A May Day Giveaway


While meticulously lining up the above action cameras for some underwater tests this week I realized that somehow I missed April on the giveaway plan.  I’ll blame the stingray for that, as clearly there’s no other explanation.  But don’t worry, I won’t forget June…after all, we all know what happens in June!  And with a massive ton of hot new gadgets on the market, I promise it’ll be EPIC!

And while it’s not technically May Day anymore, it is a day in May, thus one could technically still call this a May Day Giveaway (and I am).  But no matter what I call it – it’s still a giveaway, and that’s what counts!

So in order to get folks all spring’d up, it’s time to give some stuff away!  In this case, that’d be a $400 credit to Clever Training.  Which, is enough to cover any of the action cams above (including the GoPro that I took the photo with) – or, any other gadget they sell, like a new Garmin, Suunto or Polar unit.  Or you can use the credit towards a trainer or power meter.  Your choice.

To enter yourself in, simply leave a comment below with the following:

To Enter: Tell me your next planned race (location/rough date) and the goal for the race.  If you don’t have any planned races this year, then let’s go with the last race you competed and how it went.

Got it?  Go forth!

Entries will be accepted through Monday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (May 12th, 2014).  I’ll be you giving one device worth up to $400US from Clever Training.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday, depending on how sunburned I get at the beach on Monday.  One entry per person.  The winner can decide on which device after they win.  For devices/gadgets/gizmos over $400, the winner can pay the difference.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I’ve got a great partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10BTF or now via the VIP program.  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail (now closed).   No Easter bunnies allowed via this method. Mmmkay?  Thanks all!



  1. Łukasz Jeglinski

    Ironman 70.3 Mallorca total time planned 4:45 h.

  2. Ben Lee

    My upcoming race is the Beijing International Triathlon. It would be a slightly different course than last year, but I hope to PR on this race.

  3. Jason M

    Vineman full in July. The goal is to dominate the race then head to Russian River for some Pliny.

  4. Alex Pull

    Next race will be Kiev Half marathon in september.

  5. Jason

    Next race is a sprint tri called the Tri-Shark Triathlon. My goal is to complete within 85 minutes. This will be my first open water tri!

  6. sassda

    santa cruz capitola marathon in pretty much one week.
    My first full! Goal? Survive it pretty much 😀

  7. Kyle Polich

    Duathlon this weekend. Kansas 70.3 June 8. Goal for the Duathlon is to podium. Goal for the half IM is to survive.

  8. My next planed race is the Banff, Alberta Half. I’m hoping for 1:40:00 – 1:45:00.

  9. Canan

    I’ll be doing my first 5k at a local race here in Istanbul, Turkey.

  10. Paul Oliver

    Playtri Festival (Irving, TX June 1st); Goal: Qualify for the Nationals AG Championship.

  11. Björn

    It’s always winter in Sweden

  12. Tim Seal

    My first 10k race on 1st June around Regents Park, London. Hoping to run under 45:00!

  13. Joelle

    As of now I’m registered for IM 70.3 Steelhead in August. I’m sure I’ll tackle a few shorter tri’s before that. My goal is to get to the start line healthy and finish. Last 70.3 I did was with a stress fracture. I hobbled the whole 13.1 miles. Wasn’t pretty, but I finished!

  14. Nick

    Next race Raleigh 70.3, targeting under 4:40.

    Last race was Wildflower! It was a memorable race, albeit not a PR, but then again Wildflower never is right?

  15. Carina R

    My next race is a half IM on June 15th in the English Cotswolds!

  16. Kasey

    The end of July, White River 50. This is my first 50 mile race and I’m hoping for a 10 hour finish.

  17. Kathleen

    Mother’s Day 5K pushing a stroller tomorrow!

  18. Ricardo Resende

    Last race was a 10k last sunday, i did it again in 45:23, can’t seem to get under 45!

  19. Steve R

    My next bicycle race is going to be on Sunday 11th on the Dutch dikes (+/- 100km) next to the Lek (The Netherlands) which are famous throughout the world because of the typical Dutch Windmills link to nl.wikipedia.org. My goal is again to keep up with my younger friends and this time also not to bump into any tourists suddenly crossing the streets 😉

  20. Chris

    NYC Gran Fondo on the 18th. Goal is to try and finish in <7 hours!

  21. Race tomorrow! 2nd sprint tri of the year, and I’m looking to try out some new gear (new bike + hydration) and maybe age group placement? I’m just hoping for no thunderstorms at this point, though.

  22. Tim

    Calgary 70.3 targeting under 5:45.

    Just completed Vancouver Marathon as my first marathon.

  23. Nic

    Ironman 70.3 Racine in July for me. It is my first iron-distance tri and I just hope to finish!

  24. Edu Callejo

    I have just finish my season,so I don’t have any planned competition…
    My last race, 2 weeks ago, was Madrid Marathon, and I finished it in 2h31m (my 2nd personal best)

  25. Vien

    My last “race” was the Spartan Race. Went pretty well, considering I decided to slow down and not cut my head on barbed wire this time. No blood = win!

  26. Patrick Robb

    Next race: Waterford Hills Road Race, May 21, racing Cat 1-2-3. Hoping for top-half of the pack finish.

  27. Brian

    Provo half in August. Trying for 1.45.

  28. Marc

    My next race is the Banff to Jasper Relay in June. My goal is simply to not be the weakest link on the team!

  29. Ole Pedersen

    I will only enter one race this year. It is called “The great test of strenght” (Den store styrkeprøven) and is 540 km from Trondheim to Oslo in Norway. Our goal is 15 hours total time.

  30. Gerard Colling

    Next race I have coming up is the Vermont City Marathon Rely with my brothers on May 25th. My leg is a 10k and my goal is 43:30.

  31. Colin

    Still figuring out the next race on the schedule. My last race was a half marathon about 2 months ago where my goal was to go under 1:30 and I was able to meet that. Felt good for my first race in a year.

  32. Troy Gullacher

    My next race is a Subaru Ironman 5150 race in beautiful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada at the end of June. My goal is 2:45 and pending a positive review by this site, I hope to be racing with my new Polar V800!

  33. Joel Sturgill

    On 5/17 I’ll be running a 5 mi leg in a multi sport race. Alpine downhill, nordic ski, bike, 5mi run, paddle, 800m sprint.

    My goal is to hold a 9min/mi.

  34. Scott Buchanan

    Got the Hackney Half (London) planned as the next run. Never done this competitively so just gonna go with the flow.

  35. Tim

    Running the Buckeye 50k, July 12th in Northeast Ohio. Just want to finish!

  36. Dathan Chesnut

    Last race was 10 miler in Louisville. Just cycling for fun this summer but thinking about trying a cyclocross race in the fall.

  37. Kevin

    The Padden Triathlon in Bellingham a little over a month from now will kick off my season. My goal is to crack the top 10

  38. Larry Marshall

    My next race is a 5 K fund raiser for my son’s orchestra in two weeks. I’ve been running marathons, so it has been an interesting past several weeks trying to do intervals to gain a little speed. We’ll see — sub 28 is the goal.


  39. Seb Lov

    Princeton 70.3 in September and goal is to finish in a decent time

  40. Oooter

    Only actual race planned this year is the Spartan Calgary race mid August. 3rd year running it, running with my wife in her first ever 5k event. Hoping to finish in under 60 minutes by which will be 10 minutes slower than last year, but a tall order for her carrying sand bags up and down steep hills and being careful with a pretty badly sprained ankle that’s been on the mend for a few months with several set backs.

  41. Martin

    Marathon Franja in Ljubljana, Slovenia on june 8th. Plan is to do better than last year 🙂

  42. Luca R. Noto

    My next race is in 2 weeks. 10Km Running in the streets on São Paulo, my goal is sub-50′, maybe between 46′-47′

  43. Aaron Claessens

    Batavia IL Sprint … start of the season and time to shake the dust off …

  44. Mike Tamayo

    My next race is this weekend, Sleepy Hole Smack down. My team is hosting this race, so the goal is for the day to go smooth enough so enough of our team to race and get some upgrade points. We will be racing the Cat 123 and Masters 35+

  45. Fonz

    Last race was Ironman Texas…and boy was it hot but I crossed the finish line (that’s all that matters right?). As the anniversary date kicks up I’m deployed by the military and secretly envious of my training partners racing this year.

  46. jay

    I’m going to do the Greenline half-marathon in Oct… that’s the first planned event on my calendar but I might hit up some smaller things before hand (a 5k and a 10k probably). My goal in the half is sub 2h. As not-a-runner, that’s not a small thing.

  47. Adi Gerblich

    250 miles. Race against time. Time limit 27hrs. Starting Ramada Inn in Xenia, OH on 5/17/14. Under the auspices of Ohio Randonnneurs.

  48. Zee

    NYC Triathlon. Finish injury free.

  49. CapTex Tri in Austin over Memorial Day. Goal is to race to my potential and get on that podium!

  50. Matt Field

    It might not count as a proper race, but the Ride London Surrey100 in under 5 hours is my aim for the summer.

  51. Jacob

    Folsom lake international tri (Aqua-bike) on May 10. Goal is a sub 28 min swim and a top 10 bike.

  52. BG

    PowerSprint Tri @ RVA, May 18th, beat my time from last year.

  53. Jenny

    Doing a little tune up race outside Madison, WI before racing ITU Chicago at the end of June!

  54. Kevin M

    Ray thanks for a great site. Your reviews substantially influenced my decision to buy a Fenix2 from Clever Training and enter in my first triathlon next weekend at Cedars of Lebanon State Park. It’s a short sprint that I hope to complete in an hour.

  55. Mike

    Chicago marathon
    Goal = just enjoy

  56. giorgitd

    Family conflicts prevent my typical races this month. Did a duathlon near Knoxville, TN a couple of weeks ago, though. Hoping to feel good about it – way undertrained. Overperformed, mostly, so happy.

  57. Adam Lewis

    London revolution! 2 days and 200 miles cycling around London. Goal is to finish day one in time to watch the FA cup final!

  58. Anh

    45m bikr 5/10
    5k run – 5/11
    half mathon run 5/18

  59. Phil Mills

    Next race is the Trifreaks Ocean Shores Olympic Tri. on July 12th. This will be my first outdoor tri, so my goals are to: focus on bike pacing and nutrition.

  60. Patrick

    Half marathon huelgoat-carhaix, tommorow (saturday, may 10th)
    My goal is to run at 15km/h. It should correspond to 1:24 – 1:25

  61. Thomas Z

    Boston 2015! Just qualified last month and ready to go!

  62. James

    Small local sprint tri in early June. Goal is to finish!

  63. Ryan Menze

    Next race will be PIR tuesday night race series! Always fun to race on the Portland International Raceway!

  64. AlbertMC

    Open sea swim race, 7 km long across the beautiful bay of Pollensa (Mallorca, Spain). My goal is to finish within 3h.

  65. Anthony B.

    Oregon Dunes Triathlon this weekend. Olympic distance with a hilly bike course and the final 100m or so of the run is up a sand dune, so im hoping to finish somewhere between 2:20-2:25.

  66. Rob L.

    It was going to be the Baltimore 10-miler in mid-June, but I am working through some patellar tendonitis. It may end up being a trail 5k in PA at then end of June.

  67. Tommy

    Just ran my first 50 miler last weekend in a shade under 12.5 hours. Ran it conservatively to get through it in one piece and will work on picking up some time next time. Have a 50k in three weeks and then nothing for the summer (it is too hot where i am for many ultra events in the summer).

  68. Rob

    This sunday my first atempt on trailrunning … About 15km with à lot of height differances, even for Dutch standards

  69. Christine

    Ironman Coeur D’Alene @ end of June. My first full Ironman so goal is to finish and enjoy the day 🙂

  70. RobW

    Next Sunday doing a local 5mile road race
    Hoping to go sub 35

  71. S. Wall

    Sugarloaf 15k- Test the legs and see if I can keep the miles ticking below 8:00s.

  72. The SeaWheeze Half Marathon in Vancouver was my goal race for this year. I wanted to run it in 2:00-2:15, but I’ve been sidelined for months with posterior tibial tendonitis and haven’t been able to run. My new goal is just to be able to complete the race.

  73. Peter S

    I just ran the Vancouver Marathon, my first marathon in 12 years, in a personal best time of 3:52. My next race will be the running leg of the Challenge Penticton as part of a relay team. The goal is to beat my time in Vancouver.

  74. Dan

    Last race was Bloomsday, a 12k. I came in just under 46 minutes!

  75. Pat

    Planning on running the 10k during Ottawa Race weekend in 2 weeks. Aiming below 60 minutes, which, considering my current shape, seems impossible 😉

  76. Nick

    Vineman 70.3 – qualify for 70.3 worlds!

  77. Shane

    Just completed Wildflower Long Course last weekend. Missed my goal time, I need to run more. 6:38:24

  78. Seb

    Next up: Luxembourg Marathon (well, semi, as far as I’m concerned). Goal is 1:45.

  79. David Maume

    Hi Ray,
    My roads lead to a 10 km in november (16 november, les foulées hellemmoises). Quite short but i am very busy this year.
    My goal is to go under 42 minutes and … enjoy the race !
    All the best,

  80. Ben

    Will be riding in the Dirty Kanza, in Kansas, on May 31.

  81. Robert K

    Long timer cyclist but first time half-marathoner. Completed my first half marathon in Jan 2014 in 2:03, faster than my expectation….

  82. Jg

    Just did New Orleans 5150

  83. Miguel Zuza

    A benefic 10km race. I hope I can do a sub 50min race. Maybe with clever training gear I can improve a bit.

  84. Erica

    I’ll probably do a few last-minute bike races between now and then, but I’ve decided to finally run my first half marathon in September. My goal is just to run the entire thing with no knee pain, since I hurt my knee last time I tried signing up for a half!

  85. Jeremy S

    My next race will probably be a short, but fun one. There is an annual 4 mile race on the 4th of July aptly named the 4 on the 4th. It raises money for a local food pantry. Last year’s race was actually my first official race…I like running for free better.

    Anyway, I’d like to shave at least a couple minutes off of my pace last year which was just a hair over 32 minutes – which I didn’t consider too bad for a guy running in sandals and pushing a double stroller with two kids in it on a course that was half hills!

  86. Bill Fish

    Dirty German 50 mile trail run. Finish in the time limit.

  87. uzzy

    Finish MRU 52k on august.

  88. Jason

    Next race is Tri Indy – Olympic on August 3rd. I am hoping to complete in 2:50.

  89. Starting the season with an olympic distance tri in two weeks. Plan on finishing top 10, depending a bit on what the body feels like since its in the middle of build up training for the A race in august.

