The Didn’t Get What You Wanted $500 Gadget Giveaway


I’m sure many of you received various sports gadgets over the last few weeks as part of the holidays.  But for those unlucky elves who received a half-eaten gel packet in their Christmas stocking from their not-so-significant others, I’ve got a festivus of a present for you: This giveaway.

The winner will get a $500 credit to, my most excellent partner in this giveaway crime.  By supporting the site through Clever Training you also can save 10% on basically anything they sell.  If you win, you can use that credit for anything from the new Garmin Fenix3 to a BSX Gen2 Insight to a random pair of socks to the 4iiii’s Precision Power Meter, or heck, even towards a new trainer.  Whatever floats your boat.

How to enter:

Simply leave a short description of what product you’d get and why (but don’t worry, you can change your mind later if you win).

The reason you need a short description of ‘’why’ is that if you just put a simple product name (i.e. A360), you’ll likely get caught up in my SPAM filters.  And nobody wants to be sandwiched between two pieces of SPAM.  Got all that?

Good luck!

The giveaway entry period will run through Thursday, December 31st, 2015 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly.  One entry per person.  The selected product/products will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming they’re in stock.



  1. Joel

    I would get a power meter. Not sure which one yet.

  2. Simon

    I would get a power meter, not sure yet which one… it all depends of the budget but I know that 500$ extra would help! :)

  3. Uri

    Some kind of smart trainer. I can’t ride outdoors…

  4. frank medina

    I would love a new suunto watch

  5. Inge

    Thanks for another great giveaway Ray! :-)

    I think I’d get the Fenix 3, preferably a package with the new HRM-RUN strap.

  6. Tomas G

    That most probably would be garmin 920xt because my RCX5 is quite outdated and not up to my swimming needs.

  7. John

    Probably a Fenix 3, as the socks I got for Christmas were nice, but don’t stop me getting lost on the trails.

  8. Barktilly

    Definitely a Garmin Fenix 3 as just gave my wife a Garmin 235 for Christmas and I am now feeling inferior.

  9. Chris Rodriguez

    The item I am looking to get is upgrading to the new Garmin 520 computer. Have the 500 right now and really would like to upgrade now.

  10. Jarrett conway

    I’d love a power meter but I typically like more practical things (ha! Like anything triathlon related is practical) so is probably get that wahoo kickr table if they are selling it

  11. Julien R

    I would get the Garmin lights and radar, because safety matters

  12. Janis

    Quarq ELSA RS 110BCD Power Meter would be my choice. Training without power meter is like fly-fishing with baseball bat… very inefficient.

  13. Olli

    Probably a power meter for my tri bike. Already have a p2m for the roadbike but I’m too lazy to swap it between bikes.

  14. Nick

    Garmin FR620, for my wife’s first tri!

  15. Dave Walker

    Because a wrist HRM would be so convenient – The Garmin 235

  16. Dave Hewet

    I would really love the Garmin Fenix 3 please, so I can take advantage of the multi sport features. As I found myself enjoying the multi sports events more rather than just single discipline. I think winning this draw would be amazing and help me to fulfil my experience. Thank you. Have a Happy New year.

  17. Andrew

    GoPro Hero Session. It’s hard to justify some of these expensive toys with two kids under 4, but an action cam I could use for family hikes, snowshoeing, vacations and of course on my road bike to capture some video evidence when I’m inevitably splattered all over the road by one of our horrible local drivers.

  18. Asher Sweet

    A new trainer, any trainer. I’ve moved from central Texas to central Pennsylvania and the winters are way less fun up here.

  19. Ignas

    I’d get a scarf, because Girl hates then I take hers. But i was dreaming about speed/cadence sensors to my fenix.

  20. Luca Rossetti

    Powermeter like powertap p1 or smart trainer like kickr snap…all the way it Will be a big deal!!!
    Enjoy everyone

  21. David Garthe

    I would get the 4iiii’s Precision Power Meter.

  22. Mike

    I would get the garmin 235 for my wife who decided to train for a half marathon, and maybe some accessories for the Virb I got from Santa!

  23. Mathijs

    4iiii power meter, because to take training more serious, power is needed to measure progress!

  24. Rich Hill

    Tacx NEO – it’s getting cold outside!

  25. Leslie

    Garmin 235 – I have an old 210 that I love but it is time to upgrade. The optical heart rate would solve my struggle with heart rate straps that are more painful than useful.

  26. James G

    I’d buy myself a Garmin Forerunner 235, because even though my Forerunner 15 works just fine it would be great to have the luxuries of bluetooth uploads, heart rate monitoring and access to Connect IQ apps.

  27. Michael F

    I’d likely get the Fenix 3, thanks for a great blog.

  28. Peter D

    I would get the Cycleops JetFluidPro Indoor Cycling Trainer Winter Training Kit. A trainer would give me more time on the bike = better peace of mind!

  29. Jason

    I’ve always wanted a power meter for outdoor training and races – especially to keep my tendency to push too hard in check – and this would help me get there!

  30. Pat R

    A smart trainer cause mine is dumb

  31. Hany

    I’d get a sram wireless group set or 4iii power meter.

  32. Gabor

    I would like the Garmin 520

  33. Bart Bloomquist

    Probably the 920xt

  34. Wilbert Kroon

    I would like to get a Powertab powermeter, why: get better training results

  35. Alberto Fernandez Gibaja

    Probably a Garmin 920XT, no excuses then for getting into Tri! although a Fenix 3 will also make it :-)

  36. Nes Ioan

    Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire. I want to switch to more trail running.

  37. Wim boonstra

    Im still lacking a decent bike gps so an m450 or edge 520 would be nice. Might use the rest to pay of some wheels :)

  38. MJC

    Edge 520, or perhaps a Wahoo, to replace the Forerunner 305 on my handlebars.

  39. Todd

    Garmin Edge 1000. Because it is new.

  40. Mike

    I need a simple running and cycling gps, but really hoping to see some new swim tech out of CES. A Garmin 230 Swim with a pool app could awaken the force!

  41. Dennis Wright

    I would get a new either a garmin gps watch or garmin lights/radar for the bike. Can never have enough garmin technology.

  42. Sebastien Gagne

    I would go with a Smart Trainer, either Kickr or Neo to ride against my friend virtually during the dull moments of the snowy winter.

  43. Kara T.

    A rose gold Fenix because it looks so pretty.

  44. Chooch300

    Would like to pick up either Garmin 230 or Tacx Vortex, to help with winter training.

  45. Moad

    Garmin Fenix 3 shappire :) It just looks right

  46. Adam Kessler

    Garmin Edge 520… and a Red Rider BB Gun.

  47. Rob

    I would love to get a power meter so I could train properly, and for ease of transfer between my winter hack and my race bike I would get some power tap p1s! Thanks

  48. Matt Lindsay

    I would buy a new Garmin because they are awesome.

  49. Samantha Stevenson

    I would buy myself some new running clothes! My running clothes are at least 8 yrs old! Yikes! And, I’d give $100 to one of my coached athletes to let them buy themselves something awesome!!

  50. Shawn McKenna

    Bike case would have been great

  51. Eric B

    Garmin Edge 520…I’d like to integrate HR-based training into outdoor rides

  52. Chuck

    I would get a Garmin Forerunner 235 for my wife. She got me a 230 for Christmas, per DCR’s excellent recommendation, and I love it. She doesn’t like HRM straps (interferes with running bra), so the 235 with the optical HRM would be good for her.

  53. Stephen Rahaim

    Need power meter for the tri bike!

  54. stefanosM

    I will use it to get new ………

  55. Dave Nagel

    It would be a down payment on a wahoo kickr! A lot of winter left in Michigan

  56. Mickey

    Probably a new trainer of some sort since the mounting handle off my cycleops broke pretty much the first time I ever used it.

  57. Geoff

    I would upgrade to a new Garmin Forerunner as my current Garmin does not have Connect IQ.

  58. John

    I will get the Elite Qubo Digital Trainer or the Garmin 520 to help with my training.

  59. Bill Tunney

    I’d likely put it towards a power meter, maybe the P1 pedals.

  60. Nathan S

    Probably two Go Pro Sessions. I’ve enjoyed having a Garmin Virb on the front of my bike, but front and rear with improved quality would be cool.

  61. Adam

    Fenix 3, $towards a P1 or C1 or an epix

  62. Sean Sullivan

    Garmin 235 – I would like to try out the new optical HR sensor.

  63. Michael

    Tacx Vortex to replace my old “dumb” trainer.

  64. Randall

    Garmin Fenix 3 because I’ve been drooling over it since it was released. Perfect ask around watch that matches my lifestyle of workouts, trail running, backcountry.

  65. Andy Finnigan

    I would Clever Training for a suitable bike trainer, (to get me through the winter(

  66. JASON C.

    I would put my gift card towards the gift that keeps on giving: Wahoo Kickr Bike Trainer.

  67. Margaret

    I would’ve loved to have been able to get my dad the 4iiii Power Meter. Maybe this will help!

  68. Dereck Bowen

    The Garmin edge 1000 so i can’t get lost!

  69. SaltyDub

    a 920xt for me and nike fuelband for my son

  70. Karrie

    I would get the Garmin 920XT HR because I am currently training for my first 70.3 and would like to be able to track all my activities in one place.

  71. Samuel

    A power meter. I have only one – my hometrainer – so I can train with power only in winter.

  72. William D

    I could use a new 920xt. The 310 probably won’t last much longer.

  73. Kim Alexandre

    A Edge 520 for my boyfriend to pair with the tacx vortex smart that I gave him for Christmas

  74. Felix Wilson

    Garmin Fenix 3 – So I can compare it to my Ambit 3

  75. Michael Catania

    I would buy some bike tools and a bike stand…. Getting expensive at the local shop.

  76. Emily

    I’d probably get a Fenix3 or the new Garmin 235. I currently have an M400 which works fine, but I’m somewhat interested in accurate optical HR, there’s lots of additional features on these two watches, and they honestly just look a lot nicer than the M400 (especially the sapphire Fenix….)

  77. Adam

    I’d purchase the Garmin 920XT. I’ve recently started training for my first season of triathlon and since reading your product review of 920 it’s all I can think about!!!

  78. Katrina

    A trainer or a Garmin for my bike – something to get me through the snowy winter – or a new toy to look forward to for the summer :)

  79. Robin benson

    I would love a new Harmon just because I love new technology!

  80. Richard Meyers

    New garmin 520, my old 800 has seen better days

  81. Vegard Oelstad

    I would buy the vivosmart HR and a triathlon heart rate strap to better pay attention to my recovery and my heart rate during swimming workouts

  82. Simon Steixner

    I would buy a Polar M450 and some Sunglases because I am just finishing my roadbike and I need a bikecomputer.

  83. Charles Lichenstein

    I would put it towards a smart trainer bc I need to be ‘smarter’ with my indoor training management….

  84. Matt O

    Garmin 920. I have a 910 and I want to upgrade to the 920 so that I can easily upload my workouts so my coach is not yelling at me about not doing. Thank you

  85. Heather Riley

    In the New Year, part of my resolution is to do a few smaller scale triathlons, so a bike computer would be very useful. Specifically, the Garmin Edge 1000, since the round trip route creation feature will keep me from getting lost :)

  86. Krzysztof

    Bike trainer for sure – long winter evenings…

  87. David Dyer

    I think I would go for a garmin 520 or perhaps varia taillight

  88. Albert

    I would definitely get the Fenix 3, as I’ve started swimming as well, and my current watch only tracks running.

  89. I’d be very happy with a bike computer (probably garmin edges series), because on a bike I can’t read my triathlon watch easily and I don’t like quick release kits (too bulky)…

  90. Fabian

    I would get a pair of On-cloud and a trainer to train during bad weather. :)
    Thanks DC and CleverTraining!

  91. Rob L

    I’d put it towards a Stages power meter

  92. Stephen

    Fenix 3 and socks it is, then ;)

  93. uff

    I would by a new Garmin Forerunner for my self, since my 12-year old son has kidnaped my Forerunner 620 and will not let it go. And a second one for his kid sister so she can track here trail running and orienteering competitions with a GPS of her own. Probably a FR 630 for me, and a FR 230 for her.

  94. Shankar Rivankar

    Like to upgrade from Garmin Edge 500 to Garmin Edge 1000 as with new power meter want bigger screen for more info display.

  95. Mike S

    Fenix 3 for me….

  96. Karen

    A new trainer! Need to offset all those Christmas cookies :D

  97. Chris P

    I want to bring metrics into my training for 2016 so Garmin Vector 2(s) would be a great addition to my setup.

  98. Alex

    BePro !!!!!

  99. Anders Risager

    I would probably invest in a power meter of some sort…

  100. Lara

    I would probably put it towards a power meter. Which one, I’m not sure though.

  101. Tian

    4iiii power meter. I need to crank up my cycling training again!

  102. Monica r

    Garmin 235 plus ???? Because my 305 died and the vivoactive didn’t work out

  103. Josh Mars

    I would get the Garmin forerunner 235 because It looks really cool!

  104. Dana CC

    I’m thinking of a bundle formed from Withings WS-50 and FR 235! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  105. Alex Murphy

    Unwound get a new kickr because I have been drooling over hen for years and can’t justify unless free!

  106. Juri

    The gorgeous white fenix sapphire!

  107. frank

    a new edge 520!!

  108. Oren Smith

    A Garmin Edge 520, ’cause my Powertap LYC is sooooo played.

  109. Raphael

    Hi there,
    I’d love to get a good home trainer, I’ve never had any and I’d love to continue training during the cold winter :)
    Thanks a lot !

  110. Marion

    My husband’s been asking for a power meter for ages!

  111. stijn

    I would get a safer swimmer and a new pair of goggles; planning on doing a lot more open water swims in 2016 :)

  112. Simon Lau

    Garmin Vivosmart HR. To pair with my Garmin FR220 for HRM training. Hoping to go under 6 hr for my next full marathon in May 2016

  113. Jeff Anderson

    power meter for my gravel bike! Maybe a Power2Max

  114. Todd L

    New trainer, El Niño picking up…

  115. Andrew

    Garmin Scale

  116. Doc

    I’d get the Garmin 230 along with some smaller goodies. I don’t need anything too fancy. Or maybe I’d do more research after winning a $500 gift card!

  117. Marty Van Doren

    I would LOVE to have the Fenix 3. My Fenix 1 has unfortunately been a big disappointment to me since I got it.

  118. greg p

    Garmin varia would be sweet for added safety!

  119. Juliana Granados Mota

    I’d buy a Fenix3 as a daily+triathlon watch (and hope to have no accuracy issues!).

  120. Andrew D

    I would get a wahoo kckr, for some serious intervals and also Zwift!

  121. Walton

    Probably a Garmin Vivosmart HR. I would like to try the HR feature and use it as a remote for my VIRB camera.


    I would buy the garmin FR235 ’cause of the optical heart rate!

  123. yanca

    I would go for Suunto Ambit 4 without that bulky GPS part, with optical HR and much better connectivity to smartphone, making it really smart watch (but with the BW display).

  124. morey

    As much as I’ve panned the Fenix 3 for all of its issues- it’s still the sexiest multisport watch out there.

  125. Michelle

    I’d get the Fenix3 because it has other activity options besides running and seems to be the most well-rounded watch of them all!

  126. Andreas Sørensen

    I want the Garmin Fenix 3 :D Simply because i like to ski Rando during the winter. Regards!

  127. Evgeniy Egorov

    I’d get either a trainer or power meter.

  128. Daniel

    Suunto Ambit 2s! Looks really nice and looking for a swim+run gps watch!

  129. Clark

    I’d like a Fenix 3 because I want to spend more time outdoors and away from my tried and true routes.

  130. Terrance Ramirez

    Fenix 3 so I can go skiing

  131. Kat

    I would really, really, really love to get a power meter. However, I will most likely get a new trainer instead, since I wore mine out last week.

    **fingers crossed**

  132. Jacob Bugno

    I would probably get a Fenix 3 or 920XT because I would like the indoor swim tracking and my old 305 has literally been glued back together more than once.

  133. I would get an updated GPS watch for my wife! I just got a TomTom Spark for my birthday a couple months ago and love it … but she’s got an older Garmin and would probably love the Forerunner 235.

  134. Julian Wong

    Hi Ray,

    I’d be interesting in purchasing a Fenix 3. As I’m training more and more for triathlons, the Vivoactive just isn’t cutting it without the multi-sport support.


  135. Xander

    Hi Ray, I would go for 4iii precision because I want to train with power on my racing bike as well.

  136. Jason

    A Garmin 920xt with the tri bundle to replace my current 910xt. Love the new features and flexibility.

  137. Jennifer

    Garmin Fenix 3 because of the battery life as I train for my first 100m!

  138. Joe

    I would love to get a power met so I can train with power outside.

  139. M. Scherer

    A Garmin 520 would be nice – or better a Fenix 3?

  140. Rothnroll

    There are so many great products that I would want from Clever Training. I would start in this order if I wonthe 500 dollars

    1. Garmin 235 then the rest towards a
    2. GoPro Hero4

    Then I would go down the top 50 list they have on their website of awesome things.
    So many great products.

  141. Lance Liljenquist

    A power meter to take my training to the next level.

  142. Brad Rinderknecht

    Fenix 3 I never realized I wanted a skiing watch until I went and didn’t get the data I wanted from my Vivoactive!

