Wahoo Fitness ANT+ Bike Case and Run Kit Giveaway

In most of my giveaways, I giveaway a single item to a single person.  A watch, a scale, a something.  This time though, I’m going to shake things up a bit, and give a bunch of piles of stuff to a bunch of people.

Four piles.

Four people.

Perhaps…for the 4th?  You know, the 4th of July (for you Canadians, it’s like what you do on the 1st of July).

Last week the guys over at Wahoo Fitness sent me a giant box of goodies, as a thank-you for letting them borrow a pile of my Garmin Forerunner units so that they could add in ANT+ wireless download support to the iPhone/iPod for the FR60, FR610 and FR405 (in addition to the FR310XT support they already had).  This allowed them to code the application to support those units.

And while I love gadgets just as much as the next guy… I really don’t need this many ANT+ cases and dongles…my soon to be wife will likely be upset enough once she finds the Vasa Trainer sprawling across the entryway upon return from our honeymoon.

So here’s what’s on tap for the giveaway: Four sets in total.


Two Wahoo Fitness ANT+ Bike Case kits; with an extra aero bar mount kit and an extra ride bike mount kit (making two road bike mount kits in total, one tri bike mount), inclusive of the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ Speed/Cadence sensor as well.


Two Wahoo Fitness ANT+ Run Kits; which includes the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ dongle, an ANT+ premium soft strap heart rate strap, and an armband holder for your iPhone/iPod.


Got all that?  Good.  It’s like $700 worth of goodness.  That’s a lot of money you can now spend on sparklers instead.  Or those little snap-pop thingies (do they still make those?).

Four sets, four people, for the fourth.

The winners will be chosen at random, and then each person will get to select which prize they want – starting with the first random winner.  If there’s a conflict, I’ll try and find a way to work it out.

Simply leave a comment with your best/funniest/most entertaining wedding party memory – that’s it.  Super simple.

The entry period will run until Monday July 4th, 2011 at 11:59PM Eastern Time, at which point I’ll close the entry period and the winners will be randomly selected.  Like the all my giveaways there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you.

(Note: If you’re Active Duty Military and deployed and are unable to complete the comment entry method, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya entered.  For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets. Thanks all!)


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  1. The time when a helicopter buzzed the ceremony and blew down all of the flower arrangments – not planned, not fun! … but funny!

  2. Best memory was my college roommates wedding. The other roommate and I were the only “under 25” people there…so we hit on his Aunt, his Cousin, his wife’s Aunt, her co-worker and her mom. His wife still hasn’t forgiven us…oh and we finished 4 bottles of merlot while they were still taking wedding photos.

  3. A friend had a wedding reception at a nice candle lit location. One of the candles set a guest’s hair on fire during the toasts.

  4. CW

    I was the day-of go-to person for my college roommate’s wedding about 6 years ago. Two of her 5 brothers hit on me during some point of the rehearsal/wedding, one propositioned sex. We still get a good laugh out of that years later. :)

    PS I’m a cyclist. . .I’ve had 5 knee surgeries, so no more running for me. If in the off chance I’d win, I’d prefer the cycling swag. . .

  5. Ha,

    Playing with balloons filled with helium in some back room quite late into the wedding party… Lots of giggles…

  6. Just got married in November down in Costa Rica. Definitely not as smooth as expected but an incredible time. Just one moment… Well, hurricane passed by a week before, knocked out a lot of the roads, specifically to our location. They created a side route that would close down for hours on end. Well, I forgot to wedding rings in the room and couldn’t go back and get them cause of the closure. Had to borrow my uncle and aunts wedding rings…

  7. I spent $1000 at the bar after the wedding…ouch.

  8. Due to some poor planning on my part, I needed to deliver all the drinks (water, soda, alcohol) to the reception venue on my own. So the groom (that’s me) borrowed a handtruck and lugged 20 cases of drinks through a parking lot, up an elevator, and into the venue. Naturally, I was wearing my tux. Also, naturally, I managed to drop a case of drinks onto the dance floor. Luckily for us, it was the soda and not the beer or wine….