  90. Rev3 Rush in Richmond, VA on Memorial Day weekend!! So excited for this race!

  91. Ben

    Big Sur 10.6-miler. Overcame injury to place among top finishers.

  92. Paul Teini

    Smith Rock Ascent 15 mile trail race in mid June. I am hoping for a time of a little over 2 hours and to be competing with the leaders.

  93. Thomas

    My next race is the Baltimore 10 miler, although I may sign up for the North Face Endurance Challenge DC which takes place 1 week before the 10 miler. Hoping to PR.

  94. themadaustralian

    tomorrow, 5/10, a little sprint tri, let’s see if i can beat last years time despite lack of preparation

  95. Matthew

    Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis on Nov 1. My goal is to run 2:55 and qualify for Boston. I did it last year and ran the first half in 1:28, second half in 1:42.

  96. My next race will be Corrida de S.João – 15 km Porto, Portugal. My goal is 1:15h on 15 June.

  97. Tony Goncalves

    Next event: Langley TRI-IT sprint triathlon, in Langley BC, Canada. Target time: 1:25:00

  98. Chris

    Next race is unplanned. It’ll be after my first son who is learning to walk and is pretty fast! Last race took place in the grocery store.

  99. Roddy

    Last marathon was the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon and I finished is 3:30. Next scheduled marathon in the Chevron Houston in January 2015 and I hope to finish under 3:10ish. Thinking about doing a half ironman distance later this year (would be my first at this distance) but haven’t picked one yet and my goal would just be to finish it.

  100. Steven S

    Just competed in the REV 3 Adventure race series in Shenandoah with my 10 year old and had a blast. 3 hour race for us but the main EPIC race was 26 hours and way to many hills for my liking…:)

  101. My next run will be, actually, a combo: Mizuno Half-marathon this Sunday at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Porto Alegre Marathon next sunday, at Porto Alegre, Brazil.

  102. martin slagorsky

    Either May 31, or June 1st depending on what race I choose (details aren’t available yet). Either way, I just hope to finish towards the front of the pack

  103. Todd

    Next event is the ITU race in Chicago (age group Olympic Distance) and the goal is 2:30

  104. Jonkman

    After a lot of indoor practise I finally can start the season on the 1/8 UT-Triathlon in NL

  105. Dani Pindado

    On saturday 16th may im going to run the tf feuerbach volkslauf in stuttgart (germany). It is a 10 miles race. I expect to be below 1:30:00. It is a very hilly course on a forest.

  106. Alastair

    Last race was Liege Bastogne Biege sportive….All 278k and 4,500m of climbing of it!

  107. Chris

    Next official race is Leadman Bend 250k in Sept.
    Next unofficial race is RAMROD in July

  108. Doot4runner

    May 10th local 10k. 45 minutes.

  109. Stephen Kaas

    I am running Fontana Days Half Marathon. I’m hoping to run it under an hour and 45 minutes. Fontana Days is advertised as the world’s fastest half marathon. Straight downhill the whole way.

  110. David Zuniga

    Chicago Marathon on October, want to do a 3:00 time to get into Boston.

  111. Alasdair Fraser

    Love the site Ray. My next race is next weekend in Bakersfield CA. Its my first road race so finishing in the front group is the goal. We’ll see…

  112. Jonathan c

    the Yonkers half mile in September. I know, its pretty far, bit its my first significant distance race. Going to enter a few 5ks before hand. really want to do the half sub 1:30, but so far my pace for 6.5 miles is 0:55 mins.

  113. Charlie Brandwick

    Running Ironman Lake Tahoe 9/21. I’m hoping for a sub 12:00:00 finish.

  114. Knutz

    Next race is a 5k on 26 May, hoping for a sub-21:00 time, but it’ll depend on how the various injuries are coming along.

  115. ErR

    Oakdale Duathlon. Oakdale MN/ tomorrow. Unfortunately my goal is merely to finish as babies make it tough to train.

  116. Mathew Ring

    Prairie sludge trudge, august 9th . My goal is not to lose my shoes.

  117. Beth

    I’ll be doing Rev3 Quassy in a few weeks. I’m hoping to go a 5:45!

  118. Pat Shea

    Monumental Marathon November 1 Indianapolis

    3:40 Goal

  119. Patrick

    HDTri Sprint event in August for me. My goal is under 1:30 (don’t laugh) 🙂

    Thanks for all you do!

  120. Brandon Moody

    Crazy 8s 8K, sub 45 min

  121. Scott

    Next is the Stirling Novice on 1st June. That’s Stirling in Scotland by the way. Aim is to beat 54mins from last year and I’ll do it using the Suunto Ambit 2S I bought after studying your review!

  122. Christian

    Next race will be the Long Sock Classic, named after the most important gear/accessoir for that race as it a MTB race with heaps of poison ivy left and right of the race course. After a hideous DNF last year I intend to do better this year by bringing family support to cheer for me 😉

  123. Mfutch

    San Diego Quick N Dirty MTB race on May 28. It’ll be the first bike race I’ve ever done, so no real time goals or anything, just want to ride hard.

  124. Sebastiaan

    Next race is 10K june 21st in Toronto, under 50 minutes!!

  125. Sam Rudman

    Next race is Wyckoff Franklin Lakes Triathlon, Extended Sprint on June 14, 2014, goal is to beat time from last year.

  126. Dan Doherty

    I’m going to do the Tulsa Tough… back to back century races!

  127. GMoreno

    Hi there! Next big one is coming on June the 7th. It’s a trail race about 87km long and +4500m cumulated altitude..
    link to ultrafons.com
    Pretty scared right now, but still topped up with massive thrill! 🙂

  128. David M

    Planning on a running with my wife in a 10K race in June. Will be my first race in minimalist shoes.

  129. mike

    no races on the horizon. my last event was the 2013 NYC Marathon. didn’t hit my goal time, but that just made me hungry to try again.

  130. Marc

    My last race didn’t go so well as I hurt myself however I still managed to run a 1:42 half-marathon. My next race is going to be a first – I’m going to do a sprint duathlon at Stoney Lake, Ontario, Canada.

  131. Brian

    Next event for me is a double crossing of the Grand Canyon.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  132. Johan Barenfeld

    Hisingen runt, 50 km bike race of may 25. My first bikerace and hopefully under 2h.

  133. Scott White

    Rocky Mountain State Games Triathlon on July 19th, goal is just to finish mid pack.

  134. Jarek

    1/4 Ironman, 06.07.2014. The plan is to get out of the water, then off the bike and finally through the finish line 🙂

  135. John Bryant

    My next race is June 7, SMUT 100k in Pocatello, Idaho. I just want to make the cutoffs and finish in the 19 hour time limit.

  136. Tobias

    I want to pass my first half marathon but … I guess the first I have to do is beeing brave enough and sign my contribution paper and then just do it! 🙂

  137. Baldest1

    Bluenose 1/2 Marathon, Halifax Nova Scotia Canada I’ll be happy with a 1:45 as I’ve been doing one heck of a lot more biking than running 🙂

  138. Denali

    My next planned race is the MCM. It’s too hot in DC for me to do too many summer races, and the MCM is pretty much the earliest fall race I can manage training for in the summer heat.

  139. Janusz

    In 2014 of course

  140. JR Riding

    Not sure what my next race is yet (maybe a sprint or half marathon), but I just finished the St. George Ironman 70.3 last weekend and was stoked to beat both of my brothers and my cousin! I finished just two minutes ahead of one brother, who was two minutes ahead of the cousin. And I went sub-6 hours, which was also my goal. All that despite having leg cramps nearly the entire race, starting with the swim (much warmer there than in the east coast!). Very happy.

  141. Huub Raemakers

    Italy: Sella Ronde and Lago di Garda end of June with the MTB !

  142. joris

    With late spring / early summer just around the corner the three major Ardennes MTB-marathons are nearing. First one is the “cimes de waimes” on May 29th. The goal? Finish the 85km within the 5 hours. Not spectacular, I agree. But still a chalange for me 🙂

  143. Randy

    I will run my next race within 2 weeks (20K of Brussels)

  144. Chris skinner

    Heading to morgul-bismark RR in ten days. Top 10 is goal

  145. Steve

    Not quite a race, but the Penticton Gran Fondo in July. Obviously I will be racing my own previous time over 160Km.

  146. Darren

    I am just getting in to racing and I am attempting my first duathlon in September. A small local one called Tri the Du

  147. Nico

    Half marathon this fall in Cologne under 2 hrs, just a starter 😉

  148. Green Bay Marathon, May 18. Goal is to have fun, run easy, and stay healthy for summer training for Chicago Marathon.

  149. Jason R

    My next race is Onion Man Olympic in Walla Walla, WA on May 25. No real goals, just have some fun and see how fast I can go.

  150. Tom S

    Thanks for the giveaway

    Next race is Silverman in Henderson NV. Oct. 5th Goal is not to blow up on the run

  151. Late start to racing for me this year, but finally have a warm up this Sunday at Salisbury Fast Twitch sprint tri (bike course this year doesn’t quite go past Stonehenge), then a race every week until mid June, including 10km Jubilee River swim. Phew.
    Looking forward to your next race report, Ray; in awe of how you manage such great action shots always! 🙂

  152. Frederic Sabater Pastor

    Mi next race will be a 10k in the small town of Algemesí, and my goal to run 39:59

  153. Chris

    Next planned race is a 5K tomorrow morning in Martinsville, IN. It’s one of the flattest road courses around here, so my goal is to go under 19 minutes for the first time this year, but it’s gonna be tough.

    Thanks for the chance!


  154. Dennis

    I am doing the Ironman 70.3 at the end of June in Syracuse NY.

  155. Neil Grunberg

    Sporting Life 10k this Sunday, me and 27k other runners!

  156. Ann C.

    Hi Ray,

    Love your website: honest, candid & detailed info on products whenever I need it. Thanks for doing this.

    Next race is Patriot Half Iron triathlon in East Freetown, MA on June 14. Goal is to finish in around 6 hrs.

    Thanks, Ann

  157. Max

    my next race
    goal 1:25h

  158. Aaron

    I am entering my first sprint triathlon July 19 in Middleville, Mi. My first goal is to finish! My second goal is to finish in 1:06:00.

  159. Skyler Peterson

    Thanks for the giveaway! My next race is the daybreak olympic in northern Utah. I hope to set a new pr swim and do the run sub 8:25/mile.

  160. Simonr

    5 km race on the 25. Of May. Goal is to go sub 23.30

  161. kentd

    5/3 Riverbank Run Grand Rapids MI

  162. Todd L

    Next (and second) race is a super sprint, Splash, Roll & Run Triathlon in Denham Spring, LA in August.

    No goals but go fast!

  163. Yoeri Geerits

    Calgary 70.3 with the goal to qualify for Worlds in Mont Tremblant!

  164. Matt D

    My next race is Salisbury Sprint Triathlon this Sunday. This is my first Triathlon, I have no target just plan on enjoying it and gaining experience.

  165. Ryan Goldvine

    Next tri is a sprint distance in Guelph Lake in Ontario, with a goal of making it to the starting line a week after my next marathon in Niagara-on-the-lake.

  166. Niek

    Next race is on May 18th. 1/8 race, time: round a hour. It’s a training-race for the OD in Holten (Nl)

  167. My next planned race is the Socitabank Half in Vancouver at the end of June. Hoping for my first sub 2 hour half. So far training is on schedule!

  168. Nathsn

    Vermont City Marathon. It will be my first marathon. I want to finish under 4 with a stretch goal of 3:45.

  169. Dane Hamada

    My next race is a 5K on June 7th. I’m new to running and this will be my second 5K. I ran my last 5K in April, with a finish time of 26:25. My goal is to finish this upcoming 5K in 26:00 or less.

    Thanks for all the great information you provide us with! Much appreciated!

  170. Kyle Fossey

    Next race is this Sunday (May 9); New England Season Opener (Sprint Tri) in Hopkinton, MA. Looking to stay warm through the swim (55F currently) and dust off the cobwebs to get a jump on the 2014 season.

  171. Pierre

    Olympic distance the 24th of May in Sweden with the goal of 30 min swim, 1:15 bicycle and last 45 min running.
    In total sub 2:30

  172. Thomas

    Sept long weekend, 2014. The Queen Lili’uokalani Canoe Races. 18 miles in a OC6 (6 person Outrigger Canoe) in Kona, HI. No solid goals, want to finish above 500.

  173. EddNog

    Pedal, Paddle Run in Absecon, NJ in September of this year. Looking to beat my time of last year, should kill it considering how much more fit I am this time around.

  174. Natalie Cudney

    An all women’s half marathon raising money for paediatric oncology in ontario, canada. My goal is 1:50.

  175. Grzesiek

    Did Boston this year, but did not buy the franken-pampkin jacket (they have only xl garments during expo, hmm…I did not see any xl guys on the route…)
    Promised my wife to cycle 2k miles with her this summer,
    Next race: fall half, somewhere flat, goal: 80%AG or better…

  176. Elie

    Just ran the Toronot Marathon on May 4 in 3:07:53. It was a tough windy day. Have yet to even think aboutwhat my next goal race will be.

  177. Tony

    Next race is Tough Mudder VA. My goal is to get over the walls without assistance.

  178. Gaye

    My next race is the Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day, but it’s just for fun, because it’s awesome and I do it every year. It’ll just be another training run for IM Boulder in August!

  179. Next race: Kallmünzer Triathlon in early June.
    Goal: Surviving my first open water event.

  180. Kody D

    1st 1/2 iron on July 14. My goal is to just finish

  181. Paul C

    Love your site!

    Ironman Raleigh (70.3) on June 1st. Goal is to assess fitness before hitting IM training hard this summer. And hopefully sub 5:30

  182. Graham r

    Hoping my next will be my first – 10k in Halifax, NS. Hoping to hit the 60 min mark.

  183. De Smet Thomas

    My next race is the STADSLOOP in Ghent, Belgium, on the 25th of may. I hope to get a time around 50-55m.

    Great blog, keep the reviews coming!


  184. Sofie

    On the planning… my first attempt at a triathlon… Finisher Triathlon on august, 25th in Knokke-Heist, Belgium.

  185. Issao

    Next race will be a 10K next week. Hope to finish sub 45.

  186. My next and first race in two years will be in just a few weeks. June 1st I will take on the San Diego Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon. When I first ran this two years ago my time was 2:05:43. This time around, I have stepped up my training, and am targeting a finish at 1:50.

  187. Chris K

    NYC Tri in early August, hoping to finish in under 2:30. At least I’ve got plenty of time to train!

  188. Steve

    First marathon, 6/4/2014, 9th “ALEXANDER THE GREAT”, 4:51:00

  189. Brian

    Next race is Katy Flatland Century in July. Lovely that time of year here in Houston.

