A May Day Giveaway


While meticulously lining up the above action cameras for some underwater tests this week I realized that somehow I missed April on the giveaway plan.  I’ll blame the stingray for that, as clearly there’s no other explanation.  But don’t worry, I won’t forget June…after all, we all know what happens in June!  And with a massive ton of hot new gadgets on the market, I promise it’ll be EPIC!

And while it’s not technically May Day anymore, it is a day in May, thus one could technically still call this a May Day Giveaway (and I am).  But no matter what I call it – it’s still a giveaway, and that’s what counts!

So in order to get folks all spring’d up, it’s time to give some stuff away!  In this case, that’d be a $400 credit to Clever Training.  Which, is enough to cover any of the action cams above (including the GoPro that I took the photo with) – or, any other gadget they sell, like a new Garmin, Suunto or Polar unit.  Or you can use the credit towards a trainer or power meter.  Your choice.

To enter yourself in, simply leave a comment below with the following:

To Enter: Tell me your next planned race (location/rough date) and the goal for the race.  If you don’t have any planned races this year, then let’s go with the last race you competed and how it went.

Got it?  Go forth!

Entries will be accepted through Monday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (May 12th, 2014).  I’ll be you giving one device worth up to $400US from Clever Training.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday, depending on how sunburned I get at the beach on Monday.  One entry per person.  The winner can decide on which device after they win.  For devices/gadgets/gizmos over $400, the winner can pay the difference.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I’ve got a great partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10BTF or now via the VIP program.  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail (now closed).   No Easter bunnies allowed via this method. Mmmkay?  Thanks all!



  1. chad williamson

    last race was kemah tri – i beat my buddy but overall was demoralized by the high seas!

  2. Adam

    Ran the unplugged half marathon in VT in two hours flat.

  3. Andreas

    400km Brevet on Saturday

  4. Mary

    Esprit de She women’s tri in Naperville, Illinois on June 8th. My goal is to have fun. And a top 10% age group finish would be nice too!

  5. Paweł Waszczyński

    My second 70.3 Event: Susz, Poland, 5 May 2014! I wish I beat my PB: 5h20min

  6. Dan Contant

    run to end MS. 39:20 10K

  7. CharlieO

    I run one of the 5km parkruns in southwest London most weekends. Ok, technically it’s a timed run rather than a race. But you’re racing against yourself… and those around you …

  8. Gabriel Mejias

    Marine Corp Marathon 2014….aiming to break my 3:57 PR

  9. David

    Abersoch, Wales, UK. One of my wife’s favourite places in the world. 3 weeks time. It’s a 10k race we are both training for and I hope to beat 50mins or my previous 51:37. It’s not a flat course, with the final stretch along the beach.

  10. Andy Wulff

    Local sprint in 1:20 in July. Gonna be a hot one.

  11. TheSquid

    Cincinnati Triathlon in June. Goal is sub two hours.

  12. Doug Rawson

    Calgary Marathon, 1/2 Marathon Goal Time – 1:55 – First attempt at a half marathon.

    Calgary, AB Canada

  13. Łukasz Chlebda

    My first 70.3 event: Herbalife Triathlon Gdynia 10th of August – I wish to complete in at least 5:20h.

  14. twoxj

    First race of the year is a Sprint distance in two weeks. Goal is to beat last year’s time!!

  15. Calvin

    Going for an aquathlon in Hong Kong during June. A short race, target to finish by 50mins.

  16. sisspc

    To celebrate my 50th birthday, my next race will be the Walt Disney World Marathon. My goal is to complete it in less than 4 hours.

  17. Amin

    my last race was 2 years ago. i ran 7 km for a marathon.

  18. David

    Next race will be a half marathon in Rhode Island on June 12. My goal is to come in under 2 hours.

  19. TJWood

    My next race is a sprint in Pflugerville Texas on June 15. No particular goals for this.

  20. Jessa Vatcher

    Vätternrundan, 300 km, July 13th/14th. Road ride around a big lake in southern Sweden (with drafting). Starting in the dark!

