This day in…the past three years.

Think of this as a mini-time capsule.  Like a buried treasure map leading to an infinite amount of knowledge.  Each of the items I linked to has either plenty of entertainment or totally useful information (or even both!).  And while some of you blog-folk might whisper that this is a ‘lazy’ post, I’m probably not going to disagree.

I had a moderately explosive bike workout today (and not necessarily in the good way), a descent swim…and pretty much nothing else left in the mental hopper to come up with a creative and informative post.  Instead, I spent my time this evening sitting on the couch watching last nights The Biggest Loser and other mindless reality TV shows (Speaking of which, Gary on The Apprentice is simply nuts…like baseball game size bag of peanuts, nuts).

So as I sat down tonight and started looking through my huge list of some 97 potential topic areas areas to write about I couldn’t give jive with anything.  Here’s a quick snippet from a portion of that notepad file:


(And yes, I do use notepad instead of some fancy Excel sheet.  It’s quick and simple and always available.)

Anyway, Coach’s vs Teams requires more thinking than I feel like (and two people).  Kinect world domination means that I’d need to take a bunch of photos of me, and I decided that tonight isn’t the night for that since day photos come out better than night photos (yes, even inside).  AG Elite Racing and Waves is quick in theory (90 minutes or less), but in reality takes a bit more research.  The FCC post is simply messy at this point – but really geeky cool once I do it (like that buried treasure I talked about).  Golden Cheetah is on the radar for later.  The survey wrap-up I want to do, but mentally it’s a nightmare sorting through that data in the in depth analysis I want to do.  Route Viewer is so freakin’ cool, but the software isn’t quite finished yet.

So, mentally – I can do the blogging equivalent of procrastination all day long.

On the bright side, since I’ve managed to distract you now with a bunch of paragraphs of text, I’m going to offer you what I initially set out to do at the beginning:  Which is simply post the previous three years of posts on March 31st.

First up – March 31st, 2010: Applying Toilet Water – Look, I lucked out that this pretty funny post just so happened this post was on March 31st last year.  It could have been something far less exciting or hilarious.  I examine the new Ironman Cologne that literally translates to ‘Toilet water’. Complete with charts and color wheels.  I also go into depth on how certain clothing that I receive gets placed on the banned list by The Girl.

Second in line – March 31st, 2009: Sweet and Sour Peaks – This turned out to be a mix of one of my exact workout specifications, combined with my excellent baking skills creating some cupcakes.  See, you thought only The Girl created fancy cupcakes?  Nope, give me a Ziploc bag and a chopstick and I’ll make some rather pretty little creations (she’d roll her eyes if she saw me using a chopstick these days).  The workout folks amongst you will enjoy my detailed workout post, and the foodies amongst you will enjoy the cupcakes.  I don’t believe there are any other groups in life aside from those two.

Bringing up the rear – March 30th, 2008: Oceanside 70.3 Race Report (aka- There be big hills in California) – Ok, there wasn’t a post on March 31st, 2008, as it was either this one – or the one from the day after with me sipping margaritas on a beach in Mexico.  Your choice really.  Given that Oceanside 70.3 is this weekend, this seemed like the better bet.  So here’s my race report from back then.  Oddly enough, still my fastest half-iron run split to date – though, the fact that I now have a bike split 30+ minutes faster probably means saving that 3-4 minutes on the run is a fair tradeoff.  Plus I haven’t run a course anywhere near that flat since…well…then.

Ok, that’s all I’ve got for ya.  I’m thinking next week’s gonna be pretty packed with good stuff (plus the weekend, I’m goin’ to Kansas City!).  In fact, now that I look at the next few weeks on my calendar – lots of good stuff coming.  Stay tuned!


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  1. Looking forward to the coach vs team post – something I was just thinking about this week! I’m going to try to do my first 70.3 tri in January and will be coached by my trainer of 5 years. He’s a great motivator but I’d be the first distance client he has, let alone in triathlon. I know I’ll be missing the group dynamics, group rides, etc but the tradeoff for me is the personal attention and that my trainer knows exactly how to motivate me (which is not always the easiest task!)

  2. Off to Kansas you say … visiting Garmin by any chance?

  3. A Garmin visit is not currently on my schedule…heading out there for a friends wedding.


  4. Anonymous

    I’m looking forward to your in-depth review of the Lemond trainer.

  5. Hilarious! :-) Have a good weekend!

  6. Hey if your going to be in Kansas City on Sunday you should stop by the Brew to Brew race that starts at the Boulevard Brewery.

  7. The brew to brew is a fun event! 44 miles and it’s a benefit to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.