A May Day Giveaway


While meticulously lining up the above action cameras for some underwater tests this week I realized that somehow I missed April on the giveaway plan.  I’ll blame the stingray for that, as clearly there’s no other explanation.  But don’t worry, I won’t forget June…after all, we all know what happens in June!  And with a massive ton of hot new gadgets on the market, I promise it’ll be EPIC!

And while it’s not technically May Day anymore, it is a day in May, thus one could technically still call this a May Day Giveaway (and I am).  But no matter what I call it – it’s still a giveaway, and that’s what counts!

So in order to get folks all spring’d up, it’s time to give some stuff away!  In this case, that’d be a $400 credit to Clever Training.  Which, is enough to cover any of the action cams above (including the GoPro that I took the photo with) – or, any other gadget they sell, like a new Garmin, Suunto or Polar unit.  Or you can use the credit towards a trainer or power meter.  Your choice.

To enter yourself in, simply leave a comment below with the following:

To Enter: Tell me your next planned race (location/rough date) and the goal for the race.  If you don’t have any planned races this year, then let’s go with the last race you competed and how it went.

Got it?  Go forth!

Entries will be accepted through Monday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (May 12th, 2014).  I’ll be you giving one device worth up to $400US from Clever Training.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday, depending on how sunburned I get at the beach on Monday.  One entry per person.  The winner can decide on which device after they win.  For devices/gadgets/gizmos over $400, the winner can pay the difference.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I’ve got a great partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10BTF or now via the VIP program.  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail (now closed).   No Easter bunnies allowed via this method. Mmmkay?  Thanks all!


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  1. Markus

    “Race” sponsored by work next month. Goal is to avoid being closer to first than last!!!

  2. Aaron Skutch

    American Triple -T. 3 days of races with a half ironman as final race on Sunday this weekend. Hoping to do first half in 6 hrs!

  3. Brian

    In the Los Angeles, CA area.
    Verdugo Mountain 10k Trail Run & Hike with my 7 year old son. Out and back with a 1735 ft elevation gain. We Hiked up and ran down in 90 minutes. It was farthest he had run and he was a trooper!!

  4. Brandon Umphrey

    Completed first Gran Fondo ride with 30+ mph winds. Goal to finish alive, guess what I’m alive so a great day.

  5. Finish top 5 in my AG in next Olympic tri (25th May)… Qualifiers for world c’ship 2015

  6. Craig T

    A 10k in two week with hope to go undert 45 minutes. It a local charity run with majority of the fees going to the cause.

  7. Aaron Q.

    Oceanside 70.3. Goal is to finish since this is the first attempt at this distance.

  8. Milan diPierro

    NJ Gran Fondo, Early Sept (106 miles, 9000 ft climbing). Just want to beat last year’s time of 6:30.

  9. Craig R

    Miles of Smiles century on July 26. Hopefully no 25+ mph headwind on the way in like last year.

  10. Matthijs

    First of all I plan to reach the bottom of this page faster next time. My race this year will be the Amsterdam Rotterdam triathlon. No clue on an estimated time because I never tried before and I’m recovering from a herniated disk. I’ll give it all though, hernias suck, but not being able to compete sucks even more

  11. Dennis

    Vineman 70.3 in July. Goal is to beat last year’s time of 5:21.

  12. Jón

    The amsterdam marathon in october is the only thing I have planned, sub 4 hopefully.

  13. Stefan

    Rev 3 Quassy end of May. Podium would be nice

  14. tim hacker

    12 hours at night mtb race, Prescott , Az. Finish as many 9 mile laps as possible.

  15. Susan

    My next race will be my first triathlon. Jeff & Brede’s Sprint Triathlon at the end of July. My goal is to finish and learn how a triathlon works in preparation for longer triathlons later this year.

  16. Jason

    Chelan Man Long Course. July 19th. Goal – To Finish!

  17. EthanT

    Still working a recovery from my back issue but hoping to get in shape for Bethany.

  18. Adrian Morgan

    Will be my first ironman – Melbourne 2015 – and goal is to finish!

  19. Jim Myers

    Kansas 70.3. Goal is 4:50

  20. Jim trout

    Kettle Moraine 100 mile trail run, Wisconsin. June 7, 2014. Goal: PR (17h34min). Thanks for a great we site!

  21. Ironman Kansa 70.3 in 4:50:xx

  22. David Boisoneau

    Shamrock Duathlon, Glastonbury CT, USA
    This Sunday 5/18
    1:30 is goal

  23. Tyler R

    Local 5k – looking to start a chain of races working down towards a PR this fall!

