Polar RCX5 Run Package Giveaway

There are many things in the world where one usually sits firmly in either one camp or another.  For example, a few of life’s great dividers:

Boxers or briefs
Hot dogs or hamburgers
Bow tie or straight tie
Coke or Pepsi
Mac or PC
Paper or Plastic
White bread or wheat bread

And for you folks hanging out around these parts, there’s probably the most famous of all:

…Garmin or Polar

While the great majority of giveaways to date here have been Garmin focused, I’m going to venture over to the other side and giveaway a bit of Polar goodness…the brand new Polar RCX5:


Late last week (after I had published my in depth review), Polar approached me about giving away a brand new RCX5 to y’all.  Initially they weren’t sure what I’d say, simply because I always buy my own giveaway prizes (you did know that, right?). 

But, there’s one caveat to my rule – which you may remember from the survey results back in March. I had asked whether or not you would be in favor of giveaways that were for hard to get items, in cases where the company supplied the item.  For example, the first time I did this was the Wahoo Fitness ANT+ enabled bike case, where I did a giveaway three weeks before the first units were available in the retail channel.  In the survey, you overwhelmingly wanted me to give these things away when possible.  By ‘overwhelming’ that would be 93.8% of you – or roughly twice the water temperature for the Boise 70.3 half-ironman I’m doing this weekend.


You’ll be getting the above box – literally, that specific box sitting on my turtle tank stand– which contains the Polar RCX5, an s3+ stride/footpod sensor (for measuring distance), and the Polar Wearlink Hybrid heart rate strap.  That’s the fancy strap that works with both the RCX5 as well as legacy workout equipment that can read HR.  No turtles are included, nor is the G5 GPS pod, in this giveaway.


All you’ve gotta do down below is tell me the answer to one of the following questions (not all of them):

Boxers or briefs
Hot dogs or hamburgers
Bow tie or straight tie
Coke or Pepsi
Mac or PC
Paper or Plastic
White Bread or wheat bread

Simple enough, right?

The entry period will run until Thursday June 9th, 2011 at 11:59PM Eastern Time, at which point I’ll close the entry period and randomly select a winner.  Like the all my giveaways there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you.  The winner will get a brand new Polar RCX5 Run Package (with HR strap and footpod).  It’ll be sent out Monday morning when I get back from Boise and you should have it a day or so later – or roughly ‘a long time’ ahead of everyone else waiting for their orders to get fulfilled.

(Note: If you’re active duty military and deployed and are unable to complete the entry method above, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya entered in.  For those curious on how the giveaways work, here’s the deets. Thanks all!)


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  1. Mac of course. Once you’ve gone Mac you’ll never go back.

    Of course posting early means I almost definitely wont be picked 🙂

    ta shaun

  2. Hot dogs definitely. Easier to eat.
    Coke or Pepsi — neither, Mountain Dew 😛
    Mac or PC — PC. I have a strange aversion to Apple products
    Paper or Plastic — paper. evironment friendly ftw!
    White Bread or wheat bread – depends on the mood. Not a bread person in general

  3. Boxers or briefs?

    Without of course, under the tri-shorts 🙂


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The only two I feel strongly about are boxerbriefs and Macs.

  6. I am early and might not win, but what can you do when all you want is a new toy.

    Oh and by the way Boxer brief. The best of both world, just like at RCX5

  7. Pc,

  8. Wheat bread without a question. Even against sourdough a good N-grain bread (where N > 6) wins every time.

  9. Sitting on the beautiful island of Kauai. Started out Polar, then went to Garmin. I could always go back, especially if it’s free. Good luck in Boise. Coke, Mac, boxer briefs!

    Chris A

  10. Lin

    hot dogs
    boxer briefs
    white bread

  11. wheat bread
    straight tie

  12. Holla holla holla holla

  13. Hmm . . .
    Hippie reusable

  14. wheat bread FTW ! and coke for def!

  15. Paper! Gotta keep it green, ya know!

  16. Coke or Pepsi ?
    Pepsi of course 🙂

  17. Hamburgers.
    No tie
    Mac or PC ? Either. Macs just won’t run the software I need, but they are nice.


  18. Mac – they are just just better.

  19. eating a burger on a wheat bun sitting on a paper plate drinking a Cheerwine (or Coke if im outside of NC), while watching a movie on my PC sitting outsidde in boxerbriefs and a necktie (bow tie would be a little tooo much Chippendale) ….FTW

  20. Mac.. It just works 🙂

  21. Boxers
    Hotdog or hamburger: neither
    Straight Tie

    Thanks, Ray!

  22. HOT DOGS!!!
    and last but not least…

    Thats not a sexual wink either. Just a normal one. hahaha…

  23. Since I have been injured two weeks ago I find myself to eat lettuce bun burger more often that I should given the smaller calories expenditure. I still prefer wearing boxers and not wearing straight tie. Diet Pepsi is always best from glass, but if I can not get one paper cup will do. And I can do both Mac or PC – depends whether it is for work (PC) or my own stuff (Mac).

  24. Give me a hotdog with a Coke while I play games on my PC

  25. Boxers, always and forever.

  26. Boxers or briefs (well not under my bike shorts of course)
    Hot dogs or hamburgers
    Bow tie or straight tie
    Coke or Pepsi
    Mac or PC
    Paper or Plastic
    White Bread or wheat bread

  27. CH

    simple, Boxers in every occation!

  28. Pepsi, preferably in the old school glass bottle with a little ice in it from chillin’ in the back of the fridge.

  29. briefs
    White Bread

  30. PC over Mac… the Mac fanboys make me laugh.

  31. Ofcourse Mac, and as a good second comes Coke 🙂

  32. It’s got to be hamburgers, coke and briefs.

  33. Briefs
    Hot dogs
    Straight tie
    Gluten Intolerant

  34. Mac or PC? Is that really a question? Mac of course!!!

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. PC for the moment, but the next one will be a Mac, for sure.

    Hamburgers, no doubt.

  37. Family or cycling?


    And Android and Coke rule!

  38. Boxers – feel for the better fit
    Hot dogs – Easier to handle while running
    Pepsi – Always to the max
    Wheat bread – but also ryebread(I’m danish)

  39. hamburger ofcourse, wrapped in paper, with ice coke!!!

  40. Hi, thank you very much for all.
    Coke and hamburger for ever!!!!!!

  41. Boxxers
    Wheat bread

  42. Toasted white bread with loads of butter and jam followed by coffee. Nomnomnom….

  43. Mac or PC ? come on ! Mac of course !
    I would choose Garmin expection made a certain Polar giveway…

  44. PC and Pepsi 🙂

    and GL at Boise.