  9. My memory of my wedding was when my brother in law showed up at the house the day before the wedding. Didn’t know I was getting married, just happened to be in the area (2500 miles from his house). He went to the ceremony but didn’t have any socks (didn’t bring them) and was drunk. But, when the lighter wouldn’t light our ceremonial candle, he stood up and walked to the front and lit our individual candles with a bic he kept in his pocket. He both ruined and saved the ceremony. Funny.

  10. LL

    Great stories!

  11. At my Aunt’s wedding (several years ago), my cousin (4 or 5 at the time), was the flower girl. As she walked down the aisle, she stuck her tongue out as if she were teasing someone. Some people laughed when they saw it, which encouraged her to continue sticking out her tongue. Ever since, she has been constantly reminded of her antics. As she is getting married in a few weeks, there has been a lot of talk about who will return the tongue ‘favor’ in her wedding. Should be fun!

  12. Reminded by my best man all of the college hookups not proud of!!

  13. My friends wanted to Cut my socks, i knew it would happen so i wore “five finger socks” so it took them forever :-)

  14. this one’s from my own weddding…my newly wife really wanted to keep here weddingdress nice and tidy, but also wanted to dance the night away. This involved her dancing akwardly while trying to hold up the dress from the ground…only to find out at the end of the night there was a special looped string at the bottom of the dress to easily and elegantly hold it up out of the dirt. This was however much to late to appear in any photograph dancing elegantly with a clean dress.

  15. Having lived in Taiwan for the last 15 years, I haven’t actually been to a wedding. I’ve been to countless wedding banquets, which is more like a reception, but many weddings here are mass weddings in government offices, and only attended by family.

  16. got so wasted i spilled wine on a few of my friend’s clothes including my wife’s dress…

  17. We had two receptions at our wedding.
    The first reception was at the church social hall for all our guests and the second was for our closest friends and family at a formal wedding reception hall. At the first reception our wedding cake looked like the Leaning Tower of Pisa (not intentionally). Just about every guest came up to us to warn us of the pending danger of our cake falling over. It did not.

    At the second reception, my wife and I were about to cut the cake when the matradee stopped us because he wanted to wheel it out to the center of the dance floor. As he did, the entire cake fell over!

  18. Alcohol + dancing + kilts….. enough said.

  19. When my friend, the groom, attempetd to dodge the cake smashing attack by his new wife. He moved like Neo from the Matrix avoid bullets, but only to bust his head through a wall mounted light, which exploded with a boom. As soon as his wife saw that he was unhurt she suprised him with the cake to the face.

  20. I was trying not to catch a tie (who catches will be married first) that this huge space was created next to me that i had no choice than to catch it (note: bad luck to the just married if tie is not being caught)

  21. Henry H.

    fried chicken for the reception and no music, dancing or alcohol… so maybe not all that great

  22. got married at a ramshackle beach restaurant in puerto vallarta. in the wedding photos it was pretty funny to see the beach vendors standing and watching our wedding.

  23. There are two favorite memories from our wedding; the first, when my best man tripped coming out of the kitchen carrying a giant punch bowl complete to the dismay of my mother-in-law and the second, when I lifted my wife’s dress to get the garter revealing all her special undergarment ls for all to see, oops! We even got a photo of the last one.

  24. Pedro

    Well, I’m not good at telling stories.
    Hope you and your wife to be are always happy together.
    Thanks for the stories and the giveaway.

  25. My wife’s grandmother was the life of the party. She is Australian and she was dancing with everyone. To this day, when we see people who were at our wedding, they still talk about her.

  26. The best wedding event was when I went to my cousins wedding with my family and my brother got so drunk that he started to hit on our mom and started to massage her and say she was pretty. So funny. Thanks for the great blog.