    Goal? Survive? Sub 10 if my Swedish is good enough to make pack friends. 🙂

    Luleå, Sweden (waaaaay north)

  21. Robyn

    Triathlon scheduled for August! Goal is to get a new PR on the bike!

  22. RQE

    Monday Night race series, would like to finish in the top half.

  23. drakesky

    My next planned race is the color run in Dortmund (Germany) on June 22nd. Yes, I know that it’s not a very competitive event, but it is actually my first race ever so I’m very excited about it! My plan is simply to have a nice and funny day 🙂

  24. Kathrine

    My next race is Covered Bridges Half Marathon in VT and my goal is to not start too fast.

  25. Tom

    El Tour de Tucson. 104 miles ride this year. Want sub 6.

  26. Chris

    I’m doing my first tri (partially inspired by you!) in four weeks, the Hyannis Sprint 1 on Cape Cod.

    My goal? Survive!

  27. Guillermo

    Ughhh… I have the Garrett county grand fondo which has more vertical than anything I have ever imagined. My goal here is to finish kinda alive at least. We shall see how that goes.


  28. S Singh

    Later this year I hope to attempt my second ever triathlon; the half Iron distance event at the Hyderabad Triathlon, on the 12th of October.

    I’m a pretty confident swimmer and cyclist but am completely new to running (The 10k run in the Goa Triathlon this year was my longest ever run by far) so, the goal will be to run the entire 21k leg and finish within 5h30m.

    If I’m way off I will come back to this comment and laugh at myself 🙁

  29. Eric Lofgren

    My next race is my first race! Niles (Michigan) Pregnancy Care Center Super Hero 5k on June 14. Running with my pastor. Goal is to finish! I did “Couch-to-5k” starting in February and I’m on track for a roughly 35 minute 5k.

  30. Tom

    Next officially planned is Princeton Half Iron in September. Goal: 5.5 hours. Though I’m sure I’ll do a warm up or two earlier in the summer.

  31. Duncan

    Looking forward to the Franklin Half Marathon – this is only my second half after the Nashville half a couple weeks ago. I did that in 1:55:10, so my goal is to beat that, despite the inevitable increase in temperature and humidity. BTW, you’re the reason I have a Garmin FR620 to keep me company on my runs… 😉

  32. Benoit

    Demi Marathon des Pompiers de Shawinigan (Firefighters Half Marathon), 2014-06-08
    My goal : 1:48:00

  33. Sunrise 8k, South Carolina, 14 June with 6:16AM start. Assuming I’m awake at the gun, the goal is 35 min or better!

  34. Luke J

    5k run in Warsaw, Poland on 15.06.2014. We’ll see what time I Can achieve after some serious injury. Hoping to get at least 23.5

  35. Michael

    Next race is Rev3 Oly in Williamsburg, VA on June 15th.

    I’ve lost almost 40 pounds this year and am hoping the loss, along with a more aggressive training program will net me my first top 10 age group finish.

  36. Arnaud M.

    Escape from Alcatraz on June 1st. I am recovering from a back injury so my goal is to finish it!

  37. Elizabeth

    The Harpoon 5 Miler this Sunday. Hopefully under 36 minutes.

  38. Maryanne

    The Appleman sprint tri in July. Getting back in the open water after a couple of years.

  39. Darren

    Calgary 50k. Try for 4:30.

  40. Pat

    Sound To Narrows Tacoma, WA. Under 60 minutes.

  41. jazy

    Jungle Run 10k, less than 45min.

  42. Faith

    Susan G Komen 5k 6/14. Training with Fleet Feet’s No boundaries program. My goal is to try for a sub 40 5k.

  43. Remko

    my big event for this year is the Tour Transalp and really looking forward to it.

  44. Peter Wellsman

    Next race is a big one – Ironman Canada – goal finish sub 12hrs – will be my first Ironman starting late in life @ 56

  45. Jason

    Next race is Liberty HIM June 7th. As it’ll be my first event of that length, my goal will be just to finish.

  46. Julie Lalancette

    august 24th 5k in less than 30 at the quebec city marathon weekend

  47. Fernanda Monegalha

    Last sunday I run my first race (4km)!