  45. That’s easy:

    straight tie
    White bread

  46. White Bread or wheat bread ?

    I prefer multi-grain breads with various seeds and different types of rye bread too.

  47. Boxers and straight tie

  48. Burger followed bij a Coke Zero, need to keep an eye out for those calories

  49. PedroLopes

    Wheat bread

    The others I don’t feel strongly about. With that said, I just may have done a survival list.

  50. Lee Acker

    Mac v PC?

    “I love my Mac…”

  51. wheat bread of course…

  52. Hamburger, and I’d say double whooper with cheese to be precise 🙂

  53. As a software developer it has to be PC…shame mac’s are so expensive.

    Burger and Coke.

    And most definitly Boxers!!

  54. Boxers or briefs
    Hot dogs or hamburgers VeggieBurger
    Bow tie or straight tie huh?
    Coke or Pepsi
    Mac or PC
    Paper or Plastic
    White Bread or wheat bread

  55. Mac of course 🙂


  56. PC, I’m a SportTracks man and can’t be bothered to do the whole parallels thing. Coke at the end of a race is also good.

  57. Boxers, PC, Paper, Wheat bread.

  58. Hi there!

    straight tie
    wheat bread

    (RS300X currently – wouldn’t mind the upgrade though…)

  59. NA

  60. boxer and coke OOoo YAh!

  61. PC all the way. Computers aren’t supposed to be fashion accessories…

  62. Edwin L

    Coke, always coke. Saved me during my travels through Vietnam when my stomach couldn’t handle the native food any more 😉

  63. Pepsi of course!!!!

  64. MAC 🙂

    you can also ask : polar or Garmin ?

  65. Mac!! Although up until recently if you were mac you wouldn’t be able to sync with your Polar 🙁
    I hear this was resolved a while ago though so if I win this time I’ll be able to try it out for myself!

  66. boxerbriefs
    Xtracycle Freeloaders

  67. -P-aper
    h-O-t dogs
    coca co-L-a
    wheat b-R-ead

  68. Why, hello there random number generator! 🙂 Mac, can’t develop for iOS otherwise!

  69. Mac!

    Garmin! (but hoping to change that to Polar!)

  70. Boxers – more free 😀
    Hamburgers – meatier
    Coke or Pepsi – neither, i prefer coffee
    PC – been using it for a long time
    Paper – recycleable
    Wheat bread – healthier

  71. Coke or Pepsi?
    Coke, of course !!

  72. Straight tie, obviously. Even if I try, I’m no James Bond.

    Great review of the RCX5, btw. After John Siracusa’s OS X reviews, this was the most in-depth I’ve ever read.

  73. Hot dogs or hamburgers – Pizza
    Coke or Pepsi – Beer
    Mac or PC – PC and Android
    White bread or wheat bread – Wheat

  74. w

    Hot dogs
    straight tie
    Coke or Pepsi – neither
    wheat bread

    Garmin or Polar? Both!

  75. Boxers or briefs: briefs
    Hot dogs or hamburgers: spaghetti
    Bow tie or straight tie: straight
    Coke or Pepsi: mineral water
    Mac or PC: Mac, but forced to use PC
    Paper or Plastic: paper
    White bread of wheat bread: any of them, unfortunately a lot

  76. Its got to be wheat bread.

  77. Coke, definitely!

  78. Mac… Like you have to ask!!!

    Go hard at the weekend man


  79. Paper – its better for out nature
    Wheat bread

  80. Pepsi, but I allways end up drinking Coke, as in Latvia Pepsi is avalable in way less places than Coke. Maybe that’s the reason I like it, wanting to be alternative guy 🙂

  81. Boxers
    Straight tie (no tie at all, if possible)

    Many, many thanks, Ray!

  82. Briefs
    Straight Tie
    Wheat Bread

  83. – Boxers;
    – Hamburgers;
    – Straight tie only;
    – Coke;
    – PC (for personal use) and SPARC for business;
    – Plastic 🙁 ;
    – rye bread;

  84. PC for work. Mac for everything else!

  85. Boxers – but not when duing a triathlon… 🙂

  86. Boxers, Hamburgers, straight tie (most of the time, unless I’m performing with the orchestra), Coke, PC, Paper, wheat bread. As for Garmin vs. Polar: Whatever gets the job done 😉

  87. coke/pepsi – beer only 🙂

  88. Mindz

    Mac > PC 🙂

  89. Boxers
    Bow tie
    wheat bread

    There cannot be another solution to this question;-)

  90. Boxers
    Straight tie
    PC – linux of course
    White Bread

  91. Andrei.S.V

    Coke is the same thing as pepsi right ? :)) thumbs up for hamburger

  92. Of course I have to say Mac.

  93. Hamburger or death, hot-dogs are just nasty!

  94. Mac for me. Good that Polar now works a bit more with us mac users. I actually like very much the Polar products, but Garmins GPS solution and support for 3rd party apps like trainingpeaks has untill now made the choice easy.

    And of course, boxers 🙂

  95. Hamburgers made from wheat bread washed down with coke. No onions please!

  96. PC with Linux of course 🙂
    And Boxer or nothing under tri-suite:)
    Polar (RCX5) or Garmin (310XT) I’m still asking me 😉

  97. Sexy watch! As always I read your in depth reviews in detail, so also the one from yesterday and while I’ve always been a Garmin adept in the past I must say I liked what I read so here’s my shot:
    Boxers, hot dogs & hamburgers, no tie, coke, pc, paper, wheat bread. 🙂

  98. briefs
    straight tie
    Rye bread

  99. Pepsi – My employer so after wifey deductions pays for my Tri.
    PC – Because my son loves Macs.
    Hot Dogs/Hamburger – none because paleo diet

  100. G

    Hmm, I think I may be contrarian:

    Boxerbriefs, veggie wrap, no tie, ginger ale, Mac at home and PC at work, plastic / paperless, rye.

  101. Boxers

  102. Hamburger for sure, and why not having it with a Pepsi while writing on my PC 🙂

    I am on the Garmin side, but I would be ready to give Polar a chance if I am lucky enough to get my hand on that watch.

    Thanks for the giveaway Ray!

  103. Briefs
    Straight tie
    Beer 😛

    and you forgot one
    iOS or Android 🙂

  104. Hamburger on a wheat bun; with coke.

    Great, now I’m hungry…

  105. “wheat bread”, and I prefer the beginning pieces.

    – bhuzyk

  106. Mac of course.

    And… Wheat bread,more tasty and healthy.