  190. Alberto

    Escape from Alcatraz, June 1st, San Francisco with the Stanford Triathlon Team!!!
    Goal: not freeze in the water and then blast the rest of the race

  191. Randy

    Next race: NYRR Japan Run on Sunday – 4 miles.

    Goal: break 6:00/mile for the first time.

  192. Mark

    Newport marathon, Newport Oregon 3:30 or better.

  193. Eric Schoch

    Triangle Triathlon in Raleigh, NC on July 19. Looking to return to triathlon after a brief hiatus (I’ve focused mostly on running for the past year), in preparation for a half-IM next year.

  194. 6 Hours of Temecula Mountain Bike race, June 3rd, Goal; not crash and finish!

  195. Andrew Wessman

    Next race is the Cincinnati Triathlon, sprint distance, in downtown Cincinnati the last weekend of June. My first triathlon! Goal is to finish and not come in dead last in my age group…we’ll see.

  196. Niklas

    My next race is BUM – Borås Ultra Marathon, 87 km trailrunning with 2000m total climb. My goal is to make it to the finish line 🙂

  197. Westlake Crit Series with the boys. Surviving the entire race without getting dropped.

  198. Jose

    Next race will be Eagleman! My goal? To finish. It’s been a rough year and I have not properly trained.

  199. Christian

    I’m going to race Göteborgsvarvet (halfmarathon) next saturday.

  200. Goal Race of the year is Disney Wine and Dine 1/2 marathon in November. My specific goal is to work with a new coach to reach my max fitness regardless if that means a PR or not.

  201. Stefan

    31.08.2014 HM BBM sub 1:20 🙂

  202. MarkC

    I’m running in the Twilight 12k/6K put in by Skinny Raven in Anchorage AK on May 30th. Very excited about it and hope to finish the 6K in under 30M this year. Would like a shiny new Garmin 220 on my wrist for this race to keep me on pace!

  203. Richard Skillen

    Land o Burns 10k Ayr. First 10k since blood clot in December, so anything sub 45 mins would be great

  204. Bozo3000

    Japan Run 4M in Central Park in beautiful NYC.
    My first race in a few weeks will see how it goes.

  205. Matt

    Dipsea. June 8. Just hoping to survive.

  206. Mark

    Next race: Chase Corporate Challenge Chicago May 22. Goal: Be fastest from my office, which will require me to run a few seconds faster than the 5:57 pace I managed for the race (and third in the office) last year.

  207. Rob Glazier

    Next race is Gran Fondo NY. Goal is to beat last year’s time and hope it isn’t a wet, cold, dreary slogfest the whole time like last year!

  208. Matthieu

    Hello all!

    Next race will be a 16km (10 miles) trail, my first trail actually, in June. Can’t wait 😉

  209. Jon Palmer

    Honolulu Sprint Triathlon, May 18th. Goal to finish in 1h 45m.

  210. Allyn Crowe

    Currently my next real race is the USAF Half Marathon in September. I’m shooting for 2:30.

    I’ll have a handful of 5 and 10K before then.

  211. Roger

    Ironman Kansas 70.3
    June 8, 2014
    Training to break 6 hours for the first time.

  212. Matt

    Just completed the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia. Wasn’t a PB, but was a good run for nonathletic me: 1:52.

  213. Maxbre

    Ciao Ray,
    probably a 1,8 km open water swim race the first week of July…

    Happy that you fully recovered from the bite.

  214. Mark

    Local 5k coming up in a couple weeks

  215. Simon Brimacombe

    Next race is outlaw half iron distance June 1st, as a build up race to IMUK my goal is to finish quicker than last half iron hopefully in 5.5hrs

  216. Ironman Eagleman in June – sub 6 hrs and alive will be a good outcome

  217. Philipp

    The next one for me is the “Jungfrau-Marathon” in Switzerland (“Jungfrau” actually means virgin…). The course goes up a moutain and climbs 1.829 meters (6000 ft). Estimated time…errr….actually reaching the finish would be nice 😉

  218. Joey

    Not a race but Marin, Ca century in Aug. Goal is to finish without being hit by a car! and I’d put that $400 credit to a wahoo kickr trainer!

  219. Randy

    Mohican 100. 100 mile MTB race in Ohio, goal is sub 10

  220. Mark Hemker

    I’m doing the Muncie May Sprint Tri tomorrow. I’m hoping to do it in 75 minutes.

  221. Mark

    The last race I competed in was the Cowtown last February in Ft Worth. I did a half marathon in 2:09:04

  222. Liefje

    A small local run with some friends will be my next run.

  223. Stu Wild

    Hello! I’ll be racing Ironman Hono 70.3 in Kona, Hawaii at the end of the month. I’m hoping to race under 6 hours.
    Thanks! Stu

  224. Next race : Ironman Haugesund 70.3 – goal is to beat my teammates 🙂

  225. I’m going to announce the It’s Glow Time 5K in Madison, WI this weekend. My plan is to not get anyone lost.

  226. Paul E

    My next race is a triathlon. The Huntsville Sprint Triathlon. It was my first triathlon ever last year, and I’m working up to Olympics. In fact, the week after the sprint, we have the Rocketman Olympic length triathlon. Both of these are in Huntsville, AL. My goal for the sprint is an improved time in all legs of the race. For the Olympic, my primary goal is to survive the swim in the TN river. I’ve ridden and run the routes but that swim sure is intimidating.

    Last year, I had just started running, biking, and swimming. My times were pretty good given that I hadn’t been doing any of them 4 months prior to the race! But I’ve been working hard to improve both speed AND endurance. Winning a gift card would let me get some tech tools that can help me train and track my progress for more accurate and efficient training, especially in the water.

    Now I’ll be doing some 5k’s and 10k’s here and there, and may opt to do the Renaissance Man triathlon in Florence, Alabama, in July, but I’m not certain on that tri currently.

  227. Dsmith

    Bear Lake, Utah – Classic Road Race, 5/17. Top 10? in my category.

  228. Philipp

    I have a halfmarathon on June 1st in Potsdam (near Berlin). My goal is to run sub 1:35 :).


  229. Chris Young

    Just ran 1/2 marathon bet my best time by 8min.
    Next 2 Sprint Triathons Aug and Sept.
    A 50k in Oct.
    And soccer games on the weekends throughout the year

  230. Pacific Crest Oly Tri – Bend Oregon – Sub 2:40:00

  231. KD

    Ran the Pittsburgh marathon last weekend( a day in May) and finished in 4:02. I was happy with that. Running the Brooklyn half next weekend. Cheers.

  232. loshko

    The Zurich Ironman 70.3, a first go at this distance 🙂

  233. Ryan Richard

    I am registered for the Sandhills Marathon, in Nebraska on June 6th. Based on my lack of training I am just hoping to finish.

  234. sherman

    Sprint tri in July near Ceske Budejovice, Czech Rep. Given it is my second race ever, my goal is to be at least the second… from the end.

  235. zlokroshka

    Half-marathon on 18th of May in less than 1:30

  236. Mathieu

    My next race will be the first Angkor Wat marathon ever, in August!
    Goal: less than 4h!

  237. Tracey

    My next race is the Soldier Field 10 Mile on May 24th. My goal is to beat my time from this race last year – 1:24:30

  238. Eric N.

    My last race was a 5k. I knocked 2 minutes off my PR!! Unfortunely I’m still slow so I won’t tell you my time… 🙁

  239. Chris

    The Almanzo 100 in Spring Valley, MN on May 17!

  240. bromasi

    well I don’t race anymore but I like giveaways.

  241. Evelien

    A race of about 5 kilometer in the parc.

  242. Adam B.

    Next race is a 5k where I work. They organize quarterly 5k and 10k races. My goal is sub 21m.

  243. Wehaf

    My last race was a marathon relay in Pittsburgh – it was my first time doing the relay, and it was awesome!

  244. Adrian Shaw

    Doing the Kinetic Sprint Triathlon at Lake Anna Virginia this Sunday. Using the Garmin 910 that I bought at clevertraining.com last year.

  245. Kirk

    My next planned race is a 10km run in August. Got plenty of time to train but really want to do a sub 40 (which is fast for me!).

  246. Mack

    My next race is the Wild Horse trail 1/2 in June. I don’t really have a specific time goal but I’m hoping to run at about 7:50 pace.

  247. Not a race per se, but a century ride to support MS research and programs. Easton MD on May 31. link to main.nationalmssociety.org

  248. Roneno

    Just ran the bear mountain half… 2:44. Next one? I need to figure out.

  249. Meng Zhu

    Next race is Lake Logan Half Iron (in North Carolina) on August 4th, 2014. This is my 2nd season in this wonderful sport after taking it up to get fit last year (lost 65lbs so far) and definitely looking forward to conquering this distance towards my dream of becoming a full Ironman 🙂
    I found your site while researching watches (310XT) and loved your extremely in depth and methodical reviews. Stuck around ever since!

  250. kevin price

    My next race is May 24th. Local Olympic Distance Triathlon in Michigan. Goal is to beat last years time by 5 minutes.

  251. Bethany Jirak

    Running my first trail half in September!

  252. John P

    Only race I’ve got firm on the calendar is the Chicago Triathlon

  253. Chris Walkup

    Ridgeline Ramble – a 20k point to point trail run Memorial Day weekend that follows the hill top ridge around the south edge of Eugene, Oregon. Goal: beat my time from two years ago.

  254. My next planned race is this weekend visiting family in Houston TX, It’s a crit race I hope to win on Mothers day!

  255. boris dubon

    Santa Clarita Half Marathon Nov 2014. Hoping to be sub 3hr.

  256. Daniel Krause

    I will be running a 5 mile race on June 21st called Mike’s Run. The race is to raise money and awareness for mental health and hosted by Marshfield Clinic. My goal is to run sub 35:00, I’ve never broke the 7:00min/mile pace in a race yet.

  257. Eric Roesner

    Next race will be a Tri in Blaine, MN a week from Sat. All I know is that the water will be cold, so simply hoping I finish without frost bite!!

  258. GordonO

    Will be riding Tour d’Oconee and hope to finish under 3 hours in a metric century this weekend.

  259. Jen

    Thunder Rock 100. The goal is to finish and to come into the aid stations with a smile for my husband. He complains that he sees too many ultra runners being nasty to their crew. I want him to know how much I value his help.

  260. It was the 30k Ecotrail for me and it was… too long!!

  261. Dealing with knee injury – only race planned so far is the Nation’s Triathlon. Will be happy if I beat last year’s time (2:47).

  262. jen c.

    My next race is the Musselman Half-ironman. I would like to finish in under 6:30. I’m not very fast.

  263. Shannon

    My next race is a tune up sprint in the Denver metro area June 7th. No goals for this one, my real goal is a HIM in September.

  264. Willem Van Schil

    In two days (on Sunday), I will be running my first trail run, a 29k run in Leudal, Holland. I’m really looking forward to it!

  265. Olli H.

    Next “race” will be on July 22nd called b2run in my hometown. Just 6 km, but I’ll try to beat last years time of 27 minutes (by at least 2 minutes ;-).

  266. Mike Richie

    I am planning on running my first triathlon this summer, probably the Bare Hill Tri in Harvard MA on June 29, although I might do a 5K before then.

  267. Gareth Davis

    June 1st, Mother-In-Law’s Hospital Fund Run (10k). Goal is top 5, which likely means a sub 42 (against last years results)

  268. My next big race will be the Tour Transalp – a multi stage race crossing the alps from Germany via Austria & Swiss to Italy, more than 800 kilometres, more than 19.000 altitude meters in teams of 2 riders!
    that’ll be tough but awesome – I’m already excited!

  269. Les

    Lunchtime tomorrow I’m off crosstraining doing a local orienteering event. Hope to win the pairs with my son helping me to read the map.

  270. Cameron Mumby

    Karioi Classic – 44km trail run in Raglan, New Zealand – aiming for top 10 placing.

  271. Have not been able to race due to injuries and business travel. Last race was pretty cool: Tour de Tirol. Half-Marathon around a beautiful lake in the Alps. The race went ok – not a PR but decent for the time of the year.

  272. Sean Tibor

    Taking some time off to help out more with our 1 year old. Last race was the Miami half marathon, which went well given the heat and humidity. We’re talking about pushing the baby in the BOB stroller at the Disney half this fall.

  273. Scott Baldwin

    Salem Sprint Triathlon, Salem, UT, end of May – top 1/2 of age group.

  274. My next race is Bob Potts Marathon, in York, Pennsylvania, on May 25th. My goal is to finish in under 3:10h and improve my BQ time from Hamilton Marathon.

  275. Mike James

    Bristol 10km this Sunday!!

  276. Christina

    My 22nd consecutive Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day. PR is anything less than 70. I’m not sure if I want to push it or instead enjoy it. I’m leaning towards enjoy it.

  277. Steve Fitz

    Next race is Heartbreak Hill half. Expected time 1:52.

  278. Jim L

    First half iron in mid June. Goal is to survive the move from sprints to HIM distances. Of course, it has be be well documented in digital data.

  279. Matt Seeds

    Eagle Creek Trail Marathon in August. Looking for anything other than a DNF.

  280. Shai Simchi

    My next race – Folsom Half Ironman (Folsom, CA) on June 8th. Hopefully under 5 hours.

  281. Mick Oliver

    First race of this year super sprint tri on Sunday, Goal is just to blow the cobwebs away 🙂

  282. Terry Thornton

    Kinetic Sprint on Sunday (5/11). This will be my first tri in over a year, just trying to get back into the swing of things in advance of some Oly’s later in the year (Nation’s Tri is the “A” race).

  283. Mike

    Survival of the Shawangunks in NY 9/7/14. Hoping to finish with a smile

  284. Brett

    First big race of the season will be 70.3 Triathlon at Innsbrook, MO on June 28th. Goal time will be under 6:00!

  285. David Smoot

    My next planned race is the Houston Marathon in January 2015. I was supposed to do my first full marathon this year but a death in the family made me defer.


  286. Martin Devine

    Next race for me is the Edinburgh Marathon on 25th May – goal is to validate my first sub-3 hour marathon (Lochaber on 6th April) by going sub-3 again, although that does depend on getting decent weather for running! (There are certain days in the year where good weather for a barbecue is almost guaranteed – Edinburgh Marathon race day has been one of those over the last few years…)

  287. J Bradley

    Iron Horse in Durango, CO, May 24th – hope to do decent since I’m coming back from a broken collarbone

  288. T Rowe

    Fresh Ideas Quarter Max Innsbrook, MO My second triathlon, first Olympic distance. Not sure what to expect.

  289. Adam

    Next race is a half marathon in Ogden, Utah on May 17. Goal is to PR for that distance which is 1:45.

  290. David Nicolau

    Santa Cruz, CA Wharf to Wharf. July 27th 6 miles of fun and music, who cares about time!

