Change & Moving Forward

Many of you know that my biggest challenge here in running the site is simply time.  Or rather, lack thereof.  There are just not enough hours in the day for me to enjoy writing here and enjoy answering your questions, all the while working full time travelling the world for my day job.

Well, I’m here to announce one of those two is going out the window.

Yup, this week was my last week….at work.

A bit of background:


I’ve been in the IT industry since I left high school a bit over 15 years ago – straight into a full time job the Monday after high school ended.  No summer break, or college, rather – a career that started about 36 hours after the graduation ceremony.

It wasn’t entirely on accident, or due to lack of interest in going to college (I had applied and been accepted to those I was interested in).  While in high school I had a small software ‘company’ (just me) and developed some programs (this was before they were just called ‘apps’).  That caused a bit of interest in me during my senior year of high school from a variety of companies.  All of which resulted in accepting an offer at the end of my senior year…for a salary slightly more than my paper delivery route job was offering.

Timing was everything, and ultimately I don’t think one would be able to make the same leap in today’s age.  After a year of interesting work at a non-profit organization (in IT), I jumped over to the Fortune 500 world working in what at the time was one of the largest banks in the US (they’ve since been swallowed by Chase).  Within that realm I worked on fast paced mergers and acquisitions, from the IT side.  The speed of work there was mind-boggling, but incredibly fun.  80+ hour work weeks were common, but the tight-knit team I was on as we travelled constantly made it worthwhile.

One day some folks from Redmond gave me a ring with an offer I couldn’t refuse, and a few months later I found myself being relocated to Washington DC (from Seattle, oddly enough).  I’ve been with the company since – nearly 12 years.  While I rarely talked about what precisely I did in my day job – it’s actually been an ‘open secret’ to anyone willing to Google Bing my name (or, to all of the companies that have asked) – usually the very first search result in fact.  I often spoke at conferences and conventions for my day job, and over the years some of those presentations have made their way to the interwebs.  In fact, it’s not uncommon for me to go into work meetings (with people outside the company) and have folks recognize me from the DCR world.  Kinda funny.  As for inside the company, anyone within my extended team knew about the blog, as did many triathletes and runners in the company.  My bosses (and peers) over the years have been awesome and supportive.

Within my day job I’ve been in customer facing roles, essentially helping to architect and design our products for large organizations.  While living in DC I was focused on customers in that region, and while in Paris I focused on large scale datacenter customers globally (think the Verizon’s of the world, and various others in the government space).

Since graduation each of those 15 years I’ve traveled no less than 100,000 miles a year on a plane.  Though more recently, I’m averaging 200,000-350,000 miles a year on a plane.  It’s simply been a lot of flying.  No doubt the work I was doing and have done in the past has been incredibly interesting.  I’ve been places and seen things that most will never get the chance to do, because of my day job.  How many people get to travel the world to new countries every week on someone else’s dime?  A mix of places from major metropolitan and cosmopolitan cities like Cape Town, Beijing, Sydney, Rome, and countless more – to places you and I have never heard of before.  Sometimes it’s a hidden gem out there.

I’ve been to 79 countries, mostly as a result of my job.  Even my vacations I couldn’t have ever afforded without the countless miles and hotel points behind them – mostly from my work travels.

But what I didn’t love was being away from home, and being away from The Girl that much.  And more than that – the exhaustion.  Put simply: The blog is a full time ‘night’ job (and then some).  And my ‘day’ job was also a full-time job.  As I’ve alluded to on various podcasts, doing both forever was simply an impossibility.

Making Change:

Bobbie and Ray print res-100

Of course, this wasn’t some random decision we made over a plate of snails. Rather, it’s a process that The Girl and I started over a year ago (actually, about 20 months now). Yes, people could have had two children in less time than this process has taken.  That shift required an immense amount of paperwork be filed in order to be able to continue living in France doing the blog full time and also continue running her business (the CupCakery & Cake Studio locations).

As you might expect, not much happens fast in government, and that’s especially true here.  So the process plodded along, with many 2 steps forwards and 18 steps backwards moments.  The whole concept of running a website (let alone something called a ‘blog’) full time in France got looks of bewilderment and ‘Non, Très bizarre!’

So we kept trying, and finally late this past summer we got all the green lights required to make the shift.  Back about a month ago I put in my letter of resignation (a surprisingly complex affair here) and Monday was the final day.  I closed up my work laptop for the final time that afternoon.  Of course, as you saw last week – that wasn’t quite without just one last trip.  That one to Newark, Delaware over those final few days.  Like I said, not everywhere I was sent was Sydney or Singapore.

Still, I did love my day job.  Make no mistake – if there was a way I could continue doing both and find another 10-15 hours in the day – I’d be there in a heartbeat.

