Wahoo Fitness begins shipping TICKR X, and a few other tidbits


Earlier this week, Wahoo Fitness quietly began shipping the TICKR X heart rate strap that they showed off back in January at CES.

The TICKR X completes the lineup of TICKR straps that include the regular TICKR, TICKR RUN, and TICKR X.  The regular TICKR is simply a dual ANT+/Bluetooth Smart strap, while the TICKR RUN adds the ability to get running related metrics such as cadence and other stats around smoothness while running.  These metrics were similar to Garmin’s Running Dynamics features, and include ground contact time and vertical oscillation.  It also added the ability to get pace and distance indoors on a treadmill (all from the HR strap).

Note that they do not transmit these features to Garmin watches, since Garmin has kept this functionality closed and proprietary to Garmin watches.  The running specific features from Wahoo are focused on the phone apps only.


Meanwhile, the $99US TICKR X adds the below features on to the TICKR RUN feature set:

– Memory storage for up to 16 hours of workouts – so no phone or watch required while running to record distance/pace/HR and other running smoothness metrics
– Indoor cycling cadence (when on a trainer/spin bike)
– Ability to double-tap HR strap to create laps, or also control music
– Vibration alert/confirmation when you connect the unit and create a lap

For most people, it’s the top one that’s the biggie.  The ability to record that data while only having to wear a heart rate strap.  No phone, no watch, nothing else.  Just the strap.  Of course you won’t be able to see any heart rate data until after the run or ride if you wear only the strap.  Also note that going nude with just the TICKR X strap and no clothing may lead to law enforcement interactions.


For those that routinely do spin workouts in a class, then the indoor cycling cadence may also be of use.  I haven’t tested that specific piece yet though.  I have tested many of the other pieces over the past month that I’ve had the TICKR X.

I’ll be looking to get a review knocked out quickly now that the software is final, as I’ve been using variants of the TICKR products all summer long.

Do note that while the US market is shipping already, the international market will be a few weeks behind while they get the units in place to ship there from their various distribution centers internationally.


Finally, I want to call out one specific item a number of folks have asked about recently – which is the integration of the Wahoo RPM pods with the Polar V800 and Suunto Ambit3 (both on Bluetooth Smart).

Both of those devices when using the Wahoo RPM will have the GPS speed overwritten by a zero-value speed from the Wahoo RPM.  The zero value speed comes from the fact that the Wahoo RPM effectively broadcasts itself as a Speed/Cadence sensor rather than a straight cadence sensor.  The idea behind it was that if you knew the gear ratio on an indoor spin bike they could actually determine the speed and transmit that to you (thus giving speed and distance).  However, that piece never quite got implemented and thus the zero-value speed resulted.

Polar recently stated that coming in an update later this month they’ll add a fix for it from their side to address it.  In talking to Wahoo about it, they’ve also agreed to tweak the code and release a firmware update that will stop transmitting the zero-value speed.  Thus ensuring that watches and devices that are unable to discard a zero-value speed over a positive-value GPS speed will get correct speed/distance metrics again.

Finally, Wahoo also let it be known that they’re working with Polar to ensure that the V650 and V800 will support the Wahoo KICKR power that is transmitted via Bluetooth Smart.  Note it won’t enable those devices to control the KICKR, but it’ll ensure it can at least pair to them and record power & speed form the KICKR.  Definitely a good collaboration!

With that, thanks for reading!  If you’re looking to burn a bit of time, here’s all my Interbike 2014 posts packed full of sports technology items.


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  1. Tim

    A few quick questions before your “in depth” Tickr reviews, perhaps they’ll all be covered in a full review, but I figured I could ask :)

    1) As we know Garmin straps often seemed to “die” within 9months of heavy use. You’ve noted Garmin’s HRM3 post-summer-2013 handles spikes as good as any. How are the Tickrs in this area?

    2) Any reason why it sounds like the Tickr Run and X do not emulate a footpod via ANT+ and send cadence data to Garmin’s (that’s at least open)?

    3) Small comment on the Tickr ANT+ bridge feature? (1-2 months, 6 months out, pipe dream / likely never?)

    It’s nice to see that cadence, pace, and smoothness are included in the memory recording. Other notes on Wahoo’s site seemed to leave out any comment about recording the smoothness (I think cadence wasn’t mentioned either…)

    • 1) I generally see very good spike-handling with the Wahoo HR straps. Their Wahoo Blue HR strap was awesome in that area. With the TICKR’s I haven’t seen any issues there. I have seen some issues with compatibility with the Edge 1000 over ANT+ though. Sometimes it’s happy, sometimes not. No idea why. Wahoo is aware.

      2) It’s something we’ve talked about and they just didn’t think folks would be as interested in that. I said I think it’d be great and folks would love it. Hopefully it happens.

      3) We talked about that a bit. They don’t have a timeline, but it’s kinda been a dangling chad of “we’re looking at doing that across some or all TICKR models, but haven’t decided when or what”. I know there’s a lot of interest in that from the TrainerRoad riders as well (as seen yesterday in the comments there).

