Wahoo Fitness ANT+ Bike Case and Run Kit Giveaway

In most of my giveaways, I giveaway a single item to a single person.  A watch, a scale, a something.  This time though, I’m going to shake things up a bit, and give a bunch of piles of stuff to a bunch of people.

Four piles.

Four people.

Perhaps…for the 4th?  You know, the 4th of July (for you Canadians, it’s like what you do on the 1st of July).

Last week the guys over at Wahoo Fitness sent me a giant box of goodies, as a thank-you for letting them borrow a pile of my Garmin Forerunner units so that they could add in ANT+ wireless download support to the iPhone/iPod for the FR60, FR610 and FR405 (in addition to the FR310XT support they already had).  This allowed them to code the application to support those units.

And while I love gadgets just as much as the next guy… I really don’t need this many ANT+ cases and dongles…my soon to be wife will likely be upset enough once she finds the Vasa Trainer sprawling across the entryway upon return from our honeymoon.

So here’s what’s on tap for the giveaway: Four sets in total.


Two Wahoo Fitness ANT+ Bike Case kits; with an extra aero bar mount kit and an extra ride bike mount kit (making two road bike mount kits in total, one tri bike mount), inclusive of the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ Speed/Cadence sensor as well.


Two Wahoo Fitness ANT+ Run Kits; which includes the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ dongle, an ANT+ premium soft strap heart rate strap, and an armband holder for your iPhone/iPod.


Got all that?  Good.  It’s like $700 worth of goodness.  That’s a lot of money you can now spend on sparklers instead.  Or those little snap-pop thingies (do they still make those?).

Four sets, four people, for the fourth.

The winners will be chosen at random, and then each person will get to select which prize they want – starting with the first random winner.  If there’s a conflict, I’ll try and find a way to work it out.

Simply leave a comment with your best/funniest/most entertaining wedding party memory – that’s it.  Super simple.

The entry period will run until Monday July 4th, 2011 at 11:59PM Eastern Time, at which point I’ll close the entry period and the winners will be randomly selected.  Like the all my giveaways there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you.

(Note: If you’re Active Duty Military and deployed and are unable to complete the comment entry method, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya entered.  For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets. Thanks all!)

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  1. Lighting the candles and having the taper fall over and splash wax all over the front of my pants …

  2. Having been a wedding photographer for several years I got to see many “good scenes” at more than 100 weddings. The best has to be the biker wedding where the groom and best man got hammered doing shots of JD and then proceeded to get into a nasty fight straight out of an old west movie. It all ended when the best man grabbed the keys to the grooms Harley and proceeded to jump it into the pool! JonathanRadin Photography

  3. When the flower girl decided to turn around and run back down the aisle, dragging the ring bearer with her. Took a little coaxing from her mom, but she eventually made it.

    My other favorite is when the priest forgot the name of the pope. I’m not even Catholic and I knew it.

  4. Cracking my trousers was some memorable moment at a friend’s wedding

  5. We went to a wedding where the priest kept calling the groom the wrong name. After about 10 times the bride finally had to correct him. A group of use thought it was funny, bride and groom not so much.

  6. Anonymous


    my best wedding memory is mine !


    doron from tel aviv

  7. My best wedding moment would be my own, I know that sounds cliche, but hey. I have been happily married for 10 years and I could not have asked for a better day than the day we got married.

    Happy holidays to all, enjoy the 4th and enjoy the time off.

  8. My wife has swine flu and almost hurled at the alter. We weren’t laughing at the time but its pretty funny today.

  9. I was in a wedding where the flower girl and the ring bearer were dogs. I was their escourt. The ring bearer dog wore a tuxedo and the “flower dog” had a dress. As it was an outdoor wedding up in the mountains, one of the dogs caught site of a racoon running in the woods nearby and about took my arm off as he tried to run after it. Quite amusing and memorable.

  10. Slipping and falling down an aisle as a bridesmaid. Good times 🙂

    Thanks for more give aways!

  11. DW

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Worst was giving a speech when i was in the bridal party for the couple. I just rambled on and on and it wasn’t very good at all.

  13. Ken

    Awesome give away! Best wedding memory would have to be my sisters wedding. My folks really did a great job with it. It was such a family event as well, everybody still talk’s about it 25 years later. And she’s still married to the same guy. That’s saying alot in today’s day and age.

    Good Luck with your wedding.

  14. DW

    During the post-wedding party the grandmother of the bride came up and gave me a huge kiss on the lips. What a party!

  15. Jon R.

    I attended a wedding out in horse coutry NOVA and after the wedding was over, we were bused back to the hotel where everyone was staying. THe bar had already been rented out for us, so I stopped by my room, grabbed my pug, and went to the bar. He went over like gang busters, the bride tells me to this day that it is her favorite part of the day.

  16. Our wedding party was a blast…my husband was gigging with two different bands at the time so they took turns playing our wedding. we don’t dance so my husband had a great time performing while I socialized with all the guests!

  17. At my wedding just 1.5 months ago, one of the bridesmaid’s straps broke on her dress. thankfully she had 2 so nothing was shown.

  18. I took my then new g/f to a friend’s wedding. A co-worker was inebriated and proceeded to tell her my whole life history, why I was a super catch and how we should get married that same day. Fantastic thing for a new relationship.

  19. My best memory was walking into the reception as a married couple and just realizing that I was the happiest man in the world at that point in time.

    Absolutely amazing! What a great feeling.

  20. I’ve only been to one wedding and that ended up with someone being left at the aisle.

    Somewhat awkward…

  21. KAB

    my cousin went to a horrid wedding a few months ago and i fell out of my chair when i saw the pics.. they were all decked out in camo. even the wedding dress was camo. people were in overalls and the flower girls were in jean capris with t shirts and had no shoes.. i could go on about the details, but i’ll spare you lol.