  27. When a friend of me married, he had already a ground but not yet a house on it. For his wedding, we build a ‘house’ on it with empyt beer trays that he could exchange in the supermarket for money. When he saw the pictures of his new ‘house’ he was very surprised!

  28. If I could remember anything from the Weddings I’ve attended……..I wud share with y’all. Hahahaha! Open bar clouds my memory.

  29. Best wedding story. Involves me getting black out drunk and waking up the next day in a half full bath tub still wearing my rented tux. The story that I was told by a few friends, as I don’t remember any of this, is after the wedding reception a few of went to a bar after the wedding, at some point I was dragged home and put into my bed. Some time around 4am my roommates heard me stumble into the shower. At about 8am as my roommate was getting ready he noticed my bathroom door half open and the light on. He came in and found me passed out in the tube fully clothed and soaking in about 2 inches of water.

  30. My best friend was the maid of honor for her sister and she got wasted at the wedding. Afterwards, we went to a bar and she needed us to pull over on the way back so she could “get sick”. She ended up falling into an electric cow fence (rural PA) and just held onto it screaming, even when we told her to let go. When we touched her, we got shocked. She got grass stains on her bridesmaid dress. It was hilarious and we still talk about it whenever weddings come up!

  31. Wedding….. I’d like to forget all about that!

  32. it just went fine

  33. At my aunt’s wedding reception, my 10 year old sister ran on to the floor and caught the bridal bouquet.

    Sorry, at the age of 18, I haven’t had a lot of wedding memories!

  34. I was at a wedding and the photographer and the best man were in a scuffle because the photographer too some pictures of who he thought was the “groom” smooching with the bride but when it all came out after the commotion it was the best man and the bride was really awkward i know lol

  35. Eloped to and got married on the ebach in Malaysia.

    Spent the morning Jet-skiing and just had time to get changed into wedding outfits.

    My wife ran through the lobby to the limo which was to take us to the beach and as she did so a little girl in the hotel called out “look Mommy that poor lady has no shoes!”

  36. KSH

    For our wedding I had planned everything and I was ready for any and all of it. During the ceremony the priest talked about how I was so organized and really wanted it all to be perfect; three minutes later when exchanging rings I got so nervous that I took my husbands right hand, everyone laughed including me I guess the nerves got to me and I made that mistake ;)

    Also to follow on with another commenter; step back away from things and take a mental picture, burn it into your memory, tell your wife to do the same. Enjoy your day as you being your married adventure together!

  37. swimming completely drunk at the end of the wedding in the pool with the bride…

  38. it wasn’t my fault they lost their virginity together in a room with see through curtains when they where in high school.

    but it probably was my fault that i’d drunk to much and then told them they had been spotted in a loud voice as they where leaving the reception

  39. My best friends car was stolen the night before his wedding. With their passports in it! No honeymoon to Mexico. Crazy time, but it all worked out in the end.
    Kyle g

  40. I got married in October, and while no funny crazy stories, I had the best night. The most fun part of the night was seeing my drunk new husband laying on the ground dancing to Shout. It was just an entirely fun night.

  41. Although it wasn’t exactly the wedding, my wife’s friend had a post-rehearsal reception/bbq at her parents house. Afterwards, the bride & groom would go on to their respective bachelor/bachelorette parties. Unfortunately, the bride found out one of the activities for the groom included a trip to the local “ballet”… much drama ensued…

  42. Best wedding memory: It was just Friday, Canada Day, when I got married for the second time, this time to a true friend and soulmate. A couple of friends, a marriage commissioner, then dinner at a steakhouse.

    There will always be fireworks on our anniversary.

  43. Best story I have is from a pastor who repeatedly used the completely wrong names of both the bride and groom for almost the entire ceremony, until near the end the best man walked forward and corrected him. The pastor was so embarrassed he asked for a brief “recess”, so the entire wedding stopped for a good 10-15 minutes while he ‘collected himself.’ Funny but awkward to say the least.

