A May Day Giveaway


While meticulously lining up the above action cameras for some underwater tests this week I realized that somehow I missed April on the giveaway plan.  I’ll blame the stingray for that, as clearly there’s no other explanation.  But don’t worry, I won’t forget June…after all, we all know what happens in June!  And with a massive ton of hot new gadgets on the market, I promise it’ll be EPIC!

And while it’s not technically May Day anymore, it is a day in May, thus one could technically still call this a May Day Giveaway (and I am).  But no matter what I call it – it’s still a giveaway, and that’s what counts!

So in order to get folks all spring’d up, it’s time to give some stuff away!  In this case, that’d be a $400 credit to Clever Training.  Which, is enough to cover any of the action cams above (including the GoPro that I took the photo with) – or, any other gadget they sell, like a new Garmin, Suunto or Polar unit.  Or you can use the credit towards a trainer or power meter.  Your choice.

To enter yourself in, simply leave a comment below with the following:

To Enter: Tell me your next planned race (location/rough date) and the goal for the race.  If you don’t have any planned races this year, then let’s go with the last race you competed and how it went.

Got it?  Go forth!

Entries will be accepted through Monday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (May 12th, 2014).  I’ll be you giving one device worth up to $400US from Clever Training.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday, depending on how sunburned I get at the beach on Monday.  One entry per person.  The winner can decide on which device after they win.  For devices/gadgets/gizmos over $400, the winner can pay the difference.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I’ve got a great partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10MHD or now via the VIP program.  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail (now closed).   No Easter bunnies allowed via this method. Mmmkay?  Thanks all!



  1. TimG

    Starting the offseason. Last race was Huskisson Long Course (Australia). I was very happy with the result – PB by around a minute over the same course as last year.

    • shmulik sk

      hey ray youre great, my race will be eyal race ill plan running the 15k at less than 1:20

    • Tim Hinchliffe

      My next race is on the 21st of June in Long Bennington Lincolnshire it’s the summer solstice 10k and any time under 50 minutes will be good.

    • Jerry Hicks

      I’m racing in the Hunter-Greene (Tannersville, NY) Spring Classic tomorrow! My goal is to land my first podium finish.

    • AndreasL

      I run Lindingö Ultra 50km Trail last Saturday. Next “real” race will be Mt. Sälen Marathon and Stockholm Triathlon in August.

      Thanks for a great blog, Dcrainmaker!

    • Happy Days

      Half Ironman Lanzarote. The goal is to finish at least one hour before the pros. If you think this is too optimistic you are right, so I’ll be happy to finish the race safely and enjoy the island with my gf. By the way I’m a positive person.

    • JP

      After my first marathon a couple of weeks ago, my next race will be a 10km, 1st June, with a target of finishing under 45 min

    • Martin

      My Nest Race will be my first ironman….IM Austria 29. June

    • Nicholas frenette

      Gran fondo new york in 10 days

    • Ran a sub 3 marathon in Hamburg last weekend. No future plans yet.

    • Fred wininger

      GoPro for me if I win…Thanks for the best tech reviews!

    • John J Stoveld

      Next race – Raleigh 70.3
      Goal – Qualify for worlds in the cut throat 30-34 age group.

    • Markus

      Thanks for a great website Ray.

      My next race is the Stockholm Marathon on June 6. My goal is to finally run sub-3 hours on that course.

    • Wojtak

      My next race tomorrow, 10km Run in Gdynia, Poland, aiming result around 0:45min


    • Morey000

      My last race is more interesting then my next. It was the Old Pueblo 50 mi endurance run. Winds were 30-40mph, it rained over 2 inches. Temps in the 40’s. Trail turned to mud, then became a creek. I was woefully underdressed. DNFed after 33mi due to hypothermia.

    • FrostByteVA

      How nice, just about the price of a V800 and my last watch just died. The timing would be most excellent!

      By the way, I love the blog… being a geek myself. Though you seem to have more toys.

    • Michael H

      My last race was the North Face Endurance Challenge New York Half Marathon, which was my first trail race. It was, by all accounts, a brutal course and a blast. My next races will be a local (Brooklyn) 5K series. And I think that will probably be the extent of my racing this summer.

    • Spartan Sprint in Tuxedo Park NY. Goal is to finish beating my previous time of 2:20 (which I did at Mt. Killington, VT last year). My next event is the Peachtree 10k in Atlanta on July 4th. My goal for Peachtree 10k is to beat my previous PR of 57:50 in the 10k. And then I really start to train for the Chicago Marathon in October. My goal for that is simply to finish. But I would like to beat 4:30:00.
      If I win I will use the camera/device in my training and report back on its usage!

    • Ann

      Next race is a nice, easy 5 miler in Germantown, MD. Looking for a time less than 50 minutes.

      Last big race was the Army 10 miler last October. Ran the last three miles with an asthma attack, but was NOT going to leave without the finisher coin.

    • Olivier

      Nyc marathon. Goal: have fun and under 4 hours

    • carl ahrendt

      My next race is on May 17th – Ironman Texas! (in The Woodlands, Texas). Since this is my first full distance Ironman event, my goal time is 13 hours.

    • Tom P

      I’ll be running the Minneapolis Marathon on 6/1/2014 and coming in top 100 would be pretty cool. Some new gear for the race will be nice!

    • Vincent C

      Tomorrow, 6km in the forest in the north of France (orienteering)

    • Eric Siebert

      My next race is the Leadville 100 MTB race on August 9th! Hoping for a sub 9 hour race…and the BIG buckle!!!

    • Janyne Kizer

      My next race is the Washington Olympic tri in Washington, NC at the end of June. I’m looking for a good swim there. I’ve been working on my swim a lot.

    • Adam C

      I am racing Escape from Alcatrez on June 1. I used your race report as a guide, thanks! Goal time of 2:30.

    • dboatrunner

      I’m planning on running the sporting life 10k this coming sunday in Toronto Ontario. My goal is to run it around 38:30 to 39:00.

    • David Stubbs

      Bristol half marathon. 10 year anniversary of my last one (which was also in Bristol). Goal to beat last time’s 1hr 57.

    • Jeff Tignor

      My big race this year will be the Kansas 70.3 in June.

    • NYC Marathon–goal of sub 3:15 for BQ ’16. Possibly a race before to BQ for ’15 after cramping in Boston and finishing 3:18…..

    • andrew

      Looking to go PR at my next 10K in 2 weeks!

    • Stephen Bilen

      My firest Triathlon is Deer Creek Olympic Triathlon on June 1st!Trying for about 3:00.

    • Fabian Gruber

      I never one a lucky draw in my life, but well….

      Next race: My first Hallfmarathon as part of the Penang Bridge Maraton in Penang, Malaysia. Still way to go, the race is in November, goal is survival and a time close to 2h 15min is sadly what I would currently aim at. But who knows, maybe I am much faster by then. 😉

    • chad mooney

      The next event coming up is traveling to Swaziland and helping out a small village, I have decided to step away from racing this year to help out. Before that I raced in Oceanside, CA. The race went well until my legs seized up on the run. Even though I worked through the cramps I was still able to manage a PR!

    • Jason Silvers

      Next race is a mountain bike race called Bump and Grind. I hope to not come in last place since it is my second race as a cat 1.

    • Hi Ray,
      Tomorrow, I ride the shark-Attack in Saalhauzen Germany, first a 270 km cardrive, then the marathon: 110 km 3200 HM, the weather is really bad… Rain mud cold windy…… Brrrrr , afterwards (approx 6hours) eat!!!!!, than 270 km back…
      Than a large tripple beer (La Chouffe) en sleep!

    • christine weisshaar

      Starting to wind down my racing season but have a fun 10k coming up next weekend! Not really sure if I’ll “race” vs. “run” it but hoping to do 49:00ish or less.

    • BryanRa

      LA Tri Series Event #2 – May 10 in San Dimas, CA. My goal is to finish top 10 in the series for my AG so likely means I need to make top 10 at the second of 3 events in the series since most the guys ahead of me at event #1 will be doing all three.

    • Melanie P

      May 17, Got the Nerve tri in Mount Gretna! My goal is to have my best swim time yet (5th year doing the race).

    • S Schott

      25K run race – hopefully @ a 7:15 pace!

    • Stijn

      No race planned, last race was a sprint tri in september.

    • JamesG

      Pumpkinman Triathlon on Sep 7th. The goal is to finish the race 1/2 hour quicker than my last time there (2 years ago). This is all on the back of coming back after breaking my leg in a bike accident 5 weeks before Placid last year.

    • Jonathan

      Last race was the Sole of the City 10K in Baltimore on April 12th.
      It was my first 10K race and I’ve only recently started running again after high school so I was pleased with my time of 46:07.6.

    • Marco Desbiens

      Raid Charlevoix in Québec! Objective is to finish in the top 15 of my age group. This is happening on June 14th! Gotta train!

    • Will McCracken

      Seagull century in October

    • Heder

      I’ll race a Inline Speed Skating @ Campeonato Brasileiro e Open Mercosur Master de Clubes de Patinação
      de Velocidade 2013 – 12 a 14 de julho – Sertãozinho, SP. My target is finished the race safely.

    • Phil

      10 Miler planed on Victoria Day weekend here in Canada. Hopefully 67 minutes! Keep up the great work!

    • Torgeir Nes

      I’m going to try my first ultra this summer, Rallarvegsløpet.
      At the moment I’m going to set as a goal, to not die.

    • Kiri

      Racing a half ironman on June 15th! My first ever proper triathlon…..

    • Dsoler

      My next race is on May 25th, a short 8k trail running race. My goal is have fun and finish without too many bruises :-)

    • Wayne

      Hi Ray

      Planned race event is a wee way out. Doing the Taupo half ironman as part of a team. Got caught in a weak moment and volunteered to do the run leg. Looking forward to it though. Haven’t done anything like this for around 20 years. Have my FR220 to help me train. Thanks to the deal from your site with CT. Cheers.

    • Tom

      Next weekend whilst my girlfriend runs a half mara I shall be doing a treasure hunt, on bikes, in Manchester (UK) city centre. First one back wins so i suppose its a type of race

    • Dale

      Completed Flying Pig Half Marathon in Cincy last weekend.

    • Lee Douthitt

      Baltimore 10 Miler. Would like to break 70.

    • Jeff Sankoff

      Boulder 70.3, June 15th. Hope to qualify for worlds. (45-49)

    • Empewu

      My next race is tomorrow. It will be Ekiden (Japanese relay on marathon distance). My plan for 5k is to finish below 24 min.

    • I would be up for the Tri-Factor Series these coming months starting with the 500M swim tomorrow at Sentosa Singapore!! I hope to win it! or at least finish with a time of below 11 minutes!

      This will be followed by a Bike, Run in June & August and then a Tri in September!

      I’m doing these with my 14 year old son. Both of us started these since 2013!

      TYR TRI-Factor Swim : 11th May
      TRI-Factor Bike : 8th June
      TRI-Factor Run : 3rd August
      ZOOT TRI-Factor Tri : 7th Sept

    • Bo

      Odyssey trail running rampage September 9th Trail Marathon. Goal: finish feeling good and not hobbling for a week after.

    • Brad Ballard

      June 8th, Eagleman 70.3. 4:45 goal time.

    • Matt B

      The closest I get to a race is some long strava segments or Virtual Racer on my Garmin, but I still love it

    • Michael

      My last race was the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon, which made for a great first marathon. Still deciding on my next race.

    • Mikkel Holme

      Doping my first off-road duathlon tomorrow (or any -athlon for that matter). Should be a pretty muddy affair:)

    • Ilan Goldfeld

      Hi Ray, great blog,
      I just finished Haifa 10 k”m race at 43:48 minutes.
      Have no other race planned yet.

    • Dave

      Was signed up for the fellsman, but tore my calf muscle the week before – R&R for 4 weeks. Next race is hopefully the Herefordshire ultra – target: completion!

    • Richo

      Race season on hold pending recover from ITBS. But had some great early season surfing this year down in the south west of England.

      Hope to be fit in time for the Padstow triathlon. Generally a decent surf swim.

    • Ligia

      5 k next weekend for girls at the school I teach at; goal to finish the race with some of my students.

    • ScottY

      Ran the local St. Patrick’s Day 5k with the goal of finishing. Finished in the top half and wanting to improve in my next 5k.

    • Michael

      My next event is actually in less than 10h from now. In France. 27kms trail in the surrounding of Poitiers area. In the wine yard. Not too much of ascent/descent this is far from being mountain here. Still 27kms is a bit for me so I am hoping to make it in around 10km/h, so I hope less than 3h.

    • Alex Kacprzyk

      Tomorrow, Accreo Ekiden in Warsaw, Poland. My goal is sub 48:30 on 10k leg.

    • JoeR

      I’ll be preparing for the Kona IronMan and hoping that I don’t die :-)

    • Sylvain Gauthier

      Montreal Esprit triathlon 70.3, september 6th, in less than 6 hours

    • Steven K

      Next race on the 2014 schedule is June 14th REV3 Williamsburg, VA (US). A great 70.3 in a beautiful town. This is not a course to set a PR, but hope to improve from last year, hoping for sub-5hour.

    • Craig Ingram

      My next race is going to be my local Club Time Trial Championships. I didn’t compete in it last year but won the year before. Hopefully I can repeat even with my recent injuries…

    • Edward monrad

      I’ll be running the zuidas run with my company team may 25 in Amsterdam. 10 miles.

    • J

      Next triathlon? BELMAN (IM-distance triathlon in Belgium) on 31 Aug 14 !

    • Eric S

      Running the Papillion 10K next Sunday. Trying to establish a good 10K time as a base for my 1/2 marathon training intervals. My goal is 44:30.

    • Hi Ray

      my year goal is the Trail des Templiers, 73 km and 3500m of positive elevation. It starts the 26th of october in France. My goal is to finish it !

      link to festivaldestempliers.blogspot.fr

      thanks for this lottery

    • Marc H

      It takes a while until my next race: 22 june, trailrunning 26km, Veluwezoomtrail. Which is agood thing: lower back pain followed by a good pulmonary tract infection = totally out of shape. So I will need the time.

    • JeffM

      Half Marathon 6/1 – Goal is 1:45

    • I´ll be running a Mountain Bike Marathon May 18th.
      Costa Rica, Central America, Villa Colón
      75km hard climbs and technical roads!

    • Currently training to do my first MTB race in years. Goal is not to embarrass myself.

    • Chris Gautreaux

      Hopefully, miamiman. Coming back from fat and injured is no fun.

    • Ron Gubitz

      Last race I ran before the baby came was Tiptinas 5k in New Orleans. Pretty good pace for me in a distance I rarely mess with.

    • Jordan McGowen

      Thanks for all the great reviews and thanks to Clever Training for the support! I just got a Fenix 2 after reading all of your info about it.

      Chicago Marathon is the next big one. Shooting for 2:50

    • Auburn Triathlon, California, May 18th, International Distance. First tri ever. Shooting for top 10% AG.

    • Kyle

      Marine Corps Historic Half in Fredericksburg, VA. Shooting for a sub 2:00:00

    • Chris W.

      I’m racing vineman and it’ll be my frist half!

    • Dan

      My local 5k race is coming up in 3 weeks – hoping for a PB around the 19 min mark!

    • Craig V

      Next planned race is the Chicago Marathon. Goal time of 3:49!

    • Kenton Harris

      ITU Chicago Olympic- Sub 2:10

    • Beaux

      St Jude Half marathon. 1:35

    • Brian spencer

      Papillon mayors triathlon June 15 – I’m a swimmer and cyclist with a weak run so my only goal is to break an hour for the run leg

    • RobertF

      Riding the Triple Bypass in Colorado in July. I hope to finish the ride in 9 hours.

  2. David Weisz

    Ran a trail half marathon in the Marin headlands last December in about 2 hrs. Third in my 40s division

    • Daryl

      Just ran Bloomsday in 57:53, a ~50,000 participant 12k. I’m looking forward now to a 15-mile trail race and then the Istanbul marathon in November. Just starting to train for triathlon, so I’m hoping to sell my 220 and get a fenix2, and $400 would help a lot!

  3. Jase

    Season has just finished in Australia and my last race was the Xterra in Jevis Bay south of Sydney. Was a great race and had an awesome time :)

  4. Steve Cooper

    Having trouble sorting through the choices for the upcoming season, but ran Calgary Police Half-marathon two weeks ago. LIttle run training, but tons of biking over the winter/spring, and very pleased with the result. Second fastest time for the distance!

  5. Hi Ray,
    All roads lead to…Perth Marathon this year.
    link to wamc.org.au

    Goal is finish, finish strong and if I am sub 4 hrs I will be singing for a week.
    A few races and bits and bobs between here and there but that is the goal so far this year.

  6. Daniel

    Columbia Triathlon in Maryland (Olympic) on May 18th. To improve my last year performance.

    • Ryan Hadley

      I couldn’t race Columbia, So I’m doing Rock Hall International on May 31st. Goal: Break 2:05 and maybe an overall podium.

  7. Wolf

    June 15th, Challenge Kraichgau, first 70.3 ever so no specific goal…

  8. Tommy Short

    The last race I completed was the Psycho Wyco Trail Run here in Kansas City, KS. I was able to complete the 10mi route, and it was without a doubt, the toughest run I have ever competed in. Winter brings all kinds of risks in this area, and this one brought cold and *light* snow that would not pack; effectively meaning your shoes turned into snow shovels through the trails. I know a couple guys that ran the full 50K route and took them over *9 hours* because of the conditions. Crazy, but so glad to have gone through it. Personally, I was struggle with some ITBS issues and ended up running/walking through it and *not* running for the next two weeks. Working toward a HM currently, but none selected yet.

  9. George

    Next (big) race is cairns 70.3, in just 4 weeks! I did the race last year as my first long course event and this year I am going back with the goal of finishing 30min quicker, aiming for a sub-4:42! I am fit enough, now I just need to put it all together on the day!

  10. Sebastian

    Bristol Harbourside Tri at the end of June, hopefully improve my bike time and be under the top 20.

  11. Kester Spindler

    My next race is my first Ironman, Ironman Austria, at the end of June. My goal is to finish, hopefully during daylight hours.

  12. Ben W

    Next serious session is the Idiots of Ventoux (4times) session early in June. 191km and 6100m… beer will be great after that.

  13. Sarah L

    My next race is the Bolder Boulder 10k where I’m hoping to get a PR.

  14. Isaiah

    Next November, NYC Marathon. Hoping to break 2:45

  15. Christine

    Nations Tri in September. Goal is to finish:)

  16. Joseph LeBlanc

    Oliver Half Iron in Oliver, BC, coming up June 1st. The “plan” is under 5 hours.

  17. Ricardo Trejo

    Next race. Cali, Colombia, Half Marathon. I would like to finish it below two hours.

  18. Next race: the LIME 800 m sea swim in Grand Cayman, this Saturday. Goal: don’t drown.

  19. Jason

    Next planned race is May 25th. Marathon and going for Boston!