  48. Christina Jones

    My next race is the Army 10-miler in early October. My goal is to run the entire time.

  49. Susan Brown

    My first race is ITU Sprint on June 29th in Chi-Town … goal time: 1:45

  50. Amy D

    Chester Marathon in October hoping for 3hr35!

  51. Meaghan Kennedy

    Next race is a little charity 5k with a good portion of my family and my uncle will be pushing my cousin who we are running the race for (he has epilepsy). I’m hoping to have fun and hopefully get a PR at the same time!

  52. Rebekah

    I’m coming back from over a year off due to a misdiagnosed stress fracture, so my first goal is to run pain free! My next goal is London marathon 2015, no time goals yet.

  53. Steven

    Door County, WI 70.3 in late July! Goal is sub 6hrs and no flat tire.

  54. Mark

    Nothing planned for the near future but most recent race was Mississauga 1/2 Marathon – came in about 2 minutes under my goal time.

  55. Greg S

    Next race will be my first. Leon’s Olympic in Hammond, Indiana. I’ll be trying to break 2:30, but happy if I just make it out of the water without being frozen.

  56. Linn Marie

    My next race is the 14th of June, Birkebeinerløpet in Norway. It will be my second half marathon and I’m training hard towards finishing in sub 2 hours.

  57. Michael

    Grossglockner Mountain Race in Austria in July, 12.7k and an ascent of 1494m

  58. Spence Bridges

    River Citiea Tri Aug in Shreveport. Always a great time.

  59. Michael

    Next planned race isn’t until a 10 miler in October, but looking for additional races between now and then. Goal is to take at least 10 minutes off my PR for the distance.

  60. Daryl Klassen

    Wine Country Sprint Triathalon in Oliver BC, Canada in 1:14

  61. Andrew

    Quassy half ironman June 2015.

  62. G. Michael Bridge

    Just did Tough Mudder Chicago this weekend. 10.4 miles. had trouble with glory blades & berlin walls (need boosts on both to make it over), skipped ‘walk the plank’ — did not feel confident with my swimming ability at that point of the course. finished in something less than 3 hours, ran most of it, walked some, waiting in lines for obstacles, and hung around & helped other people on some of obstacles (especially human pyramid).

  63. Tosin Akinmusuru

    Brooklyn half marathon on Saturday, May 17. Goal is to get my wife and sister-in-law to the finish around 2:30.

  64. Damien

    Double race… Off-road tri on the saturday, standard road one on the sunday, starting from the same location, and organised by the same friendly peeps, in the Scottish Borders area…

  65. Patrick Reilly

    2013 NYC Triathlon – Went great until the run. I love swims with a current. And who knew Central Park had so many hills.

  66. Lucas

    I’ll be doing the Waterford Hills Summer Race Series on June 4, aiming to test my race fitness after a busy month with no races.

  67. Nick Toth

    My next race is the Zoo Run (5K) at the Birmingham Zoo in Alabama on 5/17. Shooting for a time of 25:00

  68. Blake Sills

    Next race is Ironman Texas this Saturday! Goal is 11 hrs.

  69. Lauren Sapega

    Finishing the Brooklyn Half marathon May 17 without having a stitch.

  70. klonnolk

    Poland – Kołobrzeg, 20.06.2014 – triathlon on distance 1/4 IM – first tri-race. All I want is to finish in limit.

  71. Ryan Castile

    I am training with my buddy John C and my next race will also be my first race! We are planning on running a half marathon in October. Thanks for all the useful reviews, they have really helped with buying a Running watch. Take Care.

  72. Ramiro Rodriguez

    Next race is Raleigh 70.3 in June 1. I hope to not die, I heard the run was brutal.

  73. Herbert Grasberger

    Nothing planned for this year. Last years’ 10k went well, did it in 56 minutes, under my planned hour for it.

  74. Pete Blair

    I have double race weekend May 17th/18th. My goals for these races is to complete them and go for the win, even if it knocks me off the podium, so I have to find my spot in each race and make an attack to go for the win.

