You Win–You Choose DC Rainmaker Giveaway!


Because it’s the end of February (already!), and because this month got shorted 2-3 days.  And because I found two cake stands while The Girl was out today and they made pretty holders.  No, I didn’t tie those bows.  Or choose the colors.  It’s like a buffet table of devices.

This month, I’m going to mix things up a bit.  In the past I selected a gadget that I thought would be interesting to you.  This time however, I’m letting you choose which gadget you want to win.  Yup, if you want the Suunto Ambit– it’s yours!  If you want the Garmin FR910XT – same thing.  Perhaps you’d like the Magellan Switch – again, yours.  Whatever fits your training best (up to $500US), I’m giving it to ya.  Ok, actually, Clever Training is giving it to you.

For example, say you’re a swimmer – you’ll probably want the Garmin Swim.  Or perhaps you’re a cyclist, you may prefer a CycleOps Joule or Joule GPS devices.


Or maybe you’re of the Suunto, Timex or Magellan persuasion – don’t worry, those are there too.


Then again, what if you were eyeing that Wahoo KICKR trainer poking out there in the background?


Well, no worries, we’ll go splitsies on it (yes, I checked, that’s the common spelling).  You’ll get a $500US credit to Clever Training and you cover the rest beyond that.  Shipping for items is on me, so fear not.  And, as long as it’s under $500 you just tell me which item and like usual magic occurs.  You can wander around their site and pick out your mid-spring present to yourself.

Except, you cannot use the credit for pony’s, bunnies, or kittens.  And, the credit’s only good for a single packaged item.  Toys R US midnight dash this is not.  So choose wisely!

To enter yourself in, simply:

Detail out one workout that you have planned for sometime in the next seven days. If it’s as simple as “Run 2 hours at hard pace and don’t die”, then go with that.  If it’s more complex like a track or pool workout, detail out the steps.  At the end, we’ll end up with what should be fairly interesting workout library (or, a lot of confusing advice).

Got it?

Entries will be accepted through Sunday night, 11:59PM Eastern time (March 3rd, 2013).  I’ll be giving one device worth up to $500US from Clever Training.   Winner will be chosen at random and announced on roughly Tuesday (unless I can’t walk after Sunday’s half-marathon).  One entry per person.

This giveaway is sponsored by Clever Training, which I I have announced a partnership with.  As you probably remember, by picking up sports technology gadgets from Clever Training you support the site.  And on top of that, all DC Rainmaker readers get an exclusive 10% off all products they sell (basically every sports tech company/gadget/device) using coupon code DCR10BTF (along with the link above).  And most of all, you support the site in a big way – so I appreciate it!

Note, if you’re US Active Duty Military – you can submit your entry via e-mail instead.  Note that this is ONLY for Active Duty military.  No panda trainers or ice cream chefs allowed via this method.  Mmmkay?  Thanks all!



  1. Robert


    500 Warmup (inluding swim, kick, pull)

    100s, starting in the 2:30, take away 5 second on each rep until I cannot make the sendoff time. Once I cannot make the sendoff time, add 5 seconds to the sendoff and do 3 more.

    500 Cool down, focusing on form

    I’m hoping to make it down to the 1:00

  2. Rocketman

    Plan for tomorrow is 12 mile run at 60 second slower than goal marathon pace (which will be 9:43).

  3. Amanda H

    I have a swim planned for tonight, a bike ride tomorrow, and a brick on Saturday (swim and run). Thankfully, Sunday is my off day!

  4. Marcus

    I’m currently injured so won’t be able to run Barcelona Marathon in March. Instead I hope I’ll be able to start running again in 2 weeks and I’ll run a local trail running race (15k) instead.

  5. Gijs

    80k bike-ride from my dorm room to my hometown!

  6. Lindsey

    I plan on doing a group trail run tonight to test out some minimal trail runners for the first time. It will be nice and easy but exciting!

