September Garmin Forerunner 310XT Giveaway

With summer essentially ‘over’, and only one long weekend worth of it left (well, for those in the US anyway) – I feel like I need to add a bit of excitement back into your summer sails.
Given the fall running season nearly upon us – I figured I’d give something away that works well whether you’ve still got a few triathlons left, or if you’re purely a runner (or cyclist).  And since I love the Forerunner 310XT – I decided I’ll give one of those away.  Here’s my in depth review if you aren’t familiar with the little orange device.
Like the last three giveaways, there are no restrictions on where the goods go to – so no matter where in the world you are, I’ll send to you.  Last month it was one by someone in Poland! I’m going about this like a random raffle drawing, except that you can get multiple ‘entries’.  Here’s the usual skinny on how:

One Entry: Simply place a comment below on this page, that’s it!  No lyrics to create, or poems to make.  No stories to tell, or anything complex.  Only comments on this page count (nope, comments from 2 years ago don’t count).
Two Entries: Three different ways to double up here.  In addition to the comment below, just put a link on your blog (if you have one) to this contest page.  Or the second option is adding your Twitter account as a follower of DCRAINMAKERBLOG and retweeting the contest announcement.  By simply spreading the word, ya get an extra entry.  (Note: If you’re already a follower, simply re-tweet and you get credit!).  The final third option for non-Twitter/Blog peeps is to Share this on FaceBook instead. Surely you have FaceBook, right?  There’s a handy button below the post for doing it automagically.
Three Entries: Triple-time baby!  This is easy – just do all three of the above!  Twitter (or FaceBook), Blog/Site, and Comment.  Ya max out at three entries though…no quadruple dipping here!

See, that’s pretty painless, right?
If you’re new around these parts – then I suggest getting the lay of a land from this post – it’ll get you all caught up on the most interesting stuff I’ve written this year pretty quickly
Please let me know in your comment below how many entries you’ve qualified for if more than one, as it’s super-difficult for me to lineup a Twitter account named “AwesomeRunner28” to a blog named “RunnerGuy” to a comment listed from “RunningCowTippers!”, and I certainly want you to get all your entries.  I don’t need to know your account names, just how many entries.  Also, if ya have technical questions/thoughts/comments/diatribes/poems regarding the FR310XT specifically, use that post page for those writings.
The winner will get a brand new Garmin Forerunner 310XT (without HR strap).
The contest will run until Thursday September 9th, 2010 at 11:59PM Eastern Time when I’ll close the entry period.  I’ll announce the winner the following day.
For those curious on how the giveaways work (like the part about how these are funded by me…), here’s the full deets.  Thanks all!
(Note: If you’re active duty military and deployed and are unable to complete the three entry methods above, simply shoot me an e-mail and I’ll get ya counted for all three.  Thanks!)


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  1. Two entries for me: this comment and a retweet! Thanks!

  2. i want three please….and the 310….thanks

  3. Commented and retweeted. Hope to win the Garmin! Thanks!

  4. Eli

    2, this comment and facebook

  5. Since I’m hear, I’ll give a shout out of thanks for all the great info on this blog–makes things much easier for my husband around gift-giving times. I’ll blog and FB this too!

  6. Added to contest on my page!

  7. BMALmusic

    Count me in for two entries. This post and facebook.

  8. awesome giveaway!! Thanks for the chance to win one! I’ve wanted one so badly!! lol

  9. I added this giveaway to the list on my blog at

  10. Woot! Three entries: comment, my blog ( and twitter!

  11. I retweeted you on twitter! my username is superwoman4002! :D Feel free to follow me :D

  12. You can put me down for 1 entry. Thanks.

  13. Count me in for three as well. Thanks.

  14. ooooooo I want this! Three entries please! Comment, Facebook, and Blog!

  15. Two entries for me. Regards from the Netherlands.
    Keep up the good work!

  16. Three entries thanks Ray! Lovin’ the free stuff!

  17. Count me for three this time brother…Thanks for the great work!!!

  18. Rob

    Great prizes continue to rain upon your followers. One entry for me please.

  19. Great Blog, hope I win!

  20. Put me down for 3! Blog, retweet,and comment! Thanks!

  21. Best gear reviews on the ‘net. Yes, I’m pandering. Yes, I know it doesn’t get me anything more than karma points. Facebook’d, and Tweeted as well! Thanks!

