Valentine’s Day Double-Gadget Giveaway!


It’s definitely time for another giveaway.  Given Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, it only seems right to show you some lovin’.  But, it would seem sorta awkward to give you a present and not also give the person you love (or, at least kinda-sorta-like) a present as well.  No?

Thus, I’ll be giving away two units as part of this giveaway – one for each of you.  It’ll be like a couples giveaway, though you need not be a couple to enter or win.  I’m sure everyone can find a loving friend that is worthy of a new GPS device (or similar).  If you can’t think of such a person in your life, I’d suggest expanding your circle of friends.

Those who win will get two units valued up to $270US (each) from Clever Training.  This could be currently shipping units like the Polar M400, or, upcoming units like the Garmin Vivoactive once it ships.  As long as the value is under $270US per device you can pick whatever you want from Clever Training.

Here’s a few ideas to get ya thinking:

The Fitbit Surge GPS watch
TomTom Runner Cardio GPS watch (with optical HR sensor)
Garmin Vivoactive GPS smartwatch
Polar M400 GPS watch
Mio Fuse Activity Tracker with optical HR sensor
Suunto Ambit2 S GPS multisport watch

How to enter:

Leave a comment with: A description of your Valentine’s Day training or racing plans.

Simple as that!  As usual, Clever Training is sponsoring the giveaway.  Remember you can save 10% off anything they sell through either the coupon code or the DCR/CT VIP program, plus of course free US shipping for goods over $75US.

Thanks for reading!

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, February 16th, 2015 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly. One entry per person. The product will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming in stock.


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  1. Chris

    Swimming session first of the year

  2. 16 mile long run in preparation for LA Marathon training, with my wife cycling along my side for water and nutrition support.

  3. Carael

    Start the training to my second marathon.

  4. Greig

    Raced in the final leg of the Borders XC series at Conundrum on the Anglo Scottish Border.

  5. Nate Jackson

    Fun 7 mile run in the snow!

  6. betsy

    fantastic workout day! we did a 2 and 1/2 hour bike ride in the morning, followed by 100 situps. then we went for a 1 and 1/2 mile swim in the late afternoon.

  7. Murphy Flynn

    1 bike on the trainer followed 40 minutes on the treadmill to avoid the bitter cold and crazy winds we are having on the east coast.

  8. Colby

    A quick 5 miles outside before more snow and freezing temperatures drive more inside!

  9. Joy KW

    I spent Valentine’s Day teaching an indoor cycling class, meeting with two NTPer’s from the DC Tri Club’s New Triathlete Program and getting them set up with their first road bikes and gear. 3 of my 4 mentees now have their roadies! We’re ready and set for Black Bear. I spent my V-day mentoring and sharing my love for triathlons!

  10. Becki

    Getting my running back after injury. Short run with focus on cadence :)

  11. A lovely 20k ride around south London on my brand spanking new road bike accompanied by my beautiful new wife on her awesome hybrid Perfect for working up an appetite for an amazing homecooked steak dinner!

  12. j.

    Have spent Valentine’s day in a plane (18 hrs including timezone shifts).
    But went off to a 15km run right on Sunday if that counts!

  13. Juan Victoria

    valentines at the gym with the ladies I train.

  14. Dustin

    supposed to be a brick, but it snowed, so I snowshoed instead.

  15. Sean

    I ran a 10K on Sunday here in Korea, then 4 miles this morning, (it’s Tuesday here already). The weather’s starting to warm up!

  16. Aaron

    I got an early morning 5km run in, but as a couple we spent Valentine’s Day evening doing a nice, long, relaxing walk along the beach at sunset (southern hemisphere!).

  17. Joe Meehan

    3 mile hill run to the end of the pier and back :-)

  18. Aaron Turner

    No big race plans yet. Ran yesterday at -2 Degrees F. Ended up with a nice ice beard!

  19. Alex lamp

    No training! Just taking some time with the family!

  20. Brent H.

    My wife decided she wants to try to run her first 5k in May, so we set up a training plan for her and went for a short run.

  21. Angie H

    I decided I want to try to run my a 5k in May, so I set up a training plan for and went for a short run with my husband.

  22. Kim Colpaert

    I die a 9km run in about 45 min. Not fast but fast enough to get back and spend the whole day with my wife and little girl.

  23. Bill R

    I ran my 1st marathon in October (St. George) with a 5 year old Garmin 305 that has already had one battery replaced. Training now for the Revel Rockies Marathon.

    Love the gadget reviews, and don’t we all live vicariously through you and all your travels?

  24. Matt Sarge

    3 hour trainer ride progressing from z2 to z4. Then a 7 mile transition run progressing down to finish with 3 miles at OD race pace. Finished the day with a 3000yd muscular endurance swim and a short strength session. Then relaxed and watched some indoor track.