  44. … there was the wedding that I went to where the best man did the ‘forgot/lost the ring’ thing and then out of nowhere came a person in a giant otter costume carrying the ring up to the wedding party… (the bride and groom had both worked somewhere where that giant otter was the mascot).

    Hope yesterday went great!

  45. I was at the post wedding party for my friend Scott in Seoul. Scott was a big drinker which allowed him to fit in well in the expat community there. The bar we were at was called J.R. Blue in Itaewon and Scott decided to get on the mic. At first he was amazed that his voice could get so loud. After a few moments of yelling, he decided it was time to get serious and give a little speech. He began by thanking everyone for being there and identified a few of us by name. Then it came to his best moment, of the night. He looked around the room and said, “You know, I really love Haekyoung, I mean Insun, well you guys know what I mean…” Haekyoung was a juicy bar (place where lonely guys pay for girls drinks to sit with them) owner. Let’s just say that the marriage didn’t work out well after that night.

  46. First of all Congratulations and good luck at the date is quickly approaching.

    My best memories are when we were just kids and had the most fun running a lot night.

  47. This happened in my own wedding. We had to repeat the whole thing from scratch because my mother-in-law arrived just when the first attempt had just finished. I got married effectively twice to the same woman!!

  48. i thought no big deal if i did not goto the church and only attended the party after…

  49. Angie M

    When we got our wedding pictures back, one of the photographs of us (bride and groom) doing something ceremonial – cutting cake, dancing, etc. – caught my young cousins kung-fu fighting in the background!

  50. The night of my wedding — or more exactly, very early the morning after my wedding — my parents and many friends of mine and my new wife were finishing the night at the hotel bar where everyone was staying. They didn’t know that the bars in that part of Louisiana close at 2AM. When a sleuthy officer of the peace identified my mom as the ring leader, he made his way to the noisiest section of the bar and asked rather loudly, “do you want to go to jail ma’am?” Like an old western, the music stopped and the powder puffs of the party hit the door. Never flustered, my dear sweet mom asked, “I don’t know. How late is the kitchen open?” The room braced for cuffs and blue lights, but the cop was so tickled by such a response from the mother of the groom decked out in her dress from the wedding that he laughed out loud…then closed the bar. I think he was glad my family would be leaving town with a headache the next day.

    Congrats on your big day, Ray. May all your swims be with the current, your bike legs have tailwinds, and your runs be downhill.

  51. Melissa V.

    Watching the flower girl use the dance floor as a slip and slide. Cutest thing ever.

  52. Jose P.

    Nothing really special, I forgot to silence my cell phone a couple of times, and my ring tone is the “Psicosis” shower tune….

  53. How about the wedding that never was? well the wedding was but our attendance wasn’t.

    Flying from Australia to England via Dubai. 14 hour flight to Dubai followed by mad crazy rush to grab our gear haul through security, etc up to the top floor of the Dubai terminal with a brief glance out the window to go “hey look worlds tallest building only time we’ll get to see that” more mad running then see the board

    “All flights to Heathrow cancelled” um what?

    Information desk “so what’s happening?” “uh there is a volcano in Iceland and it’s shut down all air traffic you won’t be able to fly for 6 days”.

    6 days? no way we think, we’ll be out of here tomorrow on the way to the wedding…not so much. 7 days later we leave Dubai*, have missed the wedding entirely.

    The bride and groom took it in good form and had placeholders saying “delayed due to Eyjafjoell volcano”

    *more than enough time to see the worlds tallest building alot more than just a brief glance out a window.

  54. At the reception, the older brother came out on the balcony wearing a dress and started serenading the crowd… The grandmother looked aghast and said something to the effect that “nothing like this would happen in her day”

  55. I was a grooms men in a wedding and lost my jacket that I came with the tuxedo rental when I woke the next morning. When I went to breakfast I was asking anyone if they had seen it. Slowly we were able to piece together when I last had it on and we found it behind a chair in someones room. It was quite embarrassing having to ask people where I had been the night before to try and remember when I had it on last because I had no idea.

