Valentine’s Day Double-Gadget Giveaway!


It’s definitely time for another giveaway.  Given Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, it only seems right to show you some lovin’.  But, it would seem sorta awkward to give you a present and not also give the person you love (or, at least kinda-sorta-like) a present as well.  No?

Thus, I’ll be giving away two units as part of this giveaway – one for each of you.  It’ll be like a couples giveaway, though you need not be a couple to enter or win.  I’m sure everyone can find a loving friend that is worthy of a new GPS device (or similar).  If you can’t think of such a person in your life, I’d suggest expanding your circle of friends.

Those who win will get two units valued up to $270US (each) from Clever Training.  This could be currently shipping units like the Polar M400, or, upcoming units like the Garmin Vivoactive once it ships.  As long as the value is under $270US per device you can pick whatever you want from Clever Training.

Here’s a few ideas to get ya thinking:

The Fitbit Surge GPS watch
TomTom Runner Cardio GPS watch (with optical HR sensor)
Garmin Vivoactive GPS smartwatch
Polar M400 GPS watch
Mio Fuse Activity Tracker with optical HR sensor
Suunto Ambit2 S GPS multisport watch

How to enter:

Leave a comment with: A description of your Valentine’s Day training or racing plans.

Simple as that!  As usual, Clever Training is sponsoring the giveaway.  Remember you can save 10% off anything they sell through either the coupon code or the DCR/CT VIP program, plus of course free US shipping for goods over $75US.

Thanks for reading!

The giveaway entry period will run through Monday, February 16th, 2015 until 11:59PM US Eastern Time.  Winner will be selected randomly. One entry per person. The product will then be ordered immediately and shipped immediately, assuming in stock.



  1. Andy

    1500 yd swim in Tempe, AZ hotel pool

  2. Sarah Leeseberg

    My boyfriend and I are training for the Ironman 70.3 in May. Today’s training is a run and a swim!

  3. Stephen Vickers

    Pizza and beer- finally a nice relaxing rest day with the girlfriend.

  4. Thomas LeBaron

    road century for me and recovery walk with the pregnant wife.

  5. Scott

    Valentines training consisted of -20F temps and thus little in the way of training. Although we watched Kingsman which was full of training, and was overall a very fun movie, worth a watch.

  6. BS

    light treadmill running

  7. Chris

    Absolutely nothing! I’m sick, and I’ll start training 1st week of March. Trying to stay guilt free, but it’s hard when you see other people running.

  8. A long run on icy roads follows by some bottles of wine and a fine steak.

  9. Unfortunately my training plans were not, since doctor told me to cool it & nurse my wrist injury, so it was just a rest day.

  10. Rebecca Burton

    Valentiness day park run (5k timed weekly event), first one in Bristol, our new home

  11. Mike Hendriks

    Got out for my first bike ride in a very long time. Renovations and a seven month old leave me short on time! Tracked it with my D2

  12. I ran 14 miles to celebrate. My newly single self was all alone on the treadmill doing something I love. I treated myself with a tasty Valentine’s burrito afterwards.

  13. Julian Middlewick

    Long ride day!

  14. Mick O'Meara

    Was first run in two weeks, 9k at a medium pace. Great way to clear head after two weeks of work & study stress

  15. Adam Neilson

    I spent my day doing a good horizontal jogging interval session…

  16. Ti_tom

    Great idea !
    For me it was a bit of cycling before a diner in a good restaurant

  17. Jus

    Weather is finally great so could do something more major, but just a nice walk around the city this time.

  18. andrew nagy

    6 mile run in the NY cold

  19. Joel White

    Riding some singletrack with my bride, hooray for the babysitter!

  20. Gretchen

    skiing in the cold! Does that count?

  21. Ben Berry

    4 miles on the fat bike was my Valentine’s Day training

  22. A long session on the Concept2 indoor rowing machine (yes, I am injured)

  23. Meghan

    I ran a slowwwwww 3.3 miles (recovering from a femoral stress fracture :()

  24. Justin myers

    Took my girlfriend on her first ride on a road bike. She did great! 20 miles on a local trail keeping 14 mph.

  25. Aaron

    50K training! That was the plan, anyway… trails too icy for my wimpy crampons, needed ice skates!

  26. drewids

    Just a quick run3 miles, once it got up to 15 degrees.

  27. Jackie F.

    I donated platelets…does that count as a workout? *grin*

  28. Matt Priddle

    rest day – what’s not to love!