Going Forward:


So what changes around here at the blog?  Well honestly, hopefully not too much.  At worst I might get more consistent (gasp!).  Perhaps my e-mail queue will shrink a bit.  Or maybe even the product review queue will shrink.  There are of course a ton of ideas for new things to write about, implement and do, that I’ve just not had the time to do.

Or perhaps, and much more likely – I’ll get to enjoy a bit more of what we came to Europe to do.  And get to enjoy more time with The Girl (and little Lucy of course), and seeing the parts of the world that I haven’t seen (and sharing it with you).  While I’ve no doubt been to more countries than most, I haven’t necessarily seen those places.  I’d be in for a meeting for a few hours and then gone.  The only thing I’d see would be what was between the airport and the office, save for a quick run that I might post here.

Maybe The Girl and I will take a slew of trips just to see the world.  And maybe we’ll make some more big changes…you’ll just have to wait and see.

Thanks for reading – and most importantly – thanks for supporting the blog, be it just reading as a lurker, or supporting it in other ways.  Obviously, without that support, I couldn’t have made the leap I made today.

Have a great weekend all!


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  1. Michael W

    Congratulations Ray! Great decision to create more time for you and your family while still doing what you love.

  2. congratulations RAY. Keep up the good work with this blog.
    you have been my idol in recent years.

    cheers from Malaysia ^_^

  3. Adam

    Wow, amazing news!

    You had me there at the beginning. Thought you were calling time on this much loved blog.

    All the best. Sounds like a great decision and something youve been planning for a while.

    Sets a great example too. Maybe something more of us should consider given the opportunity

  4. Mark

    “Within my day job I’ve been in customer facing roles, essentially helping to architect and design our products for large organizations.”

    Don’t make me smack you!
    Architect has a very specific legal definition. It is someone who is licensed by a governing board to design buildings. Anyone else who uses the title architect is breaking the law in the US and Canada, and most of Europe.

    • The world of corporate titles. Mine changed 3-4 times along the way. Principal Consultant, Architect, Solutions Architect, Datacenter Architect.

      Never really mattered much to me, I pretty much just did my thing.

    • Mark

      Yeah, but I gotta defend the term anyway. It’s like Xerox, if it’s not defended, it’s not valid anymore

    • anon

      Hey Mark, get over yourself. In this situation, the word architect wasn’t used as a proper noun but as a verb that described what he did. If you were a little more catholic you might harbor some varying uses of words (see what I just did there?). There would be no doubt that he passed himself off as an architect under any US laws. Signed, an attorney guy that does this work for a living.

      And Ray, congratulations on the start of your new solo career. You’re in for quite a ride (see, more varied word usage, so don’t get the UCI or ECF on my tail).

    • Mike Richie

      Um, legal or otherwise I’m afraid your battle is lost on both counts: From Merriam-Webster’s:
      Definition of XEROX: Copy (a document) using a xerographic process.
      Definition of XEROGRAPHY. A process for copying graphic matter by the action of light on an electrically charged photoconductive insulating surface in which the latent image is developed with a resinous powder (as toner).

      Definition of ARCHITECT. 1: A person who designs buildings and advises in their construction 2: A person who designs and guides a plan or undertaking. (the architect of American foreign policy)
      In my last job my title was Chief Software Architect.

    • Steven Knapp

      “The name ‘architect’ is sometimes used in a way that isn’t connected to building and design. For example, ‘software architect’ or ‘systems architect’ are examples from the computer and IT industry. We take the commonsense view, and accept that no one could be misled into thinking this had something to do with the design and construction of buildings, and we wouldn’t take any action in these cases.” – link to arb.org.uk

    • dano

      My guess is Ray got paid a lot more than most Architects I know…

    • Carl

      “If you were a little more catholic you might harbor some varying uses of words (see what I just did there?).”

      Well played!

    • Anon

      Thank you Carl-I gotz me some skillz :)

    • Mr. T

      If you were an attorney guy, you’d get pretty upset if people went around calling themselves Esq in a casual setting, that’s for darn sure. It’s funny attorneys are the most thin skinned people so calm down dude.

      Mark has a legit point and his licensing test wasn’t a 2-day affair that a good majority of the people pass.

    • anon

      Except that Esq. is a term of art, as is architect in NYS, but here he used the word not as a noun. I’m not thin skinned, but I do understand that sometimes distinctions do make a difference, and other times they don’t (hence my use of the words catholic and harbor as descriptive words that have several meanings beyond the ordinary). I’m very careful with my use of words and that’s why I wish Ray all the best in his future career and I look forward to many more great posts. I learn a great deal from his blog and I’m very thankful that his honest opinion and testing is shared with us.

  5. Steve

    Awesome and congrats! Wishing you all the best. This is great news for us too, your followers!!!

  6. Justin B

    Awesome! I’m happy for you being able to make this change.

    Does this mean you’ll start racing again?

  7. Sean G

    Congratulations, and all the very best of luck to you all!!