  56. For our wedding rather than have people tap glasses to make us kiss we had people sing songs, karaoke style and anytime “love” came up in the song we had to kiss. While walking around talking to guests my cousins serenaded my wife with “you lost that loving feeling” top gun style (yes sunglasses and all.

  57. Okay I have three (should I submit each of them separately for extra chances?):

    (1) Well, I didn’t actually find this first one funny at all, but for some reason my roommates from college still can’t get past how awesome it was. At my own wedding, my wife and I decided we wanted to capture the moment with as many pictures as possible (in addition to those by the paid photographer). In order to accomplish this we placed multiple disposable cameras at each and every table – remember, this was back in 1998 before the age of ubiquitous digital cameras and cell phones. Thinking back, we (or I) should have thought this plan through a bit better and not placed cameras at the table where my college roommates all sat. Let’s just say that the end result was that we ended up developing a number of “obscene” and “inappropriate” photos that didn’t make the final wedding album. In fact, my wife still doesn’t speak to one of my groomsmen (who was responsible for a number of the photos);

    (2) The second is less funny than it is adorable. Two of our friends were getting married on the East Coast (we live in CA) and we flew out with our 4 year old daughter in tow (too young to leave behind at that point and kids were allowed at the wedding). Following the beautiful ceremony there was a wonderful reception where the maid of honor and best man forced the Happy Couple to participate in a number of “relationship” games. One of the games involved two women from the reception, along with the bride, having to kiss the blindfolded groom. The groom was then faced with dilemma of having to tell everyone at the reception which kiss was from his Wife! Unfortunately for the new Groom he mistakenly identified my 4-year old daughter as his new wife.

    (3) The third is a bit embarrassing and you have to promise not to get me in trouble with my Sister. She was getting married for the second time and had originally met her soon-to-be husband in Las Vegas. Due to that romantic factoid they both decided they would get married in Las Vegas as well. Well, I am never one to turn down a trip to Vegas, so off we went. What we didn’t know – until we got there – is that the Wedding was taking place at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino on the Strip. Wait, let me rephrase that – the Wedding was taking place on the Pirate Ship outside the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino on the Strip!! There was a small section cordoned off for family members, but the rest of the audience was comprised of passerbys walking up and down Las Vegas Blvd. Right before the Pirate Captain declared them Man and Wife, a crew member swung down from the Crow’s Nest to the deck of the ship (using the rigging as a zip line) and then presented the rings along with a good ‘ol “Ahoy ye Maties!” The crowd, of course, cheered violently (as my Sister wept). Anyway, it was a lot of fun, but I have to admit it was not your typical wedding.

    Oh well, that is all I can think of off the top of my head. Weddings are always fun!

  58. When i accidentally let out a loud ‘burp’ during the toasting ceremony! What an embarrassment

  59. I guess drunk guests are always funny to watch.

  60. This comment has been removed by the author.

  61. I have to say that I have been only to a few weddings and it is very hard to remember a specific “very funny” event.

    I guess I will have to go with usual Latvian wedding traditions which are considered fun – stealing the bride, which is usually performed by grooms relatives, while bride is protected by her relatives, which can sometimes lead to conflicts of various degree :)

  62. I have been at wedding just once. There was very good bear! And I’v got a pic from this party where I have a beer head. :D

  63. This comment has been removed by the author.

  64. My own wedding was pretty nice. Alcohol in veins and you got the perfect family album :)

  65. Dashing out after our wedding to pick up the food for our guests.

  66. Singing a welcome song for our guests

  67. Maybe my wedding. Not funny at that moment, but everyday a laugh when remember I said YES!

  68. My favourite wedding story is from my good friend Matt’s wedding.

    His best man had the best opening to a bestman’s peech i’d ever heard of.

    “Being asked to be the best man is a lot like making love to the Queen.