  143. Ronnie

    Garmin Fenix 3 or Tacx/Wahoo Smart Trainer because my Garmin FR 305 won’t die and still using a roller.

  144. Ski

    I could go for a Fenix 3! Because it looks awesome and I don’t have one. :)

  145. Eddie

    I’d choose a power meter… thanks!

  146. Laura

    I would love the new Garmin 235 in frost blue. I love the look of it as an everyday watch and for improving my running!

  147. I would get a Garmin Edge 520 – much needed for my bike training.

  148. Matthew

    I would buy a wahoo kickr or some other trainer for indoor riding during the winter months

  149. Daniel Brosemer

    My venerable FR305 gave up the ghost over the holidays. It’s time to find it a replacement.

  150. I own a Fenix 2 and begin to have problem with the watch so I will replace it with the Fenix 3. If I can have it before january 23rd I have a race scheduled for this date :)

  151. Noel Price

    I would get the Garmin 920xt to replace my Garmin 910 cuz it keeps freaking out race morning.

  152. Robert C

    I really wanted to get a KICKR but I needed to put the money towards the kiddos. They take priority over my wants at all times :)

  153. Anders Sarvik

    I’d love to upgrade my old TomTom watch with cracked screen, preferably a new Garmin with built-in heart rate monitoring like the FR235 :)

  154. Mikko

    Ambit3 Peak

  155. Roman Vician

    Garmin XT 920. After many updates, it is now great triatlon watch.

  156. David Hinchee

    Wahoo snap to use when it’s too rainy outside!

  157. Harvey

    I would use it toward a power meter. I signed up for my first IM race next October and need to be more scientific in my training.

  158. Andrew K

    I would love a new watch or bike computer, maybe both! Have a polar watch now but love new technology.

  159. Alan Leen

    I would like a 4iii precision power meter to help improve my training

  160. Eric

    I’d try to get both a running watch and bike GPS. My Forerunner 305 has finally bit the dust. I’d hope to get the Edge 520 and the Vivoactiv (I’d happily pay the extra cost). Thanks for doing this!!!

  161. Juan Zorrilla

    Garmin Vector 2, Easy to swap between bikes.

  162. Steve Horne

    Fenix 3 – good for hiking, running, biking, everything!

  163. Steph

    I’d love a trainer, I’ve never had one and in the harsh Canadian winter it would be so useful. But I’d also love the new Garmin scale.
    A trainer would be super neat though!

  164. Rebecca

    I have been enjoying training with virtual power and Trainerroad, but would really love to train with power outdoors. I’m leaning toward the power tap pedals, or maybe a crank-based power meter.

  165. Chris

    I’d like a Polar M450 head unit, my V800 which “supposedly” rebroadcasts BTLE, as of yet doesn’t to anything but Polar devices (as I understand it) so my phone which I normally sync to my BTLE for a cycle computer, isn’t useful if using the V800 watch (in triathlon for instance). It’d be nice to use the watch in a Tri, and still have the HUD on the bars, basically, without having to add other cyclecomputer sensors for a dedicated computer to the mix.

  166. Michael Block

    Fenix 3. Present to myself to kick start Tri training.

  167. david

    garmin edge 520 to replace my edge 500

  168. Sandijs

    Garmin Forerunner 630 because my old Polar’s GPS tracker is loosing signal all the time.

  169. Miguel

    Fenix 3. Because I’m going to join my first triathlon early next year and a watch that has the multisport function would be really great!

  170. Rich

    Garmen Vector power meter set; it just was not in the budget this year ☹️

  171. kevin mcmahon

    Boy, so many needs (wants). Ideally, it’d be a trainer to help me make the most of the long cold months ahead.

  172. Dan

    I’d put three prize towards a set of powertap pedals to help train for my first Ironman next year.

  173. Marcin Szekalski

    Definitely 4iiii power meter. I need to see if the values shown in my turbo trainer software (Tacx) are actually accurate on the road too!

  174. Alex Arnason

    Fenix 3! Then I can wear the watch 24/7/365!

  175. Pat Cain

    Garmin 520 or 810, I can’t make up my mind.

  176. Melody Ng

    I’d love a Garmin Fenix 3!

  177. Shane

    I would get the Garmin Fenix 3. It’s a beast!

  178. Rebeca Chavez

    I would love to get a garmin forerunner 235. GFR235 thank you for the give away!

  179. Christian JS

    A trainer for my bike! For those long, cold, dark winters in Sweden

  180. Hannon

    UGH Garmin FR235 for sure.

  181. Nathan Girdner

    I would use the $500 to buy a Tacx Vortex trainer, and step up my indoor riding game this winter!

  182. Micke

    Would like to have a Garmin Fenix 3. Looks really good.

  183. Noah Stein

    I struggle with motivation in many facets of my life, but one of the constant themes of salvation is running and biking. Whenever I am more active and getting physical exercise in the fresh air or gym, I can feel my mind, body, and soul awaken; I feel better when I get moving, but struggle motivating myself. For that reason, I would use the $500 credit to purchase a Garmin Forerunner 230 or Fenix 3. I work with these products but unfortunately have never been able to get my hands on one. I see their value to users nearly everyday, and I believe that using one of these devices for exercising would help prompt a more consistent exercise routine, one that would benefit my overall life. Thanks for your blog…love reading it!

  184. Diana

    Garmin 235! I bought one for my boyfriend for Christmas and now I want one… ;)

  185. Samuel Hunter

    I would get a Garmin Forerunner 630 for my wife. She got me a Fenix 3 for Christmas so I’m all set.

  186. Gus

    I finally committed to the FR 630 but I think a FR 235 might be my dream device if the HR data is accurate enough to drive LT and V02 Max calculations….. maybe I need both.

  187. Igor Majer

    Trainer because noone likes winter.

  188. Simon

    Garmin 520!!

  189. Travis Penick

    I would use the giveaway to purchase a Tacx Vortex Smart. I have recently started using Zwift and I love riding on my indoor trainer but it’s an old dumb trainer. I need a new Tacx smart trainer to get even more out of Zwift indoor training. Here is hoping that I win and can purchase a new smart trainer; I plan to start riding in the spring and be even faster than I was this past fall.

  190. Mike Brown

    I would get a Fenix3, because it will look better than my 310XT!!!

  191. Roger

    Garmin 520 because I need an upgrade from my 500.

  192. Donna

    This would be a great time to get on the power meter wagon!

  193. Bernard Koekoek

    I’d go for a gopro cam, point it rearwards and record my “won’t ride precious bike in winter” mates while they disappear in the distance when we ride Roubaix next spring!

    Muhahaha, I can hardly wait!

  194. Norma

    I need a new heart rate monitor–very intrigued by the Scosche RHYTHM+ Armband Heart Rate Monitor you mentioned in another post–and I desperately need to replace some older gear. Hook me up! :) And happy new year!

  195. Marco Miranda

    I would go after the fenix 3, its the watch that i want the most, I have a forerruner 610 its time to upgrade, so my swim can get recorded to :P

  196. Scott Langman

    I feel like the Garmin Forerunner 235 is the ideal running watch for me due to its extra fitness tracking capabilities. I’ve been holding off on the purchase waiting for some of the bugs to be exterminated.

  197. Drawtender

    I got what I wanted for Christmas. That was before I read about those chubby water bottles. Now I think I need some of those. And maybe some chubby water bottle cages too. And a fat bike to fit them on?

  198. Lukasz

    Well the first thought goes to the new Garmin 630. Looks like a great choice for runners :)

  199. david

    I’d use it for a Garmin 520 because, well, I want a Garmin 520.

  200. Harald

    would be perfect for an Edge 520
    and some new running shoes, too :)

  201. A Limits 105 172.5mm crank arm power meter for my roadie please :-)

  202. Nick

    My first power meter! Most likely the power2max.

  203. Bernd

    a new trainer…

  204. Dominik H.

    I would buy a power meter, probably the 4iiii one. to put it on my road bike that sits currently on my tacx flow and also for training to power in the summer.

    Regards Dominik

  205. peter p

    A fenix 3 would be nice to assist in my training.

  206. Brandon

    Tacx Vortex Smart Trainer for my cross-training days this winter!

  207. ailsa c

    I asked for a Fenix 3 from Santa but never got one…

  208. Staffan

    I’d like a Garmin FR235. They still need to work on the HR bit to make it closer to perfect, but it would be just what I need. Running, activity tracking, pulse measurement without a strap. Just what the doctor ordered!

  209. Rogelio Abrego Rivera

    Well but I actually trying to buy a Garmin Fenix 3. I going out of an injury and back to trainning in 2016!!

  210. Kevin K

    I would possibly upgrade to the Garmin 920 and hand down my 910 to a nephew.

  211. Christoph

    An Edge 520 to keep me informed on the bike.

  212. Will Mann

    I’d buy the tacx smart upgrade so I can use my laptop with my new vortex trainer.

  213. Chris Powers

    Me, I’d go for the Fenix 3. My 910 is on it’s last leg, so this would be a good next step.

  214. Mike B

    Fenix 3 and foot pods, please!

  215. Margaret

    It would be nice to get rid of my HR monitor…would love a garmin 235!

  216. Aaron Gray

    Garmin edge 520 for the live Strave segments

  217. Adam

    A Garmin 235 would be awesome!

  218. Elizabeth C.

    GoPro Hero 4 Silver!

  219. A power meter would be great. Or a Garmin Edge 1000 to replace me old Edge 200.

  220. PC

    I’m looking for a power meter…. that would be really nice ;)

  221. Matthew Patterson

    Powertap P1 power meter to allow me to have a power meter in my pedals.

  222. Phil

    A Garmin Fenix 3 would definitely motivate me to take part in a triathlon in 2016.

  223. Maxime

    I would get a Garmin 920XT to replace my Polar V800

  224. Josh

    Either Garmin FR 235 or Fenix 3…hmm…

  225. Craig

    Power tap wheel-set. 2 in 1

  226. Thobias Bergqvist

    I’d love to upgrade my tri watch to a 920 XT. I love my gamin 310 but it’s getting old :/

  227. Ivan M.

    I would get a Wahoo Kicker because it’s starting to really get cold outside, I would like to try zwift, and you DC Rainmaker has been touting it for years, I’d like to try it.

  228. Bjorn

    Still need a crank for my new bike. So I’d go for the Powertap C1…

  229. Michael

    I’d really like to get a FR235 for a built in heart rate monitor!

  230. Hugo Noronha

    I’ll go for garmin 520 because it’s very handy and complete for my road bike

  231. James Knatt

    A random pair of socks!! I love socks

  232. Ron M.

    Would like a new trainer.

  233. Poffen

    Fenix 3 because my forerunner 910xt is not as smart as the fenix 3 and it is three years old ;)

  234. Michael

    A Garmin Vivoactive. Because it looks pretty and great. And pretty great.

  235. The BSX Insight was on my Christmas list, but convincing Santa was a challenge. I’m a huge data geek when it comes to running, using it to train smarter over time, and the Insight is the missing piece of my arsenal!

  236. Phillip

    I’m after a Garmin 920xt and the mounting kit.

  237. Joe Horn

    I’d like to get some new running gear and a wifi scale to gear up for winter training.

  238. Dan Maley

    Power training indoors all winter it would be a power meter for sure. Not to concerned wit the brand…Happy New Year!

  239. Definitly a powermeter!

  240. John Saharsky

    Rollers. I get so bored on the trainer, and need a new challenge. Rollers would be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

  241. Craig

    920xt tri bundle. I love that gray + black combo.

  242. Kevin

    I would get the Fenix 3, I’ve ran 3 50 mile ultras this year and need an endurance watch!

  243. Helicomatic

    Tough choice since the snow is covering the ground. Either a new trainer that would allow enrollment in Zwift. Or, a power meter in case spring comes. Thanks for all your hard work!

  244. Dominik Huebner

    I want a Giro Synthe Mips Helmet, because my old helmet stinks!

  245. Stephen Harding

    One of the new Garmin watches. My old one is on its last legs. Time for an upgrade.

  246. Reign Charbit

    I could really do with i nice new wetsuit or a garmin 920xt would be sweet!

  247. Nikolay

    I’d love to have Garmin Forerunner 630. For me, it is perfect running watch. And it looks fabulous in blue.

  248. Richard Withington

    I’d love a right side 4iiii to go with the left-side I already have and love!

  249. Bret Bartness

    I would like a new Garmin running watch.

  250. David Martinson

    I would love to upgrade my Forerunner 220 to a 630!

  251. Dschi-Dsche-i Dschunior

    Hi ! My dream is Fr630! Herzchen Herzchen Herzchen

  252. Laney Butt

    I would get a vivofit 2 because I have been borrowing a friend’s and have come to love it.

  253. Dylan

    Wanted the Polar A360 for my wife, but thanks to Ray’s review will be taking a closer look at Vivosmart HR.

  254. jon dexter-thornton

    Fenix 3. Need an activity tracker to spark competition with my 9 year old who got a vivofit 2 from santa. I figure it is better to go the fenix to replace my ambit2s rather than adding another device on my wrist.

  255. Steve W

    A new forerunner 235 for sure. Or maybe a trainer. Thanks Ray!

  256. Em

    I’d order a wahoo kickr trainer. I have a very simple trainer right now so it’d be nice to be able to upgrade!

  257. albert

    Probably the 920xt since my old 910 is struggling to turn on!

  258. Steven S

    All the things! Or at least $500 of all the things..:)

  259. Travis

    I’d get a GoPro Hero 4 Black to shoot some skiing footage

  260. Chris Dudko

    Tacx Neo. The east coast US winter weather hasn’t really hit yet, but when it does I need all the help I can get to stay on the trainer.

  261. Yves Muyters

    I’d buy the Garmin fr235 for my girl. She just started running and she’s doing great, but regular hr-straps don’t work on her. With the rest of the money I’d buy a footpod for my polar m400.

  262. Chuck

    A Fenix 3 please! To cover all my activities from surfing to hiking to Tri.

  263. Ted Teague

    A Garmin Edge 520 and Varia light/radar setup because I’m tired of using my Forerunner to track bike workouts.

  264. John Senger

    A Wahoo Kickr to help me survive training for IMFL indoors in Iraq

  265. Adam Friedenbach

    Santa Rain Man,
    I would 100% go for the Fenix 3. I have been eyeballing that watch for 5 months. Was hoping to get it for Christmas but my wife told me that it was way too much money. I am a beginner triathlete and outdoors man. I would never take this watch off!!!!!!!

    Thank you so much for the opprtunity!

  266. Petteri

    Perhaps a new Garmin FR235 or something new from Suunto/Polar

  267. Allan P Watkins

    I’d love to get a Garmin Edge 1000 or a new sock wardrobe with some arm/leg warmers, my socks are getting seriously raggedy.

  268. Steven Knapp

    The new Garmin Vivosmart HR, assuming your upcoming review is positive.

  269. I think it’s GoPro time for 2016

  270. Neil Fishman

    The old Garmin is dying a slow and painful death. Trying to decide between the 235 and 630.
    Best wishes to you and the the Girl for a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  271. Klaus

    Garmin watch would be very kind!

  272. Jake

    Power meter for sure. Not because I need it or because it will make me better, but because they are cool.

  273. Fenix 3 is the first that comes to mind. I am sure that’s going to be the most popular request here :)

  274. Stacey Mozingo

    I would probably get bike cadence/speed sensors and a trainer. Winters in Indiana are hard on bicyclists. Might also get my husband a tracker to wear or trainer. I’m also ready to do some swimming and a little running. I have a vivoactive that I won from work. Love it!

  275. Mark

    I am looking at one of the Garmin watches. Can’t really decide yet on which one.

  276. An upgrade of my running watch from Forerunner 220 to 630 would be great.

  277. Brian Weatherington

    Fenix 3 ready for next years ultras

  278. Jayson S.

    I would get a Fenix3 probably, because it looks like an awesome all-around training watch!

  279. Alan Diaz

    I would get the 4iiii’s Precision Power Meter. I’ve been training for tri’s for 6 years using HR and perceived effort to improve. I feel like i’m making little gains now and believe and would like to try a power meter to take me to another level.

  280. santiago

    Garmin fenix 3, Silver

  281. Jeff Schreier

    Garmin FR 235 nothing is more convenient that already having your running watch on your wrist, best way to do that combine it with your activity tracker HR monitor

  282. Steve Fitz

    I’ll take a Fenix “4”!!!

  283. Noel

    A garmin 920xt would be amazing (well, anything free would be amazing :) )

  284. Carlos Quinonez

    Garmin Fenix 3 watch will really help as im doing my first ironman this coming December 2016.

  285. Andrew M

    Probably put the money towards a Kickr

  286. Jim McLeish

    I was hoping for a Garmin 520 Edge. It’s time to take my cycling to the next level and perfect my cadence and pedal stroke.

  287. Harry Grand

    Fr 920xt please

  288. Ryan Elliott

    Wahoo Kickr – because let’s face it just like the Stark’s say “Winter is coming”.

  289. Josh Jensen

    A Virb or a Fenix3 Saphire. I have been looking at action cams a long time, i could get some good footage, but my current Smart watch is lacking in build quality and is sporting a few cracks, maybe it is time for a new one?

  290. N.Klein aus Freiburg

    Any Watch is fine!