  22. After missing the bachelor party for a friend (flight got in too late) I was not sure what to expect the day of the wedding. It did not disappoint. We spent the time leading up to the ceremony trying to get him to see straight and keep food down (at least a breath mint). All that while trying to make sure the soon to be bride didn’t find out.

  23. Watching all the drunk people go down! 😉

  24. Having the groom remove his shirt to show his nicely shaved in “man-o-lantern” in his chest hair from the bachelor party.

  25. We left the reception for our honeymoon and my wife kept her wedding dress on – after all you only wear it once. Lots of congratulations and smiles as we flew cross country!

  26. My wife and got married in October, in new Hampshire, in 2004. This was Red Sox country, and we had a bunch of friends stay with us the whole weekend in a b&b. The entire weekend essentially turned into watching the red sox make their way to a long overdue championship. Worse, Im a mets fan.

  27. when leaving from ceremony to the lunch place we were told to get back into cars and buses as we came. so i did, completely forgetting i should be probably now going with my new wife :-(.

  28. Arrive late to hotel where celebration was going on. I knew just a few people at Wedding so I felt ok. I end up two hours at the wrong wedding room. But I did enjoy party 😉

  29. Anonymous

    I was best man at my friends wedding and was told that there was no alcohol being served at the recption… i was pissed so i hid a few cases of beer and a few bottles of liquor under the head table. Thanks god i wasnt too drunk for my best man speech.

    Billy Bumanglag

  30. So my wife and I interviewed several photographers to handle our wedding and reception. Her mother advised us against hiring one particular person, but we did nonetheless as we wanted to save money. …turns out, Mom was right. Grr! The photographer we hired apparently worked the night shift the night before our wedding. He fell asleep during the ceremony, and forgot to use a flash for over half the pictures he took. My friends and family took better pictures from the peanut gallery!

    …so do yourself a favor. Interview your candidates thoroughly…
    …and remember you get what you pay for!


  31. Tyler G from SLC

    Favorite funny wedding memory was when my bachelor brother in-law accidently caught the bouquet that was thrown as he was walking by. everyone insisted that he kept the prize since we all wanted him to finally get married.

  32. Probably during my best man’s speech where I encouraged the couple to “just do it” and got the audience to “clap for sex”. Good ‘ol marital relations. Gotta love it.

  33. Having to sing songs from “Grease” with the rest of the wedding party

  34. One entrie, thanks. Jorge

  35. If your bachelor party is good enough, there won’t be any wedding memories; um, except those that she will remind you about every other time you are bad!

  36. As I was getting married to a norwegian, and the cerimony was in norway, and in norwegian, when I thought the priest was asking if I do (ie. Ja) I said it at the wrong time (but he laughed and said there was no problems saying it twice). Lightened all nervious people up out there in the stands (and alter!)

  37. Katie

    Suffered a concussion at the last wedding I attended but was too stubborn to go home. Got back on my feet and tore up the dance floor. Was a dizzy wreck for the following two weeks. Flip turns were THE WORST!

  38. No good wedding stories. Not a fan sorry.

  39. Not really the best memory of a wedding, but throwing up into Miami Bay as fireworks erupted at my brother’s wedding was memorable….in fact everyone seems to remember it.

  40. At our Wedding, people were doing the Rooster every hour too annonce time 😉

  41. Kel

    Had a great time at a recent wedding where the kids in the room all decided to make a train and cruise around the dance floor. Didn’t matter what the song was, they just made it work. Was a ton of fun to watch.

  42. TIP

    At my wedding we hired a male piano player to entertain at the reception. One of my really good friends, who is also gay, got upset and thought I’d hired the piano guy to tease him since they’d recently been dating. How could I have known…??? :o)

  43. I went to two weddings, 6 days apart, that used the same caterers. I was drinking Jack and Cokes at the first wedding since I wasn’t in it and didn’t have to be good. When I got to the second wedding, which I was in, the bartenders recognized me and were ready to make me more drinks. This time I passed though so I could help the bride.

  44. Pretty much every wedding is the same. I get asked a 1000 times if my turn is next.

  45. Madstads

    My soon to be bro-in-law at the time was a sick athlete with a big engine and some sub 3hr finishes as a Marathoner. He is a 6′ 150lb. climbing machine on the bike. But the boy needed to eat constantly or he would turn into a bear. After a long wedding, pictures, bride and groom dances etc…, he was crashing and went to one of the tables with several salads being placed for dinner. He ate 2 of them before he realized he was allergic to the edible flower garnishes. His face swelled up like a balloon which made him, for the first time in his life, look like he need to lose a few lbs. A nurse in the wedding party suggested he get some Benedryl or risk his throat seizing up and dying (thus ruining my wife’s perfect wedding). It all ended well after the medication kicked in. Always did wish though, that we had some forethought and taken a picture of his swollen melon with one of the disposable cameras.

  46. My favorite wedding moment happened when my roommate had a few too many cocktails at the reception and when we got home they walked up to the door of a house across the street from our apartment building and started hollering at me to let them in the door

  47. I had one of the best times at a friend’s outdoor picnic wedding reception. Simple, entertaining, enjoyable. Hope your wedding is the same!!

  48. At my wedding reception 10 years ago, a guy I went to college with told me he got me a shirt as a wedding present. Then he told me he forgot his shirt so he decided to wear the one he got me as a gift. It looked like a nice shirt. 🙂


  49. Every wedding me and my mates go to we bust the moves to “Shake your tail feather” from the Blues Brothers, it’s always a hit.

  50. One of my friends got married, when he kneeled at the altar people started laughing. Another groomsman had written “Help me” at the bottom of his shoes without him knowing.