  20. Matt

    My next race is the Cairns Ironman in a month, goal is to get under 13 hours.

  21. Ryan M

    IM Canada. Goal is to finish!

  22. Mike T

    Last race was Belgium Waffle Ride a couple weeks ago. It is a 135 mile, 11000′ of climbing bike race. Didn’t plan well and had to DNF at mile 80 so that our family could get home at a reasonable time since the next day was a school day.

  23. Mike

    I’m aiming for a half marathon in September or October. Goal is to just train and finish the race without injury!

  24. Dirk

    Half Marathon in Chicago in June – Time: 1:27h


    Next race is this Saturday in San Jose, CA, running the Quicksilver 100K.
    It’s going to be long, hard and dirty…the trail runner way!

  26. Jani T.

    Tomorrow XCM race in Rajamaäki, Finland. 60km and goal is to get to goal!!

  27. Marty

    Last race I did was a 115km long ride around Kinglake, managed to finally come in at 5.5 hours. This year i’m hoping to complete it in under 5 hours.

  28. Tim

    Last race was the Garmin Marathon in Olathe! It went really well (7 minute PR) despite some thunderstorms and muddy / wet pavement.

    Looking forward to Chi marathon in October

  29. nicklesmn

    No races planned this year. Taking some time off after completing San Francisco marathon, 4 half marathons and 2 ten mile races last year. Just spending some quality time on my bike.

  30. Craig Bracken

    Going to do my first full marathon on August 9. It is a midnight race on the Extraterrestrial Highway near Area 51 in Nevada. May do one or two smaller races before but that is the big one. Pretty excited.

  31. Tomas Hektor

    A 10K charity run to promote blood donation. Since I haven’t been running for ages, my goal is to beat 45 minutes on the run.

  32. Keith C

    The Grafman middle distance in the Uk on June 8. Aim is to go a bit quicker than I was going this time last year.

  33. Andrew Murdoch

    I don’t race but I try and do my 80 km 4th st Caltrain to Tiburon cycle a bit faster every week.

  34. Charles H

    SoCal Ragnar Relay a month ago. I was responsible for 25.9 out of 194 miles and I was quite happy that I beat my 10K pace, especially since I’ve never ran more than a 10K before. Overall my team came in 100th and had one hell of a time.

  35. Michel Rodriguez

    My last race was a 5k in Ghent, Belgium as I’m slowly hitting the road again after an injury has been bugging me for the last few weeks

  36. Eric Oshlo

    Ride The Rockies June 7-13. Technically it’s not a race, but as a cyclist it’s a great week-long 460 mile ride through the Colorado Rocky Mountains and it sure would be nice to have the new Garmin Edge 1000 to record it all!

  37. David

    Vineman 70.3, in July. First Half-Ironman. Goal = Finish with some semblance of dignity. Although technically I’m still on the wait list for it. But they assure us that all of the wait list people will end up getting to enter.

  38. Ted

    Portland rock-n-roll 1/2 marathon on 5/18. Goal is sub 1:30 beating my PR of 1:32

  39. I’m thinking of doing the Oak Bay half marathon. My lat half was 1:46, so I’d like to do better than that.

  40. Keith

    Next race is a 10k here in Tennessee on Memorial Day weekend. Goal is under 37:00.

  41. Rainer Johann Huber

    My next Race is a 4k open water swim in Munich (Germany). I have to beat my time of last year (1:08h).

  42. Michael Smith

    Boise 70.3- looking to go low 5 hour and maybe snag a roll down slot.

  43. Swan

    Alas, no races, now or in the past!

  44. anotherjeff

    IM Western Australia. First and hopefully last IM so the main goal is finish and have fun.

  45. I am actually looking at trying out the SoCal Cycling summer series in Long Beach this year.

  46. Droffen

    10km running on June 29th in Munich, Germany.

  47. AT

    AHM on 08/24 with a target of sub 2:00

  48. Raphael

    I will enter the Genevoise Classic on June 22nd. It is a bike race. My goal is to do the 70km in 2h (sorry not too fit as I just became father)!

  49. Anton Z

    Next race – XCM 24.05.2014 in saint petersburg, Russia. Goal is to finish in top-50.

  50. Sean

    Half Ironman Mt. Tremblant June 23rd ! Did it last year in 7.5 hours. Goal this year is to beat that time.

  51. Gabe Hanlen

    Hey “Sting” Ray! Hope your recovering well:-) my last race was the South Beach tri April 6th. Good Overall, but awful swim with with winds, waves, and currents!

  52. Rob

    Hi Ray, I love your blog. Here is my entry:

    I finished my first ever olympic distance tri last summer and I’m hoping to beat my time at the same event this year. It is the 2014 Subaru Vancouver Triathlon on July 14.

    Thanks for all your hard work with the reviews! I’ve definitely spent lots of time reading your GPS watch reviews in particular.

  53. Turi Becker

    Got a trail half marathon in a week or so, the Silver State 50/50 here in Reno. The start line is all of a mile from my house. Goal for it is to improve on my times of the last couple years, which have been embarrassing.

  54. David Grundström

    Next race – Stockholm Marathon 31.05.2014 in Stockholm, Sweden. First marathon, goal is sub 4h.

  55. toh

    My next race will be a round trip to the top of Mt. Fuji (the highest mountain in Japan, now World Heritage) from the sea level. Altitude difference is 3776 meters, and distance is more than 100km.

    I will make it in less than 20 hours, hopefully…

  56. Aidan Grace

    Vermont City Marathon on May 25th with a goal time of 2:59:59

  57. Michael

    Next planned race is the first race of the XTERRA Trail Run Series, May 18th… gotta be in it to win it!

  58. Robert Black

    Leicester City 5k Winter Series starting 12th November. Aiming for sub 25 rather than post 34 minutes of the last series

  59. Mansi Gupta

    Its super hot in Delhi right now, so no races planned for now. My next race is going to be the Delhi Half Marathon which will probably be in Oct / Nov. Hope to break 2.55 for that. (I’m a really really slow runner)

  60. Nicholas C.

    Folsom Race Behind Bars MTB Race

  61. Matt

    Next one is the Matterhorn Ultraks, 46K, +/-3600m. The goal is to get through in a reasonable amount of time with a reasonable amount of pain.

  62. Winchester

    My big goal for this year is the Austrian Mondsee triathlon in August. And the goal is to finish and not to be last.

  63. My next race will be the Zugspitz base trail on June 21 in April. Running 36km over German/Austrian Alps.

  64. Nedbye

    Great Yarmouth 5 Mile series, race 3, May 21st , hoping for sub 35 mins.

  65. bcvelo

    Portland marathon!! Oct. 5, goal is 2:59:59 or below!! Thanks Ray…

  66. NCP

    Sprint distance Tri in under 2 hours. In one week!

  67. John G

    Next planned race is this Saturday’s ‘tour de cure’. 100 miles to support finding a cure for diabetes. Route begins in woodinville, wa and loops through snoqualmie. Wish me luck!

  68. Matt

    Vineman 70.3 in July. Hoping to go under 5hrs if the stars line up.

  69. Michael W

    Tell me your next planned race (location/rough date) and the goal for the race:

    Half marathon in Papillion, NE. As I just hit a PR this past weekend in the half and Papillion will be between two long weeks and is hilly, my goal is 1:50ish.

  70. Elizabeth

    Zermatt ultra July 5 if my passport arrives on time.

  71. Jonathan

    No races for this year. My last race was a 4 day tour around Malta. Tour ta Malta.

  72. I run my next race on Saturday, the Mast Challenge, a 10.3km (800m climb) race up to the mast on Constantiaberg (Cape Town) I would be very happy with a time of 50min.

  73. Garrett Bastable

    Last race was IMMT and I finished but was slowed by an injury that I’m still recovering from. Next race TBD, but getting out on the bike and run more and more each week.

  74. Wood72

    Next Race is Heartbreak Hill Half Marathon, Port Elizabeth, 21 June 2014, Goal is to get in under 2:00hrs but it is a tough one! It is not called Heartbreak Hill for nothing.

  75. I’ll be racing the Timberman 70.3 and then my sister’s wedding, but right now just plowing through Southern Hemisphere winter… :)

  76. Dagfinn

    My next Race is tomorrow. Landsbyrittet.
    But my main race this year is IM Haugesund 70,3 6 July 😀

  77. derNathan

    My next planned race “was” the Mannheim marathon in three weeks. Unfortunately a torn hip rotator muscle has put an end to those plans! So, looking for a sprint or oly try in July instead as I’m on the bike and swimming to rehab anyway.


  78. Dan

    Next planned race is the Blacktail Triathlon near Idaho Falls in mid June. My goal is to improve upon my previous time.

    Thanks Ray!

  79. Rain

    I am going to run XC in Tartu, Estonia, about 23km in length and I am targeting pace 4min/km.

  80. Mike

    With spring finally here in the UK I raced last weekend the first Thorpe Tri of their sprint race series with my next sprint at Blenheim in June followed by a Half Iron in Marlow in July.

  81. Anthony Anicete

    SF international Triathlon sometime in August, date TBD. My goal is to finish in under 3:30.

  82. Jason Nemecek

    My next race is a kids 1mi fun run on Saturday in Gig Harbor, WA. It’s a charity event supporting new moms where the entry fee includes donating a pack of newborn diapers. (for Mother’s day, get it?)

    Short rainy race with the kids.

    Speaking of Clever Training, I just ordered an Ambit from them (my Garmin FR210 is garbage!) but they emailed the day after I placed the order and told me that they were out of stock and it would be a week or two before they got more from Suunto. Seems like they should have updated their website so that I could have known that before ordering. Haven’t made up my mind on them yet.

  83. Bruce Burkhalter

    Death Ride is the big one I’m training for. Will probably have a couple century rides before then.

  84. Noel De Kock

    Doing the Wines2Whales MTb stage race in November in South Africa, looking to win our age group, place top 50 in GC, and race as hard as we can!

  85. Next saturday, Tabasalu duathlon. Hoping to keep running pace at 4min/km and cycling about 36km/h.

  86. Francis

    My next race will probably be an easy 5K, some time in July or August.
    My objective is to be under 23 minutes.

  87. Andrew

    Next race is probably a 10km with the wife, keeping the pace nice and easy as she tries to work up to her first half marathon

  88. Flemming Vind

    My next race is a night race on the runway of our active airport to celebrate their 50 year anniversary. The race is a one time event. I am running a ½ marathon and will start out at 2.45 am. Other distances are 5 k and 10 k. Every running must be in goal at 6 am where normal operation starts again

  89. Leo

    Klasyk Radkowski, a Polish road cycling marathon with plenty of hills, though I heard the asphalt is very bad on most of the course.

  90. Amedeo

    My next race will be 22km (d+700m) for my first trail (ecotrail on the Vesuvio), just hoping I will arrive to the finish line

  91. Bart

    Next up is a 16k race between two abbeys on a nice unpaved and wooded trail (Abdijentocht Averbode – Belgium). Aiming to run 6 minute kilometers or better (I know, middle end of the pack, but they do not have my knees!)

  92. Asaf

    Haifa 10k Race which is today. Any sub 40m result would be great!

  93. ErwanM

    Next race for me is tomorrow: ECOMARATHON in Moeciu de sus (Romania). See http://www.ecomarathon.ro . It’s a mountain marathon: 42km and 2400m D+ and my goal is somewhere over 6 hours. With this, nice race WE to everyone!

  94. Panos

    My next race is Samaria run this Sunday. It’s a 17,6 km run in the mountains of Crete,Greece inside the longest gorge of Europe.

  95. Chris Bigley

    Ironman uk- first timer – scared

    • steve jones

      Milton Tri on June 1, hoping the water won’t be too cold after our long Canadian winter.

  96. Leon Booyens

    Just completed Clarens XCM 1/2 Marathon in Free State, South Africa (4th of MTN National MTB series)
    Next is RooiBerg XCM 1/2 Marathon in Limpopo(5th of series), South Africa. Goal is to improve my standing in Masters Category.(to be in top 20)

  97. Rónán

    Next race is a half marathon as I get back on the training horse, having fallen off badly! I’ll aim for sub 1:30 and see where we go from there!

  98. My next race with a goal is Berlin Marathon end of September aiming for 3:20

  99. Lars

    I am about to start my build-up for the Munich Marathon on October 12th; I’d like to PB and if all goes well stay under 3:20 or 200 minutes.

  100. Paolo

    My next race will be next sunday: a 17Km non competitive run up and down the hills of my own city.

  101. Simon

    I’m going for a sprint triathlon in Bielefeld, Germany by the end of July, aiming to finish in 1:15 h or less.

  102. Kuba

    My last race was Lodz Marathon in Central Poland on April 13. The route was really hilly (who’d have thought!) which is why I didn’t set a new personal best, but it still was a lot of fun and I was happy to run a marathon in my home town :)

  103. OleK

    My next planned race is Bremen Marathon and I hope to run it in 3:20

  104. mucher

    Kraków marathon – next Sunday (May 18) – the plan is to go below 3:45

  105. Fabian M.

    I will run a HM in Oktober in Nürnberg.

  106. Frank Groenewoud

    My next planned race is my first marathon on 15th of June in Amersfoort (in the Netherlands), my objective is to complete the race, but i would like to finish in 3:30:00. according the statistics it should be possible.

  107. Raced up Cradle Mountain, Tasmania – 60km/3500m. Aimed to put the pressure on and break fellow riders in a war of attrition up many of the smaller 10% climbs, including a 7.5km 9% avg climb. I chose this approach as I had not trained or checked out the route beforehand, I came in 4th, but aim to get into the top 3 next year.

  108. taniwha

    Probably an open water 2k swim, early june.

  109. Chris

    10km race in Rheingönheim, Germany. It’s only a little one, but nevertheless I want to finish < 36:30min

    Big next race would be Frankfurt Marathon on October, 26th. Goal: 2:53:xx


  110. Pieter G

    Next race is the Belgium champioenship – 1/4 duathlon.
    I have 2 goals: the First one is do beter then last year and the second one is not be the last runner after the first run. :-)

  111. Kyle David

    Just ran first short race in a long time- trying to improve the speed at 48 yrs old. Twilight 5k in 18:28, Lewiston, Idaho- Snake River Canyon. Next up coeur d’ alene in under 18:00 baby…

  112. Nathan Simpson

    Plan is to run the Westlink M7 Cities Marathon late July in Blacktown, NSW, Australia.

    Anything under 4hours will be a bonus.

  113. Walter S

    My next race is a 5km parkrun tomorrow morning (Lower Hutt, NZ), my first of these, will be nice to run for only 5km for a change. It might be my shortest run ever. I’ll aim for under 19mins.

  114. a_circelli

    Challenge Rimini – Half this Sunday!

  115. Kyle

    renegade summer trail races at peters canyon june, july, and august. trying to be faster for each one and faster than the last time i did these races.

  116. Dave M

    My next race is an annual 7k ran by my whole residence in the beginning of spring

  117. Max

    Newport Marathon (Oregon) at the end of May. Just recovered from an injury so I simply want to finish the race safely.

  118. Dmitrij S

    Next race will be the Lisbon eco marathon, hoping for a sub 3:30

  119. Brad

    Training for Melbourne Marathon, VIC Australia. Aim is to go under 3:30. Thanks for the great website.

  120. Guillermo

    My next race is Skoda Madrid triathlon series. My goal is to drop time from last year event. Been training for this a lot!

  121. Ben Simes

    Port Stephens (NSW, Australia) sprint distance triathlon on the 17th May. I’m aiming for a top 3 age group finish!

  122. Richard Kaufmann

    Hopefully the San Diego century may 31st. Recovering from a clavicle fracture and timing is tight…

  123. Hidde

    My next race is Saterday the 10th, the ‘Bataverenrace” a relay (running) of 125k where I have to run a 10.5 en 9.5k. My first serious race is a half triathlon, the “Dutch Mountain triathlon” in Stein, June 22th.

  124. Tom

    Next up is probably a reasonably flat road half to set a decent time at. Not sure where yet.

    Last time out was a very hilly trail 20 miler where I managed to knock 6 minutes off my PB.

  125. Mark

    This year I only have one Race as my target.

    It’s a Race called Tour du Mont Blanc:

    link to sportcommunication.info

    The race is over 330 km with 8000m of climbing. My aim is to finish it in sub 14 Hours.

  126. scrwdriver

    “II Piątka dla Bartka” Kielce, Poland, 25.05.2014 – run 5km as fast as I can :)

  127. Jan

    Berlin Marathon in September, sub 3:50h would be perfect!

  128. Brian Anders

    Ogden Marathon next Saturday!!! Looking to finish first marathon ever and hopefully come in under 5 hours.

  129. Emlyn Simpson

    Honu 70.3, flying in from Sydney for it. Should be a great destination race and I am certain in not taking it too serious.

  130. Jochen B

    Tour d´les Ortles – 05/07/2014 :-)

  131. Daniel Robles

    Next race is the Spartan Super May 17th Austin Tx. My goal is to finish in under 2:30 running my first then another in June.

  132. Brian E

    Wright Park 5k and Zombie Run. Goal is just to participate. I’m not much of a competitor but this seems like it may be up my alley.

  133. José

    Holualoa Firecracker Triathlon
    Tucson, AZ
    June 22, 2014

    My goal is to not be in the bottom 25%

  134. Next up: Lavaredo Ultra Trail 119km in Cortina (Italy) on June 27-28. My goals are just to survive and finish :-)

  135. Matt Charlton

    Edinburgh Marathon, aiming for a pb and as close to 3.20 as I can get!

  136. Martin

    Next up for me is a hilly 10miler. Aim to run sub 7:00min mile pace.

  137. James Hong

    My next race is on 25th May 2014, Starlight Ultra… hoping to complete the half marathon in 2:30 :)

  138. Johan D

    Västeråscykeln on May 29. Local bike sportif, 130 km of nicecountry roads. I hope to have a pleasant ride and avoid mechanicals.

  139. KeithS

    Gold Coast Half Marathon on 6th July. Looking to break 1:30 in the M55-59 bracket. Should put me near the pointy end. :)
    Then Gold Coast Challenge in August

  140. IM Boulder this August, goal is 16:59:59

  141. Mikael Sandberg

    Next race will be the Asics Stockholm Marathon on May 31st. Hope for a new PR, sub 3:48.

  142. I’m planning on doing my first sprint triathlon next weekend! No specific goals other than learning the ropes and finishing, but I’m shooting for 1:15 if all goes well.

  143. juan

    madrid->segovia mtb race on may 24th.

  144. My next race will be an OD race in a city called Huizen, Netherlands. All in preparation for the Challenge-Almere event (70.3), in September this year. Almere is also the host of the National and European Championships for the full distance triathlon.

  145. Josep

    I’ve reduced my race schedule this year relative to last but the next one planned is a 7.5k night race in June with quite a bit of up and downs.

  146. likepend1

    Ironman Austria, first Ironman for me. Finishing is the goal 😀

  147. Lior

    My goal is to finish 10K in less than 50 minutes by October.