  291. Derrick Yap

    Power Meter!! been eyeing on those power2max power meters for a time to replace my old garmin speed/candece sensor but budget is still tight right now

  292. Eric

    Was totally hoping for a 520 and some tri shoes – no luck with Santa, but the random number generator will do me proud

  293. Karen Plimmer

    Rose gold fenix 3. I’ll run faster…. right?

  294. Kayce

    I would love to get the new Powertap pedals.

  295. Ryan

    I’d start with a new heart rate sensor. The one I have has been providing readings I’m pretty suspicious of.

  296. Garrett

    Garmin Forerunner 235. I currently have the the 620 with the heart rate monitor but rarely use the heart rate monitor. Having the optical sensor in the watch would definitely be cool

  297. Mark Metzler

    A new Fenix 3 would be very nice!

  298. DomiC

    Garmin Edge 25 for my bike and HRM-Tri for my Fenix 3 !

  299. Deric Bert

    Powertap P1 pedals to start training with power.

  300. rene

    Fenix3 . well it simply looks better than my current ambit2 ?

  301. Aaron

    I would go for a Fenix 3 and never be lost again :)

  302. Will M

    A new Garmin running watch or perhaps a smart trainer

  303. Shawn

    I would either want the Fenix 2, Fenix 3, or one of the new Garmin FR watches.

  304. Daniel Orban

    PowerTap P1 , to work on my left – right balance

  305. Jamie

    I’d like to get the Garmin Forerunner 230 GPS Running Watch & Activity Tracker. I like to check the data while I’m running, and this watch seems like a good fit. And I like the look of it!

  306. I want the Elite Qubo Digital Smart B+ trainer so I can train for a triathlon during a harsh Boston winter!

  307. Benoit

    4iiii Power Meter, because I wan’t to improve my training and zwift work better with a real power meter

  308. AngeBee

    I would love some powertap P1s so I can start training with power and can better manage by bike effort in races.

  309. Zach

    Since I’m just getting into biking I’d get myself some proper bike apparel.



  311. Alex.

    A VIRB X, to film my upcoming ski trip

  312. Greg K.

    Fenix 3 to replace my Fenix 2 or down payment on PowerTap C1

  313. Jason

    Powertap P1 Power Pedals because I want to know my power output so I don’t overbike my races



  315. chad barber

    Fenix 3 – becuase it looks awesome

  316. Jan

    a new fenix 3

  317. Ben

    Got to be a power meter – having just started using Trainer Road, seeing that Virtual Power has whetted my appetite for the real thing.

  318. Niek

    I would give my self a wahoo kickr…??

  319. ciaran

    I would love a fenix 3 or a power meter a stages maybe.



  321. 4iiii Power meter please please please! I would love some power for my ride!

  322. Brian

    Garmin Fenix 3 and Scosche RHYTHM+

  323. te Hennepe

    A new 920XT…. The best there is…

  324. Wade Bonzon

    I’d purchase the Powertap P1 power meter pedals. Now that I’m living in flat Dallas, I need to know how much the wind is increasing my power output!

  325. Josh Springer

    I’d love to upgrade to a wheel based power meter to put on my TT & road bike.

  326. 4iiii power meter!!!;)

  327. Adam hollingworth

    A Fenix 3 please. Because my old Fenix 2 really doesn’t work after it may have frozen at Everest base camp!

  328. Alan

    I would love to complete my Polar watch collection with the V800. It looks like an amazing watch and also would allow swimming heart rate collections.
    Thank you

  329. Will

    Garmin Fenix3, to kick cycling workouts up a notch with connections to other sensors.

  330. Rory Mitchell

    Scosche Rhythm + Heart rate monitor because I’m beginning to hate a chest strap.

  331. Mark Bridges

    4iiii power meter

  332. Alan

    I would really wish to have the Forerunner 630 since I’m a data geek runner, who not only enjoys looking at performance indicators, but also works on improving them from training to training session. Pleeeeese! :-)

  333. I would ask for the Fenix3 because my sister’s Garmin 220 broke and she’s a good sister who deserves a multisport watch!

  334. Ulric Huang

    I need a new trainer. The Kickr Snap looks like a perfect fit to improve my winter cycling training!

  335. Erin

    CWX tights to get me through the NY winter, a quality pair of sunglasses, and some BASE Salt for good measure. That stuff got me through IMLP in July, but I dropped my last precious tube in the middle of my bike leg during my last tri (ohhh, the humanity!!!)

  336. Leah Gregory

    I’d like to have the Forerunner 630 and to start to take running more seriously in 2016!

  337. Aaron

    I would really like to get the Fenix 3 so that I can record my snowshoe and nordic ski adventures on my “off” days.

  338. Kevin Connelly

    I need to get myself in shape for my son. An activity tracker like a FitBit HR is just what I need to hold myself accountable.

  339. Holly Machamer

    I need a new running watch. One of them fancy new Garmin watches with the HR built in would be perfect!

  340. Anne

    I would get a the Teeki Hot Pants Deer Medicine. Probably a new watch as well – maybe the Fenix

  341. Teresa Bowling

    Would LOVE a Fenix 3- need help badly getting beyond 5K’s!

  342. Sam

    Quarq Riken AL BB30. Because I’d like a power meter and compact crankset on my road bike.

  343. Johann Sigurdsson

    Never got the Fenix 3 Red HRM Run bundle wished I had one :)

  344. Jordan

    I would probably go with the 920XT Tri Bundle. The swim HR interests me a lot as I have gone from a non-swimmer, to a terrible swimmer, to a mid-pack swimmer on a good day. I’m now at the point where I need to get a bit more technical about my swimming to continue to improve and being able to identify zones and corresponding HR’s would be huge. Evaluating perceived exertion on the bike and run I’m pretty good at, but in the pool I seem to be a bit hopeless.

    Cheers Ray!

  345. Michael

    I’d love a new Garmin 630 with faster satellite lock than my 610.

  346. Craig Vespa

    I’d go for the Powertap P1 pedals.

  347. Bob McMillen

    I find myself in dire need of a Garmin Edge 520. My 500 just quit and I’m short of cash

  348. Dr.Balazs Andras

    I would like to win a Garmin 920xt with tri straps,’couse I am relly try to take my efforts to the next level.After finishink my first and secin olimpic distance last year now I train hard to reach the half and the ironman special distance.So this would add a goo addition to training


  349. Steven Wallen

    Hello, I have been meaning to get the Garmin Vivo Active because it is in my price range, sort of….Its a little more than i can afford. I have been trying to get back into shape and have lacked the motivation. I am also a person who likes to do my research on products and this site has helped a lot. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the chance to win!

  350. Rolando Felizola

    Quarq Power Meter, to really up my game.

  351. Michael Lee

    I’d get a fenix 3 because I want a watch with Ultratrac mode.

  352. Big Daddy

    I’d get a Garmin Forerunner 235 because, since I don’t “live to run,” like so many of the other posters, I’ve used fitness tech as a ‘hack’ to ensure I’m not doing anymore than I really need to get the right/best/optimal workout.

  353. Will Law

    GoPro Hero 4 black would go down very nicely!

  354. Samuel_k.

    I would get a Garmin Forerunner 630. Because I have been loving running and would want to experience my first gps watch!

  355. Ceren burcu turkan

    I would choose a fenix 3, without a doubt. I really believe it would help me improve myself on swimming and running mostly. Maybe someday i can use it for training for ironman. Would be dream come true.

  356. Naomi

    Garmin 235, because out with the old stinky, never-stays-put-unless-its-too-tight chest straps and in with the optical heart rate monitoring!

  357. Sam

    I’d put it towards Quarq Riken AL BB30 110 BCD power meter. What use is my road bike without power measurement?

  358. Rich

    I would love to get the Garmin Fenix3. It has features more useful for my trail runs than does my current 910xt.

  359. Hello,
    I would get the garmin 235. As a person new to exercising, I like to see the fruits of my labor- in the form of numbers and graphs!! The 235 would help me continue to challenge myself to be a better me. I’m still not in love with exercise…but I love to set goals and accomplish them.

  360. Andrew

    Garmin 235 for sure and a new pair of running shoes!

  361. Bachulator

    Edge 520. To have strava segments on my stem.

  362. Nicole

    I would love to get a Scosch Rythym optical heart rate armband! For some reason the straps don’t work on me. Perhaps due to my body shape, I can’t run much longer than 30 minutes before it drops out.

  363. Douglas Cash

    The 320xt is showing signs of age, I would like a Fenix3 to help keep me motivated.

  364. Nicos Loucaides

    Maybe a powertap p1 power meter :) Who knows :)

  365. Jason

    looking for a Power Meter.

  366. Erik Andersen

    I think i’d use it towards a power meter. I’d like to complete my first century ride in 2016.

  367. Bob K.

    Garmin Fenix 3 for the win. Thank you.

  368. Riley

    4iiii’s Precision Power Meter as I would give it to my wife who would then most definitely kick my butt on our rides together.

  369. Dan H.

    The Fenix 3 for my girlfriend. I believe she is going to crush her marathon PR this year and BQ. I just bought myself the Fenix 2 for my first Half-Iron but I want her to have the 3 for her races.

  370. Grant

    The Garmin 920xt for sure. I love my Garmin 410 but it died recently so I would love an upgrade.

  371. Bruno

    I would take the 4iiii Precision Power Meter

  372. seboricor

    A Fenix 3 for 2016

    Happy new year to every DC fans

  373. KenP

    I’d like a BSX Gen2 device, no more labtests for thresholds, huray!

  374. Brian W

    I would get the Cycleop Powersync or Powerbeam. I love the idea of riding courses and having resistance change automatically based on course profile.

  375. kay scarbo

    Would love to upgrade my old garmin 500……

  376. Corinne

    It would be nice to have a Fenix 3 !

  377. Oriane

    Time to run, good health and a Fenix :o)

  378. Mike

    Garmin Forerunner 630 HR,I absolutely need it to improve my workout!

  379. scott

    Wish I got a Kickr

  380. Tycho

    I’d go for the Forerunner 630 + HRM, to replace my crappy M400, but all I got for Christmas was candy and books. Help me! ;-)

  381. Matthew Tanenbaum

    I wanted any varia ligthts and radar. Did not get any :(

  382. Kevin Petri

    I’d grab myself a Garmin Forerunner 920XT so I can retire my 310XT and stop looking like I have a small orange and grey computer attached to my wrist.

  383. Davide

    Go pro session, because my Sony sport cam can change between photo and video with out remote control

  384. blaf

    Many options not sure what I would picked. A power meter, Edge 1000 or a trainer to support my winter training.

  385. ian

    My ideal one would be a brand new trainer, the Tacx genius looks the best one for my needs

  386. Chris M.

    Hmm, probably Fenix 3. Thanks for the giveaway!

  387. Graeme Cooper

    As many watches as possible, a la dcrainmaker. Or a 920xt if i could only choose one

  388. Chris M.

    Hmm, probably the Fenix 3. Thanks for the giveaway!

  389. Richard

    Garmin FR920XT. Trying more triathlon this year – so I needs me a triathlon watch. :)

  390. snehls

    kickr snap

  391. Pete

    Polar V800 would fit me to make me fit! In black please!

  392. Kinda wanted a GoPro…. But got one for my dad instead :)

  393. Jonas Bragagnolo

    I’d love a Garmin watch that can track my swim workouts!

  394. Steve Sherman

    I’d like to get the 4iiii’s Precision Power Meter so that I don’t have to keep swapping my current Stages between bikes.

  395. Martina

    4iiii power meter for my winter/training bike

  396. Daniel

    Fenix 3 to help with the new year’s resolutions…

  397. Aidan

    I have a Garmin 620 and am rather envious of the 630’s features so would have to get that.

  398. carlos

    4iiii’s Precision Power Meter!! i want a power meter!! btw, nomatter the brand at least… :)

  399. David Snyder

    A Garmin Fenix 3 would really help me kick off the New Year in style.

  400. Alan Zhang

    Garmin Fenix 3, absolutely!

  401. Pieter V

    A sweet bike trainer for those bad days

  402. Don Schenck

    I’d love to have the new Wahoo Fitness KICKR 11-spd indoor trainer.


  403. I would buy loads of running socks as you quite simply cannot have enough.

    Also, my Wife is fed up of me keeping smelly socks around the house so I can wear them a second time, to reduce washing loads.

  404. Claude

    Fenix 3 for hiking and trail running!

  405. Rick

    Kickr desk!

  406. Elizabeth

    I would purchase a trainer for my road bike, to help continue to lose weight. So far I’ve lost 70 lbs! :)

  407. Wouter Gardeyn

    a Garmin FR235, to compare with my polar m400, and see if gps accuracy is better, and more suitable as a day to day watch!

  408. Janine Weatherington

    Garmin 920xt for the year of triathlons

  409. Manu

    I’d get a trainer, as due to a move next year I might have to switch from running to biking as my main training aspect.

  410. Brian

    Id get a new garmin 520 to be cool like my friends :)

  411. Valerie C.

    I would love to win the Fenix 3 for my husband. He’s been wanting it for a long time and didn’t get anything for Christmas! This would mean so much to him!!

  412. NN

    I would most definitely go for the 920XT since I’m a bit tired of my Fenix 2.

  413. Roddy Harwell

    Fenix 3!

  414. Priz

    I’d get the Garmin Fenix3 to replace my TomTom multisport. The TomTom hasn’t been reliable since the first few months I had it. I’ve even got them to replace it once. I’d buy a Fenix but can’t justify the expense while saving for my wedding.

  415. Ken

    Garmin 920XT
    It will last thru a 24 hr race w/o needing to be recharged via Power Monkey.

  416. Bethany Jirak

    I’d probably get the fitbit charge hr

  417. Nigel

    Garmin 630 , cos it plays music!!

  418. Greg Purviance

    Power Meter still trying to decide which one. everyone needs more data…

  419. Mark Chandler

    I would go for a Garmin 520 or Wahoo Elmnt. Time to upgrade the bike computer!

  420. Brian

    For sure a power meter!

  421. Carl a Jimenez

    Garmin forerruner 630

  422. Christoph

    The Garmin Fenix 3 to start my new year’s resolution of beginning trail running and mountain biking.

  423. A new watch with navigation mode, like the Epix.

  424. Melanie P

    A power meter would be great. I’d love one to up my training this year!

  425. Dan Irish

    To solve all my bike travel woes… a Kuat NV

  426. Natalia

    New watch

  427. Ivan

    Fenix 3, because i started swimming in open water this year.

  428. Ryan M

    Needed a power meter but Santa just doesn’t understand it seems.

  429. Dear Santa,
    a Garmin FR630 please…

  430. Ted H

    I’d get a Garmin 630 or 235.

  431. Martin Fredriksson

    Ohhh, Merry Xmas DC!

  432. John Watson

    $500 would be a nice credit towards finally picking up PowerTap P1 pedals that basically received your implied creme de la creme nomination in the yearly power meter roundup.

  433. Erik

    I need to get a Garmin Edge 810 to replace the Edge 800 that just went belly-up last month. Could really use the help since I went and blew my Christmas cash on other stuff…

  434. Thomas McCarthy

    Garmin Edge 520 because I’m in desperate need of a bike computer!

  435. Thounee

    Really would have needed a Fenix3 or something recent from Garmin to see how green the grass is behind my current Polar fence.

  436. Dennis Voogt

    Stages Power meter, which I would like to use to prepare for my first Half Distance

  437. Crispin E

    A Virb XE Cycle Bundle. I love my Virb Basic, but it’s a pain not being able to edit the videos and metrics directly on my iPad. The tech integration of the Virb XE is just what I’m after.

  438. Annelies

    I run 3 times a week and when i want to get better results i have to train whit a hrm. My old hrm is one that i have to wear underneath my bra, and i hate that. So i really want the Garmin Forerunner 235 GPS Running watch! Please…:-)

  439. Jamie Palmer

    For me it would have a KICKR trainer. Been after one of those for some time :)

  440. GoldRushTri

    I’d get a Quarq Riken, cause you can never have too many power meters!

  441. Pschittt

    I’ll get à forerunner 630, just for fun

  442. Joe

    garmin vivosmart HR + garmin wifi scale because I need some new toys to help keep me motivated after the holiday season.
    Also a Scosche RHYTHM plus Heart Rate Monitor Armband to use with current running watch.

  443. Sarah

    I’d buy a Wahoo Kickr! Minnesota winters are long, dark, and cold.

  444. Massimo Franceschini

    I’d have a Garmin 630 just because I can’t afford myself a new nice wrist GPS device, and my old FR10 barely manages to record 3hrs with its almost gone battery

  445. SS76

    I would like the Garmin forerunner 235. Thank you, and good luck to me.

  446. Michael Fiola

    I want a wahoo kickr please.

  447. Michael Mitchell

    Garmin 25 or 235 to help lose toe Christmas pounds!

  448. Murphy Flynn

    I would get a Garmin Edge 1000 for the long rides. I need the maps and phone features.

  449. Austin Daley

    I would get a TomTom Spark Music + Cardio and a pair of nice running earbuds. I have always tried to keep myself active and now that Im training more frequently I need an easier system. Its time to turn my life around and take control of my health!

  450. Jono

    I’d probably go a power meter and give to a mate. If there’s anything left over I’d go some socks.

