Valentine’s Day Double-Gadget Giveaway!


It’s definitely time for another giveaway.  Given Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, it only seems right to show you some lovin’.  But, it would seem sorta awkward to give you a present and not also give the person you love (or, at least kinda-sorta-like) a present as well.  No?

Thus, I’ll be giving away two units as part of this giveaway – one for each of you.  It’ll be like a couples giveaway, though you need not be a couple to enter or win.  I’m sure everyone can find a loving friend that is worthy of a new GPS device (or similar).  If you can’t think of such a person in your life, I’d suggest expanding your circle of friends.

Those who win will get two units valued up to $270US (each) from Clever Training.  This could be currently shipping units like the Polar M400, or, upcoming units like the Garmin Vivoactive once it ships.  As long as the value is under $270US per device you can pick whatever you want from Clever Training.

Here’s a few ideas to get ya thinking:

The Fitbit Surge GPS watch
TomTom Runner Cardio GPS watch (with optical HR sensor)
Garmin Vivoactive GPS smartwatch
Polar M400 GPS watch
Mio Fuse Activity Tracker with optical HR sensor
Suunto Ambit2 S GPS multisport watch

How to enter:

Leave a comment with: A description of your Valentine’s Day training or racing plans.

Simple as that!  As usual, Clever Training is sponsoring the giveaway.  Remember you can save 10% off anything they sell through either the coupon code or the DCR/CT VIP program, plus of course free US shipping for goods over $75US.

Thanks for reading!

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, February 16th, 2015 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly. One entry per person. The product will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming in stock.



  1. picko

    Doused in smelly farm run-off on a soggy 80km ride in the Peak District

  2. Anthony

    Body attack+body pump +rpm… It was raining today!

  3. Jay

    Had to cancel the run to buy a house – definitely won the valentines sweepstakes with that move!

  4. We’re on the couch now, but we started the day with a 15km Hot Chocolate race run (and I got 3 PRs 🙂

  5. Kyle P

    1 hour on the bike. 4 mile interval run. dinner with the lady!

  6. Sizwe

    45 min on my trainer

  7. Luke

    9 on Saturday, 18 on Sunday.

  8. KeithS

    A nice flat 50k cycle down the Gold Coast seafront to work up an appetite for a great french meal at Sanctuary Cove

  9. trevor

    13 on Sunday plus an open water swim.

  10. Christoffer J

    A trainer ride in the Dordogne Valley (or at least the TacX video recording of it).

  11. Sascha

    A trainer ride at home. And then watching an indoor athletics event.

  12. got in one of my best marathon long runs ever (21.36 miles in 3 hours 10 minutes) of which I ran the first 10 miles with my mom…the perfect running partner 🙂

  13. Michelle

    My Personal Valentines Day Challenge – 14 miles for Feb 14th on a local scenic paved nature trail. I have only done up to 6 miles recently – met this goal with success! Have my eye on an upcoming marathon and my first GPS watch (Vivoactive). Thanks!

  14. Julian Wong

    I won’t be doing anything on v-day, but the next morning I plan to hit up a local studio in the city to do a ride on CompuTrainer. It’s snowy and cold in Toronto so indoor riding is a nice option in the winter!

  15. Smokin'Schwalbes

    Did Ormskirk parkrun 5k – awesome 🙂

  16. Simon

    Slow run of 5k near a river 🙂

  17. TheMert

    I ran the San Antonio Rodeo Rampage 4 Mile. First year running ut for me and it was pretty fun. Afterwards, took the wife out on the town.

  18. Nick

    Sufferfest videos!

  19. Jo Durand

    Hi to all, today is tri-training 1h master swim, 1heasy spin, 1.5h running hilly course. Than great supper !!!

  20. MT

    4.3 mile run, nice easy pace and felt great despite the temperature

  21. David

    90 minute treadmill run in the hotel workout room before my kids wake up.

  22. Jingzi

    Making my boyfriend freeze outside running with me

  23. Matt Cortez

    10 miles in the Philadelphia snow
    Ride or die!

  24. LP

    60 minutes on the bike, indoors with intervals

  25. Aaron Vinnik

    2 hr bike ride…it was freezing by the way

  26. Anne

    I ran 26km on a 165m track to avoid running outside in -20c and blizzard like conditions.

  27. Nardix

    Climbing Passo Pordoi on my indoor trainer, while outside it is cold and covered in snow ;-). Then romantic dinner..

  28. seva pog

    24 km run, training for marathon
    good luck

  29. LK

    90 minutes of hot yoga!

  30. Jacob

    Sweetheart shuffle 5k with the family

  31. Nora

    A 30-minute evening run in the city.

  32. L Read

    1+ hour ride on computrainer using Netathlon online riding platform. (like Zwift)

  33. Tamas

    1 hour long run up and down to the nearby hill.

  34. Russ Lynn

    42 mile ride with CVC club from Westlake Village to Grimes Cyn.

  35. Jonno

    2 Hour Spinnerval in the garage with my amazing wife, followed by a Paraglide flight from Skyport, working the thermals for a little bit before a nice, safe landing…followed by iced coffee with my wife. Great day!

  36. Brandon H

    We ran 13km and 8km each, in different locations, training for a half marathon in May.

  37. Kevin

    A 35 mile group ride with LBS.

  38. Dan

    An 11 mile group run with the Half Wits.

  39. Randy

    2 hr mountain bike ride through the hill country…

  40. Holly Uebbing

    We braved the winter cold for a romantic trail run in the fresh fallen snow

  41. Allison M

    I took a HIIT class at the gym

  42. jared

    Just saw this post! My V day went as follows:)
    We drove out at 6am to the stadium, where she did pacer training with the running group for the blind. She did a 10km pacing run with them while I did a 12km easy run alongside.
    Next was a healthy breakfast with coconut juice for hydration! And we purchase fresh produce for the nights dinner.
    Next up was Hot Yoga in the afternoon for 90mins together at the yoga studio at Little India.
    Next was a relaxing swim for both of us. She is a freestyle gal while I am a breast-stroke guy.

    We went back together and made dinner together and the rest is private

  43. Brad

    Brad here, my Valentine’s Day plans for training are to get in a spin for 45 mins with new endurance heart rate zone method I learnered last week!

  44. Alan B

    60 min run and 2500 yard swim

  45. Washington DC tandem ride to Leesburg and home. Total 91 miles via Potomac, Whites Ferry, return on the W&OD Trail. Ray, you should know all these roads: Macarthur Blvd., Piney Meetinghouse, River, Willard; Edwards Ferry!

    We got home just before a snow squall blew through Washington; we saw it roll in from our balcony. A good day to ride despite the lack of sunshine.

  46. Mark

    6.6 miles on the Greenway!

  47. My plans involve teaching loads of fitness classes and hitting the trails for 10 chilly ones!

  48. Mark G

    Enjoyed a 13.1 mile training run today with the mild weather before bitter cold and snow sets in.

  49. Brian

    I’m in Cincinnati for the weekend. I meet up with a local trail running group (I found them through FaceBook) to knock out 14 miles before the bitter cold swept in.

  50. Craig Christensen

    I just ran Ragnar Florida Keys last Friday and Saturday, so I took it extremely easy this week. Today was an easy four miles.

  51. Peter Shellabarger

    I’m planning on spending the whole day with my wife…no training, racing, or athletic pursuits of any kind. We all need a break every once in a while!

  52. Brian Ruggles

    My wife, youngest son and I ran a local 4-mile race this morning. Thanks!

  53. Alex

    Racing ice canoe compétition with my girlfriend cheerring and travelling with me for the weekend!

  54. Rick

    Blizzard in the NE so an Hour and a half on the turbo with Trainer Road

  55. Scott R

    Snowed in in the Midwest, so time on the trainer & shoveling

  56. Eric

    Cold and icy in VT so 4 miles on the treadmill

  57. Smichael

    V day training plan is a nap followed by watching the Wanamaker mile races.

  58. It’s cold cold cold and snowy so we will be indoors doing some yoga.

  59. Dan

    26 km in the treadmill at race pace …. Plus a lot of time with my family

    • jan

      Some 600km driving by car towards holiday with all of my women
      Some running and freeletics planed for the holiday

  60. Sam L

    I’ve got a swim meet all day!

  61. yvan lap

    go for walk with snowshoes on the nearby trail, wine and diner after.

  62. RJ

    Ran 10K with micro spikes on the snowy trail while my wife practiced yoga at home.

  63. Gary W

    I’ ll be on the trainer, my better half on the mill right next to me. Rest assured our hearts will
    Be racing!

  64. GP

    Four mile 10% grade hill run. Then come home, shower and dinner with family!

  65. Chris A

    No training … down n out sick

  66. Mike

    40 mile ride with a 5K transition run

  67. Jordan Parker

    Signing for my first 70.3 and my wife doing her first half marathon after our 3rd son was just born

  68. Steven

    Did a nice long ride by the river!

  69. Dorkymama

    Coming back after a year off dealing with the big “C”. Rode with the boy today the 14th for the second time out this year. Working toward the Monster Cookie metric century in April. Can do!!

  70. Tim

    Rode a moderate level effort for 27 miles, then a quick couple mile jog in the neighborhood with my valentine wife.

  71. Chris

    Valentines Day training? Umm, we’ll be doing some running. Running. A lot.

  72. Michal M

    50 mile bike ride… at a leisurely pace of course so that she can keep up 🙂

  73. Planned a long bike ride by the Istanbul Bosphorus with a group of people.

  74. 10k trail run for me, and a short walk with the 1st lady to prep for her first 5k race tomorrow!

  75. Louise B

    Nice and easy 40min run in the snow & cold:)

  76. Ran the 2015 Holiday Lake 50k in Appomattox and had an EPIC blow up in the second half of the race. A humbling day of racing indeed!

  77. Matthew B Myszkowski

    Easy recovery spin.

  78. Stephen

    Long run for marathon training.

  79. Patrick Mast

    Taking the family for a bike ride along the greenway.

  80. David Thetall

    Unfortunately, no workout for me on Valentine’s Day–I’m up to my neck in snow like everyone else in Boston!

  81. Craig D

    Ouch my foot hurts. No workout plans for now,

  82. Richard Mable

    4x500m with 1 min rest on the erg, then the weights!

  83. p.

    12 laps on Zwift Island should do it.