  8. Greg F

    Felicitations et bonne chance!

  9. Francesc

    Congrats Ray.
    I should probably take a similar decision after so many years living in a plane.
    Oddly enough I might probably be transfered from Barcelona to Seattle soon ?.
    Poor Girl and Lucy they don’t know how thought may be having you along full time ?.
    Be patient Girl and Lucy.

  10. Matthew

    Congrats and thank you for your blog. Its been extremely helpful and entertaining to follow on a regular basis for over 6 years.(even though I have never won a giveaway!) Looking forward to what happens when this becomes your full time job.

  11. Robert

    Congrats Ray!! I’m sure the girl & Lucy will enjoy having you around more.

  12. Noelle

    Huge congrats to you!! I hope you’re able to enjoy a little well-deserved R&R with the Girl and Lucy soon :)

  13. dieter neirinck

    As you are seen as a role model by a large part of your audience, I most definitely applaud the decision you have made. We live in times where professional peer pressure dictates that one has too be “busy busy busy” at all times, combining a demanding job with an interesting social life and family life (documented visually on instagram with the latest filters).

    As much as I have always admired your stellar time management capabilities, I think it takes much more guts to say “enough is enough” and to chose to free up time for those things that really matter in life. A bit less role models acting like superhumans might make us mortals less likely to feel like miserable failures or end up in a burnout scenario.

    If you ever feel interested to discover the heritage of cycling in the flanders region, ride the roads of the cobblestones classics and taste the flandrien culture, I’d be more than happy to be your guide on a cold and rainy rule #9 day.

    Enjoy the freedom !

  14. nikos

    happy fathers and mothers day

  15. chad

    congratulations ray!!! time to become a true European!

  16. Andrew Stone

    Congratulations. I’m both jealous of your old job and thrilled to support small computer systems that let me go home for dinner every night. I’m sure you’ll enjoy being home a lot more too. I’m looking forward to small improvements to the site.

  17. Mark B

    Good luck Ray!

  18. All the best Ray! I’m glad for your sake that things will settle down and you’ll have more family time.

    I’m also glad that we still get to benefit by the work you do here on the blog.

  19. Brian Free

    Congrats Ray! I never knew how you managed to do all that you do, but i know we are all so thankful for the work you do. I love reading your blog, even if its just the 5 Random Things I did this weekend posts. They are all so helpful and I can’t tell you how many times you have made a decision I have had to make about a product, that much easier [Sometimes Harder :)]. Thanks again for all that you do. I hope that you get some rest and continue doing what you love.

  20. Hendrik

    Good luck Ray with the road ahead after choosing your way forward at this difficult (and busy) intersection.
    I am curious I have to admit what made you decide to stay in Paris, my understanding was that your family is in the U.S. and I think the girl is not from Paris either.
    As a European myself (Belgium), I am glad though that you stayed, it does show that we can be competitive (or at least attractive) to entrepreneurs like you.
    Maybe a hint for you if you allow me, I think it would be great if you could partner up with a European supplier and/or set one up yourself or covince CT to do so. I am an avid reader of your Blog and would love to support you when buying devices, but ordering from the U.S. is just too complicated in my experience (due to the import duties and hassle). I am sure I am not alone here…

  21. Chris Elam

    How about adding a forum with sections for all the different companies, i.e. Garmin, stages, etc., where people can discuss and maybe get some support, either user-to-user or by you? You already have everyone coming here every day, seems like a natural extension to the site. Through viglink or skim links on it to make a little money from it, which all of your users would be fine with because we all genuinely love the site and it’s not like you’re some nameless megacorp.

    • Hendrik

      That is actually a very good idea I think.
      While some companies have their own forum which is quite active (f.e. TomTom), I am amazed there are still other companies without any forum whatsoever (f.e. Mio), leaving the users of their products completely in the dark wrt issues they encounter.
      So +1 from me..

  22. Congratulations and good luck!

  23. Congratulations and best of lucks after this great change !. I am sure it has been a difficult decision but it will pay off.

  24. Sean Lally

    Congrats! Excited for you guys.

    -Sean (lurker)

  25. jbro

    congrats! I’ve always been super impressed (and humbled) by your work turnout. Leaving IT is good move :)

  26. Bradley Owens

    Congratulations, Ray. As with all things, you’ve handled this decision process thoughtfully and thoroughly. Good luck!

  27. e s

    Congrats, sounds like this might add some time for you and your family into the schedule.

  28. John Smith

    Good luck to you Ray. The blog is always wonderful and a pleasure to read. Maybe this could give you an opportunity to take part in another Ironman as it’s been a long time. All the best.

  29. Matt

    Yay Ray! … Initial panic that your blog is being cancelled … allayed!

    I made the jump to working less a few years ago. With a good work life balance wifey&me travelled more, and then started to expand the family. The drop in $ hasn’t been nearly as hard as expected and the happiness factor went up exponentially.