  7. Matt

    As Many Reps as Possible:
    2′ rowing (no reps counted)
    2′ box jumps – 24″
    2′ wall sit russian twists – w/25lb plate
    2′ burpee broad jumps
    2′ inchworm
    Rest 2′
    2′ rowing (no reps counted)
    2′ KB Swings (Russian style) – 50lb
    2′ tuck jumps
    2′ fire hydrant with extension
    2′ hollow rocks
    Rest 2′
    5′ AMRAP rowing for cals

  8. Alex

    I am just trying to get over a flu… so no major work outs planned. However if I am feeling up to it, there should be a 50 mile ride on either saturday or sunday… and some Tabata intervals 7x ( 20 100%, 10 second rest) on Tuesday.

  9. Brad Clements

    Saturday’s run: 13 miles at Planned Marathon Pace

  10. Gillze

    Saturday and Sunday, bike, 1.5-2hr aerobic base build, outdoor (finally)
    Tues.-Fri, 30-60 min indoor fluid trainer or rollers

  11. Robert

    Avoid the Zombies while doin my run using the Zombie Run! App for my iPhone. Awesome app if you haven’t checked it out yet!

  12. This weekend is a 3 hour trainer ride, working on Muscular Endurance while staying in Z2

    Thanks you again for holding these give aways

  13. Elizabeth

    Saturday’s workout on the bike:
    1.5 – 2 hrs. endurance pace ride, with 4 10 x 5 min. blocks of tempo: in the first and third blocks of tempo, give a hard 10 sec. jump every other minute.

  14. Michael W

    Run Workout

    1 mile easy WU
    4 x 1 mile @ threshold pace w/ 4 minute recoveries
    1 mile easy CD

    During mile repeats focus on good form with arms relaxed

  15. CF:
    21, 15, 9 reps for time of:
    Thrusters, 85lbs

    400m warm up
    3 x 6 minutes on, 6 minutes off
    200m cool down

  16. Mike

    Long Run on Saturday…14 miles…on a treadmill do to all the snow covering all my trails… :(…I hate treadmills…

  17. MaciekZ

    I’m getting ready for my first half-marathon in April but I’m not using any real training plan. In the comming days, I’m going to do these trainings:

    * 45 minutes Easy run + 10 x 30s/1m intervals
    * 5km contest
    * Long Run – around 15km

  18. Run: 2 mile warm-up, 10 x 2 minute – 1 minute hard effort and 1 minute moderate effort, 1 mile cool down.

  19. Brent Knutson

    Thursday 45min easy run followed by 45min swim laps.

  20. tudor sofron

    Hey, since I’m having Rome Marathon on the 17th of March, on Sunday will be my last long run before Rome – 25k trying to hold a steady 4:45min/km

  21. Angel

    6 mile tempo run with 3 miles at 8:45, followed by some strength training.

  22. Justin Jakowski

    6 mile run at lunch today, and 4000 yards in the pool tonight. Pool workout still TBD!

  23. Patrick

    Interval run, followed up by buying a new bike!

  24. Ken

    1.5 hr endurance ride on the indoor trainer…it’s cold out!

  25. Bob Ostronic

    Doing a brick on Sunday, 1000m swim followed by 30 miles on the trainer.

  26. Nick Valaitis

    Tonights run. 5 miles with 6x2mins hard, 1 mins rest.

  27. José Borregana

    Today i´ll be doing a nigth street run. I´ll try to run at 7:30 PM for 1 hour 20 – 30 minutes in my neiborhood whitout pre establish route. Just running along 10 miles and get back home before 9 PM. Its fun!

  28. Kirk

    2-3 hour Z2 ride

  29. Matt

    I’m in the midst of building my swimming up. Using a 0-1650yd plan. link to

    Last day of week 4 tomorrow:
    4 x 50 yards…rest for 4 breaths between 50s
    600 yards…rest for 10 breaths
    300 yards…rest for 8 breaths
    4 x 100 yards…rest for 6 breaths between 100s
    4 x 50 yards…rest for 4 breaths between 50s

  30. Heather

    Saturday morning workout: (A yoga sandwich)15 min Warm up yoga, a 2.5 hour bike ride followed by 20 min of flexibility yoga.

  31. Rain

    Because I am recovering from long injury then I don’t have anything specific. My aim is just to complete one hour running workout without any pain in my foot.

  32. David

    Its race day saturday – 24 miles, 12,000 feet climbing and descending ski mountaineering race.

    Maybe a recovery skin/ski a day or two following.