  451. Carlos Fernandez

    I’ll go for the powertap P1 power pedals!!!
    Want them bad

  452. Stephen Gurry

    A Sunto Traverse for me!

  453. Marc Kerr

    Well after 4500+ entries the odds are starting to stack up. I’d likely go for the 4iiii power meter.

  454. Christoph Kohls

    I’m not sure yet. Maybe I’ll wait for the 4iiii that’s placed on the right side…

  455. Vladimir

    Garmin Edge 520, I see it very comfortable for my riding starting next spring. Garmin did good job.

  456. Nick

    I’d get one of the new Forerunners with the optical sensor,though I have yet to decide which.

  457. Sandro

    I would get the Garmin Varia radar. I need the added peace of mind while riding along the narrow roads around here.

  458. Alex

    Definitely Garmin Fenix 3, this watch suits all my needs.

  459. Esteban

    Power meter. Want to improve my training using power zones for my next triathlon

  460. Anders Ryman

    I would probably go for an Edge bike computer, maybe the 520, just because I have thought about buying it for a while now but never did.

  461. Mika Övermark

    Garmin Varia would be my choice

  462. Hi ! I’d like a BSXinsight device because as a doctor I’m interested in NIRS tech


  463. Ian

    Some kind of power meter as I don’t have one yet.

  464. Laura

    Garmin 920xt

    For my first triathlon

  465. Ville

    Fenix 3, love it as train watch and everyday watch

  466. Sergio V.

    A new trainer for me, maybe Vortex Smart. ;)

  467. dcg1963

    I’d probably go for a Garmin Edge 520 Cycling Computer. It would be a nice upgrade to my current bike computer (Edge 500).

  468. Villegas

    go pro, want to capture my scuba dives

  469. Luis

    Garmin 920 Xt for my son :)

  470. Lucero

    Powermeter for my son

  471. Mari

    Felix 3 for my brother !!!!!

  472. Mariana

    Powermeter for my brother !!!

  473. David

    Garmin 920XT for me. Tri sport, Bluetooth connectivity, and compatibility with all the Garmin accessories. Can’t beat it!

  474. wally

    BSX Gen2 Insight

  475. Julien

    Power Tap P1, because I need to start measuring my watts!!!

  476. Deb

    I want a Yahoo Kickr, who the heck would not?

  477. Kris

    Would love a new trainer. Life is fixing to get a whole lot more hectic so i’m currently trying to figure out how to get some riding in when work will basically monopolize nearly every moment of daylight. Zwift greatly interests me as a big video game guy and I think having a smart trainer would help convince me to get some trainer time in during the week.

  478. arnold

    Garmin fr 630. Then i could give my fr 620 to someone who loves to run but does not have the money to buy an excellent running watch

  479. Sebastiaan

    I’d get a garmin 235, can’t wait to ditch the heart rate strap!!

  480. Miranda

    I would get a 520 It ‘ll be my first gps bike computer and can’t wait for biking season (in canada)

  481. Querubim

    I’d go for the 920xt.. Best in the category..

  482. Adrian Walton

    I’d get the Garmin 920XT because I like to tri, and after 10 years with Polar I think that it’s time for a change!

  483. Aimee

    I’d totally snag a Forerunner 235!

  484. Louise Kennedy

    I would purchase whatever my running pal and team mate Winnie needs. Probably the Garmin 630. She would like a new watch and I would love to gift her one

  485. sbar

    I’d go for the Pioneer Shimano Ultegra 6800 Crankset Power Meter to be able to swap out chainrings from compact to full size- nice.

  486. Charles

    I’d get a Go Pro Hero 4 Silver or a Garmin Virb XE to record my bike trips around Belgium :-)

  487. Joey A Jablonski

    I would get the fenix3 so I could have a fitness watch that I could also wear to work.

  488. Thomas Hazell

    Garmin Fenix 3: everything I need in one watch: cycling gps, running watch , ant+, etc etc

  489. keith mcumber

    Safe swimmer bouy and go Pro to capture my open water swims at Luckys Lake!

  490. Ben McMahan

    I think I’d go with a Forerunner 630 or possibly follow the masses with a Fenix 3, 610 is a fine watch but who wouldn’t want all those extra bells and whistles…

  491. Mathieu

    A new bike trainer to replace my old one.

  492. Steven Allran

    I would like a fenix 3 to give to my son because I cannot afford to buy one.

  493. Gabriel Granåsen

    I would probably go for the Garmin 630 HRM. My old friend, late G305, has past away so I really need a new run mate.

  494. Carrie

    Hmm. Good question. Probably something(s) valued at up to $500 since that is what the prize will allow. I will use whatever I buy for training, I suppose.

  495. Brendan

    I wouldn’t mind getting the scosche hr band and/or a go pro.

  496. Smita

    I would go for Garmin 630, perfect upgrade for my 2 year old 620.

  497. Kim Essendrup

    Would love a 4iiii’s Precision Power Meter! Was on track for the race of my life at Roth this year and had a massive asthma attack 80 miles in on the bike that totally shut me down. Been in the “blah’s” since then, and could use a new toy!

  498. Laura Hershberger

    I’d get the Fenix 3 because it’s shiny and new!

  499. Lala

    GoPro or another action camera. Why – I have wanted one for a while to record while I run/race, but it’s a bit cost-prohibitive for a non-essential.

  500. Kate

    The Garmin Forerunner 235…I got some great gear this Christmas, but would love to have a decent running watch, all the better to obsess over stats ;)

  501. Brendan Offer

    I’d go for the garmin 520 as it seems like it is best bang for your buck when it comes to cycling computers. Maybe if I have a bit left over I’ll get some spare inner tubes, as I am constantly going through them :)

  502. Keaton

    I’ve always wanted a power meter but haven’t been able to justify buying one for myself, much less asking for one as a gift. If I won I’d either finally pull the trigger on one or get a Garmin Varia radar kit to protect myself more on solo rides.

  503. Colin C

    Would love a Garmin FR235. My wife thinks my current Garmin is ugly (it is), plus the onboard HR monitor would be fun.

  504. joelle segrue

    I’d like a new tri bike! But certainly would take a new Garmin 920XT. Or possibly a new Fitbit or Garmin vivofit. I don’t know……so many choices!

  505. Nik

    I would get the Garmin Smart Scale to go with my new fenix 3.

  506. I would like 4iiii power meter instead of my powercal for more accurate data of my cycling training.

  507. Katri

    I have been really dreaming of a good tri watch that would have a gps for open water swimming. Being just a recreational triathlete with 3 kids unfortunately an expensive watch/HRM monitor (like Garmin 920 XT) is totally unaffordable. So thats definitely one of the items I dream about.

  508. Xavier Ulloa

    I’ll definitely get the Garmin fenix best overall

  509. Vincent Chang

    A GoPro Hero4 for taking shot from biking or skiing.

  510. Nicole

    I’d get the Garmin Forerunner 235…that’s what I really wanted to begin with!

  511. Klaus

    I’d like to have the new Garmin 235 because I’m sick of wearing heart rate straps.

  512. Morten Wikman

    I would like the Garmin FR 630, just to geek it even more after the run!

  513. Ugo

    I will get a 4iiis power meter to improve the wayI train on my bike :)

  514. Jay

    I’d get a Garmin Forerunner [something]. Not sure which one is best for me. 630 probably. :)

  515. jenn

    I need new bike shoes, a new swim suit, swim fins, and tri shorts! I didn’t get any of these because my friends and family don’t understand my Triathlon problem :( #womp

  516. Taylor

    An Edge 520!

  517. Scott B

    A Yeti cooler. Why? Because all of this training is making me thirsty!

  518. Scott

    Fenix 3, because I’d love a top notch GPS watch

  519. Chad

    Powertap C1! I was thinking of other options until I read your review!

  520. Troy

    Prob GoPro Bundle #2 garmin 520
    Video for hikes and Cycling

  521. Scott

    Gotta be the wahoo table, amiright?

  522. Chad Lerma

    A 4iiii precision power meter. would like to use it with the Cannondale SiSL crank that came with my bike.

  523. Ben Anderson

    Scosche hr monitor and a Fenix 3 – been looking for any reason to get my hands on them.

  524. Ben

    The Powertap Pedals for sure. I’ve been looking at those for a few months thanks to your review.

  525. TJM Jansen

    Amazing! hmm… I tend to go for 4iii’s powermeter since that’s basicly something I’d buy if it didn’t cost as it does. Either that, or the Fenix 3, for the looks and as an upgrade for my 910.

  526. DS

    I’d get one of the GoPro cameras, so I can do foolish things that I would not do if I did not have a GoPro. Or maybe several pair of new bike shorts.

  527. Karol

    action camera or some running watches

  528. Christian

    Garmin Vector power meter – because the more data you get the more exciting it gets playing with Strava.

  529. Brian Darroch

    Since I’ve just bought a Garmin 920XT and trainers aren’t shipped internationally I would like a Garmin VIRB XE

  530. Larry S.

    My festivus request is Powertap P1 Power Pedals or some other dual leg powermeter.

    Happy Holidays!

  531. Mike M.

    With a new Garmin Edge 820 on my bike, I can hand down my Forerunner 305, repurposed as a cycling computer, to someone who starts running as a New Years resolution.

  532. Ted

    Fenix 3!! Who wouldn’t want one of the most impressive sport watches currently on the market! ;)

  533. Saras

    Suunto ambit3 sport with heart rate strap for cycling and swimming because of your review, the colour choices white or blue) and the cost.

  534. Vincent Karsten

    A garmin edge 810 for when i hit the road. The navigation on my Fenix 3 can be a bit tricky when cycling on the paths here on Holland.

  535. Duce

    Eyeing the Fenix 3. Picked up the M400 based on the review here. Digging it but will be looking to upgrade as I tackle new goals.

    Thanks for the work!

  536. Anthony McCusker

    I would get a Garmin forerunner 630 and the Varia radar lights

  537. Ken

    A Garmin Fenix – have been working on multiple sports this past year and would like one watch to cover them all!

  538. Rich Eisenhart

    4iiii power meter – to improve my road riding times!

  539. Ken M

    Garmin Forerunner 630.

  540. Derek Soutar

    I’d buy a Garmin Fenix 3. This watch ticks every box for me and my sports watch requirements

  541. Jason

    A GoPro Hero4 Silver! I ride motorcycles and cycle quite a bit, so it’d be interesting to capture some shots to share with my friends.

  542. Tom

    Garmin 520 to give me a handle bar based computer rather than my watch or phone

  543. Ramon

    4 iiii’s Precision Power meter which I’ve been dreaming on for a while. Thanks!

  544. Patrik

    Fenix 3 to get all the functions for training, hikes and every day use in the everyday office.

  545. Kevin

    Edge 1000

  546. Jason A.

    I’d love to get the money towards a wahoo kickr!!!

  547. Donal Coakley

    Garmin 630 because I bought the 235, selling my 620 and Mio and now realise that Garmins in house optical sensor is rubbish. I want the 630 now.

  548. JL

    GoPro HERO4 Silver DCRainmaker Bundle. I know that I need it, but haven’t convinced my wife so far, so coincidentally Santa didn’t bring me one this year.

  549. Dwane Brennan

    I would buy the Garmin 920xt. Ticks all the boxes???

  550. Alberto Turelli

    I’d go for a Garmin Fenix 3, it was out of budget when I was choosing my Christmas treat…

  551. Noah

    Think it’s time for a new GoPro now that I have a 4K tv.

  552. Christi J.

    I’d love the Forerunner 235 ! It would make a great training tool for me !

  553. Michael Eckhardt

    Garmin Fenix 3, definitely

  554. Matthias

    a Fenix 3 to replace my old Ambit 2s

  555. Kristen B

    All I wanted for Christmas was a Fenix3 to be like the cool kids.

  556. Mark

    Power Tap C1 power meter. My training doesn’t have enough data.

  557. Filippo

    A garmin edge unit because I’m injuried and I cannot run so I started cycling ;)

  558. Ari Autio

    I’d get another power meter or some Garmin gadget. Both eould be handy.

  559. Jonathan

    Garmin Fenix 3, It has everything that I need and it is waterproof

  560. Bsquared

    Definitely a power meter, so many to choose from!

  561. Adam W

    Hi Ray
    The Garmin edge 520, so I can get messages on the go. Having to stop and pull out the phone is a pain. Either you miss the important one cos you didn’t hear it, or you stop for the message that could wait.
    Thanks and hope you have a great New Year!

  562. Rob H

    stages for second bike.. always dangerous when you have one….

  563. Metaltuga

    I would buy a Garmin 630 with HR and a pair of compression socks from CEP. =D

  564. Elana

    I’d get a new Garmin. (model undecided)

  565. rowslo

    I didn’t get a Fenix 3 from Santa!

  566. Keat

    Garmin vector 2 pedals. I’m keen to get myself a power meter at last.

  567. Frank

    I would get a Wahoo KICKR so I wouldn’t have any more excuses!

  568. Neha

    I’d like credit towards a new trainer because I don’t work out and am out of shape and want something that will help me get in shape in the comfort of my home.

  569. Peter Koomen

    I would buy à new NAS-server. Mine broke down today! :-(

  570. Andy

    I would buy the 4iiii powermeter, because I’m still happy with my bike as it is, but a powermeter would make it a more efficient training tool

  571. jr

    The Suunto Ambit3 would fit nice on my wrist

  572. Luke Tayler

    I have worn my Polar V800 non-stop since I got it last year and it’s looking a little “used” so I think I would put the money towards a replacement. Thanks Ray and Clever Training for running these giveaways!

  573. Bruce

    I’d get a Garmin Edge 520. And ‘why?’ you’d ask…two reasons:
    1) It is the DCR-recommended gear best suited to replace my 5YO Garmin Edge 500 with its cracked screen and painfully slow (2-3 mins) boot-up times;
    2) Both of the kiddos had outgrown their bikes, so like the good avid-cyclist dad that I am, felt compelled to get them onto more suitable rides first before replacing my own still usable but less-than-ideal bike gear upgrade.
    Appreciate the regular give-away opportunities!

  574. Geoff

    I would love a smart trainer – I’d have no excuse to get a “ride” in at anytime (and Zwift looks fun too). Given a choice, it would have to be the Wahoo KickR.

  575. Peter Nielsen

    I think the Garmin Varia Rearview Radar Tail Light would be my choice. Why? I don’t like when cars drive by to close and to fast – with the radar at least I would know when something was getting close.

  576. Kaupo

    Garmin Fenix 3, as it’s good for sports and military training.

  577. David E.

    I would get a Garmin 235 to replace the 225 that is out of date after only 4 months….

  578. Joe

    I would get a Garmin Edge 520 to replace my 810 in races.

  579. Jorge Lacomba

    Hi, Happy Christmas!! I’d put it towards a new trainer, cause I already swim and run but I would love to start cycling too!!. Thanks Ray!

  580. Andres

    I’d choose the Garmin Fenix3
    to be honest I don think I need it, but come on! that design on a unit like that… I WANT IT!

  581. Arlene B

    I think my husband would like a new bike trainer!

  582. Michael

    I would get the kickr stationary

  583. Rory

    I’d love the 4iiii power meter please to supplement my Kickr and IRL riding in Darwin Australia.

  584. Julien Chenelat

    Garmin Edge 1000

  585. Jo Durand

    I would get new Garmin Forerunner 630.

  586. Patrick

    DC, I would go with the Garmin 520. Would look nice to the new Fenix 3 I think :)

  587. ap

    I would go with Garmin Varia Radar and Light as this season I want to put more mileage on the bike and these are useful accessories :-)

  588. Pat Brochu

    I’d go for a Fenix 3!

  589. Øyvind Sørgjerd

    Because it has it all, Fenix 3

  590. Harvey

    The 4iiii power meter would be great! I’ve never owned a power meter. The training benefits would surely pay off.

  591. C.K. Malone

    Run Chris Run!
    Road to Boston ’17 starts tomorrow!
    I need that Fenix 3, cause this Apple Watch isn’t going to cut it.

  592. Jennifer Craig

    Garmin 630 would be a lovely little thing to help with my first marathon training!

  593. Jaclyn Reynolds

    I would shop for yoga items starting with the Teeki Yoga Hot Pant – Northern Lights!!

  594. Michael duToit

    I would get the 920XT, as it does what I need it to do, plus extra

  595. Carrie

    I would get a dedicated bike computer, either Garmin or Polar, with a mapping function so I can have a better idea of where I am when I’m lost.

  596. Paul

    I’d go for the Garmin Edge 1000 – simply because my eyesight isn’t what it used to be, and the largish screen – as well as the other advanced features – will be an upgrade from my present Edge 800.

  597. Jim Shepherd

    Fenix 3. My Garmin 610 is held together by tape so I need a new watch and the Fenix best meets my requirements.

  598. Owen LEpps

    Garmin 920…!!!

  599. Mark Caffyn

    I’d go with the Garmin Fr235, as I want to start running!

  600. Keith

    Garmin 920 :p

  601. Andy Hastings

    Prob a stages/4iiii power meter

  602. Dr.Heinz G.

    Hi Garmin 630 or 920 would be great.

  603. Kostas

    A Wahoo Kickr for use with TR and Zwift

  604. Josh Blazzard

    I would probably get a new Garmin Fenix 3 to use on all my trail runs!!!