    Greetings from Spain;-)

  107. Bow tie…because bow ties are cool 😉

  108. Hamburger with Coke definitely…

    and when really guilty from all the calorie overdose from above.. wheat bread…

  109. Mac. BTW, white bread = wheat bread, right?

  110. groochu

    paper, of course;)

  111. Mac or PC? Good question, I have to buy one now, which one? Tips, please!

    Boxers or noting, of course 🙂

  112. – boxer briefs
    – burger with hot dog on top
    – straight tie
    – coke
    – hackintosh
    – reuseable (get with the times people)
    White Bread or wheat bread – yes

  113. Wheat bread hamburger with pepsi

  114. Boxers with the size of my backside !!

  115. hot boxers! every-darn-time

  116. Go Hot Dog.
    Coke is the best.
    PC PC.
    White bread.

  117. Boxers, for sure, hamburgers, straight tie
    Coke (its the best)
    Mac (no contest)
    Paper (nice and tactile) wheat bread, keeps us moving!

  118. used to be boxers but now its briefs…

  119. – Mac
    I work on it everyday and I like it.

  120. Sitting in front of my Mac with Pepsi in one hand and neither hot-dog nor hamburger but something vegeterian in the other 😉


  121. mac,iPhone,iPad,iPod,iCloud, cervelo, 2XU, saucony… my wife? not so sure about that :-b

    thanks buddy!


  122. wheat bread for me – much more tasty and crunchy!

  123. boxer-briefs are way better
    Mac – just converted
    Paper everywhere possible
    wheat bread

  124. Coke in a glass bottle!

  125. Living in Atlanta, it’s gotta be Coke. Pepsi is the devil.

  126. Hot dogs or hamburgers – HAMBURGERS!!!
    Coke or Pepsi – Diet Pepsi
    Mac or PC -Mac baby!!!
    Paper or Plastic – Paper for me
    White Bread or wheat bread – Wheat bread….

  127. Boxerbriefs…thank you very much 🙂

  128. Hamburgers… Its disgusting what leftover animal parts they use for the hot dogs.

  129. A little bit cheeky for me to enter, since I got lucky with the FR610, but the Polar looks interesting as well!

    Oh, and I’m certainly a PC man!

  130. Anonymous


    hamburger of course, wrapped in paper, with ice coke!!!

    from tel aviv

  131. I’m a boxer-brief, mac-loving, coke drinking, kind of guy.

  132. Definitely Coke.


  133. Hot dogs or hamburgers

    hamburgers for sure!!
    i could eat them dialy-homemade and cooked on my grill of course, none of this fast food stuff.

  134. Macs – since 1986

  135. k.keeler

    mac for sure, while drinking coke!

    btw i was always a polar HRM person, and only switched to garmin for GPS excellence. Maybe the RCX will lure me back!


  136. I like to eat hamburgers on a white bun, with a coke, wearing my plastic boxers and just a bow tie. I am a Mac..

  137. Boxers or briefs – Boxers
    Hot dogs or hamburgers – Hamburgers
    Bow tie or straight tie – Straight Tie
    Coke or Pepsi – Diet Coke
    Mac or PC – PC
    Paper or Plastic – Paper
    White Bread or wheat bread – Wheat

  138. Hi I’m Paolo from Italy.

    Hot dogs or hamburgers: Hot dogs!
    Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi!
    Paper or Plastic: Paper!

  139. KC Krane

    Boxers or briefs–boxer briefs!

    Hot dogs or hamburgers–burgers!

    Bow tie or straight–straight

    Coke or Pepsi–beer!

    Mac or PC–pc

    Paper or Plastic–Paper (but I use recycled fabric bags)

  140. I know you have been pretty much around the world, this should be easy for you:

    Coca Cola
    Computadora Personal
    Pan Integral

  141. Hi, and thx for this giveway. My answers:

    Boxers or briefs -> boxers
    Hot dogs or hamburgers -> (veggy)burgers
    Bow tie or straight tie -> straight tie
    Coke or Pepsi -> coke
    Mac or PC -> Mac
    Paper or Plastic -> paper
    White bread or wheat bread -> white bread
    Garmin or Polar: -> Polar

  142. Coke! We’re in the South, it’s gotta be Coke & Sweet Tea.

  143. my husband does the boxerbriefs
    i use a mac he uses PC
    dont drink soda
    wheat bread definitely

  144. Wheat bread and boxers, don’t feel strongly about any of the others.

  145. PC of course. About 15 years ago i want to have a Mac, but cant affort it. Now i can affort it but i dont want to have one. “I call it: The rationality”

  146. Boxers or briefs — Depends on the occasion, usually boxers.
    Hot dogs or hamburgers — None.
    Bow tie or straight tie — Straight
    Coke or Pepsi — None.
    Mac or PC — PC
    Paper or Plastic — Paper everywhere.
    White Bread or wheat bread — Wheat bread.

  147. hot dogs ( with wheat bread ! )and a coke !

    PC for business, Mac for personal use 🙂

  148. Hot dogs or hamburgers: both 🙂
    Coke or Pepsi: Coke
    Mac or PC: Mac, what else?


  149. Boxers or briefs – titey whitey’s
    Hot dogs or hamburgers – burger
    Bow tie or straight tie -straight
    Coke or Pepsi – Water
    Mac or PC – Mac
    Paper or Plastic – either
    White Bread or wheat bread- Wheat.
    Great giveaway BTW.

  150. Boxers
    Both Hot dogs and hamburgers
    straight tie
    Wheat bread

  151. I live looking at boxer briefs the best…Coke for sure, preferably with a little rum…I can go either way on hot dog v. hamburger depending on my mood…wheat bread and reuseable grocery bags although I forget those some times and have to go with paper! 🙂

  152. Boxer briefs – the best of both.
    Hamburgers – just had breakfast but I’m already hungry for a burger now.
    straight tie – the only bow tie I’ve worn are the clipons with a tux.
    Coke – interesting that this poll ( link to popvssoda.com )
    didn’t include Pepsi as a primary choice
    Paper or Plastic – Ummm…Reusable bags – local store gives 5 cents per bag that you bring in
    wheat bread

  153. CCruz

    Hot dogs definitely!

  154. Boxerbriefs – best of both worlds
    Wheat Bread

    Thanks Ray!

  155. Boxers
    straight tie
    wheat bread

    Thanks Ray!

  156. Boxers or briefs – Boxers

  157. Oh, Mac — definitely. Or better yet — Linux!

  158. I have had Mac and gone back to PC.
    Thank you Ray!

  159. Briefs, nuff said.

  160. Bowtie…. if you can pull it off there is no other option.

  161. PC all the way man. I actually prefer being able to fix my own machine, nevermind that OSX is utterly painful to use.

  162. Coke, alway Coke.
    PC, but that is because I don’t know Mac
    White bread,

  163. Boxers hamburgers coke . Want a Mac so I could answer that question. Again like always thanks for the giveaways.

  164. Boxers or briefs? I prefer the third option, boxer briefs.

  165. boxers or briefs? Commando. Live free or die.