    Your blog is a TRUSTED resource to athletes world ’round. Thank you!

  30. Scott

    Ray, I worked @ Accenture during the period (I’m guessing) you were @ WaMu; our paths probably crossed at some point…

  31. Jeff W.

    Welcome to flying coach Ray…

    Congratulations and good fortune!

  32. Tim

    Let me add to the stream of congratulations! Sounds like you were pretty fortunate to have a good job before, and now that this can be your full time job, I think that luck continues. Obviously, there is a lot of hard work that has gone into doing both jobs until now, and I look forward to seeing how this blog progresses now with more time to dedicate to it going forward.

  33. SteveT

    Ray and The Girl,

    I so happy for you two!

    I’ll stay tuned for the next big announcement, and I don’t mean the EPIX review!!! LOL

    All the best,


  34. Colin C

    As someone going through the initial stages of career change, I’m impressed. Congrats! Your readers are behind you.

  35. Dejan M.

    Great news ☺it takes a lot of courage to do that…but sometimes you have to take risks.

    Maybe now u’ll have time to finish that apple watch review etc ?

    And please try to get a sponsor like clever training here in Eu as well that will enable us 10% of discount or at least free shipping across europe ☺ i would gladly support you. Greets from Slovenia (yes we read your blog here as well)

  36. makoto

    Congratulations! Good luck with you.

  37. luis

    Ray, your talent will be certainly missed in Redmond. But great news for all fans you have out there. Good luck man!

  38. DS

    Good decision. And staying in Paris: make that two good decisions. And more time with girl and dog, three good decisions. And I could go on. Congrats.

    Meanwhile, am I the only one who’s finding that the blog keeps trying to redirect me to what looks like a phony update of Google Chrome? Or maybe it’s my computer. But it’s only happening on this site, after 2-3 minutes on this page. Might be worth a look-see.

  39. Chris

    Congrats Ray. Hopefully you can enjoy some well deserved down time.

  40. Jeremy


    Keep up the great work on the reviews and enjoy your newly freed up time at home.

  41. Ronald

    Congratulations, Ray, with this big step! I’m sure you are going to enjoy it!

  42. Paco

    All the best. It will go very well to you no doubt.

  43. Peter K

    Congrats! I’m still amazed at how you could work a full time job while creating all those comprehensive product reviews. I will definitely try to support you as much as possible!

  44. Not an easy decision, but which decision is easy to take? Good luck!

  45. Simon Butterworth

    I don’t know how you did it Ray except for your youth. I can’t imagine the blog getting better but I am sure it will. Good luck to all three of you

  46. Rich


    I did the same thing 8 years ago (left Gartner). Doubled my salary (and eventually tripled), cut travel in half or more, and have had a blast ever since (and added 3 kids). It’s stunning the opportunities that open up when you take full control of your future.

    Good luck, and have fun!

  47. Bruce Burkhalter

    Congrats. It has been fun following you for several years now. Great to see what has become of the blog and the CupCakery.

    Wishing you two the best on this next phase of your life!

  48. Jason Bezon

    Congrats Ray! Very cool, wish you both the best!

  49. Edgar

    Congratulations Ray!!!! You know, family is more important than any degrees or corporate positions. The fact you are going to spend more time with the Girl makes the decision a win win situation. Plus I get the feeling that a little Maker is coming as well ?

    I will certainly buy more thinks from your links to support your transition. Thank you once agai for all you do for us.

  50. Beef Cantonese

    Nice One!

    You’ll never regret time spending it with those you love.

    The blog is amazing.

    All the best

  51. bromasi

    grab life while you can.

  52. Dan S

    Congratulations Ray! You are an inspiration of what is possible if you have the talent, smarts, and drive to go out and create your own future.

  53. Sandy Milton

    All the best wishes to “Team DCR” for the next chapter.

  54. Jukka

    So, when’s the baby due? ;)

  55. Gonzalo


    Félicitations & Bon chance

  56. Leo

    Ray, congrats on the move, I’m sure the path forward will be exciting and challenging as always!

  57. Pascual Perez

    sometimes we forget that we need to live and other stuff, not only work, happy to hear about your decision, and hope all goes well and smooth!


  58. Sjoerd


  59. Jonathan O.

    Congratulations and good luck!

    I was always in awe at your incredible productivity levels… Keep up the outstanding work!

  60. Claude

    Courageous move! Life is short. Best luck and happiness.

  61. Fran

    yeah, this reads like “baby on the way” all over! :)

    Hundreds of people wishing you the best must make a difference! Good luck in this step forward!!

  62. Juan otavo

    Well done Ray, life change game change

  63. Scott

    Congratulations Ray! Best of luck with this adventure!

  64. Ed

    Congratulations, Ray. I’m so glad to see the blog roll on, though I really do so it becoming so valuable that one of the tech sites will come to you with a great offer to integrate your work into theirs.