  84. Chris k

    Exchanged gifts this morning ( for me a Starbucks mug for her a Tom tom slim band for her gps watch) went for our 40 k hill ride cold and wet. Dinner chicken pot pie then to the pool for a hard swim for me and a easy swim for her. Finished off by her season opening 10 k race tomorrow, she is the love of my life.

  85. Andrea

    Am unfortunately under the effects of chemotherapy at the moment, so have had to put all running plans to the wayside. That said, I’ve been trying to reach a certain goal each day on my Vivofit just to make sure I’m moving enough (a low number as of now, but hope to get it gradually increased). Thanks for the in-depth review on the Vivofit, Ray! It’s been tremendously helpful 😀

  86. Wilfred

    Will be paddling in a dragon boat in the morning, followed by a run in the evening. 🙂

  87. Nick

    Plans include sitting around the house doing absolutely nothing.

  88. hock yeoh

    Recovering from a 25km race.

  89. Joel A

    Taking turns on the treadmill while watching a movie since it is 0 degrees out with 25 MPH winds!

  90. Alex

    A nice 2 degree 9 mile run outside of Boston before next weekend’s Hyannis Half Marathon.

  91. Doug Lam

    An easy ride on the trainer

  92. Michael

    My training this weekend will involve shoveling a foot of snow and a ride on the trainer.

  93. Eric W

    Going for a 10 mi bike ride–despite yet another snow storm in Boston.

  94. G@v$ter

    Took the whole family skiing at Whitetail only 90 mins from DC. It was perfect. Then ate lots of chocolate and drank good red wine. Everyone had a wonderful exhausting day. Now that’s a workout.

  95. richard

    Rode up Emigration Canyon, beautiful day. Felt like spring rather than winter!

  96. Carla Pommerel

    First did a 1-on-1 training session with my trainer for an hour. Then went for a run to see how my knees would fair without my knee guards. An all round awesome day for some work! =) Carla

  97. Lauren K.

    Currently resting a stress fracture– so I will be hitting the pool.

  98. kim

    doing couple run with the girl and dinner afterward

  99. Bovey

    Handful of mile repeats

  100. WG

    Just got home from working all day in the hospital… how’s that for endurance training? Good workout planned for tomorrow.

  101. Brent Darnell

    Since this is for fun and in hopes of winning a cool prize from #CleverTraining I would love to give a description of my Valentine’s day training.

    So here is our description of our Valentine’s Day training in detail.

    First it involves waking up at 0400 to get ready to go instruct a 0500 morning grind (spin class). Nothing like getting your sweat on early in the morning. Next was a half day at work and then meeting the girl for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants to enjoy one of our favorite pre workout meals before starting our second workout of the day. After lunch to let the food settle we ran over to the grocery store to only buy our post workout snacks. #QuestBars!!! Side note you know you have a keeper when all it takes to make your girl smile and happy on Valentiens day is buying her a box of questies. How’d I get so lucky. After an hour it was time to start our wo. We had a bike sandwich planned and it went as described. Bike to gym, Aqua run and then bike back home. What better way is there to spend your Valentine’s day?

  102. Steve E.

    Drink… but those are the training plans.

  103. Meredith E.

    What’s Valentine’s Day? We’ve got 365 days/year to do it right. So we went for a morning jog instead.

  104. Tony West

    12km run (first longer run after Challenge Melbourne), followed by a spin class. Then a relaxed day with the family 😉

  105. jeff

    An easy four miler this morning on vacation in San Diego. Longer run tomorrow if I can get up earlier.

  106. Guillermo

    It’s freezing in DC, so probably just a short treadmill run, and a longer treadmill run on Sunday. Oh, it’s already Sunday… Late night run time. 🙂


  107. Jeff Schaffer

    My wife has hurt her back, so our only training plans were to get her a massage and then rest/relax. Training can happen after that.

  108. Carol Kleckner

    I had a rest day after a 14.5 mile run the previous day and working until 5 am on Valentine’s Morning.

  109. Don Kiely

    15 mile run, in preparation for a 25 mile race on snow-packed trails in two weeks here in Fairbanks, then Boston in April. Beautiful day today, and my sweetie even picked me up so I could do a point-to-point run (and I’ll return the favor for her tomorrow). Thanks Ray and Clever Training!

  110. Remco Verdoold

    After my long distance flight and change of climate i will do an easy 5 km run and 25 km on the tacx (flat of course).

  111. DeWayne

    Cardio Snowshoeing!

  112. Quentin

    Rest day, it turns out. But we did biked to the farmer’s market, with the 5 year old on a cargo bike. Then said 5 year old went out on his pedal bike, with me running along. 6 miles.

  113. John

    Did a sprint triathlon with the wife

  114. Yury

    Easy hike with family 🙂

  115. Stuart Matthewman

    10k tempo run on a wedding hangover that literally caused the grass to shrivel as I ran over it. Help.

  116. Amie

    I’m recovering from the flu, so probably just an easy run or walk on the treadmill.

  117. 20 miles XC skating and a progression run to shake out the legs

  118. Ben

    It still says on my calendar that today I was supposed to run 35 miles but I broke my tibia 8 weeks ago (still on crutches) so todays training plan was just PT exercises and core work.

  119. Jp

    Recovering from a minor injury I will go for a light bicicle session

  120. Russell

    Quick track workout with my wife

  121. Norma5

    Hike with husband and six year old son.

  122. Ruben Garcia

    Football match (pre-season friendly), followed by a quick muscle-recover swim in the sea and finalised with a surfing session. Enjoying sunny down-under!

  123. JJ Watson

    11 mile of running and walking with my lady. Followed up by a delicious chocolate mousse recovery dessert.

  124. Lawrence

    Snowshoe with my wife, with occasional Z5 efforts chaseing the dog!

  125. Shmuel Raviv

    10 km of running with my wife.

  126. Hervé H

    A nice 10 miles barefoot run pushing my lovely 7 months daughter.
    Around the lake.
    Ultimately did only 9 miles. The miss needed her milk.
    Nice run. The mum had a nice break.
    Perfect to celebrate Valentine’s day….
    Have a nice time all.

  127. Mindz

    Sleding will be my valentine!

  128. Gabriel

    Laps of local observatory hill for elevation challenge

  129. Per

    My girlfreind invited me on a Valentine date, including a tapas and a glass of wine on the local winebar, 50 shades ogf grey and Valentine dinner. But as always when we celebrate something, it all star with running This time a 7½ mile trailrun in the local area, around a lake, crossing fields and running along the shoreline af Limfjorden, Denmark – surely a day to rembemer

  130. Kevin K

    Hitting the Rubber Glove again for an FTP test

  131. Harry

    It’s saturday so I have some catching up to do after a busy week. Starting with a round of crossfit, after lunch going on the MTB with my mates, catching up on the week, and closing the day with a lovely dinner with my wife at a new, very nice, restaurant.

  132. Takeshi

    3,000m swim and 10km run

  133. Aga

    10 km training with my husband.

  134. Lucas

    Would love to go cross country skiing with my wife, but between the bitter cold and advancing pregnancy, my California Valentine isn’t having it. So it’s more time on the rollers in the basement for me.

  135. Alistair Cannons

    Walking with my darling wife.

  136. AM: Long slow distance – 19k
    PM: core work and yoga
    Thank you!

  137. Nathanff

    I had a bike/swim training – 25 km in Longchamps then 3km of sprint/relax in Keller!

    Have a great WE!

  138. ThomasR

    An hour on the trainer, using TrainerRoad.

  139. Alex

    A run & bike in the forest followed by a brunch

  140. Hannu Leinonen

    Went to the gym with my loved one.

  141. elisabeth

    A lovely walk and then a beautiful home cooked meal. Thankfully the weather was great so a really nice day!

  142. Viesturs

    Just fillet steak and couple bottles of red one 🙂

  143. Alexander

    2 hr in Z2-3 bicycle ride.

  144. Steven

    Started the day with a gentle bike ride 10 mile hit the gym at 12:00 for a back workout and ended the day cooking steak for the wife!

  145. Ella Van Staeyen

    Went for an 8K run under a bright Belgian sun!

  146. Michele M

    Just a quick run after I pick up my valentine from the airport

  147. DavidB

    did a nice 25k run in the Swiss Jura hills

  148. Konrad Pietrucha

    A nice slow 10K run to relax:)

  149. Oliver Medina

    Stretching and yoga.

  150. Martica

    Some running at Bois de la Cambre with my hubby.

  151. Vadim Ronen

    Brick workout : one hour bike on turbo and after that 5k run.

  152. Phil

    20k Bike Ride in the cold.

  153. Wendy

    A run with the dogs

  154. Suggs

    50km jet lag recovery ride. Wife is at work 😉

  155. Javier Perez

    Push my twins in a double stroller through the strees of Lissbon… not flat precisely! Luckily the Portuguese sweets are packed with energy! 🙂

  156. Torkil S

    I celebrated my moms 70th anniversary, so no training, just cooking, baking, decorating and the the party!

  157. Florian Graser

    20 KM Easy, 3 KM MRT

  158. michel rodriguez

    Active recovery: leisurely short run and stretching & flexibility..yeah!

  159. Rudy

    Sorry, snowed in 🙂

  160. Ben Simes

    Long run up and down hills!

  161. jay

    2h cross country skiing

  162. Doug

    Out on the bike for a steady ride…anything to get active after a series of colds

    Thanks Ray!

  163. Antonio Cruz

    unfortunately I am injured. but one new trainning watch would be a excelent gift.

  164. Stijn

    Did a 10 mile run with my girlfriend riding along on her bike.

  165. Yagil Henkin

    Two biking laps, together 32 miles Road/Trail. Hopefully on the 16th I’ll get to do a 10 mile run.

  166. Dawn Conniff

    biking on the trainer next to each other and avoiding the wind chill.

  167. William

    Stretching on a 10hr flight from Shanghai to Dubai, no training unfortunately

  168. Oliver

    Quiet day after a hard week of work, maybe a gentle run

  169. jeroen

    A run with the misses and after that to the sauna.

  170. Michelle Sherfy

    A run if the weather cooperates!

  171. Dani

    Take a rest day and spend all day with my wife 😉

  172. Tim Hoekstra

    I ran 10km yesterday, the sun was shining (for a change) I’m from the Netherlands and we don’t see the sun that often in Winter. I ran the 10km on my brand new Saucony Cortana 4’s! The only thing missing is a great heart rate monitor with gps!