  33. Blake Sills

    Long 20 mile run in preparation for the Nashville Marathon.

  34. Paul Stephan

    WU: 1×200 RI: 15″ swim
    WU: 1×150 RI: 15″ drill
    WU: 1×100 RI: 15″ kick
    WU: 1×50 RI: 15″ build

    3×300 RI: 30″ strong (6:15 – 6:21) [2:05 – 2:07]
    3×200 RI: 20″ strong (4:06 – 4:12) [2:03 – 2:06]
    3×100 RI: 15″ strong (2:00 – 2:04)
    Rest: 2′
    1×800 paddles hard (16:56 – 17:12) [2:07 – 2:09]

    SET2: 2×200 RI: 15″ drill of choice

    WD: 1×100 easy

  35. Kris Mays

    30 minute ride / Zone 3 followed by 30 minute run / zone 2

  36. Gary Crowell

    Tomorrow- pre-ride for Mellow Johnnies race this weekend out at Flat Creek Ranch here in Austin. 2 laps, 15 miles. Followed by race on Sunday.

  37. Craig Santelman

    I plan on downloading and getting my a$$ handed to me by the new Sufferfest video – “Blender”

  38. Jon Edwards

    After taking the week off following a half-marathon in the hot Florida February heat, I’ll be doing some strength training this coming Saturday, followed by a relaxing long run on Sunday.

  39. 3 hour trail run with hills… no distance in mind, just looking to build up time on the trail.

  40. Victor

    Try to go for a long run… I hate being slow and currently fat. Help!

  41. Daniel

    New Sufferfest Video Blender will be conquered in next 7 days

  42. Ricardo Sequeira

    training running today for 1hour because in the next sunday i will run a half- marathon in Portugal,.

  43. Ihsan Gin

    Make it to and from work (Silver Spring to Bethesda) under 30 minutes (each way) for five days in a row on a loaded commuter bike!

  44. Christine R.

    Will be running Tuesday, moderate pace for about 45 minutes!! Just finished my 1st half marathon this past weekend and am taking a recovery break to give a minor injury rest, but will be back at it !! Can’t wait!

  45. Greg Purviance

    Tomorrow I have a 1 hour trainer ride followed by a 2 mile swim at the pool.

  46. Vince

    Saturday’s workout: 5.5 Mile Run at 8:00 pace with new Hoka’s, followed by 90 minute swim with two main sets 10 x 200 alternating free and IM and 3 x 700 swim, pull, paddles and fins.

  47. Allen Foster

    Ride Alpe d’Huez two times in a row tonight on my Tacx Genius.

    Two hard sessions of just under an hour at FTP.

    Will be crying during the second

  48. Stacey B

    Saturday is a 10 mile long run, easy easy pace.

  49. Caio Graciolli

    Interval and Long Runs for the Sao Paulo International Half Marathon on April!!!

  50. I’m doing my first brick of the season tonight. Planning to bike on my trainer indoors (because the ground is still covered with snow) for 30-40 minutes and then throw on warm clothes and head out for a 3 mile run. Hoping I don’t die is covered in this workout.

  51. jake

    I will use my shiny new garmin 910xt (that I hopefully win) to measure my SWOLF score to improve my swimming efficiency. I just took some tri-specific swim classes and want to complete a 140.6…and not die.

  52. Franck

    Easy Swimx2, Easy Runx2, Easy ridex2. You got it I’m in base 1.

    Each workouts has both speed skills sets and aerobic endurance (Z1).

  53. Jan

    As I am currently experiencing some sort of being handicapped as my shoulder is messed up, I am wearing my left arm in a sling and can only do basic workouts in a bike stand. One-armed in that case. Sure looks funny and I will submit a picture if I get picked. 😉

  54. Dustin

    I begin training for my first ever Half Marathon this Sunday.

    Sunday my training will be to Run 5 MIles in the AM (also the longest distance I have ever run at once) and then a sufferfest guided trainer session for an hour at night.

    Let my new journey begin!

  55. Daniel

    Run 13 km at a steady pace, avg HR around 145 ish. Preparing for half marathon in two months.