  24. Bem Jones-Bey

    I’m going to be doing Brazen Racing’s Dirty Dizen 12 hour race in Pinole, CA. My goal is to keep going for all 12 hours.

  25. kevin

    Ironman Arizona – under 11 hrs

  26. Geoff

    Ironman Wisconsin, September 2014 (sub 13:00:00)

  27. Heather

    Race: Ragnar Trail WV. Goal: to not fall on my face during the night run.

  28. Tim Clement

    TriRock Clearwater in November. Baby #2 on the way in July. Hopefully I can get back in it after a long hiatus.

  29. Jamie

    Challenge Penticton. Sub-12:00.

  30. Next race is the Doylestown 5k, on the 24th, in Doylestown PA. I’m not the fastest guy and I’m relatively new to running, so my goal is to beat my previous time. It would be nice to lock in a pace between 7:30 – 7:15 which I’m on track to accomplish given my race performance so far this year. But… hills! We’ll see 🙂

  31. Kimberly Powell

    Next race: Mach Tenn sprint on 6/7. Goal: to be faster than last year (this was my 3rd Tri ever, first last year, on a run up to Ironman Florida)

  32. Mike Bittner

    I’m doing my very first triathlon this summer. August 17th Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3! My goal is to go sub 7 hours! Let’s go!

  33. Ryan

    Next race is Western States 100… only goal is to finish alive.

  34. Garrett

    This Saturday, May 17, I plan on racing the Tracks SPF 5k in downtown Kingsport, Tennessee. My goal is to break 19 minutes.

  35. chris

    last race was Rock-n-Roll SF half. Fun race, but I was just there running with my buddy from college. Able to stop and enjoy the sights. Wish I had a better camera for that??

  36. Ponder

    Race: Space Coast Half, Nov 30th
    Goal: Survive

  37. Angus

    SMH Half this Sunday (18th May). Target will be sub 82.

  38. Gold Coast Marathon in July. Would love to crack 3 hours!

  39. Steve

    Looking to run the Eastern Divide Ultra 50k on June 22 in SW VA. My goal is to finish! This will be my second ultra.

  40. Peter Shellabarger

    Next race is this coming Sunday! Kansas City Triathlon, Olympic distance. It’s a B race for me, so hoping for somewhere around 3hrs, nothing too drastic.

  41. Sarah Galang

    Next race — I love the Tavern Triathlon in VA (last weekend of June) hopefully — as soon as my injury heals. Crossing my fingers.

  42. Dow Walker

    My last race was the Ragnar Relay from Miami to Key West. It went well but the heat got to me. The after party was great.

  43. Alexei Miller

    Brooklyn Half Marathon in New York, May 17th – hope to break 1:33!

  44. Pavel

    My next race is GranFondo Mont Tremblant in Quebec, its happening May 31!

    • Jeb

      Chicago ITU. Mainly hoping to finish with enough energy to take down a beer in the spectator tent.

  45. Rodney

    Just did the Kansas City Chiefs 5K this past Saturday pushing our 2 year old twins in the double jogging stroller. The race was untimed, but the finish was on the 50 yard line in Arrowhead Stadium!

  46. Scott

    Chicago Marathon (10/12/14), BQ

  47. Zachary Miller

    Grand Rapids Half Tri, June 7, 2014, 4:45:00

  48. Gpardo

    Potentially a 10k very soon

  49. Chris Jmio

    Just ran Bloomsday (12k in Spokane, WA) with my 13 year old Son (he beat me by a minute.) Looking to run the Kamloops, BC Half Marathon in July, or the BMO Half Marathon Kelowna, BC in Oct. The new gear would help me chase my goal of a sub 2 hr half.

  50. Lannon Rogers

    Elkhart Lake Tri, Elkhart Lake, WI. Goal of top 3 age group finish.

  51. D

    mountains to beach marathon, May 25th, 3:08 and a BQ

  52. Neil Cikins

    No racing. Just did the Houston MS 150. Great event.

  53. Jonathan

    Beach to battleship. 6 hours!

  54. Monty

    Ironman Lake Placid July 27 2014

  55. William Maher Perron

    i’m running the 1/2 marathon in ottawa, Canada on may 25. Goal: 1h50

  56. Miko Santos

    My next race is a 360° run around a volcano island this 24th of May. It will be here in the Philippines. My goal is to enjoy the race and the scenic surroundings.

  57. Devon

    Local sprint tri – Pittsford NY – with the goal being just to enjoy the race and the outdoors after a VERY long winter…

  58. Mark Allen

    Next (and first race of the season) is IM KS 70.3 in Lawrence, KS. My only goals are to beat last year’s time and avoid melting down on the run in the heat again.