  148. Niels

    My next race is an local 5K in my hometown on june 22th, aiming for a sub 25min finnish.

  149. Harm v Baar

    Mont Blanc marathon june 29. I hope to finish <4:30

  150. Derek

    San Francisco Marathon in July, goal is <3:45!

  151. Albert Cornelissen

    My next big race is in July, The Knysna Forest Half Marathon in South Africa. I’m looking to do a sub 2:10, to shave a little over 5 minutes off my previous personal best of 2:15 (which I got just last week). Before then I’ll be doing a few shorter trail races as part of my training.

  152. Ryan

    El Tour de Tucson, under 5:30 would be great!

  153. Adam

    Next start Warsaw, Poland, Accreo Ekiden – the goal – good fun !

    • szyMarek

      So we will meet there and race againt each other :) UTC Aerospace team. Good luck!

  154. Retzel Orquiza

    70.3 Philippines on August 3. Aiming for sub 5:15.

  155. Robbie

    A good 5k run, hoping to get passed by only a couple walkers.

  156. Kerem Darici

    Next race Eskisehir/Turkey NB Half Marathon on June 1st. Goal is to run under 1:40.

  157. Alberto L

    I’m running the Bristol 10k race on Sunday (11th of May), and the goal is to run it in under 40 min :)

  158. André Faria

    Everyday race to getting better at running and biking =)

  159. Thomas C

    My next race is on sunday 11th. It’s a “mud day” race.

  160. Tovi

    Just ahead I have the Kansas 70.3 and my hope is to qualify for Ironman 70.3 Worlds!

  161. Matt

    A quarter ironman (strange but true). A training event in a similar location to the Rotorua (New Zealand) Xterra event which is my main goal at the moment.

  162. Vitalijus

    MTB marathon 1 stage May 17. Druskininkai, Lithuania. Amateurs division, goal came in first 200 :)

  163. David

    My next race will be this morning to catch the train to work (I’m late because I was reading your blog!).

    Next real race will be the half marathon of Stuttgart, in June.

  164. marian

    next race is a pool tri on saturday. my goal is to get there. have been sick all week with a gi bug and have hardly been eating. getting there will be a miracle. next chance is blue lake tri in june.

  165. Jake_A

    American Fork 5k on June 21st at American Fork, Utah. I plan to run it in 18:30.

  166. G

    5k Sunday morning. Goal is to finish without getting injured again

  167. DRino

    My last race was “wings for life world run”, very very beatiful charity race I suggest everybody

  168. Grant Birley

    Start of offseason for us in NZ. Last race was Mission Bay Triathlon, part of the Panasonic Peoples Triathlon series. I set my PB for sprint distance triathlon, so a good end to the season and good reward for a fair amount of training.

  169. Marcel

    Leiden Marathon next weekend. Aiming for 3:45

  170. tibo

    Last race before my injury: shortest tri ever, 1st overall.

  171. Jacob Påhlman

    Hässelbymilen 10km Stockholm, Sweden Oktober 12th, My goal is to run faster than 45min

  172. Gordon

    Getting started with the iconic London to Brighton bike ride on 15th June 2014,The aim is to enjoy the ride, and plan for bigger and better.

  173. Ee Tze Tan

    Tri-Factor series (Swim)
    Hope to complete the 1.5Km swim within 35mins.

  174. maxfrance

    Marcialonga Cycling, the 2nd leg of three, starting with the world famous Marcialonga Ski marathon (last January) and ending in September with Marcialonga Running.
    A 70+135+25km. event; athletes completing all three legs are entitled to a better starting grid in one leg of choice.

  175. Mikael Klingbjer

    My next race will be Göteborgsvarvet, on the 17:th of May (witch I finished on 2:13 in 2012), this year I aim for 2:00:00.

  176. Pedro

    Hi Ray,

    My next race will be the Victoria Falls Half Marathon, in the end of June, and I am expecting to finish somewhere below 1h39m.

    Thanks & Regards,


  177. jae

    First race is Shadow Creek Ranch Sprint. I’m excited to get back to tris after some time off after Ironman Texas last year.

  178. Getting excited for Cauvery trail marathon in September as it will be my first trail marathon. It will also be my second marathon and the goal is to finish sub-4 hrs.

  179. Richard McDowell

    Edinburgh marathon on 25th May, a fast course, so hoping for a time significantly under 3 hours, but given a distinct lack of training, that is by no means a certainty!

  180. Johan

    Helsinki City Run half-marathon tomorrow (Saturday May 10th). My goal is to enjoy myself and cruise to a comfortable PB of 2:20.

  181. Lee

    Tomorrow the Bern Grand Prix, a hilly 10 mile run in Bern, Switzerland. Aiming for 1h20m.

  182. Patrik Akselsson

    Kungsholmen runt half marathon in Stockholm this saturday. Hope to go a bit below 1:30.

  183. Fredrik

    My next race will be Göteborgsvarvet, a half marathon in Gothenburg, Sweden. My goal is 1:50.

  184. Hubert

    Royal Raid 35 km tomorrow morning : around 1500m incline (and even more decline), it may be tough one. Would like to finish under 4h30, wish me luck!

  185. Brett

    Training hard but unfortunately no races planned (yet) because I need to find new employment first! Last race was my first full distance at 2013 Vineman. My goal was 13 hours and I finished in 12:08 with gas left in the tank!

  186. Bryce

    Ipf-Reis Half Marathon in Nördlingen Germany tomorrow May 10th. 1st half ever, so looking first to finish, and somewhere near 1:52. Thanks Ray!

  187. Ardo S.

    Badische Meile (8,8889 km) in Karlsruhe (Germany) on May 11th. My goal is to improve my last year’s performance.

  188. John Mah

    Xterra World Champ Trail Half-Marathon in Oahu in November. Trying for under 2 hrs.

  189. Garth Calver

    Comrades Marathon #3 – running with a good mate who is doing his 10th…89km in one day, it’s going to hurt!

  190. Last race I did was the Belgian Championship in Mechelen in 2012. And I was faster than our MP!

  191. Neal

    Looking forward to the Two Castles 10k here in Warwick/Kenilworth on Sun June 8th. Trying to get under 50 minutes!

  192. falconeye

    Munich City run end of June. 10k in under 55′

  193. FJ

    Next race… Engadin Radmarathon, 211km road race with almost 4000m of climbs, in Switss/Italian Alps

    My goal? not bonking this year while fisnishing in the top 40% of the field

  194. Brendan

    Racing Hawaii 70.3 later this month. I’ve been swimming a lot more this season and would like to cut 8-10′ out of my swim. Yes this is how little I used to swim!

  195. stefan

    Planning on racing my first HIM in June (Chiemsee Tri in Germany). Merely a preparation for Challenge Kaiserwinkl 2 months later. Just want to get a feel for the distance so I’m trying not to look at the overall time. I’d be happy with about 200 watts on the bike and about a 1:40 HM after that. Let’s see how it goes.

  196. Rob H

    OMM Mountain Bike Challenge Long Score Wild Camp – 6-7 September 2014

    7hrs day 1 + 5hrs day 2

    The Wild Camp is the extreme having to carry all equipment including tent and GPS for emergency only, no breadcrumb trails!!

    My aim is to finish in time with body and machine intact and raise 2k for Army Benevolent Fund (British Army)

    I had 20 mins a day in Afghan for internet, about 12 of them was spent ‘escaping’ in these pages (though my bank does’nt like it too much!!)

  197. Tomas

    Green Challenge in Vilnius (Lithuania) next Saturday (May 17th) – trail triathlon event consisting of 500m swim, 14km bike and 5km run. My first triathlon event, so the main goal is to finish and do it with dignity. To overtake some other racers would be my second goal.

  198. Tom

    I’ll run the Brussels 20km next week as a preparation for my first marathon on the 21st of June. Since I’m training very hard lasts weeks and since I will have no special tapering or rest, I have no specific target. I hope to finish around 1h40.

  199. James Spooner

    The BUPA 10K here in London – hoping to break 45:00.

  200. In 15 days i’ll run the “Course de la Rhubarbe” ( link to coursedelarhubarbe.fr ) and try to stay under 40′ :)

  201. Shion

    The ultimate goal this year is probably the 155 km bike race “Cyclassics” in Hamburg (Germany) for which I’ll need to be able to average at least 31 km/h to participate – let’s see if I can do this!

  202. Tim V

    Hi Ray,

    next is the first race race of the winter duathlon series in Adelaide, South Australia. I would like to finish top 3 in my AG

  203. Tom Verheijen

    Just finish the Vattenfall Cyclassics in August! To pass all the timecontrols you have to keep a 31 km hour average for 160 km with some (small) climbs, challenging enough for me!

  204. Frank Thuss

    The Ketelwald Trail on the Dutch – German border, 18 may. 32 kms of happy trails, I hope. As with most trails, finishing times do not matter that much, it’s all about the experience :-)

  205. Evren

    The next will be the Pan Mass 14. Great chance for a fundraise and bike from Sturbridge to RI.

  206. Cristiano Masciulli

    Wings for Life – Italy, 15km in 1:30:00
    StraVerona in two weeks… I hope 21 km in 1:57:00.

  207. Tom Smulders

    Next race will be the most important race of my life: I will get married June 7th with my girlfriend Marielle.

  208. Ben I.

    Standard Chartered KL Marathon in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (12 Oct 2014). Running HM, aiming for sub 2.5hrs.

  209. Wilfried

    Local orienteering sprint race tomorrow. I just wanna be faster than my friend R.G…

  210. Daniel

    Completed the Challenge Roth last year. First time “long distance”….still proud :-)

  211. Efat

    The biggest challenge will be a sort of “race” to … Mont Blanc in June. The goal is just to reach the top as quick as possible 😉

  212. Manos

    I am heading for my first ever Marathon race. The classic Marathon here in Greece. My goal is just to finish and hopefully I will run all the way :). The date 09/11/2014.

  213. Peter

    This weekend race in Brugge, 14.5 kilometres, hope to be near the hour.

  214. Kevin Dwyer

    Some pretty amazing stuff being posted here.
    Mine is a more modest attempt to run 65K on my 65th Birthday later this month.

  215. Trail Peñalara 60 k on 6/29 (60 kms, 2750 meters of elevation gain). The goal is enjoy, but if i finish around the ten hours I´ll be very happy 😉

  216. Mike

    Next race a charity company run in Düsseldorf (Germany) – 6k (2014-06-05) – Goal is PB, as always.

  217. Wim Geerts

    15/6 Retie Belgium Olympic Tri… season starter to finish before my younger brother 😉

  218. Christo

    Munich City Triathlon – link to stadt-triathlon.de – sprint triathlon in the ’72 Olympic Arena – no specific goal, just a brick training on my way to IM 70.3. Ruegen later this year.

  219. Erik H

    Grenserittet – XC mountainbike race on the boarder between Sweden and Norway on 2 August. Goal is sub 4th!

  220. Manuel

    1 june, IM 70.3 Pescara (Italy), my firts one.
    Try to finish under 5:30

  221. 17.05.2014 running 1 mile called “Palivere miil” in Palivere, Läänemaa, Estonia.
    Goal is to run as fast as I can :)

  222. Steve E

    The Heartland Triathlon in Sebring, FL Father’s day weekend. Olympic distance. Hoping to finish in 2:55.

  223. George K.

    7.5K this Sunday, local run in Athens, coming after a semi-marathon and knowing that this route is full of uphill/downhill sections I would say the goal is to simply run all of it…

  224. Wannes Soenen

    First race will be Trail d’Esneux on 18/5. Was going for 30k, but unable to train because of injuries I will run the 15k. Aim is finishing strong without injuries.
    Next up will be a 20k obstacle course end of june.

  225. Harald

    last week my 2nd marathon: link to haspa-marathon-hamburg.de
    too fast on the first 25km, which cost me dearly – at least I finished unter 4hrs at 3:56:18

    next bigger race (apart from smaller local races here in Hamburg)

    hella half marathon in Hamburg, Germany, on 29.06.2014
    link to hella-halbmarathon.de

    my last HM was 1:40:12 – I´m training for a 1:35:00

  226. Aaron S

    Any 5k race I can find while traveling in Ireland or Amsterdam in the next couple weeks.

  227. Nickers

    Noosa tri at the end of last year. i raced so badly that i was slower than my older, heavier non training brother who had raced with me the previous year. needless to say not impressed with my performance.

  228. Mart Conrad-jones

    Next up..IM France..7 weeks and counting….goal is to race as well as I can ….if the time starts with a 10 then it’s been an unbelievable day and all has gone well…11 and still ok…12 and it’s been a tough day at the office !!

  229. Matt

    Marseille – Cassis 20km, end of october
    Hoping to finish in less than 2 hours

  230. Lukas

    MTB marathon at the end of may, aim is to finish in first half of the field

  231. Mike

    My first full marathon this Sunday in Vise/Maastricht, goal is to finish in 3:30

  232. Oz

    Subaru Olympic Triathlon in Vancouver BC July 13th. Goal is to improve my bike leg which currently stinks and hopefully have a personal best. But most important goal is to keep having fun!

  233. Gabor Szilagyi

    I’ll be doing a 70.3 race in June in Kaposvar, Hungary. Would like to hit 5.30 on a really hilly course.

  234. My last race was a real schmozzle: dropped in the major climb in stage 1, followed by withdrawal due to sickness for stage 2 (no doubt this was contributing to my weak effort the day before). Big disappointment; it also happened to be the last race I was aiming to do for some time, and will probably not race now until late Spring (Aussie season)!

  235. Bettmeralp half marathon, june 29th. Half marathon high up in the mountains! I’m looking forward to it.

  236. Onno Wouters

    My next – BIG – race will be the Half-Marathon of Amsterdam Ocotober 19th. I’am aiming for a time below 2:00hrs. It will be my first Half-Marathon.

  237. Daoud

    My last race was the Cape Argus. The largest timed cycle race in the world! Should be on every athletes bucket list. The race was hot, with temps around 40C going up the famous Chapmans Peak.

  238. Tony

    Completed first sprint tri in March, came third in aged group category

  239. Date: May, 18th,
    Distance: My first ever half iron man.
    Location: Calella, Barcelona (yes, it’s IM Barcelona 70.3)

    Just want to cross the finish line. If it’s in less than 6 hours, I will get drunk to celebrate it; if not, I will celebrate it anyway XD

  240. Thor R

    Last planned race was just last week, Rotorua Marathon, which didn’t go well for me. Never even made it to the start after a mountain biking mishap that left me with a smashed up side (torn rib cartilage isn’t more than a little tender at most times!). Lots of recovery time as it’s headed into winter here.

  241. Peter Fields

    Salut Rain :)

    Comme toi je suis un anglophone en France, I’m a student in Toulouse and I’m still waiting to find my apprenticeship for next year before I can decide which race I’m going to participate in. I would really like to run the Brighton Marathon, its local to where I used to live in England and I would want to run for an animal rescue charity.

    But then again after seeing the photos from the ‘color race’ in Paris not long ago I think that would be great fun to run with my girlfriend with less pressure as I’m fairly new to running/cycling.

    I’ve been training for roughly 8 weeks now and can already feel significant progress but im a fair bit off marathon pace and endurance for the moment.

    I’ll most probably pick a Garmin running watch soon to get more serious and hopefully it will help me ‘stabilise’ my pace which is currently too erratic.

    Anyway thanks for the great articles and this awesome giveaway.

  242. Jan

    Guess the next one will be in Amsterdam: Dam tot Damloop, 10 miles, target: 1h05m.
    But pondering on another one, we’ll see!
    Good luck with the site!

  243. Tashunko

    Oravaman, slovakia, finish in top 50.

  244. Bruno Collier

    Next race will be 1/2 tri Leuven (Belgium). Hilly bike, flat run.

  245. Michael

    A trail half marathon in Windsor on 25th May, the goal depends on how long it takes to get over this injury, but sub 1hr35

  246. tungustapi

    MTB marathon next weekend, hoping to finish in first third of the squad in the full distance race.

  247. TriAbel

    My last ‘race’ was the 24-hours run in Leuven. A mass event between students here in Belgium, where you have to run laps of approximately 1 km. The team with the most laps obviously wins the race

  248. Markus T.

    next: Zurich Airport Run (17km, sub 1:20 goal)
    last: Zurich Marathon (did it in 3:28h)

  249. Thija_59

    Last Week :
    Trail : 56km 2500m D+ in 08h40
    Recovery for 2 week – don’t have planned the next race yet

  250. Oskar

    Last race: Wings for Life World Run in Kalmar-Öland. I came 20.4 k, missed the half marathon with just 700 meters! I kept running and run 21.1 k in 1:55, about 15 min faster than my previously pb!

  251. Maciej

    Poznan Marathon on 12 Oct. Getting prepared for 3:20.

  252. Antonio Grimaldi

    Ironman 70.3 Italy @Pescara!!! First Ironman target everything under 6hr 😉

  253. Jazzar

    A cross country survival run is planned for later this year, however there are still quite a few different options available so no fixed date yet :-)


  254. Ray Reynolds

    My local 5K.

  255. Brano Jacko

    Prague International Marathon 12.5.2014 😀

  256. Ben Entwistle

    Ive signed up for my first marathon, Nottingham Marathon on 28th September.
    Hoping to go sub 4 hours, but just pleased to finish either way!

  257. Dragos

    half marathon on 18 may. no time goal, just to enjoy it :-)

  258. David Torres

    My next race is on 18 of May in Avinyó ( Barcelona/Spain). It’s a XC race of Anbaso bike series. My goal? Top-20 of my category :). In the last one my pos. was 27 so maybe I can get it!!

  259. Randall

    XTerra Trail Series 21k, Jordanelle Reservoir, Utah, 6/28
    Goal is to finish sub 2hr and hone nutrition strategies for upcoming trail marathon.

  260. Kelvin Lim

    This coming Sunday, 1.5km open water swim!

  261. Aleks

    31st May, Bournemouth Sportive – 102 miles of beautiful countryside

  262. Rob C

    Hi. Last race was 14k Perth Trail Series run, with 380 +/- elevation. 1:45ish time, so not fast, and now been out for 2 months with achilles problem. Now started cycling to keep up the cardio fix.

  263. Sebastiaan

    My first 1/4th distance… Dutch triathlon competition, 2nd division. First proper wetsuit race, too. Excited!

  264. Chris C

    IRONMAN 70.3 SWITZERLAND on June 1st in Rapperswil-Jona
    Goal is to start the season slowly and surely ahead of longer distances later during the summer

  265. Thomas Gouget

    My next race will be a 15.4K (480m+) Trail in Normandy, on July 6th. I’ll give everything I have and hope to finish near 12kph

  266. Simon

    Bodom Trail Run 21km in Finland on 29th May. Target to finish in 2 hours

  267. Anton Møller Christensen

    My next race is a 10k at Billund Airport 50 years anniversary 16th may. The race takes place at night at the runway and taxiway, so I expect a flat and fast route! :-) My goal is af PR (sub 32 min) if the weather conditions allow it (read – no wind).