  51. One of my favorite pictures from our wedding album is a candid shot when my wife and I were cutting the cake. My wife is slightly bent over the cake with an expression of complete open mouthed shock and disbelief while I’m looking over at her and laughing. The photographer didn’t actually see what had happened at the time he was just clicking away when the piece of cake she had just cut fell onto the floor. Serendipitous and funny!

  52. Oooo…

    I WOULD share if only the internets couldn’t be searched, thus precluding me from any jobs in the future.

    I hope this does not disqualify me.

  53. Waking up in a hotel in Vegas to the sound of my friend smacking himself in the forehead, saying “What the heck did I do last night?” and thinking to myself… “At least I wasn’t the only one.”

  54. DW

    When the brides grandmother gave me a big ole kiss.

  55. My cousin’s wedding in Phuket was amazing. We stayed at the Banyan Tree Resort, each of us in our own villa with a private pool and jacuzzi. The wedding was beautiful, it was all just picture perfect.

  56. Thanks for the great giveaway! One of my favorite wedding party memories is my dad, who is a preacher, forgetting the name of his son, my brother, as he was officiating at his wedding. I laughed a little too hard.

  57. My cousin’s wedding, she was a lot older, and we were just young kids running around like lunatics and having fun. I’d probably do the same today if I went to another wedding. I don’t want to grow up.

  58. Probably the wedding where I kept urging the the couple to “just do it” and got the everyone in the audience to “clap for sex”. Ah, marital relations..

  59. Well… the couple kids, whom are supposed to led the bride and groom to the stage, simply doesn’t want to hold hands. It was hilarious :):)

  60. Chris

    Having club members crash our wedding reception at the private golf club.

    As the food was being served I noticed people I did not recognize…especially the ones wearing their fancy golf clothes.

    I have to say I was not too happy. At least they could of invited me for a free round of golf.

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. The garter removal

  63. the garter removal

  64. On driving to my wedding, I see my best man pulled over by police for speed. When I drove by, I starting honking and he’s telling the officer that he’s heading to a wedding.

    So the officer let him go with just a warning.

    Good Luck and many many happy year’s to you both!

  65. My own wedding when the coffee shop next door to where we were having the reception was being robbed. The robber got trapped in the building and screamed that he had a bomb. They evacuated the block but let us stay in our building – and no one was allowed to leave until after 0100 when the “all clear” was given.



  66. I was at a wedding recently where the pastor dropped the ring as he was supposed to be handing it off. It rolled away.

  67. Roy

    Best man at my friends wedding. Had the speech all prepared and when the time came I totally forgot what I was going to say! But I did make a comeback after a hic-up start by recalling the ‘good times’, no matter what you’ll never forget those. I sweated through that but was relieved at the end when everyone was clapping and laughing!

  68. My dad, who very rarely drinks, had a bit too much at my sisters wedding and got sick in the parking lot.

  69. Jun

    Keep up the reviews enjoy your site very much. Thanks again. Can’t think of anything regarding a wedding, they have been your typical weddings, no drama and very smooth.

  70. On our wedding day my wife actually gave me my first road bike as a gift, but she fooled me at first. We met in a small room in the church to exchange gifts. I gave her some jewelry, and she pulls out a used bike seat. I couldn’t help but immediately utter, “Is that used? Where did you get that?”. She took my lack of appreciation in stride and told me we’d build my bike piece by piece as we had the money. I smiled, gave her a hug, and fought back the thought that I got the shaft on the gift. We walk out of the room and start heading down the hall, she calls me back, and when I turn around I see the complete bike! Great gift, great moment, wonderful wife.

  71. My sister and now brother-in-law opted for the Robot as their wedding dance. To the sounds of Don’t Stop Believing. It worked surprisingly well.

    I’ve woken up in an unknown garden twice.


  72. Hmm… thankfully (I think?) I don’t have too many to chose from. I did have one very unfortunate event involving a broken dress strap and a split second flash out on the dance floor. Thankfully only a handful of people saw it, and the rest were too busy dancing!

  73. one wedding i attended at a golf course, the rest of the guys standing up in the wedding and i decided to take a run out to the 18th green and grab some flags (we were intoxicated). there was a sharp drop off into a sand trap that nobody saw because of the darkness, and 3 guys ripped or ruined their rented tuxes. whoops!

  74. at my wedding, there was a pool room off the main hallway of the reception room which was off the beaten path. i learned after the honeymoon that several members of the wedding party took turns fornicating with their dates in the pool room.

  75. The funny thing…I’ve never been to a wedding!
    But I still want the goodies…I’m a technologie maniac!

  76. OK this was traumatising and put me off weddings for many a year. I did survive my own so no real permanent damage.

    When I was the ripe age of 8, my aunt got married. Lovely women it has to be said and Sean the groom, is a great laugh. Their friends and or my relations on the other hand are a drunken mob.

    In Ireland back in the 1980s, there was an old tradition were, whoever the bride throws the bouquet of flowers too, gets the great honour of having the brides garter placed on her leg by one of the eligible bachelors at the wedding.

    The bachelor is chosen by the groom, he flicks the garter over his head into a mob of bachelors and whoever has it at the end wins the price of placing the garter.

    Now my 10 year old sister managed somehow to catch the bouquet. I remember well we couldn’t believe it, she had caught it in a manic herd of crazy, man hungry women. I have been assured, numerous times, that this was the first time in the family’s history that a child caught the bouquet. The children are really are only out there to keep the older ladies under control!