  173. Fiona

    Walk with other half as rest day before race today (Sunday). So no champagne either …

  174. Anders

    24 KM of cross country skiing through the winter wonderland…

  175. Chris Cronin

    Training runs on Marco Island, FL 74 and sunshine. Back home in MI, it was -11 actual temp. last night.

  176. Luís

    I did 15k in Terceira Island, from where I’m staying to the film location where I and my girlfriend are working.

  177. Tamas Mihaczi

    8km Trail running yesterday

  178. Emily

    Long day of skiing in lots of Buffalo snow. Switching things up a little bit with traveling and not wanting to run outside in -6 degree weather.

  179. Ronen Ben Ari

    A fast tempo 10k

  180. Adam Watson

    I wasnt allowed to train 🙁

  181. Rodrigo Santos

    I raced a sprint Duathlon on valentine’s day

  182. Karl

    Taking one for the team and letting the wife put in a 13 mile marathon training run while I look after the kids.

  183. Lance Liljenquist

    Was not allowed to train. Valentine’s Day is also our anniversary.

  184. Joanna Brown

    I finished my first 31km xc ski race at the Canadian Birkebeiner on Valentines day.

  185. Glen McCrimmon

    I had planned to do the 31km leg of the Canadian Birkebeiner on Valentines day with my wife Joanna but I got food poisoning from the restaurant the night before and had to sit it out.

  186. Maddy

    Just 2 hours walking with our kids around the woods. It was so incredibly muddy, that cleaning afterwards was much more strenuous than walking 🙂

  187. Michael

    Trainer ride on trainerroad for 105 minutes.

  188. Pete R.

    Up early for a trainer ride. Too cold and icy for any outdoor training.

  189. Andrew M.

    A simple two-hour endurance ride on the trainer. Negative windchill in Chicago makes that choice easy!

  190. Mike

    Did an easy 3 miles in the morning.

  191. Nicos Loucaides

    A pyramid interval run to add some speed!

  192. mike

    Skiing in Canada

  193. Palmer

    My wife talked me into two hours of Bikram Yoga!

  194. Ian M

    Fitting in an very early morning run before work.

  195. Tuomo

    Finished the day yesterday with soccer game with my son and started the day in a sunny -10 celcius run this morning!

  196. Dropping kid at baseball practice, Bike ride through “millionaire neighborhood” (Rancho Santa Fe), watching kid’s basketball game, and out for a run today!

  197. David Sànchez Gonzàlez

    90 km in less than 3 hours

  198. adam m.

    No race. A COLD 4-mile training run. At least it won’t be snowing!

  199. My Valentine for this Sunday training is a friend with whom I’m preparing the Paris Half Marathon 😉

  200. Thomas Bruun Funch

    Had planned interval on saturday and lon run sunday. Unfortunately i have a kidney stone causing some pains, so no runs this weekend. I did go out to dinner with “The Wife”.

  201. Corey B

    Back to base run (8K) after having the flu for a week. Feels good to be back!

  202. Jamie Morton

    For Valentine’s I plan on the usual: A good 1:30 on my Wahoo Fitness KICKR in the basement. Then a fancy dinner with my wife.

  203. Ian

    This year? Working and a nap 🙂

  204. JB

    The wife and I did an indoor ride on the trainers

  205. David H

    12 mile run and an hour swim

  206. Kyle

    Gym workout as prescribed by PT for MCL injury rehabilitation. Then playing with the kids out in the snow, very cold.

  207. Jake

    Going to watch the NC State crits.

  208. Greg P

    14 mile ride with Girlfriend. First time road riding for her on her new bike! Then a criterium race as part of a spring series. Finally a night hike with champagne!

  209. Piotr_B

    25k run along the Vistula river!

  210. Chris. D.

    Gym in the morning and 2 hours cycling in the afternoon.

  211. Sean Duffey

    I am working on my 1st 5k. I am on week 6 of couch25k, so I will be running and praying as this week has more time running involved. Thank you.

  212. Ryna18

    this valentine we just stay at home because of the neptune storm effect. But we spent almost the whole day chasing around our toddler, i guess that is also a very good and fun exercise lol.

  213. Michael Woods

    I plan on cycling 20 miles over this weekend

  214. Neil B

    Quick 5k around home in the afternoon

  215. I went out for a 37km long run , got smashed by rain, hail and 3h of headwind. I stopped counting the stream crossings after the 5th one, lol.
    500ml water and 2gels with 2 ginger chews 😀
    Here is the proof 😀
    link to

  216. Steve W

    Wakeup, fitness session with my wife. then get out of bed for sparring session once she realised I hadn’t written the card yet. Throughout the day there were plenty of bicep curls with chocolate flavoured ‘weights’, then beer and chocolate flavoured ‘weights’ whilst we watched The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre, London 🙂

  217. Brian

    Weekend get away in Cambria California, woke up to wonder the beach with my valentine. While the girl did her 1 hour run, I headed up Highway 1 for a 50 mile ride, spectacular weather and views.

  218. Wim Boonstra

    12k run alongside my wife and kids on the bike in the sun. First nice day in weeks outside 🙂

  219. Jan

    15k easy running… it was fantastic!!!

  220. Chris

    10K run – just to see where I am!

  221. Will

    Rest day on Valentine’s Day, another marathon snow shoveling session on Sunday.

  222. Scott Davis

    Planned on continuing the endurance nation out season, the the flu bug came a knocking 🙁

  223. Jan

    16 km easy morning run

  224. Travis Thiex

    18 mile run!

  225. Juan Pablo Richiusa

    3000 yd swim

  226. Jeremy

    A 5k Valentine’s Day run with the wife! Then a 3.5 mile run home from the race site!!

  227. Harry Grote Beverborg

    I was running 5 kilometres in a time of 24:35

  228. Luciënne Grote Beverborg

    I went shopping in Deventer for a whole day, what a workout! Thereby, some fitness in the gym.

  229. Jen H

    Did not do a whole lot of activity but made up for my valentines dinner by running this morning 🙂

  230. Peter

    A 3 hour hike in the mountains.

  231. a_circelli

    10 km running!

  232. Lewis G

    Went to the pool for some lap swimming.

  233. My Valentines Day workout: 4x 1k intervals at 4:04 min/k.

  234. Dave

    Easy morning ride, then home to make breakfast in bed for the bride, late morning “workout” with the bride 😉
    Topped off with an afternoon run with the dog.

  235. Anastasia Michelsen

    No training for the girlfriend and I, since we spent all of yesterday cutting up some downed trees and transporting them home to my parents. We did however go for a leisurely walk along the beach, it was very beautiful.

  236. Matt York

    Park run

  237. Mike Lacy

    Hour long trainer ride with my lovely bride…followed by a coffee and Netflix…it’s -7F outside…

  238. MikeStevens

    Great weather yesterday in Colorado. We had a slow 3 mile loop run on the Cherry Creek trail follow by a picnic lunch from the car. Very nice day.

  239. Jeff Del Vecchio

    Nice bike ride with the lady!
    Run with the kids!

  240. Greg Mu

    CX: 50 lunges, 45 min on the stationary, followed by 2 hours of roped gym climbing

  241. Danielle Warren

    15km bike ride

  242. Michael Busch

    Late, but Valentines Day was a 16.5 mile “long run”. I am not currently training for a race, other than the Bolder Boulder.

  243. Jason

    Practise double poling technique on cross country skies in the Jura. Seems so easy on tv but…

  244. Jørn

    ~80km bike (hill repeats). Avg. temp was -1C 🙂

  245. Tom

    Easy 12k with a good friend,

  246. Kyle

    25 miles on the bike saturday and a trainer ride on sunday since it won’t get above freezing here.

  247. Martin Dodd

    Swim with the kids in the morning…then a 100km bike ride after that (Paris Roubaix Sportive Training…so once some dodgy road surfaces serve a purpose!)

  248. DonnaMV

    1 hour on the trainer. Blizzard coming.

  249. Phil H

    New PB’s for both of us at Parkrun (5k) followed by cooldown run over the Humber Bridge and back

  250. andrew m

    8 mile run in sunny arizona

  251. Austin Anthony

    Lots of cycling including multiple 30 mile rides along with long runs. Loved it!!!

  252. David R.

    With 35 mile headwinds just a very slow two miles out followed by a much quicker 2 miles back.

  253. 1.M.

    50 min high cad interv. turbo trainer workout.

  254. Alg

    Just an easy 17k run in wonderful weather conditions

  255. Job Grote Beverborg

    I went to Tankerberg with my road bike. Set a PR!

  256. Tony LoSasso

    Just an hour-and-a-half recovery ride on the KICKR. Crazy cold weekend in Chicago! Won’t be riding outside for months… 🙁

  257. Edward Anders

    4 x 10 Minute Hills – absolutely evil

  258. Brian K

    Easy 1hr run on the snowy streets of Boston with some short 10k bursts. Bring on the blizzard!

  259. One lazy special Valentine’s extra nap and stay in bed whole day training for me 😉

  260. Steve M

    12 mile run

  261. Marcel Wilschut

    Because of a lunginfection no training for me. It gives me time to rethink and reschedulde my trainingsplan for this year. So when I’m back again, I’m fully prepared.
    Nice valentine!

  262. Candi B

    O.K…so far, so lazy…but I did walk the dog…and I do have to go and watch an outdoor hockey game at -18C today…brrrr…that’s should burn some calories:)

  263. Jones Or

    1hr swim due to injury

  264. Bill Jessup

    12k hilly and muddy trail run followed by an even hillier and muddier 16k today

  265. Franko

    Hour of running!

  266. Adam

    Some uphill running for me =)

  267. Benjamin Knauf

    Best girlfriend had to work, so I could go for a run in the sunny winter weather.

  268. jason f

    a chilly 10 miler was on the books but the GI bug hit our house and I was confined to rest.

  269. Stephen Gurry

    A hot and humid 20km along the Melbourne forsehore.

  270. Brian

    I cleaned the garage…and the lady is happy!

  271. Koen

    Getting home in time for valentines day after a skitrip

  272. Eric

    Mountain bike ride was Friday, trail run Saturday (with my wife of course – it is Valentine’s Day!) and a rest day Sunday.