  59. Greg Lyons

    Next race is 6hr Mtb Night Race near Austin in June. Goal is 8+ laps and avoid cratering in the heat.

  60. Katie Moeller

    Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth is my next planned race, and my goal is to BQ!

  61. terence

    Last race was the HK Triathlon last October where I did a sprint distance in 1:38. I’ll be doing the Olympic distance laster this year and aiming to go sub 3-hours

  62. David G

    Borders Sprint tri, Scotland. First of the season, praying for a calm, sunny day!!

  63. I plan on doing the Spartan Beast in New Hampshire in the fall, I have no idea what to expect, so my goal is just to finish.

  64. Adeel Ijaz

    Dallas Half Marathon Dec 14th.

  65. -hn

    Bluenose 10km this Sunday in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Pretty new to running so I am hoping to beat 1:10!

  66. Rob

    Hoping to do the Takaka Hill race this Sunday. 15k, 800m climb and about 90 minutes.

  67. My next race is a 5k this Saturday. It is a hilly course so I wasn’t keyed in on the race, but after seeing me in a marathon a few weeks ago, my 5 year old son insists he wants to race with me. My goal? Have fun. Finishing with him wouldn’t be a record, but definitely a personal best.

  68. Pang

    Sundown marathon.. First marathon hopefully a sub 4

  69. I’m racing in my first gravel century, the Almanzo 100 in Spring Valley, MN this Saturday, May 17th. 101 miles of gravel roads in the scenic Root River Valley with 7500 feet of climbing. I Hope to finish in under 8 hours.

  70. Brian Ballard

    Races? No races now that I’ve got 2 kids 2yrs and under. Perhaps the new IM 70.3 in Germany or Lake Tahoe in 2015.

  71. Past: Running only since 6 months, I finished the half marathon in Enschede, Netherlands in less than 2h

    Next: 6h-Race in Meppen, Germany, on 4Oct14, goal: >50km

  72. Frederico Soares Falcetta

    Track & Field in porto alegre, brasil! 10k in 48:00! My personal best!

  73. A Levario

    I plan to run the Woodrow Wilson Half-marathon on Oct 5, 2014. Goal time – 2:12

  74. TJ

    Just ran my second half marathon here in Paducah, KY. Hot and humid but finished strong. Hope to find another short race before summer temps hit.

  75. Brendan Pierce

    I plan to run the twin cities marathon in early October, about a week after my wife gives birth to our second daughter. I hope to finish under 4 hours and have my wife run the last five miles with me.

  76. Stan

    Downers grove 5 miler. June 2014.

  77. Ian

    Update: MTB race was less fun than I expected. 2 flat tires – patch kit = DNF + 5 mile hike. (Does that mean that flat tire = (DNF + 5 mile hike + patch kit)/2 ?)

  78. DJH

    Last race: my first cycling road race, the Wente Vinyards RR. Goal was to not crash, and not be last. Both were accomplished. Next race I’m registered for: my first half-marathon, the SF half (the first half). Goal: finish, being able to run the whole time.

  79. Geoff

    Next race is Storm the Fort sprint triathlon, near Lenoir City TN in June. Goal is simply to do a better job of not almost drowning during the swim! Bike and run should be a piece of cake after that!

  80. Pat

    Gatineau Grand Prix Medio Fondo, June 8, under 2 hours, let’s see…

  81. andrew

    Last race was at the Savannah Half-Marathon in November. Beat my goal time by 2 minutes!

  82. Bagatep

    DC lawyers have heart 10k

  83. Sadewo

    Will tackle the scenic Demi-marathon de Mont-Tremblant in Quebec in August — 10K to be exact and I’m aiming to finish under 60 minutes. This should be the last preparation race before (hopefully) running my first half-marathon in October.

  84. May 20th, 1st race in a 16 part weekly series. Looking to survive and have fun. Top 3 would be nice as well.

  85. Ben

    Doing the Death Ride (129 miles 15,000ft) in July, hoping to get all 5 peaks!

  86. Jean

    My first race of the season will be Grand Prix St-Raymond on May 25, and a hope to get in a solid breakaway!

  87. Happy Runner

    Rock Hall Tri. Basically a “C” race to learn from.

  88. Colin Skelly

    Next Race is the City to South 14 km – Brisbane Australia in June

  89. GrumpyITDude

    Just did the Mount Diablo time trial….. I was terrible.

  90. Kyle K

    NYC full 11/2 in 3:45

  91. Jon Valdez

    San Diego International Triathlon June 29

  92. Kevin V

    Chattanooga in September. Hope to best my previous best while taking in the scenery.