  29. Denise

    At the gym, on the bike

  30. Clas Fredriksson

    Took my bike out for a 2 hour ride.

  31. Robert Garnier

    2.5 mile swim

  32. Randy

    It was spent helping my wife regain simple walking strength following a relapse that again landed her in the hospital. certainly not a spectacular event. But you need to start somewhere.

  33. Jose Carlos Rodriguez

    We started with a run (7 kilometers), this is are “training season” starting for are upcoming events. We then left for a healthy lunch and followed by a romantic but not that healthy dinner.

  34. Pawel

    Resistance training with 5×5 routine and some spinning intervals

  35. Eric

    2:15 interval trainer ride followed by a 30 minute brick run on the treadmill. Wife cannot partake in the fun due to a torn hip labrum but I definitely included her in the third discipline of my Valentines Day triathlon!!

  36. Andy C

    On the 14th I was getting my ass hanefe to me by the local chaingang but on Sunday the girl and I went out for, very romantic, threshold intervals and she paid at the cafe stop on our way home!

  37. Mark

    Went for a short run around the lake before making pancakes with my awesome girlfriend!

  38. Brian Herald

    My Valentines day work out included a 4 mi tempo run at 7:20 pace. Followed by a wonderful valentine’s dinner with my wife.

  39. tex n.

    I just returned from a 3 week road trip to Yellowstone so just getting some miles on my mtn bike this 3 day weekend!

  40. Fran

    Yet another boring trainer preseason ride to avoid the pouring rain…

  41. Pinquin Chou Li

    Easy recovery run with my wife pushing the Bob Revolution Pro with our little Em, sesamoids are killing me…

  42. Ben

    Easy spin session on the trainer. Been off the bike and need to ease back into training 😛

  43. David Haynes

    For our valentines I got up at 4 am with my wife and we drove to nashville tn. We then ran the Hot Chocolate 15/5k. She ran several minutes faster than last year despite the 30 degree weather.

  44. Mark L

    i’ll be doing some squats and push-ups.

  45. Jorge

    800 metres sprint to the florist in order to get a last time present for my girlfriend before she arrived home

  46. Paul

    Did a 2 mile hike from my house up to the state park with my cross country skis attached to my backpack while dodging the snow plow trucks and then skied for 10 miles before hiking back home.

  47. Sebastian

    I did a 10k run in the beautiful region that is Swabia.
    Even though it was really cold and there was snow all around me, I had a great time!

  48. It was also my birthday! 8K run in the morning, make some cakes and 3K at night to burn it xD

  49. Bobby

    Only had an easy 5 miler planned in the morning, leaving plenty of time for Valentine’s festivities.

  50. Srf

    My Valentines morning training was running up and down lines of grape vines at purbeck vineyard, Swanage uk, nice little gradient to liven things up…

  51. Petar

    I’ll get up and make breakfast in bed for my GF, so I can spend rest od the day begging to buy new HR sensor or GPS watch… Maybe go for a hike…

  52. Oliver

    1:15h on the treadmill and it wasn’t fun!

  53. Max

    Well I did my bodyweight training routine: some pushups variations, squats, jumps and pullups to name a few.

  54. Nate

    Winter bike ride together, it was lovely!

  55. Lawrence

    I was the designated driver so I could run a half-marathon the next morning (and ended up getting a new PR).

  56. Sean Dooley

    Ran 10 miles and chased after kids all day.

  57. Mike K

    I had an 11mi run outside that turned into a 4mi run outside and a 3mi run at the gym…Stupid snow and lack of visibility.

  58. luiz otavio

    it´s carnaval in Brasil, so no trainning for today!

  59. David Garcia

    My Valentine’s workout was 40 miles on my bike.

  60. leftride

    Family run with the double BOB.

  61. Jason Jones

    14 miler in subzero temps in Michigan with 18 mph winds.

  62. Naomi

    First day of a 2 day hike up Mount Solitary. Happy Valentines!

  63. Bradley

    I would like to enter. My Valentine’s Day training plans were a simple 4 miles on the treadmill since it was quite icy here.

  64. Monica Lewis

    I did a 5 mile hike with friends!

  65. ChrisB

    Easy day before a hot and sweaty Sufferfest session on the TT in the garage. Yuk

  66. F. Javier González Vidal

    Unfortunately, stretching and trying to recover my aquiles injury 🙁

  67. Dave

    Attempted to ski with the family but we turned the kids into a Popsicle.