  273. Marjolein

    I did 14km of ice skating on valentines day with my boyfriend!

  274. Rob F

    Wife and 12 year old son raced a local 5k taking second and first in their age groups. I’m recovering so I did my physical therapy homework and ran an easy 5. We normally do the race as a family but I’m trying to be smart this time and actually recover before racing.

  275. Roy C

    46km bike ride into the hills for me.

  276. Daniel V

    45 minutes on the trainer, then dinner with my sweetie! Weights and a run on Sunday.

  277. Simon

    3 hours on the kickr, 45min easy run

  278. Jason

    10k along Sandbridge Beach, then dinner with my wife, and daughter.

  279. Marc Steingrand

    Just a regular 10 k Running we Don’t have valentine day in Brazil 🙁

  280. Ski

    Quick shoulder workout at the gym and 3 miles on the treadmill.

  281. Michael Cragun

    Easy walk up the hill with my wife and the dogs 🙂

  282. Pete

    Spent inside waiting out 7º/-16º windchill…

  283. Eric

    Ran three miles and completely blew it cooking and eating a prime rib roast (turned out great!) and a skillet cookie (also great!)

  284. balint

    biked a nice leisurely 40 km, because, hey, at least it’s my name-day

  285. Max Flisi

    Running On the treadmill because it’s below 20 outside!

  286. Luuk Grote Beverborg

    Fitness with my brother 😀

  287. David

    Using the elliptical and rowing machine as I rehab an injury.

  288. evelien ro

    Had a Nice run in my town

  289. ncd91

    Short running session – couldn’t be out too long to be up with the Valentine spirit…

  290. naiboo

    Two hour cross country skiing in skating technique in the morning, wonderful sunny waether and snow was perfect.

  291. David Lesh

    Hiking and swimming in Hawaii.

  292. ryan

    Went for my first 10k run. Not too bad.

  293. Craig

    My wife was going brought coffee and cookies to her work then went for a 6 mile run on the snow covered trails.

  294. Jon

    10 km off road “social run.” “She” did 15 mile road cycle.

  295. Jerry

    5 miles on the treadmill followed by 10 minutes of thinking about potentially shoveling 🙂

  296. Shawn

    A short trainer ride for me, followed by couples goat wrestling and pen cleaning…

  297. Laszlo

    On V-day just drove home from a skiing holiday but we made up for the training deficit with a nice trail running session on the hills around the town.

  298. John Rangel

    Dealing with PF pain syndrome so just an easy 3-4 miles on the treadmill followed by a date with a foam roller.

  299. Benoit

    I ran a 50 minutes at 70% HR Zone for weight loss… I had stopped last year and now trying to get back in shape and need to loose weight… Slowly but surely…

    I would make for a nice Birthday gift as it is around the corner (the 18th)

    Thanks for your great posts.

  300. Phil Carroll

    90 Minute trainer ride and 2500M of laps in the pool.

  301. Ryan R

    Shoveling snow fast enough to maintain HR Zone 3.

  302. Tim

    Ran 28 miles at TWOT (the wild oak trail) in Virginia.

  303. Kendra Carroll

    1\2 marathon in a snow storm for my Valentine’s day workout!!! Love those frozen eyelashes 😉

  304. J. Brosher

    Easy 12 km run.

    Then heading to the bar with the misses to try some delicious Trou du Diable brews.

  305. Nick Scrima

    I biked on the trainer on Valentines Day.

  306. Tomàs

    I did a nice bike test – 3 min all out, then a 10 min break then 20 minute all out test… Fun stuff. Cap the night off with some evening geocaching in 0 degree weather and snow (ended up not finding any of ’em)

  307. Iona

    Chasing a toddler.

  308. Guanzhong Huang

    25K easy run on 14th and another 16K on 15th

  309. Peter

    Trainerroad session – Sweet Spot Base

  310. Nathan

    Running together through these snowy Wisconsin forests.

  311. Amy

    Taking a day off from training to rub each others sore bodies.

  312. Jon

    It’s above zero! Into Hartley Nature Center to figure out which trails are for the XC skiers and which are for runners…

  313. Charlie

    Laid low so I could run the Columbus Road Runners Club annual Winter Run. 7.5 miles in balmy 8 degree weather with 10-15 mph winds.

  314. Zoltan

    It was 65 minutes of tempo running: 5m WU + 30 minutes of medium intensity + 20 minutes of high intensity + 10 m CD = 13.5 km. Felt good.

  315. Rachel O

    I challenged myself to run my fastest 5k!

  316. Vincent

    2 Hr Brick for Valentine’s Day training

  317. Mike

    A stinking hot summers day in the southern hemispohere, so a quick jaunt around the park with the dog followed by an ice cream. Fuelling the motor!

  318. Gm

    A hour if tempo run Saturday and then nice easy 27k Sunday

  319. Josh

    Day spent at London triathlon show, then home for speed work for running, then early night for a big ride on Sunday.

  320. Paul Mersmann

    I’ve ran to my bike in the shed, a 100m sprint. And then, I cycled to the movie theather, 5km!

  321. Allen Joiner

    6 mile run

  322. Yiannis

    A 5K run in Richmond Park in London.

  323. FRiC

    Ran 6K then ate like mad all weekend.

  324. Major Kong

    Going skiing with wife and kids – can it be any better?

  325. Isabel Castro

    Scheduled rest day since I moved by long run up one day. My first half marathon on March 15 in NC 🙂

  326. cc

    Gym workout

  327. Martin

    I’m currently on ski vacation in the swiss alpes and I’m looking forward to a nice winter mountain run.

  328. Grant

    10km jog follow by a 15km bike ride later in the evening

  329. 14 miles with my wife as we train for Pittsburgh Marathon

  330. Will be doing 2 hours of surfing early morning, and 2 hours kitesurfing on the afternoon

  331. Paul Frylink

    9km run on Saturday. 110km ride (with a 500m climb) on Sunday

  332. Martin

    easy 5km run, 1h gym + 20min bike ride

  333. Carlos Vargas

    10km Trail run with the GF. “Valentines’ Couples 10K Night Race” ! Possibly a 2KM swim afterwards

  334. Nathan Chamberlin

    60 min easy run, fast turnover, HR under 150

  335. Tomasz Krusinski

    Morning jog for me 🙂

  336. Petr

    Just slow 8 mile run along Charles river in another of our recent snowstorms…

  337. Ben_I

    15km slow run then grabbed some coffee and flowers for the wife

  338. Derek Wheeler

    5 k recovery run

  339. Kyle E

    Sufferfest Violator on rollers while the wifey did p90x plyometrics in the other room. Funfetti cake in a heart shape after as part of our ongoing valentines day tradition after the workout.

  340. Amy Wheeler

    7 km hike up the hill.

  341. Chris

    45 mile bike ride – first long ride of the 2015 season after a 3 month cycling hiatus! Ouch!

  342. Shawn

    Cal 10/20 race

  343. Peter Day

    It’s too cold to go running or cycling outside (bad asthma) so i’ll go to the gym for weight training then home for some sexercise.

  344. Edo

    40 min interval training on home trainer.

  345. Dwight

    Bike 26.4 miles…outside in the nice weather…

  346. Johan Carlhem

    Since it is very icy outside, a half hour riding my ‘kicksled’ (‘spark’ in Swedish – link to

  347. David

    Sex. 🙂

  348. Vince Gonzalez

    We woke up early, went for a swim at our local pool. Afterwards we had a great St. Valentines Day brunch. To cap off a great day, we went for short run (it was freezing today!), and came home to snuggle in front of the TV.

  349. Lachie

    I went for a nice easy 5k. Very enjoyable. Only just starting to get back into it.

  350. Gareth Loggenberg

    Bike in the hotel then brisk walk around the city.

  351. Rob Libbert

    Long Run for her, Long Ride for me. She got a massage stick – I got beer. Awesome.

  352. Owen Warburton

    Was racing a multi sport race across the south island of New Zealand.

  353. James Sommerville

    Recharging after an awesome week of riding in Tucson with the Cycling House, now shovelling snow in Boston.

  354. Colin Caughran

    carb loaded on about 5 lbs of dark chocolate

  355. Amber Harris

    Ran a 6 mile run with my favorite running peeps! It was a perfect start to the day!

  356. JD Griffis

    53 miles biking; short swim. Beautiful Texas day.

  357. BreannaS

    I took Valentines day off to spend time with my family. My long run will now be on Sunday. I am planning 8 miles this week.

  358. Moe

    No training here. Resting up as I’ll now be biking it to work from now on. 8 miles to. 8 miles from. For a guy who mostly runs and does minimal cycling, I’m kinda scared.

  359. Cone

    Easy run in the morning, sleep and watch tv all day!

  360. Michele Rivera

    Still recovering from surgery – running and yoga starts next week. But I did put up some beautiful kitchen tile and made the guy at Home Depot gasp excitedly when he saw the before and after pictures!

  361. Kelly Shepherd

    10 mile mountain bike ride

  362. Mark O'Sullivan

    Swam in the Malabar Magic ocean swim both 1km and 2.4km races.
    15th Feb in Australia but 14th of feb in US of A)
    came second in 1 km for 45-49 year olds
    came first in 2.4 km for 45-49 year olds.

    My wife took our girls to netball trials

  363. MattyB

    Does helping someone move house count? No stairs, probably means that’s a no. Will have to make up for it out on the bike.

  364. Ee Tze Tan

    Swim for 2km followed by a 10km run to build the based for coming 3 km swim and half parathon race in two months.

  365. Hannah Norton

    I completed a 243km multisport (cycle, run and kayak) race across the South Island of New Zealand. My partner took part also but got to the finish line long before me!!

  366. Steve

    We celebrated Valentine’s Day with a 13 mile muddy, technical trail run. This was our 26th married Valentines Day, and we always get in either a ride or run to celebrate!

  367. TF Chin

    Regular 10km run

  368. Gregg

    7 mile run. Training for Hyner challenge 25k

  369. Armando

    Simple 10k run

  370. Chris Butler

    Nothing – Valentines day is clearly not for training !!

  371. Jonathan Easy

    5k speed work while my wife enjoyed a lie-in followed by bacon & eggs 🙂

  372. Mark Blick

    4.15 hour bike in zone 2 / 3, followed by 15 minute tempo run

  373. Steve Bishop

    We both did a 28km slow run; building up for Prague.