    Then it comes to the garter flicking time. I’m pushed out by the parents and relations because they can see I am not interested in putting a garter on my sister and they think its sort of funny. So I’m out there, wondering how best NOT to catch this thing. My plan was simple. When Sean the groom, flicks the garter back over his head, I would simply close my eyes not react and let whoever wants it catch it. Simple always works.
    The plan failed. As the garter was flicked I closed my eyes, kept my hands in my pockets but the bunch of bachelors turned into a mass scrum. In doing so, they had pulled me into the middle and we all ended up on the floor. On the floor in the middle of the scrum I could feel something around my arm but up at the shoulder and it was being pulled by someone. This turned out to be the garter. Some half-drunk gimp had caught the garter but as we all fell he managed to hook it on my arm. It was decided by the masses that I had won!

    Now to be clear, I know this sounds bad but it does get worst. The wedding video guy is still around. He catches it all on VHS. Yes VHS. So every so often when visiting relations the video tape is produced and replayed to great amusement.

  77. The best wedding memory I can recall was the moment my mother found out that my best man had brought a cooler of miller lite into the men’s dressing room at the church.

    Taking my four year old daughter to her first wedding this weekend to be a flower girl. Hopefully we will be making some more wonderful memories this weekend!

  78. Wei Li

    Haven,t been to many weddings, but probably when the groom went to feed the bride a price of cake and missed her mouth – resulting in said cake dropping down her gown. Poor guy

  79. The bride’s mother ended up doing shots with everyone who would do one with her, and ended up in a pond next to the 18th green of the country club the reception was held at

  80. At a wedding of two of my friends, the groom kept repeating the bride’s name instead of his own during the vows (i.e. instead of saying “I John take you Jane” kept saying “I Jane take you John”). Classic and one of the cutest things ever

  81. how about the pastor calling the groom by his (the groom’s brother’s name) TWICE…it was an interesting situation for everyone

  82. My favorite wedding was for a friend who’s not a very serious guy, but was marrying a very traditional girl. Her vows were romantic and flowery and everything you’d imagine at a country wedding in the South. His vows involved references to Star Wars and Dirty Harry, immediately followed by a speech from his pastor that dutifully linked in Top Gun and the NBA. Unfortunately, I had work and missed the reception, showing back up just in time to join in a sword fight with sparklers as the bride and groom ran for the limo.

  83. I asked my girlfriend to grab our guests gift from the bride and groom on the way out from a wedding. On the drive back home, she opened it showed me it, and I quickly realised that this wasn’t a guests gift! Instead she’d grabbed one from the wedding gifts table. It was quite embarrasing returning an opened wedding gift!!

  84. Bob

    My favorite wedding memory is my wedding, no family just the two of us in the San Juans.

  85. We decided to take my husband’s car to the reception instead of mine and he assured me that the A/C worked fine. Well, it was 90 degrees out, I had a long sleeve dress (Memorial Day weekend in Chicago: it’s either 90 and muggy or 50 and rainy), and nope, his A/C didn’t work. So we drove to the reception with the windows down. If that wasn’t enough, he told some friends to follow us because he knew the way, and then proceeded to get lost.

    Can’t say he’s changed much in 12 years. Now we always take my car.

  86. DJ

    Started giving the best man speech and kept wondering why nobody was smiling or laughing. Then I realized I was talking about a totally different couple.

    Guess that’s what happens when you have to make two different wedding speeches in the same month and drink way too much at the first wedding.

  87. Not very entertaining to others but my girl and I always chuckle when people ask how we met…I was dating one of her bridesmaids from a mistake marriage!

  88. My wife falling right after getting a pedicure and messing up her nice pretty new toes!

  89. My best/funniest/most entertaining wedding party memory?

    My wife and I got married on the beach at Carmel Point, just down the street from Clint Eastwood’s Mission Ranch. Later we dropped by the restaurant there for a few drinks and a quck meal, still in our formal wedding attire. The whole place loved us, all the regulars around the piano bar just couldn’t get enough of our spontaneity and joy. Our visit was highlighted when the “manager” had a gift bottle of champaign sent to our table, anonymously.

  90. It was all going well until a group from Toronto (2 guys and 3 girls) starting taking of their shirts. The bride screamed and ran off to the bathroom, crying. The moral of the story is to not invite people from Canada, just kidding.

    You see the groom knew of the potential and should have said something before but groom did not do that..

    do you have friends that like to strip in public? have you invited them to your wedding? if your answer is yes to both then i would have a little chat with lovely folks about keeping the clothes on.. unless 🙂


  91. Anonymous

    When the first of my college friends got married last year, we ran amok: bus flips (where you hold the rails above your head and flip) on the shuttle back to the wedding hotel in our bridesmaid dresses, stealing all of the leftover liquor from the reception, discovering that our dresses were water resistant (by dumping said liquor down the front of them), and later eating an entire tier of leftover cake with our hands… wow.

  92. Prior to the wedding my family decided that it would be nice to have a get together with my wife’s family and decided that it would be best if they brought over some “chicharron”, they had flown in from Boston and were now in Puerto Rico. I still don’t know how they got so much chicharron through TSA.

  93. Your blog is awesome! Inspiring. Hopefully my entertaining tidbit will entertain you.

    The photographer didn’t have film in the camera when we were taking photos at the alter after the ceremony. (It was not discovered until after the fact). We had to reenter and I recall my eldest quiet sister being upset because she wears transition lenses.

  94. Ian

    Last year I was headed to my brothers wedding, which should have involved 24 hours of travel from Sydney to London. Unfortunately, while I was in the air, the Eyjafjallajökull volcano decided to go off and shut down UK airspace. As a result, instead of 40 minutes running through the airport to the second plane, we were soundly stuck in 40C Dubai (after packing for UK April weather) for six days; missing the big event by a good 5 days.