  268. corresponsal

    It´s gonna be IM Lanzarote on May 17th. Goal is finishing, nothing more…

  269. GADEMZ

    Ran a half marathon in the Plitvice, Croatia June 01th. I’am hoping for a time below 1:45 hrs.

  270. Ivica

    Repišće in Croatia, tis weekend! 😛

  271. alexandru stefanescu

    Local 5k, first race, no target, just to take part and finish.

  272. Opa

    My next race is a multisport/adventure race “Spring Adventure” tomorrow at Hyvinkää, Finland. My colleague from work and I form a pair and because of some little injuries our goal is simply to get to the finish line.

  273. Pascal

    My Next race will probably be “Grand Raid du Golf” , 177k around Morbihan Gulf, France, south Brittany.

  274. DomiC

    Cyclotour du Léman !

    Road cycling race next week (18th of May), 180km around the Geneva Lake starting from Lausanne and finish at Lausanne, the Olympic Capital, with about half of the race in France and other half in Switzerland !
    (www.cyclotour.ch … not so far from Paris, Ray 😉 if you want a very nice race with wonderfull views of French and Swiss Alps)

    No goal, just finish for my first attempt 😉

  275. Néstor

    Hi. Alicante Triathlon, next sunday, sprint distance. Without any target, I´ll try to do my best.

  276. Gunnar

    June14. Boston to Okemo, VT. 130 miles….ouch!

  277. Michal

    Triathlon Sierakow on 31st May. That’s half ironman distance.
    My goal is to finish below 4:30.

  278. Arend

    Ottawa Half Marathon. Goal is < 1:30

  279. Mat0x4e

    Hi Ray, triathlon de Versailles XS. Main Goal : to finish ! ^^ Regards.

  280. Henrik Persson

    My next race will be 10k race “Stockholm Tunnel Run”. For me it will be a charity run together with my brother without any pressure of making any specific time.

  281. Maciej

    Swiss City Marathon, Lucerne, 26 Oct 2014, Goal: BQ

  282. Ceejay

    A MTB race here in WA called the Kalamunda 50, goal at this point is to finish it in about 4 hours! Cheers, CJ

  283. Tabatha teRaa

    Ottawa 1/2 Marathon – 2 hours

  284. Richard Norman

    Next race is the London Triathlon, 2:40ish would be good.

  285. Zoltan

    10k swim in the Jubilee river, UK. Goal: sub-3 hour

  286. TorsteinH

    Local mountain bike race in about three weeks. 30k, mostly technical trails. Primary goal is to finish in less than 2 hours. Secondary goal is to not replicate last years crash: link to tinyurl.com

  287. Andrew Crockett

    Beccles sprint tri beginning of June. Aiming for 1hr 30min

  288. Chris

    Kona, October, first time and goal is sub 10hrs (and to deal with the heat/humidity!)

  289. Rob

    “Elveden Tearjerker” offroad triathlon in East Anglia, UK, later this month. Goal is to jerk no tears!

  290. Alvaro

    Laugavegur Ultra Marathon / Iceland / 12 July / To finish in one piece

  291. Mike

    First race this season is a criterium next weekend in London. Goal is to win, but failing that, just get some experience in the bunch.

  292. Paul

    The Verbier St-Bernard trail in Switzerland, July 2014. I should have ran this race last year but I got injured just before and I’ve been fighting to get back running since. This will be my first race in over a year, so my goal is to enjoy it and finish pain-free.

  293. Julien

    Next race is sunday the 18th : 20km of Brussels. Target of 1h30-1h40min. Next training is tomorrow for a Zone2-target-run of 17km.

    PS: by the way – first post in a year! The good moment to thank you for all your good reviews!

  294. Heartbreak 100, May 17th, Lebec, CA. Third of three stages of the California King of Mountains Challenge. Goal? End up not quite as exhausted as I did with Mullholland Challenge and Breathless Agony, and think it is a good idea to do all three again next year 😉

  295. Chris

    Ironman Uk – 1st Ironman – goal finishing smiling.

  296. Stefan

    Weiden Triathlon (OD) on May 25th. Goal is to run the 10k in less than 45 min.

  297. George Ev

    Athens Classic Marathon – Goal: sub-4:25 :)

  298. Thors

    I will be racing my first Enduro Race at Samerberg and I am almost as excited as I was before my first Triathlon in 2003.
    My Goal is not to hurt myself and find out whether the race format suits me.

  299. Scott

    Sadly nothing planned as my last race was the London Marathon (after applying unsuccessfully for 17 years!!) and i knackered my knee half way round so ended up walking the last half :(

    Next plan is to get fit again and try again next year….

  300. Thibaut

    TRIASUD in France, my first triathlon, nice discovering!

  301. Roger Sole

    I race everyday agains myself…

  302. Laurens

    1st of june, olympic distance triathlon. First OD! Anything sub 3h would be ok, expecting to do much better.

  303. Judit

    1/2 marathon in Budapest, early September. Only goal is to have some fun.

  304. 4Trails, 9 to 12 July in German, Austrian and Swiss Alps. TransAlpine Run, 30 August to 6 September in German, Austrian and Italian Alps. Main goals: enjoy, finish, enjoy, staying health and enjoy. Did I mention I wanted to mostly enjoy it?

  305. Tobias

    Next/First race of the season is the most important one. Long distance on the 28th of June in Swedish Motala. 4k swim, 120k bike and 30k run. Goal is to finish top 18 in age group in order to make it for the cut to next years world championships for amateurs (also in Motala).

  306. josh bean

    Edinburgh marathon on 25th May, a fast course, so hoping for a time under 5 hrs. But this is my first marathon so who knows.

  307. Yonadav

    Florida Ironman November 1st…

  308. Mad_Triathlete

    Not determined yet. I have a half ironman in austria coming up at the end of august. Before that I want to do one or two tune up races…

  309. Anders Majland

    I plan to race BMX on Sunday and again on next Thursday. Just some local races in the 40+ cruiser category. Both kids are racing and I’ll rather race than just be a spectator but don’t plan to be last :-). Then I plan a 5km open water swim in June. I started swimming a bit outdoors last year and that will be my first OW race so no specific goal other than enjoying it.

  310. Chuck McGee

    I race the Kinetic 70.3 tomorrow in Spotsylvania, VA. It’s a warm up to IM Lake Placid in July. My goal is to test my nutrition plan and finish strong.

  311. Albert

    Last race was the Tuga Trail in Castelloli, Barcelona. A challenging 19,5 km trail race held May, 1st. Tough, really tough…

  312. TimRPM

    Blenheim Triathlon sprint distance, goal is around 1hr30, it’s my first proper triathlon.

  313. Vincent

    My next race is “Sierre-Zinal” in Switzerland on August 10th. My goal is to finish among the 100 first ones (probably around 3h20).

  314. jo bean

    Edinburgh marathon on 25th May, first marathon so I just want to finish

  315. Lukian

    A 10k at the end of June in Rome, goal is to finish under 45′.

  316. Next race – this sunday. It will be XC MTB race in Smiltene, Latvia. Distance ~40km, finish time under 2 hours. More of a sprint than endurence event :)

    My goal is to finish in top 200 (from about 1500+ participants I guess). The biggest problem: I will be riding my backup bike, as new one I currently serviced under warrantry. Fitness is OK-ish.

  317. Erik

    Thames Turbo Sprint Triathlon in London at the end of May. First Triathlon. My goal is to have fun and see if I would like to do some more. (In the last years it was running only.)

  318. Lars

    Given that this is the start of the really hectic bike season here in Norway, there are a lot of races on the schedule. My first of the upcoming races is a local Master class race at 83km (~52mi) length and with about 1500m (~4500ft) of climbing, called Ceresrittet (Ceres being a local club). The race ends in a 3km climb, which will surely limit my chances, but as a training effort it will surely be worth it.

  319. Nepomuk

    The goal for this year is to stay below 8h on “Rund Hamburg”, which is a 250km round trip around Hamburg (Germany).

  320. I’m doing the Coast to Coast in a day end of June, 150 miles, 9000ft of climbing – aim is not to walk up Hardknott pass!! Also considering my first TT in a few weeks time…

  321. Aditya Wahyu

    My next race will be “Jakarta International 10k” on 8th June 2014.
    Goal is sub 50 minutes.

  322. Henry Collet

    Bristol 10K this Sunday. Hoping for sub-50mins.

  323. Debbie

    Silverman 70.3 in Las Vegas, NV, Oct 5th, goal is to finish.

  324. Dam

    My next race ? The Mud day in Paris, a Spartan Race like. It won’t be an impressive, but a good time with friend.

    Last serious race was Paris Marathon, a bit overrated for me. Despite my sick left leg, I managed to achieve to a time of 4h06. Pretty good I think.

  325. Sebastiaan Verweij

    Last race I ran was last Sunday, my first marathon: off-road Neolithic Marathon from Avebury to Stonehenge in England. Am still glowing from pride at finishing 7th!

  326. Yiannis

    I am going into the “off-season mode” after running a sub-3:30 marathon in Hamburg, Germany

  327. Evert

    First sprint tri planned in 2 weeks. No goal but finishing. Based on the results I’m adjusting my OD targets…

  328. Rogier

    Next race: Barcelona Triathlon OD, October 5th.

  329. Ledard Tristan

    The Versailles Sprint Tri on may 25th. My goal is a podium in my AG! And an overall time of 1h05min ish.

  330. Kevin Tan

    Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, 1st Sunday Dec, Half Marathon, 1:30.

  331. Janis

    My next race is on 18/05 – Nordea Riga Marathon in Latvia. I’m going for 3:00:00!!!

  332. piechu

    I am running for 10 km on May 11 in Swarzędz/Poland. I want to run under 44:00

  333. Astrid Crocker

    Rite Aid Cleveland 10 k on May 18th, River Run Cleveland Half Marathon on September 7th, Rock’n Roll Half Marathon Cleveland October 11th, and a bunch of 5ks in between. My goal is just to finish =D
    I’m not a fast runner (actually,I’m quite the opposite), and the time does not matter to me at all.
    I just want to cross the finish line :-)

  334. Alex Rose

    My next race is the Tyntesfield 10k trail race near Bristol (UK). My goal is to improve on my time from last year of 0:48:23!

  335. Tiago Ferrão

    next race will be in the shore of lisbon, portugal, more precisely Costa da Caparica. Check the race page in -> link to besrun.pt

    10k target: 44m

  336. Ryan Allen

    Next race is a dirt crit on sunday to celebrate my birthday.

  337. Jeff Ryder

    Ironman Boulder. I want to finish before dark for once.

  338. Next race: 21 june, half marathon around the most famous lake of the Netherlands.. Goal: <1:23

  339. Antonio Cruz

    My last race was a Marathon in Badajoz, Spain, March/2013. I’ve been injured since, but i’m recovering bit by bit. I’ll hope to make a comeback later this year.

  340. Next race for will be vierlanden-triathlon. Its the first race of the year for me, so I don’t have any sporty goals (exept finishing and no accidents). Would be great if the road movie, I’m planing to is good enough to ride it in winter at home on my ergometer :-). Last year the gps didn’t work.

  341. Eisen

    FREEDOM RUN Cagayan de Oro Philippines on June 15. This is for our independence day celebration. I’m running the 10k.

  342. Luis Javier

    Hi Ray.

    Laredo Marathon (Spain) on June the 8th. Finishing in 3.15 hours would be great.

  343. Nest race will be 10k in june and will try to make under 47m

  344. Chris Wilkinson

    My next race is the Ironman 70.3 UK at Wimbleball Lake in Exmoor, South East England on the 15th June. It will be my first half, so i’m poping my pants a bit. Its a tough course so I’m aiming for 6hr 30mins!

  345. Lieven

    La Canniballe, a 175km bike race in June including twice the Mont Ventoux.

  346. Rowan

    Amy gillett gran fondo – hoping for 3h15m 8)

  347. The Mont St Michel Marathon on 25 May will be my next race and am hoping to finish it between 3:50-3:58 :)

  348. Huw Richards

    Slateman Triathlon in Wales. Just aim to finish!

  349. john

    Baltimore 10 miler- looking at trying to go sub 68 minutes

  350. Tim Stevenson

    An 8 km Cross Country race in Warragul Victoria – Part of a bigger 6 race series. Race1, I was quite happy with my time, but was well below where the rest of the team was. Time to sharpen up, and a nice new techno-toy from Clever training will certainly help!!

  351. Jerzy Trzebiatowski

    My next and last race in spring will be “Bieg Europejski” in Gdynia, Poland which take place tomorrow, 10 May 2014. And my goal is to beat my PB on 10km by more then one minut which allows me to finish the race in under 43 minutes :-)

  352. Peter Prestley

    I’m going to Guam with the CNMI Tri Team for the Pacific Island Triathlon Championship on June 21, 2014. My goal is to beat my last Olympic distance time of 2:42, and hoping for sub 2:30. Thanks for the reviews!

  353. Tudor

    Hey Ray,
    my next one is going to be Bucharest 1/2 Marathon – hopefully I’ll repeat a 1:25:00 😉


  354. giovanni

    Reggio Emilia’s Marathon, 14 december.. Under 4:30

  355. Aashiek Parker

    My last race was the Two Oceans Half Marathon in Cape Town, South Africa. This is the premier half marathon event in South Africa on a fairly hilly course.

    The plan two weeks from the event was to run a PB of 1h35, building up to a medium term goal of a sub 90min half marathon. On the day I eventually ran a fantastic race coming in at 1h30m14s – missing a silver medal time by 15 seconds! The sight of the officials drawing the rope behind the last silver medal place with me 100m away will forever be etched into my mind.

    Anyway… I’ll beat that sub 90 minute mark next year!

  356. Jeroen Oude Veldhuis

    Last saturday a 165km ride with beautiful weather and even more beautiful surrounding (Veluwe in The Netherlands)

  357. Tomer Slaney

    Italy 70.3 IronMan in Pesaca in 3 weeks. Goal is to go under 5:45

  358. Gan Kean Heng

    I ran the TNF Philippines 100 50km Trail Race last Saturday, at Baguio, Philippines. It was a beautiful trail, but it was tough.

  359. Marcello

    Will try the Turin Half Marathon on 1 June: trying to get to the finish line with an injured leg will be great 😉

  360. Ronald van Herp

    Next race is a local bike race, zomoco, next sunday. Hope to be on the podium (last sunday I was third). After that, on the same day, a derny race at the club. Last time I was second, hope to do better this year.

  361. Filipe Gomes

    Aveiro 70.3 in July! Below 6 hours. 😉

  362. Jonas Damgaard Schmidt

    Participated in a halfmarathon in Copenhagen, Denmark (Sparta marathon test 3) late march. My aim was sub- 1½ hours, which I barely managed (1:29:20). Thus cutting off ~6 mins from last years race. Great feeling!! Next goal is a halfmarathon in late September where I will be aiming finishing in 1 hour and 25 mins.

  363. Rui Gonçalves

    H Ray,

    Next event will be the Nyon triathlon and the goal is to go under one hour! (short distance)

  364. Michelle Davy

    My next big planned race is Cape Town Marathon on the 21st of September in Cape Town, South Africa. It will be my first marathon and I am training towards a sub 4 finish.

  365. nathan lobb

    british 10k london 13th July, training to drop my time by 10min. Goal to leave my friend (the much fitter runner) in the dust.

  366. Nik Hasio

    FAETHON OLYMPUS MARATHON skyrace 44k wish me luck and if i win one camera you will see BREATHTAKING fotos . Best regards

  367. Mark Strawbridge

    Just completed my first Sprint Triathlon, The liam ball Triathlon in Derry Ireland. Signed up now to do City of Derry Triathlon in 13th July. Aiming to beat my time of 1:22

  368. Jens

    Munich Marathon I am on the way

  369. Anton

    Ironman 70.3 Western Sydney..goal is to have fun

  370. Anouk

    Training for a Quarter Ironman 1 November, stepping up from sprint triathlon. Very anxious about it as still having a stress fracture mid foot so hope I’ll be ready in time!

  371. Kamil

    Half-marathon “Jurajski” on 6th June. The goal – have a good time with friends and finish under 2h.

  372. Next race is the Green Corridor Run (in Singapore). 10.5km of light trail. Pretty scenic route for an urban jungle here. Goal’s just to have fun at the run, enjoy the sights and greenery!

  373. Huy Nguyen

    Next race is Race 5 of the SoCal cup crit series in Los Angeles, CA on May 26, 2014 and my goal is to place in the top 5.

  374. Stijn

    i’m doing a 15k race this sunday, right across bruges, i don’t have a goal, since i’ve only been running for 2 months and a half and i’m very happy i can run 15k

  375. Christos

    Marine Coprs Marathon, Oct. 2014, sub 4hr.

  376. Olav Krogsæter

    Next race (21st of May) will be a short hill climb time trial called Fanafjellet Opp in W-Norway. The goal is new PR. Here is from last year: link to strava.com

  377. Wim van Aarle

    Last race was a 10 miles race in Antwerp, Belgium. I did it in 1:23, which I was not very pleased with. No concrete plans for upcoming races yet, but my goal is to do a marathon somewhere next year. In the meantime, I’ll do lots of cycling (I’ve got a trip planned to the vosges and to the alps).

  378. Magnus

    Allright, I’ll give my luck a go!
    Next race is the national championships in adventure racing, 25 hours of non-stop fun!

  379. TTT

    I Will be doing the first xterra in norway :) in june

  380. Justin Stevenson

    My next big ride is certainly a big one. 300km on the Dragon Devil Ride in 4 weeks time. It will only be my 4th sportive having only taken up cycling last September but I seem to be upto the job.
    I am setting my sights high on a finish within 11 hours but weather and the availablity of other riders with similar goal may affect this. My motivation will be seeing my kids at the end who are coming to see me finish and knowing that i will have helped raise some money for a very special local charity http://www.2wishuponastar.org

  381. Antoine

    Spartan race in Cologne, Germany on June 28th. Objective is to finish it in one piece! :-)

  382. Jean-Pascal Lavoie

    That would be May 14th for the first regional road race of the season in Quebec City!

  383. Rogério Santos

    Last race was a 30km trail run in deep Arrábida Natural Reserve (38.492196, -8.982428). If anyone is planning to travel to Portugal, you shouldn’t miss the chance to discover this beautiful place. Next race will be in Mafra (38.964820, -9.301153) next May 18.

  384. Michael

    Sprint triathlon at the “Vienna city triathlon” next week saturday. TryIng to be significantly faster than last year

  385. Jacco de Vries

    Hi Ray,
    I’m preparing myself to climb Alpe d’Huez six times on one day, in order to raise money for the Dutch Cancer Fund.
    I have a hard time preparing, because, as you probably know, there are no mountains in the Netherlands :-)
    In case I might win a gadget, i will go up for auction for my fundraiser.