  374. Andreas

    Easy 6km couples run

  375. Daniel Condon

    put our baby in the pram and go for a walk up/down hills.. Fun Family time and get excerise too…

  376. Aaron

    54 mile ride at IF>0.75

  377. CN

    long run over the sunrise.

  378. Jamie

    Slog home from airport

  379. Keaton

    10k run on an indoor track with friends followed by some recovery over Netflix 🙂

  380. James

    Pool swim

  381. TJ

    7 miler, in 28 degree temp, before nailing down a few more indoor.

  382. Hasan

    10 miles slowly…

  383. Zed-dub

    Well… It was going to be a 3 hour ride on my new TT bike, but a windstorm canceled those plans. 6.5 mile run instead…

  384. John Galletta

    Stop start run keeping up with the 3yo old his balance bike

  385. Thomas leong

    Going swimming with the wife and kids. Do a quick 1 km!

  386. Michael

    Rest day for me… still training right?

  387. Chris S

    Training? As much mountain biking as I could handle. Turned out to be 30 miles worth.

  388. Peter L

    Short run around the lake

  389. Brody

    10 mile run for me, then unknown mileage running after my kids. For her, chasing the kids and studying for her Nurse Practitioner classes. Some margaritas and chips were had at some point.

  390. Eric

    It wiĺl be indoors as it’s minus 20c outside, and that I too “paresseux”!

  391. Summer B

    Shovel snow and chase my daughter outside!

  392. Osbert

    Training camp with the folks at #JourneyFitnessCompany on the island of Bintan

  393. uzzy

    14k running

  394. Jonathan

    Ran a Valentines Day 5K, low 30s, rainy and ice patches. Wishing for more snow in Alaska!

  395. Judah

    Having my sweetheart pace me on a bike for my long run.

  396. Carlos

    Participated in a 60 mile Gran Fondo on Sunday.

  397. Bob

    running on a treadmill because it is so cold outside.

  398. bob s

    A Century Bike ride with my Valentine. Our 31st VDay together.

  399. Chris S.

    16 mile run in the cold.

  400. Steve

    Started my IMLP 2015 training!

  401. Andrew

    Spent the day chopping firewood for the upcoming winter – then realised I had a kid free night (thanks babysitters) – so Japanese dinner with the wife before falling asleep watching the cricket.

  402. Ryan Margraf

    Super morning spin class

  403. Matt Phan

    Ended up skiing in Utah for Valentine’s Day with the kids

  404. Emily

    ARC’s Valentine’s Day 5k!

  405. Gareth Davis

    Left the wives at home – overnight snowshoe trip! Fifty pound packs, 8.5km round trip and 1100 metres of cumulative elevation gain. Route finding on Ambit2 was flawless!

  406. Ashri S

    Went for a 2 hours hike yesterday.

  407. Martin Wray

    A romantic kayak paddle to Disney and back.

  408. Kathleen

    Valentines Day was an 11 mile trail run with my hubby!

  409. Gary B

    Does walking my kids around the shopping centre count as a workout? I push the pram.

  410. Silumet

    I got a 10 mile run with my girlfriend Friday afternoon, and we had a track meet together on Valentine’s day, which was nice.

  411. Rain K

    Did a classical XC skiing marathon yesterday.

  412. Daniel K

    Valentine’s day was a fun 5 km run at the Running Room in Thornhill, Canada as part of their LOVE2RUN event. The day after (Feb 15) featured a 23 km training run in -25C weather (-40C with the windchill).

  413. Lubos

    5k recovery run in a freezing weather.

  414. Albert

    I did a freezing NYC chilly 10 mile run since my wife is not in town to celebrate!

  415. Terry Reich

    60 minutes on treadmill followed by a swim

  416. Erick Cheong

    I ran 5k in the morning before breakfast.

  417. Tanner

    Raced the North American Vasa in Traverse City, MI. -30 F wind chills, sideways snow the whole way. Brutal.

  418. Alistair Jordan

    Ran to and from the pool. Swam for 30 minutes.

  419. Jake

    A nice 5K with my wife around the neighborhood!

  420. We, my wife and I went for a little 4km run along the coast, just a leg loosener for Sunday’s marathon. Then a short swim in the Oceans.

  421. Nick Hammer

    Out for a trail run with the fiancé.

  422. Bjorn

    A play session with the 4 year old in the swimming pool.

  423. John M

    Went to the pool with my fiance- teaching her how to swim!

  424. Sterling Rozear

    Plan to work on some intervals

  425. Mitch

    A redwoods hike

  426. Mo Z

    No training today. Spent some much needed rest time with my wife.

  427. Amy R

    Early morning crossfit class and then a lazy day at home with my husband.

  428. Boris

    20 min TTT practice…

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  430. Chris Berkers

    I spend my Valentine’s day in the car with my boyfriend, driving home from wintersports in the Jura, France to the Netherlands. After a whole week of nordic skiing (skating technique) it was time to rest.

  431. 30min resistance training

  432. Stephen M

    London Olympic Velodrome.
    Without the screaming crowds.

  433. Sven

    Spent an hour on the trainer

  434. Dirk

    riding with 2cv oldtimer as part of a family weekend
    quite a workout

  435. Radomir

    1hour aero run.

  436. Boris

    Trying to run as fast as her, as usual, failing, as usual, but happy.

  437. Thomas

    A 10k run along the river in the morning, and a nice bike trip to Amsterdam for lunch in the afternoon! And it was excellent weather as well!

  438. Runnermax

    Cross Duathlon Belgium Championship… very muddy 🙂

  439. Kwek JH

    Build run of 40mins along a river.

  440. rolba

    Finish the Marathon.

  441. cristi

    a nice climb on a trainer

  442. Alejandro

    One hour run and a whole day of loving!

  443. Simon

    Did a 14k relaxed run.

  444. Edward C

    Did about 23km of walking around London, seeing the sights.

  445. Job

    3 month anniversary. Run my first 30+ km of this season in preparation of Rotterdam marathon.

  446. Peter

    Been to an indoor playground with my son, because I had to pause due to a cold 🙁

  447. Ben Dobson

    I’m off the bike with a knee injury so my training consisted of wandering round an aquarium all day

  448. Mariano

    On Saturday, family lunch due to my parents wedding anniversary.
    16k run on Sunday.

  449. Brendan M

    Rest day on Saturday, went for easy 10 mile run on Sunday morning, followed by recovery pool session (took kids swimming).

  450. Country Bunk

    Did a hard 5k to celebrate being 30.

  451. Rodrigo Santos

    100k Bike Training with my “German babe” 🙂 Getting ready for Half-Ironman Distance in Lisbon

  452. Erik

    We did a 25 mile bike ride, stopped for some great wine tasting and then rode home…great way to train!!

  453. Jerzy Trzebiatowski

    At this year Valentine Day i wad planned start in Parkrun event. And the goal was to beat my PB. Finally my new PB is better by 4 seconds 🙂

  454. Philipp

    Did an easy 10k run and then went for a nice walk in the afternoon. I will have to start training a bit harder though, as I have a few races coming up until the end of March.

  455. Eric

    My plan is to have a 5K run in the morning, rest of the day just chilled out with my girl

  456. Reinhard

    Did a relaxed bike ride under the wintersun…

  457. Anders Majland

    Been skiing all of last week – including Valentines Day. It is only my wife second time on skies so she takes it real easy – also to have time to enjoy the beautiful weather we had most days in Hafjell, Norway.

  458. elquike

    Trail running with friend.
    Short and easy, xD

  459. Edu Callejo Mora

    8km at 3:12, marathon test for Sevilla…

  460. Thomas

    Nice Resistance training session following a 1 hour Walk

  461. Ricardo

    Started with a 20 min walk, then 50 min run at slow speed with the girlfriend

  462. Milo

    Visting Paris and running to Moulin Rouge! :-).

  463. Mikko

    21 km run in the morning.

  464. Brian

    Got up at 4:30 to get all my workouts in early so that I could spend the bulk of my day with my special someone.

  465. Brice

    A 11 km run in the morning.

  466. Massimiliano

    An half marathon (link to as a training for a full marathon

  467. Anouk

    a short brick session to practice for upcoming sprint tri in two weeks

  468. Zubi

    Run 1 hour, road to IM in September


    My girlfriend and myself went for a an early morning gym session – on valentines day, as breaking a sweat and getting the heart pumping early in the day is the best way to kick start your day!

  470. My first 10k practice run in over a year, followed by cooking a roast lamb dinner for my wife and son. Happy Days!

  471. Adam

    Running at the gym. It’s was way too cold to be outside in Vermont.

  472. Oleksandr

    6 km morning run

  473. Robert Carlin

    Two mile run at the local high school track!

  474. Niko

    My wife an I run every Sunday morning, rain or shine… This year we ran on VAlentine’s day, just for the fun of it 🙂

  475. Samuel Chin

    A 40min run together with my lovely wife!

  476. Demir Bajin

    Run and swim with the significant other.

  477. Dave Murray

    I spent Valentines doing long run training for the London Marathon of 16 miles

  478. mmb

    Like most Romeos, I’ll appear to be taking it easy but sneak a bit of cardio in somewhere.

    Thanks for the giveaway Ray!

  479. Roman Vician

    I run moring 10km and after that together with my wite we do pilates medical sesion.

  480. Gede Adhyatma

    Easy 5K

  481. Valentines Day workout: TrainerRoad King Peak, 30 minute easy treadmill run.

  482. Dean

    Currently recovering from chronic calf and achilles problems, but I managed a 25 min run Saturday and 10 mile ride Sunday.

    Also, cooked a 3 course meal for my wife, that was workout in itself!

  483. ErwanM

    A nice 15km including uphill sections. Note that my wife was quietly sleeping during this early training 😉

  484. Bart

    I planned and did a nice 17Km run on Sunday

  485. Eugene Baryshpolskyi

    Just 3 kilometers run at indoor track as part of specific local triathlon competition. But it was quite fast for me: 11:40:36!

  486. Gary Laight

    My wife & I would go for a quite 6k walk down to the beach. Then I’d treat her to a breakfast on the beach!

  487. My Valentine-program was walking, walking and walking again.
    Other activities like biking starts, when salt on the streets are washed away. 🙂


  488. AJ Harris

    Book my wife into the Gorge Five Star Spa for a morning of pampering, then head off for a double gorge with my Forerunner’s virtual partner set to 30kph. Quick shower, then meet my rejuvinated wife for a romantic breakfast; with both of us feeling like a million dollars. Cannot wait!