  605. Daniel

    I’d go with a Fenix3 to eleminate complains about wearing 920xt casually.

  606. Alex Ralton

    Don’t need any more measuring devices or things that give me metrics I will never use. The time has come for something useful. I need two machines. The first is to deliver by stealth the latest bit of tri kit. Need to know is good. Drones Amazon? The second is lubrication by pill. I mean WD40 in swallow able form. I wake up. I take a pill. I am energetic.I don’t need my wheel chair or block and tackle.

  607. Jay

    I would like a Garmin edge 520 gps getting sick of going for rides and my iPhone runs out of juice

  608. Chris

    Would like to get Precision right side

  609. Timothy Berkey

    Tom Tom Spark with HRM and Music (2, actually)

  610. Mathias O

    I would buy a new trainer!

  611. Antony Gough

    A power meter, though still digesting your reviews to decide which one!

  612. I’d get the Garmin Fenix 3 – I was about to buy my first Garmin watch a few months ago but I became very ill and couldn’t run, and in fact was told I couldn’t exercise at all for at least 3 months! by the time I had recovered I found out I was pregnant, and so have been promising myself a Garmin watch as a present for when the baby is born and my old training routine is resumed.

  613. Greg

    I would love a 920xt, especially since my forerunner 410 died the other day :(

  614. Jakob Claffey

    Fenix 3, its the first watch that i’d actually wear day-to-day

  615. Edwin

    Garmin 920xt or VivoSmart

  616. Joe

    ooo a tacx trainer would be nice for the snowy days here in in New England!

  617. Anette Jung

    Garmin 920xt is great. Yes!

  618. Man Up!

    Garmin Forerunner 630 is my number one.

  619. Rui Silva

    I would like a Garmin Fenix 3, simply because in my opinion is the best sport watch in the market.

    Thank you very much

  620. francisco moreira

    i’d like to get the garmin fenix 3, to begin my training for a 70.3 !

  621. Alan

    Garmin 235 because I can’t return my 225

  622. giulian

    I would put it to a cycleops trainer because the snow this winter is gonna limit me getting in my Ks!

  623. Phil

    If choices were endless I’d choose a little bit of talent and if I had change, a bag of energy too.

  624. Andy G

    Fenix 3, so I can consolidate my run and swim watches.

  625. Wes Marshall

    920xt – My 910xt screen shattered when I left it on my bumper after a ride and forgot about it.

  626. Catherine Juon

    The Saris Freedom Superclamp, FTW! Gotta treat the new tri bike well (and it doesn’t fit on the old rack anyway)…

  627. Hack Kampbjørn

    A Suunto Ambit3 sport (or maybe peak) because together with the Ambit2 they are the only watches to support Power for running profile :-O

  628. Francis C

    I just bought a mountain bike and I need a GPS for it so I’d get a Garmin 1000. Keeping my fingers crossed and good luck everyone :)

  629. Lisa

    Id be looking to get a new 920xt to replace my old garmin.

  630. Bob Pankratz

    I’d be getting the Garmin Varia Radar because you can’t see them coming but you probably need to.

  631. Zachary Dungan

    I would get a new Fenix 3 because an all around activity watch is the way to go.

  632. Long Run Nick

    If I win, I want to donate the $500 to a Clever Training employee by the name of Mariah. She has been amazingly helpful and patient with my constant barrage of emails and calls concerning the arrival of stuff I have ordered.
    Thanks Mariah

  633. Jon Tiktin

    I’d go for the 4iiii Precision Power Meter as I’d love to be able to train with power.

  634. Brian

    I would probably put the $$ towards a Fenix 3, but I’d be awfully tempted to consider a power meter instead. Thanks for the giveaway Ray!

  635. Dan J

    Would love to get a FR235 to give to my wife to help her get running again

  636. Henning

    Garmin Fenix 3 in the poshest variant – simply to further accentuate my unresistable and sporty charme, wit and exquisite taste, not to mention a certain savoir-vivre.

  637. Steve

    Garmin Fenix3, because the band broke on my old Garmin 110 and it’s not user replaceable and the Fenix3 is awesome.

  638. Moose

    Garmin Fenix 3 would be my dream watch. Starting to get more interested in data and it would be a great upgrade my old Polar S720,

  639. Nick

    been saving up for Powertap P1’s and I am just $500 short!!! this would give me just enough to treat myself. Please please please!!

  640. Keith Vona

    I would get a power meter, maybe the Powertap P1, to improve my IM performance when I tackle Boulder! Thanks DCR/Ray for all your valuable reviews and insight!

  641. Deanne

    I’m pretty sure I can find something that I can use. With five runners in the house (3 kids run cross country), had gadgets can get expensive!

  642. stephen vallance

    Man I really want a new Power meter. Some Powertap Pedals would be sweet!

  643. David

    This is a tough one. I specifically didn’t ask for anything sports tech related because I don’t _need_ anything. But I’d probably get an Edge 1000. I’m going to be out of the country for a bit, and it might be nice to cycle with maps.

  644. Adam

    I’d get a Garmin FR630, because my FR10 is about to die, and I’m ready for something with a few more features!

  645. Erik

    It is time to upgrade my good old Garmin FR310XT (cracked screen after a bike mishap) for either FR920XT, FR630, or FR235 with builtin HR. Each of them have their own pros and cons and I am torn… =/ Buying 2 of the 3 could solve the dilemma?

  646. Jerome

    I would get socks. Lots and lots and lots of socks. One can never have too many socks.

  647. Craig T

    Fenix 3 would be great enhance my adventure racing

  648. jack frawley

    I would get a power meter. Have really wanted one but couldn’t justify the price tag just yet.

  649. Ryan

    New smart trainer, to aid this season’s training.

  650. Brittney

    I really should get a power meter to help me train for spring races.

  651. Jeff Timleck

    I would get a Garmin 520 then donate the total from my pocket to this cause.. I already have donated.

    link to

  652. Jason

    I would get the Garmin Fenix3. I could really use an all around activity watch to help keep track of all my outdoor activities. Thank you!

  653. Andrew

    A Fenix 3 because it can receive power data and can be used during a run as well.

  654. Chris Hodges

    Cycleops PowerBeam Pro, for sure. I went over budget on my new Cannondale because I thought the New England winter would never come… Now it’s finally here and my training is on hold until the roads clear. Help make the Zwift compatible trainer of my dreams a reality!

  655. Bill L

    Guess the first one didn’t post, so let’s do this again. My first thought is the Fenix 3, although I hear there’s a 4 coming soon. Or downscale a bit to the Garmin 235 and add the Garmin scale.

  656. Jay

    A new multiparty watch, my old Garmin needs retirement!

  657. Kathryn D

    I was hoping Santa might have as extra ladies rose gold Fenix in his bag :-) perhaps he thought I should wait for new CES shiny treasures.

  658. Sam

    The Garmin Fenix3 – looks great.

  659. Dinesh

    Garmin Edge 810 for safe riding.

  660. Brady

    New wahoo gps. Looks awesome and not tied to ANT+

  661. I love your site and just bought Garmin 920xt 1 months ago.
    And now, I wanna get new Garmin Fenix 3 for my wife <3

  662. Steve Ingwersen

    4iiii’s power meter to up my game!

  663. mark kang

    I would love to trade in my pack of Kirkland underwear and socks for a new 4iiii PM

  664. Tiff

    I would like to upgrade my running watch (probably Garmin 235) so that I can get activity tracking.

  665. Eoin

    Fenix3 because I really want… EDIT – “Need” this in my life!

  666. I’d likely get a Garmin forerunner 235 to replace my aging and decrepit 610 whose battery won’t even last longer than a 10k run… Or maybe I just have to run faster!

  667. Steve

    Would upgrade my wife’s Forerunner 10 to a Forerunner 235.

  668. DMeyer

    I’d get a wifi scale to dovetail into the calorie and activity tracking I’m doing with Garmin Connect and Myfitnesspal.

  669. Any type of power meter – the 4iiii’s would be great as the shoe power options are still too far away. And it would give me a measurable data point to base training on. Happy Holidays to all.

  670. Nolito Teruel

    A Garmin Forerunner 630. I have the FR610 and the Edge 810, the double end of support whammy. A device capable of smart phone notifications would be awesome!!! Good luck everyone!!!

  671. Stephen Cooper

    An Edge 520, because my Forerunner 310XT deserves its retirement!

  672. Myles B Matteson

    I’d get a Fenix3 since I think the functionality is better than my 310XT, especially since I’ve been using my Stryd and BSX Insight quite a bit these days!

  673. Frank Stanton

    Oh how I would love a Wahoo Kickr Snap trainer…

  674. Tim

    An action camera and a variety of mounting options would be awesome

  675. Kelsey

    I would love the Forerunner 920XT tri package because that will help my triathlon training!

  676. Andrew

    4iiii’s Precision Power Meter. Zwift and TrainerRoad have taught me how valuable having a power meter really is!

  677. Uri Peliowski

    920xt, best running watch available

  678. Barnabie

    Rose Gold Fenix 3 because it looks really cool

  679. Mike

    Easy. Ambit 4

  680. Garmin Edge 520 & Varia radar. Because it may be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. It would also make riding safer.

  681. Keith

    Buying a bike soon, so I would put it toward a power meter or garmin unit for the bike!

  682. shaddai spencer

    I would like the fenix 3 rise gold version so I’ll probably save the five hundred and put a hundred of my own to get it. It will definitely be a Christmas wish since we only bought the tots gifts this year.

  683. Jeff S

    I would like a Garmin 235. I recently was told by my Dr I am overweight, my cholesterol is too high and my Blood Sugar is too high. This watch will help to motivate me and help change my life.

  684. Steve Edwards

    Kicker trainer please and thank you.

  685. Barry

    I’d be ecstatic to win the PowerTap P1 power pedals. Seem like they are much easier to manage than the Vector pedals which I tried. They are a pain to switch and I generally need my wife’s help to set them up right which just leads to headaches for both of us. She would also appreciate them because of this too.

  686. Jim Huse

    A Fenix 3, because I am totally hook on any incremental improvements to the Garmin products.

  687. Pawel Chalacis

    the new watch would be good!

  688. Kasper Vainio

    Powermeter! Because I don’t have one.

  689. Lisa

    I’d like the powertap p1 pedals. Great way to start getting into training on the bike more seriously.

  690. David B

    Garmin Fenix 3 Multisport Training Watch, for a couple of reasons. Just started swimming and would love to track any progress. Also my Garmin 210 recently died, and haven’t replaced it yet.

  691. Christian

    I’d get a Garmin 520, or if I could save it for a month or two a Wahoo ELEMNT, but I’d take either ;)

  692. Jesse

    Garmin 520, to keep me from getting lost!

  693. Sirapat Konkham

    Maybe a GPS watch/bike computer for my friends that no budget to get it.

  694. Greg Henley

    I would choose the Suunto Ambit3 Peak because I already have the Ambit2 R and would love the upgraded features of the 3.

  695. Bert

    I’d get the new forerunner 630. My sister is a talented runner but I think she trains really poorly. I think getting her a new gps watch, especially one with programmable workouts and the built in “coaching” would help motivate her to train more intelligently. Her birthday is coming up and I planned to get her a watch, but winning this prize would really pad my budget so that I could get her something top of the line!

  696. Shannon Ammerlaan

    I would get the 4iii power meter

  697. Gary Ritzmann

    A gopro to attach to my bike.

  698. A turbo trainer and a training peaks subscription.

  699. Ali

    I would love a garmin HRM tri strap….. :)

  700. John Macleod

    Polar m450 bike computer, I got my first road bike for Christmas and didn’t get a computer. Currently use my v800 for all my information. Really want to maximize my training to improve my triathlons this year.

  701. JAG

    I would put the funds toward some Powertap P1 power pedals! I need a power meter for training on my new road bike.

  702. Bob

    Virb XE Cycling Bundle plus remote or crankset power meter

  703. Hori G

    I would replace my recently lost/stolen Fenix 3 Saphire. Thanks!

  704. Casey

    Garmin Forerunner 325 looks incredible!

  705. ua Benefield

    Definitely go for a Garmin Fenix 3. Had a F2, sensors went out twice, now miss having such an awesome device. Can’t imagine how great the F3 would be.

  706. twoxj

    I would use it towards a power meter.

  707. Giles Levy

    I’m happy with my TomTom Runner and Scosche Rhythm +, but the new tech in the Garmin 630 or Fenix 3 looks pretty neat!

  708. Corri

    I’d get a Forerunner 920xt. I train with a Forerunner 220, Garmin Swim and Edge 500 but I only race with the Edge 500. I want more data from race day.

  709. Kim R

    I would love the Garmin Forerunner 235. I love the idea of an activity tracker and something for running. I could even use out during yoga.

  710. Teran Moon

    I’d love to have the FR 235 for the optical heart rate sensor and activity tracker.

  711. Michael

    Garmin 920XT – I missed the damn holiday sale and I’ve been waiting since your last giveaway for a price break. Plus if I had this I would for sure qualify for Kona. No doubt in my mind. Merci beaucoup!

  712. Greg

    A Forerunner 920, because my 310xt is getting kinda long in the tooth.

  713. Navneeth

    Ambit 3, one device to track my biking, cycling, trail.

  714. Dan

    I’d grab me a 920xt to stop the asymmetrical biceps this Fenix 3 is creating.

  715. Jacques

    I’d get the garmin variable, Cycling in Johannesburg is dangerous, even off road..:)

  716. Ben Dwy

    The fēnix 3 would be a winner in my books. I’ve been really happy with my FR220 over the past year, but as I’m adding more swimming and cycling, the fēnix 3 would be a great addition.

  717. Kyle Klinger

    BSX Insight XM2. I love numbers! The more the better!

  718. Brent Wiese

    I would have to go with the Garmin Edge 1000

  719. Francisco Araujo

    I’d use the prize to buy a bepro dual side power pedals, so I can get more data during training.

  720. Suzanne

    I’d get my boyfriend the head unit he needs to go with the powertap C1 I got him. I think he wanted the garmin 520. And maybe that wahoo trainer desk thing as we just made a “sporty” room for his trainer and treadmill. He needs a place for water bottles and remotes and stuff.

  721. Russ

    I will buy so many things or one expensive thing

  722. Norma

    I would get the Speedo Shine to see if it actually works for lap counting.

  723. Josh

    Id get a forerunner 920xt to really start tracking training sessions

  724. Jennifer Bester

    Go guilt-free in 2016 with Cyclops Magneto. Urban living has my road bike leaning in the living room and each time I take a second to rest on the couch, my road bike glares at me begging for me to hop on. (it’s like a puppy who hasn’t been on a walk)

  725. Aimee

    Garmin FR920XT or TBD trainer. El Niño is making outdoor training a bit tricky!

  726. I was hoping to upgrade my older Garmin to an Edge 520.

  727. Efraim shaw

    Garmin 920. Because i dont have one yet.

  728. Robert

    I’ve been eyeing the Forerunner 235 ever since you reviewed it. Unfortunately Santa never delivered it to me. Have been interested in more sport-specific devices to move on from my 310xt since toning down the triathlons.

  729. Joe

    Powertap G3 hub! Because I need power on my cross bike!!

  730. Juan

    Garmin Edge 1000 to replace my older gen cyclo computer.

  731. Luc

    I’d get the Garmin Epixso that I can find my place in the world.


    I would like to get a Polar power meter

  733. Tom

    I would like the fenix 3 because it looks sweet.

  734. Megan

    I would get the Garmin Vivosmart HR, because it would be awesome to track my heart rate 24/7 without wearing a chest strap. Also it’s sleek so I can wear it to school and work.

  735. Rsjrny

    920xt to record all my favorite sports

  736. Alisha

    Man oh man. Would I love one of those smart trainers! I’d put the $500 towards the Tacx Bushido. Winter training upgrade :D

  737. Inov-8 Men’s Race Elite Stormshell HZ Jacket

    I live in Canada, and am quite frequently forced to run in wet/cold weather. A nice, waterproof outer layer would make winter running a whole lot easier.

  738. John Shelton

    4iiii Precision Power Meter because I want massive thighs!!

  739. Travis Thiex

    Fenix 3 need a new training watch and seams pretty sweet.

  740. Jordan

    I’d get a power meter. Probably powertap pedals, but maybe stages. Too much dreaming now.

  741. Rob Montgomery

    I’d go with a Fenix 3. Time for some hiking in 2016!

  742. Brian Carroll

    Garmin Fenix 3 or I might save it and see what comes out of CES in a couple weeks!

  743. Dan P

    4iiii Precision Power Meter and a gang of Clever Training water bottles to share with local cyclists.

  744. Mike

    I’m dreaming of a 4iiii-Precision-or-a-Powertap-P1-power-meter Christmas. Just like the ones I’ve never known….

  745. Nic

    I would get a hrm-tri and hrm-swim and maybe a new saddle.

  746. John

    I’d say a Garmin Edge 520 but the way all this cold weather has hit Louisiana, I might have to start looking at getting a trainer!

  747. Joel D

    I’m sure a Garmin 920XT Tri watch will get me to Kona. Well maybe not :(

  748. Alex Reinhardt

    Well, maybe a new trainer, or a Fenix or ???

  749. Nate

    Powertap P1 Pedals! I have been wanting a set of them for a while but I also want a new road bike…decisions decisions….