  291. Robert

    Next race is 1/4th triathlon Ter Aar, up next week. Big race for the season is Challenge roth.

  292. Fabiana

    is a 5km walk/run a good option?
    and I didn’t finish it tired!

  293. Shawn Gallagher

    Phoenix Derby – Garage Race and Fundraiser to support youth cycling non-profit
    DATE: Saturday, May 17, 2014 • 2:00pm to 6:00pm
    get some primes and not crash!

  294. Matt

    Olympic distance tri here in the Portland OR area. Underwater video cameral would go along way to fixing up my swim form. You don’t want me to drown do you?

  295. Ricardo

    My first and last official ride (race to me) was last September at the VA Backroads Century which I finished in a bit over 3.5 hours including rest stops. Likely to do it again this year.

  296. Jared Strauss

    Falmouth Road Race….sub 6:50 miles.

  297. Mike

    Not technically a bike race, but a race to help cure Cancer at the Tour De Pier! 4 Hours on the Manhattan Beach, California Pier overlooking the Pacific Ocean May, 18th. This year it is 250 stationary bikes and we’ve raised over $360,000.00!

    Goal: Raise $500,000.00 for Cancer Research and Support.

  298. Bret Bartness

    No planned races. Last race was 2013 Twin Cities 10 mile race. I finished in 1 hour & 8 minutes.

  299. At some point in life the goals become a bit less lofty. My last race was a time trial in the Wyoming Senior games and was a DNF due to a flat. Same race this year, with a goal of finishing (hopefully in the top three)..

  300. Great review site, Ray!!
    I’ll be racing the Almanzo 100 at Spring Valley, MN this Saturday, hope I can finish with the “lead” group. Wish me luck~


  301. Jordi

    next race is in Barcelona Cursa Dir Guardia Urbana under 40m

  302. Lennart Rasmusson

    My latest race was cross-country skiing 46 years ago. I think I won, but maybe the memory has improved over the years.

  303. Dick Sol

    Next goal is climbing the Gavia and the Mortirolo during my holiday at Lake Iseo.

  304. Been resting my feet for a while because of a painful PF so my first race this year would be the the half marathon of Takbo.Ph Run Fest 2014 on July 13

  305. Next race is a 10K as part of the Teton Dam Marathon in June (in Rexburg, Idaho). Two goals: 1. finish (coming off a knee injury). 2. Coming in under than 60 minutes. Fingers crossed!

  306. Michael

    Barkin’ Dog Duathlon, tomorrow morning. 5k x 30k x 5k, screamin’ fast bike course, so hopefully sub 1:30:00

  307. Greg K

    Ironman 70.3 Eagleman – June 2015. I’ve never competed in a triathlon, so I’ve started planning/training to tackle this one head-on next year. I may try to complete a sprint before this event.

  308. AndreA

    L’Eroica, Gaiole in Chianti, October 5th.
    Goal: finish.

  309. RNOTinMan

    I am headed to the ‘world’s toughest 1/2″ in Auburn, CA, May 18, where I plan to do the aquabike to prep for IM Lake Tahoe. My goal is to ride the course in 3.5 hours, never succumbing to the “hills” of the western Sierra, to include not walking where “Lemond Walks”!!

  310. Doug

    Not so much a race as a ride – Discover Hudson Valley Ride in Poughkeepsie, NY in June – first attempt at the 100-mile route

  311. Sehlis

    Next race is tomorrow. 167km with my Scott Foil 15.
    Hope to do it with a maximum time of 5:30 hour.

  312. Liz Young

    I have some smaller races on the agenda…but my next major race is a half marathon the end of September in which I hope to run sub 2:30!

  313. Erik

    Cambridge 5k Freedom Run in Cambridge, MA. No plan other than to have fun.

  314. Wild Bill Randall

    Ironman Chattanooga!

  315. A sprint tri at the end of May. I was fourth in my age group two years ago. So I’m hoping to do better than that this time around… 😉

  316. Lasse p

    Randers tri in Denmark. Ill do 5 times 1/20 ironman… That Will be a lot of transitions!!!

  317. Jeff Timleck

    Sporting life 10K may 10

  318. Richard Diz

    Columbia Triathlon in Maryland. Just hoping to finish strong!

  319. Aaron F

    Wildflower Olympic – Tough race this year due to the lack of water. The run up Beach Hill was brutal. The weather this year was nice. Next race will be Nautica Malibu Olympic.

  320. Hudson Crossing – goal – win new age group 50-54 and place top 3 overall!

  321. My next race is next weekend, the Turtle Crawl international distance. My goal is to win my age group after winning my age group in the sprint distance last year.

  322. Cameron Taylor

    I have a fairly busy race season. 4 races in and 2 podiums WOOT! I have the Phoenix International Tri on May 18. I am doing the Oly…Followed by the Dueces Wild Xterra event June 22 and the A race of the season, IMAZ

  323. Eric Livengood

    Central Florida Triathlon Series in early June. Hoping to cut 5 minutes off my first Tri two years ago…

  324. Lasse prins

    Randers tri festival. I’ll do 5 times 1/20 ironman, so a lot of transitioning!!

  325. Marty Smith

    Daybreak Olympic Tri: goal to have a strong swim and win my age group!

  326. Aben

    abbey coombe marathon in 5 hours

  327. Shannon

    Haven’t actually competed in a race since 2012 for a number of reasons. Hoping to travel less this year and perhaps get a half ironman in later this summer.

  328. Tapani Tuppurainen

    Next main race is Finntriathlon half distance on 19 July. My goal is to finish my first half distance race. I hope my time will not be too much over 5 hours.

  329. Shawnigan Lake triathlon (sprint distance), May 24. Goal: sub-8 min swim!

  330. Edward

    My next serious (not tune-up) race is MCM, where I’m aiming to BQ.

  331. Vincent

    May 25 I will be completing my first half Iron distance race. In Homestead, FL

  332. Tanya

    My first half marathon–Brooklyn!

  333. Peter B

    I’m no triathlete but love the technology & gadgets (& your website) & hoping to race in my first ever club cycling road race at 47 in the next few months..

  334. Jay

    Completing the Bridge Series (3 Bridges crossing the Mississippi River) in New Orleans area with the Crescent City Connection Bridge Run on June 7. Hope to have a great run and enjoy the party afterwards!

  335. Matthew VanDeventer

    I’m training for the Great Smoky Mountain Half on September 20, 2014. I’m shooting for 2:15. It’ll be my first half, so we’ll see how this goes…

  336. VeloFest Crit tomorrow in St Augustine, FL

  337. Hi, my next race on 7th of june, the 26km of “Trail de Guerledan” in Brittany, France.

  338. Chris Portman

    Soldier Field 10 Mile Run – May 24th shooting for 7:10 pace.

  339. Alex Masidlover

    My next planned race is a simulated channel (UK-France) relay as part of a team of six swimmers doing 6k each. My goal is to do sub 2 hours, would be nice if I did less than that and we won too…

  340. Bart Stray

    Olympic Distance Tri in Tempe, AZ in September. Warm up for Half Iron Distance in October.

  341. Mick Dawson

    Hi Ray

    Next race is Back in a Flash 5k Race,28th of may

    train hard, race hard!!!

  342. Jon P.

    My next race will be MY FIRST TRIATHLON! Very excited… It will be a sprint distance in Danbury, Connecticut. Have high hopes that I’ll love it.

  343. Tim

    Road race in Maryland tomorrow!!

  344. Ted Howe

    Next planned race is my church’s annual charity 5K.

    Goal (a little different one) is to net $3000 to buy laptops for local economically challenged high schoolers who are graduating and heading to college in the fall.

    (I’ll run the course after the race is over – a la Dave McGillivray… not actually racing that day since I’ll be doing race director type stuff)

  345. Matthew

    Not a race per se, but the Sonoma Backroads Challenge: 99.7 Miles, 7,419 ft of climb. So I’m looking to do sub-6 hours

  346. Brian Abraham

    Boulder IronMan, my goal is to finish!

  347. Tim

    Broad street run in Philly. Didn’t go as well as I would have liked

  348. I am racing in the Gulf Coast Triathlon 70.3 tomorrow morning! I hope to shave about ten minutes from my best 70.3 time, which is 5:39.

  349. Joel

    My next race is the Gold Coast Half-Marathon in Australia. My goal is to finish in under 2 hours.

  350. Ben Hales

    Next race is Ironman Lake Placid, goal is not to end up in the med tent for IV’s like IMTX. Thanks for the giveaway opportunities!

  351. 6km trail run tomorrow in the Orongorongo’s here in Wellington, NZ. My first run coming back from injury, so I’m hoping to just finish.

  352. LCH

    My last race was in August 2013, USAT age group nationals. Had a great race with a PR despite a drop off in my training leading up to the race. Wish I had time to train now…

  353. Daniel E

    I have just started running and my first race is going to be a 10K in St. Louis in September

  354. Jim

    Training myself up from couch potato to do the Melbourne half marathon October 12. Time to get healthy

  355. Rob Carpenter

    Running the Bristol 10K this Sunday May 11th hoping to break 42 minutes, last training race before Edinburgh Marathon on May 25th. 3:15:00 is my goal for the marathon.

  356. Floris Van de Vijver

    Bruges, 1/4th triathlon. although i’m only doing it in trio so i’m only doing the swimming part (though the historical citycentre of Bruges!), aiming for a <15min swim

  357. Erik

    Reims marathon in October. Goal will be 3:25.

  358. Marios

    My next race is Bay to Breakers 12k in San Francisco (May 18) and my goal is to finish it healthy.

  359. lien

    A run in my hometown

  360. GERMANY, Cyclassics 100 km August 2014 at average speed of 35 km/h

  361. Marco

    My next planned race is the 17K Ronde Hoeploop, starting in Ouderkerk aan den Amstel in the Netherlands next Sunday, May 11th. I’m hoping to finish in 1:30.

  362. Andrew

    Grim reaper ultra marathon which is 40 miles and I’m aiming for sub 8 hours.

  363. Chris Chapa

    Summer Time Blues Sprint Triathlon – Aug 10! Hope for top 5 in age group but finishing will be awesome!

  364. Chris

    Honolulu Olympic Triathlon with a goal of under 2:15:00

  365. Krzysztof Rajda

    36th Warsaw Marathon on 28th September. My goal is to finish it under 4 hours.

  366. Michel Labordus

    Les trois ballons 14 june

  367. Tim

    Chicago Marathon in October! I hope to do it in 3:45.

  368. Colin

    IMTX sub 10

  369. Matt

    Sehgahunda Trail Marathon in Letchworth State Park (NY) on 5/24

  370. Patrick

    My last race was a 10k for the texas medical center and I ran it in 44:39 on 2/8/14

  371. John

    I’ll be running the Chicago Marathon in October. This will be my first marathon, so I’m trying not to think too much about a target time, but I’d be happy with anything under 4:00

  372. The Nike women’s We Run the Night 10k in London…. Tomorrow! I’m running it with my sister and my goal is for us to stay together and both finish in sub 57mins…. 😀

  373. georg pieber

    my next race is tomorrow – tri-olympic in obergrafendorf – my target is to qualify for the ec-kitzbühl in june

  374. Nick White

    Next planned race is… Tomorrow! Sprint Triathlon right in my neighborhood, Jetton Park Triathlon in Cornelius, NC (near Charlotte). jettontri.com. Goal for the race is to sprint from the gun and get after it. Even though it’s going to be raining.

  375. Daryl

    Army half marathon in Singapore in 1:50

  376. LB

    My next race is the Moon in June 5K on June 7th with a goal time of 25:00 or faster

  377. wilfred janssen

    This weekend i wil discover two of the four mtb routes for the upcoming long clubweekend in august

  378. Pat Connolly

    Next race: Tri for the Y in Freeport, ME, May 18. A sprint race, with hopes to finally break the 60 minute mark and come in sub-hour!

    • David Fernandez

      Next race: IMTX, May 17th. Goal is to finish it since it will be my first IM!!

  379. Jeramy Girard

    My next race will be Liberty 70.3 Tri in Rockford, MN. I’m hoping to go under 6 hours. I’m slow by most people’s standards, but I’m looking forward to it!

  380. Kalman

    My possible next race would be a triathlon 51,5 on June the 8th, hoping to finish within 4 hours.

  381. Jim

    Rock ‘n’ Roll Liverpool half marathon on May 25th, hoping for 1:40 or less

  382. Rich

    Just getting back into running – a parkrun 5k in Gloucestershire in early June. Aiming for sub 18 minutes.

  383. Chris L

    Half marathon near Derby, trying to beat a two year old PB….bring it!

  384. alan galang

    70.3 IM Philippines on August 3. Hoping to go faster than last year – sub 5:18.
    Cheers, a big fan of your blog!

  385. Helder Santinhos

    My next race will be tomorrow. 10k at my daughters school. It’s a fund raising race for scholarships for needed children.

  386. gd

    I start end of may the Global Corporate Challenge, a worldwide 100 days event with coworkers. The goal is 10000 steps per day => It should not be a problem 🙂

  387. Tony

    Leon’s Olympic distance triathlon in Hammond Indiana! (Just outside Chicago)

    Good season opener around here on June 1.

  388. Dan benton

    Sydney duathlon in 10 weeks

  389. OSO

    First sprint tri this july near sherbrooke. We’ll se how it goes!

  390. Jack

    I don’t race much, but I have a number of metric centuries and centuries planned for later summer early fall in Chicago (four star bike and chow & the north shore century).

  391. bertrand

    Next sunday (May 18) a 12k cross in the Parc de Saint Cloud (near Paris). No objective other than finishing with a friend – it’s his first race – it will also be my last training before the Versailles sprint triathlon the week after (Ray, you raced this one last year)

  392. Chris

    Race the Lake on July 6. 12 miles – goal is sub 12 hrs

  393. Steve

    Ironman 70.3 in England, would be good to be on the right side of 6 hours.

  394. Trail des Cagous in New Caledonia, 80km with +12’000ft vertical gain. 😉

  395. Keith

    Nj tri sprint then Princeton 70.3 just want to finish both without being last

  396. Roman

    No real plans yet for the next race but most likely a half marathon targeting somewhere around 1.30h.
    Just completed a marathon well sub 3.30h and still feeling pretty smug about that… 🙂

  397. Steven Knapp

    Trinona, early June, good clean race without injury.

  398. MikeRR

    Ashland, MA Oly. The goal is to finish!

  399. gillze

    last race, Paris to Ancaster

  400. Eyal Goren

    Tupper Lake Tinman – half iron man
    Date: June 28, 2014
    Anything under 6 hours would be great.

  401. Kevinm

    Marmotte early July. To finish.