  25. Nicole M

    First triathlon for the season (southern hemisphere!) – all of that winter training paid off with much better times than last year. Weather was fantastic with a lovely flat swim, and a warm, still day. Great way to spend the day!

  26. Peter R

    What better way to spend the day than a lazy 10km tempo run in the afternoon for both of us through the trails. No time, no pace, just running together.

  27. Sadewo

    Did our long run on the treadmill for 1.5 hours *shudders* But hey, better than running outside when it was -40 C

  28. Kim

    Rowed on my Concept 2 with new PM5 monitor

  29. Talia

    Too cold, so ran around basement

  30. Brady H

    Too cold here. Chased the kids around the house

  31. Sharon

    Traing for my first triathlon. Working through Dr. Romanov’s pose running book. Saturday was a rest day.

  32. Trent Abbott

    easy ski before race on Sunday

  33. Charlie K

    Basement treadmill workout. Way too cold & icy outside.

  34. Rob

    I did an elliptical workout!

  35. Gabriela Hamilton

    Had a wonderful night time run with my husband!

  36. Stepan

    My training session today is enjoying my time with my wife in Thailand :-)

  37. Jack

    I had desperately hoped to get a 6 mile run up a local peak, but felt too sick still from some respiratory issues. :(

  38. Kevin

    Chilly morning long run – post injury, pre time with wife and daughter.

  39. Ann

    Walking the halls of airports trying to return to snowy Boston so I can get back to lunge and lift as I shovel snow

  40. Jim

    Running a few miles.

  41. Rob

    Wish I could train. Broke collarbone 1wk ago. Will spin soon.

  42. Running in chilly -27c with Windchill of -44c.

  43. David

    A tag team run with my wife and I – so one of us is always home to look after the kids!

  44. Meg

    Eating Chocolates, planning for 4 days of spin next week in the cold weather.

  45. Vickie

    Recovering from my first 5k race in 2 years and fixing our flooded kitchen sink!

  46. Hakimi AB

    Early morning 3km hike up the nearby hill, to enjoy the sunrise together. Followed by a walk around the morning market for some shopping.. ;) not to forget to mention the 3:00 hr brick on the day before; consist of 2:15 bike, 45mins. great weekend spent together!

  47. Ethan

    45 min bike trainer, then 1 mile warmup, 2-mile tempo, 1 mile progression, cooldown.

  48. LacoKis

    10k of hills on the treadmill. Several feet of snow outside, too much for me to run, so treadmill it is these days.

  49. Chris Rodriguez

    It was a morning Trainer ride, 90 min recovery ride. so many fun

  50. Ben

    Long ride with triathlon teammates before my dad’s wedding!

  51. Christian

    1.2 mile run. Wife walked

  52. Cliff

    Went for a quick ski tour. Spring conditions on the descent.

  53. Rob L.

    spent the day recovering from snowboarding the day before.

  54. Chris Pursel

    Registered and looking forward to the Azalea Sprint Triathlon in Wilmington, NC on 3/7/15 … another “let’s do it together” first time activity as a newly married couple.

  55. WJH

    Spent it filled with chocolate and booze. What a workout!

  56. Steve Baldwin

    Snowshoeing with my wife up an abandoned ski resort near Cable in northern Wisconsin in -25c. Eerie and beautiful!

  57. Keith Runnells

    Since Valentine’s Day is also my birthday The wife and I will be working out horizontal if ya know what I mean. Check your heart rate!

  58. Mary

    Long run at the indoor track.

  59. Matt Church

    Runners need strength in order to improve, valentines day will be spent doing bridges and push ups :)

  60. Mark

    5k group run on Saturday then 22k at the indoor track for Sunday!

  61. As my valentine and I already have matching watches, I will use them to give to my family to have them come train with us : )

  62. Wee Young Chua

    a simple 5km run. :)

  63. Em

    Ran the Red Hot 33K in Moab Utah.

  64. Phil White

    Holiday Lake 50k! An amazing day for a wonderful race, even made a new PR for the course. Perfect Valentine’s Day.

  65. AK

    Did a 3 mile run in an empty gym while my valentine was working out in her empty gym. Can we get the kitchen sink package?

  66. wim

    3.5k swim 75k bikeride

  67. Marcus Lee

    10 mile long run!

  68. chris mosier

    Long run and breakfast

  69. arnulfo villarreal

    Swam 1 mile, majority with bouy, ran 5k thereafter, added Valentine chocolate to raspberry smoothie

  70. Scott Holcomb

    Walk up and down downtown ATL, to and from Hilton to Georgia World Congress Center with wife, and Competitive cheer daughter for big tournament this weekend!

  71. Arnaud

    Hike in Barton Creek green belt in Austin