  22. Tweet… Done, Link on Blog… Done, Comment… working on it. Three for for me please.

    And now keep my fingers crossed.

  23. One entry for me and thanks for recognizing the “World” is WWW!

  24. 2 entries, comment and twitter follow.

  25. Oh wow!

    2 entries for me – a comment and I am a blog follower. :)

  26. cpu

    My comment, I’ll facebook too so two chances ;-)

  27. My HRM died – I could SO use this! I Tweeted your giveaway, became a follower on Twitter, and reposted your giveaway on my blog. That’s THREE entries!

  28. Commented, retweeted, and facebooked, so three entries, please!

  29. don

    2 entries for me please Ray

  30. All 3 entries are in!
    Hope this time I win :-)

    Love the blog.

  31. 2 entries! Yay! Good luck :)

  32. Reave

    2 entries for me!

  33. Here and on facebook ;)

  34. janice c

    3 please! Twitter, Facebook, comment. Thanks!!!

  35. 2 entries for me. Comment + RT by @jandercito

  36. Only 2 entries for me, I refuse to be a twit!

  37. Just one entry. Fingers crossed!

  38. 2 entries! hope this one goes!

  39. lets see how it goes.. Hope I win.

  40. I’m in with 2 entries, comment + RT. Thanks!

  41. Your reviews rock:)

  42. JaG

    Awesome as always!
    Count me in for all three: FB, RT, comment!

  43. Wim

    Comment, Twitter and Facebook

  44. Commented… Garmin please.

  45. Sam

    Two for me please!

  46. Comment and Twitter for me thx

  47. Two for me – Comment and Twitter.

  48. comment and FB link for me!!! enjoy your blog!!

  49. 2 entries .. facebook and this comment. Great per usual!

  50. Commented, Blog link and Facebook. Thanks a lot.

  51. 3 for me please…comment, twitter and facebook

  52. James S

    Another great giveaway. Thanks!!
    Following you on Twitter, retweeted your tweet, this comment an a FB link too.(3 entries)

  53. Three entries! This comment, retweet and also a nice facebook status update about your great blog! tnx!

  54. Great giveaway!

    Two entries for me: this comment and a retweet! Thanks!

  55. Garmin watch is my dream gadget.

    3 entries for me
    – this comment
    – my twitter @siukeongzai
    – my blog link to

  56. Now this is a good giveaway.

    One for me please! :D

  57. 2 entries for me. this comment and twitter. thanks DC Rainmaker. :D

  58. Great blog and great reviews! Sadly just the one entry for the Garmin for me…

  59. Count me in for three this time.

    Thanks a lot for some of the best reviews around.

  60. Two entries for me aswell. I want one!!!

  61. Two entries for me. this comment and Facebook. thank you DC Rainmaker.

  62. Trying to decide what HRM/GPS device to buy and winning this would make it simple!

  63. Count me in for one entry.

    Great blog by the way, excellent reading for us gadget loving sport freaks!

  64. Have done all three: retweeted @andy1608, put it on facebook and a comment as well

  65. I love to have a Garmin Forerunner 310XT, I got all entries.

    This comment, blog link, twitter, facebook.

    Many thanks^^

  66. Woot Woot! I finally finished reading every post in your blog Ray! Facebooked and tweeted.

  67. Im not greedy, just one comment for me… ohh amd the 310 please :)

  68. 2 entries for me, this comment and facebook!


  69. Hi. Put me down for two entries.

  70. scico (under)

    Retwitted and commented!

  71. rgg

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  72. Awesome! 2 entries for me please!

  73. Garts

    Blog is a blast, and you just keep throwing up some goodies…..

  74. Cool, make that two entries for me:-)

  75. Great giveaway, count me in

  76. Great blog. Would be interesting with a mobile device fitness review – Motorola Defy, etc.

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  78. MisterBeaver

    Put me down for one entry. Love you blog. Thanks!

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  80. Three for me! Comment, Facebook and blog :-) First time I’ve come across your blog- great reviews and lots of really useful info- cheers!

  81. Roy

    Faced, twitted & commented. BTW great blog. Very informative. Thank You

  82. annm be

    one entry please

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    1. Tweeted,
    2. Re-Tweeted,
    3. Facebooked
    4. Commented.
    Thanks for the great Blog.