    Also, I have to say… Mac. Mac forever.

  166. Paper or Plastic… Neither, I bring my own.

  167. Hamburgers!!! Yum.

  168. briefs
    no tie at all
    pc (in fact never tried a mac)
    and white bread

  169. Boxer briefs.
    Straight tie.
    Coke (Zero).
    Wheat bread.

    Thanks DC Rainmaker!!!

  170. Bow tie like Dr. Who!

  171. Hamburger with mustard, lettuce, pickle and onions. Hold the ketchup, mayo and tomato. Wash it all down with a Coke.

  172. Definitely Coke!

  173. Chris N


  174. Mac, but unfortunately PC at work.

  175. Mac. And bow ties are cool.

  176. Plastic, the same ones I used last week, and the week before, and the week before that, and the week before that, and the week before that, and the week before that, and the week before that, and the week before that, and the week before that, and the week before that, and the week before that.

  177. Hamburger (Hot dogs are poisonous)
    Water (Better for you than a softdrink)

  178. Always up for new toys, so here goes.

    Boxer briefs, hot dog and a burger, but no sodas, bread, or ties at all. Paper, and I use a PC but want a Mac.

  179. Bow Tie, obviously.

  180. Vince L.

    Mac FTW!

  181. Hamburgers of course, but only when made from beef I have selected and ground myself!

  182. briefs, hot dogs, and PC’s

  183. George K

    white or wheat bread? Wheat!

  184. Boxers, mac’s, & coke

  185. Hot Dogs, when they’re cooked right. Boxers that’s what the wife prefers, straight tie. Coke, coke man since birth will be till I die. Unfortunately PC I’ve got to stick with what I can afford. Paper better for the environment. Bread depends on the sandwich 🙂

  186. Boxers
    Hot dogs
    Straight tie
    Wheat bread

  187. Briefs
    Straight tie
    Wheat bread

  188. Thank you for another awesome give-away chance!

    Boxers or briefs – Boxerbriefs, I guess a tie here.
    Hot dogs or hamburgers – burgers for sure!
    Bow tie or straight tie – tough call, probably straight, but skinny tie.
    Coke or Pepsi – Diet Coke
    Mac or PC – PC is all I know!
    Paper or Plastic – neither, reuseable!
    White Bread or wheat bread – wheat!

  189. Coke!
    Pepsi is just not tasty at all

  190. Boxers….

    Good luck in Boise.

  191. Christian P.

    Of course:

    Mac & Hambuger!!!!

  192. Jonathan

    Straight Tie – though a bow tie would be more aero while racing :-).


  193. André Guarischi

    Train or Sleep !

    HAMBURGERS for sure !!
    Coke !

    Tks !

  194. Hamburger everytime!

  195. Boxers

  196. Boxers or briefs – I am a girl but like my guys in boxers!

    Hot dogs or hamburgers – Hamburgers! Give me a bacon cheeseburger any day!

    Bow tie or straight tie – I prefer straight ties on my fellas!

    Coke or Pepsi – No doubt, Coke!

    Mac or PC – I have a PC but would love to use a Mac.

    Paper or Plastic – Unfortunately, plastic.

    White Bread or wheat bread – wheat for most sandwiches except PB&J.

  197. Paul from Ireland

    Boxers or briefs–Neither…commando!!
    Hot dogs or hamburgers– Hmm Hamburger
    Bow tie or straight tie–No tie, it’s more relaxed that way.
    Coke or Pepsi–Neither as they are probably both bad for you!! Water all the way….
    Mac or PC–I’d pick Mac even though I use PC, seeing as mMac don’t crash as much!
    Paper or Plastic–Paper seeing as you can’t eat plastic….don’t ask……
    White Bread or wheat bread–Wheat bread…keeps me regular……

  198. Interesting, as I type this on my pc, I am enjoying a coke & hamburger on a wheat bun while sitting in my boxers…as for Garmin vs Polar, I don’t have either but I’m hoping to win a polar today!

  199. MMMM Cheesburger FTW!

    Good luck on your race!

  200. Brief, pepsi, and Mac. Although I dont have one

  201. Coke, for sure.

    Mac, who can resist steve jobs.

  202. Hot dogs or hamburgers – Hamburgers
    Bow tie or straight tie – Straight Tie
    Coke or Pepsi – Coke Zero
    Mac or PC – Like Mac but have PC
    Paper or Plastic – Plastic
    White Bread or wheat bread – Wheat

  203. Hamburgers
    Straight tie to work
    Coke or Pepsi: niether
    Not a Mac fan…
    Paper for sure
    Wheat bread

  204. Mac or PC – no doubt, PC!

    I grew up with a Mac when they first came out in the early 80s and nothing frustrated me more than the fact that all the computer games were on PCs and NOT Macs…well, except Frogger, which came on the Mac. And from an IT management perspective, I much prefer PCs!

  205. Pepsi. It just tastes better.

  206. C’mon Ray, nobody’s firmly in the boxer camp!

    Tighty-whities here.

  207. Mac :):)
    I’ve the macbook pro, ipod classic, iphone4.

    Not gonna change anytime soon.

  208. I noticed that “commando” wasn’t an option, so I’ll have to go with wheat bread.

  209. Good old wheat bread for me.

  210. As for the options:

    Hot dogs
    White Bread


  211. B

    PC, but can I choose option ‘C’: linux?
    Thanks for a great blog-

  212. Boxers.
    Soda is bad.
    PC. I like the challenge.
    Plastic…good for cleaning the litter box.

  213. Boxers and Coke!

  214. Some of us have opted out of burger vs hotdogs in lieu of veggie burgers. Here’s one dark roast coffee vs light roast. Definitely dark roast! Red wine vs white wine, okay both are good, but I prefer red. Pinot not Merlot. And finally, micro brew vs mass produced beer….without question, micro brews!

  215. Adam OJ Wall

    Plastic all the way. No, I don’t mean the choice between Paper Bags and Plastic Bags, I mean the C21st choice of ‘paper money’ vs. CreditCard.
    To all those people who spend 5mins at the cashier going through the process of finding the correct change and/or receiving a bunch of pocket-destroying change from each transaction, plese please please consider using a credit/debit card – plus you get 1% cash back… No Brainer!

  216. Boxers (I’m Free!)
    Pepsi (Pepsi max for the win)
    White Bread (where I grew up only snooty people ate wheat)

  217. Coke – Pepsi is just brown water with sugar.

  218. no tie, coke, pc
    others I don’t mind either way


  219. Fra

    Coke for sure!

  220. wheat bread – better energy!