  386. Koen Boer

    At the end of september I have a trailrun planned in The Netherlands, location will be Gieten (somewhere in the north). It’s a 25km trail on mostly flat terrain. Goal will be to finish well within the two-and-a-half hours.

  387. Mike Graham

    Last race was Victor Harbour Olympic Distance Triathlon. After very little training for the season, was just interested in finishing well, rather than aiming for a specific time. Went well, and I enjoyed it.

  388. Lawrence

    Bike MS 2014, June, DC. The goal is to finish the 60 mile route. (First race ever!)

  389. Peter Sumner

    The 100km del passatore on the 24th of May. A 100km overnight road race through the mountains in Tuscany. It’s my first ultra so my main aim is not to die.

  390. Wolfgang

    Next Race: Rhoen Race Bike Marathon (GER), 245km, 4800hm, time doesn’t matter 10-11hrs

  391. Kimmo Hirvonen

    District’s middle distance orienteering champs tomorrow. Goal is to beat my brother.

  392. Martin Krusell Nielsen

    I race license races in Denmark but after a bad winter and a busy spring I haven’t gotten around to any races yet. My form is bad, but I’ll use the rest of the spring and early summer to get in shape for the late summer races.

    Furthermore I usually race with a bunch of teammates in a team competition in a bike race called Skive Cykelløbet. This year will be a har competition, so I’ll try to be in my best shape then.

  393. Mika

    Käringsund half distance triathlon. Target to improve my time by 30mins or more.

  394. Kevin Devos

    Hi Ray,
    My next race wil be Tilf Bastogne Tilf in June.
    Rode Liege Bastogne Liege last month and found that de ardennes are a nice place to ride :-)
    My goal is to go faster uphill but i think thats every cyclist his goal :-)

  395. Kim Bo Jensen

    Next planned race is a crit is the center of Copenhagen (right by the Copenhangen zoo) on the 8th of June. I aim for at top 10 finish in my class.

  396. Andy Dickson

    My next planned race is Banbridge 10k and trying to get sub 40mins for thr first time. Have just missed it 2 times before so third time lucky

  397. Łukasz Sosnowski

    Half Ironman distance triathlon, Sierakow, Poland, 01/06/2014, goal: <5h

  398. Viesturs

    Race: Nordea Riga Marathon
    Distance: 1/2 marathon
    Location: Riga, Latvia
    Goal: New PB under 1:40

  399. Stephen Morgan

    8 Days of California – Trainer Road!

  400. Next race will be Hagberg Cesis Eco Trail in Latvia – 80km trail distance (August, 2014). Plan to finish within top 20. This will be a very nice local race and first time in Latvia a race with distance of 80km.

  401. Tomer yona

    My last race was today! Half marathon in Haifa, Israel
    Wasn’t great, but did the time I set for myself :-)


  402. Farhan

    I was hit by a bus in 2009 on the way to work. That left me with a fracture in my right leg. It also ended my military career. I could not jog nor run for 4 years. Recently, i started to jog again. Slowly increasing my pace and trying to better my previous training times with each run.i plan to run the half marathon in a year and thenafter, my first marathon. My goal is to get my fitness back and to rekindle the love i had with running, swimming and cycling before the accident.

  403. Dusty Holcomb

    Next race – Lake Logan Half Iron – Goal – Win Clydesdale category

  404. Benjamin Knauf

    My next big race will be Challenge Kraichgau, trying to beat my PB from last year. Hopefully something around 5:00h (05:29h last year).

  405. Bert

    I just finished the Antwerp Marathon two weeks ago and I’ll be transitioning into more cycling and swimming in preparation for the half triathlon in Deinze, Belgium, by late August. :-)

  406. daniele

    My next race will be the “Cortina Trail” in the Italian Alps. A trail run of 47km with some 2600m of elevation.
    Goal of the race? To enjoy the Italian Alps, that’s it.

  407. Chris

    Sunday, the BMC Racing Cup Race at Solothurn, Switzerland. My goal ist to have fun on the bike and not getting laped =D

  408. Justin

    My next big race will be the Swissman Xtreme Triathlon (link to suixtri.com). Starting in the south of Switzerland with a 3.8km swim in Lago di Maggiore, It will then traverse the Swiss alps with almost 4000m of climbing over 3 passes (Gotthard, Furka and Grimsel). After the 180km ride the 42km run will take us up to the finish line at the base of the Jungfrau glacier at 2061m. I am hoping just to finish…

  409. Chris McLean

    I’m doing the Perth run for a reason 12KM in 2 weeks.

    This will be my first race after getting into running around 4 months ago so getting to the finish line is the main goal. A time under 1:15 would be a nice bonus.

  410. Next weekend i’ll be racing a double triatlon race event.

    First an individual mini triathlon and in the afternoon a team-triatlon (200m,20k,5k) at link to uttriathlon.nl

    I’m not really a sprinter, sometimes you just need to get outside you’re convertzone…..

  411. Nic

    US long course duathlon championships. Goal is to make someone proud

  412. John Meehan

    Just completed the Ballyhoura trail marathon last weekend & in the process of looking for the next challenge, definitely doing Dublin in October & hoping for a 3.25

  413. Thomas Cotte

    Kraichgau half distance! First half ever, but a target of 5:15 :)

  414. MaciekZ

    My next planned race is a 10k this Sunday, 10km Szpot Swarzędz. It’s a nice event I’ve already raced last year and even better all the participants will get a chance to win a car in a lottery :-]

    The only problem is that I got a soleus injury this week and I’m not sure if I should run or not…

  415. Mat Luebbers

    Location: Okinawa, Japan

  416. It’ll be Ironman 70.3 and my goal is to brake 5:30′ 😉

  417. 11th of May – aquathlon in Riga – 1km swim and 5km run. Hope to swim out of 15min and run around 22min.

  418. Graeme Ramsdale

    Salford sprint Tri in August. My first open water swim!! Excited :)

  419. Stefan

    Probably it will be the Dutch ‘Fiets Elfstedentocht’ in June. It will be one of my longest rides: 240 km.

  420. Christer

    Next race Göteborgsvarvet half marathon on May 17.
    Goal is 1:45 which will be hard but reachable.

  421. Robin Skibo-Birney

    After missing out on the Geneva Marathon due to an ill-timed stomach virus (4 months of training!!!) I have just signed up for the 37km Trail du Salève in France this Sunday. The goal is to have some fun on the trails, use it as a tune-up race ahead of an ultra I’m running in at the end of the month and to get over the whole non-racing from last weekend.

  422. Zimbermen

    Samsung 57th Hong Kong Festival of Sport – Age Group Triathlon on Sunday. Same event last year was my first ever triathlon race (super sprint) and I finished in 49 minutes. This year of course aiming for PB!

  423. PowermanUK duathlon this Sunday. Looking to get a qualifying time for GBR AG team.

  424. Dave F

    May 17 Ten Penny Duathlon… finish

  425. I raced my second Granfondo event two weeks ago. Even though it was a 170km race and being more of an ultra cyclist I was still able to enter the break and ride with 3 other guys (from the same team) for over 130km just to be caught at around 20km from the finish. In the end the winner was a member of the team that rode with me on the break which left me feeling a little bit betrayed because I know now that they never intended for the break to succeed… I still tried to shake them off and tried to get to the finish alone but one of them never let me go, one that never got in front of the group… and ended up finishing 3rd! I finished 52nd, in the peloton, it was a bunch sprint!

  426. Thomas Funch

    10K in London in about 45 minutes. Not a big race, but still a slight PB.

  427. Patricia Hough

    Next race is standard distance in Galway. The main goal is just to finish!!!!!!

  428. James Backwell

    Trying to shake off a knee injury at the minute, but if all goes to plan the next race is the New Forest Middle Distance Triathlon in September, hopefully it’ll be part of my build up towards IM Wales next year!

    • My next planed race will be the “trimotion” in Saalfelden (Austria). I am going to race the short distance and hopefully reach a podium. :)

  429. Brian

    Leipziger LVB Triathlon “Fitnesstriathlon” 550m/21km/5km in Leipzig, Germany in July… first Tri so no accidents and just finishing.

  430. Jason

    Nacka Halfmarathon tomorrow May 10. Goal is to do a PB sub 2h :-)

  431. my next upcoming main race ist
    Salomon Xreid in Norway (http://www.xreid.com)
    an UltraTrail Race across the Hardangervidda Mountain Plateau (biggest mountain plateau in europe)

    my main goal is to survive the harsh environment and finish. beside that if it is going well, i want to annoy a few of the top-dogs and finish near the podium.

  432. My last race was almost 2 weeks ago on 2014-04-26: The Liege-Bastogne-Liege Challenge (280km, the day before the pro’s had a go at it). DNF….. hip inflammation popped up again after 160km.

  433. kris terpening

    I’m doing the TC ultra loony and just want to finish :)

  434. My next race is tomorrow (Saturday 9th May) and it takes place in the grounds of Burghley House, a stately home in Lincolnshire (UK). It’s a twenty mile assault course with 200 obstacles on route. The build up material I have received in the run up to this event has given me the impression that the obstacles will be massively tough.

    The overall goal is to finish faster than the 61 year old who finished the 2013 full course in 04:54:08, but also to actually finish as the team of five that we start as. Secondary objective is to not completely scum up my car on the drive home.

  435. Next race will be Stockholm marathon, 31/5.
    I hope to beat my PB 3:19:48, thus I have hade running-issues throw the last 2 years…

    The race is mostly a preparation for upcomming IM in Kalmar…

  436. klaus

    Sprint Tria at St Pölten, Austria
    Goal: better swim time

  437. Danny

    My last race was Malaga HIM 2 weeks ago, 5:25
    My Next race is Cork City Marathon (IE) on June 2nd, 3:40

  438. Stefan

    Tortour Challenge, August 15 2014. time trial over 562km and 8000m of climbing, max time 24hrs,
    goal ? seeing the finish line within the time limit ….
    2 preparation races, 20hrs around Fell in Germany on June 14/15, and 24hrs of Kelheim on July 12/13. no specific goals there other than getting used to the long distances in race mode.

  439. Leg

    Catania 10k on June

  440. Lorenzo Balmeo

    My first 16k race (The eye race) in mid june on cebu city ph.

    Im eyeing to finish the race smoothly.

  441. Maurice Gijzen

    Cycle a tour in Limburg the Netherlands in the second week of june!

    Goal: have a fun ride, enjoy the scenery and even have the power to play with my kids afterwards 😉

  442. Alexandre Siqueira

    My next one is a sprint triathlon in Rio de Janeiro. August 17th

  443. Jerome

    I’m actually sick (toxoplasmosis). I rest a lot.. But i run on little race to keep my form.
    Next Goal ==> Back on track! 😉

  444. Dimitri BE

    Hilly trail run in July, about 23k long.

  445. Mark

    Next up, Ottawa race weekend 1/2 marathon May 25th

  446. Anthony

    Dart 10k, first long openwater swim, aim to finish

  447. Artur K

    Sieraków Triathlon in Poland. First HIM distance, so not sure what to expect. In ideal world, I’ll break 5hrs. In a not-so-ideal world, I’ll be closer to 5:10-5:15. If it turns out a nightmare on the day, I’ll be happy to go sub 5:30. (big spread isn’t it)

  448. cristian

    tomorrow, 42km, +2400m, goal 6h 30m

  449. morten duelund

    Offroad duathlon this sunday, 5k run – 20k MTB – 10k run. It looks Like Rain so it is going to be a real challenge.

  450. Johan W

    The seasons first race is tomorrow Saturday. I’m running 10Km in in Lund, Sweden. A good preparation for the next big race, at the end of May.

  451. Marcel B

    Hi Ray – doing the PruHealth London Tri in Hyde Park on June 1 st. I’m aiming for 2:25 which would a nice improvement over my last triathlon in 1992 at age 17

  452. Bruno Lencastre

    Next race: 11th Porto Marathon (Portugal)
    Goal: 3h05m (beats my PBT by 7 minutes)

  453. Tomorrow 7 am i start for 300km ultracycling ride. goal is 11hrs and something (due to rainy conditions)

  454. Alejandro

    Minneapolis Half Marathon hopefully under 1:30.

  455. Baptiste

    Trail du mont d’or in metabief, France.
    A magnificient race at the swiss border, partly on the 1992 mountain bike world championship trails.
    In addition place of nice cheeses, sausages and Wine.

  456. Chris

    Ironman Eagleman 70.3, improve previous time by 15 minutes or more.

  457. MK Runner

    My next race is the Brackley 10k Chicken Run on 15th June and my goal is to run sub-50 mins.

  458. Wes Marshall

    I race an Oly (Tall Pines) in GA this Saturday and believe I have a decent shot at an overall podium spot.

  459. Dominika

    But in July I’m planning to run half marathon. The goal is to finnish:)

  460. Laura

    Ok next race is ? See I’m a total nubie- feb28th was my get off the couch day — got a garmin fitbit. I WAS up to 6 miles in 1hr 27minutes walking and my heart rate was finally nice and steady – and I was “in the zone” thanks to my mio.

    However after falling from a step while stretching my calf and spending days with a toe that would inspire Picasso I managed to get a blister the size of a sver dollar and somehow mess up my ankle (tendentious – from shoes that correctly align my feet for first time in my life?)

    Not to be stopped I found a recumbent stationary bike at an online garage sale in my town so I can “ride” inside and snagged my daughter’s bike so I can start to ride outisde on nice days till I can get shoes back on (I will suck tape old sneakers to my foot if I I can’t get a shoe on — I’m not giving up).

    So as I’m walking (bad knees) and now riding – I don’t have a race planned but I’d love to get something that tracks better for riding — if I am going to suffer like this I want credit for every little movement I make!

    Oh and don’t even with the blister and sore ankle I still am doing 10k steps a day or more (a lot over the 2k a day -that the garmin will count as it misses a LOT of my steps – when I sit at my computer and become a potato)

    So my next race is – – I would say never but I really want this and Iust admit I feel great when I get excersize … So maybe someday … But something to track me bike activity would be great.

  461. sander

    Next in line is the amsterdam marathon and u hope to finish in 3:30.

  462. Angelo

    Next race is the “Araw ng Nueva Ecija Race” Road race around Nueva Ecija Philippines :)

  463. dennis

    last race was the Hermannslauf on April 27th.It is a race in Germany. A 31 km run through the forest from the Hermannsdenkmal in Detmold to the Sparrenburg in Bielefeld. It is very Hard course and it was very tough for mehr cause of leak of Training.

  464. Mehmet Bayram

    Finish first marathon in October, Istanbul, Turkey.

  465. Josh Potter

    Thanks for hosting this Ray!

    I think it maybe the Chatsworth Triathlon in August, however, I am considering doing my first my Crit race in June which should be fun if I decide to do it!

  466. Kennet

    Today, Kokkola City Run, Finland, 7160m, goal: 32min.

  467. Ruairi Egan

    Cork City half marathon, Ireland, 1’37” target.

  468. Chris

    Run Auckland 10km in under 40….

  469. Mikko

    Helsinki City Run tomorrow, my first ½-marathon. Target time 1:50

  470. Johan Granat

    Vätternrundan cycling race in sweden. 300km around a lake, and with 19000 people starting. I am hoping for a time under 9 hours.

    I bet that if you looked up the readers per capita statistic you have then sweden will be high in that ranking. :)
    Great guidance and interesting blogposts.

  471. Javier J. Romano

    I don’t have a set date, but being a cyclist who wants to do an Ironman before I turn 40 (34 now), I have the goal to run my first 21k before 2014 ends….:D

  472. Kikimanki

    2014 Bratislava ETU Sprint Triathlon European Cup, May 18 2014

    After all, winning isn’t everything but wanting to win is.

  473. Jan

    After a bunch of halfs and recently a 25k, I’m running my first Marathon on the 4th of October. I chose the Coast Marathon Zeeland in the Netherlands. As it’s mostly over sand and dunes I don’t have a specific time goal.

  474. Angie

    5k in Vienna in 2 weeks – last year, this was my very first race, so the goal is to beat my time from last year and enjoy it :)

  475. søren espegård sebelin

    Planning to do the XTerra Nordic i Tisvildeleje, Denmark, on august 31th. Not quite sure about My goal yet, since I don’t have much experience with off-road tri. If I had to do the same distance on flat Road, I would say sub 2 hours 40 min. but on mtb/single track and muddy trail, I probably have to add about an hour. Looking forward to it :-)

  476. Alfredo

    Hi Ray, my next race is on May the 18th and it’s a 15K Trail with 1100mt ascend around Marmore waterfalls. It is called Trail165 because the waterfalls, among the Europe’s highest, is 165m high. So it’s in the center of Italy, near a town called Terni.
    My goal is to finish it because it’s basically a training for my next Terminillo mountain Skyrace (19Km, 1641mt ascend) happening at the end of June.
    Ciao! 😉

  477. Seong Heng

    Round the island FM, Langkawi, Malaysia.
    Train hard now.

  478. Dean

    Half BalatonMan 13-15th June 2014. Balatonfüred
    Goal: just want to finish my first half

  479. My next planned race is an olympic distance triathlon in Zug, Switzerland end of June. Plan: don’t get cramps on the run (also known as pace the whole race well)!

  480. Fr. Br.

    18.May – Copenhagen Marathon – 3:20h

  481. Fernando

    May 18, Douro valley half-marathon (“The most beautiful race in the world” 😉 ) under 1h30m

  482. I’m competing in the 2e division Triathlon the 17th of May in Weert the Netherlands! And the week after that in Krimpen a/d IJssel the Netherlands. Both 1/8 races. Goal is to break through the 1.10 hour limit!

  483. Stefan

    My next race is the Mainz marathon in Germany on 11th May and my goal is to run sub 4h.

  484. Max Raykevich

    In preparation to Siberian International Marathon which takes place in autumn in order to test process on my base training going to take part in Omsk Spring Half-Marathon on May 25th.

  485. Karen

    Ran my first hm 26/4 in 1.54.25, target was under 2hours. Next hm 7/9 in my home town, Cheltenham, England – target 1.50 I’m hoping that’s not too optimistic!

  486. Julie

    The 3 Day Tour of Wessex Sportive in the UK on May 24th. Goal is to finish 3 days of 100+ mile hilly riding still wanting to get back on my bike again! :) And finish as high up in the female ranking as possible.

  487. Gerrit van der Heide

    My next ‘race’ will be the Tecklenburg Rundfahrt (cycling) in Germany at the 31st of may. Goal is to enjoy

  488. jolaca

    I’ve just started running so I will try a 5k race and everything under 24min for my very first race will be ok!
    Tahnk you for the giveaways!!

  489. Hi Ray…. Have the Loch Leven half marathon tomorrow and hope to do it in around 1hr 40min. Then later in the year I have the Loch Ness Marathon followed a week later by the Glencoe Trail marathon. Hope to do them sub 4hr and sub 5hr respectively….