  489. Carly

    A rest day for me.

  490. Chris Whitaker

    A morning 5km valentines day Parkrun followed by a refreshing swim in the ocean.

  491. Steph

    So far, it,s been a way long february with the master games and the upcoming Pentathlon. My wife was doing a 21.1 run of the Hypothermique montreal marathon yesterday witch me daughter and i was cheering on her. For myself, i’ve made a 30mins of indoor bike on saturday to keep moving.

    Thx for the giveaway!

  492. Finished my first 24K in the training period with an average speed of 5:20/km.

  493. Jose Antonio Corachán

    A 5k running, and 1200mts on the pool 🙂

  494. RG

    Bike ride along the riverside.

  495. gal Sisso

    7KM rain running!

  496. Yvonne

    A 8.5 km easy run to celebrate the day.

  497. Ravi

    A easy 5k for me while wifey runs around the toddler 🙂

  498. John Sadler

    I can’t (well, don’t want to) go too far as my wife is expecting and ready to go any day now, so after celebrating Valentines day and keeping her happy enough to allow me to train on the special day/weekend, I’m just hitting the trainer for an hour or two each day while reading DC Rainmaker posts and drooling over new fitness tech toys.

  499. Chris Sussman

    Ran the “Cupid 5K” in Shelburne VT. 0 degrees and snow on the road, but a good time and my first 5K in quite a while!

  500. Jen

    Attempting to wear out my Vizsla puppy as the high winds have forced a rest day.

  501. Aleš Kramaršek

    12K, cross-country skiing

  502. Jamie Belcher

    Well I just took the baby for a nice long 1.5 hour walk while she slept. :o)

  503. Matt

    10k bike ride with Lilly in the bike seat behind Deanna

  504. serdar

    simple k run

  505. Sophie

    10 km easy running and some cycling.

  506. DaveG

    We set up a new trainer in the basement and had a go…

  507. Becky

    I ran 12 miles and my valentine joined me for 3 of those in the middle.

  508. Tommy short

    I started Valentine’s Day with over 400 of my closest trail-loving friends runnig 10 of the hardest miles in the KC area –> PsychoWyco 2015. Great weather, a bit Muddy, but bearable. Great way to start the day!

  509. Johnny Maelstrom

    Too cold for a proper cycle, so we spent 90 minutes side-by-side spinning.

  510. k

    I ran intervals, 1 minute fast 1 minute slow

  511. Erick

    Just hoping to get my heart rate up any way I can.

  512. Jack T Allen

    nice easy tandem bicycle ride

  513. D21

    10k personal best + some cardio weights for me

  514. Puffolino

    8 miles of slow cross-country skiing in beautiful winter scenes 🙂

  515. Mike

    3 mile recovery run

  516. Fer

    20km bike ride + 1 hour of squash with friends.
    Back home, and 12km long run with wife.
    Awesome Valentine morning!
    Thanks for the giveaway, Ray!

  517. Janusz

    We with my wife planned and did lovely walk around the lake.
    If we win it will be the best gift for us whatever we choose.

  518. nick

    I’m cross training inside since it’s freezing outside!

  519. Mikal davis

    2600m strenth workout in the pool + 2 hr sufferfest video on the trainer. Yes, my bike is my valentine.

  520. Ivica

    just a easy running around nearby lake.

  521. Jonathan

    Actually, my wife and I didn’t run on Valentine’s Day but we decided to enrol for the 10k and the half at the Montreal Marathon.
    Training together until this fall will be nice!

  522. Alex K

    Count me in! Thanks.

  523. ran 12 grueling miles on a treadmill. when will winter be over 🙁

  524. Damien J

    Ran on a treadmille in a hotel. 15k. Was a nice hotel though. Yep, that’s how my weekend was spent 🙂

  525. Katri

    My Valentine day workout will unfortunately include only running from one kids’ event to another – so no proper training.

  526. Tom G

    No training to speak of but I did walk to the shops to pick up supplies on Saturday, no far but something. I did fit in an 8k run on Sunday though..

  527. Richard Garrett

    I went out on a 24 mile ride around Lake Monroe and hit it pretty hard. The temperature averaged around 70°F so it was a great day for a ride.

  528. PNOEL

    My valentine day training was cancelled due to extrimely bad weather. I plan to do paddle.

  529. Matt Seeds

    Spent time with the family. No planned training.

  530. Bradley J Shannon

    trainer for 2 hours, then 6 miles

  531. Gian B.

    My valentine day: 11km run & after watch TV 🙂

  532. Oleksandr

    1 hour swimming and 5 km running

  533. Sarah

    No workout nor races for me this past weekend; I did take my daughter to her 8&U swim meet and she killed her 1st 100 IM!

  534. Alejandro Mendoza

    8 miles of running in great Minnesota weather.

  535. Alyssa Stewart

    Keeping up with my kids!

  536. Lauren

    I spent it with family and my mother-in-law who is battling breast cancer

  537. Matthew Harris

    Sitting on the couch with the girlfriend and watching Big Hero 6….love winter training!

  538. Oleg

    23 km long run.

  539. Jan Aniolek

    Easy run through the bushes..

  540. I went for a short ride as soon as there was some sun. Hélas, I took a good shower, I went back home so dirty, and my wife was clearly not happy. Great warm up for Valentine 😉 It got better after that.

  541. Allyn Crowe

    Hoping being at the bottom helps!! My plans were to go for a 10K run then walk around an outdoor mall, but my Valentine, horrible drivers, and the stupid cold weather had other plans. So it consisted of walking around the farmers market (indoors), then sitting in a car for 5 hours in traffic with my wife and another couple (horrible accident 300m ahead of us closing the major highway for 6+ hours), then finally getting dinner and going home… Then the stupid cold (-20F) prevented any run on Sunday. Not a great training weekend, but memorable…

  542. Jon

    Coming off two 50K runs the previous two weekends, I vegged out. Walked about 4 cold miles yesterday. Legs feeling pretty good

  543. Francisco Migoya

    3 hour mountain bike

  544. Pekka Koskinen

    I did a 4 miles run in Grapevine, Texas. 🙂

  545. Diego

    We saw some videos at home. 🙂

    Regards Ray

  546. ImRonBurgandy1

    Bike on the trainer and then a walk with the wife!

  547. Ellen

    Easy treadmill run, and then off to the Millrose Games in NYC to watch some professionals run indoor track!

  548. Kris Pachla

    My wife and I ran a half marathon down in Charlottesville, VA on Valentine’s Day! Adam and Eve – it was a great race.

  549. Yannick Trombetta

    A quick 5k run in the park followed by a lovely diner at home, perfect Valentine’s Day !

  550. Jenny

    Swam 4k together and cooked a delicious dinner at night!

  551. Richard C

    On V-Day, I did a Z2 11-mile run, and took a swim lesson!

  552. Brad

    Hot Chocolate 5K, because nothing says training like shoving your face full of chocolate afterwards.

  553. Misty

    Husband was out of town for son’s orienteering meet (Nationals). So, to make up for it we are going on a nice hike today!

  554. Fernando

    Raining cats and dogs, training postponed to Sunday 🙁

  555. Marissa Camacho

    Training for my first 5k after 5 years and being mom.

  556. Casy Catalano

    My sisters and I went a walk/run around the neighborhood. My sister and I are trying to get sister #3 into jogging/running. So far – so good 🙂

  557. Ricardo HR

    Training for a middle year 10km

  558. Rocky Fennell

    Undie Run in Vegas.

  559. andres

    10k run!

  560. Ceci

    1 hour running and 2 hours gym

  561. Oliver Christmas

    A 5k with my wife. It will be slow but enjoyable 🙂

  562. Trevor

    25 km bike loop around town

  563. Chris

    Continue training for this Sunday’s Hypothermic Half marathon!

  564. Jeffrey

    Heart rate training.

  565. Chris

    25km long run

  566. Raul Freitas

    Plan was to do an indoor ride on my Wahoo Kickr. Ended up being anoter ppt preparation time… :-/

  567. Demian Shevko

    Just a free km run as a part of triathlon tournament. 11.52

  568. Jessica D.

    Intervals on the trainer… it’s cold!

  569. Kelsey T

    Went on a long bike ride with my hubby on Valentines Day 🙂

  570. Demian Shevko

    It was 10 km 🙂

  571. Ernesto

    A very early bike ride in time to get back and have breakfast with my wife and daughter celebrating the occasion.


  572. Seth T

    Valentine’s bike ride with my wife this weekend

  573. Pierre-Emile Lemay

    fitness run with my girlfriend (after childbirth)

  574. MLRTYME

    1 hour of hill repeats early in the morning with a few friends who have agreed to run their first half or full marathon at the Phoenix Marathon. Later in the afternoon, a 40 mile ride.

  575. Mike Tougher

    Planned a long run which became much longer after a missed turn. My wife simply said it was a good thing she did not go with me or she might have filed for divorce on valentines day. JK…

  576. Guillaume Fortier

    10K Run

  577. Anna

    5km evening run!

  578. Tisztul_A_Visztula

    Making love.

  579. JP Miller

    The local running club holds a 5k race where the women get a 3min head start!

  580. Stefan Hornke

    The PLAN: 90 min running; 60 min GA1, 30 min GA 2
    The REALITY: Icing my inflamed achilles tendon

  581. Will Nickell

    9 mile mountain bike ride on my new Trek Superbly 9.6.

  582. Jeff

    Same as @Tisztul_A_Visztula on VD! But Today it’s -20 ºC here in Montreal (-32 ºC with wind factor or if you prefer -4 ºF –> -26 ºF with wind factor) so a quick lunch time indoor pool 2000m. for her and a lunch time spin class for him…


  583. Santiago

    Morning 5 mile run. Yoga in the afternoon.

  584. Ken

    The wife and I go to the gym together. She does assorted cardio training while I do a mix of StrongLifts 5×5 and cardio — plan to get back into longer running as soon as the frigid weather in our area breaks and we both plan on swim training in the warm weather.

  585. Gubrinho

    A 5 mile interval training with my other half.

  586. Roelof

    Sick in bed, 63km sunny bike ride on sunday.