  221. Just a Mac please!

  222. Defiantly Coke!! Especially when it comes to slurpee’s 🙂

  223. Boxers briefs,
    Bacon Cheeseburgers
    straight tie
    PC with an iPad
    wheat bread

  224. Mac, there is nothing else.

  225. Diet Pepsi, hot dog, PC, paper, wheat.

  226. Mac! No doubt about it 🙂

  227. Boxers
    Straight tie
    Coke (Southerner, so it has to be coke, though I do drink Mountain Dew)
    Mac/PC/Linux/Solaris (Computer Geek)
    Plastic (Try to bring my own bags)
    Wheat bread

  228. PC and original Coke guy here.

  229. Boxers
    Bow tie
    White Bread

  230. boxer-briefs…hope that doesn’t disqualify me!

  231. Straight Tie until I’m retired and wear glasses all the time or until I move to the deep south, develop a heavy southern drawl and buy a seersucker suit.

    Pepsi…Brian don’t do drugs

  232. Boxers briefs, Coke, wheat bread, and up until now, Garmin.

  233. Hamburger before hot dog any day 🙂

  234. wheat bread, easy….

  235. Cheesburgers!
    Not a huge soda fan, but I would pick Fresca
    Reusable chico bags – even better for the environment 🙂

  236. Tri shorts!

    I guess that wasn’t an option.

    How about Coke!

  237. Coke with my burger while using my trusty Thinkpad.

  238. Francis Jago

    Pepsi, for sure.
    Mac, for sure.

  239. boxers vs briefs? how about freeballing!

    and hotdogs of course!

    yay for giveaways!

  240. Katie

    Mac for sure & boxers, no question (although maybe it’s not fair for women to weigh in on that..)

  241. Boxer Briefs
    straight tie
    Pepsi (Mountain Dew)
    wheat bread

  242. Garmin every time… doh!

    Never used a Polar fitness watch actually, so I’m willing to break with tradition to find out.

    As for the others,

    Brief Hot dogs, Straight coke and
    Plastic Mac


  243. Let’s see. How about still wearing tri shorts to enjoy a veggie burger (with no tie at all) and sip a coke after a race, before coming back to use my mac to blog about the local bakery’s great italian (white) bread, which comes in its own little paper bag?

    Or maybe I should just cross my fingers and hope for the randomness to fall in my favor. Thanks for doing this!

  244. Mac I hate my pc and would give anything to trade.

  245. White bread, but only get to eat it at the end of a taper!!

  246. Boxers, not briefs – and loose running shorts, otherwise it tends to get annoying.

    Coke or Pepsi – neither: Cool, Norwegian spring water, please 😉

    PC – I have an aversion to turtle necks 🙂

  247. wheatbread!!


  248. Coke or pepsi? Neither – gave up soda a long time ago.

    Boxers, without a doubt, though the occasional boxer brief is good to mix it up a little.

    I’ll have to go Mac in this case – we’ll see when Lion and Windows 8 go live though.

  249. why are you making me think so hard to enter…I am going to have to go with Coke and Mac

  250. Boxers or briefs??? I’ve started wearing Tri-shorts. My T-0 (transition from bed to swim) times have gone way down!

  251. No hesitation :
    White bread … coz’ I’m French 😉

    You know, there’s nothing better here on earth than a big slice of white bread with salted butter.


  252. Hamburgers
    Neither Coke nor Pepsi – Dr. Pepper
    wheat bread

  253. Boxers or briefs??? I’ve started wearing Tri-shorts. My T-0 (transition from bed to swim) times have gone way down!

  254. Mac, of course but Android could be a good competitor in the near future

  255. boxerbriefs, hamburgers on a hot-dog bun, PC’s running OS, etc and so-on.

  256. Boxers or briefs: Either or, sometimes none(tri shorts…)
    Hot dogs or hamburgers: Hamburgers when they are somewhat healthy, lean beef, salad…
    Bow tie or straight tie: Straight tie
    Coke or Pepsi: The real question is, Water, chocolate milk or recovery drink?
    Mac or PC: As long as it runs linux i’m happy
    Paper or Plastic: Debit Card and paper bags
    White bread or wheat bread: Wheat

  257. Mac is the only way to go.

  258. The Computrainer forces me to keep a PC alive and happy. Other than that, it’s a slew of Macs.

  259. Boxer briefs, no doubt! And PC!! The rest, none.

  260. From all these i would definately go for boxers and paper. Pepsi or Coke? i choose water, just water 🙂

  261. Mac obviously!! 🙂

  262. Coke or Pepsi?


    Pick me, it’s my birthday today!

  263. Boxers.
    Hot dogs – because sausages are my business
    PC – with Linux runnnig.

  264. Dunhill Deodores

    White Bread

    Good Luck in Boise!

  265. Good luck in Boise Ray!

    Hot Dogs


  266. Definitely wheat bread!

  267. d00d, you rock!


  268. Garmin! But I’ll be happy to win the polar!

  269. This comment has been removed by the author.

  270. boxers, burgers, bow ties and beer for me. Beautiful

  271. PC for sure…i’m a gamer..

    good luck for this weekend race..

    Alex from Toronto

  272. I go with: boxers, burgers, bow ties, coke, PC, paper, and wheat bread. But for online triathlon information, the best choice is DC Rainmaker, of course.

  273. hamburger, no bun

    cheers Ray

  274. boxer briefs
    hot dogs
    skinny tie
    neither (water)
    reusable cloth bags

  275. I just have to do a few of them for fun…

    Boxer briefs, on the fence on that one.

    Coke, always after a hard workout.

    Wheat, with PB and J on a long bike ride.

  276. Hamburger on a wheat bun, drinking a Coke, while wearing a straight tie.

  277. MAC! All the way! And wheat bread of course.

  278. Mac, always mac 🙂

  279. Straight tie definately, of course thats because I can not tie a bow tie, lol.

  280. Wheat bread, naturally. Thanks for the giveaway!

  281. Coke, I don’t know what it is but when I get hit with a big track set by coach the coke gets me through it. And when I mean big I mean A LOT of 800’s, like up to 25, so yeah at about #10 I am ready for some COKE! 🙂

  282. PC until about 2 years ago. i went Mac and i’m not going back.

  283. I’ll eat my hotdog on a wheat bread bun with a Coke in a plastic bottle behind my PC while wearing my boxers and a straight tie!

  284. Coke or Pepsi? Gotta go with Coke!

  285. here goes:

    no ties
    bring own bags
    wheat bread

  286. Mac or PC?

    Mac, I just found it easier for everyday use. I still use Windows at work though!

    Thanks for setting this giveaway up, Ray!

  287. Hamburger of course!

  288. Paper, Mac and Pepsi…
    Thank you!

  289. Commando on the first question. The others I could care less except for preferring wheat bread.

  290. Briefs
    Veggie burgers
    Bow tie

    Would love to have a HRM!