  490. will

    rennes triathlon (brittany) : olympic distance and <2:30 I hope

  491. Fran

    Sprint Triathlon in Gorliz (Basque Country) on Sunday 18. Should be out of the water in good position, my goal is not to lose too much on the bike (weakest leg with only 3 months experience on a bike), and to be fresh enough off the bike to run decently… and yes, I am enjoying this a lot!!

  492. David Garthe

    Effingham sprint tri – 5/18/14
    Goal is to win my AG this year. 2nd last year!

  493. Jean-Charles Supiot

    Hi Ray !
    My next races are.. tomorrow ! 😀
    A sprint triathlon in the morning. The goal is simply to overcome my last year’s result. And overcome all my friends !
    And a 10km run in the afternoon, in fact an olympic triathlon relay raced with my teammates. The goal is to achieve the 10k in less than 40′

    Btw Ray, is your french improving ?

  494. Lorenzo Zanetti

    IM Kentucky 24th of august, the goal is the Hawaii dream… keep it simple and push like a beast.

  495. tomorrow I have a 24 hour run in Plymouth UK – hoping to get close to 100 miles…

  496. Sebastian

    Next upcoming big race will be the Zugspitz ultramarathon in Germany, this will be my first 100k aswell. Super excited but I must say that the nerves are creeping in slowly!

  497. Marcel

    Next Race is a 4/18/4 Tri at Haslev, Denmark on 25th of May. My goal is to improve from my result last year.

  498. Donna German

    Next big race is the Grant-Pierce Indoor 50k – goal time is: 4:30:00

  499. Ari

    Helsinki City Run (half marathon), tomorrow. My goal is to get the season started by just getting through it running, ankle injury I got six weeks ago is still causing trouble.

  500. My next race is the half marthon the biggest loser in charlston wv in June with my 13 year old son it’s his first race so I hope we finish it.

  501. lex

    Next week I will participate in the triathlon in Weert (The Netherlands). I am starting on the quarter distance but I am hoping to start on the Dutch Championchip OD for which I am 2nd on the waiting list

  502. Kris Jones

    Next race is Jukola. A seven stage orienteering relay taking place over night in Finland. Exams first but hope to beat or teams playing from last year.

  503. Barry Ryan

    One week ago my 2nd half IM in Busselton Western Australia. Wanted to beat my first time but had a less than ideal run up! PB by 6mins 04:51!
    Would like to run a marathon this year if I can fix my ankle ET 03:30?

  504. Aigars

    So, next race? At this Sunday 2nd stage of SEB MTB marathon. SEB mounting bike marathon is the largest MTB competition in Latvia. During all summer are planned 7 stages and usually there are 1500-2000 riders. There are 3 categories – Sport (60-70km distance), Folk (40-50km) and Family (20-30km).
    My target is to be in the TOP 800 in Folk category 😉 http://www.velo.lv (unfortunately page is only in Latvian)

    And on 18th of May I’m planning to run my first half marathon at Nordea Riga Marathon (NRM). NRM is one of largest marathon’s in Northern Europe. Last year finished more than 15’000 runners (42km, 21km, 10km and 5km). Target? Finished 2:00-2:15h. http://www.nordearigasmaratons.lv
    So, welcome to Latvia next year, Ray!

  505. Stephen Murphy

    Next race (well technically a sportiv) is the Mick Byrne Randonee in Dublin. 160km around the most gruelling climbs in Wicklow. Goal is to finish it alive.

  506. Greg Tompos

    I’m considering entering the 24-hour True Grit obstacle course race near Sydney in August. My goal would be to finish without any significant down-time.

  507. Steven Cameron

    Edinburgh crit series on Thursday night, first ever race so goal will be just to take part and enjoy the experience. Completed my first sportive on Sunday, finished 254th out of 1200 so still on a high and looking to keep the buzz going.

  508. Daniel Ward

    Blenheim Palace Triathlon……> 1:09.
    (It’s a sprint!)

  509. Lisa

    Well, i broke my ankle a few weeks ago so have canceled any and all thoughts of upcoming races. My last race was a 10k – I was a volunteer escort with a blind runner and we finished with a PR for him!

  510. My goal is this year is the Dutch Championship half distance. It will be my first half triathlon ever. As a below knee amputee I want to show people to never give up and follow you’re own dreams. Set realistic goals and push further beyond them.
    Sport for live! KR, Reitze

  511. Martijn

    In about 5 weeks I’m doing a half-marathon, hoping to be considered a ‘serious runner’ after it, with a time of 1:45:00 or lower :)

  512. Flo

    Vendome Triathlon, 25 may (~ 70.3). Plan to finish in the Top 50

  513. Swim N Bike

    Ray, You are awesome just sharing your non-stop travels. Let alone these wonderful giveaways..
    Next on the calendar. 70.3 Taiwan…


  514. Jamie Janos

    Grab Fondo NY May 18 100 miles

  515. Monia

    Air Force Half Matathon in September and MCM in October.

  516. The previous race was 5 km in Athens and the goal was 24 minutes. My next goal is 23 minutes.

  517. Nate

    Salty Dog Sprint Tri in June. Raced it sick last year and it was messy… Soooo, redemption? :)

  518. Rick yazwinski

    Welland 70.3 looking for a podium

  519. Duncan

    Next race is on Mothers Day, so my wife will have to do logistics again. It’s a 1500 open water swim part of a triathlon series here in Singapore. Best bit: my 8 yo daughter will do her 200 meters just after I finish. And when she is done her little sister will do the 200 meters with me, but she “doesn’t want to do a race!”.

  520. Sergio V.

    I will ride the Granfondo in the beautiful region of Gerês, in Portugal.

    Fifteen hundred participants, hopefully I will finish inside the top-100. :)

  521. Brian

    Next race i’m aiming for is a sprint distance race in HK.

    Easy peasy stuff. hoping for a sub 1hr 15mins even after a few weeks of no training due to exams

  522. Fabian Campo

    I managed to PB my half marathon time in the Two Oceans HM, Cape Town

  523. Kate L

    My very next race is a sprint put on by the local tri club. You swim one pool, jump out, run to the next pool, repeat, then a pretty standard, if short, bike then run. My goal is to go out harder than normal on the bike and then run my legs off. I think I’ve been too conservative in the past and these local races are a great way to test that out.

  524. Martin

    Saturday, Thionville, 2.3.J cat.. Top 15. Merci

  525. Simon

    I have the Sydney half marathon on the 18th of may with a target of under 1h20.

  526. Next race is the big race > first ironman in copenhag, august 24… will be nice if I finish under 11,5 hours…

  527. Zhiquan Yeo

    Half Rev Quassy on June 1st! I just hope to finish standing up :)

  528. Simon Rehill

    My next big race will be Castle Howard Half iron distance first time going this long very scared but if it was easy it would not be worth doing. I just want to finish!

  529. Clayton Armstrong

    City to Casino in Hobart, Tasmania. Just 11k. Goal is to better my time from last year… Hoping for under 45mins :)

  530. fUkO SFM

    Tomorrow, May 10th, Biella Half Marathon, I hope less than 1:40.

  531. Eddy vd berg

    Goal is to run/finish a half marathon after the awesome 10km in rotterdam I had this year.

  532. Pawel

    IRONMAN AUSTRIA – 29th of June
    My goal is to survive and become an Ironman :)

  533. Tord Sonander

    Startskottet a 10k in Kristianstad Sweden in the End of May.

  534. Kerstin

    Another half-marathon in September in Karlsruhe, Germany.

  535. Julius van Bezooijen

    In July mine first half triathlon in Didam

  536. Oscar Roig

    My first ultramarathon, Cadi Ultra Trail. If I finish that will be enough reward

  537. John salmons

    32mile strathyrie race long trail run after shoulder surgery

  538. David Hale

    Its not technically a race but I am signing up for the Belfast – Dublin – Belfast Maracycle on June 28th/29th. My intent is merely to finish it. 220 miles in 2 days when my longest ride previously is 80 miles. It’s obvioulsy the second day that scares me most!! But today is the start of the Giro d’Italia which I get to watch the Team Time Trial in Belfast …. Yipee!!!!!!

  539. Moscow HalfMarathon, May 18th.
    Plan is to beat my 1:51 PR.

  540. ben petersen

    Byron Bay Olympic, NSW Australia. Looking for a decent finish on tired legs after completing Ironman Australia 6 days ago.

  541. Next race is a Double ironman, 31st May/1st June. I attempted it last year but pulled out after 20 miles of running. This year I have a support crew and would like to finish in 28 hours.

  542. Mike

    My next race, and first this season, is the Dig Deep Intro Ultra in June. I think I’ll just be happy to finish!

  543. Alessandro

    Moonlight Half Marathon on 24th May, Jesolo, Italy—-> 1:49:00
    or for Triathlon an Olimpic in Bardolino, 14th June—–> under 3 hours, or they “deflate” the finish line

  544. TijsDS

    While generally participating in sportives, I first sensed the real race atmosphere and adrenaline at the Guido Belcanto Classic, a 57 km cycling race “to cherish, rather than to win” (their baseline), climbing one of the Flemish hills 7 times. Looking forward to a next edition. While there is no official race result, I hope to do considerable better than the last edition

  545. Douglas Pleydell

    Did Reading HM, got London to Brighton next month, Basingstoke HM, great south run & nelsons tour de test valley! Hoping to beat last years time for Basingstoke & nelsons.

  546. Gerard

    Tely 10, St. John’s, Nl. July , aiming to break 80 mins.

  547. Lars Riegman

    Next race will be a sprint triathlon in Utrecht on 13 july. Hope to race under 1:15.

  548. jerome

    Brussels marathon, october, objective is to finish !

  549. Tracy

    Tomorrow (5/10) I’m doing the Chisholm Trail Run & Ride. It’s a 5k followed by a 33 mile bike ride. My goal…. to finish!! Have never done two events.

  550. Ben Dobson

    No races planned for this year yet. The last one I entered was a crit in which I got dropped within 3 corners and couldn’t get back to the group in a huge headwind! I’m hoping any I enter this year go better!!

  551. Hi Ray,

    My next race will be the trail marathon wales at the end of June, first marathon. Going to be great. Target is any time under 5hrs.

  552. Adrian

    My last official race was the Barcelona Marathon, my very first 42195m in a single shot.

    I suffered like hell in the last 10km due to unusual heat (being 16th March) combined with illiotibial band pains in my right knee, but I managed to get to the finish line in one piece in 4h 17m.

    I show with proud my black toenails since then.

  553. Winston Ng

    Gold Coast Airport Marathon on 06 July.Aiming for a sub 3:30 with it fast course.

  554. Joe Rosati

    5/31/14 Toughman 70.3 Indiana. Finish in the top 10% and practice nutrition and pacing for IMLP.

  555. Jason Tran

    I’ll be running the SMH half marathon on May 18th. My goal is sub 1:40

  556. Matthias

    My next race is in two days. Stadt-triathlon.de – a sprint Tri in the olympic park of Munich, Germany.
    This race was my first Tri ever last year so this years goal is to be faster and hopefully this should be an easy task :)

  557. Andrew

    Last race was a 21k for fun here at BUD, looking forward to repeat it this year in the fall. Also, I keep an eye on tri events, who knows..

  558. Jan Martijn Metselaar

    75km MTB race in Luxemburg two weeks ago. Goal was to finish it in reasonable time, which I did.

  559. Randee Roucoulet

    Ten Penny Duathlon in Glastonbury CT May 18th!

    My goal: to do better than last year 😀

  560. Jose

    A 70k annual mountain bike traverse held in May or June in the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica by a group of friends.

  561. My next race is a 50 mile ultra in Staplestown, Co. Kildare, in Ireland. It’s on the 17th of May, and a key part of the training for a much longer race later in summer, so the goal is to get through it feeling good and recover quickly.

  562. Mikael Hilton

    My next race for running is a 10km race in support of giving blood in Sweden. I hope to get a PB at 45 min, but maybe thats optimistic :)

    Next race for biking isnt exactly a race… We are going to bike to Paris from Lund (Sweden) to raise money for child cancer research. Last year Team Rynkeby (team-rynkeby.dk) raised 4.26 million USD (if my math is correct) which we hope to beat this year. 1200 people from 26 teams and 6 countries are participating this year :)

  563. Yves

    My next race will the 21K. The race is in two weeks time and my target time is 1 hours and 45 minutes.

  564. Eddy

    Windsor Sprint Triathlon in June

  565. Stephen Taylor

    My race is K2 in New Zealand this November, this will be the first race in a year as I have had 3 knee surgeries in the past 6mths and have to now ride with pain for the rest of my days as they can’t do anymore for it. It will be really tough as it has in excess of 2500 meters of climbing.

  566. Anatol

    Hey I will tell you about my last race, because it was like from heaven to hell.
    It was last August in Poderdorf Austria in the Olympic Triathlon on Sunday.
    There was a ironman distance on Saturday witch I watched and for the highlight of the season I planed to take part at my first Olympic-distance race, I did some sprint races before.

    After watching the rionman distance I was so boosted I started the swim and came out of the water at 33 place from 600 people attending, and I knew it will be a great day! The transition went good nothing interesting, I jumped on the bike and speeded up. I cam e to a roundabout after 500 meters after the transition and started to pass it. Then I heard a loud bang and my front wheel was not dooing as I wanted to, it slided away and I hit the ground hart falling on my arm. I was a bit confused and a safety-guy picked me up and carried me out of the track. (Thanks man once more if you read this) my front wheel busted as I was driving into the turn and I luxated my right shoulder. I was brought to the race doctor where he set the arm back. I was given some really good drugs so nothing hurt really much but the race was over.

    All in all it was a heaven to hell day, still impressed by me swim performance but my shoulder is still aching sometimes when I attend a swim training. But this year I am back in Podersdorf, I got something to clear up with this race…

  567. Kurt

    I don’t have any races scheduled at the moment but my last race was the Pittsburgh half marathon this past Sunday. It was my first race back after injury last year so no PR but I’m excited to be back running again.

  568. leeka

    My next race will be the Jukola relay, the biggest orienteering competition in the world. link to jukola.com

  569. My next race will be Ilvesjuoksu (Lynxrun) on 17th of May in Riihimäki Finland. It is a halfmarathon trailrunning race. My goal is to enjoy the nature and atmosphere (and finish under 105min).

  570. Catherine Farrer

    It will be my first race: the Bridge Run Half Marathon in October. It’s 3 days after my birthday.

  571. Simon Morton

    Sydney city2surf. Hard work!

  572. Mieszko

    My run is tomorrow on Saturday 10.05.14
    It’s 17km run through the forest. It’s called “Bieg Łosia” (Moose Run), because they live in that forest 😉
    Hope it will ends well, because my ankle hurts a little…

  573. Next race will probably be on June 21st, the Half Ironman in Oradea, Romania. The goal is to finish my first HIM in under 7 hours.

  574. Paul

    I’m in! Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon in October, would love to run a 3:40 (pr)!

  575. Rob Bryson

    Point to Pinnacle, Hobart Tasmania (Australia).Half marathon straight up Mt Wellington. Trying to get under 2 hours after 2:09 last year….

  576. Paul Wilson

    absolutely nothing planned. completed the Marathon des Sables last month. time to figure out what next!

  577. My next race will be a Local 5k in Lucan, Ireland. 21:59 would be great.

  578. Emily

    My next race is Toronto’s Sporting Life 10k. It’s a downhill race and I’m looking for a PB!

  579. next: 15k under the magical 1h limit

  580. Mary

    Rev. 3 WI Dells 70.3
    Goal: finish

  581. Robert Warden

    Franklin Half Marathon – A gentle stroll through the rilling hills of Lieper’s Fork, TN on June 7th… Goal is sub 01:25.

  582. I just met one of my big goals of losing 60 pounds. Only a few more to go. Did a marathon last year and now I’m doing a couple of duathlons this spring. First one went pretty well in the next one is in a couple weekends. On Saturday I did a local neighborhood 5k. I got eighth overall and first place in my age group. Feels good to change my overall fitness level so I’ll be around longer for my five kids.

  583. Chris

    Guelph Lake Olympic Tri in June. Goal is 2:45.

  584. My next race is Buenos Aires half marathon

  585. Jonas S.

    Last Triathlon was ages ago in 2005, German championships after I had a serious crash while cycling in the Rockies of eastern Washington state. Didn’t go well and I haven’t done any triathlon since then, but am planning on racing an olympic distance this summer (August/September). Plus the Karlsruhe Half-Marathon on 21/09 this year.

  586. Steve

    Just raced in the Mallorca Olympic triathlon set in Colonia de Sant Jordi. I managed a personal best of 2:47 (not great but I’m getting there!). The race was won by British Olympian Will Clarke who smashed it in 1:40

  587. Chris Dibble

    Seattle half marathon

  588. Mike Reed

    I am Racing gulf coast triathlon in Panama City beach, fl. Goal is to finish under 5 hours.

  589. Patrik lindegardh

    My next race is a trail ultramarathon 58 km. My goal is to finish in one piece :)

  590. Cotswold Classic (31/8/2014)…113km in the UK
    My aim, to get around and finish…a new challenge after loosing some weight and starting a Tri Club over the past two years (www.storudtri.co.uk)

  591. MarcinD.

    My next start is Olsztyn Triathlon in Poland (standard) during next weekend and my goal is to improve :)

  592. Tan Yee Hou

    I’ve got a special OD coming up on 10 August. Special because this organiser intentionally adds a 1km run before T1.

    My goal is to finish it in under 3 hours.

  593. david buggiani

    30 km race cortina Dobbiaco run (Italy). Goal: sub 3h

  594. Francois

    I run the Amsterdam marathon and i hope to finiss in 6 Hours

  595. Tim Davies

    Ironman Zurich 27th July. Base goal is as always to finish healthy, but would really like anything with 11.xx in the time.

  596. Arbra

    Next is the Coniston Lakeland Trails Marathon in July

  597. gingerneil

    Chelmsford Marathon in the UK on October 19th is my next A race. I’m still not running whilst recovering from my last (and first!) marathon attempt, but fingers crossed I’ll be back on it soon!

  598. Patrick

    Triathlon Olympic Distance World Championships in September, in Edmonton (Canada) is the next one on the list. My first shot at the title :-).

  599. David Beever

    I’m aiming to join the “club de cingles” in July. Up the 3 paved routes of Ventoux in a day….

  600. Jonas

    I’ll run Göteborgsvarvet on May 17, which is a half marathon in Gothenburg. The goal is to do so in under 1 hour 50 minutes.

  601. Paul

    I’m in the vitruvian. Uk 70.3 race end of August. This will be my first so..the plan is to complete it with a run under 2 hours at the end.

  602. Nim

    Hubby and I are going on a ten mile hike in two weeks to Havasupai Falls…..after that my next planned event is the Purdue half marathon in October. plan on finishing in 2.5 hrs. I am a beginner runner.

  603. Will Mollette

    Just ran the Jack Daniels Half Marathon in Tennessee and the hills were a little more than expected!

  604. Jørn Thyssen

    Sprint triathlon (1/10 IM) in two weeks in Odense, Denmark. 70minutes or less would be great :)

  605. Next race it will be 1st June, MTB marathon, In Portugal, Alentejo.
    Goal is just have fun and make the best I can.