  587. Brian

    My wife recently gave birth to our son, so training activity was limited! As it happened, vday training was ~5 trips hauling folding tables and plastic bins of materials back and forth from the car at a tradeshow…

  588. David Nicolau

    with 70 deg weather here this weekend (north- CA) a long road bike ride is in…

  589. Anthony

    We purchased her a road bike and did our first road ride together (32 miles), and she is debating on doing the MS150 (2 day ride from Houston to Austin) with me!!!

  590. stephen fallows

    A 1 hour wobble on my turbo using trainer road to burn off the birthday cake

  591. Marc-André


    My Valentine’s day training was a one hour run at a fairly easy pace while my girlfriend played with the kids. When I came back after a short shower, I played with the kids and my girlfriend went for a run. We didn’t ran with the kids, it’s freezing in Montreal theses days…

    After that hard work, a great supper with only the two of us while the kids slept. A fin ending to a great day!

    Thanks for the great site, I bought a Forerunner 220 because of your incredibly detailled review!

  592. Jerry Van Oort

    Saturday morning Yoga for me and the Mrs.

  593. Ken C

    we ran the Nashville Hot Chocolate 15k, our first 15K btw.

  594. Muzzzak

    5 miles on a sunny winter afternoon

  595. Mathieu Tourangeau

    2h of cross country skiing at minus 21 deg C.

  596. Pearce Point

    Spin session on the trainer.

  597. Andy

    1500 yd swim in Tempe, AZ hotel pool

  598. Sarah Leeseberg

    My boyfriend and I are training for the Ironman 70.3 in May. Today’s training is a run and a swim!

  599. Stephen Vickers

    Pizza and beer- finally a nice relaxing rest day with the girlfriend.

  600. Thomas LeBaron

    road century for me and recovery walk with the pregnant wife.

  601. Scott

    Valentines training consisted of -20F temps and thus little in the way of training. Although we watched Kingsman which was full of training, and was overall a very fun movie, worth a watch.

  602. BS

    light treadmill running

  603. Chris

    Absolutely nothing! I’m sick, and I’ll start training 1st week of March. Trying to stay guilt free, but it’s hard when you see other people running.

  604. A long run on icy roads follows by some bottles of wine and a fine steak.

  605. Unfortunately my training plans were not, since doctor told me to cool it & nurse my wrist injury, so it was just a rest day.

  606. Rebecca Burton

    Valentiness day park run (5k timed weekly event), first one in Bristol, our new home

  607. Mike Hendriks

    Got out for my first bike ride in a very long time. Renovations and a seven month old leave me short on time! Tracked it with my D2

  608. I ran 14 miles to celebrate. My newly single self was all alone on the treadmill doing something I love. I treated myself with a tasty Valentine’s burrito afterwards.

  609. Julian Middlewick

    Long ride day!

  610. Mick O'Meara

    Was first run in two weeks, 9k at a medium pace. Great way to clear head after two weeks of work & study stress

  611. Adam Neilson

    I spent my day doing a good horizontal jogging interval session…

  612. Ti_tom

    Great idea !
    For me it was a bit of cycling before a diner in a good restaurant

  613. Jus

    Weather is finally great so could do something more major, but just a nice walk around the city this time.

  614. andrew nagy

    6 mile run in the NY cold

  615. Joel White

    Riding some singletrack with my bride, hooray for the babysitter!

  616. Gretchen

    skiing in the cold! Does that count?

  617. Ben Berry

    4 miles on the fat bike was my Valentine’s Day training

  618. A long session on the Concept2 indoor rowing machine (yes, I am injured)

  619. Meghan

    I ran a slowwwwww 3.3 miles (recovering from a femoral stress fracture :()

  620. Justin myers

    Took my girlfriend on her first ride on a road bike. She did great! 20 miles on a local trail keeping 14 mph.

  621. Aaron

    50K training! That was the plan, anyway… trails too icy for my wimpy crampons, needed ice skates!

  622. drewids

    Just a quick run3 miles, once it got up to 15 degrees.

  623. Jackie F.

    I donated platelets…does that count as a workout? *grin*

  624. Matt Priddle

    rest day – what’s not to love!

  625. Denise

    At the gym, on the bike

  626. Clas Fredriksson

    Took my bike out for a 2 hour ride.

  627. Robert Garnier

    2.5 mile swim

  628. Randy

    It was spent helping my wife regain simple walking strength following a relapse that again landed her in the hospital. certainly not a spectacular event. But you need to start somewhere.

  629. Jose Carlos Rodriguez

    We started with a run (7 kilometers), this is are “training season” starting for are upcoming events. We then left for a healthy lunch and followed by a romantic but not that healthy dinner.

  630. Pawel

    Resistance training with 5×5 routine and some spinning intervals

  631. Eric

    2:15 interval trainer ride followed by a 30 minute brick run on the treadmill. Wife cannot partake in the fun due to a torn hip labrum but I definitely included her in the third discipline of my Valentines Day triathlon!!

  632. Andy C

    On the 14th I was getting my ass hanefe to me by the local chaingang but on Sunday the girl and I went out for, very romantic, threshold intervals and she paid at the cafe stop on our way home!

  633. Mark

    Went for a short run around the lake before making pancakes with my awesome girlfriend!

  634. Brian Herald

    My Valentines day work out included a 4 mi tempo run at 7:20 pace. Followed by a wonderful valentine’s dinner with my wife.

  635. tex n.

    I just returned from a 3 week road trip to Yellowstone so just getting some miles on my mtn bike this 3 day weekend!

  636. Fran

    Yet another boring trainer preseason ride to avoid the pouring rain…

  637. Pinquin Chou Li

    Easy recovery run with my wife pushing the Bob Revolution Pro with our little Em, sesamoids are killing me…

  638. Ben

    Easy spin session on the trainer. Been off the bike and need to ease back into training 😛

  639. David Haynes

    For our valentines I got up at 4 am with my wife and we drove to nashville tn. We then ran the Hot Chocolate 15/5k. She ran several minutes faster than last year despite the 30 degree weather.

  640. Mark L

    i’ll be doing some squats and push-ups.

  641. Jorge

    800 metres sprint to the florist in order to get a last time present for my girlfriend before she arrived home

  642. Paul

    Did a 2 mile hike from my house up to the state park with my cross country skis attached to my backpack while dodging the snow plow trucks and then skied for 10 miles before hiking back home.

  643. Sebastian

    I did a 10k run in the beautiful region that is Swabia.
    Even though it was really cold and there was snow all around me, I had a great time!

  644. It was also my birthday! 8K run in the morning, make some cakes and 3K at night to burn it xD

  645. Bobby

    Only had an easy 5 miler planned in the morning, leaving plenty of time for Valentine’s festivities.

  646. Srf

    My Valentines morning training was running up and down lines of grape vines at purbeck vineyard, Swanage uk, nice little gradient to liven things up…

  647. Petar

    I’ll get up and make breakfast in bed for my GF, so I can spend rest od the day begging to buy new HR sensor or GPS watch… Maybe go for a hike…

  648. Oliver

    1:15h on the treadmill and it wasn’t fun!

  649. Max

    Well I did my bodyweight training routine: some pushups variations, squats, jumps and pullups to name a few.

  650. Nate

    Winter bike ride together, it was lovely!

  651. Lawrence

    I was the designated driver so I could run a half-marathon the next morning (and ended up getting a new PR).

  652. Sean Dooley

    Ran 10 miles and chased after kids all day.

  653. Mike K

    I had an 11mi run outside that turned into a 4mi run outside and a 3mi run at the gym…Stupid snow and lack of visibility.

  654. luiz otavio

    it´s carnaval in Brasil, so no trainning for today!

  655. David Garcia

    My Valentine’s workout was 40 miles on my bike.

  656. leftride

    Family run with the double BOB.

  657. Jason Jones

    14 miler in subzero temps in Michigan with 18 mph winds.

  658. Naomi

    First day of a 2 day hike up Mount Solitary. Happy Valentines!

  659. Bradley

    I would like to enter. My Valentine’s Day training plans were a simple 4 miles on the treadmill since it was quite icy here.

  660. Monica Lewis

    I did a 5 mile hike with friends!

  661. ChrisB

    Easy day before a hot and sweaty Sufferfest session on the TT in the garage. Yuk

  662. F. Javier González Vidal

    Unfortunately, stretching and trying to recover my aquiles injury 🙁

  663. Dave

    Attempted to ski with the family but we turned the kids into a Popsicle.

  664. Mike

    Jut finished running the Great Aloha run with my running buddy, 🙂

  665. Alison egan

    Sufferfest in the morning and a treadmill run in the afternoon

  666. Mike Pisauro

    I havent been sble to train for a couple of months due to an injury so instead did some strength training and core workouts. Hoping that once I am healthy a brand new gps watch is in my future to replace the old garmin 410. Thanks,

  667. Loren

    Just ran the Great Aloha Run with my running buddy!!

  668. Pete

    Nailed my first 100km link to

  669. Joe Haimowitz

    We did an indoor bike race at the Peak Centre in Ottawa followed by a 50 minute strength workout

  670. Casey M

    Early morning cross training at the gym!

  671. Alex Pull

    It was 17k tempo run in the morning.

  672. Luke Meers

    Largely a recovery day, a few strength exercises. Kettlebells.

  673. Paul

    Not much… walked the dog. Ran 15km the next day.

  674. Ben M

    Long ride/run in the morning so the afternoon is off and time with the wife

  675. Together, in our cozy little apartment on a supremely frigid winter day, my girlfriend and I slept in – ’till 8! – and while munching on a peanut butter topped salted cracker, set up our trainers for a leg burning two hour ride. The nightstand between our bikes, acting as The Snack Pad, a random selection of various Red Bull World Champs playing on the screen, our legs pumping, faces dripping with sweat, we conquered the ride. Pulling up the weather app, we saw a terrifying sight: -17 degrees (celcius) and -25 with the windchill! We hesitated for a moment – but we are athletes after all! Fifteen minutes of donning gear, the silence broken by nervous quips about the weather, frozen body parts and the meal that awaits; sighs and grunts as compression gear is carefully pulled on, inch by inch. Like gladiators marching into the arena, we marched down the hall, waited 3 minutes for the elevator, and stole a quick glance at ourselves in the mirror to assess our ridiculous look as we pushed the front door open into the howling wind to embark on a 30 minute adventure on foot.