  291. Hot dogs,
    and PC of course 😛

  292. MAC!!! I feel sorry for PC users.

  293. Has to be a PC and Boxers v briefs, how bout commando…??

  294. Coke. Now and forever.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  295. White Bread or wheat bread: Dark rye bread obviously.

  296. Coke makes you choke, Pepsi makes you sexy!!

  297. Mac is definately the way to go. Not sure if you can live without a PC, then put Windows on the Mac too!

  298. Hi, thanks for giving your readers a shot at winning a sweet Polar watch!

    Re: Paper or plastic- I used to utilize the free plastic bags from the grocery stores all the time, while bad for the environment the bags WERE used in the house as garbage can liners. Since I never needed all the bags I was given anyway I now use a combination of plastic bags and bring-your-own bags since learning from my coupon-clipping fanatic friend that many big chain stores will give you a quarter off your purchase for saving the environment. Do what you can, right?

  299. P

    Coke or Pepsi – Neither, Coffee!
    Mac or PC – PC
    Paper or Plastic – reusable cloth

  300. Mac!
    I have to go through Dell hell day by day @ work and don’t like it!
    At all others I’d rather choose both than decide for one.

  301. Shannon D

    Boxers or briefs – I’m a girl, so neither 🙂
    Hot dogs or hamburgers – Burgers
    Bow tie or straight tie – Girl, hello…
    Coke or Pepsi – Diet Coke
    Mac or PC – Mac (recent convert)
    Paper or Plastic – BYO Reusable
    White Bread or wheat bread – Wheat

  302. Anonymous

    Coke. Pepsi sucks, especially in adult beverages…

    ryans in MN

  303. The subtle elegance of a bow tie simply can’t be beat.

  304. Briefs, (silly question)
    Coke, (never really drink soda)
    PC, (although, I’ve always been a Mac fan)
    Whole Wheat

    I’m a Garmin user, but I started out as a Polar user, and I’m seriously thinking about going back. Garmin Connect has really stagnated as of late.

  305. bocoloco

    bow tie

  306. Coke, can’t beat the real thing.

  307. Switched to Mac a couple of years ago and have never looked back.

  308. Briefs
    Straight tie
    Wheat bread

  309. Mac fan since 2005.

  310. Boxers or briefs – Boxer Briefs!
    Hot dogs or hamburgers – Burgs
    Bow tie or straight tie – Straight Tie
    Coke or Pepsi – Coke
    Mac or PC – Doesn’t matter if it gets the job done
    Paper or Plastic – Paper
    White Bread or wheat bread – White


  311. Hamburgers right off the grill – oh and a side of Mac to go with that.

  312. Pepsi (light) and a pc and hopefully a polar!

  313. Boxers
    Straight tie
    Sourdough. So… white. 🙂

  314. Wheat Bread!! Yummy 🙂

  315. Mac & Coke (sounds like a weird mixed drink)

  316. Hamburgers. For some weird reason, my stomach feels fuller when I wolf down a huge, juicy hamburger over a hot dog.

  317. coke!-especially after and open water swim!

  318. Carlo Lipizzi

    Definitely Mac


  319. Coke, that’s a no brainer.
    Hot dogs AND hamburger… why would I choose ?

    Don’t tell me I’m food-focused. It’s 4.30PM up here and I’m hungry 🙂


  320. Bernard Maughan

    Hey Ray,

    You should have had some tri/bike techno pairs in there, like Quarq or PowerTap and Cervelo or Trek (does that last one cause a divide in your house?).

    Briefs or boxers? depends what’s on the outside.
    Pepsi Max over Diet Coke or Zero

  321. I’ve got to go with burgers

  322. Boxers not old enough for briefs yet,
    Plus I’ll have a hamburger And coke

  323. Mac or PC running Linux. I have both.

  324. PC, I guess that proves I’m over 40 ey?

  325. Pepsi with grenadine after a long run is definitely the way to go

  326. Doing a picnic with hamburgers and Pepsi while I try to keep the ants away from my PC!

  327. PC. Apple is garbage.

  328. Paper or plastic? No! Bring your own bag. 🙂

  329. Paper, always paper. The only thing plastic bags are good for is putting on a wetsuit.

  330. Once you change to Mac is hard to go back… everything has worked fine and easier for me! Garmin or Polar? Just changed from a Polar 200 GPS (watch works fine, GPS doesn’t) to a FR60 ’til the new 610 arrives! I hope it meets my expectations!

  331. Wheat bread all the way baby!

  332. Brock P

    while drinking Pepsi

  333. Boxers for me and the PC. I don’t eat any of the food that you have listed.

  334. Hotdogs? Really? Yuck!


  335. Hamburger and a Coke!

  336. Why choose? Go for boxer briefs. All the support of briefs, with the style of boxers.

  337. Love the blog! I’m a boxer man!

  338. Wheat bread.

    thanks for the great product review.

  339. Hot dogg with a nice ice cold pepsi!

  340. White bread,

  341. Briefs
    Hot dogs
    Coke (but mostly not)

  342. I am hot dog guy myself

  343. Homemade wheat bread, my Gramma’s recipe.

  344. Absolutely Mac!! Duh! 😉

  345. Cloth bags over paper and plastic.

  346. Mac, of course. And boxers.

  347. Coke. A thousand times Coke. Pepsi is the nectar of evil. Coke is its antithesis–and a delicious post-long ride/run beverage when accompanied with a snickers.

  348. Boxers or Briefs?..I like the freeness of bozers yet the hugging support of briefs so I do boxerbriefs!!!

  349. Jake Jendusa

    Wheat Bread!

  350. Coke. Is Pepsi even a thing still?

  351. Hamburger & coke, the way it’s supposed to be.

  352. Wheat Bread. Except for two sandwiches….Grilled Cheese and PB&J.

  353. PC, PC, PC!!! Strongly PC. Hot dogs AND hamburgers tho.

  354. Under Armour Briefs
    Cheese burger
    Wheat Bread
    And definitely Polar (625X), although I’ve been using a Garmin 310XT the past 2 years

  355. YNWA Steve

    White bread! Often accompanied by beer. Probably why I am not very fast!

  356. Definitly Mac – although today’s oral exam at university was only cancalled because of the course teacher using a PC. 🙂 However, I will never go back to Windows (switched 2006).

  357. Boxers

  358. Oh, briefs, to be sure!

  359. mac – never again this shit

  360. Anonymous

    Wheat Bread! Good luck in Boise!

  361. Hands down, Coke.

  362. Me too on Mac for years. Bummer that RCX5 does not have an altimeter. What about those of us that run hills/mtns?

  363. Burgers for sure. Mystery meat scares me.

    Thanks for your awesome blog!