    When you next come to DC, please consider joining the Friday pre-work downtown bike meetup, Friday Coffee Club. It would be great to introduce you.

  65. Mike

    Congrats! Perhaps it’s time to get a Patreon account going for yourself. I would be at the head of the line waiting to support you.

  66. Tom

    Great news! Life is to be enjoyed!

  67. Niall

    All the best – big step but nothing ventured, nothing gained!

  68. Robin

    A brave move Ray. I hope everything works out for the two of you.
    Keep up the good work!

  69. Tim C

    I add my congratulations to the thousands of other devoted followers. Never knew how you managed it all in the first place.

  70. Ronen Ofek

    Go Ray! Good luck!

  71. António Cruz

    All the best. You deserve it.

  72. Ian

    Congratulations to you and good luck in your future ventures.

  73. Deb

    Bonne Chance, and now selfishly I can still continue live my life through you and The Girl. Wish I had your opportunities and most of all your life in Paris and now your opportunity to travel as a family.

  74. Jay Esguerra


  75. Chris Z

    Congrats, Ray!

  76. Steve Horne

    Congratulations on opening a new chapter in your life! Hope all goes well for you and the Girl!

  77. Steen Sadolin


    Brave move.
    I’m sure you will be happy with that decision.

    I have always wondered how you managed to do both, considering the depth of details in your blog.


  78. John

    Congratulations Ray! A courageous decision one does e not make overnight. Good lyck and fun with the blog and website. Been enjoying it for a couple of years now. THANKS!!

  79. Peter Wellsman

    Congratulations are in order for sure! More than congratulations I’m sure I speak for everyone here THANK-YOU for all those late nights and the huge effort you put in day in day out for your fans (yup we’re fans) and a big THANK-YOU to the girl for not divorcing or killing you off…. Looking forward to the DC Rainmaker future!

  80. John de Knegt

    Congratulations! A courageous decision one does e not make overnight. Good lyck and fun with the blog and website. Been enjoying it for a couple of years now. THANKS!!

  81. Björn Lindström

    Congrats on the change! Along with the eevblog this is the best techblog out there.

    Hopefully I will get a chance visit the bakery next year since my wife and I have been talking a while to go to Paris.
    Wish you the best of luck!

  82. Roberto Marin

    Congratulations, Ray! I´m a big fan of your blog and I think this are good news!

  83. Den

    It’s quite a change :)
    Good luck Ray!
    p.s. Not every pilot has 1,5-2 million miles under his belt :)

  84. Sam M

    Congrats Ray. Best of luck!

  85. It has been really neat to see how your blog has grown over the years Ray. Congratulations on making the big leap. Looking forward to following along on your next adventures!

  86. Chris

    Congrats Ray! That’s fantastic!

    Enjoy your new source of “free” time, although I’m guessing you’ll fill it quickly!

  87. Adri

    Incredible so many replies, but all positive! Good luck to you, The Girl and Little Lucy. Hope to see a lot from you in the future. Enjoy life.

  88. Gear Fisher

    Congrats Ray! Very happy for you!

  89. Mike

    Congrats! Bon courage!

  90. Christoph

    Very nice, congratulations! I wish you all the best

  91. Grega Juvancic

    Good on ya mate! Hope U get all the time U need to do the things U and missus want to do :D

    I too am trying to start my own business with a connection to cycling.

  92. Ole

    I truly enjoy reading this blog and your decision to drop work, not the fun!

  93. Chris

    Congrats Ray!

  94. BillM

    Well done Ray. Sounds like you and the girl are choosing happiness, and from what little insights the blog gives into your lives you deserve every bit of it. Plus, you’ve picked a fantastic part of the world to live in, and of course you know that’s not just about the beauty of France but also that French ability to enjoy the relationships we have in life with friends, family, neighbors etc.

    Enjoy and live long.

  95. Congratulations Ray! Exciting time ahead.

  96. Jaime

    Congratulations Ray on the big move. Count on my support.

  97. TorsteinVH

    Congratulations on what was probably a big decision, and good luck!
    I’m looking forward to follow the blog in the years to come :)

  98. Rob Montgomery

    Awesome news Ray! Congrats. I’m sure I’ll continue reading every thing you post and purchasing every gadget under the sun.

  99. Craig Vespa

    Congratulations on the news, Ray!

  100. Matt W

    My heart sank when I saw the title, I just found your site this summer when I was looking for a new running watch. I had problems with my wrists breaking out in a rash from the Surge. I have used just about every other fitbit device, with not problems, and I really wanted a GPS watch as I started to get back into running. I keep coming back because I think there is a triathlon in my future and the information on your site is the best. Congratulations, and keep up the great work!

  101. Hi Ray,

    Congrats on the change! I hope to finaly be able to take you to Camp Nou to see Barca destroy someone!
    Glad you will be able to spend more time helping us all out!!