    • Tim

      Thanks Ray!

      Hopefully knowing they’d clearly have a spec edge over Viiiiva Straps if they added the bridge will push them along. At this point it is kind of a “do I need running smoothness or ANT+ bridge?” decision… Even adding it only to the high end X would be fair in my book.

    • Jorge

      Quoting Tim:
      “2) Any reason why it sounds like the Tickr Run and X do not emulate a footpod via ANT+ and send cadence data to Garmin’s (that’s at least open)?”

      Quoting Ray:
      “2) It’s something we’ve talked about and they just didn’t think folks would be as interested in that. I said I think it’d be great and folks would love it. Hopefully it happens.”

      That is crazy if the wahoo folks think people wouldn’t want that. Even though I knew the running dynamic metrics couldn’t be transmitted to my gamin watch, I was still willing to buy the TickrX, hoping that their plans to add swimming would eventually pan out and because I was mistakenly thinking that it would replace a cadence footpod. But now I learned that cadence isn’t available either!
      I never run with my phone (too hard to look at your data as you run, dont like carry the extra stuff, don’t have to worry about rain, snow, etc) and rarely run on a dreadmill, so basically the TickerRun and the TickerX would offer me 0 extra data besides HR. To me they seem like products catered more to people that run mostly at the gym where one can put a phone on the dreadmill and see the data.

    • Any updates on the indoor cycling cadence? I have a basic Tickr which I love and wanted to get the Tickr X for my wife since she does both indoor and outdoor cycling. If the indoor cadence isn’t very well implemented I’ll just get her the basic Tickr. Thanks for any additional info!

    • Arn

      I tried this about a week ago and the cadence track from the tickr tracked the cadence track from my Stages power meter very closely. I’m actually shocked at how well this worked. I was using my Garmin to receive the Stages info and my phone/Magellan Echo combo to look at the cadence information.

      But that is just one data point.

    • Jorge

      I also compared the indoor cycling cadence of the TICKR X against a garmin cadence sensor and they both tracked perfectly! I just wish this would work for outdoor cycling cadence as well.

  2. I know you had doubts about Wahoo’s ability to fulfill the swimming functionality they promised originally. Looks like you were correct. Have they let you know if there is any hope for this to be a reality down the line or is the HRM strap not staying in place during flip turns inescapable and ultimately the killer of these functions.

    Thanks for the amazing blog and your commitment to it.

  3. Ian Grant

    No combined BLE/ANT+ speed/cadence sensor? I noticed the Blue SC has disappeared from their web site.
    Incidentally, regarding the web site, I don’t see the TICKR X yet, so I thought I’d try the US site (I normally get auto-directed to the UK site), but it looks like the US site is the default ‘www.’ address and so then it auto-directs to the UK site so it’s impossible to view the US site outside of the US!

  4. Ralph

    I hope to see mine on Monday and hope they get swim metrics competed soon!

  5. I get cadence on my Ambit2 (ANT) from my Powertap indoors, but speed is zero. Are you saying this is a Suunto bug to fix or a Powertap one? Should I be setting up the Ambit to get speed and cadence separately?

  6. Gary B

    Was so close to getting a Scosche optical and ditch the viiiiva however the release of the tickr x changes things. I like metrics so have to decide if running smoothness is worth the chest strap.

    Ray have you tested the offline recording? According to a comment by Wahoo fitness on their Facebook post currently only heart rate data is recorded in offline mode. Running smoothness will be added to offline recording later via a firmware updated.

    • Hi Gary,

      That is true, we can get 16 hours of HR data, but less with specific data like footpod and smoothness. We decided to start with HR only in storage, because of the complication of having an offline device know what your intention is. Once we move to specific workout types like swimming we’ll be enabling offline workout types and storing workout specific data. Our next order of business is activity detection, like counting situps and pushups for some fun workout related Apps.

    • Gary B

      Hi Chip

      Thanks for clearing that up and completely understand the rationale. To be honest I was thinking I wouldn’t really use the offline mode, as I always run with my phone for music. However I just joined a gym to workout with my brother once a week and feel silly with phone on my arm. Offline mode As you describe it will be very handy for gym sessions.
      I’ll be ordering mine when the international orders open on for the AU website.

      Well done on getting here and replying. Nice to hear direct from Wahoo on hear and I bet Ray sure appreciated you taking some work from him. He must be busy with the site popularity seemingly growing.

    • Ted Bradley

      @Chris nice to see you posting here. I’ve an iPhone 6+ so it’s a bit of hassle to carry on a run.. I’d love to be able to configure the recording mode via my phone before hand. A bit like enabling 1sec recording on my Garmin. So long as I was given an indication of my new time limit, I’d be fine with that.

      I think it’d also open up a lot for other developers via your SDK if that were possible.. Getting accelerometer data post activity would be very cool.