  95. I had a good wedding experience at Chinese wedding in Taiwan in Feb. 2011. This wedding was at a small village on the east coast of Taiwan – A good 500 people showed up. The host of this wedding often spoke Japanese, since a lot of the elderly folks at the wedding grew up during the Japanese occupation. My Chinese karaoke skills are awful, however after living in Japan for 10 years – I can belt out a couple old Japanese songs. It was great fun! I even got a red envelop of around 30USD.

  96. Nothing better to write than Wahooooooooooo !!!

  97. Ok I’ll take my wedding:
    So everybody was at the party location after the wedding and everybody was hungry. so we wanted to cut the wedding cake. But the photographer was not findable. Everybody searched him, and finally my brother found him outside photographing the landscape.

  98. I was at a 3 storey restaurant, whereby 4 wedding dinners are being held concurrently. Out of which, 2 weddings are being held on the same floor in the same dinner hall. It was sure hilarious !

  99. 8 years agoon my own wedding all my mtb buddies showed up in there underwear just wearing a tie, I thought it was just a entering joke but they stayed all evening and night in there underwear. I will never forget that moment.

  100. At my sisters wedding, I was refused service on my third trip to the bar. The bartender claimed I had been up there half a dozen times already, and I must be giving my drinks to underage kids.

    I went and grabbed my sister and brought her to the bar with me. The bartender was like
    “Oh, there are two of you! You look alike! You’re dressed alike!”

    We kindly explained that we were sisters (looking alike) AND bridesmaids (dressed alike).


  101. JaG

    when the best man drank champaign out of bride’s shoe….

  102. DW

    Best part was during the post wedding party when the brides grandmother gave me bkig kiss. Gotta love her.

  103. I attended a Roma (gypsy) wedding ceremony in Hungary. That was memborable.

  104. A really good wedding memory from Hungary. I just say Palinka, Palinka, Palinka my friend.

  105. AJ

    When my first college friend Matt got married it was a big deal. The wedding was more a ‘friend’s ordeal’ than a family wedding. So when his older brother, whom I’ve never met before, was wandering the reception hall I decided to talk to him and make friends. His older brother was also his best man.

    A few drinks later as they’re about to introduce the bride and groom his brother comes up to me and says “I think you know my brother better than I do, so for the best man speech I’m just going to say one thing then call you up to give the speech.”

    Five minutes later I was standing in front of everyone giving the greatest improve best man speech ever. From what Matt tells me he never misses an opportunity to harass his brother about squelching on the best man speech.

  106. Don

    Hi Ray and The Girl!
    Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials!

    My wife and I were both getting married for the second time and neither of us wanted to repeat the BIG wedding. So, we got married on the beach in the Outer Banks. Small and intimate and extremely memorable. The best moment was watching her walk over the dunes. We weren’t sure about timing, she wanted everyone to be in place, so she waited a little longer and when she finally walked over that sand, barefoot and in that beautiful dress…. Well, you’ll know the feeling soon!

    Don in Balitmore

  107. DE

    Once went to a wedding where the best man was so drunk that we woke to find him “passed out” in the fountain in nothing but his underwear and lipstick all over his face. Awkward.

  108. I have no memories of my wedding party, so it must have been good 🙂 As for memories of those IN my wedding party – my best man did a good job of embarrassing me by telling how I used to play with my GI Joes under my desk in Hebrew School. Thanks for that.

  109. Dancing at my wedding. Awesome night.

  110. The last two weddings I attended both involved Germans – the first from Bavaria and the second from northern Germany.

    The Bavarians have a ceremony where the bride and groom have to saw a log in half together. It’s supposed to symbolise the first tough task they accomplish as a couple.

    The Northerners had a Polterabend. On the night before the wedding, everyone gets together and smashes a whole lot of porcelain plates, bowl, cups etc. for good luck. The future bride and groom then have to sweep up the whole mess together, symbolising how they’ll work together to accomplish things in the future.

    The words Polterabend and poltergeist both have similar roots.

  111. When my brother in-laws wife gave him a lap dance at the head table!

  112. Jay

    Hmm.. how ’bout $48K on a wedding & they divorced a year later? Ouch..

    Have an awesome wedding!! As always, thanks again for all your sharing the gadget goodness!!

  113. Mine would definitely be the time I saw a belly dancer come out during the best man speech and dance for about five minutes!

  114. Ron

    A friend convinced the groom to invite us so we received a late invite to the wedding. When we showed up at the wedding there was only 15 people there. It was not what we expected and had we know we would have not shown up.

  115. My favorite memory was watching my wife walk down the isle.

  116. Too many drunk people within a too small party tent…

  117. Best memory is just my first dance with my husband at our wedding – it was a fantastic night. 🙂

  118. I offered a cake for a couple that was supposed to be married, and they broke up. wtf…

  119. This time I could make getting it…!

  120. Watching the smile and embarrasment of my 8 year old nephew when he caught the brides garter.

  121. Not my proudest moment, but funny anyway. The morning after, during the wedding breakfast, people kept asking me where the maid of honor was. In my morning haze I kept simply responding “I don’t know.” It was not until my the groom my old friend asked, did I respond “Why? Am I her keeper?” his response was, “Well you guys left the wedding together” DAMN IT! Ran back up to my hotel room and there she was asleep in the bed that I just got out of an hour earlier.

  122. At a Catholic wedding, mid-ceremony, a bridesmaid accidentally kicked a 4-foot tall cylinder of water (holding a floating candle), sending shattered glass and gallons of water through the pews and aisles of the church. The rest of the wedding party and a few guests furiously cleaned it up while the priest continued on like nothing happened.

  123. I did go to a wedding where groom was so nervous that he pee’d himself with white trousers on. Not funny at time, just lots of embarassment all round.

    Like the other stoties better.