  402. Gotiniens

    My next race is a 5em race on the ringway of my hometown. My goal will probally be sub 5min/km.

  403. Don van Dalen

    Starting from scratch with a 5K training program after months with a injured knee. Looking forward! Feels like a new begining.

  404. Thomas Anderson

    Sprint Triathlon Aug 9th
    Goal(s): Do the 500M swim in under 10 minutes and decrease my T1 time

  405. Martin Caniza

    My next race will be Vineman 70.3 in beautiful Santa Rosa, CA on July 13th! I PR’d there last year, hoping to do better this year! Going for under 5:30 total race time!

  406. Chris Flavell

    Slateman Triathlon on the 18th May, goal is to not be reduced to crawling on the climbs through the slate quarry

  407. Deanna Fisher

    next official planned race is the Annapolis 10 miler in August – but I’m going to have a 70.3 in there before then (just not sure which one yet)

    goal: survive (haha); and then hit my 10 min mile (yeah, i’m slow) pace that I’ve been using for my IM training

  408. ThomasR

    Vansbro half distance triathlon in June. In 5:40 maybe…

  409. Heather

    Zooma Half Marathon (Annapolis) on May 31. Goal is to use it as an awesome training run for my 70.3 that’s in June (Rev3 Williamsburg on June 15).

  410. Chris Cronin

    Sidelined by injury the past 16 months, I have no races on the schedule. My summer quest is to ride 250k in one day. Previous best 240.73k in one day.

  411. Elliot

    Next race planned is City 2 Surf here in August in Sydney. This was my last race too. I have been injured for almost a year with various fractures and stress fractures. So, this will be my come back from injury race.

  412. Eric

    Mont-Tremblant 70.3 on June 22nd, hopefully under 6h.


    Hi Ray

    Media Maratón de Guayaquil, Guayaquil Ecuador 06/06/2014 1:45 min


  414. VadimS

    Harriman on May 17th, which is the final rehearsal race before Syracuse HIM on June 22nd

  415. Shawn

    San Diego RnR Marathon
    June 1, 2014

  416. Dan Justus

    Cellcom Green Bay Half on Saturday May 17th.

  417. Kieran Sutherlsnd

    Salomon trail run series here in melbourne, on the road to getting fit again so the goal is to have some fun and get fit!

  418. Naomi

    Sri Chimnoy 7pm, Centennial Park Sydney, 8th June – aiming for under 35mins

  419. Patrick Kehoe

    Maybe the January 2015 Phoenix Rock and Roll Marathon

  420. A. Hellman

    I will be running the Cellcom Half Marathon in Green Bay, WI next Sunday 5/18. Usually I just run it to have fun, but this year I have been doing the FIRST speed training plan with the hopes of setting a PR.

  421. Alexandre

    Triathlon d’Amqui, Qc olympic distance
    29th june
    1st tri ever!

  422. Koen Liesker

    Climb the Passo di Stelvio the 4th of July wilt my two neihgbours

  423. Sam

    UNICEF half marathon in Hong Kong (nov 2014) . A way off but Hk in the summer is no fun to race in. Goal is to pb (fingers crossed)!

  424. Oliver Medina

    My next race will be 20 km in Brussels next 18 May

  425. stephan

    Baltimore 10-Miler in June
    As always, I have 3 goals
    The (A) goal is to break 70 minutes
    (B) is to come in under 74
    and (C) is to beat 77 – last year’s time.

  426. Martijn

    Great blog! My next race is the “Dam-to-Dam run” in Amsterdam. 10 miles. I hope to finish in 1:30

  427. João Pina

    Mtb race at Reguengos, Portugal. Goal is to finish without falling and without having a flat!

  428. Andy

    Another one for the London Revolution 2 Day Sportive next weekend. Back to back 100 mile (ish) days. Main aim is to finish and not be walking like a cowboy on Monday (not that there is anything wrong with walking like a cowboy, just in London it’s somewhat unusual…)

  429. Jeff S

    Tax Day Race, 10 May. Goal: finish in good health.

  430. Robert Richter

    Muncie May Triathlon, Sprint distance, May 10. Prep race to check in and see how training is going getting ready for Muncie 70.3 in July.

  431. milan

    I hope to run some trail marathon in the mountains next year with my dog. Otherwise i run just for fun, dont really compete.

  432. Sean Hylton

    Gulf Coast Triathlon in Panama City Beach tomorrow. Hope to set new PR for half iromman distance.

  433. Emma B

    New to this. Just looking to do a 5k race after the birth of my son

  434. Eric B

    No Baloney ride this Aug in Morton IL. My first century!

  435. Andre Laprade

    Last mountain bike race I did was the Capital Forest 50-mile race last August:

    2013 – 4:35 – 29th out of 214
    2012 – 5:10 – 59th out of 212

    So big improvement from 2012 to 2013.

  436. Donald

    Red Kite Crit on May 11, 2014. Hope to survive till the finish.

  437. Lala

    RW Heartbreak Hill Half, June 8th. Goal is to get a sub-2:00…in June…on this hilly course.

  438. Jack Solomon

    Aiming for a sub 1:25 half in the Melbourne Marathon festival

  439. Homero Garcia

    Next race: Saturday, May 11, 2014 – 5K.
    Location: Monterrey, N.L., Mexico
    Goal: Finish under 20 minutes.

  440. Alex K

    Planning in my first tri (a sprint) on June 8th. I just want to finish and have fun!

  441. somecows

    The last race I participated in was back in 1994. Senior year of high school track meet. Mile. Don’t remember my time or place. I hope this counts. I don’t race anymore but still run all the time and would like to be included in the contest!

  442. John

    Malibu Creek Trail run, next weekend! The goal would be to finish!

  443. Sean S

    Rev3 Williamsburg, June 15th – Goal is to efficiently use my energy and finish strong.

  444. Emil Kadlec

    Sandia Crest Road Race – June 1st. The race ends with a ~3700 ft climb, so the goal is to be in the lead group at the start of the climb and PR on that section of the race.

  445. Ryan M

    Rock n Roll Seattle Marathon on June 21st. Just shooting for a sub 4:30:00. And no injuries. And good weather.

  446. Ray

    IM Syracuse on June 22. I’ll need all of the help that I can get. A new garmin would definitely be nice.

  447. MikeB

    My next planned race is Ironman New Zealand, next year. I’ll mix in some prep races before then, but not on the calendar yet. My goal is to arrive healthy on race day.

  448. Taylor Meyer

    Lake alatoona sprint at the end of June. But the big one is Augusta 70.3 at the end of September. Can’t wait!

  449. Muzman

    Chestnut Run on 25th of May. All collected money will go for charity (Children hospitals).

  450. William

    Wisconsin 70.3 — ~5:15

  451. Sheila Powers

    Thanks Ray! My next race is the Cottage Lake Tri & Tri Again event on 14 June 2014 in Woodinville, WA. Should be fun – my first time at that race.

  452. MTB

    No more races currently on the schedule — I’m recovering from a crash at a circuit race last month that resulted in a broken neck.

  453. Goncalo

    Brussels Half-Marathon, 1h50

  454. errol viquez

    my next race will be Correcaminos Half Marathon, here in Costa Rica. I hope to finish below 2 hrs

  455. Magnus

    My last race was Paris marathon. I stopped by the cupcakery and had a salted caramel cupcake (not during the race). Next race is Copenhagen marathon. Just hoping for a pleasant, steady, sub 4 hour race.
    Thanks for a generous give away.

  456. Jacki

    The next race I’m actually registered for is a rock n roll half marathon in San Antonio. I’ll do one or two more between now and then but we’re waiting to hear when my husband has to deploy. Waiting to figure out my race schedule until Wed know his schedule.

    Love your blog and your reviews! Thanks for such a great site!

  457. flavio

    small mtb race around Floripa. suffering in uphill… A lot.

  458. Chilly

    Delaware Marathon Relay – May 11 – Wilmington, Delaware

    A marathon, half, 8-person relay, and 4-person relay all running together. I’m trying to run sub 42 for 6.55, each relay member runs equal distance along the same loop.

    Should be fun – Happy Mother’s Day!

    Good luck to everyone with your races!

  459. Jon

    Next event – sportive on Sunday
    Goal – keep up with my wife!

  460. Peter

    Trialton sprint Alvor, Algarve – Portugal tomorrow, time to beat 1:17

  461. Steve S

    Summer MTB Races in prep for November 6 hour race

  462. Karl W

    I was planning on doing a Sprint Tri in Morgan Hill, CA, but due to the drought, it was moved to near SF. My goal race is the Vineman Half Ironman in Sonoma county, north of San Francisco. It is on July 13th and my goal is sub 5 which should get me podium for my AG.

  463. SM

    June 7th Half Marathon in Raleigh NC Hoping to hit 2:45

    • Matt B

      My next event is the Slateman Sprint Tri in Snowdonia, Wales, next weekend. My aim? to get some great photos of the Wife as she swims, bikes, and runs the tough course (they say even the swim is uphill…!) without aggravating my torn meniscus. Roll on surgery, hurry up NHS!!

  464. Darryl Heckle

    Keuka lake, NY sprint triathlon. Going for a top 3 age group finish, assuming the ice has melted on the lake!

  465. Darrell G

    New Moon Half Marathon, Delaware OH, finish.

  466. Adam

    Capital Hill Classic 10k. Never raced it. Goal is to have a fun run on the Hill.

  467. James

    What I like to call the three weeks of pain. In three consecutive weekendsClub consisting of Club TT Championships , Amy Gillette Grand Fondo and Club Road Championships.

  468. Jeff L.

    My next race is tomorrow in Georgia. It is an Olympic distance, and my goal is NOT to go out the first 5 minutes of the bike as if a pack of dogs are chasing me!

  469. San Francisco Second Half Marathkn on July 27. Goal: sub 1:40!

  470. San Francisco Second Half Marathkn on July 27. Goal: sub 1:40!

  471. Shaun Hurry

    Next up is the Subway Coronation Megasprint Triathlon, taking place in the heart of Edmonton, Alberta on May 25th. Did it drunk in 2:20:02 last year, goal this year is under sub-2 hours! Gonna get me a Polar V800 with that moneys to train for Banff Olympic in September.

  472. Adam

    May 18th: Rev3 Age Group Championship in Knoxville, TN. My goal will be to have the most fun I can. Honestly, I’m tired from racing and may make this my final race of the year and just concentrate on enjoying swimming, biking and running when I feel like it, instead of extensive training schedules and metrics.

  473. Adam S.

    My next planned race is Sprint May 10th at Lake Mead in Nevada and I’d really like to PR the race and win the bike portion.

  474. Sizwe

    Roots N Blues N BBQ 1/2 Marathon in Columbia Mo. Planning to break 1:45

  475. Keegan

    I have a track meet on the 16th. Trying to hit 5:25 in the 1600m and 2:40 in the 800m.
    I love your blog! Thanks DCR.

  476. Sam

    Melbourne Marathon in Australia – first ever. Hoping for around a sub 3:30 time.

  477. Next race: “The Avenger” Half Iron Tri.
    Near Stratford upon Avon, UK.
    Sunday 22nd June.
    Lake swim, pretty and hilly bike course, off road run.

    Fancy it Ray?

    link to raceways.eu

    Goal: s1:40 / b3.30 / r1.45

    Ta 🙂

  478. Brian

    Next race is the Callaway Gardens Sprint Tri with my 12 yo daughter. First goal is to finish and then beat last year’s time.

  479. Ev

    Finishing my first Olympic tri in Kenora ON in July.

  480. jeffrey schmidt

    my next planned race is the Brewer 10k in Milwaukee Wisconsin on September 20 where I will be handing out water to all the finishers

  481. G. Scott Layher

    American Triple T is my next race and I am hoping to just survive and learn from it. The on the Grand Rapids Tri to hopefully kick done butt (most likely not).

  482. S Roth

    My first marathon…Ottawa May 25th…just hoping to finish strong!

  483. Camrunr

    Hopefully the Ventura Marathon in September — under 190 minutes.

  484. Sam

    I’ll be doing Race 1 in the Eastern Ohio Time Trial Series on 5/18. My goal is to destroy the earth with the power of my rear wheel! Also, my birthday is on May 1st so you totally missed it.

  485. Patrick M

    Next race is Tri Events #3 on June 10th in San Dimas, CA. I’m doing the Tri Express (2nd tri ever). Goal is just to beat my time/effort from Tri Events #1 back in April (my 1st ever tri).

    This time I’ll be sporting a Fenix2 and my bike’ll have an Edge 500 that I both bought from CleverTraining using the DCR discount!

  486. DongZ

    No race planned, last race was a family fun tri event in Jan.

  487. V. Chu

    Next race is Homefront 5K in Princeton, NJ. Hoping to go sub-24:00.

  488. Ryan Doe

    Mullaghmore Spring Tri, Mullaghmore, Ireland on the 14th June. Hoping to beat my time from last year and also not upset my wife on our anniversary…

  489. Carl Hensley

    New Bri Tri – PR and hopefully a podium

  490. Jahoon

    I do not have any races plan but plan on training and racing a 5 k soon

  491. Ryan J

    Hi Ray, next race is Calgary marathon and aim to run 3:45 with my buddy Harold

  492. Peter Kacandes

    IM Cozumel, in Cozumel. Goal: finish under the time limit.

  493. Brian Pederson

    Ocean Shores Tri & Foot Fest July 12th in Ocean Shores Washington. First time doing this event so I don’t have a goal other then being happy with my race.

  494. Zack Desmond

    Rev3 Rush. Advance at least 1 round!

  495. Next race is airforce marathon September 20. I am looking for a 3:20 finish time.

  496. Ron Heidt

    Ironman Wisconsin will be my 2nd Ironman September 7th 2014. Hope to do better than my first ironman.

  497. Kring

    I’ll do some rides this summer, all building for the HNH-100 (Hillier than Hell with 11Kft climb) in CT, late September. Thanks for all your great reviews.

  498. Heinz Widmer

    Sydney Marathon, September 21, trying for sub 4 hours.

  499. Sarah

    I’m planning to run my first half marathon in Portland, OR in just over a week. My two goals are a) to complete it! and b) to finish around 2hr 10min.

  500. Kyle Wallis

    Next race is ironman Wales, September. Hoping to beat my time of 12hrs 54mins.

  501. Simon Tan Suan Beng

    Last race was langkawi Ironman 2 years back. Which I nearly didn’t complete because I crashed on the bike course but I continued and finally completed just before the cut off,

  502. Derek

    I plan to run a local 5K on May 31st. It is called the Magnolia Run. My goal is to finish in under 30 minutes since I am still new to running….

  503. Steve

    I’ll be running my first marathon in Ottawa May 25th. Aiming 3:45… but first objective is to finish it.