    • Ted Bradley

      I did my first swim with the Tickr X this morning. I had it on too loose at first and it pinged down. I repositioned and tightened and then it stayed on pretty well.

      However.. when I got back I saw my heart rate was normal until the first push off when it pinged down. After that it seemed to get stuck at 50bpm for the rest of my work out.

      Does anyone have any tips on swimming with a heart rate strap – keeping it positioned and so on?

    • William

      Same issue with my tICKR X

      Tried ~10 swim sessions and spoke to Wahoo about this issue and have had no success in recording a real heart rate during a swim Workout.

      Outside of swimming the tickr x works awesome!

  7. Jan

    Do you know if there is any chance to get out the raw accelerometer data from the TICKR X? That would be a nice feature – I’d definitely buy one or two then ….

    • Hi Jan,

      It is something that we support for testing purposes internally. It isn’t something that could be enabled too publicly, because it uses more power than the batteries can realistically handle. If you’d like it for experimenting you can request to get on our beta group and you should be able to access the raw data. You’ll need to buy yourself some spare batteries though:)

      Chip from Wahoo

  8. Brent

    So I did an Open Water Swim with the Tickr X and my Suunto Ambit 3 this evening. Very impressed finally got a good quality heart rate track for swimming. I also noticed that the Ambit 3 Open Water Swim mode seems to be a little bit better than the garmin fenix 2. Just hope it makes me learn to swim faster now :)

    link to sporttracks.mobi

    • Justin Fabian

      Thanks for sharing that – I was curious if only Suunto’s HRM would work with the Ambit 3 for swimming, so you’ve answered that question.

    • Wawan

      Hopefully soon Wahoo and Garmin can work together to get those data integrated (e.g. HR while swimming, plus the swim metrics from garmin swim/910xt).

    • Brent – I assume you merged those activities after the fact?

    • Jorge

      I believe this is how he combined them: link to the5krunner.com
      However, the plugin used to merge the activities is not a free one (at least not permanently free) so that solution is more for sporttracks paid subscribers.

    • Morten

      Hi – Think you answered my problem :-) – I have just bought the Ambit3. Perfect Watch – and much better than my old Garmin 910, especially the HR when swimming is great to have. However just realized, I cannot connect the Suunto BT heartrate with my Garmin Edge 810 (even it has BT…?) – and as i don’t think I can live with 2 HRM’s – or to switch between Suunto to Garmin from swim to bike – and back Again from bike to run – I’m looking for THE solution… but will TICKR X Work with both? and will it be able to upload the HR data to Suunto after swim (as the Suunto HR does…)

    • Arn

      I can’t comment about swimming performance.

      I can tell you that I’ve simultaneously connected the Tickr X to my Garmin 510 and my Nexus 5 phone. ANT+ to the Garmin, BTLE to the phone. No problems. And, I’ve also downloaded the same data stream to my iPad after the event.

    • tfk

      the free edition of sporttracks (PC) allows exercise files to be merged at NO COST. You just import the wahoo HR track into the garmin swim track. it asks you want field you want to update/add and you specify HR…simple. I do it regularly (tho maybe not frequently :-) ) If you are so inclined you could then export the file from sporttracks as tcx/fit…not sure if that export would require a paid plugin. even if so they are literally a few dollars/euros.

  9. Victor

    Chip – does this support the FIT profile for indoor spin bikes? Specifically, wondering if it will capture the metrics coming from the Schwinn AC performance bike – speed, cadence and power?

  10. Justin Fabian

    Any idea what the ETA is for all of these fancy metrics to be supported by the Android app? Will TICKR X features be brought online at the same time as the TICKR Run features, or is it going to take multiple releases?

    • MH

      Good question – somehow I just assumed that it would work with Android, but there’s only iPhone support now. I’ll wait ordering one until the TICKR X works with Android.

  11. Bradley B

    Using the TICKR and RFLKT was great until I introduced the Ambit 3 and Training Peaks. Here’s the problem; the TICKR can only connect with one Bluetooth device at once (so, it’s either the Ambit 3 or my iPhone, but not both concurrently). As more watches/devices go exclusively the way of Bluetooth, we loose the multi-capable integration of ANT+ & Bluetooth integration without a technology shift.

    Specifically, while I can continue using the Wahoo App (which works beautifully) it does not upload to Training Peaks. Suunto (using Movescount) does. In effect, I’m relegated to using the Ambit 3 to be able to analyze my data feed, and Wahoo App so i can easily see my basic data (speed, cadence, etc) during the ride. Still need to keep an eye on the wrist to monitor heart rate live given the problem mentioned.

    Is there any chance the TICKR can have a patch or update so that it can connect with two BT devices at once? That would be a hugely valuable accomplishment…

  12. Quoc V

    Is there another HRM that records data offline without a watch/phone? The only other one I found was the Adidas micoach X_Cell but their software is horrible.

    • Software and Support for X-cell adidas is really the most horrible experience I ever encountered… they have such a winning concept on their hands but Adidas is the most crappy company ever if you are talking about software and support.

