Polar RCX5 Run Package Giveaway

There are many things in the world where one usually sits firmly in either one camp or another.  For example, a few of life’s great dividers:

Boxers or briefs
Hot dogs or hamburgers
Bow tie or straight tie
Coke or Pepsi
Mac or PC
Paper or Plastic
White bread or wheat bread

And for you folks hanging out around these parts, there’s probably the most famous of all:

…Garmin or Polar

While the great majority of giveaways to date here have been Garmin focused, I’m going to venture over to the other side and giveaway a bit of Polar goodness…the brand new Polar RCX5:


Late last week (after I had published my in depth review), Polar approached me about giving away a brand new RCX5 to y’all.  Initially they weren’t sure what I’d say, simply because I always buy my own giveaway prizes (you did know that, right?). 

But, there’s one caveat to my rule – which you may remember from the survey results back in March. I had asked whether or not you would be in favor of giveaways that were for hard to get items, in cases where the company supplied the item.  For example, the first time I did this was the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ enabled bike case, where I did a giveaway three weeks before the first units were available in the retail channel.  In the survey, you overwhelmingly wanted me to give these things away when possible.  By ‘overwhelming’ that would be 93.8% of you – or roughly twice the water temperature for the Boise 70.3 half-ironman I’m doing this weekend.


You’ll be getting the above box – literally, that specific box sitting on my turtle tank stand– which contains the Polar RCX5, an s3+ stride/footpod sensor (for measuring distance), and the Polar Wearlink Hybrid heart rate strap.  That’s the fancy strap that works with both the RCX5 as well as legacy workout equipment that can read HR.  No turtles are included, nor is the G5 GPS pod, in this giveaway.


All you’ve gotta do down below is tell me the answer to one of the following questions (not all of them):

Boxers or briefs
Hot dogs or hamburgers
Bow tie or straight tie
Coke or Pepsi
Mac or PC
Paper or Plastic
White Bread or wheat bread

Simple enough, right?

The entry period will run until Thursday June 9th, 2011 at 11:59PM Eastern Time, at which point I’ll close the entry period and randomly select a winner.  Like the all my giveaways there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you.  The winner will get a brand new Polar RCX5 Run Package (with HR strap and footpod).  It’ll be sent out Monday morning when I get back from Boise and you should have it a day or so later – or roughly ‘a long time’ ahead of everyone else waiting for their orders to get fulfilled.

(Note: If you’re active duty military and deployed and are unable to complete the entry method above, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya entered in.  For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets. Thanks all!)


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  1. hot mac and wheat dog

  2. Boxers or briefs: Commando
    Hot dogs or hamburgers: Hamburger
    Bow tie or straight tie: Never had to
    Coke or Pepsi: Coke
    Mac or PC: Linux
    Paper or Plastic: Paper bag for tall cans or PBR, plastic for foods.

  3. wheat breaad
    hot dog

  4. hot dog made of wheat bread with a sip of coke

  5. boxer breifs
    str8 tie but i want some bow ti’s
    ice tee
    either one
    plastic cuz i dgaf

  6. coke
    wheat bread
    hot dog
    straight tie

  7. coke and coke
    mac and mac
    hot and dog

  8. coke
    wheat bread
    hot dog

  9. depends on the day but coke

  10. coke is better for runners

  11. paper is better for the environment

  12. Wheat bread, whole grain of course.

  13. Jamie Baker

    Hamburger on wheat!

  14. mac
    wheat bread

  15. boxer and straight tie

  16. Coke – Pepsi sucks!

  17. Coke, and that would be the original formula of course. None of that New crap they tried to pass off years ago.

  18. HugoBendt

    Not so simple, but I’d go Bow Tie. Traditional. Respectable. Confident.

  19. Mac.

    Brian in Little Rock

  20. Coke all the way. There’s no better pick up then a nice ice cold flat coke mid way through a hammer fest.

  21. PC


    I would love this “watch”


  22. Hamburger


    I would love this “watch”!

  23. wilyum

    2 thumbs up & hands down for a Mac.

  24. Gotta agree boxer-briefs, best of both worlds.
    PC for work and MAC for the fun stuff.
    Coke goes better than Pepsi with Jack.

    Good luck in Boise.

  25. Mac not to get confussed with the Big Mac.

  26. Boxers or Briefs?

    Deafinatly briefs, if one is to be trendy and wear skinny jeans than you CANT wair boxers. Plus I think spending my life in lycra means I am used to a…..well…lack of freedom down there

  27. Boxers of course….free your b*lls and your mind will follow!!

    Greetings from Argentina

  28. Mr. Null

    Boxer Briefs and x86 rules

    Thank you for the great reviews!

  29. Coke or Pepsi: Coke until the release of New Coke, but I always preferred Peach Nehi. Now I don’t drink soda unless I’m desperate. I do drink a bit of espresso…

  30. Mac.. mac.. and a Bigger MAC please

  31. Hamburgers!

    Thanks for the giveaway, too.

  32. Boxers, Hamburgers, Straight Tie, Coke, Mac, Paper, Wheat bread! Great giveaway!

  33. Boxers, Pepsi and PC are the important ones here. And wood instead of plastic, maybe? 🙂

  34. Neil


  35. Straight tie! A bow tie needs a special kind of person to wear it. So generally a straight tie is best!

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Coke or Pepsi? Neither – water
    Bow tie or straight – straight, but only if I have to
    Paper or plastic – both
    PC, hamburger, briefs, wheat

  38. Mac, with wheat brad IN a bow tie! No coke, please!

  39. White Bread, there’s only so much healthy I can take.

  40. I agree with Shaun. When you got a Mac, you can’t go back to Pc. I switched 2 years ago and i am so happy to be on Mac !

  41. Forging a MacBook aluminum case requires intricate design an high precision and so does the perfect workout schedule. Can’t wait for the RCX5

  42. Burger and coke, always a good way spoil oneselves


  43. wheat bread of course.
    But you miss one:
    Beer or beer

    thanks for your excellent reviews

  44. Mac and Diet Coke – all the way, baby!

  45. As I see it only boxer briefs will do. They have the perfect amount of support.

  46. mac – windows sucks

  47. paper – i hate plastic it pollutes the sea

  48. wheat bread hot dog

  49. boxers and straight tie

  50. mac
    wheat bread
    straight tie
    hot dog

  51. coke coke and more coke

  52. Hamburger yum, hotdog yuk.

  53. Brian Baran
  54. as always, Great Review!

    Garmin of Polar: Both Coach.

    Haven’t completely retired the Polar.

  55. This comment has been removed by the author.

  56. Brian L @ 72764


  57. Hamburger

    Good luck in Boise!

  58. Hot dogs in white bread with Pepsi,
    and hamburgers in wheat bread with Coke.

  59. hot dog made of wheat bread with a sip of coke

  60. coke and coke
    mac and mac
    hot and dog

  61. paper – i hate plastic it pollutes the sea

  62. Coke, ice cold Coke…

  63. Pepsi and Wheat Bread!

  64. hot dog in wheat bread

  65. coke
    adventure race

  66. coke in wheat bread

  67. Straight tie for sure.