  56. My husband left yesterday for a year long deployment in Afghanistan. Instead of counting days, weeks, or months…we are counting the miles. 10644 to be exact. Together we hope to move forward, through biking, running, walking & swimming 10644 miles, representing the physical distance that separates us. That’s 30 miles a day, 207 a week or 877 a month. We will be doing our desperate trainings but combining our totals and hopefully reach this goal!

  57. Scott

    As a new runner, who’s coming off a very sore foot, I plan on running a 5k this Saturday in under 32 minutes.

  58. Nemo

    Looking forward to a 12 mile long run with friends at an easy pace this coming Sunday. They are tapering for a marathon and finally running short enough distances that I can join them again!

  59. Frank

    Swim 2200m at a steady aerobic pace
    Bike 75 miles at endurance pace
    Run 4 mile cooldown

  60. Christian

    Brick set either…

    Bike 55′ Run 50′ Bike 45′
    Run 40′ Bike 60′ Run 25′

  61. Eric

    Sunday long run, last long run of my base period in preparation for Scafell Pike Marathon. 20 miles off road, with 5000 feet of elevation gain. After that training just get uglier :S

  62. My first 10 mile trail run on Sunday!

  63. Ryan Roehrich

    Swim 850 yards total. Main set: 4 x 100 yards race pace, RI = 15 seconds
    4 mile run

  64. keith mcumber

    Saturday 1K lake swim planned followed by a ride on the trainer
    Sunday 2HR run

  65. George

    3 mile run and full-body cross-training. One set each of pull-ups, push-ups, sumo squats, calf raises, curls, triceps and shoulder presses.

    I’m in a holding pattern until my 2 month old daughter gets into a regular sleep schedule.

  66. Mohamed Hanifa

    I am training for an Ultramarathon in September
    So my weekly training regime goes like this
    Tuesday: Intervals
    Thursday: 20km Run within 2hours
    Sat: 20km run
    Sun : Whack 30km+ walk/run

  67. KE

    5km swim tomorrow and 10km race this coming Sunday

  68. Mark A.

    Insanity Pure Cardio – 20 minutes of Hell, non-stop HIIT.

  69. Bruce

    Ride 40-50 miles Z2 and enjoy the sunshine

  70. Matthew

    Swim 1500m tonight, a cycle 1 hour tomorrow, & a brick on Saturday (run & swim).

  71. Looking forward to 25K in the Canadian snow this Sunday.

  72. specialist

    23 mile commute home from work – hopefully with a tailwind today!

  73. Pascual Perez

    2hrs bike, 1hr run w/intervals

  74. Sara

    Finishing up training for my first half marathon in two weeks…this Sunday will be my last long slow run of the whole 13 miles. Running through slush and snow in New England is starting to loose its appeal…I’m getting very anxious for spring to show up!

  75. I lead a track workout every Monday, with core work afterwards. Here is next Monday’s workout:

    Dynamic stretch – ankles, knees, and hips

    Warm Up – 1 lap easy pace

    Drills – High knees, butt kicks, side shuffle, grapevine, backwards, pickups.

    Part A: Run 400 meters at a pace that is 10 seconds faster than your 5k pace. So, if you run a 5k at 8 min/mile pace, then your 400 target pace for this workout will be 2 minutes – 10 seconds = 1 min, 50 seconds. Recovery 400 meter jog in between. Goal is to run between 6 to 12 of the 400s depending on your current level of fitness.

    Part B: Tabata core work (20 second work periods and 10 second recover periods), with 8 sets for each exercise:

    Superman variations

  76. Maciej

    Saturday’s workout: 1h bike (trainer) + 0,5h run (treadmil).

  77. Amy H.

    Power Flow Yoga tonight, then squeezing in 7 miles at some point during this weekend while on the road for business.

  78. Jason

    I am training for my first half-marathon. So this week I have to run 10 miles. This is the longest distance I have ever gone, so I’m excited to say the least.

  79. Matt

    My second tempo workout (ever) and of the season. 35 minutes, 10 minute warm up, 5 minute cool down and then 20 minutes of running about 7min/miles. Should be a very sweaty treadmill experience.

  80. Bryan Thomson

    Nothing too exciting for me, Just simple running 5 miles at an 8 min pace for friday then running 10 mile at a 9:30 pace for sunday.