      Actualy horrible is an understatement.

  13. Jarmo

    So I have purchased a Garmin 910XT. If I get the Tickr X too, is there any way to sync the recorded data from these two machines? A third party site perhaps, since Garmin Connect probably will not add support to Wahoo’s data.

  14. Denis

    Tonight I did some running on an Ocean Front Walk in Santa Monica. I believe I saw you passing me by at about 6:45 PM. If it were you, you’re running like a stallion :-)

  15. Ian

    Is there any difference in size between the tickr models?

  16. Dave

    I see both Wahoo’s marketed claim that this will provide cadence for indoor use (such as a spin class, etc.) and you state that above as well, but what about it is specific to only indoor? Would I be able to use a TICKRX for outdoor cycling instead of having to have both an RPM and a TICKR? Why is it that it won’t work as a cadence sensor outside by it does indoors on a trainer?

    • My understanding is that due to road conditions it’s a bit hard for them to parse out the slight side to side body movement that drives cadence versus road bumps. But Chip can correct me if I’m misstating it.

    • Willy

      Will the cadence for indoor cycling be available over ANT+ (So it can be picked up by a 310xt for instance)?

    • Jorge


      I’m just speculating here but judging by how cadence/running dynamics and the rest of the running specific features aren’t transmitted to garmin watches, I would guess they won’t pick up indoor cycling cadence either. Hopefully Ray or the wahoo folks can confirm.

      A least, when spinning indoors, you can use the wahoo app as your cycling computer, and from there upload to GC, strava, etc. Now if you do go the route of using the app, then you lose the ability of using any ANT+ only sensors: power meter, speed sensor, etc.

  17. Nicholas

    I’ve just purchased the Wahoo RPM. How exactly would one do a firmware update to it when it becomes available? Would the iPhone just update it over BT?

  18. Benjamin

    Great info about the Kickr and the V650. That was the last info I needed to be sure about getting the V650 in October. Thanks for the info.

  19. Jake

    Ray, with all these new HR monitors coming out, any plan for another comparison test or “roundup review” post?

  20. Meste

    Hi Ray,

    Great preview! Just a quick question.

    Any idea if the running analytics will be captured by V800? Or any other watch? Maybe a little hope here…?

  21. Ray,

    Does it mean that after V800 firmware update, the watch will read the cadence from the strap when outdoors?

    Or still only by using a footpod?

  22. Bachulator

    Wonder will the Wahoo RPM will work with TomTom Cardio Multisport?

  23. chad

    I was waiting for the TICKR X to get HR while swimming. Now Viiiiva has released new features which include memory for storing .fit files. Any thoughts on TICKR X over Viiiiva?

  24. Tim Brown

    Ray thanks for the info, as usual I have some questions. I have a slew of garmin devices but never have had much success with their HRMs. Recently i bought a Mio Link and its not much better. So here are my questions
    1. Im very interested in indoor cadence that I could convert into mileage. Since the HRM stores the info does it communicate with the garmin 910 or not. I’m guessing that it will not underwater based upon the limitations of ANT+.
    2. Since it gets confused on outdoor cadence does that mean I can’t use it for cycling outside?
    3. How well does it communicate with Garmin connect?

  25. Hank

    Ray, thank you for your quick review.
    I saw the comments above saying that TICKR X will be able to capture laps and distance while swimming later. Before firmware updated, what if I am using Garmin Swim Watch with TICKR X? After swimming is done I will be uploading swim metrics into Garmin Connect then synchronize to Strava. At the same time my HRM data from TICKR X will flow to Wahoo Fitness App then share to Strava. Finally I can manage both data into Strava.
    Do you think this way would be possible?

  26. Hank

    So what if I am uploading HR data and Swim metrics into Garmin Connect? So you mean that if I upload HR data from TICKR X to Garmin Connect via Wahoo Fitness App, I will be able to see swim data and HR data as a separate section in Garmin Connect?

    • Sorta. You’ll see one activity with HR data but no contextual swim information. And then you’ll see another activity from your Garmin device with the actual swim data (but no HR data). As of right now, the TICKR only records HR data. So it really doesn’t know if you’re swimming or just sitting in the closet.

      When and if it records swim metric data isn’t known.

    • Hank

      I see. Hopefully TICKR X updated soon to add swim metrics. My plan is to use VivoSmart with TICKR X to monitor HR and manage workout data into Garmin Connect to watch daily activity as well as indoor/outdoor running, indoor cycling and indoor swimming data.

  27. Sam

    I really like the idea of the TICKR X but how accurate is it? Also, how do the running analytics actually make you faster? I recall seeing a graph in an earlier review that showed smoothness vs pace/time but if i am running a smooth 7/min pace vs a not so smooth 6 min pace the 6 min pace is still going to get to the finish line first. Maybe we will see more out of this once it is a common thing and there is lots of data to analyze.

  28. Alex

    Can I use the Tickr X to monitor my heart rate all day long not just during sports?

    • Tim

      Sure, why not?