    But what I am looking foward is and Adventure in a course here in Portugal called Historic Villages that goes to old villages with castles and mountains 😉 is called also GR22, you can find a lot if you Google.

    Till then just training with friends 😉

    Best Regards

  606. John Stokes

    Sydney Australia Half Marathon under 90min next Sunday.

  607. Paul

    Port Sunlight Village 10km this Sunday. Hope to finish in 44mins or below.


  608. Julien Chenelat

    I haven’t plan my next race yet. My last race was the Dubai Desert Triathlon. I did the running (5km) and cycling (25km) and teamed up with someone who did the endurance horse riding.

  609. Rafael

    Half Marathon (Marseille, FR / September) 1:59:00

  610. Olivier

    11kms in Verlaine (Belgium) on May 17th, hopefully under 5:00/km

  611. angel

    i’ll be racing the laugavegur 55k ultramarathon in iceland(!) on july 12. hope to finish in under 8 hours.

  612. RDD

    Mitten 1/2 Marathon at Crystal Montain in Michigan.

  613. My next race is the Ottawa marathon on May 25.

    And the goal is to run it in 3:15 or so to get my Boston Qualification :)

  614. Charles

    Tough mountain challenge. My goal is to have fun doing it.

  615. Hey Ray…
    Well i finally signed up for my first ever marathon…. ! Actually i pre signed up without getting my hopes up and guess what i won a place in the next PAris marathon… i really cant wait, although its a year for now. Anyhow i hope to finish around 4:30, give or take. since it will be my first marathon i really cant know as i have quite a way to go with my training. Wish me luck!!!

  616. Fernando

    My last race was Rock&Roll Half marathon in Madrid, time 1:55 and next one is a 10k race sunday 18th may called “water race!”


  617. Remco Oudhuis

    Hi there, great give-away! My next race is on the 15th of june. It will be me first ‘Sprint triathlon’ with 500m openwater swimming, 20km biking and 5km running. My goal is 10min. on the swimming, 35min. on the bike and 19min. and about 2 min. in T1 and 2min. in T2, so an overall off 1:08. For a first race very competetive I think, but I believe it could be done by me (reading up on all your hints and tips ;-)).
    Have a great weekend!

  618. Trish young

    My next race is May 31 and it’s the Color Run… Not a serious race but I’m getting back in the saddle after having my 3rd baby and working towards a 1/2….and maybe a full

  619. Michael

    Houston Texas half marathon January 2015. Goal is just to finish under three hours.

  620. Maciek

    My next race is 1/4 IM triathlon on June 7th. Because it’s my first triathlon this season, the primary goal is to see where I am with my expected performance.

  621. Jenn Wilson

    Florida 70.3 last month was my first IM and I finished in 5:49 and was thrilled!

  622. dave hrejsa

    the clarkston, mi sprint TRI in July. i want to improve my swim time over last year by 1 minute.

  623. Michal

    The 10th of September, Gdynia, Poland, 70.3 race. First time ever so no plans.

  624. Ben

    It’s not really a race as it’s a gran fondo, but I’ve signed up for the Diabolical Double in Garrett County that’s happening on June 21st. 125.6 miles long with 16,559 feet of elevation change (202km, 5,047m for you metric folks), it’s going to be a challenge.

    My goal? Complete it before they close the course :)

  625. Next race will be ironman lanzarote and hope doing it in 11hours.

  626. Duncan Tyler

    First race this year is the Saunders Beach Triathlon (local race in Townsville, its part way between a sprint and a Olympic distance event). Goal is a top 10 place in my age group.

  627. Tony West

    Hi Ray, trust you are well. My next race is Run Melbourne Half Marathon on July 27th. My aim is to finish in around 1hr 50m. It’s also a shakedown run leading into my first marathon on October 12th.

    Regards, Tony

  628. Adam Lucas

    My kids’ school has a 5k May 26 to help raise money for a new playground. After that it is the Charleston Distance Run. It’s a 15 mile race with a brutal hill. That race is at the end of August.

  629. Shadowmate

    Sportives only at the moment but just recently done the 100km “Heart of the Wolds” in Yorkshire, UK. Finished top third.
    Next is 3 Swans sportive also 100km also Yorkshire. Have to fit them between being on Ship.

  630. Arno

    My next race is IM70.3 St Polten, Austria (training race for IM Nice on June 29th). I have been plagued with injury and adapting to the training load my new IM World Champ coach is unleasing on me, but one thing I can say it that this is the first year I have been working in a structured, dedicated fashion to achieve a decent age-group result in IM. My goal in St Polten is to do a 5 -5:30 time – check out my general condition and adapt, tweak and change my training for Nice to focus a bit more. #believeinthescience #statsareimportant #needawahookickr 😉

  631. kurt

    Next race is the Rotorua Half Ironman in the central north island of New Zealand

  632. Next race will be 31st of May, 10K in Bergamo, Italy.
    Hopefully with a finish time under 45 minutes…
    Let’s see!

  633. Martin Dodd

    Next race is TBC…likely August in local Sprint Triathlon

    Last Race: March 2014 – Green Park Triathlon, Reading, UK. Result: I won!!! :-)

  634. Kirk

    Kiawah Island Triathlon in September, sub 245 for a OR after more than a year off

  635. Rob

    My next immediate race is New England’s season opener triathlon this Sunday. It’s just prep for the patriot half in June!

  636. Arnaud

    My next race is May 18th: the 20km of Brussels. It’s their 35th edition and I just got 40. My goal is set between 1h30 and 1h35. (I did 1h39 last year) I’m super excited about it having just run Paris Marathon last April bellow my expectations!

  637. Next planned Race:Batavia Sprint Triathlon
    Location/Date:Batavia IL 06/08/3014
    Goal:My goal is to win my age group and place top 10 overall

  638. Damian

    Next race is my goal race for this spring, Full Marathon (Bluenose Marathon) on May 18th in Halifax NS. Goal is 3:15 for this hilly race.

  639. Chris

    Garmin Velothon in Berlin next Sunday. 60km. Never done that race – rather flat and short course, and tons of people. So the goal is just to put out more Watts than last race and not crash into any of the other 12000 riders, but no clue what time that would be resulting in.

  640. Ironman UK – I’d like to go sub-13.

  641. Steve

    Next race is Half Ironman St. Polten in Austria. My goal is to have a better run split this time around!

  642. Travis Higlett

    City 2 Surf,Sydney Australia. Going to crack 60mins!

  643. Rodrigo Meira

    L’Etape du Tour 2014……. Tourmalet and Hautacam waiting for me in 70 days or so…… And my first 1/2 IM in August :-)
    Busy year…..

  644. Bram

    I’m training for la Maratona dles Dolomites (06.07.2014), the most beautiful gran fondo in the world in one of worlds most beautiful regions. A top-100 is the goal, but that won’t be easy with close to 9000 participants.

  645. Craig

    100km Amy’s ride Adelaide South Australia. November goal 3.5 hours

  646. Kevin

    Half Marathon – In NJ. I’d like to hit or break 1:30

  647. Vineet Hegde

    Racing at the TCS – 10K Marathon on 18th May. This will be my 3rd 10K Race.

  648. Jon Cox

    Xterra wellington McKerrows revenge on Sunday, goal is to stay upright and finish.

  649. Mark

    Netley 10k on 21 may in Southampton UK. Goal is sub 41 mins and first club member in age bracket

  650. David Clayton

    Bleinham Sprint Tri, 8th June, 1.25

  651. Steve Martin

    My next race will be the Sunshine Coast 70.3. Hope to finish under 5 hours and not see any sharks.

  652. My next race is Sunday. It is my second super sprint tri in Manassas, VA. I’m building up to the SavageMan Oly in Sept.

  653. Philipp Hardt

    Ironman 70.3 European Championship Wiesbaden . I want to improve my personal best :-)

  654. Wawan Setiawan

    This Sunday, a 3km OW swim race in calm Sentosa beach Singapore. Target: just to finish with a mix of freestyle and breasstroke. After that, at least 8 more races to go in Singapore in 2014, mix of Marathon and triathlon.

  655. Thomas

    I’d like to run the Michelob Ultra Half on around 1:30:00 on June 7.

  656. Hi Ray,

    My “A” Race for this year will be my first Iron Distance (Long Course) Triathlon called “The Outlaw” which takes place in Nottingham, England. Named after Robin Hood, who was famous for stealing from the rich, to give to the poor. A great race that wins many awards for being friendly and well supported, something I will surely be needing to help get me through.

    My target is sub 12 hours which will be a push, but I think my training is going well and I feel more confident every day. “If you don’t push yourself, you will never know how far you can go”.

    Anyway, I hope you have a great weekend.


  657. Ken smith

    Shires of Vermont Marathon may 18th, goal 3:20

  658. Matt Stterwhite

    58KM race around Lake Towada, Japan – 24May. Goal – Don’t lose to any women!

  659. Wei Tuck

    Running through the night in the Singapore Sundown Marathon end May. Aiming for a 3hrs 55 mins PB finish!

  660. Andrzej

    Ironman Austria – to finish below 13 hours

  661. Ted Bradley

    The Brighton Marina Triathlon in October. It’ll be my second entry and I want to go under two hours :)

  662. Jeff martin

    5150 Galveston. Going to break 2:30 this year!

  663. Milessio

    My next race is the London Triathlon in August for the 17th time in a row. My goal is to finish sub 2hr 45min.

  664. Daniel López

    Next race is Half Ibiza Triatlon, in Spain 26/10/14 . My goal is finish my first half :)

  665. No plans Here in Rainy Denmark except for riding Alpe D’ Huez on the Kickr :-)

  666. 31st may Halfmarathon in Luxembourg City (Europe). Planned time: 1:45:00

  667. Tour de Cure 60 miles
    American Diabetes Assoc
    Sept 20, 2014. Brielle NJ
    Can’t wait!

  668. Semi Ennafaa

    Nike We Run Prague 2014 – August – 10k target 40minutes

  669. Emilio

    Next race (06/08/2014) will be Bonn triathlon: swim 4km, bike 60km, run 15km. The bike part is quite hilly while the run is very flat. I’m aiming at 4hrs :)

  670. Daniela S.

    My next race I Spoting Life 10K on May 11 and I have no specific goals for it. Well, I suppose my goal would be to finish the race with no injuries.

  671. JD

    Ironman 70.3 Philippines for 6hours

  672. Claus Kaastrup

    The Coprnhagen Ironman august 2014, which is my first ironman… Target is to finish under 11 hours :-)

  673. Kimmy

    August 30th… Whoops

  674. PeterK

    Exe valley Sprint tri on 18th May- first ever tri so main goal is to survive and not make a fool of myself!!

  675. matt

    i am hoping to race lake placid ironman. its a lovely area and this race has been on my bucket list. the goal would be to finish. lol

  676. Pere Pascual

    25/05/2014 batega el bac in planoles ( spain) a tuff mountain race with plenti of elevation….. will be fun! target below 2 hours!

  677. Mike McDowell

    Ironman Austin 70.3 in 5:30 is the goal

  678. Jason Becher

    Next ride is the ride for MS June 1st , which will be my first century

  679. Chad

    Portland (OR) Marathon on 5 October. First marathon, so less than 5 hours.

  680. Olli

    Next race is tomorrow! Helsinki City Run, my first half marathon so I’ll be aiming for 1:45:00-ish :)

  681. Tim

    Last event was the Tour of Pembrokeshire. 79 miles over cha
    Legging rain, in the rain, wind and hail. Toughest bike ride I’ve ever done.

  682. Jack Lloyd

    Hi Ray. Next race is in just over two weeks time where I head to Sierra Leone to run the Sierra Leone Marathon 2014 in aid of a great charity called Street Child. Check it out – link to sierraleonemarathon.com . Normally would aim for somewhere near 4 hrs but the heat and the jungle terrain may well make it a bit longer!

  683. Joel Neely

    IM Chattannooga is my A race this year. Looking to finish strong and get my IM PR

  684. Carlos

    My next race is tonight the so called Bergrace by Night (7.6km) between Wageningen and Rhenen (The Netherlands) with in the last kilometer a real hard climb in the forest, my goal is breaking my PR.

  685. Lari

    Helsinki City Run half marathon tomorrow with a 1:28 goal.

  686. Erik

    My next event is the MS150: Ride the Riverside, here in the DC area. It’s a cycling event with 100 miles on Saturday and 50 miles on Sunday. Overall, I’m just looking to finish, but I’d like to finish in 6 hours, counting rest stops.

  687. Mathieu L

    Ottawa Marathon in 2 weeks. I’m doing the half and my goal is under 1h35.

  688. Giba Baisch

    Half marathon in Rio de Janeiro, August 30th, under 02:10hrs. Next one, hopefully, Dubai marathon next February.


  689. Chamac'h

    My last race was a triathlon in december 2013, the last one I will ever do (cannot compete anymore in triathlon due to a very bad bike crash).

  690. Jonathan fowler

    My next race is the north ga super sprint. May 25th in dawesonville ga. My goal is to win my AG.

  691. Daniel Alhadeff

    Allatoona Triathlon (sprint); 29 Jun; <1:20:00!

  692. Christopher C

    The North Face Endurance Challenge DC 50 miler. Overall pace: 12:00/mi

  693. Thomas

    Last race was 15k TT on wednesday, did it bang on at 40kmh, my goal! Next race is the bike portion of a relay Oly-ish distance triathlon in Groningen, Netherlands on June 15, 45km bike which I hope to complete in around 1:10-1:12.

  694. Jan Östberg

    My next race is Mörksuggejakten July 6, a MTB XC race over 70k. Just hope the hours put in since last year’s race will show in the result list as well:-)

  695. Mixuli

    My next race is tomorrow UAE healthy kidney 10k in NYC Central park. I’m aiming for 41 min.

  696. Travis Sturm

    My goal race this summer is Rock ‘n’ Roll Virginia Beach on Labor Day weekend. I want to see how close I can get to 1:30, but anything under 1:39 will be a PR.

  697. Chris Grainge

    Next race is just a small Tri at the local club – PB would be nice!

  698. Rob Poma

    Hi Ray! Next scheduled race is Augusta 70.3. Goal is 5:10. After that is IMFL with a goal of 11:59.

  699. Jim S

    Running the 10k in Ottawa, ON Canada on May 24, 2014. Looking to run under 55 min.

  700. Chmouel

    I have the etape du tour de france sportive in July and my goal is just not being injured :p

  701. Shane porteous

    Next race is a Murray Man long course triathlon in Barmerra, Australia. (2km swim, 80km bike, 20km run). My goal for this is 5hours. I know I can manage the splits for each leg on its own.(I hope) I have no idea if I can pug them all together and get this result. But its gonna be fun trying.

  702. David Miller

    Next planned race is Rev3’s Age Group Championships in Knoxville TN on May 18, which I qualified for by being in the top 10 of AG during two of Rev3’s events in 2013. A bit different in that the Half and Oly events will also be taking place. We’ll almost be like pros here with our own distance event (a hybrid between the other two) and going first in our own wave. Goal is to podium and bring home some cash since that’s what the awards will be for the AG Champions. That’s in a little over 2 weeks – Bring it!

  703. Saul

    Ironman Switzerland on 27 August 2014. Goal is 2hrs faster than my 1st time there in 2011. This means a sub 12hrs race.

  704. Cheryl Morton

    Gold Coast half marathon on July 6th, my first one

  705. Diana Williams

    I’m still trying to decide on a race or more (5-10K) for running. I haven’t done one since last year’s Peachtree Road Race and I have to miss it this year. My major event is the Atlanta BikeMS ride.

  706. Francesco

    Saturday May 10th Seaton Soaker 50k in Pickering ON, will run there so to add an extra 32k. This will be my longest training run before Bryce 100miler in Utah.

  707. Dan Majgaard

    TDS part of the UTMB series, hopes just to complete it, after half a year of injury. 110 km / 7500 meters of elevation gain, allowed 30 hrs. for completion.

  708. steve

    Seaside Sprint, Bridgeport. Looking for under 1hr15min

  709. Ola

    Competing next Saturday (17th) in the Göteborgsvarvet (link to goteborgsvarvet.se), the world’s largest half marathon. Aiming for SUB 1h:50m.

  710. blondin

    Next race, tomorrow.
    Grand prix de Berne (CH), 16miles, expected time filled at the inscription 1h20, done 1h15 during my preparation on a relatively not flat terrain (euphemism), I will start the race at a pace of 1h12, and I hope to be able to finish under the 1h10. Good luck to all readers. See you there maybe.

    And for the record, next objective: in september, Alesia trail in France, 51km with D+:1800m, in the most beautiful countryside area of France. Nno, i’m not chauvinist ;), Come and see by yourself, you will be more than welcome.

  711. Michael

    Next race is Columbia Triathlon on May 18. Aiming for 2:30.

  712. Sam M

    My next race will be the NYC Marathon 11-2-14!

  713. Stockholm Marathon on May 31 is the next “real” race, apart for some small ones during the weekends.

  714. Bernard

    Hi Ray, doing the ironman 70.3 in the Philipines on August 3, 2014 and hoping to clock in at 6:00. All the best to DC Rainmaker!

  715. Luca

    Saturday May 10th: improve my PB on 10K

  716. Stacey S

    My next race is the Turtle Crawl OLY triathlon May 17 at Jekyll Island, Ga. My goal is to better my time compared to my last OLY tri which will be difficult as this race has a longer bike ride by 5-6 miles. Given that I’m hoping to be as fast or a little faster than that last race.

  717. Konstantinos M.

    My next event is Athens Classic Marathon on Sunday 9th, November, 2014. My goal is 3:45 total time.

  718. Dwayne

    90 minute mass start score orienteering event on Sunday. At Turkey Ridge, North of Auckland NZ. Won my age group for the 1st time last week – so looking to do the repeat.

  719. My next race is the Woodstock Duathlon. I signed for a Du because I’m too chicken to get in the lake so early in the year. I never raced a du, so hopefully I won’t have the urge to rip my tri suit off before getting on the bike. I feel like such a noob.

  720. ReneePrez

    I’m running my first half marathon at the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon/Half Marathon in Ohio on a May 18th. My goal is to finish under 2 hours.

  721. Brian furtak

    First race is Hope sprint in the vacation state of Maine! It is a hilly run and I walked part last year…so maybe goal is no walking and improve time over last 2 yrs.

  722. Michael Jones

    Gran Fondo NY May 18th, hoping for better weather than last year. Target to complete the century in 8 hours.

  723. Tina Reilly

    I’m training for the heartbreak hill half marathon with 50 other women. My second half and hope to break 2 hr 35 min.

  724. Thomas Brock

    My next race is the Marine Corps Half Marathon in September. My goal is sub 2:45. I know it’s not spectacularly fast, but it would be a huge PR for me.

    Also : My 610 is acting wonky, so I’d use the credit for a shiny new 620.