    See you in Barcelona soon


  102. Kelly

    Great for you and all of us too!

    So, what will it be? “DC Jr.” or “The Kid”?

  103. Nick Duck

    Bon courage mon ami.

  104. Toni

    Congratulations Ray – Big jump but great to see you follow your passion. Onwards and upwards for the blog!

  105. ryanovelo

    I. Am. Envious. That. Is. All. Oh, and congrats!

  106. Chris Brown

    As someone in the IT industry and who has an active lifestyle/runs triathlons and the like, Ray your pace was just mind boggling.

  107. Dave C

    As Dickens said “It was the best of times and the worst of times.” Working for yourself has tons of rewards – like going to your kids school plays but the buck always stops at your desk. Good luck with your new adventure.

  108. Congratulations Ray! Wishing you much continued success and happiness :)

  109. Nikolay

    Good luck and enjoy well deserved time at home. :)

  110. Felipe

    Best Wishes, to You, The Girl, and Little Lucy!!!
    And Thank You very much. :)

  111. Aldis

    Then waiting for the baby pictures! :)

  112. Jesus

    Fuck yeah!
    That’s how it should be done!

  113. Mathieu

    Congratulations. Good luck moving forward.
    Thanks for all the good stuff you have done so far. This is an awesome site.

  114. Scott Boggs

    Wonderful news and good luck! Had no idea you were one of us! I left the big M a few years ago and have never looked back. Maybe see you on the road out here in Redmond sometime when you are visiting your parents.

  115. Michael Frazier


  116. Jason

    Congrats Ray!

  117. Yvan Poulin


    Your employer’s loss is our gain! Long life to your new career! :-)

  118. Yonadav

    Congratulations and all the very best!
    Really happy for you!

  119. wai chong

    Congrats!!! You DID it YOUR WAY!!!

  120. JJ

    Congrats Ray on the bold move, I was surprised this didn’t occur before. By the way, I’m in the same business you were in the day job.
    Hope you have a great new phase in your life.
    Love your writing, and appreciate your thoroughness in everything you do.
    Cheers from an argentinian expat in Chile!

  121. Ronan Kearns

    ejnoy retirement!

  122. PurdueMatt

    Congrats Ray!

  123. Surfsailormd

    Congratulations Ray

  124. Congrats Ray
    Change is good!

  125. Arnaud Daix

    Hi, i’ve been following your posts regularly for the last year or so i guess, and enjoyed the reviews very much. Congrats on taking that step, and ‘bonne chance’!

  126. Stuart M

    Happy for you Ray, congratulations!

  127. JimG1

    Well I’m not sure if anyone above stated, BUT I for one am glad you decided to drop the day-job & go the Blog route — otherwise I would be missing your reviews BIG TIME!!!

    Congrats & Good Luck!!

  128. Neil

    Congratulations Ray! The future’s so bright…..

  129. Mark Osten

    Great article as always!

  130. Super excited for you, the Girl, and Lucy.

  131. Long Run Nick

    Can a 72 year old runner with over 83,000 miles run, wax a little philosophical? It has taken some time for me to figure out I am exactly where I am supposed to be, in spite of myself.
    As a long time follower, I am happy for you, The Girl and Lucy. Continue to follow your bliss. Enjoy your journey and remember, nothing ventured, something lost. Nick

    • 6co

      Same Long Run Nick who’s been posting on cool running forums these last ten years?

    • Long Run Nick

      The same guy. A little older, and a little slower but still loving my good fortune at being able to get out and run 40-50 miles a week. Will celebrate 40 years of recorded running on April 22, 2016. Who is OCD?
      Thanks for remembering me. I need to get over and post on CR. Glad you are still running. Nick

  132. Erica

    Congratulations on a well-earned change!! And not an easy one – I remember the paperwork of student visas simply to attend university in Paris – can’t even imagine residency paperwork!

    I still think back to meeting you long ago in Penticton back when you had to stand in line all night from Ironman registrations! Not to mention enjoying being an early customer of the now famous Berties Cupcakes!

    Congratulations to you both!!

  133. Drew Keller

    Congrats on next chapter and enjoy!

  134. Will Hunt

    Congrats! Good on ya for following your passion and making the decision to make your family a priority!!! Looking forward to seeing the next chapter!

  135. Mike

    Congratulations! I made a similar shift last year going from 200k+ miles a year of international travel to near zero, and it amazes me how much more energy (and time) I have now.

  136. Congrats on the big move Ray!

  137. Jerome

    Bonne change pour ce nouveau (et important) challenge ! It’s always a pleasure to read you.

  138. Rob

    Congrats Ray! Not very many people grow old saying that they wished they worked more, but do find those that wish for more time with family!

    Good luck on what tomorrow will bring

  139. Diego

    Perfect Ray, now you will have sleep time

  140. Goncalo

    Very happy for you Ray! Huge step. Congrats!