  750. Andrew Donnan

    I’d likely buy a trainer.

  751. Igor Cvetkovic

    Hi Ray.
    thank you for opportunity to get this gift.
    I look for Scosche Rhythm+ Heart Rate Monitor Armband and compatible watch (Fenix 3 first option :-) , I am tire from my polar FT60 chest strap.

  752. kelvin lim

    A road bike

  753. Brian

    Definitely I’d use the money on a powermeter crank or powertap pedals!

  754. Grace

    Polar A360! Because my current Polar Loop is dying :( and I love how the A360 looks.

  755. Ryan

    I’d love the Garmin Fenix3! Just moved to beautiful Flagstaff AZ and that looks like the perfect watch to do looooong trail runs high up in the mountains, epic hikes, maybe even some ski-mo if things get crazy! Although with 4800+ entrants not sure my odds are that great. Here’s hoping!

  756. Darren

    I’d go for the Fenix 3 or GoPro Hero 4.

  757. David Phillips

    I’d like a garnin fwnrix to help me train for the HRP this summer ;)


  758. Paolo Scafetta

    I would get the Garmin Fenix 3 because I need a running watch that also keep track of my daily activity.

  759. Mark Roberts

    The new garmin 525 (I think). Would love to be able to have live strava segments.

  760. Vincent Rattanopas

    I would like to get BSX Insight.

  761. S. Kim

    Probably a number of items, starting with the Garmin FR230 as an upgrade to my FR10.

  762. Jon Bond

    A wahoo Kickr Desk, of course – my ironing board just isn’t cutting it.

  763. Steven

    I’d get a power meter in the “crank area” be it arms, chain rings, or bottom bracket so I can get race wheels. I like my powertap hub so C1?

  764. Matthew Hammel

    In training for my first marathon, I’d love to get a Garmin FR235. But alas, it has not occurred yet.

  765. Jason

    A fenix 3 – I’ve been running with my edge 500 as I’m a running noob.

  766. Ed

    Garmin 920XT, to help validate all the hard work I’m doing.

  767. Chappo

    A Fenix 3 please! A great update yo my Fenix 2….

  768. Ashley

    I would love a Garmin 520 to control my tacx vortex smart – thanks Ray – love the website

  769. Mike

    BSX Insight Gen 2 — very interested in how it can improve my training.

  770. JD

    I initially was thinking Fenix 3 as I dive into several tris this coming year, but have a 620 currently which is fine for just telling my splits; so I debate about putting it towards a power meter (p1 pedals maybe) as that would help a ton with the cost.

  771. Rick R

    Stages Power Meter

  772. Robin

    I’d love to get a Wahoo Kickr or Tacx Neo to see me through the long winter months in Switzerland. A running injury means more time is required on the bike, but without a decent trainer I’m struggling. Save me from the Blerch!!!!!!

  773. Marty

    I would get a garmin vivoactive, because my garmin demon died after I replaced the battery and the cover didn’t sit properly.

  774. Greg P

    I would put it towards the Garmin 2S Power Meter. I currently use Heart Rate based training and want to convert to power. I like the concept of the power meter in the pedals because I can move them between bikes!

  775. Jack

    Garmin scale and other cool stuff!

  776. AT

    garmin 920xt to replace older 310

  777. Happy Runner

    Garmin 910XT, mostly because the vibration alert is so much stronger than the 920XT?

  778. Ben

    Top priority would be the new Garmin 630. That said, I may get one soon for a belated christmas gift, and if so I would go with the garmin vector 2S peddle set. I do enjoy by running and biking and like to keep my products all integrated with one vendor. No, I will pair my vector to my edge 810, and not to my 630 (because I can’t for some stupid reason (hint hint garmin)).

  779. Jason

    Anything Garmin. Because I live all things Garmin. maybe an edge 520… Please :)

  780. Parker

    I’d love to get a Wahoo Kickr!

  781. lolwatts

    BSX Gen2 Insight so that i can see if my lactate threshold is reached during the excitement of future DCR giveaways

  782. Derek

    I’d go for the Garmin Fenix3! Really liking the round face.

  783. James C

    920XT Tri Bundle. The kilos (or pounds) have been shedding but it’s time to ramp it up in 2016. Good luck all.

  784. Joe Powers

    I would upgrade to an Edge 1000, thank you very much !

  785. Jeev

    What I want is a Fenix 3, to replace my polar – which is about ready to call it a day anytime soon.

  786. Nadine

    A Garmin Forerunner 235 and a beginners tri wetsuit! I’m just trying to get started on doing triathlons after being a runner since high school and these would help immensely!

  787. Luke Hafen

    I would get the fenix 3. That watch is the bomb. Thanks for the opportunity to win, I love reading your reviews they are very thorough and helpful.

  788. I would really like to train with power. So the Garmin Vector looks pretty sweet.

  789. Chris

    A Garmin Forerunner 235 to get rid of the chest strap …

  790. Jason Nemecek

    I’d have to go with the Ambit 3. Their watches may be checklist-even function-wise with Garmin but they last so much longer, sync so much better, and have so many fewer problems. Love Suunto.

  791. Pinho

    The only think that i’m really missing is the pair of socks you talked about x)
    To keep my feet worm and nice

  792. Alexandra

    I’ll put them towards some nice bike trainer

  793. Matt Foreman

    Power meter cause I love data!

  794. Navnit R

    Garmin 930xt, first and best gadget for coming year.

  795. Mike

    I would get a Fenix3 cause I like them.

  796. Clay

    I’m interested in using the FR920XT to try out Running Dynamics.

  797. Ales Kramarsek

    I would get the fenix 3 :).

  798. Todd

    A Garmin Forerunner 235 to compliment my Garmin Fenix 3.


    I’m thinking the new garmin edge 520

  800. Dirk R.

    I’d love to get the Garmin Edge Explore 1000, because my old cycling computer just stopped working.

  801. Christopher Power

    Garmin Fenix 3!!

  802. Manos

    What products mmm the Forerunner® 920XT but i would prefer the on hand heart meter. Please garmin put it there quickly :)

  803. Alex

    Definitely the Fenix 3. Covers all my metrics needs!

  804. Charlie

    I’d get my wife a new Garmin running watch. I’m happy with my 920XT but she is slowly driving me batty about her old 220.

  805. Jarl Petter

    I have been biking for years, but have recently started training for triathlon.

    A Fenix 3 for tracking my progress on swimming and running is high on my wish-list.

  806. Jared H

    4iii power meter for the upcoming road season.

  807. I would get Garmin Forerunner 920XT Multisport Fitness Watch since my old suunto ambit 2 is just not up for it in triathlon training. :)

  808. Erik Orberg

    I’d like to get a Hero Session for my helmet since the VIRB keeps falling off my bike :(

  809. Gregor Capellari

    4iii power meter. to keep me from blowing up on big climbs.

  810. Garmin Fenix 3 for me!

  811. aben

    I want a F3 a bit tired of my unepical Epix

  812. Jim S.

    I would get a FitBit Surge Watch and a FitBit Aria WiFi Scale to start with because I am using Lose It! and would like to automatically track my numbers on their system.

  813. Miguel

    Garmin 520 and a power meter

  814. Rozemarijne

    I would love the new shiney Fenix3!!!

  815. CK

    a pair of Garmin Vector S 2 would be useful because it would greatly help me with my training. I have never owned one because it’s so expensive in my country.

  816. Tim

    Some form of left right power meter to help with physio/rehab

  817. Luca Massetti

    I’ve got the garmin fenix 3 but I want the garmin xt920 with the swimming HR belts!!!!!

  818. Markus Fehr

    I would use it towards a Tacx Neo

  819. Tobias

    This is tuff — the credit would probably go into a Vivoactive and a trainer, or some other hardware for the bike.

  820. Marko Knezevic

    I would love to get Garmin FR225 with optical HR sensor. Not having to put on a cold HR monitor every day would be soooo amazing.

  821. Benichoux

    Suunto Ambit 3 Peak because I’d like accurate elevation data.

  822. I would love to own a Garmin Edge 520 bundle.

    I currently own an Edge 500 and it is the best thing I have ever bought second hand. Seeing posts from people all over using other Garmin Edge products makes me feel like I am missing out on a lot. On Strava, when I see cadence results, heart-rate results, I am always like, “I would love to see results like that after a ride”. I want to own a new Garmin Edge 520 with all its accessories!

    The Kenyan Fan in Kenya.

  823. John

    I’d put it towards getting myself a Wahoo Elemnt. I’ve wanted a GPS cyclocomputer for the longest time, and haven’t been riding with any metrics whatsoever for 1.5 years now. That includes that most basic of metrics, speed. Now that I have a bit more time to train, I’d like to make better use of my training time.

  824. Greg

    Garmin 520

    Got flashy new bar tape and some ski goggles, but don’t know where I’m going or where I’ve been when I ride my bike.

  825. george

    Garmin forerunner 235. I need to get serious with my runs!

  826. Adrien

    I’d love a fenix3 for my skiing sessions!

  827. Andrew

    Garmin 520 would be nice to have on the bike.

  828. Trailplodder

    The latest Suunto Ambit, because my old one is way too old.

  829. Samuel

    I would really like to have a bike computer on my road bike (like a Garmin 520). Keep up the good work Ray!

  830. would probably use the credit to get myself a Garmin Vector 2s because training and doing endurance (randoneur type) events with power is most probably a game changer

  831. Justin

    Garmin Fenix 3 for ski touring

  832. Ando Ling

    i would go for Forerunner 630 to replace my old 210 that is worn out already. Most probably need some new trainers and compression socks for new year marathons :D

  833. Callum

    A few FR25s for my family so they don’t knick mine.

  834. GiedGrus

    Would buy a Garmin fenix 3 watch.

  835. Sebastian Haager

    Would use it towards a pair of PowerTap P1’s! Definitely could use a power meter :)

  836. Valentinas

    I would give myself a GoPro HERO4 as a present.

  837. Bernie

    I’d get an Edge 1000 b/c of the big screen – my phone is not waterproof.

  838. DaliusP

    Garmin Edge 520 for my bike

  839. LaurentYe

    I am looking to purchase the 4iiii power meter so I can learn to train with power and improve my performance. Happy New Years Everyone!

  840. Giedruk

    P1 pedals for my winter indoor bike training

  841. A V650 cycling computer from Polar.

  842. yl

    I’d like to upgrade my running watch to FR630.

  843. Marlo S

    I’d like a 4iiii’s Precision Power Meter for training

  844. Jernej Korelc

    TomTom Cardio Multisport

  845. Guy

    A power meter that works – I was one of the suckers who backed Limits :(

  846. Garmin Vector 2 Powermeter… have had my eye on them since last year already, but not made a decision due to the price.

  847. Patrick S.

    The jury is still out: a Go Pro Hero 4 Silver for recording my adventures and analyzing swimming or a DC Rainmaker water bottle for impressing my friends.

  848. Ashish

    Quarq ELSA R 110BCD Power Meter Crankset, so that I can move up to power based training.

  849. Jonathan

    I’d get a Fenix 3 – my old Garmin has just died!

  850. Mark

    I’d like to get the garmin edge 520 cause I don’t have a bike computer at all. Using the watch on the bike is not really convenient.

  851. Dudley

    Something to load routes to navigate by. My tri clubs Saturday rides in the New Forest often become 6 hour marathons due to my poor sense of direction.

  852. Cynthia Parrill

    I’d like one of those Withings scales to help me monitor my weight to meet my goals

  853. Kris Russet

    I had my heart set on the Fenix 3. Love to buy one but the budget didn’t stretch that far this Christmas…

  854. Florian Anders

    Mostly likely a fenix3

  855. Mohamed

    Garmin 630… or a 520 ….

  856. Naoki

    I’d like to get edge 520 for my bike ride next year! (Or fenix 3?)

  857. David Maume

    I would like a fenix3 because it is nice and it does so many things as I am running, swimming, riding and skiing…

  858. Sandro

    I would get a wifi scale, a model with weight only due to an acquired (supposed) incompatibility with bioimpedance analysis coming from an internal activity tracker that doesn’t transmit over Bluetooth nor ANT+, but whose battery lasts a hellofalot longer than a Fitbit. And I would use the rest of the credit on a long list of gadgets for girlfriend and friends

  859. Antonio

    Garmin balance!

  860. Daniel Varinsky

    Garmin FR235 : there are 2 reasons, 1) I could change my FR225 to a version that is supported by Garmin and 2) I could give my old watch to my wife….

  861. Elske

    I would like the Garmin 920xt, after a period of injuries i just started training for triathlon again. so a new triathlon watch would be great!

  862. Smidge

    I would get a Garmin FR920XT to go to the next level with my Tri training. I’ve just come out of recovery for a SLAP band tear that was surgically repaired, I’m really looking forward to getting back into the action in 2016 :)

    Smidge x

  863. Yury Y.

    I’d go for a power meter, 4iiii or power2max.

  864. Mark

    I’d get a forerunner watch, just to see it ticking.

  865. Joe

    Forerunner 235 would be a welcome addition

  866. Imightglide

    I’m always running with my phone and an old sigma for my heartrate. i’ve been thinking about getting a gps watch. The forerunner 230 looks like everything I need but my shoes need to be replaced so the budget just isn’t there. (studentlife :D)

  867. Riza

    Garmin Forerunner 920XT or Fenix 3. It should be way easier to track my rides on the MTB with this as compared to my current GPS which is the Oregon.

  868. Rolf Johansson

    Santa gave me a Polar M400, now i want a foot pod !

  869. Fiona F

    A Garmin Fenix 3 because I can’t afford to buy one myself

  870. Mark

    I’d get a pedal based power meter so I can use it between bikes and therefore only buy one. Given my computer (Mio) can’t cope with dual power data it’d be a single pedal system. Sadlly (booooo) Powertap only do dual pedals (they are beauuutiful) so that leaves Garmin or BePro and I think the BePro is a better looking system (don’t like the pod things on Garmins).

    So…BePro pedal power meter it is. Please!!!

  871. dude

    i’d go for a forerunner 920xt tri !

  872. Mihael P

    Ufff… I would like to bring my cycling to a higher level. Thats why I would like to buy myself Garmin Edge 520 Combo :))).
    Ray I wish you and your girl a Happy New year 2016. And thanks for all useful stuff that you posted in 2015.



  873. Neo

    New 920xt to replace my old and soon to be retired 910xt

  874. Steffen

    Fenix 3, for sure. Done quite a bit of hiking this past year and will do more in 2016.

  875. prexxxa

    I would like to get Garmin Fenix 3 or forunner 235

  876. Ben

    I have my fair share of gadgets so would be great to give my wife Grace a new Fenix 3 to replace her Vivofit. :-)

  877. Bjørn Tomas

    I would like to buy some new winter shoes and winter gear! But also some extra goodies for my Fenix 3!!

  878. Niklas

    A Garmin 920xt since the accuracy of the GPS on my Fenix 3 really sucks.

  879. Dylan

    I could get 50 race belts or maybe a 920xt.

  880. Sergey

    Fenix 3. Combines ski-mode with descent looks.

  881. Wouter

    The Fenix 3! I have been drooling over this watch since I’ve read your review.

  882. Alec

    A power meter or possibly a Polar V800.

  883. Maarten van Vliet

    Garmin Fenix3, because Garmin products keep on getting better.

  884. Martin

    I’d like to get the Garmin 920xt tri package, because my old Polar is broken. With the Garmin I want to start into a healthier 2016 :)

  885. Cesar

    A nice multisport watch like the Fenix3 or the V800 for my girl!
    Happy New Year!

  886. James Turner

    I would love to put the $500 credit towards a new turbo trainer as I have now had enough of riding in the rain doing the Festive 500..

  887. Ceren turkan

    Would choose fr920xt or fenix3 . It would help me a lot since i am using my phone for running and have nothing for swimming or biking.

  888. Geoff

    I’d like a Garmin FR235 to replace the 225 I bought, but I don’t want Garmin getting any more of my money after that debacle…

  889. Brock

    Garmin 920xt. My wife and I recently moved to Germany for work (also excellent for triathlon) this summer and just had a baby. I was FAR too scared to even ask for something that expensive. I’m a bit of a data geek, and this would get me swim stats (I don’t have a swim device) and let me combine functions for racing!

  890. Antonio

    I would love to have the BSX Gen2 insight because i think it is a revolutionary product and i think it will be the key of succes in my future running training ( and hope Triathlon)

  891. Joan

    I would take a Garmin 630 because it has everything in the running world and you can still use it as a daily clock.

  892. Mihkel

    Probably the FR235. I’ve been looking for an activity tracker with OHRM to get some more meaningful data on my daily activities and workouts. Been eyeing the FR235 for a while, but it’s out of my price range for now.

  893. Oliver

    It’s got to be a power meter. Fingers crossed!

  894. Lars Dugstad

    I really want the Powertap P1 pedals since I currently only have a powermeter on my indoor trainer.

  895. Luís

    Garmin fenix 3; because I love the idea of using the same device for the all the different sport activities that I do.

  896. I’d very much love to get one of Garmin’s xx5 series watches! I train/race by HR primarily so it’d be nice to not have to wear the “bra-strap” anymore.

  897. Michal

    Garmin Fenix …or the 4iiis Power meter …wil help me with my training… old polar is down

  898. Jacov Lalou

    A power meter for my tri-bike for improved TT pacing.