  725. Chris

    Working up to my first Triathlon in Cambridge,UK in September – been running for a few years now but the other 2 sports are new. I guess my goal is to swim without drowning, to cycle without falling off and to run without collapsing. Anything more is a bonus (at 41). And then hopefully next year do some more a little faster.

    Many thanks for the blog,

  726. Stephane

    Wow! Great May Day!
    Next race will be le trail des crêtes du Chablais, on June 22nd. 67 km loop in the South area of Lac Léman with 17000 ft of positive altitude change and beautiful landscapes. Target time is 10 hours.

  727. Thorsten

    Olympic distance in Gemünden, Germany. Expect to stay below 2:30 for a first check of training state early in the season, but I don’t know the bike section, which is said to be quite hilly, so lets see how it works out…

  728. RunFatBoyRun

    Rev3 Quassy, in preparation for IM MT 70.3

  729. Nora

    Next race will be a half marathon in Budapest (Hungary).

  730. Jake George

    Will be taking part in the Blenheim Triathlon (first ever Tri) on the 7th June. Looking to finish (goal 1!) ahead of all other work colleagues that are also taking part (goal 2)…or at least win the run (goal 3)

  731. Boogie

    Last race was Run Your Buns Off 10k, 4th overall finish. Next race is Run The PBR half marathon on May 17th, Augusta, GA. Hoping for a 1:38 or better.

  732. Haakon

    I´m running Norway´s biggest relay Holmenkollstafetten on saturday. They close the city streets and over 37.000 people on 2300 teams compete.

  733. Brian Frost

    Next race is a 10k in Elk Rapids, MI called the Harbor Run. I think it is the first week of August.

  734. Duncan

    I just raced on the weekend. I thought I was going to win then I got caught with 1km to go then I got popped off the back of the bunch. Shattered!

  735. Kyle

    Next race is Rev3 Knoxville half. Hoping for a podium spot but after a rough winter in Chicago more just hoping to set a solid baseline for the upcoming season.

  736. Eric

    My next big race is the Brooklyn Half next Saturday – this being my first half I am fairly certain I will get a PR

  737. alex challis

    Goldcost oceanfest aquathon, a race with in a music festival! Just to get the free ticket that comes with it 😛

  738. Robert T

    Rock-N-Roll 1/2 marathon in Virginia Beach, August 31st

  739. Ørjan Olsen Axelson

    3 weeks to Bergen -Voss. 165k om roadbike. Target 5t.30min

  740. Robin

    Next race is Mother of all Races, a Mother’s Day 10K this Sunday. Goal is to simply enjoy the day!

  741. Richard Hadjian

    In April 2011 I sustained a severe accident to my left wrist causing extensive nerve damage. My left hand is still there, but it’s just a “helper hand”, not capable of any fine motor activity. It’s completely numb with chronic, unrelenting nerve pain that will never get better. I had bought a Serotta several years ago and one of my biggest fears was that I’d never be able to ride again. Fortunately I can still manage to control the shift and break levers on the left side of my bike, but getting back on the road has been a challenge. Now after 3 years, I’m just getting back to riding and this winter I logged 2,500 miles on my trainer in my basement, as I get ready to finally ride again. I can’t wait to go outside and try riding again. I’m 64 and not a racer, but getting back in the saddle again has been the mental therapy I needed to get over the hump of my accident and start living again.

  742. Kevin McMahon

    10k in lexington, ky in July. 42:10.

  743. Irene

    Eagleman in early June. Hoping to do better than in past years.

  744. Matthew Mallet

    My next race is the Pittsburgh Triathlon, my 2nd Olympic Tri, I hope to beat my time from last year which was 2:41:07. I’m feeling very good about it, since I’ve been working on my run, which was my weakest sport. If everything goes well, the plan it to aim for my first 1/2 Ironman!

  745. Tom Edwards

    The Great Race (10k), Pittsburgh in Sept… gives me 4months for my knee to recover! Target likely to be sub 35

  746. Smokin'Schwalbes

    Hopefully Wigan 10K in September. Goal is just to finish it.

  747. CT MACKEM

    My next race is the Sani2C 3 day MTB race next week. Aim is for less than 13hrs.

  748. Alan Lyons

    Next race is deadmans 5 mile in carrick on suir, Tipperary. Hoping for a sub 33 run. Just getting back after a long break :)

  749. Black Bear Half Iron Triathlon. Beltsville, PA on June 1st. Sub-5:45.

  750. jeremy sexton

    Secret City 5K for Haiti in Oak Ridge TN. My goal is 17:40

  751. Neil Cummins

    Dublin marathon Oct 2014. Sun 3:10 please :-)

  752. Paul Fordham

    My first ultra-marathon in 4weeks. 44 miles of costal trail running in Cornwall called the Classic Quarter. Nervous yet excited! Target is to finish in under 7hours. Love the blog mate, thanks for the time and effort put in! Cheers

  753. Toby R

    Last race was a local 5k – my kids were racing, I was pacing.

  754. Michael

    Next race is in two weeks in a village about an hour from Nuremberg. A 10k race as a prep for later season races. Aiming towards something sub 40

  755. Amie

    My last race was a local turkey trot last Thanksgiving. I’m looking forward to getting back in shape post-baby (due August).

  756. John

    Edinburgh Half Marathon on May 25th. Aiming towards a 1h40m finish time but as it’s all downhill…. who knows!

  757. Michael benowitz

    Gran Fondo. NY may 18th. My goal is top 50% for my age group.

  758. kevin leung

    Ironman Texas…may 17! Yikes!!!

  759. Bart K

    Quarter Marathon in Waterford, Ireland. First start ever.

  760. Josh

    GO! St Louis 5k, pr at 07:14/mi pace. Trusty Garmin 620 at hand, performed perfectly. Goal was 07:30 so I’m pleased. Next race? A local 10k in June, followed by another 13.1 or 26.2 this fall.

  761. Jay

    Sprint tri in fair hope Alabama. Goal is under 1:30

  762. Oedem

    My next race will be a 10km in the town where my grandparents live

  763. Martijn KvdM

    Sunday 27th April I ran the Enschede Marathon (The Netherlands) in 3.49.04 Hours.
    I did the 42.195 kms at the day I was 42 years and 195 days old :-)

    Next Race: 5th June, FBK-Double Mile, target < 13 minutes.

  764. Scott

    Next race big race is the nf100 but I think you should give it to the guy who is about to ride again after damaging his hand. Prob deserves it more than most.

  765. Amadeus Gladbach

    The north face 100 in Australia next week (16th of May). My Goal? Survive! First time doing it the long way. Hoping for a sub 12

  766. J. Berg

    My next race is the Gear West Duathlon in Orono, MN (suburban Twin Cities) where I hope to complete the 5K/30K/5K course in under 1:50:00. With this winter that will not end, I am a little worried about my lack of real outdoor bike training.

  767. James

    My next race will probably be the Rocketman Olympic in August. Goal: Don’t die since I’ll be spending the entirety of July in Africa and won’t be able to swim or bike.

  768. Daryl young

    My next race will be the Peachtree Road Race, which is a 10K, in Atlanta. It’s my first 10K so I’m excited to see how I fair. I’m looking to finish is in 55 mins or less. Thanks.

  769. Juan Otavo

    Next race would be a 2 Days MTB in Colombia, “la 10a Travesía del Quindio” in Augusto. My goal is just Finish.

  770. Steve

    MS Muck Ruckus with the wife end of May. Goal is to have fun, stay healthy and support a cause

  771. Tony Jefferys

    Hi Ray,

    love the info, been following for a while now.

    Next race is Swanley triathlon in June a nice low key event really well run by a local tri club. Plus there are a couple of charity sportives building up to the big one for me, Outlaw iron distance in July, which I want to finish this time after a DNF last year.

  772. Vasilis

    A 17K trail race this Sunday. Last year i did 2:35, i hope this year i will be around 2:20.

  773. maddodo

    Warsaw Marathon (Maraton Warszawski). My goal is under 5:00.

  774. Daniel

    My next race will be 5K fun run partly on the beach. So hoping for some great weather!

  775. Matt

    Next race is tomorrow, Olympic tri, at Taylorsville lake, Ky. Goal is win AG maybe podium.

  776. Ondrej

    May 24th, cross-country MTB in Bratislava, Slovakia, Europe… No specific goal yet…

  777. Javier

    I’m racing the Kinetic Half in Spotsylvania, VA (Lake Anna). This is a tuneup for Placid, do my goal is for a seamless race without any GI issues.

  778. Chris L

    Next race is a trail marathon in western NY on May 24. Goal is to finish and avoid re injuring my Achilles.

  779. Scott Baerenklau

    Tri Fest sprint. Taylorsville Ky, tomorrow. Not sure of goal as this is my first race on this hilly course. Perhaps 1:12 and an age group award.

  780. Ruben E.

    My next race will be an Ironman 70.30 race the 6th of July in Haugesund, Norway.I hope to finish sub-5h30mins.

  781. Mike U

    My next race (And first of the season) is the olympic distance Couples Triathlon in Madison, WI June 8. Goal? Better my run time over years past.

  782. Gretchen

    Sugarloaf 15k in 9 days! Goal is to finish- it’s my longest distance yet.

  783. irene

    My next race, and let’s say, my first as weell, will be the . If I get to finish, it would be my price!

  784. Bastian Sembdner-Braun

    OD at ITU world triathlon series Hamburg, hope I’ll beat my last year personal record.

  785. Carsten

    8 days to go to Göteborgs Varvet, the world’s largest half-marathon. I am starting in wave 3 and by the time I hopefully finish with a new sub 1:30 PR there will still be 12 waves waiting to start the race, allowing me to cheer on my colleagues when they start they race! :)

  786. Antoine

    Just a half marathon for fun! The objective is to enter the finish line with my nephews, not to beat the clock!

  787. Paul Coar

    My next race is Challenge Atlantic City, it will be my second full iron distance race! I was hoping for less than 14 hours but with the horrible north east winter we had training was tough so now I just wanna finish!

  788. Pat

    At the moment the Swansea Half Marathon in July. The goal is to get my girlfriend across the finish line!

  789. Ironman 70.3 next week end in Aix en Provence. My goal is to reach the finish line :) sub 7h would be cool !

  790. Tom

    Next race will be a 100 km trekking tour in Hungary. Time limit is 24 hours.

  791. Caio Graciolli

    21km of Asics Golden Four in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on august 3rd, with a predicted time of 1h35m

  792. Laura M

    Rock Hall sprint tri. Goal is just to finish since it’s my first one in two years!

  793. Rick

    New Prague Half Marathon – May 10th. I am hoping to break 1:30

  794. Oscar

    Ironman 70.3 Cebu in August. Hope to avoid the GI issues encountered last year at the end of the bike!

  795. Shawn

    Next Race: The Yeti SankeBite 50/50 in Lithia Springs, Georgia on August 31st. This will be my first 50 mile race. Man I could really use a Fenix2.

  796. Stevo

    My race will be the Gaelforce Connemara adventure race in Ireland, competing against a cross-dressing stag. My aim is not to wet myself laughing…and to complete it of course

  797. Zumbi

    on Sunday I will debut in the triathlon, just a simple sprint….and I’m very excited!!!

  798. Dan

    Ironman 70.3 Augusta in September and my goal is to finish in under 6 hours!

  799. 06matt

    Last race was the Paris Marathon, 3h30min, exactly the time I expected !
    Next race, it might be a trail in the Queyras (in the french Alps) at the end of June if my left foot is doing better :).
    32km, 1900m d+, in less than 6 hours maybe ?

  800. Dominic Robichaud

    A half marathon somewhere on the east coast of Canada, not sure yet.

  801. D

    My next race is a parkrun tomorrow

  802. Lisa Schaner

    To complete another Full marathon. This time, in less than 4:00. My Garmin just broke…so perfect timing to win 😉

  803. Joshua mcLaughlin

    The net time I Race is tomorrow, 5/10. I am actually running two races. The 1st is a 5k in honor of a friends dad as well as a fundraiser. My goal is to pr. I won’t say what that time is as I’m slow to average.

    Second race is in the afternoon as is a 4 miles 4 water race that will be a fun run for me and some friends. Food trucks, beer garden and live bands after will make this a cool race.

  804. Eric Apple

    Local hilly 10k. Goal is 42 even. One more week to train….

  805. Craig

    Just wrapped out road season with National Road Champs … so its winter training time now.
    Race went well, activated it a little and managed to stay near the front.

  806. Alan Ashley

    Peachtree Road Race, Atlanta Ga – planning on sub-50.

  807. Bob Zipperlen

    I have a new race, the Life is Good duathlon, the goal is to do my best and be satisfied no matter the time or result. Life is short, have some fun.

  808. Mike Smith

    6 Gap in September – sub 6 hour.

  809. Jeremy Churcher

    Ironman Wales, Tenby, September 14, complete in under 12 hours.

  810. Jeff miesemer

    I’m trying to race at least three bike races a month. Tomorrow is the Smoketown Airport Criterium, next weekend the SoYoCo Circuit Race.

  811. It’s not a race, but in July I’ll be biking, self-supported, around Lakes Erie and Ontario.

  812. ITU Age Group Sprint Worlds in Edmonton, targeting 1:15

  813. Pete Thomas

    So my next race this year is in Bedford, England with my Tri Club in a relay format. I’m aiming to survive the 750 meter swim, get in a decent 20k bike then go for a 5k PB at the end!

    Cheers Ray!!

  814. Justin Cudmore

    Does the Tough Mudder count as a race? If so I completed it in Melbourne this year and it hurt enough I’ll probably line up for another one!

  815. Ian Cassidy

    CHALLENGE Roth July 20th
    Hoping a sub 10hr
    Fingers crossed

  816. My next goal race is a Marathon called Chasing the Unicorn. I am hoping to run 2:55 to improve my Boston seeding from the 3:01 I ran last month.

  817. Jean Marc gagnon

    Next race 22 June, is in Mont Tremblant, Quebec I’ll try my first ironman 70.3 and I like only to completed de race before 7:00 hr

  818. Luiz

    Hi! Next face Delta Espanha Rio de janeiro. Hope to finish under 1:20min 10K. Thanks!

  819. Shax

    Next race is: Berlin Marathon on 28 September, hopefully with new PR :)

  820. Tyler Haas

    Next planned race (paid for and on the calendar) is the Fort Myers Beach Marathon in November (although, I might do the Southernmost Marathon in Key West in October, undecided there). My goal is to simply better my marathon PR. Ideally, I’d hit a 4:30 or better.

  821. My next big race is a Berlin Marathon in September the 28th. My second one this year :)

  822. Gary Webster

    I have the Eirias Triathlon scheduled in North Wales for 9th August. It’s my first Olympic Distance so I’m aiming not to embarrass myself by not making the swim cut-off! 😉

  823. Sebastien

    Zayed Sports City 5K Run (Abu Dhabi) in October, goal below 27min.

  824. Bruno Moraes

    Granfondo NY
    May 18th

  825. Jeff Held

    I recently ran the Boston Marathon, but it didn’t go as planned. This was due to a stomach virus that tore through my family the week before. Let’s just say I became acutely aware of every portapotty between mile 22 and 26.2… and then some! I’d like to qualify for Boston again, so I’ve decided to run the Cleveland Marathon on May 18th. My qualifying time needs to be 3:15, however my goal is to go under 3:00.

  826. Bill Gay

    Next race is the Calgary Marathon on June 1st. We’ll see if all goes well and I can hit a 4:15.

  827. Simon Langham

    Buffalo Marathon, 4 hours

  828. Tyler

    Spartan Super, August 23 at Wintergreen, VA. Goal is under 4hrs.

  829. Chris

    The Tour of Somerville on Memorial Day 2014. Last year I was in great position with 2 to go and a crash happened right in front of me. This year, my goal is to be further up so I can avoid the mess and hopefully top 10.

  830. Brett E

    My next race is the Leadville Heavy Half (15 miler) in Leadville, CO. My goal is 2:15! Thanks.

  831. Vincent

    Ironman UK 70.3 in June; goals are to finish within 6 hours and enjoy!

  832. Jeff

    Honolulu Triathlon, Olympic Distance, on May 18, but really I’m doing that as a dry run for Honu 70.3 on the 31st, which will be my first 70.3. Hopefully around 2:30 for the olympic, and 5:30 for the 70.3.

  833. Heida

    My next race will be a road race around Iceland on 24. – 27. June, a relay race with team of 10 cyclists. link to wowcyclothon.com.

  834. Jules Benson

    Gran Fondo New York (not really a race, I know), and a bunch of crits shortly thereafter.

  835. Alvaro Ricardo Echeverria Solis

    My next race is in June 2014. It is a 10k race and I’m planning to do it in 55 minutes because I’m just coming out of a leg and jaw surgery.

  836. Brian

    My next race is the Ottawa marathon in 15 days, I’ll be doing as the 5hr bunny for the second year in a row. And my goal is 4:59:00.

  837. Daniel M.

    My next race will be Moscow halfmarathon on 18 May (in Moscow, Russia), and I hope to get 1h36 result.

  838. Kimmo Akkanen

    Helsinki City Run, in Helsinki Finland at 10.5.2014. Half-marathon, I’m aiming for 1:45 time (my 2nd half-marathon ever).

  839. RoseVert

    Last race was Boston. Made some mistakes, well and truly bonked, still had a big PR. On to NYC, with probably some fun 5 and 10Ks over the summer.

  840. Joel Osmond

    It’s been so long that i can’t even remember my last race…
    Man i need to get my ass in to gear and start training again…

  841. Time trials in Maersta and Roslagen (Stockholm archipelago). Goal is to beat my times from last year and hopefully be able to make it into the national team.

  842. Ryan

    I am doing the ColumbiaTri in Columbia MD on May 18th. My goal is to go under 2hrs35min in my third triathlon.

  843. Mike Tucker

    El Scorcho 50k midnight run on July 13th in Trinity Park, Fort Worth, Texas. It will be hot, so my goal will be just to finish before the cutoff.

  844. Dressel

    Next race will be “Triathlon Nieuw West” in Amsterdam in June. This will be my first triathlon race, so the goal is mostly practising for IM 70.3 Zell am See in August!

  845. Barry C

    Keswick Triathlon, June, in the Lake District, before IM UK in Bolton. Trying to knock an hour of my last IM time.

  846. jkissane

    Heading to the Comrades ultra in South Africa at the start of June for a go at the down run, aim is to finish in ~8:15.


  847. Matt W

    Unfortunately, I injured myself a few months ago and am still trying to recover. My goal is to run a race without pain soon.

  848. Dennie

    45k time trial, goal under 1h 30m

  849. Mike 9

    May 17, Over the Mountain Triathlon, Kings Mountain, NC…survive the hills and stay under 3 hours.

    • Next race is 70.3 syracuse as a prep race for Placid. Goal time is 4:30-45 for syracuse and 11hr for Placid.

  850. Tagg

    This weekend…the Operation Giveback Wounded Warrior 15K Run

  851. Traci