  141. Empewu

    Good decision. As a former consultant who was always out of town, and now having job in town, I can see what a big difference it makes to you and to your family.
    You can count on my support – just finalize please European partnership, importing stuff to EU from US is just too expensive. I wish you and Girl all ten best !

  142. Brad

    best of luck

  143. tecc09


  144. Dr matt

    Congrats Ray. Hope the transition goes well and you get more quality time with the Girl.

  145. Angela

    Congratulations, Ray! I’ve often wondered over the years how you possibly found all the hours in the day to do what you do and for how long you’ve done it. As a ‘Softie that doesn’t travel, I know what that means and I can’t really fathom what you’ve accomplished with all the crazy travels. You deserve it all and more–and I hope you get a few extra hours of sleep each night in your new arrangement.

    All the best!

  146. Joe

    I fully expect you to start an offshoot website “BabyRainMaker” testing all the baby tech gear out there…

  147. Maddy

    Wow! Congratulations to such a big step, Ray! Thank you for all the time you were balancing between your regular job and The Blog. I tried number of times imagine what is it to have basically 2 demanding jobs, countless flights, energy for training and even time for your wife! You have incredible time management. And thanks The Girl for sharing you with us readers all these years when you should be enjoying your free time with her instead of writing your blog and answering countless questions. BTW do you plan to learn perfect French now that you have so much time on your sleeve? Well, for us normal people it would be little time after daily work, but you are not normal, I allways suspected you have 2 – 3 clones somewhere :-D
    I hope I will be still able to read all your reviews now that you will flood us with new ones all the time ;-)

  148. 6co

    Good Luck Ray!
    Takes a lot of guts to make such a career move!
    All the best to you and The Girl for your new life.

    May be back to racing IM with all that time on your hands?

  149. Luke Tayler

    Congratulations Ray! I have been reading your blog for years and often wondered who you worked for in your “day job”. It never occurred to me that I could just Google it! Anyway, best of luck with the “full-time” blog, hopefully there will now be some additional ways we can support you in addition to the Clever Training links (possibly a subscription?)

  150. Fengyuan

    All the best, Ray!

  151. TuomasO

    Congratulations on your big decision! Best wishes for the both of you.

    Hopefully the European Clever Training deal is just around the corner.
    If I can support you while ordering new sport gadgets I will.
    Take care!

  152. Peter Felix

    Other than BBC news and Stava, yours is my most frequently visited website Ray, and I rely on it for all of my gadget purchases, and just love reading what you’ve been up to.

    I’m delighted it will continue and wish all the best to you, The Girl and Lucy going forward.

    I also hope you don’t leave Paris before I get a chance to visit the cake shop!



  153. jean-francois

    I wish you well to the Girl and you.

    Je vous (à la Girl et à toi) tout le succès auquel vous avez droit. Profitez-en au max.



  154. Congrats Ray! Its great that you recover your life again. No doubt you did the correct choice. Hard one, but decisions needed to be taken.

    Best of luck!

  155. Jim

    Ray… You’ve taken the risk we’re kicking ourselves we never made.. Your ‘night’ job will go just fine, I’m sure! Congrats!!

  156. Chris Covell

    Phenomenal news! You had us all concerned for a bit there.

    Winner – Best original content on the web! (seriously, there aren’t many pages filled with so much original quality work. I wish news sites were half as good)


  157. Kurt

    Monsieur Ray,
    Hope you keep inspiring and entertaining all your avid readers/fans and wish you all the best in whatever you may endeavour. Looking forward to read your next post with the normal ‘panache’ :-)

  158. Fernando Rodrigues

    Thank you Ray for all the great work you did and hopefully will keep doing! It’s a real benefit to all of us who are looking for the right “tools” to improve our experience doing the sports we love.

    I wish you and your family all the best for the future. You will continue to be my “lighthouse” while “navigating through these waters”! :)

    Kind regards

  159. Dietmar

    Great Ray, all the Best!!!
    Love what you do!

  160. claudino6

    congrats Ray. great news.


  161. anybody

    Congratulations and good luck!

  162. MattB

    Congratulations! I’m looking forwards to seeing what happens in DCR 2.0… Many thanks for this little corner of awesomeness on the web. As others have already said, you strike a perfect blend of wit, technical info and personal life in your blog that really resonates with people. I’m so pleased for you that it’s come to a point where you can make a living off your ‘accidental blog’!

    Also, does this mean a return to photos of what you’ve been cooking?? Some of that stuff looks amazing!

  163. Congrats on the decision and the move, Ray! You have done an amazing job here building the best site for everything you cover and I really look forward to seeing it develop more.

  164. Artur

    Good job man! Congrats! I’m sure the blog will continue prospering as many of us are addicted to it!