  124. I saw a wedding (super tacky one at a golf course I was playing a round at). The preacher started off his speech by talking about how rare it is for couples in this day and age to stay married. That wasn’t the type of encouragement this couple needed on their wedding day…

  125. The best was the face of our parents when after the lunch, instead of starting to dance the classical vals, we dance a song of “Grease” with several friends

  126. BB10Krunner

    The groom had a case of the hiccups during the vows. It became hilarious but still remained sincere and sweet.

  127. Tim

    My favorite wedding moment happened 11 years ago today. I met my wife! She is the sister of the groom and I was the best man.

  128. Nothing really notable that I can remember. Love your blog. Thanks for having the contests

  129. Its always funny when a drunkard gets ahold of the microphone.

  130. Memorable wedding moments: Drunkard getting a hold of the microphone and couples getting into big fights at the reception.


  131. I was at a wedding for my wife’s friend. The bridesmaid went on a rant on how she doesn’t understand how everyone loves her sister (the bride)… at first we thought there was a punch-line or a “just kidding she’s great”… but she went on for 5 minutes. The sister went on to talk about how the bride isn’t that funny, nice or that smart (which is all false… she’s hysterical, volunteers and finished at the top of her law school). It was honestly the worst wedding speech I have ever heard. I felt bad for the bride that she had an awful sister. After she was done without saying one nice thing about her sister, the bride looked around the room, shrugs and said “OK thank you for that…” and gave her a hug. Luckily the best man killed his speech.

  132. Ann

    Best wedding memory…..I guess actually getting my husband to the alter without having to get him drunk first 🙂 Oh and having to put makeup on his balding head since he always wears a hat and when he took his hat off it looked like he was wearing shower cap…lily white head and brown neck and face 🙂

  133. I was at my grandfathers funeral listening to the priest talk about his life and my grandmother turns to my mom and says “they make him sound so good”. I don’t have a good wedding story but whats the difference really?

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  135. I had 2 best men, and one of them had a little too much to drink before his toast. He told many stories, one of which involved us buying black thongs with big, green dollar signs on them, and wearing them down to the hotel pool, back when we were in high school. Definitely gave everyone a mental picture that they probably didn’t want! The best part is that I still have that thong!

  136. Dancing with friends’ moms

  137. Best memory has got to be from my own wedding. Low key reception and the start to a great life together!

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  139. I didn’t know it at the time, but a few months before my wedding I had developed hyperthyroidism, which would sometimes cause me to begin sweating profusely. During my wedding while at the alter I began sweating uncontrollably – I’m talking drenched. The pastor whispered to me “it’s your wedding, not your execution”. jkemple@gmail.com

  140. One of my most memorable wedding events was at my (future) groomsmans wedding. One of our best friends decided to announce his engagement at the wedding. A few months later we find that they planned for the wedding to be 1 year from the date of the engagement announcement. I don’t think they’re still best friends…
    Hoping to replace this memory with those from my own wedding in November (no, it’s not the same date as the other 2)

  141. I suppose the funniest, but more like the most awkward wedding memory I have is of my own. My wife and I were very excited to have my older sister meet her younger brother because they seemed to be very similar people. Both are very carefree, laidback, maybe a little lazy and forgetful. Well, anyway at the rehearsal dinner our mothers talked about how well they were getting along and how excited they were about it.

    That was until our mothers walked into my brother-in-law’s hotel room the morning after the wedding and found him and my sister in bed together…it made the brunch a little awkward…

  142. Dimitri BE

    Something with a tie and soup. Emberressing at the time, funny looking back.

  143. At a bachelor party in Las Vegas once, one of the guys unsuspectingly spiked our jager shots with an unknown drug. All I remembered was waking up in a hotel suite the next morning, completely hung-over with the groom missing. Oh wait, that’s from the Hangover movie…funny movie. The 2nd one, not as much.

  144. Jim

    So probably not too funny…but during my wedding I reached up a little too high when getting the garter off of my wife and it raised more than a few eyebrows. 🙂


  145. The funniest (not so funny at the time)was on one of our best friends wedding in Boston. Three of us got together in New York and drove up to Boston. Of course, we got lost and almost missed the reception all together. At least we were there for the party and were able to explain why we were missing in action.

  146. When asked for the rings, the best man dropped the rings, which proceeded to roll to a vent on the floor. The 10 year old ring bearer had to dive to catch the rings before they rolled into the vent. When picked up the rings and carried them back to the priest, he looked at the best man and shook his head in disgust.

  147. A wonderful wedding party under an oak, with few people, everybody was without shoes keeping contact with the earth.

  148. Jiminy Cricket

    The greatest treasure of my wedding almost 42 years ago was the vision of my beautiful bride in her white wedding gown, truly an angel from heaven!

  149. Rescuing a bride and …bride from the beach in a 4×4.
    After a beach party they got stuck with their high heels and wedding dresses in the loose sand. Also the champagne didn’t help ….. much giggling etc.

  150. when the bride’s brother came out in drag and did a striptease!

  151. Anonymous

    Thanks for the great give away. One of my best memories of my wedding is realizing how much me getting married affected my dad. Thanks again, Denise.

  152. My most embarrassing wedding moment was when I drank too much without knowing it and made a terrible toast. At my own wedding! What started off as a nice and touching speech quickly got off track and I just kept talking and talking trying to either remember or come up with a point to all of it.

    The last thing I remember saying to everyone, in reference to my new wife, was “…And I truly married my mother.”

    The microphone was taken from me at that point.

  153. Unfortunately all the funny or memorable things happen at the bachelor parties. The only thing that I can recall being somewhat funny is when we (groomsmen & bridesmaid) lifted up the bride and her feet brushed up against my things and to make it worse it was slow lift and she was barefoot…Yeah I know it’s not exactly funny.