    Returning victorious, a hot epsom salt bath was run, and a meal of epic proportions was prepared to celebrate the day’s conquest, as well the day’s true purpose: the life and love shared between two athletes.

  676. DFX

    I actually did no training on valentines day as,
    a) I love my wife so much I wouldn’t dare.
    b) My wife would not make my life worth living
    But on Sunday I went out for a nice bike ride and tonight I had a good run. My pesky app played up on both occasions. I bet a Tom Tom watch wouldn’t and I sooo want one 🙂
    Cheers, Dave.

  677. Matthew S

    Up before the sun. 110km on the bike. Back in time for a romantic late (very late) breakfast.

  678. Bret Bartness

    10 mile run.

  679. Eli Selzer

    I did an 11 mile recovery run around the Hollywood Reservoir/Mulholland Dam. First time running there; it was nice and scenic. Ended by being the subject at a photo shoot for my wife’s photography class. Husband of the year!

  680. John

    She ran 16, so I didn’t get to.

  681. My wife has biken while I ran, and we change after 5 kilometers.

  682. Jordy

    I ran very hard to my BF to give him a big hug 😀

  683. Alex

    Training this weekend included double Trainer Road/Sufferfest action to fit in around family staying over. Ready for the Col de la Madone when I go to Nice in a few weeks. Does walking up the bell tower in Lille also count? Hope everyone had fun.

  684. Dan Jones

    Spent Valentine’s day 2000 miles away from home where it is 70 degrees warmer. Spent the next week making it up to the wife. 🙂

  685. Franck

    Trail running!!!!

  686. Rest day sandwiched by a bike and a run day.

  687. Gert

    Run for the hills

  688. Ky

    Bit of a spin on some hills on the MTB!

  689. Lee

    Five miles in the morning the. Cooking the wife some surf and turf in the evening.

  690. david

    5 mile run and 1000yd swim. Happy day.

  691. Brandon

    Warm up: walking around at a boat show
    Run: 5 miler
    Cool Down: old bay bagels

  692. Marty

    This was a prefect Valentine’s day! I raced the Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC, 5 miles, a dozen donuts, finished 23rd of 2000+ and set a PR by 90 seconds!

  693. Scott

    Boring 15 mile treadmill run.

  694. William Hamilton

    Biked the local area with the wifey, roughly 11 miles. Short but sweet (and a rare opportunity to ride together).

  695. Mark A.

    Did a 2 hour bike ride

  696. Jose Casas

    1.30 Z3 power Zone in he rollers

  697. Chris

    Swimming session first of the year

  698. 16 mile long run in preparation for LA Marathon training, with my wife cycling along my side for water and nutrition support.

  699. Carael

    Start the training to my second marathon.

  700. Greig

    Raced in the final leg of the Borders XC series at Conundrum on the Anglo Scottish Border.

  701. Nate Jackson

    Fun 7 mile run in the snow!

  702. betsy

    fantastic workout day! we did a 2 and 1/2 hour bike ride in the morning, followed by 100 situps. then we went for a 1 and 1/2 mile swim in the late afternoon.

  703. Murphy Flynn

    1 bike on the trainer followed 40 minutes on the treadmill to avoid the bitter cold and crazy winds we are having on the east coast.

  704. Colby

    A quick 5 miles outside before more snow and freezing temperatures drive more inside!

  705. Joy KW

    I spent Valentine’s Day teaching an indoor cycling class, meeting with two NTPer’s from the DC Tri Club’s New Triathlete Program and getting them set up with their first road bikes and gear. 3 of my 4 mentees now have their roadies! We’re ready and set for Black Bear. I spent my V-day mentoring and sharing my love for triathlons!

  706. Becki

    Getting my running back after injury. Short run with focus on cadence 🙂

  707. A lovely 20k ride around south London on my brand spanking new road bike accompanied by my beautiful new wife on her awesome hybrid Perfect for working up an appetite for an amazing homecooked steak dinner!

  708. j.

    Have spent Valentine’s day in a plane (18 hrs including timezone shifts).
    But went off to a 15km run right on Sunday if that counts!

  709. Juan Victoria

    valentines at the gym with the ladies I train.

  710. Dustin

    supposed to be a brick, but it snowed, so I snowshoed instead.

  711. Sean

    I ran a 10K on Sunday here in Korea, then 4 miles this morning, (it’s Tuesday here already). The weather’s starting to warm up!

  712. Aaron

    I got an early morning 5km run in, but as a couple we spent Valentine’s Day evening doing a nice, long, relaxing walk along the beach at sunset (southern hemisphere!).

  713. Joe Meehan

    3 mile hill run to the end of the pier and back 🙂

  714. Aaron Turner

    No big race plans yet. Ran yesterday at -2 Degrees F. Ended up with a nice ice beard!

  715. Alex lamp

    No training! Just taking some time with the family!

  716. Brent H.

    My wife decided she wants to try to run her first 5k in May, so we set up a training plan for her and went for a short run.

  717. Angie H

    I decided I want to try to run my a 5k in May, so I set up a training plan for and went for a short run with my husband.

  718. Kim Colpaert

    I die a 9km run in about 45 min. Not fast but fast enough to get back and spend the whole day with my wife and little girl.

  719. Bill R

    I ran my 1st marathon in October (St. George) with a 5 year old Garmin 305 that has already had one battery replaced. Training now for the Revel Rockies Marathon.

    Love the gadget reviews, and don’t we all live vicariously through you and all your travels?

  720. Matt Sarge

    3 hour trainer ride progressing from z2 to z4. Then a 7 mile transition run progressing down to finish with 3 miles at OD race pace. Finished the day with a 3000yd muscular endurance swim and a short strength session. Then relaxed and watched some indoor track.

  721. Nicole M

    First triathlon for the season (southern hemisphere!) – all of that winter training paid off with much better times than last year. Weather was fantastic with a lovely flat swim, and a warm, still day. Great way to spend the day!

  722. Peter R

    What better way to spend the day than a lazy 10km tempo run in the afternoon for both of us through the trails. No time, no pace, just running together.

  723. Sadewo

    Did our long run on the treadmill for 1.5 hours *shudders* But hey, better than running outside when it was -40 C

  724. Kim

    Rowed on my Concept 2 with new PM5 monitor

  725. Talia

    Too cold, so ran around basement

  726. Brady H

    Too cold here. Chased the kids around the house

  727. Sharon

    Traing for my first triathlon. Working through Dr. Romanov’s pose running book. Saturday was a rest day.

  728. Trent Abbott

    easy ski before race on Sunday

  729. Charlie K

    Basement treadmill workout. Way too cold & icy outside.

  730. Rob

    I did an elliptical workout!

  731. Gabriela Hamilton

    Had a wonderful night time run with my husband!

  732. Stepan

    My training session today is enjoying my time with my wife in Thailand 🙂

  733. Jack

    I had desperately hoped to get a 6 mile run up a local peak, but felt too sick still from some respiratory issues. 🙁

  734. Kevin

    Chilly morning long run – post injury, pre time with wife and daughter.

  735. Ann

    Walking the halls of airports trying to return to snowy Boston so I can get back to lunge and lift as I shovel snow

  736. Jim

    Running a few miles.

  737. Rob

    Wish I could train. Broke collarbone 1wk ago. Will spin soon.

  738. Running in chilly -27c with Windchill of -44c.

  739. David

    A tag team run with my wife and I – so one of us is always home to look after the kids!

  740. Meg

    Eating Chocolates, planning for 4 days of spin next week in the cold weather.

  741. Vickie

    Recovering from my first 5k race in 2 years and fixing our flooded kitchen sink!

  742. Hakimi AB

    Early morning 3km hike up the nearby hill, to enjoy the sunrise together. Followed by a walk around the morning market for some shopping.. 😉 not to forget to mention the 3:00 hr brick on the day before; consist of 2:15 bike, 45mins. great weekend spent together!

  743. Ethan

    45 min bike trainer, then 1 mile warmup, 2-mile tempo, 1 mile progression, cooldown.

  744. LacoKis

    10k of hills on the treadmill. Several feet of snow outside, too much for me to run, so treadmill it is these days.

  745. Chris Rodriguez

    It was a morning Trainer ride, 90 min recovery ride. so many fun

  746. Ben

    Long ride with triathlon teammates before my dad’s wedding!

  747. Christian

    1.2 mile run. Wife walked

  748. Cliff

    Went for a quick ski tour. Spring conditions on the descent.

  749. Rob L.

    spent the day recovering from snowboarding the day before.

  750. Chris Pursel

    Registered and looking forward to the Azalea Sprint Triathlon in Wilmington, NC on 3/7/15 … another “let’s do it together” first time activity as a newly married couple.

  751. WJH

    Spent it filled with chocolate and booze. What a workout!

  752. Steve Baldwin

    Snowshoeing with my wife up an abandoned ski resort near Cable in northern Wisconsin in -25c. Eerie and beautiful!

  753. Keith Runnells

    Since Valentine’s Day is also my birthday The wife and I will be working out horizontal if ya know what I mean. Check your heart rate!

  754. Mary

    Long run at the indoor track.

  755. Matt Church

    Runners need strength in order to improve, valentines day will be spent doing bridges and push ups 🙂

  756. Mark

    5k group run on Saturday then 22k at the indoor track for Sunday!

  757. As my valentine and I already have matching watches, I will use them to give to my family to have them come train with us : )

  758. Wee Young Chua

    a simple 5km run. 🙂

  759. Em

    Ran the Red Hot 33K in Moab Utah.

  760. Phil White

    Holiday Lake 50k! An amazing day for a wonderful race, even made a new PR for the course. Perfect Valentine’s Day.

  761. AK

    Did a 3 mile run in an empty gym while my valentine was working out in her empty gym. Can we get the kitchen sink package?

  762. wim

    3.5k swim 75k bikeride

  763. Marcus Lee

    10 mile long run!

  764. chris mosier

    Long run and breakfast

  765. arnulfo villarreal

    Swam 1 mile, majority with bouy, ran 5k thereafter, added Valentine chocolate to raspberry smoothie

  766. Scott Holcomb

    Walk up and down downtown ATL, to and from Hilton to Georgia World Congress Center with wife, and Competitive cheer daughter for big tournament this weekend!

  767. Arnaud

    Hike in Barton Creek green belt in Austin