  504. Rick W

    Oklahoma City half marathon. PR 1:44:57

  505. Chris Fisher

    My next race (cycling) will be the TourdeLyme, in Lyme, CT on 18 May. As it turns out, this will be my FIRST race, so my goal and only goal is to finish. It’s only 26 miles, but has some hills, so we’ll see how it goes.

  506. Dave Cummins

    Offseason here in Oz. Last race was mid Jan, my first OD. Went terribly, exacerbated a back injury resulting in surgery 8 weeks ago. Looking forward to next season as it can only get better…

  507. adam

    Running a two person relay in the Vermont City Marathon in Burlington Memorial Day weekend. My first half marathon. I just want to finish.

  508. John

    Last October, ran the Baltimore Half Marathon with my girlfriend. It was great.

  509. Dave

    My first triathlon in a few months, just hoping to finish 🙂

  510. Jessica

    I’m running the Vermont City Marathon, too! I’m shooting for sub four hours.

  511. Mark Smith

    My next race is not until September in Brevard, NC. It’s the Pisgah Monster Cross Race. I might do ORAMM if a slot opens. My goal for Monster Cross is to finish sub-6 hours.

  512. German

    I am not sure when my next race is. I am injured 🙁

  513. Andy

    Statue of Liberty Swim, June 6. Top 10 for age group.

  514. David Chang

    Next race is the Dopey Challenge at Disney World in Orlando in January 2015!

  515. Matt Rafalski

    Half in the fall and Knox 26.2 in the spring to get under 4 hours

  516. Gerald Brown

    Last “race” – alpine classic Jan 2013 – dropped out after 2 repeats of Mt Buffalo in Victoria, Australia: Next race Alpine classic 2015, just hoping to finish the 200k 3,600m climbing ride…

  517. Sebastian Flores

    My second duathlon, Santiago, Chile, may 25, i hope to finish under 1 hour

  518. Lee Ragsdale

    Raleigh 70.3 (first half iron) on 6/1 – goal is to break 6 hours

  519. Wil Q.

    Last race i did was the Great American Bacon Race 5K. It was on road and trail, was able to drop my pace time 20 seconds. Currently training for Chicago Ragnar relay race.

  520. Eric

    Right now I do not have the next race planned (though I am planning on my first marathon this fall), I did run in the Providence United Healthcare Half marathon last weekend. My goal for the first of the year was under 1:55 and I was able to run it in 1:50 with even splits.

  521. Tom Groenhof

    Last race was Cooper River Bridge Run 10k. Next race is tomorrow morning at the 5/3 River Bank Run 10k in Grand Rapids. June 8 is my first tri at the Grand Rapids Tri, Goals are to finish in a respectable time.

  522. My goal is to make the podium in my age group at the Independence Triathlon on June 1st.

  523. David

    Last Race = DNF; next race Burlington VT 26.2. Goal BQ < 3:24:59

  524. Sharon Root

    My next planned race is The Superhero 1/2 Marathon in New Jersey on Sunday, May 18th. My goal is to finish, coming in in less than 3 hrs. I know that is a very slow time for most of your readers, but I hope to best my NJ 1/2 Marathon time two weeks ago which was 3:01:11.

  525. Anthony Gresset

    Last Race = DNF. Condromalaccia :s

  526. Ekutter

    Bend OR High Cascade Challenge, 100 mi mtn bike race. Just want to finish with a smile.

  527. Eugene

    RunMelbourne half coming up at the end of July
    will be more of a fitness test to see where i am rather than an all out slog
    anything mid to high 1:30’s will do

  528. Ricky Roberts

    A Duathlon in the Texas summer heat. My plan is to beat my time from last year.

  529. Adam Hollingworth

    My last race was the Coast to Coast Multisport Race from the West to the East of New Zealand. Far too many hours went by (around 17) before i stumbled across the finish line. Im considering formally retiring from exercise, hence no current future race planned!

  530. Malcolm

    Racing North Face 50 in Katoomba, Australia this weekend, aiming for a top 10 finish overall.

  531. Curtis Stalter

    10k in July – hoping to go sub 40m

  532. Ben M

    My next race is the Mothers Day Classic in Melbourne, Australia. This is an 8km run (or walk) supporting breast cancer research. Most people where something pink 🙂 I’ll be happy with any time under 40mins! Depends on how crowded it is!

  533. Maren

    Ogden UT half marathon next Saturday. Under 2 hrs. Hoping for great weather since it poured last year.

  534. Joe

    Oakdale duathlon. Oakdale, mn. Sub 1:05:00 which would be a PB.

  535. Graham Hammell

    Finished my 14th IM Australia last weekend, 10:41, happy with that. Cheers.

  536. Joe

    33k TT on June 1. I’d love to go 24+mph.

  537. Betsy

    I recently participated in the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler in DC. I was my first time taking part and I loved every minute of it! I’ll be cycling in a century ride in Hanover, NH and through Vermont (my 4th time) in July. I’m trying to get my miles up over the next two months in preparation!!

  538. Vincent Huard

    Haven’t done any race yet…but the goal is to do one next year after I loose the extra weight!

  539. jean

    a 10k in july, in less than 40 min.

  540. Hany

    Haven’t raced since college,but I do join a local ride in the SF bay area that cruises at 45 kph, with attacks and sprints. So that sort of a race. I got my butt kicked. Does that count?

  541. Tyler

    “Running with the Cows” Half-Marathon in Bucyrus, Kansas. Finally break 1:45!!

  542. Rob Zolnowski

    local Crit race, finish with the main pack.

  543. Helen

    Half-marathon last weekend. Maybe another one in August???

  544. David Altmaier

    Thanks for the opportunity. My next “big” race is hopefully my first marathon in April of 2015, the Country Music Marathon in Nashville, TN. The goal is to get to the starting line healthy.

  545. Tyler Bjorhus

    Oakdale Duathlon, tomorrow (5/10), goal is top 10 overall and top in my age group.

  546. Trevor

    BQ.2 marathon to qualify for Boston. 9 more minutes. I can do it!

  547. Oscar Menzer

    Last race was the Tar Heel 10 Miler in Chapel Hill, NC. Awesome race, crushed my goal of 65:00 by running just under 62:00.
    I’m leaving in July for a 28-day outward bound course and would love to bring a GoPro camera along for the ride!

  548. Robert

    Twisted Ankle Half-Marathon. To walk away from it.

  549. Justin k

    Breezy point triathlon, june 1st. Want to better my time from last year

  550. Billrush

    Almonzo 100 gravel race. Spring Valley Minnesota 7000 feet of climb. Survive it

  551. Nick14

    Olympic Tri on June 1. Hope to finish top 15 overall

  552. Christian

    Next race is a half-marathon next weekend. Just raced another half-marathon last weekend and then have a Corporate Challenge three miler four days after the HM – so while I’d like to kill this next race, I have to save something and just make it a training run.

  553. Wong Shoon Hooi

    Last race was Borneo Half Marathon with a time of 1hr 59min 52sec

  554. Dan

    Rock Hall Sprint. Goal -> beat last year’s time.

  555. Fernando

    Thanks a lot for your blog, Ray: awesome effort on your end, great experience on ours.

    My next race is Nike We Run Buenos Aires / Half Marathon, in June 8th, and a goal of 1hr 55min.


  556. Hans

    Just got cleared for running again after my injury. So I will sign up for the Pacifica half trail marathon. Yeah!

  557. Sean

    Spartan sprint Mont Tremblant, May 24th.

  558. Dustin

    Last Sunday I completed the Minnetonka Half Marathon with a PR of 1:47:02. This was a 19 second pace improvement. A great day, and a great race by Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota!

  559. kelsey

    My next race is a half ironman next week near new york city and my goal is to survive the bike leg!!

  560. Acatri St

    90mi ride counting for fat reduction program


    Mount Tremblant 70.3 in June 22nd 2014.

  562. Tony

    Looking for a sub 1:50 half at the Brewers Mini Marathon.

  563. Sebastian

    My next race is Hawaii 70.3 (Honu). This is my 4 time doing this race and would like race better than I did last year. It’s always hard to predict goal times just because conditions always vary based on Mother Nature. Goal is to have fun and enjoy some Mai Tais while I’m at it. 🙂

  564. Colin waugh

    No planned races right now. Ran a marathon last February, went ok for my 1st one but will need to find a course with less hills next time

  565. Ben Lawson

    My last race was September 2013 – Ironman Muskoka 70.3. An intentional DNF after the bike, I wasn’t yet recovered from a full Ironman three weeks before..

  566. Josh Longney

    IM Texas this coming weekend. 9.30 would be a great race.

  567. Mark

    Last race was my first half marathon, it never got above freezing and was a blast.

  568. Jason B.

    My next race is on Memorial Day, 5 mile Hill Climb/Trail race.

  569. xzolien

    last race was supposed to be a HM, bad weather caused it to be shortened to 10km. Next will be a HM in June, hopefully the weather will be good 🙂

  570. Joey Mastropietro

    Last race was IM Florida 70.3, wind and hills on bike crushed me and made for a slow run… Next race is Echo Half Marathon in Cent Florida in 4 weeks, looking for a PR and some redemption on a good run!!!

  571. Mike

    Rivercities Tri, August 3rd. Was on the wait list last year and found out I had to have surgery on race day the same day I found out I had gained entry in the race. First race since that day.

  572. Phil

    Ottawa Race weekend half marathon (May 25th), gunning for 1:40-1:45… If I win (ha! Who am I kidding I never win these sort of things…), I’m jonesing for a new Garmin 620!

  573. Bart Girdwood

    Coffman YMCA Mini -Sprint Triathlon May 11th. This is my first triathlon ever after literally starting to learn how to swim in November 2013. Goal: 1:30.

  574. Joe

    Only one planned event is the tripple bypass this summer… Probably do another event just not sure which one yet…

  575. Peter

    Live Ultimate Run LA 5/25

  576. Toby

    Next race is the Delaware Gran Fondo, 18th May , first time to ride 100km.

  577. Jef vachon

    Went last week on my first 5k. Did 28m30. Don’t have any other official run this summer. Although i might do 5k at Montréal Oasis with my girlfriend.

  578. Chris

    Richmond Marathon this fall! Goal is to PR by 35 minutes.

  579. Stepan

    My next race is a half marathon in Olomouc in the Czech republic on the 21st of June and I’d like to finish it under 1:35.

  580. Cynthy

    Have a 5k this weekend!!

  581. Sean

    My next race is a 21.1km at the Calgary Marathon on June 1st. My goal at this point is just to finish. I’m dealing with, but slowly recovering from, hip and knee issues.

  582. Chris Tallman

    Kansas City Triathlon, Sprint Distance, 5/18
    Go fast and run sub 24min

  583. Mike

    Next race on the Calendar is the IronHorse Half Marathon, my “C” Goal is sub 1:30. Really just using is as a GMP Rune

  584. Tim C

    Ironman Hawaii in October. Fingers crossed for a sub-10 if Pele allows it.

  585. Kristy Lahoda

    Looking forward to Challenge New Albany!

  586. Ed St. John

    ITU Chicago olympic is 1st up on the way to IM WI in the fall. I’m taking it as a B race so no real target. Will go on feel not time.

    Not looking forward to the water temp. The lake is still in the upper 30s. . . . . .

  587. Anders

    One of the planned races I have coming is the Terry Fox Run in Edmonton on Sept 14 and I’m hoping to do the 10k.

  588. Brian

    Peachtree Road Race 10k in Atlanta on July 4th. Under an hour.

  589. Greg Brown

    DK (Dirty Kanza) 200, June 1, and I will be racing the sun.

  590. John Heitzman

    Green Bay 1/2 Marathon May 18 1:08

  591. Colin

    Next race is Barrie tri in August. Let’s see if we can go faster than last time.

  592. Jennifer Cook

    Next race on the calender is the Muncie September Olymipic Triathlon on September 7th. Main goals for the race: conquer my fear of open water swimming and improve my overall bike speed.

  593. Attila

    Escape from Alcatraz June 1st

    Bringing lumix again for more in water shots.

  594. tamoneya

    Next race is the morgan hill sprint triathlon next weekend. They almost canceled it due to drought and they had to move it to a totally new location. It will be interesting to see how things work out logistically. Plan for the race is to just go and have fun.

  595. Thomas

    Next race is Zermatt Ultramarathon. July 5. Goal is to have fun and finish.

  596. Carrie Woline

    Tomorrow! A 75-mile relay from Jefferson to Des Moines, Iowa. Our 6-person team’s first goal is to have a blast!

  597. Troym220

    steeple chase 8K, May 3. 45:45, negative split.

  598. Brian

    Next race is against myself, sub 1.40 half marathon distance is the somewhat unrealistic goal.

  599. Jenn

    Bay to Breakers in San Francisco on 5/18! Should be fun! Not really going for time but hoping to finish at least 1:20 or faster.

  600. Frank Z

    I’m racing this sunday, Mother’s Day, at the Benghazi Open in Melbourne Australia. I hope to finish on the podium

  601. Sion E

    Monte Rio tri in June, although I haven’t signed up yet. If not confirmed for Vineman 70.3 in July.

  602. Larry

    Next race is tomorrow 5/10- The Troutdale Trot. (6.7 miles) The first mile is uphill, part of which is too steep to run (for me), then it’s back downhill and a run along the Sandy river. The forecast is for cold and wet and it will be way colder down by the river. Bring it on!

  603. Jane M

    My next race is a 10k in Baie-St-Paul, Charlevoix (Québec)
    My goal is 46 min.

  604. Mikey

    Last event was Tour of St. George. Next event is my first half marathon, goal is to finish period.

  605. Kenneth Kwok

    Training for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon in July. My 3rd FM since returning to running in 2012, modest target of 4:45.

  606. Gail

    Escape from Alcatraz! Goals — jump off the damn boat. Don’t cry on the big hills. Run at least part of every staircase. Look great at the finish.

  607. Brett Ba

    Chi marathon. Goal 3:30 or less

  608. My next race is a 10k on June 1st. I’m looking to run it under 1:05!

  609. Clint

    Bark in the Park 5k, dog shelter charity in Eugene, Oregon, May 18th. I hope to finish without re-injuring my ankle:)

  610. Ganabu

    Here in Australia we have The North Face 100km and 50km on next Saturday… I’m in for the 50km… On nowhere near enough training! Should be fun!

  611. Michael R

    I’ll be doing Escape the Cape on May 31 in Onset, MA. First race of the season and second Tri, so I’m just looking to put forth a good effort and set a good precedent the my other races this season.

  612. Austin Robinson-Coolidge

    I’m running the Urban Wildland half marathon in August and hoping to break 1:40.

