Polar Grit X2 Pro In-Depth Review: A Flagship Watch?

The Polar Grit X2 Pro is positioned as Polar’s flagship adventure and multisport watch, both from a features standpoint, but also its high-end hardware.

Suunto Vertical GPS Watch In-Depth Review: Solar, Mapping, WiFi, and More!

The new Suunto Vertical GPS watch might appear from across the room as just a larger Suunto watch, but in reality it’s significantly revamped inside.

TomTom Runner & Multisport GPS Watch In-Depth Review

These two units were produced solely by TomTom (previously they had a partnership with Nike on the Nike+ GPS Sportwatch).

Polar V800 Multisport GPS Watch In-Depth Review

All the way back in early January at CES Polar announced the V800 multisport GPS watch.

COROS Pace 2 In-Depth Review: A $199 Multisport watch with Running Power

It’s been a while since there’s been a watch that could cause Garmin heartache, and the COROS Pace 2 is unquestionably it.

Garmin Swim 2 GPS Watch In-Depth Review

Over 7 years later and Garmin has finally incremented to the second edition in their swimmers-only watch.

Wahoo RIVAL Multisport GPS Watch In-Depth Review

After years of rumors, leaks, and even a high crimes story I’ve got for another day, Wahoo’s first watch has landed – the aptly named Wahoo RIVAL, a $379 entrant in a field full of competitive options.

Garmin Enduro GPS Watch In-Depth Review

Be it GPS battery life or daily watch use battery life, there’s no Garmin watch that goes as long as the Enduro.

Garmin Forerunner 45/45S GPS Watch In-Depth Review

On one hand, the Forerunner 45 represents Garmin’s most capable running watch they’ve ever made below $200.

Polar Grit X Pro GPS Watch In-Depth Review

Polar has announced a handful of new watches today, but the main headliner is the new Polar Grit X Pro.

The Soleus 2.0 GPS Running Watch In Depth Review

It hasn’t been too long since the $99 Soleus 1.0 GPS watch came out, which has ushered in the start of the sub-$100 GPS watches (like the Timex Marathon GPS).

Polar Vantage M Multisport GPS Watch In-Depth Review

It’s been nearly five months since Polar first announced the Vantage series watches, including the Vantage M and Vantage V.

Apple Watch Series 6/SE, and Apple Fitness+ Service Launched: Complete Details

Today Apple has launched the new Apple Watch Series 6 with some modest fitness/health focused upgrades, while also launching a new fitness subscription service, Apple Fitness+.

Epson Runsense SF-810 GPS watch with optical HR: In-Depth Review

While that might seem odd for a company known primarily for printers, one need only remember that Epson is part of the Seiko Epson group – of famed watch lineage.

Polar’s Unite Fitness Watch: Hands-on Details and First Run

Almost exactly a year after announcing the Polar Ignite GPS watch, the company is back with another wearable – the similarly named Unite, which takes all the Polar Ignite features, slashes the internal GPS, and drops the price by $50.

COROS APEX Multisport GPS Watch In-Depth Review

I don’t think there’s any sports technology GPS watch startup that’s being watched as closely by GPS watch industry giants as COROS is.

Apple Watch Series 7 Launched: Complete New Features & Tech Details

Today Apple has launched their Apple Watch Series 7 slate of watches, including the largest display in the Apple Watch lineup to date.

Garmin Fenix2 Multisport Watch In-Depth Review

Since then the watch has transformed from what was originally seen as a hiking focused unit, to more of an ultra-runner's unit, to finally settling in on a full-fledged multisport watch as seen now in the recently announced Fenix2.

Basis B1 Watch In-Depth Review

The Basis B1 watch represents the first fitness tracker on the market to do 24x7 continuous heart rate monitoring (all without a heart rate strap), in addition to all of the usual metrics like a step-counter and sleep.