Garmin Vector power meter delayed until Summer


Garmin is proactively messaging this afternoon to various media outlets that there has been a delay to the Vector pedal-based power meter, which was previously planned to ship in March 2012 (next month).  The official release is as follows:

As with any Garmin product it is always our attempt to ensure that it meets the highest standard of quality—such is the case with Vector. In doing so, it has taken longer than expected. We are 100% committed to bringing this highly anticipated power meter to cycling shops around the world and will be doing so this summer.”

In a discussion with them, they noted that while they could have kept a moving timetable of dates (i.e. saying April, then May, etc…) – they selected to simply choose summer to allow them enough time to complete the outstanding tasks.  They did not want to repeat of the recent situation of promising dates on a more frequent and earlier basis only to miss those dates repeatedly.

I did ask whether or not the pro team was using the pedals during training and was able to confirm that they did use the full setup at their recent Spain training camp (transmitters and all).  In addition, as some have spotted recently at a few of the southern hemisphere events, the full pro team has switched to using the cleats and pedals on all bikes.  Though these are without the transmitter pod affixed to the back of them. The goal here in switching pedals is simply to get the team used to them from a pedal-standpoint, since many of them used other pedal platform types previously (i.e. Speedplay).

Otherwise all specific testing for Vector has largely been moved away from pro team at this time.  Their goal is to get the final product to the consumer at the same time as the pro team, and thus they want to focus their limited development efforts on detailed testing.  They noted that the product is not just being designed just for their cycling team, and that end-consumers are just as important, if not more important.

On a related note, the Edge 500 TSS/NP/IF update remains on the most recently announced date of March.

Also note that for all technical questions about Vector, I’d encourage you to check out this post here…it’s a wee bit detailed.

Garmin FR910XT Updates:

Finally, another update on the FR910XT update to fix some of the outstanding bugs – notably the pace fluctuation issue.  This update will now be out prior to the end of February.  No specific date was committed to, beyond that it would not be delivered by Cupid today.  It did sound like there was a bit of wiggle room in their schedule to make the end of month date.


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  1. Well that’s bad news for my HIM assualt in the Summer but good news for my bank balance!

  2. Alright, this 2 year of waiting together with no update to the Garmin 705 will get me to choose an alternative.

  3. @fhkj

    Looks like Power2Max just gained themselves an order!

  4. I’d love to see a comparison between the Look/Polar and the Vector on the same SR(A)M equipped bike.

  5. for 200 bucks more you can purchase the proven quarq. Delays mean issues to me.

  6. Anonymous

    Two PTs are not much more. One is less. And they exist.

  7. For the planned Edge 500 firmware update: do you know whether it will, apart from NP/IF/TSS, also include the other additions to the Edge 800 update? Like the 5 display pages, lap summary page, 5 bike profiles, courses+workouts improvements, etc?

    Also do you know what those courses and workouts improvements are exactly?


  8. On the screens issue: I would like to see user-configurable number of screens up to 8. With the growing number of data fields, especially for someone who only occasionally uses a power meter and doesn’t want “-“‘s cluttering up precious screen space, it makes sense to allow for the user to allow the user to set up a good number of screens without the burden of setting up separate bikes. For example, a general screen, a screen for intervals, a screen focusing on power data, a screen focusing on environmental data, a screen focused on climbing-specific info, and a bare-bones screen for easy-to-read race data and I’m already up to six. Obviously the unit has the memory to handle such simple pages.

    I am amused by all the people who “harumph” any advance in cycling technology. Obviously if L-R power is meaningless to you, by all means stick with PowerTap. But when power meters first came out, there was the same “harumph” response: “who needs that? I have my HRM.” Additionally it seems plausible the Vector will eventually handle full pedal-stroke analysis of some sort, given the early work published by Metrigear on that topic.

  9. Sure glad I bought a Powertap!

  10. Poop :( Summer means what? Any time between June and Sept? What year?

    If I remember correctly Vector was originally slated for release in 2010? I am surprised that with Polar’s limited engineering budget (vs Garmin’s) that Polar was able to get theirs to market first.

    I am now going to consider the new Quarq SRAM Red crank, since this also does power balance.

  11. Summer 2012, this summer. Likely June or July – potentially earlier.

    One could probably debate whether or not Polar got theirs to market first. They did get it into the hands of distributors and media first, but not actually consumers. Furthermore, it was announced to distributors and others that all power meters were being recalled for a firmware update (came out today via Wattage Forums, but I’m getting verification). Obviously, this is a short term thing, and no doubt they’ll still beat Vector.

    Also, do note that on the Quarq Red crank that it does power balance rather than true left/right power. Minor nit – but certainly different. Of course, I’m just as excited about that too (equipped bike should come here in a few weeks!).

  12. Anonymous

    I wonder if the update to the edge 500 firmware will actually be out before my first race in June. Seems like ever time they get close to the promised date it gets pushed out another month.

  13. Anonymous

    encialsi 1752.Has anyone heard anything about the ETA of the updated Joule that was supposed to be out in November? Getting tired of waiting for that as outdoor season is approaching fast in the Chicago area.

  14. Anonymous

    UCI won’t let competitors use anything in a race that isn’t available commercially. It prevents exotic and possibly dangerous equipment, levels out the technological playing field somewhat, and promotes the sport as accessible, albeit for people whose wallets weigh more than the bike they want. Training camp is a different matter. But, in a sanctioned event, if Garmin can’t ship it, Garmin-Whomever can’t ride it.

  15. I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. We’ve seen examples in recent years of teams using non-off-the-shelf technology. For example, last years ‘black box’ aerodynamic measurement system at both the ToC and the Giro.

  16. from where i can buy? is it available now?