    Meadow Farms Circuit Race May 17th
    Richmond Road Race May 18th

    Both races are in just north of Richmond Virginia. These will also be my last two Cat 5 races I need for my upgrade to Cat 4.

  75. Evgeniy

    Will run 5 km New Balance Moscow run at 24th of May for Down syndrome kids support. Will not run even that event if doctor will admit I have viral myocarditis.

  76. Juan Victoria

    Horrible Hilly Hundred – June 14th
    – Finish with style!!!

  77. FrankRi79

    My next run is from home to work!!! 🙂

  78. JWalker

    13.1 this fall, and I hope to finish 1:45 or less.

  79. Balu

    My last race was two weeks ago, called neusiedlersee radmarathon in Austria! I did pretty well for the first race this year! Let’s see how the season is going to be!

  80. Etienne M.

    Wilmington Whiteface 100K, on June 22nd in Wilmington, NY. My first time at that distance, just want to see the finish line!

  81. anybody

    Last race was just a 10k run ruining my foot. 🙁

  82. Lasse Sørensen

    Copenhagen marathon 18th of May 2014
    I would love a sub 3.20 🙂

  83. Joseph McLeod

    Raleigh 70.3!

  84. Nina

    I have my first tri since I had my daughter in January on July 13th in Clarklake, Michigan. My goal is just to finish is a respectable time for having a baby recently.

  85. Taylor Shiver

    Starting this season with the Crystal River Tri in Crystal River, FL. Goal is 1:15

  86. Martin Alsparr

    My next race will be “Vätternrundan” in Motala, Sweden, on june the 13th. It’s a 300km bicycle race around Lake Vättern with approximately 15000 riders. This year my goal is to finish under 10hrs. Not superfast, I know, but it’s challenging enough for me 🙂

  87. Erwin

    Last race was a 1/2 marathon. Need to sign up for a new one but moving across country first.

  88. Christine

    Next race is this weekend, the Capitola Half Marathon in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA!

    (… which is to be followed by three marathons — San Francisco in July, NYC in November, and the CIM in December. I’m turning 30 this year, and these are my goals –and presents!– to myself!)

  89. EvE

    Last race has been a while ago 10K running. Need to start running again!

  90. Christopher Smith

    Racing Memphis in May Olympic on 5/18. It will be my first race this season, as well as my first Olympic distance (only completed a sprint race last year / 1st season). Hoping to finish it in a reasonable time, but my run is still super slow, so I’ll be happy just to run the entirety of it with no walking breaks after doing the bike and swim.

  91. Lezlie

    My next race is May 18, 2014. I’m doing my very first Olympic distance triathlon. My goal is to finish in less than 3 hours!

  92. Steve

    I’m racing TriRock Philadelphia on June 22nd – I’d love to break 2:45 in the Olympic.

  93. Jonathan Hair

    My next race is in two weeks for our cycling clubs Tuesday Night Time Trial. Its a 7 mile TT. I hope to break 17 minutes.

  94. Rossltmoss

    Just completed the Keswick to Barrow 42 miles race through the Lake district. 9hrs 57mins so beat my goal of 10hrs

  95. kristof

    As some others have already mentioned, next Sunday, Brussels 20km.
    Realistic target time: 1.35; hoping to get under 1.30 though 😉

  96. I’m racing Indian Creek Triathlon June 8th in Alexandria Louisiana. It’s a sprint so I’m hoping to finish in 2 hours!

  97. Eric

    Next race is the Cascade Lakes Relay in OR. It’s a team relay race so my goal is to average 7:00/mile or under for my legs.

  98. Attila

    22/06/14 Run Hackney half marathon

  99. tim

    next race will be the 20th annual Pigeon Lake Road Race based out of Mulhurst Bay, Alberta, Canada.

    goal/plan is to a) not do a pointless suicide attack wherein I burn all my matches, b) not cramp up, c) push the pace to cause a split, d) finish

  100. Graham Dunn

    Going to TripleT again in ohio this year (3rd time!)… hoping to break 12:30 total.