      I think they claim a 16 hour memory so far w/ just HR data, so you’d need to either constantly record it with a phone (or other device… Garmin?) or expect to pull the HR data off of the device within 16 hours to prevent losing data.

  29. Ernest

    How well does TICKR RUN / X replaces foot pod? I’ve found reviews saying that they are pretty off, and that’s holding me back from buying TICKR vs Scosche.

  30. Ralph

    I would also like to know if a Garmin FR70 would recognize the TickerX as an ANT+ foot pod for distance.

    • Not at this point, as the TICKRX isn’t transmitting cadence on the ANT+ channel, though, it’s something they’re looking at doing.

    • Hank

      What if I upload this metrics into Garmin Connect? Can I see all metrics in Garmin Connect website? I am wondering if I can see all swimming data in Garmin Connect too once Wahoo updated firmware.

    • No, it won’t upload those metrics to Garmin Connect, nor will it upload any swim data to Garmin Connect (first, because it doesn’t record swim data yet, and second because it’s not likely to be compatible as Garmin closes that off a bit).

    • Hank

      Hi Ray, so can I use TP or Endmundo like 3rd Party apps or website to manage running metrics as well as swimming metrics (once firmware updated)? It seems only Wahoo Fitness app handles these data (cadence or ground contact time etc). In other words, if I want to manage only simple data like maps and distance/calories for running and swimming, would it be okay with Garmin or other 3rd party apps?

    • No, at this point no 3rd party sites that I’m aware of support the metrics. Well, cadence would be supported on export actually, but not GCT or VO.

  31. Tim

    My TICKR X seems to act a bit funny… trying to work through it with support right now (they’ve been ok, not real responsive, but offering to exchange the unit).

    In general it seems like the BT connection is only made some of the time. If I put the unit on and it starts recording an “offline” session, it often doesn’t connect fully to the Wahoo App, thus doesn’t log any HR, Smoothness/Cadence (running) or Cadence (indoor cycling).

    I’ve also seen it record HR while running, but no running dynamics. My hunch here was somehow it wasn’t told what sport mode it was in. Hard to say there though…

    I’ll keep an eye on it, maybe the suggested exchange is a good idea, but some of the time it works fine, and it almost always works fine in ANT+ mode. The issue really feels more like a firmware or App problem.

  32. Mark

    Ray have just bought a tickr and can’t really find a definitive yes or no if I will wreck it if I swim with it. Not bothered about it collecting data just want to use it for triathlon. Don’t want to have to put it on in transition. As the tickr x is not out in the uk I don’t have another option yet.

  33. Tom Fort

    How are the metrics recording by the TickrX/Wahoo Fitness app different from Garmin’s running metrics? Does the TickrX measure and the Wahoo Fitness app show/record ground contact time and vertical oscillation?

    Any word if the TickrX/Wahoo Fitness combination will be able to send those metrics to a Magellan Echo?

  34. Brandon

    Ray, ease update this article to say there is zero functional support for the Tickr X on Android other than a plain old hr strap.

    Absolute disappointment. Before they start working on adding apple functionality, how about keeping both the Android and Apple apps at parity. Don’t even advertise this as any more the a dumb hr strap for Android. I kind of want my money back. Can load offline history, no burn or burst plans, or running dynamics. To footnote it in the body of the text on the Wahoo site is bs. I should have just bought my wife a 620 since it appears the Android app will be steps behind.


    • Have you contacted support to see what the timeline is for the Android update?

    • Brandon

      Yep, no plans, so I think it’s worth pointing out all this great functionality is apple only. I think that is pretty important information seeing how it is advertise as both, but reality it’s not. I also question how much support the Android app will really get in general. It’s not like the x just popped up out of nowhere. It was in the works all year.

    • Wahoo Murray

      Hi Brandon,

      We defiantly have lots of plans for TICKR X on Android. Our first update will include support for running dynamics (smoothness etc) and then we will be moving onto support for offline workout downloads.

      In a perfect world it would be great if we could release features on both platforms at the same time, but like many other companies when you have limited resources this can’t always be the case. Android was very late to the party when it comes to BTLE and we still are playing catchup but we have a dedicate team working on the platform.

      If you are not happy with the product and believe you have been misled, get in contact with our support, they are going to be more than happy to help you out.

      Do you have a ticket number I could review?

  35. Benjamin M.

    Until Ray published an in depth review (which I’m impatient to read), I’ve found some here :
    link to jarredscycling.com
    link to arijaycomet.com

    Side question, does the Wahoo fitness app can export the plots for the running smoothness (ground contact, cadence, oscillation, etc.)? Better yet, can it export them to Garmin Connect as theoretically they are similar to the running dynamics (knowing data conversion may be needed)?


  36. Troy


    Any update on when the ” in depth ” review will be done and posted?
    Thank You

  37. William


    I’ve now done 5 lap swimming workouts with my TICKR X.

