

Suunto Ambit 2 and 2S In-Depth Review

After pressing the start button to begin running you’ll see your pace, distance, HR and any other metric you’ve configured on the screen. … While running there’s an option called ‘FusedSpeed’, which effectively blends together accelerometer based wrist movements with GPS speed in an attempt to smooth out your speed and provide a smoother pacing experience.

Peloton Tread In-Depth Review

Becs Gentry was 4th in the Olympic Marathon trials this past year, and Matt Wilpers is an iron-distance triathlon coach. … From a speed and incline standpoint, the unit goes up to 12.5MPH/20.1KPH (4:48/mile & 2:59/KM).

Suunto Ambit In-Depth Review

The Suunto Ambit is the first GPS device out on the market that’s very clearly targeted at ultra runners – and those wanting to go long distances for a long time, upwards of 50+ hours. … Additionally, the device claims smoothed GPS paces using a new ‘FusedSpeed’ technology, as well as a 3D compass and barometric altimeter.

New Timex Run Trainer vs. Garmin FR210: Fight!

For example, both watches contain simple clock alarms, and at the same time neither watch supports the ability to measure distance in a swimming pool. … Alerts: Run Trainer has HR, Speed or Pace, Foot Cadence, Distance Goal and Altitude Goal as well as laps Customizable Display: When in 3-line mode, the middle display numbers are larger, also still has 4-line display mode.

Garmin FR60 Review – In Depth

That factor is then used in future runs to give you a more accurate recorded distance of your run. … The challenge with these algorithms is that in many cases they don’t account for changes in stride that are accompanied by terrain changes (hills), weather conditions (snow), or performance increases (speed).

Bryton Cardio 60 GPS Multisport Watch In-Depth Review

In the event you’re running indoors, you can cancel this GPS search and just go into indoor mode, which will use the built-in stride sensor to calculate speed and distance. … We’ve got the unit itself, a heart rate strap, a bike mount, a USB charging/download cable, and then the biggest ANT+ speed/cadence sensor known to mankind.

The Cape Town Retro Run 5K Race Report (with a double-stroller)

Now my unusual track here actually added a pile of distance, as it wasn’t the most efficient route from a pure racing standpoint. … I was able to join a few hundred others on the sidewalk and get some speed up.

A week of swim, bike, run in Seattle

Rainier off in the distance, else one might not come back from that lunch break. … Each lane was very clearly labeled speed-wise, and the perhaps 3-6 people in my lane were all speed-appropriate.

Polar RCX5 In Depth Review

Next up is the s3+ stride sensor, or footpod, which enables you to track speed and distance indoors while on a treadmill, as well as track cadence information. … sensors such as speed (primarily for on a trainer) and cadence.

Run towards the buns

And in many ways – it is pure gold! Sunday: I was up early (well, not my tri-race standards though) to go watch some friends compete in the Backyard Burn – which is a local fall trail running series with both a 5M and 10M distance offered. … I was a bit unhappy though as I couldn’t get the speed I wanted to.

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