  165. Simon Befort

    Felicitations Ray, bonne decision!

  166. hoosier96


  167. Konstantin Petoukhov

    Great decision, Ray! You and The Girl should do some travelling together. You both deserve plenty of time off!

  168. Benedikt Gilbert

    Hey Ray,
    wishing you all the best for your future.
    I fully can understand your decision, quitting my job at the end of the year to become a professional fire fighter. Was working as an consultant, only traveling Germany but hate to be away from my fiancee. If you want to start a family, you gonna settle down :)
    I hope your blog will be a nice income and the bakery will feed you. Why did papers or take so long? Do you stay american or did you change nationality?

  169. Eduardo

    Congrats and best of luck!

  170. Bob Kowalski

    Best of luck to you, Ray. I worked for the Monolith myself and can tell you that things will be fine. The Girl will appreciate the new life, too.

  171. Nelson Rioux

    He did an incredible job being part time. I cannot imagine how it can be while being dedicated.

    Great news for us and congratulation for your move.

    Bonne chance mon ami.

  172. Azure

    Congrats Ray!!! and interesting bio :) Wish you and your wife all the best.

  173. ScottyCycles

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  174. Great news, good luck with the new chapter!

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  177. Congrats and best wishes. Time to enjoy your life ;)

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    Ciao Ray,
    congratulations and good luck!

  179. Steve Baldwin

    Congratulations! Bold move which are always the best ones!

  180. Fred

    Ray, thanks for the wonderful blogs these years, wish you and The Girl the best!

  181. Scott E

    If it hasn’t already been said, stay thirsty my friend, stay thirsty — all the best

  182. Chris

    Congratulation Ray. You made a great leap to an enviable position. Wishing you and The Girl all the best it will bring. I have been enjoying your blog will continue to do so. Best, Chris.

  183. Ted

    Congratulations!!! I am assuming that this step will also *eventually* lead to a new addition to the Maker fam ;) I can tell you from experience that training with an infant in the house is likely as difficult as working a full time job, traveling around the world, and managing a first rate fitness/technology blog…be prepared! Wish you all the best!

  184. Milkywaye


  185. Adam

    Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing how the blog grows now you have a less hectic lifestyle.

  186. Brent Moore

    Awesome Ray! Your blog is a revolution. You own the review space on athletic sensors. Everywhere I look people DCR as a reference as to why they bought some item or heard of the latest tech trend.

    1. Tap into Canada, lots of use here who can’t afford the $1.30USD
    2. Hit the companies hard, force those fuckers to deliver on their promises or hammer them on the blog.

  187. Roman

    Congratulations on the decision, Ray. Your blog has often been of great help, so I’m glad to learn you’re moving on with it. I wish you all the best in following this new route and ejoying a less (or, maybe more likely, just differently) busy life. Looking forward to your future posts!

  188. Congratulations Ray!!! All the best to you, the wife and Lucy but also success in the next chapter of your life!

  189. Paul

    Congrats Ray

  190. Juro

    Congrats. A very inspiring decision. Swimming against the current!

  191. Marcus


    Congratulations from an avid reader from Germany. Your blog (as a couple of others in other spaces) is the future of publishing: thorough, precise, personal. Looking at that Henry Blodget sold “Business Insider” for to Axel Springer Verlag, I’d guess you should be a prime target for Big Media’s M&A folks for your very space (be it from the tech or sports angle, or something in-between). Count on your readers to support you going forward, now more than ever.

  192. Neil Greer

    Well done Ray, delighted for your decision. Your blog is so much more than that label, you have an innate ability to keep it real, relevant and interesting, a very rare commodity. Good luck for the future, but I don’t think you need much luck, your passion and talent are all you really need.

  193. Daniel

    Hey Ray,

    Congrats from Germany!
    A big decision, but i think you guys exactly know what you are doing.
    I wish you the best for your future.
    And i´m happy to hear, that you will focus on this blog, which is in my oppinion one of the best i´ve ever been reading. Go on!

  194. André Jodoin

    Congratulations from Canada! I don’t mind if you quit your job, just don’t quit your blog :-P
    And don’t forget to update your FAQ/job link to dcrainmaker.com ;-)

  195. Jan Martijn Metselaar

    Good for you! Enjoy!

  196. Andrew

    Congrats Ray! Been reading since the beginning and have thoroughly enjoyed the blog. I’m sure ‘retirement’ will suit you! Can’t wait to see what is in store for the future.

  197. Frans

    Gratz Ray and Girl. Enjoy life, even how much fun work is, there is more in life. And if you can make it happen financially than there is nothing better than to follow the heart.

    And of course we are happy that you continue with the blog ;) You made a wise decision :D

  198. Lindsey Jerdonek

    Hi Ray, So happy for you and Bobbie on this decision! Can’t wait to see what you guys build next!

  199. Ron

    Congrats, Ray. Best of luck going forward.