  899. mike smith

    wahoo kicker to get in some winter training on zwift

  900. Nick M

    A Garmin Edge 520 to make the most of quicker satellite acquisition (a pain when commuting with the 500) and Strava integration.

  901. I would really like the Forerunner 630. Now with the extended battery time it is usable for shorter ultras as well. It would really be a good companion for my longer exercises.

  902. Marcos Jose Buosi

    I would buy a Garmin TRI-HRM to complete my FR 920XT.

  903. Dillon Smith

    I’d really like a new multi-sport watch to replace my aging 910xt, so I’d probably buy the 920xt

  904. CC

    Tacx NEO – let’s see how quiet this really is.

  905. Hermi

    Put it towards a dual sided power meter. Ruptured quads, need to know how much difference there is between L and R legs.

  906. Michael

    A Polar M450 as I want to move to bluetooth system and away from my Bryton 30.

  907. Tracey

    A GoPro Silver edition – for the outdoors in the New Year

  908. I would buy a Garmin Edge 1000 because my old Edge 500 definitley needs an upgrade including mapping and routing capabilities.

  909. Victor

    I’d get the Edge 520. It’s time for to treat myself!

  910. Christian C.

    I wanted one of the new Garmin watches and a Scosche HRM – so I can stop carrying my ipHone with me during workouts.

  911. Soo

    Fenix 3! Have a FR 220 and Edge 705, but looking for that one-wearable-to-rule-them-all.

  912. Paul

    Maybe towards a new trainer, so i can make full use of Zwift while this UK weather stays biblical. Better to be in the cave rather than cycling down a new river that was once a road!….or maybe towards some Powertap Pedals….too much bike stuff needed!

  913. Joe Hebel

    Garmin 235 to ditch the chest strap.

  914. Paolo Adriano Spadari

    A Garmin 235 or a Vivosmart HR + 230 combo depending how good the hr sensor is .

  915. Lukasz

    I’d choose Fenix 3, because I’m tired of running with my Edge 510

  916. Isaiah Reich

    I’d love a new Fenix 3. The days of running with my iPhone in an armband need to end.

  917. Vladislav S.

    I would like Garmin Fenix 3, the best multi-sport watch in the market at this moment.

  918. Kathy

    Garmin Fenix 3 for ski touring. Finger X

  919. K.L.

    a power meter would be nice. for better bike ride ☺️

  920. zealous

    a fenix3 to retire the 310xt with something more elegant

  921. Jon Sanderd

    Polar V800! My M400 dies before I do out on the run…

  922. Peter Vosters

    I would love to go for the Suunto Ambit3 Peak Black

  923. Michael Clark

    FR920XT w/HR monitor to help kick me into gear.

  924. koen

    it’s time for a new trainer!

  925. Vishal Kapoor

    A Concept2 Rower or a Ski Erg! Nothing gets more intense than these things.

  926. Mark M

    I’d look to purchase the Garmin Varia Radar. Can never have enough safety equipment to help protect cyclists from drivers suffering road rage!

  927. Radim

    I would get a new watch for running (likely Garmin FR630) and an activity monitor (hmm, perhaps Fitbit Surge).
    Happy New Year everyone!

  928. Shari F

    who knows what I would buy. probably just a spur of the moment “click, and its added to my shopping cart” when I see it :)

  929. I wanted a HRM but get a pair of gloves. :-(

  930. Brande McDonald

    I would get an interactive trainer. I have been window shopping for months! I signed up for my first full ironman, IMLOU but I live in super flat South Florida! I need some help with the hills!!!!

  931. Emilia

    Fenix 3 – Santa must have lost my letter … :-)

  932. Alex

    Garmin Fenix 3, because my Garmin Forerunner 310XT starts to look outdated, and I live in the mountains (altimeter).
    Cheers and happy New Year!

  933. Matthew

    GoPro Hero 4 to start documenting my crazy life and adventures!

  934. Jeffrey Held

    Fenix3: I have the Fenix2, but it continues to have issues that are hard to overlook.

  935. Itamar Kass

    Hi ray

    Happy new year to all!

    As I already have to Ambit3, so I would love to get the Mio LINK – for a day by day tracking, some good socks and the FitBall Body Therapy Ball – because we all need to recover.


  936. the boxers

    I would like a Garmin Index. I am slowly loosing the excess baggage and want to see the differences in body make up as I lose it. A few other things are of interest but it is hard to prioritise.

  937. Tucker

    Garmin 520!

  938. Amber H

    I would get a trainer form my bike and probably a vivoactive.

  939. Dave

    Garmin edge 1000 to tell me in immense detail just how much work I have got to do.

  940. Edson Ribeiro

    A Garmin 920 would be great, because my wife is getting in the triathlon crazyness and I want her to have my used (in mint condition) Garmin 910…

  941. Gabe

    This gift would go to my fiancé who lost her run watch.

    I know she’d appreciate it

  942. Patrick Murray

    I would love to win so I can help fund my Wahoo Kickr piggy bank.

  943. Mitch Devore

    Definitely a trainer! As a college student money for a trainer can be hard to come by.

  944. I recently bought the Garmin Vivosmart HR but if I had the chance (and cash) then I would upgrade to the Forerunner 235 or go the whole way for 630, mainly to track my small runs and longer hikes. Would be a great help for my 2016 training for long hikes/walks (considering some Ultra walks).

  945. nina

    Garmin Forerunner 920XT Multisport Fitness Watch!!! because my training has improved beyond my Tomtom which I also got from Clever Training!! Hats off to an awesome year! Its MINE! ;-)

  946. Ryan Waring

    I would go for the Garmin Forerunner 235, to help me train for my first half marathon and to use as a HR montior when i cycle with my Garmin 810.

  947. I’d get a 920xt fot the convenience: One device ro rule them all!

  948. Dave

    I didn’t get a new trainer, mine is rigged currently with a steel pipe!

  949. I would get me a Garmin Fenix 3 tri bundle to kick of the Best season ever ?

  950. Dennis

    I definitely need Running Apparel. It´s getting cold here, and I only have one running outfit for cold weather use.

  951. Babak Niroumand

    I’ll get a garmin 630. I have an old running watch and i’d really like to upgrade.

  952. mmb

    I love the idea of these giveaways, might be nice to win one too. I’d get a power meter or a smart trainer

  953. Elliot-Olivier Pellerin

    I would go with a Garmin 520xt. I always wanted a bike specific computer to make triathlon training and racing more convenient. it gets annoying to check my wrist every few minutes!

  954. Eric Crescimano

    The Feinx 3 is calling my name. My old MotoACTV finally bit the dust. It was a great watch even though the battery life wasn’t the best and it wasn’t water proof. The only thing I see that would up my watch game and give me a greater level of awesomeness and more metric tracking insanity is that Fenix 3. I want it. It will be mine. Oh yes; it will be mine.

  955. Coach Josh

    I’m really hoping for a new GPS watch announced at CES that combines the ruggedness, battery life, waterproofing of a Fenix 3 with music and audio feedback like most smartphone apps. Adidas and Motoactv were so close. Hopefully we’ll see how the Moto 360 Sport turns out soon.

  956. bogdan tat

    D2 Bravo…getting my pilot license in 2016 :D

  957. Tautvydas L.

    Suunto Ambit3 Peak Black. First i started running. Then i found myself, that running in forest is much funner, that on road. And then I added hills. I hate hills. I love hills. Like a carousel just on your feets.
    And i want to archive new records in distance. Vertical distance!

  958. I want a new Garmin watch to start training for my first 70.3 this year!

  959. Koen

    4iiii power meter please! would be nice to train based on power as opposed to heart rate&speed….. definitely now it’s windy all the time here in the Netherlands…

  960. Brian Faure

    I would get another Garmin….:)

  961. Chris

    I would buy the new Garmin Forerunner 235 :-)

  962. CJ Tully

    I’d get the new Suunto Ambit 3S. I’ve been a ultrarunner for a long time relying on a Forerunner 410 that’s slowly losing it’s capability and connectivity. Now I’ve made the jump into triathlons and will be racing to support the Cancer Research Institute this year. A robust multisport watch would be very helpful in tracking my training this year.

  963. Ben

    I’d go for a Garmin 520.

  964. Jon M

    Got my eye on a Tacx smart trainer, probably the Vortex given the excellent review!

  965. Ted Leblow

    I would buy the Forerunner 630 or 235. As a high school coach I would use it to help my team.

  966. Joost

    An edge 1000…… just not to get lost anymore

  967. Jim McQuaide

    A new set of rollers! Mine are over 30 years old…

  968. I would love a Stages power meter…need to prep for a half iron in the fall!

  969. Harshil

    I would buy Garmin 520 bundle, this would be great addition to my road bike.

  970. NateW

    Garmin HRM-Tri and Swim Accessory Bundle (heart rate monitors)… I’ve been inspired by all of the features of the new Fenix3 watch and I’d like to see heart rate performance when swimming laps and my first triathlon. :)

  971. Daniel

    Either a Fenix 3 or a power meter. Really need a power meter but really want the Fenix 3. I’ve had the 2 for a couple of years now and it has worked great but is getting close to upgrade time.

  972. Rob Pineau

    Decisions, decisions…I would probably commit to a 920XT, but a Fenix 3 would be more useful…a connected trainer…

  973. Taylor

    I want the P1 pedals. I need a power meter

  974. Robert H

    I’d love to win the Garmin 235 to replace the wife’s inherited Garmin 310xt she’s currently using.

    I could also go for the Garmin scale since my fitbit aria decided to give up the ghost…

  975. Eric

    I’d probably get a trainer…Michigan winters. Happy New Year, cheers!

  976. Pavel

    Garmin Edge 520 – to replace my old beaten Garmin Edge 500.

  977. Yannis Papatheocharis

    An Edge 520 or one of the cheaper power meters. Either would be nice.

  978. Jason

    I’d like to get the BSX insight gen 2

  979. Tom Boden

    I would probably buy a new set of carbon fiber 50mm wheels as I am still using the bontrager wheels that came with my bike 7 years ago.

  980. BikerGirl

    Both Edge 520 and FR 235 – this will make for an awesome 2016.

  981. LukeJ

    Garmin 810 or Garmin 520

    I wanted to get a real cycling device (using fenix1 now), that I started to love cycling instead of running.

  982. Scott

    Happy holidays

  983. Stephen Lawson

    A GoPro since it didn’t show up under the Xmas tree!

  984. Eric

    I think I’d get on of the new running watches from Garmin. I’ve been using a FR220 but the addition of cycling to the new 230 is tempting. Not tempting enough to spend my own money, but if Ray’s paying….

  985. Kevin Clay

    Garmin FR630 because I am kind of geeky and my 305 is getting a little old

  986. Jen Bussey

    A power meter.

  987. Jared

    Garmin fenix 3, because I’d like to track my activities and location and on really interesting days in the mountains, my phone can’t be trusted to leave the safety of a Pelican case.

  988. Adam

    Powertap C1 52-36 chain ring set to replace my heavily used SL 2.4 hub!!

  989. Dwayne Hellard

    Please enter me in the “The Didn’t Get What You Wanted $500 Gadget Giveaway”. If i win, I will get the 4iiii Precision Power Meter b/c I want to utilize power metrics and I begin my 2016 training.

    Thank you,

    Dwayne Hellard

  990. Nigel Evans

    A garmin fenix3 as my friend has one and am very jealous!

  991. pere pascual

    let s try to get the garmin fenix 3!!!

  992. Shane Cooney

    The Garmin 630….need all that running dynamics data!

  993. German Dario

    A Fenix 3 because it has a lot functionality.

  994. CarlosS

    Fenix 3. Based on the reviews is the next great thing for my Ironman 2016 campaign.

  995. Richard

    Hi Ray,

    it would be awesome to win a Garmin 920XT Gray Tri-bundle.

    Keep up the good work!


  996. Leeka

    Polar A360 would be a good 24/7 toy for me.

  997. BarbaraP

    Garmin 810 for our new bike escapades.

  998. Barrett Price

    I would get a Quarq Riken al. I have been really curious about training with power and the Quarq seems like good value.

  999. steve green

    A midnight blue Garmin Forerunner 630 — with all that data for the win!

  1000. Brett Bornhoft

    Garmin 920xt to get all the data!

  1001. Shashank

    I would love to have a Garmin Edge 810 for the new year. Make it happen DCR ;-)

  1002. Carlos

    Wahoo Element. Need a head unit to go along with my new indoor trainer.

  1003. Rishi B

    I would most likely get the Fenix 3.

    As a side note I was at the REI in Fairfax VA asking about GPS watches and they referred me to your site.

    Happy Holidays and thank you for doing what you do!

  1004. Ben Eldred

    Go Pro camera – be great to capture the scenery next time i’m cycling in the Alps.

  1005. ChrisT

    I’d love a Garmin Fenix 3 to keep me on track for the new year!

  1006. Darlene

    Garmin 920xt or a new trainer. After 15 years of tris it’s time for a multisport watch, but my trainer is getting on in years.

  1007. Frank

    A 4iiii or something similar! Could use a power meter! Number two arrives any day now and will need to make the most of my time spent training!

  1008. Ben

    Wouldn’t a Garmin 520 be great? Love the site.

  1009. Andrew

    I would buy a 4iiii power meter for my road bike,

  1010. Yevgeniy Sapozhnikov

    A 4iiii’s Precision Power Meter to stop guessing at my FTP

  1011. I would love a Garmin Edge 1000.

  1012. Maciej Zięba

    I would most definately get a Fenix3 multisport watch – I’ve wanted one since the day I’ve first read about it :)

  1013. Matt H

    A stryd would be handy to quantify my efforts climbing hills or running into all these gales we’re having at the moment while a GoPro would be good to photograph my views and be watertight to survive said runs.

  1014. Ron.

    Garmin 230 for overall training.

  1015. benji

    fenix 3. tired of my monster 310xt w quick release.

  1016. Joel

    A Bushido Smart trainer. My wife would like to train with power for her next Ironman event and an indoor trainer with the capability to train with power would be a great gift for her. She reads your reviews closely and thinks this would be a great trainer.

  1017. Monika aus Mimmenhausen

    Garmin Forerunner 630 would be fine. Didn´tget it `cause still too expensive.

  1018. Vira Katolik

    I’d love to receive a Garmin 225 to help support my training for the Delaware Marathon in May. This will be my 3rd marathon and I’m ready to step it up and run to my potential!

  1019. Kris

    Powertap P1 pedals. I’d love to have a power meter on the bike.

  1020. matthijs de groot

    It’s going to be either the garmin fenix or the Suunto traverse, cant’t wait

  1021. Melissa

    Would love to have a 920XT. Bluetooth FTW!

  1022. Peter

    I’d get the best power meter 500$ can buy. So I can beat everyone in the time trial we organize at work.

  1023. Roeland

    Fenix 3 Saphhire. Need tot look good while working out!

  1024. rick

    Garmin Edge 1000. Would like to download maps to ride.

  1025. Dana

    Possibly a Garmin 520, or some other bike computer.

  1026. Maria E

    A Polar V800 GPs watch. I would very much like to get this watch to register all my training.

  1027. Josh

    Garmin Forerunner 235 – I want to be able to start doing heart rate based running.

  1028. Ben Katz

    The new remix torecord my skiing as well as running

  1029. Vivek Abichandani

    I could totally use a new garmin edge and some cold weather gear. I guess Santa does not think it gets cold in Texas b

  1030. danny vandura

    Fenix 3, because it says im here to workout but then when im done i will balance your checkbook.

  1031. Sebastiaan Verweij

    I would love a new Garmin running watch since my old Forerunner is playing up and doesn’t allow me to download training plans!

  1032. John Oxley

    I’d get the Redshift Quickrelease aero bars and top up for a 4iiii power meter

  1033. Tom T.

    A new Forerunner 235 would be super! Wrist-based HR on an everyday activity tracker and GPS watch is just about all you could ask for.

  1034. Jonathan

    I’d like the Garmin Edge 1000 as I just lost my Edge 500.

  1035. Edward Wolph

    I’d get a Garmin 235, I bought my wife one for Christmas and she got me underwear and a tie.

  1036. Dan Stolfa

    I would like to pick the Fenix 3. Sweet ass watch!

  1037. An Ha

    garmin 520 or 4iiii power meter. My garmin edge 500 has been going strong for 4 years but I’m afraid of when it’ll go on me.

  1038. Judd Taylor

    I’d get a power meter (4iiii or maybe the stages, depending on which will work on my bike easiest), just so I can train up properly. 6 months of daily rides hasn’t upped my FTP enough, even though I have a heart condition making it hard enough already.

  1039. Muddy

    Preferably a 920xt forerunner from Garmin, why? the watch is perfect for registering multisport events

  1040. I would love to check the new BSX Gen2 Insight – Why? because it’s the next level for new ‘stories’ why I didn’t run as fast as I wanted.

  1041. Pierre

    I’d get the Garmin 235, since I train mostly running during the winter, and I like the optical HRM for those days you can’t be bothered to wear your chest strap!

  1042. Alberto

    I’d probably get a GoPro. Just because.
    Ray you’re the best. Pick me!

  1043. Dana Chin

    The Girl is right, Fenix 3 in Rose Gold IS all the rage. I want it!