  68. Mike

    Jut finished running the Great Aloha run with my running buddy, 🙂

  69. Alison egan

    Sufferfest in the morning and a treadmill run in the afternoon

  70. Mike Pisauro

    I havent been sble to train for a couple of months due to an injury so instead did some strength training and core workouts. Hoping that once I am healthy a brand new gps watch is in my future to replace the old garmin 410. Thanks,

  71. Loren

    Just ran the Great Aloha Run with my running buddy!!

  72. Pete

    Nailed my first 100km link to

  73. Joe Haimowitz

    We did an indoor bike race at the Peak Centre in Ottawa followed by a 50 minute strength workout

  74. Casey M

    Early morning cross training at the gym!

  75. Alex Pull

    It was 17k tempo run in the morning.

  76. Luke Meers

    Largely a recovery day, a few strength exercises. Kettlebells.

  77. Paul

    Not much… walked the dog. Ran 15km the next day.

  78. Ben M

    Long ride/run in the morning so the afternoon is off and time with the wife

  79. Together, in our cozy little apartment on a supremely frigid winter day, my girlfriend and I slept in – ’till 8! – and while munching on a peanut butter topped salted cracker, set up our trainers for a leg burning two hour ride. The nightstand between our bikes, acting as The Snack Pad, a random selection of various Red Bull World Champs playing on the screen, our legs pumping, faces dripping with sweat, we conquered the ride. Pulling up the weather app, we saw a terrifying sight: -17 degrees (celcius) and -25 with the windchill! We hesitated for a moment – but we are athletes after all! Fifteen minutes of donning gear, the silence broken by nervous quips about the weather, frozen body parts and the meal that awaits; sighs and grunts as compression gear is carefully pulled on, inch by inch. Like gladiators marching into the arena, we marched down the hall, waited 3 minutes for the elevator, and stole a quick glance at ourselves in the mirror to assess our ridiculous look as we pushed the front door open into the howling wind to embark on a 30 minute adventure on foot.

    Returning victorious, a hot epsom salt bath was run, and a meal of epic proportions was prepared to celebrate the day’s conquest, as well the day’s true purpose: the life and love shared between two athletes.

  80. DFX

    I actually did no training on valentines day as,
    a) I love my wife so much I wouldn’t dare.
    b) My wife would not make my life worth living
    But on Sunday I went out for a nice bike ride and tonight I had a good run. My pesky app played up on both occasions. I bet a Tom Tom watch wouldn’t and I sooo want one 🙂
    Cheers, Dave.

  81. Matthew S

    Up before the sun. 110km on the bike. Back in time for a romantic late (very late) breakfast.

  82. Bret Bartness

    10 mile run.

  83. Eli Selzer

    I did an 11 mile recovery run around the Hollywood Reservoir/Mulholland Dam. First time running there; it was nice and scenic. Ended by being the subject at a photo shoot for my wife’s photography class. Husband of the year!

  84. John

    She ran 16, so I didn’t get to.

  85. My wife has biken while I ran, and we change after 5 kilometers.

  86. Jordy

    I ran very hard to my BF to give him a big hug 😀

  87. Alex

    Training this weekend included double Trainer Road/Sufferfest action to fit in around family staying over. Ready for the Col de la Madone when I go to Nice in a few weeks. Does walking up the bell tower in Lille also count? Hope everyone had fun.

  88. Dan Jones

    Spent Valentine’s day 2000 miles away from home where it is 70 degrees warmer. Spent the next week making it up to the wife. 🙂

  89. Franck

    Trail running!!!!

  90. Rest day sandwiched by a bike and a run day.

  91. Gert

    Run for the hills

  92. Ky

    Bit of a spin on some hills on the MTB!

  93. Lee

    Five miles in the morning the. Cooking the wife some surf and turf in the evening.

  94. david

    5 mile run and 1000yd swim. Happy day.

  95. Brandon

    Warm up: walking around at a boat show
    Run: 5 miler
    Cool Down: old bay bagels

  96. Marty

    This was a prefect Valentine’s day! I raced the Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC, 5 miles, a dozen donuts, finished 23rd of 2000+ and set a PR by 90 seconds!

  97. Scott

    Boring 15 mile treadmill run.

  98. William Hamilton

    Biked the local area with the wifey, roughly 11 miles. Short but sweet (and a rare opportunity to ride together).

  99. Mark A.

    Did a 2 hour bike ride

  100. Jose Casas

    1.30 Z3 power Zone in he rollers