    While I can use the memory to record a workout including the double tap to track my laps. Unfortunately, I can not get the HR tracking ever to work! It seems if I stand up out of the pool it might catch my HR for a second but once I start swimming again it flat-lines my HR at the last recorded effort. It’s a bit frustrating because there is so much potential!

    Have you been able to record HR while swimming?

    I’m leaning towards trying the Garmin 920 now.

    Thanks for your opinion!

    • tfk

      In the summer I wear a tickr-x under my wetsuit….perfect HR track every time.
      In the pool it’s not so great as it moves a bit and you look a bit stupid, But if it’s tight enough it will work. It records INTO the tickr-x and you then upload it to the app. It won’t upload to your wrist watch.

  38. kris johnson

    Just a tidbit, for anyone having problems with Tickr-x an Wahoo Fitness app. The app found the HRM with no problem, but when I went to open a workout it would not show any HR. Contacted Wahoo, they suggested a few things that I had tried. I luckily sent them a few screen shots (along with my order#) to see if they could figure out anything. I had a few Garmin HR ant+ sensors in the app, they suggested removing them an trying, an behold the HR is working in the app. So I removed the Tickr-x an added my Polar BT HR which I had the same problems with, an that works. So, I’m guessing their app can only handle ant+ HR, or BT HR not both at the same time.

  39. CC

    Hi there,
    I just bought one TICKR X, I can not see the speed or distance during or after a cycle workout. (I can see it for running)
    How to set this so I can see it?
    Below “Settings/Cycling/Data Sources/SPEED+DISTANCE” I can only chose GPS, is that correct?
    Because for Below “Settings/Running/Data Sources/SPEED+DISTANCE” I can even chose TICKR X to be able to see speed and distance during/after running.

    Thanks in advance and have a good day.

    // CC

    • Tim

      The TICKR X uses motion sensing to estimate speed and distance while running, but not while cycling.

      In cycling mode all you would have is Heart Rate, plus an estimated cadence if you are in Indoor Cycling mode (again from motion analytics).

  40. Larry

    My Tickr x should arrive tomorrow. The question is what for £80 (128$) does it offer that I don’t already have. That answer is simple. Less ..!! It would have been convenient to have Blue Tooth Heart Rate and Cadence and Power all on my iPad controlling my TrainerRoad Wahoo Kickr indoor sessions, as I had been led to expect, but apparently not. Maybe I should have waited a bit longer and asked a few more questions. As for the future it really is a ‘Pig in a Poke’ and I can’t get myself excited about the much heralded tapping and lapping and HR recording. My Garmin 500 can do that quite adequately without being told every five minutes, thank you. So I will think a bit more but probably send it back.

  41. Leigh

    I’ve ordered a Tickr X, does anyone know if there’s technical specs available? I intend to use it for monitoring my HR during Freediving (pool laps underwater) and drops below 30bpm after a lap or two.


  42. Kayla

    Really looking forward to the in-depth, but in the meantime as i understand it the TickrX can record HR during a swim work out. I was playing around yesterday with this and while it recorded the duration of the activity, it dint capture HR data for the work out (just until I got off deck and in water and then when I got out of the pool for a few minutes before I took the HRM off. Any ideas or suggestions on what I did wrong or how you have recorded swim workouts?

    • Leigh

      HI Kayla, having similar issues. I’ve found if I turn bluetooth off on my phone before putting it on I have better luck. Although I find it tough to keep it on during a swim, when you push off it catches the water and falls down. Also recorded a very flat hear rate for the whole swim which seems odd given I was doing sprints.

    • tfk

      it caches the data in the HRM and then ONLY uploads to the WAHOO app.

  43. Arn

    My profile: Avid cyclist, living in Boulder. Use my Garmin 510 for riding, but run more than ride in the winter. Wanted to use my Nexus 5 Android phone for running (good gps accuracy) but get some of the more sophisticated running features of a higher end Garmin watch (ie running dynamics, not intervals)

    I thought that the Tickr X/Run would be a good solution for me, and it still might be, but there are a number of things that stop this from being a great solution, for now, on Android. The only app that supports the running metrics from the strap is the Wahoo Fitness app. Wahoo has released an Android version of the app, but the support it has for the running metrics is is too limited for me, at least for now.

    You can see “running smoothness” and stride rate on the screen (if you look at the screen while running) but other metrics – vertical oscillation, ground contact time, etc. is only presented as a summary statistic at the end and there is no way to export this information from the app so you can drill down on the data later.

    Now then, I don’t really care so much about the drill down/export because an even better solution is a real time way to get the data anyway – so that I could try to adjust my running and get real time feedback on how I was doing. So, I thought that perhaps a Magellan Echo would work for this. The Android app supports the Echo but unfortunately doesn’t allow configuration of any of the running metrics to the Echo (this does work on the iPhone app as I tried it on my iPad but for some strange reason don’t want to run outside with the iPad ;-). BTW, the Echo is a cool idea and works fine on a Nexus 5 – but the only Android app that has meaningful Echo support right now is Wahoo.

