Giveaway Extravaganza: Polar RCX5 with G5 GPS


Are you of the Polar persuasion? Then this watch is definitely your cup of tea (or cup of Gatorade).  It’s their top of the line triathlon watch, complete with the the G5 GPS pod.

And, unlike virtually every other watch out there, this unit can actually read and record your heart rate while underwater.  So this way on your next triathlon, you can have proof that you managed to hit your highest heart rate of the day in just the first 30 seconds of the swim, complimentary of 100 of your closest friends trying to drown you.

Giveaway Closes: 9:00PM Eastern (Duration: 3 Hours)

My In-Depth Product Review: Polar RCX5

Product Source: Polar, used in product review (looks/acts new, with new batteries)

Even if you don’t win, you can still use this link to support the blog.

Winners products will be shipped on/around June 25th, 2012. All entries must be posted below in the comments section by the time the giveaway officially closes per the posted time above. Winners chosen randomly. Anything after that won’t count, sorry! Click here to see all Giveaway Extravaganza posts.

Thanks all!


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  1. Brilliant. Thanks Ray

  2. David Wright

    So many prizes!

  3. mine mine mine … please!

  4. This would definitely be an awesome replacement for my Polar 625X.

  5. I’ll take it off your hands.

  6. This looks sweet! Sign me up!

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  9. They just get tastier!

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    Sounds great to me!

  11. Hello and welcome to Bob’s Burgers. The burger of the day is the child molester, it comes with candy.


    Please !!!!!

  13. Do all the parts come in one box? Will this box be compatible with any other boxes? Sarcasm on Polar, but wouldn’t mind having it.

  14. Ray you rock for doing this!

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    swimming heart rate would be cool!

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  22. Entering again!

  23. I’m finishing my PhD, trying for my first tri and I love Polar products. BTW Ray, I went to Tosca based on your recommendation in a previous post and I loved it! Almost lost my manners eating the spinach ravioli. Yum!

  24. Very nice of you. I’m in!

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  29. Hi Ray. Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. I’m not the first but still want that!

  31. looks pretty cool.

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  35. The ironman on goodies

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    Clinton from mooresville, nc

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  42. Fantastic site – very helpful

  43. I think I need this too. Man do you have some cool toys to play with.

  44. I want it! I want it! I would love to win it!

  45. Count me in!

    Vitamin G

  46. I admire your ingenuity on this genius idea!!

  47. Man you have some cool toys.

  48. So far I have put in for every entry. Cmon odds. Thanks Ray.

  49. MrT

    hello Ray

    The polar is the brand of my first 3 heartrate monitors, since then, it has been Garmins. Would be fun to run with a polar again.