  364. but still a separate pod . . .

  365. Mac!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  366. Mac all the way!!

  367. I’ll say hamburgers over hot dogs.

    I guess liking both Polar and Garmin hints that i like boxer briefs.

  368. Anonymous

    Briefs for sure. Lee

  369. Mac of course (but only french ones means with “azerty” keyboard) =)

  370. wheat bread. people over 10 years old still like white bread?

    PC over Mac anyday. Any MS Excel geek would likely agree with me there.

  371. Coke over Pepsi any day.

  372. Since I only get the opportunity to chime in on one of these vehemently contested topics…I have to go with the one that would effect my life the most.

    Boxers…again and again.

    I could not imagine a life of briefs.

  373. how about boxers briefs? does that count? if not, straight tie. i’m not cool enough to pull off a bow tie.

  374. This comment has been removed by the author.

  375. Wheat bread. I blame my parents for early but useful indoctrination for eating habits

  376. Hamburger on wheat bread

  377. Bryan F

    Bow tie – never worn one, but I prefer their look. I’d love to grow up and be Bill Nye!

    Thanks as always!

  378. Boxer-briefs. 🙂 And always whole grain bread.

  379. Boxers. Definitely boxers.

  380. Coke.

    I was converted from Pepsi by the wife.

  381. Jiminy Cricket

    Hot-diggity-dogs, of course!

  382. One for me 2, or better this one will be for my wife who just started running early this year

    Keep up good work !!!

  383. Mac and Cheese Please.

    Matt W.

  384. Hamburgers definitely!!

  385. Another vote for Mac. And wheat bread.

  386. mac.

    good luck in boise.

  387. Boxer-briefs: can’t beat a hybrid nowadays
    Hot dogs: hebrew national, no if’s ands or butts
    Bow tie: less messy when eating those hot dogs
    Coke or Pepsi: Regular Coke but prefer Diet Pepsi; weird, right?
    Mac or PC: My heart says mac but my wallet says PC
    Paper or Plastic: reusable bags, duh; come on! think green!
    White Bread or wheat bread: no joke, whole wheat potato bread has to be the greatest invention since……..well, sliced bread

    Happy racing all and good luck at Boise Ray!

  388. Mac, if only they would enter the bikecomputer market….an garmin edge with apple the look and feel…yes!

  389. Most of the times I prefer wheat bread. And it’s not only the bread – I also prefer wheat noodles. They just taste better. 🙂

    Cheers and keep it up!

  390. Mac or PC is a battle waged daily in my home. The wife is a graphic designer so our main desktop is a Mac. I am a PC. I get really frustrated by things that don’t work the same way as I expect on her Mac. For the things I do, there isn’t any difference in speed between – only steps required to complete the process. So I don’t quite understand the fandom associated w/ Mac.

  391. I prefer to wrap a hamburger around a hotdog, or put the hotdog around the hamburger. I suppose if I have to just pick one I would say:


  392. Mac – doesn’t matter if I’m any better at anything but I sure am pretty to look at.

  393. mac, coke & briefs

  394. T Wright

    Wheat, always wheat bread. (oh yeah…pick me!)

  395. Paper or Plastic? I try to do my part and bring a reusable bag. If not then paper. Thanks.

  396. Boxer briefs for the win.

  397. kab

    boxers on the boys!! 😉

  398. Boxer briefs (on him, not me)
    BRATS, or burgers
    Diet pepsi
    Re-usable tote
    Wheat wheat wheat

  399. Coke and hopefully Polar

  400. pc coke burger and polar

  401. This comment has been removed by the author.

  402. joel

    paper or plastic?
    i’d go for paper 🙂

  403. Hamburger and wheat bread

  404. Gotta be a Hot Dog. Ketchup on one side, mustard on the other. Does that make me weird?

  405. This comment has been removed by the author.

  406. Mac (and iPhone). And burgers.

  407. hamurgers, coke, wheat bread, now I’m hungry 🙂

  408. Hamburgers no doubt. Who knows what on Earth they mash together to make hot dogs!

  409. Boxers or briefs: None when running, biking or swimming!

    Hot dogs or hamburgers: Hamburgers!

    Bow tie or straight tie: Each to his own!

    Coke or Pepsi: Water please.

    Mac or PC: Ohh.. Mac without competition. It just works!!

    Paper or Plastic: Plastic

    White Bread or wheat bread: Wheat!!

  410. Boxers, Hotdog AND Hamburger, straight tie (unless I’m in a tux), Coke, Mac, paper, wheat, Garmin (though I’ve never owned a Polar device)

  411. Hamburgers! (as if there’s any choice there!)

  412. This comment has been removed by the author.

  413. i thought i commented 🙁

    no boxers or briefs – free balling – or free vagin…whatever!

  414. PC
    Wheat bread
    plastic(i reuse for different things)
    or I bring my own bags

  415. Wheat bread, all the way.

  416. Wheat, of course…unless you are making a classic grilled cheese with Craft on White!

  417. Anonymous

    The only ones I feel strongly about are straight tie, white bread, and NEITHER to coke/pepsi. 🙂


  418. My vote goes to the PC 🙂

  419. Wheat bread, wuncrodisithout a doubt.


  420. boxer briefs
    only if I’m going to a funeral or wedding

    finally, currently Garmin, but I’d give the Polar a whirl too!

  421. Erik B

    i like my iMac, iPhone and airport(s)
    Can this Polar not be renamed to iPolar 😉

  422. Mac or PC – doesn’t really matter since either runs Linux just fine!

  423. Burger of course, but only because I own a burger joint!!

  424. boxerbriefs are the only way to go!

  425. Paper or Plastic?

    Neither, Bring your own Bags (BYOB)

  426. I enjoy eating hamburgers on a wheat buns, washing them down with a cold coke while wearing boxer briefs and reading your blog on my mac.

  427. Boxer Briefs, PC’s, Good Hot Dog’s and wheat bread.

  428. Coke or Pepsi ?
    Gatorade !!

  429. Definitely straight tie. Coke over pepsi. Hamburgers in favor of hotdogs.

  430. Coke! (except I don’t drink’em anymore!)

    Reminds me of a super old SNL skit
    link to snltranscripts.jt.org

  431. Rick Salsa


  432. Burgers, Mac, paper, wheat. Good luck this weekend!

  433. bsport1981

    Wheat bread all the way.

  434. Boxers, Hamburgers and a Coke


  436. Breifs, gotta have that support! haha

  437. Mac – will never go back!

  438. Hot Dog briefs while I lounge around drinking a pepsi. PC & MAC… I go both ways.

  439. What a fun set of questions…I’ll answer a few!

    Boxers or briefs: I’m a girl, so panties of all varieties 😛

    Coke or Pepsi: DIET coke

    Paper or Plastic: I’m a combo girl…Paper (or reusable bags) for the majority of things…unless it’s meat or cleaning supplies that could leak, then plastic

  440. I’m a boxers and white bread kind of guy.

  441. Donna said….

    I’ll take a hot dog and a coke, right before I strap on my new PLASTIC Polar RCX5!