  154. My wedding took place in an inn adjacent to a waterfall. When we posed for pictures, my wife’s veil blew off and up into the air. The photographer caught a picture that had the veil wafting under the rainbow from the falls. Unplanned, but very nice!

  155. I attended my best friends wedding in Denmark and during dinner, every time the groom got up and left the room every guy in the room went and gave the bride a kiss. Vise Versa for when the Bride left. The dinner was 8 hrs long so there was a lot of potty breaks.

  156. JRG

    Mememe! I got lightheaded and fainted when i stood up to give a toast. Broke tons of glass and knocked a few chairs and a table over. Not pretty.

  157. Suddenly seeing the groom’s aunt running out of the church to the store in front of it to get a cold coke because the groom had just fainted befote saying yes….

  158. Tim

    I was a groomsman at friends wedding, the best man, at the prompting of the groom had a plan to get everyone up on the dance-floor during the bridal waltz. This involved myself, the best man and the other groomsman dressing up in tutus and showering the happy couple in rose petals plucked from our underpants. We then grabbed the couples mothers and aunt and dragged them up onto the dance-floor, nearly everyone at the wedding followed

  159. Bo

    I haven’t attended many weddings. Maybe I will have a good story from my own wedding in October. Congrats Ray and The Girl.

  160. Best wedding memories: seeing family members crying in the moment.. 🙂

  161. DSK

    Nothing too funny, completely lost my voice when I was giving my toast as best man. I’ve only been to three weddings in my life, one of which was mine, one my brother’s and one was a Southern Baptist dry wedding that I drove seven (!) hours to attend. Had someone explained the “dry wedding” concept to me I would have stayed home.

  162. OmarA

    During the ceremony at my cousin’s wedding, the officiant holds up the rings to bless them and accidentally drops them. A mad scramble ensues. Rings are found. People get married.

    At my friend’s wedding ceremony one year later, the same officiant holds up the rings to bless them and (yep, you guessed it) accidentally drops them. A mad scramble ensues. Rings are found. People get married.

    Congrats on your pending wedding, btw!

  163. Great give-away. So many “funny” moments at weddings are not so funny later. But my BEST wedding moment (apart from my own) was walking my daughter up the ‘aisle’ to a platform overlooking Lake Taupo from up high. A beautiful summer day, and a very very happy moment for all involved. Plus a sneaky glance over the lake to Mt Tauhara (1088m) where I had run the track up & down only the day before.

  164. The only wedding party I was in unfortunately is a vague memory due to a high level of alcohol intake on that day!

  165. CKee Tan

    Memories of my own wedding? Huh? errr… everything went by in a blur, the next thing i knew was waking up mid-day with the biggest headache EVER… my wife didn’t remember much either… :p

  166. Tid

    I’d go with the one where we kidnapped my little sister after the ceremony and went bar-hopping before delivering her very late and very schnockered to the reception. Some people did not it that funny, if I recall.

  167. Must be the food poisoning one for me. Not from wedding food but from previous day tuna salad at a deli. Was about to pass out during picture taking. Luckily made it to the parking lot and barfed and barfed. Tough to enjoy that wedding.

  168. At a friends wedding no one thought of how the bride’s 3 grandparents would get home. At 11pm when the bride and groom left, they took her grandparents home first!

  169. We had such a good time at the pre-reception drinks that the restaurant manager had to come over (same complex) and tell us we were already 40min late for dinner and to hurry up!

  170. I was driving the wedding car after the ceremony to the banquet. After a while I realized that I was too fast, I lost all the others cars behind…


  171. Andrew McMahon

    Best man at my brothers wedding. His name is Alister, mine Andrew. All during the formal service the priest kept getting us mixed up and tried to marry me to Lisa instead of him – was hilarious – well not my wife it wasn’t!!!!

  172. My favorite memory was of my uncle and aunt’s wedding when I was probably only 12 or 13. Before the priest could marry them, my uncle already tried to kiss her with her veil on. Everybody laughed because the priest joked he was too eager. Finally when they were married, the priest said, Now, you may kiss the bride! My uncle lifted the veil quickly and gave her an amazing kiss I will never forget.

  173. kd

    Staying with the theme of too much to drink at weddings, mine is from a Russian wedding where I had to drink what seemed like a million shots of vodka with very toast that was made to the bride and groom. It was a fun night but I don’t honestly remember much of the next day.

  174. i approached the groom and said loudly condolence…. his relatives and brides relatives took it seriously and got mad…

  175. Our cake has collapsed (fun, but later … not this day)
    and it’s time for me to win 🙂

  176. When the bride, one of my best friends, was about to walk down the aisle, and her flower girls (abt 4 yrs old) managed to collide just before the doors opened. Both ended up with nosebleeds down their pretty, white dresses – and the bride got a bit behind schedule with the whole aisle-walking thing:-D

  177. I was a kid and insisted in wearing a Roger Rabbit key chain dangling from my belt strap…
    When I see photos from that wedding all I can see is that dam key chain…

  178. Anonymous

    Well it must be my own wedding many years ago – time went by so fast, but I still remember it so clearly.

    martinsanderhoff at yahoo.com

  179. MrT

    Wow, weddings….
    always good and full of memories.

    Is guess I will pick one memory from my own wedding: Drinking Champagne with the family:

    With friends we selected and bought Champagne direct form the Farm in France (this was a lot of fun itself).
    Directly following the wedding ceremony, and prior to the party-reception, we had our own champage party at a very nice park, overlooking the Castle next to our wedding location!
    Blue sky, some speeches and our full family and friends present. 30 minutes later, thunder, lighnting and lots of rain. We had already entered the party rooms, so all was ok!

    Greetings and enjoy July 4th!