    I’ve passed this feedback on to the Wahoo folks – and they’ve been reasonably responsive to bug reports/feature requests but it isn’t clear when the Android app will actually gain the functionality of the iPhone app. It feels like they are so close to a complete solution (Tickr Run/X, Echo, Wahoo app) that would be relatively inexpensive and fabulous on Android. It would have all of the “running dynamics” of the high end Garmins at a fraction of the price.

  44. Ben

    Being an Android user and having seen the latest announcement regarding the Android App update and Tickr series support, I finally decided to get Tickr X.
    I can get the HR, Cadence and Speed (although with questionable results) but the motion data (eg. smoothness) just won’t show. It doesn’t show as data type when pairing either.
    Anyone has the same issue? Is that expected?

    • Arn

      This works perfectly on my Nexus 5. Do you have the latest release? Do you have a screen configured to show the running dynamics data (configure in the workout screens for that activity)? Are you scrolled to that screen while running?

      I’ve only used my Tickr outside and it sounds like you may be on a treadmill. Not sure if that matters…

  45. Istvan

    Anybody knows if it’s can catch, and record R-R data?

    • tfk

      it can send RR to a watch. whether ot not it stores RR I’m not sure. It’s a moot point though as the wahoo app only exports tcx and that does not have rr in it

  46. David

    Do you have any new news on the possible Ant+ bridge? Thank you as always for your insightful reviews.

  47. Arn

    I don’t think I am speaking out of school here as there is a public Beta on Android. The latest Beta release of the Wahoo Fitness app addresses all of my concerns stated above. Went for a 9 mile run today and my setup (Nexus 5 w/Lollipop, Tickr X, Magellan Echo) worked fabulously. All of the “running dynamics” type metrics can now get displayed on a Magellan Echo and many metrics are now available via voice. This allows you to run with the phone in your pocket, yet still displays all of the metrics you could ever want on a cheap watch. When I bought the watch, they were about $72 on Amazon – I see they are now a little over $90. Wahoo Fitness is the only Android App that has all of this support but I’m hopeful that with WF opening their API as Ray stated in another thread, other apps will also add some of the Tickr Run support natively.

    I know that iPhone users have had a reasonable solution for some time (both from Wahoo Fitness and iSmoothRun – which my wife uses on her phone). But Android was really lacking. Latest Beta makes me think that prosperity is right around the corner!

  48. MH

    That is great news, I was waiting to buy the Tickr X once Android support was available!
    Does the Android beta app support downloading the memory of the Tickr X after a (swim) session?
    And does it deliver raw R-R interval data or is it sampled per second/5 seconds?

  49. Arn

    I’ve not used the offline syncing mode on Android. I’ve tried it before on my iPad and it works fine on that platform.

    Doing a brief test of it on the latest Android Beta this morning and it is definitely syncing workouts but it doesn’t have the editing/visualization ability you have on the iPad. I’ve also never swam with the Tickr X so I don’t know how well it works in that situation.

    As for recording, I couldn’t tell you what the underlying mechanism is R-R vs. samples and what frequency.

  50. Luis

    Does Wahoo TICKR works well with suunto ambit2? And does it works in simultaneosly wtih iphone 5s?

    • J Bautista

      Hi DC Rainmaker, just wanna ask…How well does the Tickr X work with the Ambit2? This is my current watch, still works and no reason to replace it, but would like to upgrade my HR strap. Will I still get proper speed readings when I’m on the bike or while I’m running? Or will the Tickr X interfere and spit out 0-speed readings?

  51. Arn

    I don’t know what protocol the Ambit 2 listens to. I can tell you that I can simultaneously use the Tickr X with my Android phone (bluetooth low energy) and my Garmin 510 (ANT+). I don’t think you can do two bluetooth connections simultaneously. So, if the Ambit 2 is ANT+, then you should be able to do the iPhone 5s (bluetooth) and Ambit 2 (ANT+)

    • colin

      My first post. Regarding the connection to multiple Bluetooth devices: I have an iphone 5 and it connected simultaneously to the Tickr X and headphones, both Bluetooth.

      I just bought my Tickr X. Reading this site and (other) comments, there’s a lot of support for the Wahoo devices and many questions – many recurring such as how to calibrate, working reliably when swimming, what does the ‘smooth running’ mean etc. As a new user, I’ve found it difficult to find simple instructions. So come on Wahoo – I know that it might distract from development, but a regularly updated and well signposted user guide would be great. It could easily be posted on utube.
      Thanks Colin

  52. Johan

    Anyone that knows how to define vibration cues? E.g vibration when going below/above a specific pace or HR?

  53. Runner

    Does W TICKR RUN and a iPhone app display realtime cadence, stride, ground contact time ?

  54. Tony

    Have been getting drop outs with the tickr x, anyone else had this happen (connected to iPhone )

  55. Michael

    Drop-outs are less frequent since a recent firmware update, but still see them once in a while (iPhone)

  56. Jonny Daly

    Solution for home user field sports?