  442. That will be a Mac…for sure.
    Although currently running on Ubuntu, drinking a cool glass of Coke.

    Regards, RdL

  443. I love apples (mac). Edible and otherwise.

  444. paper is the way to go — i cringe at all the plastic bags i am offered at stores. i love paper as i can reuse and recycle them easily!

  445. This comment has been removed by the author.

  446. I’m a Mac. I hope Polar plays better with Macs than Garmin. Although I do have to give them a tiny bit of credit, they are starting to get a little better.

  447. jancam81

    Diet Coke!

  448. People still eat white bread?

  449. White Bread or wheat bread – whole wheat baby, the only kind.

    Read the instructions again…thanks! And rock it in Boise this weekend.


  450. Mac for sure. I am really glad that the new RCX5 is mac compatible.

  451. resipsa99

    Coke, coke, coke!! And not that New Coke junk, either. 🙂

  452. Boxers. Hands down. No pun intended. 🙂

  453. coke. pepsi is nasty!

    Mac of course, I’m fed up with windows. Any MAC App simply Rocks!

  455. paper of course …

  456. Coke (though Pepsi is okay if I have to)

  457. Boxers, Burgers, Straight, Coke, PC, Paper and White!!

  458. Commando, duh
    hamburger, unless it’s a chili dog
    mac (damn you WKO)
    both, for varied household uses, and of course reusable bags
    lavash wrap

    I guess I’m a rebel.

  459. Nina c.

    Definitely paper and macs

  460. mac all the way! i am slowly but surely converting all my friends.

    and wheat bread!!!

    and paper!!!

  461. Coke. You would have to pay me to drink Pepsi.

  462. Straight Tie kinda guy

  463. Boxers! It gets claustrophobic in those tri/biking shorts!

  464. Coke, but I have to say that in terms of underwear I am firmly in the boxer-briefs category.

    Hmm, wait that sounds funny.

  465. White Bread or wheat bread

    Neither, Tortillas is the way to go, preferably flour.

  466. paper or plastic?

    Paper for sure! I hate plastic

  467. Boxers! Always boxers!

  468. paper or plastic – paper for sure

    I hate plastic!

  469. paper for sure i hate plastic

  470. hot dogs or hamburgers – hamburgers

  471. Whole wheat bread of course, but I think you don’t know these kind in the us.

    Since a few weeks ago Garmin was my choice. Polar was always very interesting, but with a Mac and strange ir-sync and big extra GPS not thougt throu. But with the rcx5 Polar things have changed.

    Have a good Race at Boise.

  472. bow tie or straight tie

    bow tie

  473. boxers or briefs?


  474. paper or plastic?

    Paper for sure, i hate plastic.

    I lead a worlwide campaign against plastic!

  475. paper or plastic?

    Paper for sure, i hate plastic.

    I lead a worlwide campaign against plastic!

  476. paper or plastic?

    Paper for sure, i hate plastic.

    I lead a worlwide campaign against plastic!

  477. paper or plastic?

    Paper for sure, i hate plastic.

    I lead a worlwide campaign against plastic!

  478. Martin B

    Bow tie
    White Bread

    Thanks !


  479. Supping a Pepsi while reading the latest DC rainmaker shenanigans on the Mac.

  480. Anonymous

    Paper for sure!
    Clinton from NC

  481. Hot dogs or hamburgers – Yes please!
    straight tie
    wheat bread

  482. Boxers. What? I don’t like to have much on below after a long ride.

  483. White Bread or wheat bread?

    Wheat bread

  484. White Bread or wheat bread?

    Wheat bread – more energy to complete the run!

  485. White Bread or wheat bread?

    Wheat bread – more energy to complete the run!

  486. coke or pepsi?

    Coke for sure

  487. White Bread or wheat bread?

    Wheat bread – more energy to complete the run!

  488. coke or pepsi!

    Coke – much better

  489. mac or windows?

    mac definitely – I am tired of restarting my windows every day

  490. d) None of the above

    Too many exams, see. I spotted the missing option.

  491. mac or windows?

    windows sucks but mac is ok, so mac!

  492. paper, mac and coke. I dont mind the rest but i would go for wheat bread

  493. wheat bread of course. It lasts longer!

  494. wheat bread of course! It lasts longer.

  495. Hot dogs is easier to eat on the bike on a Triathlon course…

  496. briefs
    Powerade’s a Coke product
    Reusable Bags

  497. Boxers or briefs – Boxers
    Hot dogs or hamburgers -Neither, I’m a vegetarian
    Bow tie or straight tie – No ties
    Coke or Pepsi – No soft drinks. Just Water
    Mac or PC – PC
    Paper or Plastic – Paper
    White Bread or wheat bread – Wheat bread

  498. I definitely prefer boxers. They’re sexier. I’m just sayin’

  499. Mac and have been since the early days

    Garmin or Polar–neither why is it no one needs a baro altimeter in a running watch. I am a Suunto user, would like the RCX5 but bummed they dumped the baro altimeter.

  500. Definitely wheat bread

  501. slowcop

    Always a hot dog.

  502. PeterK Zurich

    Mac, Hot Dogs and Coke – for sure!

  503. COke or Pepsi?


  504. I’d have to say:

    Thanks, Ray! My Garmin 405cx nearly died on me during the SD Rock n’ Roll.


  505. I’d have to say:

    Thanks, Ray! My Garmin 405cx nearly died on me during the SD Rock n’ Roll.


  506. Coke and Pc.

    now, send me my Polar 🙂


  507. Briefs during the day or when you’re out and about. Boxers are nice when you’re lounging around the house and to sleep in.

  508. coke or pepsi?

    coke for sure!

  509. Harald

    Pc and Mac combination is the best, no one is the best.

  510. This comment has been removed by the author.

  511. Hamburger and coke for me, thanks.

  512. Diet Coke
    I bring my own grocery bags.
    Wheat Bread

  513. I would have to go with Pepsi!

  514. PC or Mac?
    I vote for running ))

  515. Coke for me please!

  516. As Jules Winfield famously said…

    HAMBURGERS!…the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast!

  517. mac
    wheat bread

  518. Paper or Plastic

    Neither… I bring my own bag!!

  519. White Bread or wheat bread?

    Wheat bread

  520. Paper or Plastic? Cloth! Save the environment!

  521. White Bread or wheat bread?

    Wheat bread

  522. mac or windows?


    sucks so…