  613. Alan Moore

    Centurion Horseshoe – plan to stay with the lead group and maybe surprise myself and a few others by being there at the end ready for a sprint. 21 June, 75 mile rolling course – hopefully the hours on my Kickr with Trainerroad will pay off!

  614. Mike in EverWet

    Seattle Rock n Roll this June, something under 1:50 for the half.
    On the “shuffle”, Swimming to Antarctica by Lynne Cox had some good tips along with an amazing story.

  615. Stephen Reid

    Perth Australia. City2Surf Marathon. Sub 3:30 would be nice.

  616. Brian Brink

    Heartland Olympic Tri in Sebring, FL in mid June. It will be my first Tri since breaking my back training for an ironman. Damn drivers! But I still want to break 2:30.

  617. Lisa

    TexasMan Sprint last weekend. Went great!!!!! Haven’t decided on my next one yet.

  618. LDL

    Next race is the Brooklyn Half Marathon
    Goal is to beat my boyfriend’s boss!!!

  619. Andy

    Ottawa Marathon, May 25th, aiming for sub-3:10…

  620. Jim Cansler

    Longhorn HIM. Goal is sub 6:00

  621. Josh Schroeder

    Not technically a race, since it won’t be timed, but the Gran Fondo Badlands in Drumheller, Alberta at the end of June.

  622. Chelsea Willes

    Cool, thanks for doing this. My next race is the Sand Hollow olympic tri at the end of this month. I guess my goals are for my son to successfully complete his first tri (he is 6) and I would like to come in under 2:45. Also, I would really like to have a new gadget with me when I do it 😉

  623. ivan

    mi última carrera ha sido la “Cursa de Bombers” de barcelona, una carrera con un encantó especial y muy rápida

  624. Tri for Humanity Texas Sprint Championship this Sunday! Goal is to help get the Team Title back for Brian Loncar Racing Team and hopefully podium in doing so.

  625. Tyler

    Next race is my first half marathon on May 17th @ Geist Reservoir. Goal is sub 2:00. Part of my training for Muncie 70.3 in July!

  626. Tammy Tse

    Next race will be 2014 Osaka Marathon in October (ballot results to be announced in early Jun. if I can’t get in Osaka, I will try Beijing Marathon.). Will be my third FM. Goal is to break my record of 4 hr 22 min in February’s Hong Kong Marathon. Training through the hot summer in Hong Kong will be tough.

  627. Sean

    Tour Das Hugel – finish it

  628. Olivier Caza-Lapointe

    Ottawa marathon…May 25th…3h05 or better to qualify for Boston!!

  629. Neil

    The next race is my running club’s 10K on July 12, but I just registered for the Philly Marathon on November 23. My goal there is a BQ.

  630. Armand

    18.05. Riga Marathon. Goal 3:30.

  631. Scott P. Roberts

    Memorial Day 5k in Novi, MI. Best time at 5k’s 22 min. Shooting for a sub-20?
    Flying to Michigan to participate in my sister-in-laws wedding with our four kids. Oldest two and my wife are in the wedding. I will be in the lobby with the youngest two, doing my Dadly duty!

    My family will spend the day together Monday for the race, parade, cook-out, and other festivities.
    $400$ Very generous, Mr. Ray. Thanks and congratulations to the winner and Ray in advance.

  632. Jeremy

    Possibly a 5k this month where I’ll be happy to get close to last year’s time. Otherwise a sprint tri in June where I won’t fall apart on the run 🙂

  633. Devin

    Boston half marathon run to remember May 25. Goal is to enjoy it.

  634. TJ

    Peachtree Road Race. July 4th in Atlanta, GA

  635. Dave

    My spring race is on the 18th– the Colfax Marathon here in Denver– and I’d consider anything below 3:15 a good day!

  636. Jason

    Next Sunday (5/18) CLE 1/2 marathon. First 1/2 ever with the goal to have fun and finish…sub 2hr would be nice. Thanks for a great website!

  637. Peter

    Next race is the Test of Metal, 67k mtb race in Squamish, BC. Goal is sub 4:30

  638. michael khamsot

    been training for Seattle to Portland (STP) happening on 7/12/2014!
    Goal is to have fun and make new friends and finished it off with beers!

  639. Matthew Kagan

    The nautica malibu Olympic triathlon in September. I’d like to finish sub 3hrs.

  640. My next race will be the Monza half marathon (which will be run between the Formula 1 autodrome and the park just outside), I’d like to run under 1:40′

  641. Charlie G

    Tri-State Spartan Sprint in tuxedo, ny! 5/31

    The goal: finish without many burpees and with my best buddy who just got out of the marines.


  642. Matt

    Most likey 3 Ring Circus, MTB, Wingello, NSW in July for fun.

  643. JT

    My first race will be June 1st in Central Park, the Celebrate Israel Run, a 4 miler that I hope to finish in at least 33 minutes.

  644. Julia

    Bay to Breakers! 12k, with a friend who’s new to running so my goal is to just get her to the finish line!

  645. Jonathan

    La TriEvents #2. Iit’s tomorrow 5/10. My goal is to not run out of gas on the run.

  646. Frode Efteland

    I lost my GoPro in a cab in Madrid for a couple of weeks ago. Never saw it again.
    Today: a very long ride with my local bike team, prepping for a 6h team race.

  647. DanL

    Thanks for the chance! Hoping to get back into the cyclocross season here in northern California by Oct — local awesome unsanctioned races that I somehow still have trouble jumping into. Does CT offer a time machine?

  648. Matt D

    I am training for my first marathon in Auckland NZ in September… followed by my first Ironman. Hoping for a sub 3:30 marathon… but who knows!

  649. Josh Oliver

    My next Race will be University Games in Sydney! It’ll be a crit and like always a win would be a great result, but considering I think a top ten would be fantastic!

  650. Mike

    Ironman Malaysia trying to break 10h.

  651. Bruce

    Last race: Western States 100 – fun race on a beautiful day,10th time sub-24 hrs, 32 years after my first.

  652. Ben

    Raced collegiate nationals, and it was a blast!

  653. Marc Dietenmaier

    Amadé Radmarathon, Austria, 18th May, 146 km with 2200 VA

  654. Leonard

    The next race will be a 4em
    I will race with a friendwho just started running and loosing weight. So my goals is to escort her to the finish. The time is not important. The finishing is. 🙂

  655. Mathieu

    Grand Prix de Berne, Switzerland. Today!

  656. Michael Swann

    Not so much a race, but a timed fun run for me in September – 12 km City to Bay here in Adelaide, Australia. If I walk it, the goal will be to better the time I set last time of 1:47:24. Maybe I’ll run it this year if I do enough training beforehand to get my body used to running.

  657. rohit

    Greetings from India. Love your site and work.. I plan to take part in the half iron man race Hyderabad triathlon in october. The goal is to do it under 7 hours

  658. Arno

    Last race was a cyclocross race, next race will be cyclocross as well in September.

  659. Todd

    Eagleman 70.3. (In order of priority): Have fun. Qualify for pro license.

  660. jonrdt

    Last disney half finished.

    Looking for something to register for.

  661. owen

    Ironman Coeur D’Alene. Goal: have fun and Go under 11 hours.

  662. Andrea

    Next race will be between me and my countryside road near my home. Or perhaps a 32 km race in Cortina (Italy) at the beginning of June…

  663. shayde

    Last race of the season was the Wellington Crazyman multi sport event. Entered the teams duathlon, I did the bike leg and we came in 1st place. Cheers.

  664. Hoang Nguyen

    Ironman Texas May 17th. This is my first triathlon and Ironman. Goal is to finish before midnight!

  665. florin

    Next road race: 17 may. Romania.
    I want to finish in the first 20%.:)

  666. Kasper Vainio

    Helsinki City Run (half marathon) today. My goal is 1:45-1:50.

  667. Robin schwartz

    Snoqualmie Valley Half Marathon. June 21st. Goal is to finish before dark!

  668. Chester Loke

    Rock and Roll Half Marathon, Oct 26. The goal is sub 1:55.

  669. Przemek Mycek

    Warsaw Marathon, end of September, goal is to be on finish line below 3 hours.

  670. water

    My next race will be osaka marathon in Japan. My goal is sub 4.

  671. Andrew

    Sydney Half Marathon next Sunday. Aiming for under 2 hours.

  672. Ursula Lenseele

    No race in sight but I keep running 3 times a week. My goal is to keep this pace.
    Tx for your website !

  673. Robert

    I’m hitting up Bay to Breakers with my 4 year old on the 18th of May. Always an interesting time. More excited for Escape for Alcatraz this year, however. Finally succeeded on a raffle.

  674. A.Coward

    The SeaWheeze Half Marathon in Vancouver, BC. Goal is 1:50. Good luck to everyone!

  675. Harry

    My last one was ” de grote beek loop” in eindhoven, NLD. I ran a new PR. After struggling to get back on track because of a hip injury.
    I ran it with two friends who pulled/pushed me towards my 8km best time ever.

  676. Julian Doak

    Mother’s Day Classic 10k, Canberra – 11th May, goal is to finish the run in time to walk the 5k with my daughter.

  677. Osbert

    Hi Ray,

    03 August 2014, Cebu Cobra Half Ironman. It’s going to be hot, hilly and epic.

  678. Kiwi Al

    Next race is Ibigawa marathon in Japan in November. Goal is to go under 4 hours.

  679. L.Murph

    Completed the London Marathon in 2:45 with a fractured foot – having to take a bit easier for a while now!

  680. Helder Rodrigues

    My first triathlon on 6th July 1,9kms, 90kms hilly, 21kms. Triatlo Longo de Caminha. I have no idea about the time it will take me hope it won’t take more than 6.30h.

  681. Murray Jones

    Tauhara off road mountain half marathon. First weekend in July (NZ Winter) First running event back since injury post the same event last year. Aim is to get back to some degree of running form

  682. Paul

    Outlaw Half (70.3 distance) next up, goal is to get round safely after a break of 10 years from this distance!

  683. Shane McCartney

    I didn’t see my entry from earlier, so I’ll write it again. My next event is a charity ride for hemophilia, from San Francisco to San Diego, and since I am still a newbie of a rider, I just want to finish stronger than most…

  684. blacky

    St. Polten half ironman end of May. Sub 6 would be great.

  685. Erik Rosegard

    Training for the Dipsea – the oldest trail race in America (1905). I’m hoping for invitational status (top 750 runners) in the 7.4-mile race from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach, CA.

  686. Dries

    Hi Ray! On the 18th of May I’ll be running the Brussels 20k (Belgium). Looking to finish around the 1h15 mark.

  687. Brad R

    Kendallville sprint tri. Shooting for under 1:10 and 1st in age group.

  688. speggio

    is this the post with the highest number of comments?
    Anyway, Outlaw 70.3 on 1/6/2014….under 6hrs…..


  689. faspi

    my first 10km two weeks ago, finished in 54:12!

  690. Ricky

    No future races, just finished the Canberra Marathon a month ago with a 2 min PB.

  691. Jamie G

    Gulf Coast Half Ironman – If everything lines up under 5hrs for the first time

  692. Rainer

    70.3 Zell am See, Austria on the 31.Aug. First Time Half IronDistance so modest Goal of Sub 5 😉

  693. Ememone

    My last race: Polmaraton Warszawski 30/03/2014, 01:48:40, my first half-marathon race…

  694. Gleb Gotgelf

    My last was Marathon Tel Aviv with 3:21 and then, while training for my first triathlon, I broke the collarbone. So my plan for this year is to get back to the bike and complete the Olympic tri distance.

  695. Semih

    Considering trying my first sprint tri in late August.

  696. Daniel K.

    My plan ist to finish my first Marathon this year on the 19th of October in Magdeburg, Germany. I would like to stay below 4h.
    Thanks to you and your work!

  697. Iain

    As I am injured this season I won’t race until Sept but my last race was the Ely Monster Middle where I PBd with a 5:49 for a 70.3 – very happy with that as in 2009 (at my first 70.3) my time was 8:53

  698. Lance Reynolds

    Next race will be with the local cycle club, goal will be just to finish.

  699. Jeroen

    Run my first 30km trail (the UHT) before the end of the year. Slowly adding km’s to my half marathon. …

  700. kilo


    I’m doing a 206km ride around Lake Balaton, Hungary on May 31. Planning to ride easy & chatting, around 6:30.
    Too bad I miss the Giro’s Zoncolan stage this way 🙁

  701. makoto

    I would like to enter Tokyo Marathon 2015!

  702. George Christidis

    First bike race since knee injury in early June in Greece.

  703. Gary O'Brien

    Sprint tri in Dublin, Ireland at the end of May. My first. Goal is just to finish. Credit would be good so I could get a GPS that I don’t have to stuff under my swim hat 🙂

  704. Luca

    I’m preparing for my first half marathon next fall.
    I still don’t know exactly when or where….

  705. Paul

    Well last race was quite a while ago – Detroit Marathon 2012. Hoping to do an Xterra tri this year if time permits with new baby!

  706. Du.Nico

    Nice triathlon in september 2014, currently trainning and it’s hard 🙂

  707. Tonny Madsen

    My next race is a 15 km taper before Copenhagen Marathon next week. If it will just stop raining, then it will be fantastic!

  708. Christian

    Copenhagen Marathon next weekend. Would love to brake 3 hours!

  709. Ray

    Last race was the Prague half marathon in April, finished in a new PB of 1:29. Thanks for the great site and giveaways!

  710. David

    Sunday next week – Crystal Palace Sprint Tri in London. Aiming for top 5 in AG (we can all dream a little right).

  711. Greg Emerson

    Coming back from a 30 year hiatus from running and a Achilles tear, so my next race will be the first since my late twenties and will be a half-marathon on Oct. 19th in Bar harbor, Maine.

  712. Anne

    My your next planned race Petra desert in Jordan. Finish this adventure race. Distance I will go for is a half marathon distance

  713. Brice Jeanty

    My next race is Troyes half marathon tomorrow , goal under 1:45

  714. MarkusM

    Ironman 70.3 St. Pölten, Austria, in 2 weeks. I hope to finish around 4:3x’ish. Swimming is fine, running should be OK, but cycling needs attention in the next days… Still need an extra km/h to reach my goal. Will be my first Ironman event!

  715. Mike P

    First 50k at some point this year, still to choose where in the UK or Central Europe – aiming at getting through it nicely.

  716. My next race will be Prague International Marathon tomorrow. And my goal is 3:39:59 or better. It will be hard to do but it’s possible.

  717. JTMFP

    First tri of the season is on 25 May at Arundel in West Sussex here in the UK! Goal is to beat my times from last year!

  718. Tri Guy

    Just finish my 1st M triathlon in Deauville (France) on June 15th.

  719. Well, my chances aren’t looking good coming in somewhere around 3000th here, but my next race is The Race Against Poverty 5K in Chambersburg, PA. The goal is to not fall on my face while filming.