  180. One comes to mind. Went to a wedding in Seattle (did not expect an outdoor wedding). Anyway it turned out to be a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, which meant that my face would be sun burnt in a matter of minutes. Anyway my red face conveniently matched my redish/orangeish shirt. oh well…

  181. I went to a destination wedding in a small town in Wyoming. There was a combined bachelor/bachelorette party at a small bar (on of two) in town. Our party took over the bar. Needless to say the locals were unhappy. As the night went on (and we became more and more drunk) we expanded, essentially cornering them to a small portion of the back. Between songs, the music changed. One of our party took over the mic and was singing! The lead singer was trying to accept the change, but it was clear he was surprised. In the end, we literally took over the entire bar.

  182. never been to a bad wedding……I take that back. Be to a couple weddings in the late morning and they did not offer any form of alcohol.

  183. Back in the late 80s I was in a wedding party in which we were provided baby blue tuxedos to wear. There was a point during the reception where everyone created a runway and people were taking turns going down the aisle. I tried to do my best Kevin Bacon imitation and after a running start slid on my knees down the aisle. Come to find out, the tuxedo was made of polyester and the there were two holes in the knees where the material actually melted from the friction of sliding. Can’t remember what I had to pay the tuxedo rental company but I know it was more than I could afford at the time.

  184. G M

    The jazz band had stopped playing, the DJ had taken over and was playing hip-hop as the older guests started to leave.

    The power goes out.

    With only the emergency lights to guide them, the jazzmen quickly unpacked their kit, and the party went on!

  185. IMG

    Our cake was a souffle and when we went to cut it the darn thing was too warm and didn’t want to come apart… just mushed. So what should have taken 30 quick seconds was a few awkward minutes of trying to get something from the cake to keep things moving.

  186. Seb

    At the banquet, I really enjoyed watching my friend being painted with cream in front of all the guests 🙂

  187. When I’m thinking about the weddings I have attended, nothing particularly funny comes to mind. Weddings have been beautiful, cute, lovely, but not funny. To me this is a good thing. The best memory is of course marring my wife — the best day of my life.

    One unusual bit from that day was the the first leg to our honeymoon: the cruise ship that took us from our hometown to the first country we visited during the trip. The ship was stuck in ice in the middle of the sea for our wedding night. It happened at the end of March, which probably tells a lot about our climate.

  188. has to be the second day of our honeymoon. We were camping in the desert. Well If you can call it camping. The campsite was the overflow parking for semi trucks. We broke our tent stakes in the rocks. The final straw was they were recycling the water we washed our hands in after using the porta potties. All the while the rain bird sprinklers were watering the lawn across the street. Been married since 1978 however

  189. I was asked to speak at the reception where my mom was getting remarried. I had not prepared anything so I started to ramble. I talked about how my mom had always been there for me when things were rough…like when I found out that Santa Claus did not exist.

    I kept talking and realized that people were laughing and I had not said anything that was THAT funny. I then realized that there were about 15 kids sitting on the floor with mouths wide open and tears in their eyes.

    I had just informed all of those children that Santa was not real. The next 30 minutes were filled with some serious damage control.

  190. Anonymous

    Many fond memories of my wedding but nothing beats my soon-to-be father in-law doing the Tarantella on the dance floor. My boy had skills!

  191. Anonymous

    i’ve only been to 2 weddings and both were when i was a kid. the funniest moments were probably watching relatives get a little too much drink in them and then bust out some horrible moves on the dance floor.

    – kyndra

  192. With no malicious intent I may have called my sister backstabbing during my MC duties at her wedding last year. oops, not my finest moment.

  193. I was part of my best friends wedding, so of course I had to partake in the reception activities that including drinking a lot.The following day was the real memory because I have an event and made it through but ended up in the hospital that night with an iv because I had drank so much water during the event I flushed my body of just about everything, my electrolytes were depleted, and I required a ton of potassium, sugars and sodium, 2.5 hours later I felt like as good as new…

  194. Best wedding memories…well, it has to be from my own. The day went by so quickly, but it was the little moments. The stolen glances that made the day. Remember to take time and look for the little moments. Happy Wedding Day!

  195. Matthew Miller

    Of course, getting tipsy and singing Beach Boys Karaoke in front of the entire wedding 🙂

  196. Doing the electric slide – always silly.

  197. Let’s see… on my last wedding reception I hooked up with some girl (alcohol involved), and were caught kissing in the kitchen by a whole bunch of people.

    A week later I found out his boyfriend was also at the party.

    No one ever invited me to a wedding again.

  198. As you read this please remember the events happened in 1974 and may not be appropriate today. In early 74 I was playing semi pro hockey in New England and Canada. This was the roaring 70’s so there was a lot of fighting and drinking going on. My college girlfriend called me in Early January to tell me she was pregnant. There goes the hockey career but the start of a new one. Well the wedding was a lot of fun and a lot of drinking. We did not have any money to speak of so we went to what was a large hotel for its day and I parked the car outside the hotel. The bride and I went to the room and within minutes we received a call that the car was in a no parking zone.

    I left the room and ran to move the car quickly since this was our honeymoon night. After parking the car I realized I had no room key. I also realized that I forgot what room we were in. I proceeded to run, and not slowly mind you, around the 3 sections and 3 floors of the hotel knocking on doors and asking if my wife was in the room. Why I did not go to the front desk to get my room number is beyond me but I suspect the alcohol and excitement of the night had something to do with it!!

    About 45 minutes later I saw a waiter come out of a room and asked him if a young blond girl in a wedding dress was in the room and he said yes there was. I proceeded to knock on the door and much to my amazement I found my new wife.

    37 happy and glorious years later we are still together. I continue to drive her crazy and still act like I am running around with my head cut off just like I did that night 37 years ago!!!