    Hi Ray – I spotted this review when searching for a device that would give me HR / distance data, without the need of a watch unit.

    In a nutshell I’m a field hockey athlete and I’m looking to be able to record, but no need to view while playing:

    * HR Data
    * Calories
    * Distance
    * Speed if possible

    To breakdown my workrate post match. I’ve tried running around with my 610 in my pocket but its living a charmed life and I’d rather just have the HR strap on!

    Can you think of any other devices, perhaps demoed at CES2015, that give me the above, perhaps even with GPS!, or is the Ticker X going to be the best solution for those requirements currently?

    Anyone else feel free to chime in as well! Thanks

  57. Jerry Hicks

    Have you tested the cadence feature for indoor cycling yet? I lead indoor cycling classes and am looking for something that measures cadence, is easy to install/remove, and is ANT+ AND Bluetooth capable so that I can use it indoors and outdoors.

  58. Mark

    Wondering whether the Tickr unit fits onto the Polar soft strap? (which I find really comfortable compared to my Garmin strap)

  59. CT


    Android owner here close to hitting the button on a Tickr X.

    Can I get speed cadence data indoors and outdoors ?

    Will I be able to view/export running metrics ?

    Is the the Android app now complete ?

    thanks in advance


    • Ben

      Hello CT,
      Pace/Cadence is available for both outdoor and indoor.
      You can export your workout to various thirdparty (Garmin Connect, Starve, MapMyFitness, etc.) but also export in several format to wherever you want.
      Currently testing a beta version 1.5 which is very promising and will be closing the gap with the iOS app (ie Graphs). I’ve been a TICKR X user for the past 3 month and a lot of improvement and polishing had been added to the Android. The dev team is great and very responsive. More details here : link to plus.google.com
      In my opinion, your safe to hit that button :-)

  60. Ross Weller

    Hi Rainmaker,
    I was wondering if you ever got around to testing the TICKR X indoor cycling cadence feature? Any idea how it compares to your “gold standard” cadence sensing (whatever that is)? I see in prior comments that “Arn” and “Jorge” are pleased with the readings but wonder if you (or anyone else here) has any input


    -I only need to monitor cadence on the trainer (I only ride/race mountain and cyclocross, so cadence outdoors doesn’t matter to me)
    -I’d like to see cadence and HR on one display in a large font and then upload to TrainingPeaks. The Wahoo app on my iPhone would allow me to do both
    -I could buy the RPM unit and a Bluetooth HR strap but it would be cheaper to just by the TICKR X. Also, I would prefer not to attach anything to the bike- I use my cyclocross bike on the trainer and it gets pressure washed after races

  61. Robert Flowers

    Any update on ant+ bridge to use a garmin foot pod for accurate distance and cadence on treadmill workouts that you can upload to Strava?

  62. xun

    It seems that the R-R data is only working through bluetooth. On Ant+ it’s showing correctly, at least on my unit. Here is a screenshot from my testing using both Ant+ & bluetooth on my Note 3. Contacting Wahoo to see what the issue could be…
    link to dropbox.com

    • tfk

      yes I think there is a bug along these lines. whether or not now fixed I don’t know. BLE/BTLE is fine for RR – I use it daily. I have used with ANT+ but not in anger…a RR signal was received but I never checked if it was a proper rr signal…someone else told me it wasn’t.

  63. Ivan

    Does anyone knows if problem with overwriting GPS data when using tickr x with polar v800 is solved? Thanks…

  64. Westin

    Is this really true because I only see heart rate data/workout duration/calories when I run the TICKR X in offline mode???

    ” – Memory storage for up to 16 hours of workouts – so no phone or watch required while running to record distance/pace/HR and other running smoothness metrics

    For most people, it’s the top one that’s the biggie. The ability to record that data while only having to wear a heart rate strap. No phone, no watch, nothing else. Just the strap. “

  65. Alex

    Wahoo TICKR X works in the water?

    • Ralph Kuhn

      Yes it does! I had it paired to a TomTom Multisport and used if fine while swimmingBiggest problem with any chest strap is keeping it around your chest going into the turns.I have yet to swim since getting my Garmin Vivoactive.

  66. Pieter

    Does the Wahoo TICKR X heart rate strap work with Polar products?

    Polar Beat and V650 cycling computer specifically, or should I buy a Polar H7 replacement?

    My current H7 heart rate monitor just stopped working after approximately a year. Change batteries, tried a different strap. Placed the unit on my wife’s strap.

    PS. Her monitor transmits on all straps tested and changed batteries between units to eliminate possible flat battery…

  67. MaverickNH

    The blue LED on my Tickr X keeps flashing ven though not attached to the strap and app closed. I assume it’ll chew up the battery sooner or later – how to make it stop?

  68. Peter

    I’ve issues with tickr x and polar v800. While it finds heart rate during activities such as running etc it doesn’t detect hart rate for the polar tests (orthostatic, fitness rest). What’s the reason for this?