    It’s a real honour, but no one really wants to do it…”




    Great Britain

  69. One of the most interesting wedding moments for me was: when a friend/bridesmaid drank too much all day during the pre wedding festivities, she attracted some attention stumbling down the isle to the alter. She then leaned on the bridesmaid next to her during the ceremony to help her stand up. She also “tore” up the dance floor during the reception, but was mostly just free entertainment.

  70. We had two receptions with two cakes. The first cake was on the verge of falling over. The second cake was perfect, until we were about to cut it. The Matradee insisted that we wheel it out to the center of the dance floor. As he did, the entire cake fell over!

  71. We had two receptions with two cakes. The first cake was on the verge of falling over. The second cake was perfect, until we were about to cut it. The Matradee insisted that we wheel it out to the center of the dance floor. As he did, the entire cake fell over!

  72. Worst memory: At a friends wedding calling my new girlfriend by my ex-girlfriend’s name in front of the whole congregation.

    Best memory: Marrying that same girl 6 years later :)

  73. i was the first of my friends to get married and all my buddies decided to wear their ties on their heads during our reception, so by the time my friend’s wedding came around i had every guy in the place including both fathers with their ties on their heads. There were some great pics of the fathers and the bride/groom.

  74. craziest wedding reception was when our friend’s dad had a few too many before the father of the bride’s speech and told some raunchy stories of the couple’s early days when his daughter (the bride) was still living at his house. Might be a little too explicit to post :)

  75. One of the groomsman was looking for cigars for us guys to have the night before the wedding. All he could find was a box of cigars from the grocery store that all said ‘It’s a Girl!’ on them.

  76. Iain

    At a wedding where the best man’s speech provided highlights from a university march break trip… key learning to all grooms and brides… ask for a preview of the draft and use veto when necessary…

  77. No off-the-wall stories. My wedding day was fun and went smoothly. Hope yours is the same.

  78. Groom singing with the band

  79. A Wahoo ANT + Fitness Bike Box kits, with extra year aero bar mount kit will be perfect for training camp in St. Moritz this summer, despite the winding roads. greetings Denis

  80. Apparently I’m a poor groomsman. I fell asleep at the bachelor party – at the, er, establishment, and then was late to the reception after getting a speeding ticket.

  81. After My wedding we had a luncheon where we had everyone who wasn’t invited to the ceremony could come celebrate with us. I ended up trading out my shoes for Clown shoes and spent the rest of the day in them. My wife didn’t say anything about it at the time but even now I still catch hell for it.

  82. At a wedding other than my own: My running partner and his fiance held a race the morning of their wedding (the “Cold Feet Warmup” run), and he and his very-soon-to-be wife arrived dressed in a wedding dress and a tux. However, he was in the dress, and she was in the tux. They started off the race, which was about a 5K, and as hard as I tried, I couldn’t catch him, despite the fact that he was wearing about twenty pounds of wedding dress, complete with a train draped over one arm. I was only about ten feet behind him at the end, but I just couldn’t stop laughing long enough to catch up…..

    At my own wedding, I distinctly remember dancing with my aunt, who had been enjoying the bar, and having her tell me all the dirty lyrics to all the songs we were dancing to. I also remember an elderly friend of my wife’s family taking my wife and I aside, very earnestly, to tell us a very dirty joke.

  83. A

    Best wedding I went to…ceremony lasted 15 minutes in a park. It was beautiful and the reception afterwards was awesome

  84. During the festivities, when I went to take the garter belt off of my wife, instead of taking out the garter I took out a bright red thong that the photographer gave me to pull out. The look of horrifying embarrassment of my new bride was captured forever. The photographer made me promise to never tell who gave me the thong, but after being married for 5 years, I finally told her. We have been happily married for almost 10 years now, I wish you and the girl the best in your new life adventures.

  85. Oh I wish I didn’t drink so much at my brother’s wedding. As best man, I really slurre up that best man speech. It could have gone better, but no disasters.