  720. Aaron Ainsworth

    Capital of Dreams Olympic Triathlon… goal somewhere around 2:00:00-2:10:00… just getting back into racing after a 2 year hiatus

  721. T O Leary

    Schull , west Cork , June 7th
    aim is to stay 100 m ahead of my siblings all race.

  722. HyBry

    My next planned race would be Kapa 2014 (a 3-day orienteering competition in Latvia) where I would like to score at least 75% (winners time/my time). In addition to that I plan to take part in my first trail running competion and do my first half marathon in less than 1h 45min some time bofore year end.

  723. Chuck Lee

    My next planned race is on the last Saturday of September. It’s the Virginia 10 Miler in Lynchburg, Virginia. Goal is to finish in less than 80 minutes.

  724. Steve

    My next planned race is an intermediate distance triathlon followed by a sprint distance triathlon. It’s called the delta lake double and will take place in July of this year in Rome, NY. Both triathlons take place on the same course and are completed in succession. My goal is to place in my age group.

  725. Karl BIlleter

    Not exactly a race, but that would be Amy’s Gran Fondo, Great Ocean Road, Australia. In 2012 4hr25min, last year 4hrs, will try for 3hr 30 this year.

  726. My next is the Wiggle Magnificat Sportive on July 13th, Being my first and having only been cycling for 18 months, My aim is to finish in the top 40% of people as there are a few hills in this one.

  727. Dave

    Sprint triathlon (400yds/10.2miles/3.1miles). Goal: break 1:10

  728. Michael E

    Triathlete and having the blast!
    New to the game, but do sure like the improwing fitness 🙂

  729. Boris P.

    Next friendly race in one month with my Girl when I’ll meet her in Austria, hilly forests North of Vienna. 20k running & 60k cycling.
    Objective… not letting her blow my heart…

    Thanks for the very nice blog !

  730. Saif

    Chicago Half Marathon in September. I’m hoping to do it around 1:45

  731. Katherine

    I’m running the Komen 5K next Saturday with family and friends. More a fun run and raising money for a good cause!

  732. kp

    10k mixed terrain race next week, nursing a flu. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best

  733. Alex

    Not for a while but King of the Harbour Surfski race in NZ, aim to improve on last time and maintain a constant >10kmhr pace.

  734. Hans Bloch-Kjaer

    My next race is Aarhus 70.3 ironman in june 2014.

  735. Pedro Vicente

    Hello Ray,

    My next race will be: XXII Triatlo do Ambiente – Oeiras – Portugal.
    I’m hoping to do it under 40mn (supersprint).


  736. Rub

    The Alpe d’Huez triathlon in July 31st, short distance.
    No time goal, the only objective being to finish in front of Ray 😉

  737. ivan

    mi próxima carrera será alguna de 10km y el objetivo es mantenerme por debajo de los 50

  738. Next race for me is IMFL in November. I have a distracting few months ahead, so my goal is to nail my workouts week after week so that I arrive at the beach feeling solid.

  739. Callenge Roth, July 20. Goal to cross the line.

  740. Jeremy

    Wellington Tri, Crowthorne UK, early August – 400m, 32km, 10km. Hoping for a sub-2hr time, but expecting closer to 2:15.

  741. Hoping to just be able to finish the Maine State Triathlon in August as a post operative goal from glaucoma eye surgery this April.

  742. Luis

    Next big race is Berlin marathon. Hoping for 3.10 but first Mara so will be happy with just a good solid run!

  743. M.Bern

    My next planned race is the 10k North vs South (Madrid, 2014/06/15)(link to lacarrerademadrid.com).
    The goal is to go below 45m.

  744. Derek

    Next race is probably a sprint tri in Fernandina Beach, FL in mid June. Its the same course as my first tri three years ago, so I’m excited to see how much progress I’ve made. The main goal is obviously to beat my original time, but haven’t really set a specific time goal yet.

  745. Camille

    My next race is the Brooklyn Half Marathon. My goal is to finish under 2:30.

  746. John

    Alcatraz June 1st, just tri hard 🙂

  747. Paul

    My next Tri is the Bristol Harbourside tri on June 29th. My goal is to complete the swim without being eaten by rats!

  748. Stephan

    last race was in September 2013. Came in 1st in the paracycling division.

  749. gerard belgrave

    My next race will be the Ottawa 1/2 marathon, and I’ll be aiming to dip under 1h40m.

  750. Jason Nede

    next race will be the trail the aiguilles rouges. 50k trailrun I hope to finish top 10%. Better start training soon and hope the shin-splint doesn’t pop up again.

  751. Charlie Watson

    My next scheduled race is a 5K benefiting the local school’s education foundation, the Shorebreak 5K in Avon, NC on Memorial Day.

  752. Winter here in Oz now, but Nepean in November want to be there for a friend to finish his race John Maclean

  753. Mark Visser

    The next race for PR will be the IJsselsteinloop (half marathon) where the plan is to hit 1;37:00

  754. Cam Bremner

    TriAthy Ireland, 31st May, hope to beat my 2:36 best 🙂

  755. Shari F

    June 21st, Philly Tri and my 16 month olds first race. They have a baby dash

  756. Anthony Gen

    Taupo half IM. Early Dec 2014. 6 hrs is goal.

  757. Adam Neilson

    Next race is Montrose Sprint Triathlon (triangus.com) on 1st June. Goal is to finish without any injuries flaring up/being too hungover from my football teams Player’s Night the day before. But a PB would be nice too!

  758. Simon

    BAA 10k on June 22, 40 min or less…

  759. marc

    My next race is a local road race. I’m not targeting anything special, just a preparation for the mid summer race.

  760. Kristen

    Falmouth Sprint triathlon, finish it!

  761. Paul

    Berlin Marathon sub 3:45.

  762. Svenn-Ivar

    This Sunday, a 120k local road race, in less than 4 hours 🙂

  763. stijn

    Next race will be the Antwerp 1/4 triathlon on 13/7, no goals, just participating for fun and to get an idea time wise for future races 🙂

  764. Next up: Metaman Half in Bintan, Indonesia. Aiming for 6hrs 30mins for 70.3 race

  765. Guy

    18Thieu of May, 1/8 triathlon of ter Aar. Aside of having fun, the goal is below 1hr05min.

  766. Thomas G

    Next race is Thursday at my local crit series. Goal is to finish!

  767. Jake bugno

    Going to do a local 5k “color run” with the wife. My goal is to not get any color stuff in my mouth.

  768. Javier Perez

    We were initially planning to participate in B2R Munich, a race for companies and their employees, mid-July. We may choose something different this year….
    Objective: survive it, after our twins were born in December I haven’t done much physical training…

  769. Henry Wang

    Syracuse 70.3 – Goal is to go sub 5:30

  770. Stephan

    I plan on racing a local sprint here in Columbus, OH. Not many (if any) races here in the city, so hoping to enjoy it!

  771. Esther

    We are going to do the night run in the park next to our House at 16 May.
    Not an goal, just for fun!!

  772. Ray Weber

    Going to do an indoor 50K at the end of June. My goal is to survive running around a 200 meter track that many times.

  773. Lee

    Monumental marathon. First marathon. Finish is my first goal. Second goal would be to qualify for Boston.

  774. Lars

    I’m registered for the Rheinauhafen Triathlon in Cologne, June 1st. It’s a 3 km swim, followed by 40,5 km bike and finally a 15 km run – I’ll try to do it in 3:30 h.

    • Adam borah

      9mo since I blew out my acl, tore bilateral menisci, and damaged articular cartilage. Next race will be aqua-bike or what ever it is called for sure.

  775. Mathias Sdun

    Merida Mtb in September 55k at 2½ – 3 hours.

  776. Mehul Gala

    I will be doing the weekly training race in Westlake. While hanging on for dear life, I will be trying to move around the field comfortably.

  777. John

    Boise Ironman 70.3 in 4 weeks; My goal is to finish under 6:15.

  778. David

    Olympic distance tri, Labor Day weekend, Brighton Mi. Goal: faster than last year.

  779. Adam Borah

    9mo since I blew out my acl, tore bilateral menisci, and damaged articular cartilage. Next race will be aqua-bike or what ever it is called for sure.

  780. Yuri

    I planned Olympic tri in Bronnitsy, Russia on 29th of June but broke my collarbone. Hope to be fully recovered by August to take part in Olympic tri in Kazan, Russia and sprint in Moscow. The biggest start of the year for me will be Moscow marathon on 21st of September.

  781. Keith

    The Bristol 10K is tomorrow and I’ll be happy with coming in under 50 minutes.

  782. Rich Green

    London Olympic Open Tri in Hyde Park, Sunday June 1st. Under 2:30 and I’ll be pleased 🙂

  783. Bivey

    Thanks for all of your hard work on the site. I’m running a trail 1/2 marathon this morning! First trail race for me. Some big juicy hills to help get ready for IMBoise next month, also a first. Going to have a blast out there today. Wildflowers in bloom in the gorgeous state of Washington.

  784. Rich

    Everyday is a race to fitness!

  785. JonasB

    Next race is a 10k local night run end of July. The goal is below 45 minutes.

  786. Mountains2Beach Marathon, Ventura, California on Ma 25th. This will be a training run for the Utah Valley Marathon, since it was the most downhill marathon that I could find. It will be more of an experiment than a race.

  787. gdrs

    Kaunas Half. Will try to run sub 1:30 🙂

  788. Alice

    a complicated recovery from an accident means i will only race against my own limitations in the near future

  789. Will Moore

    Jekyll Island Turtle Crawl in a week! The goal for this race is to beat my time for an olympic even though the bike course is 2 miles longer than standard.

  790. Claire

    My first ever race will be the Mumbai Monsoon Madness at the end of June. My goal is to finish the 5k!

  791. KenNie

    June 14th, 1/2 marathon in the great city of Odense, Denmark – Birthplace of the storyteller Hans Christian Andersen.

  792. Sebastian

    Thursday, 15th May I take part in a 3x5km relay race in Denmark at DTU

  793. Jussi

    Vätternrundan Sweden June 15th. To finish at speed of 30km/h.

  794. Grant Smith

    18th May, 100 mile cyclo sportive. Going to hurt!

  795. Vlad

    Next race Will be a 10k early june after I’ll finally recover from my knee injury. No goal but enjoying it.

  796. Jurassic

    May 17th Eton Sprint Triathlon

  797. enrique ortiz

    Running 1/2 marathon looking to lower personal PR 1:29

  798. Aaron

    Boise 70.3 Coach Alan hasn’t given me my goals yet. He controls my life….. would like to be 5:20 ish

  799. Rhett

    Haven’t been running much lately so my 5k goal for next Saturday is sub 30 minute.

  800. Renee

    In less than a month (june the 8th) I’ll be doing my very first triathlon. It’ll be the OD distance in Nieuw-West, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. My goal is to go all in an finish in sub 3:00!

  801. Erik Rubin

    Atlantic City HM, Oct 2014, goal to beat my PR

  802. Eric

    Capital City River Run Marathon – my goal is to finish, it will be my first marathon. Thanks!

  803. Mindz

    My last race was against the tram – i won!

  804. Ronald Wielink

    My next planned race is the 10k “AMC loop” in Amsterdam, NL. Although since it’s the same day as a Prince concert i’m not sure yet if this will fit in… Goal for the 10k would be 48:30 (realistically…).

  805. Derek

    American Triple T this weekend in Ohio! Goal is to survive.

  806. Tim

    Midnight 5k over Memorial weekend in preparation for the Bryce Canyon Half in July. My goal is to finish the 5k in under 30 min.

  807. David

    Montreal half-marathon in 1h30

  808. Samantha

    This season Im tackling my first Triathlon season. I had a super sprint on 5/4 where I came in under my goal and first in my age group. My next race, however is June 29th near Boston. It’s a sprint tri and my goal is to come in under 2 hours.

  809. Jason

    my last race was a local mountain bike race. The results were I had a lot of fun! 🙂

  810. MagicDude4Eva

    Last race was a 21K and in true rookie fashion broke myself with new running shoes – so now it is back to recovery and treadmill work until all the wobbly bits are working again 🙁

  811. Aaron

    I’m doing a 12km run in September, aiming for sub 54 mins.

  812. Jørn

    Nordmarka Rund, Oslo, Norway – goal 4h20m

  813. Ivan P.

    I’ll be racing the Columbia Triathlon for the benefit of the Ulman Cancer fund for Young Adults. Little injured so just looking to have a good time!

    Looking to get a sub-6hr at the inaugural Princeton 70.3 this year!

  814. Tor

    Going on a 40km mountain race up and down 7 different tops 5-6 hours is the target time, hopefully 😀

  815. Lester

    Beach to Beacon 10k in Maine, early August. Hope to break 35:00!

  816. christoph

    Last Weeks Hamburg Marathon 3:29:31.
    I wanted to run sub 3:30. Spot on 🙂

  817. Danny

    Next race for me is a small local fun-run called “Jollelauf”, just a 10k on sunday May 24th. After that, triathlon season starts for me with Woogsprint Triathlon in Darmstadt/Germany. Looking forward to these races very very much!

  818. Dan Wright

    Last race? That would be… 1991? I’m really here for the fitness band/watch reviews, which you do very well. I also read your travel writing. Running is not in my future, and I don’t like cycling. I love to swim, but not competitively any more.

  819. RJB

    24K Soapstone Mountain Trail Race in CT on May 18th. Depending on course conditions hoping for 135 minutes.

  820. Brent

    Vulcan Tinman. Swim a sub-9 minute pool swim. And then we’ll see

  821. I will be racing my first tri (sprint) ever Jun 22nd in Shreveport, La. My goal is to come in the top 25%. I know this is an ambitious goal for my first race but I’ve been training for awhile and I think I may just be able to pull it off.

  822. Robin Wade

    across the bay swim 10km swim in English Bay in about two and a half month, first training swim water temp 8C made it about 500 meters before the ice cream head over came will power

  823. Samantha Muir

    My most recent race was the Richmond Half marathon where I set a PB of 1:39:20! Ecstatic! .. Nothing booked in yet but hope to do another and lower the time further. Ultimate target – 1:30:00. Cheers

  824. Chou Li

    Well, tomorrow Barcelona’s Guardia Urbana 10K and aiming for a sub 47min.

  825. Márcio Navarro

    DC. Congratulations on the site, I follow you here in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil). Your work is awesome!

    My next race will be Mizuno Half Marathon in Salvador de Bahia (Brazil). Place on 28th of September.

    A big hug!

  826. Kelly Foss

    20 mile road race on April 13th. Went great until mile 5 when I crashed and broke my clavicle. Next race date? Unknown, but I’m hoping to get back on the bike ASAP. I miss it every day!!