  81. Daniel

    Sunday Indoor Tri Training:
    Swim- 400 yd. warm up, 6*200 yd. (on the 2min), 200yd. cool down.
    Bike- Spin Class (it’s tough)
    Run- 10k (treadmill at 1% incline, boring)

  82. Jorge

    1 hour core workout with 10 minute skip rope, 30 mins weights, 20 minus power hike.=

  83. Sunday long run 180 min. This run should total between 18-22 miles, or 29-35 km. Paris Marathon training plan.

  84. Jonathan Palmer

    I am currently training for the worlds largest obstacle course. A 20mile Run with over 200 obstacles, split up into 20 Zones. One of those is the ‘World Records Zone’ which contains 150m of Monkey Bars! My training will be lots of hanging from bars for 45seconds, and then trying to do as many Wide Armed Pull Ups as possible after each 45second hang. It may also involve some cheeky trips to the local park, to play about on the Monkey Bars there.

  85. Manfred Rotgers

    after my recent shoulder luxation running is out of the question

    training in the gym is
    – 30 min warm up on the spinning bike, without using the arms
    – some exercises for the abs
    – together with the Fysio some isolated excercises or the shoulder
    – 30 min brisk walking on the treadmill to cool down 🙂

    hopefully in a few weeks a can run en spin, and mtb and cycle again

  86. overthehillQB

    Today’s workout;

    10 minutes of stretching,
    11 mile run z2
    10 minutes steam

  87. Doing my first Sprint Triathlon this year so looking to do a second 5km run this week, hopefully in under 30mins (31:42 on Tuesday). Then into the 50m pool at the weekend to do as many lengths as I possibly can. I never considered swimming ‘Fun’, more of a prevent drowning thing…and I never planned to ever fall too far out of a boat 🙂 That’s changing for sure.

  88. Kjell Morten skaanes

    Starting some cross training for the (sprint) Tri season. Starting out by cycling for about 45 minutes in a loop. Then back home, change to running shoes and go out for a 5km run. Hopefully fairly fast…

  89. Running speed work:

    10 X 600M sprints

    Wash, rinse, repeat.

  90. Paul

    Recovering from running injury, so the workout will be a light ‘brick’ session. Warmup on light resistance on bicycle trainer for an hour and explore a (new to me) local trail for a 10-15 mile trail run (depending on how the agitated leg feels).

  91. Ryan Menze

    Trainer ride, 2×20 tempo/ss ride!

    I’m itching to get outside!

  92. joesentme

    saturday: 2h hill run, in the second part 3×10 min uphill at AT, which is 150-155 hpm for me

  93. Tonight’s run: Pyramid Hill Intervals.
    Relatively easy:
    2km warm-up then hard-intervals of 1min, 1:30, 2, 2:30, 3, 3:30, 4, 3:30, 3, 2:30, 2, 1:30, each with a 2 min easy in between. 2km cool-down. All hards uphill, all easys downhill.
    These intervals I judge by form i.e. as hard as I can go while maintaining good running form.

  94. I’m hoping to run 10 miles on Saturday to see if my hip injury is healed. Fingers crossed!

  95. Mike Diotte

    Run Workout
    2.5k warm up
    6 hill repeats. 400m long all out effort
    2.5k cool down.

  96. João Ramos

    My workout this saturday will consist in a small warm-up of 3 * 400 meters followed by a 2 hour game of tennis. Hopefully I will win wich will make me even more happy and excited to the next step of the workout – 45 minutes of intense football game with my 4 year old son…:)…Believe me that this final part will be the most difficult to endure due to the numer of sprints, interval training and goals that I will suffer, because he always wins!!!!

  97. Jason Dorado

    Just trying to get my endurance back after having a broken collarbone. 5km run at morning while a 30minute ride at trainer during evening

  98. David Burns

    I plan on running 12.5 miles with Greater Lowell Road Runners on the Boston marathon course.

  99. Today’s swim workout will be warm up then 6-8 150’s on 2:30 interval followed by 4-6 50’s on 1:00 or less…depends on how the crew elects to swim them! We have structured flexibility! Thursday we do 150’s, Monday we do ladders and Friday is for lots of 50’s!

  100. Running 30K on the weekend to prepare for a month of intense training