  1044. Gerasimos

    Garmin Fenix 3 , to train for an ironman

  1045. I would get any of the watches with a heart rate monitor (I’d have to reread your reviews to pick one) because I was recently diagnosed with a complication with my heart and I’d like to be able to keep track for my cardiologist.

  1046. Brian DeCarli

    Fenix, for sure. I need the battery life.

  1047. stephane

    Like many others, i’d get the garmin fenix3. It would fit my biking and running needs.
    Or, may save the $500, and wait for the Fenix 4 to come out.

  1048. Kamil

    GoPro Camera :)

  1049. RO

    I want to start trail run next year and I’d love to have a Fenix 3.

  1050. ChrisOL

    A garmin edge 520 for the cycling… or possibly an optical HR running watch to avoid the chest strap rubbing
    Happy New Year…

  1051. Nicholas Tarsa

    I would go with the Garmin Forerunner 235. Wrist based heart rate would be pretty cool!

  1052. Jet Pacapac

    I would like to get the Garmin Fenix 3 because it looks great!

  1053. Paris

    I would love to get the fenix 3 just to upgrade from my current running watch
    thank you !!!

  1054. Robert Larson

    I’d get a Garmin 520, because I’m really tired of trying to read my 920xt on my wrist whilst I ride.

  1055. Adam Rodman

    I wish I may
    I wish I might
    I wish I win
    a Garmin Fenix 3 tonight
    And maybe a few pairs of shoes as well! :-)

  1056. jerry

    garmin fenix 3 , swim & run traning!

  1057. Alice M Sodergren

    It would be awesome to have the Garmin Vector 2 power meter for my significant other-he is an awesome cyclist, and this would be great for him as he trains for various cycle events in 2016!! I would LOVE to surprize him with this! he would be soooo HAPPY!

  1058. I would kill for a new Wahoo Kickr trainer to improve my training and replace my older and louder trainer. Got a new Vivoactive and excited to put it to use. Thanks for that review!

  1059. Aaron

    Garmin Forerunner 620. So my girlfriend can stop borrowing my watch.

  1060. Alan katz

    I’d use the gift certificate, as you mentioned, to buy a trainer and try Zwift. Thanks!

  1061. Jeremy

    Fenix 3 because it does everything I want

  1062. Paul

    I want to try out a Suunto Ambit, thanks!

  1063. Michael Hoover

    I’d like a new Garmin Edge 520 for the additional features it offers such as IDing Strava segments and showing better maps over the Edge 500 I currently use.

    Thanks Mike Hoover

  1064. Johan Erling

    Powertap P1 powermeter it would be the first powermeter I own. :)

  1065. Johan

    I would buy a watch that can handle different sport profiles. A replacement for my xt310.

  1066. James Gould

    Looking for a new trainer, not sure which.

  1067. Teddy Muñoz

    A fenix watch would be nice

  1068. Rafal

    A new Garmin Edge 520 (as a replacement for my Edge 500) would be great:)

  1069. Rosa vasilatu

    garmin fenix 3 till the end!
    Happy holidays to everyone

  1070. sevo1523

    I want BSX Insight ;)

  1071. Nathan Mackay

    I would love to get in prime shape for the three day Tour of Wessex in May with a Power Meter

  1072. Clayton Hein

    Asics Kayano 22, daddy needs new shoes:)

  1073. Element

    Wahoo Element because Garmin 800 sucks, is falling apart, and is dropping rides.

  1074. Tru Tran

    I would love to get the Fenix 3 GPS watch. My good old reliable Seiko finally died and I need a new watch so why not get one that can do everything I need in addition to keeping accurate time.

  1075. theresa j

    Suunto Traverse GPS Outdoor Watch My husband has always drooled over the gps watches but has never spent the money on one so this would be a great gift

  1076. JohnO

    a Fenix 3, because it looks freakin sweet.

  1077. Charles

    Looking to pick up my first trainer, maybe a Kinetic or Cycleops Fluid

  1078. Rick B.

    I was looking to upgrade my running watch from the Garmin210 to the new Garmin 235. Also looking at the Polar M450.

  1079. BG

    A Fenix 3 would be sweet now that it comes with a quick release. Happy New Year!

  1080. Alex Birkhofer

    I’d go with a Power Meter. Don’t have one on my road bike yet.

  1081. JoeFitz

    A Forerunner 235. I haven’t bought one because my Fenix 3 with chest strap work fine, but I would sure love to give it a dance.

  1082. steve saltzman

    for the uwharrie mountain run and Off Road Assault of Mt. Mitchell, want/need Garmin Fenix 3. a lot of trail running, road riding for endurance, swimming while traveling for work, to get ready for my season of endurance mountain bike racing.

  1083. Jim Shepardson

    Gamin Edge 520, My old 310t that I was using as a bike computer died on my. I prefer my 920t without the quick release kit and wanted something with some sort of maps/navigation.

  1084. Raúl

    I need a Newton Men’s Motion lV Green-Black, in order to control my pronation :) …

  1085. grandfree

    Fenix 3 would be perfect for running!

  1086. Nate

    I suppose I’ll have to have something shiny and new that says “Garmin” on it somewhere!

  1087. Stephen

    4iiii Power Meter!!! Next step in training.

  1088. Sonny Sincebaugh

    I would like a Garmin FR630 to log Run Dynamics to improve my run efficiency.

  1089. Phwenque

    Garmin fenix 3 sapphire has the look and the funtionnality

  1090. PK

    A Wahoo Kickr Snap would be really nice. I’m tying to find a trainer for the winter, and I want to try to full Zwift experience.

  1091. GeoffM

    How about a 920xt for the lady?

  1092. Jacques Cuneo

    Tom Tom Spark – seems to have everything one would need, including music, to run with.

  1093. Charlie

    Fénix 3 firm Garmin, bestia multipolar watch Wright now

  1094. Mert Topcu

    I will buy a “Elite Qubo Digital-ANT+/Bluetooth Smart Wireless Indoor Cycling Home Trainer” because I can unlock training on Tuesdays or Thursdays when I need to take care of my kids at home.


  1095. Stephen M.

    I would love to get the new Garmin 230! Or even a nice subsidy on the Wahoo Kickr!

  1096. Dong

    Fenix 3, time for me to upgrade

  1097. Adam

    I would pick either Edge 520 or Wahoo ELEMNT as I dont really own real bike computer (using Ambit2 now). And some clothes/accessories for what would be left of the $500 :-P

  1098. Dann

    A Garmin Edge 1000 would be a great addition to my bike and be able to replace my very old Garmin.

    • Robanda

      I would go for a Garmin Forerunner 230, a good looking running watch with decent specs fit for a better runner :)

  1099. Frode

    Can’t find my HRM strap. Scosche Rythm not available in Norway so need to order online abroad unless I win here.

  1100. mattia pipino

    I’d get a Pioneer power meter. I currently have a Stages which works fine but would like to dig more into data. I’m a geek and I think that the Pioneer is just the one providing more data!

  1101. Gabriel

    I would get a garmin forerunner 630 or a Fenix 3 to give to my brother so that my brother can have one to train with and benefit from. I would get him one, but I don’t have enough money to.

  1102. curtis

    i’ve been anxious to get a power meter – this would help to make that happen. probably the 4iiii since the review got me excited. thanks ray!

  1103. Fenix3 because it’s time to change my 305 bought in 2006!!!

  1104. Ross Macmillan

    I would buy a Garmin Fenix 3 as I smashed my current one in a mountain bike accident.

  1105. I would probably get the Garmin fenix3 to replace my worn-out 310xt. I’ve been wanting a watch with both the ability to download a course to the watch and get accurate elevation. The fenix does both and has a long battery life too!

  1106. Westin McEntire

    I’d like the Kickr Snap so that my wife can use my KK Road Master at the same time and we can train together. Also, I’m dying for the ERG resistance! I’ll pay for the difference :) Happy Holidays!

  1107. smitty

    I’d like a Fenix3 as it looks the most badass of all the Garmin watches!

  1108. andres

    The BSX Gen2 Insight will make me faster!

  1109. Gabriel

    I would get a garmin forerunner 630 or a fenix 3 if I won this giveaway so that I could give it to my brother. That way, he could train and benefit from it. I want to get him one, but they cost too much for me to buy.

  1110. Mark

    Probably try out the Garmin Forerunner 235 because…..optical HR is everything, right?!

  1111. Dave

    Powertap P1 pedals for me – already bought my Fenix3 through

  1112. One of the high-end Garmin watches for my fiancee (Fenix 3 or 9XX); her choice.

  1113. Jessica

    I think I’d go for the Garmin 920XT. It’d be pretty great for all my tri needs.

  1114. Walter Cahall

    Polar V800 because I don’t have the green for it myself!

  1115. Wilfred

    In the netherlands we have sinterklaas. We did not ask for presents, still we got some. Mine was rapped in used paper. The box had already been opened and inside i found a Bluetooth selfy stick, which is kinda nice. Only my (oldisch) smartphone could not connect to the bluetooth. Not very usefull eh!
    My brothers smartphone connected with no problems so i swapped it with his present, 3 disposable shavers.
    But he, when i go swimming i won’t worry about drag. My body has never been so free of hair.

  1116. Alexis

    I would get the garmin epix for going out on activities (running, biking) with the cartography capacity being useful to find your way back.

  1117. sebastien houillot

    Dual leg power meter!!

  1118. Kevin

    I’d get new underpants, you can never have enough underpants….oh and maybe a Garmin HRM raise the odds of finding one when I am ready to head out and just cannot locate where I put it.

  1119. Geoff Hancox

    I’d get a 920xt watch for my tri training

  1120. Andy

    Power meter please :-)

  1121. Bram

    I would love to buy a good Tacx or similar so I can beet my friends on Zwift this winter! :)

  1122. Mads

    The 235. I hate HR straps…

  1123. Mads Frederiksen

    A power meter? I would to start training with power for the upcoming road season.

  1124. Roman

    Hi DC,
    I would like to get 4iiii to get more from bire from bike trainings.

  1125. Sam L

    I would get the new Fenix3 because I want a watch that will do everything.

  1126. Sarah G

    A new FR920XT would really go a long way in my tri training for next year … Happy New Year!

  1127. Shannon

    I’d upgrade my running watch to the Garmin 630 or get the Vivoactive or Vivosmart HR (depending on Ray’s review of the VSHR).

  1128. Tom

    Fenix 3. Been after one for ages!

  1129. wilfred

    i would go for a fenix 3

  1130. Mirek

    My wife gave me a book about Mr. Zatopek. Very nice. With this credit I can replace my Fenix 2 with something new :-)

  1131. Jose Dalisay

    I’ll go a new Fenix3. Need an upgrade form my 910XT. Or a new Edge 520.

  1132. J-F

    Fenix 3 baby!

  1133. Thomas Corrao

    I think I’d get a Garmin Edge 520 cycling computer. My Cateye Solar, cc-2000 is getting a little long in the tooth.

  1134. Olle Torkelsson

    I would like à new gps watch, cause my old disappeared Wien i ran trail last week.

  1135. Erol Bayram

    Forruneer 920XT

    for running.

  1136. Marissa Camacho

    Garmin 630 because i will run my firt marathon on 2016.

  1137. Laura W

    I’m training for my first Ironman and would love a Cyclops Fluid trainer

  1138. Rob S.

    New bike trainer, avoiding the ice and snow.

  1139. Peter Gonda

    I’d get a 520 as my first bike computer

  1140. Brody Bradshaw

    Garmin 630. I only run and I have a mental kick about not having the newest and coolest item, even when I don’t understand everything it is telling me. WIth the leftover change I might get the wife the vivosmart HR since I can now preorder it there.

  1141. Jim W

    A Garmin 920xt because my 310xt has bit the dust.

  1142. Bart

    The Garmin Fenix 3 would be great / zou fantastisch zijn!

  1143. José María

    Of course Garmin Fenix 3. I would like to renew my only-for-running FR220!

  1144. Bonnie

    I’d like the Garmin Varia bike lights for my friend. He is an avid cyclist who bikes in southwest PA and is a rare breed there. The lights will make him much more visible while he trains for the New England Classic Tour de Cure 7 day ride he does every year for the American Diabetes Association.

  1145. Tristan LEDARD

    No sport gadget for me this year, hence the fact that I try to win this giveaway!

  1146. Guillaume L.L.

    4iiii power meter. I would love to start trainning with power and get stronger/faster.

  1147. Seth Adams

    If chosen, I would go with the Fenix 3. An all-in-one that I can wear at work? Yes Please. Thank You!

  1148. Carolina

    Garmin Vector, trying to move to the next level in my bicycling on the way to qualifying for Kona one day.

  1149. john C

    Forerunner 630 for me! Sadly my much older model has reached the end of its life and I could definitely do with the boost to improve my times!

  1150. Luis Fernando Oliveira

    I would like a new 920XT to replace to one I destroyed on a bike crash.

  1151. Victoria

    Fenix 3 seems to be the gadget of the year, particularly when it comes with the new white option.

  1152. Robinson Milani

    I want a Garmin Epix!

  1153. Christopher Gosselin

    Hey… I have a Garmin Forerunner question…First… Your indepth reviews help me tremendously !!! Thank you so much. I am about ready to purchase a Forerunner 235. I am pretty set on the model, due to my focus on endurance running… Love 1/2 marathons and 10ks… I noticed your sponsor store has it in stock along with Amazon… I want to support your cause, but I also would like quick shipping… Will Clever Training ship quickly…? And would that help your review process …etc
    Thank you so much!!!
    Lisbon Falls, Maine

  1154. Gene Sobol

    I would get the 4iiii Precision Power Meter, living in NYC makes it very difficult to cycle outdoors in the winter, a power meter would elevate my training in preparation for my first Tri (Syracuse 70.3)

  1155. Paul Hogan

    I would like the Garmin 630 and a Scosche Ryhthm+ HRM to help me train better for my next Marathon in May…

  1156. LB

    I’d like to have a GoPro camera.

  1157. Darren Connors

    I’d get a Fenix 3 or a Gamin Edge 1000

  1158. Myriam

    Fenix 3 for the new triathlon season!

  1159. Mike Nininger

    Yeah, the Wahoo KICKER or perhaps a nice power meter for the bike, neither of which made it under my tree this year. Happy new year everyone.

  1160. Mad_triathlete

    I’d be adding something to my trainer collection. Tacx Vortex Smart comes to mind or Elite Muin… something that makes spinning the legs a bit more interesting

  1161. Mark Visser

    Got the Garmin Forerunner 920 XT while the Fenix 3 was originally on my mind

  1162. Steve

    I would go for a Garmin Forerunner 235. I’ve been using a Garmin Forerunner 305 for many years (biking and running) and like it a lot. I went on a run with a friend a couple of days ago, he let me try his Forerunner 220. I’m sold…definitely time for an upgrade.

  1163. Paul Hynes

    I would like to get a power meter for my bike. This will be great for training in 2016!

  1164. Noelle Lee

    I would buy a power meter

  1165. Matija Rimahazi

    4iii power meter would be great!

  1166. Dominik

    I would go fo Tacx Vortex Smart. Bike trainer is something I miss a lot currently And Vortex is probably something right for me.

  1167. Jose Ramon

    A Garmin 1000 because I’ve bought a polar V650 and I’m tired to wait for the tracking update

  1168. David

    it’s about time for a new edge 1000 or some other toy!

  1169. Mariiiiiii

    Garmin Edge 1000 would be great for next season.

  1170. Guillaume Lefebvre

    I’d take an HRM-Swim and HRM-Tri bundle, because I need new HR straps… Beyond that, a few random pieces of apparel possibly.

  1171. Jose

    A fenix 3 for trailrunning and biking

  1172. Christoper Hague

    I would get some powertap chainrings because I am building up a new ride and need a great powermeter to go with it.

  1173. Simone

    I surely would get one of those watches with integrated HR, either Garmin or tomtom.

  1174. Trapo

    I would get a Fenix 3, so I can compare with my current Polar V800

  1175. Jordi Palu

    I’ll get a Garmin fenix 3 to replace my Garmin Forerunner 305, because it’s time to renew !! 2015 this year alone has accompanied me in 6 UltraTrails of 100km .

  1176. Lucia

    A garming edge 1000 for my new merida reacto

  1177. SMichael

    A Garmin FR630 is tops on my list. Interested in the new features v. my FR610 (which has served well for over 3 years).

  1178. Eva

    I’d love to get Fenix 3 :)

  1179. Chris

    Looking to get a replacement for my Motoactv, which I still love.

  1180. James

    Pedal power meter so I can switch between bikes

  1181. Colin Duffett

    Forerunner 225 so I can finally ditch the HR straps!!!!

  1182. Lucie

    Cycling GPS from Garmin as I don’t have any :)

  1183. Jeff Lofgren

    If I were selected for the $500 giveaway I would get the Garmin Forerunner 920XT Multisport Fitness Watch with the swimming HR monitor!
    I have signed up for the 1/2 Ironman Chattanooga in May and would love to be able to use this during the event.
    I participated in it last year and used a different brand device and it cost me valuable minutes during transition from swim to bike and bike to run.
    Oh well, fingers crossed i guess!
    Jeff Lofgren

  1184. Nicholas Eckermann

    I would up my game with a power meter for outdoor power training.