  84. trig

    I’m in (again!). Just the one entry

  85. Add an entry for me please

  86. 2 entries for me: comment and a retweet! thanks :)

  87. Hi Ray, two entries for me – comment and a retweet!
    All the best, Sean

  88. Hi Ray, two entries for me comment and RT. All the best, Sean

  89. Rob

    Oh … I have been wanting one of these ever since my trusty 305 saw its last run.

    Please put me down for 3 entries

  90. Tim

    Only need one entry to win – right? So here’s mine :)

  91. Mirek

    awesome giveaway!! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  92. Hello and thanks for the contest as well as the special consideration to us deployed soldier runners.

  93. Two!
    This and an re-tweet should do it, right?

  94. This comment has been removed by the author.

  95. 3 entries! (comment, re-tweeted and blogged)

  96. Another Garmin giveaway – sweet! Put me down for 1.

  97. Hi

    Thanks for the competition and you enjoy your winter as we go into spring.

    Re-tweeted as well.


  98. Super Garmin`d
    Great way to promote a competition and I need one! Im getting lost in the Alps without it…

  99. Count me in for 3 – great blog too!

    link to
    and facebook

  100. Sweet. I retweeted too.

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    blog post
    and comment :-)

    thanks for the give-aways!


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  103. I’m not a winner yet, but hope to be! :)

  104. Andy E.

    COunt me in for 2 entries – this and twitter. Thanks again for another great contest.

    -Andy E. – Bethesda

  105. Three (3) entries please.
    Comment, Facebook and blog post

    link to

    BTW Great blog

    Kevin J

  106. 3 please — comment, facebook, twitter. :)

  107. Jamie Z.

    Great blog! Put me down for 2, this comment and facebook. Thanks :)

  108. Dee

    One for me! Though I don’t comment much, I follow your blog religiously. Very informative and amusing. Thanks so much!

  109. Two entries, I hope I get lucky this time

  110. One entry only – but you never know ;-)

  111. Count me in…and thanks for the great product reviews.

  112. One entrie for me, I feel lucky :)

  113. Here’s my comment, and also retweeted: 2 entries for me!

  114. Chris N

    two entries here…comment and facebook.

  115. 2 entries (Comment and Facebook)

    Keep up the good work! Its great to read your blog.

  116. Put me down for 3 –

    blog, tweet, comment.

  117. Detailed and generous. No wonder you have so many followers. Two entries from me: link on my blog and this comment. Thanks!

  118. I’m good for 3 entries.

  119. Great prize, my fingers are crossed.

  120. Nice giveaway! Two entries for me, I’m about to go retweet (@trigigi)

  121. Ray Rules!

    3 entries and one Garmin 310XT for me please!


  122. Thanks Ray – another awesome giveaway. Hitting you up here and on Facebook!!!

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  124. 3 for me! How bout you let me win this time???

  125. Dude, you rock with the give aways. Two for me, the comment and FB

  126. comment and tweeted

  127. Put me down for 3 entries please! Comment, facebook and tweet. Thanks!

  128. awesome giveaway, thanks! I also tweeted (@TinyPickles)

  129. Rae

    Two entries for me!
    The comment and I’m linking on my blog!

  130. great give-away – three entries, please – comment, FB & retweet!

  131. so sweet! I am down for three entried, Blog, FB and Comment! :-)

  132. tabrad

    Appreciate the reviews. 3 for me (tabrad, twbradford)

  133. Excellent….another savage giveaway!

  134. Pick me, pick me!!!! Comment here and Facebook posting…Thanks!!!

  135. Three entries for me: comment, retweet, and linked to your blog. Thanks again for an awesome giveaway!

  136. 3, comment, post on my blog and tweet.


  137. Just this comment for me. My 305 ejected itself during my half iron this weekend.

  138. great blog. thanks for all the info

  139. Kat

    One entry for this comment, please!

  140. Put me down for two entries, comment and retweet.

  141. Ben

    2 entries for me! Thanks.

  142. Kim

    gimme gimme gimme!!!! please!

  143. Marcus Stromberg

    Comment & Share on Facebook. Thanks for your blog.

    Marcus Stromberg

  144. 2 entries here. This comment and a facebook share.

    And since you haven’t heard from me prior to this…thanks a ton for all of the in depth and down to earth info you provide here. It is most appreciated!

  145. another one…you are super awesome

    Two entries for me…

  146. Just one for me thanks.

  147. Urba

    2 for me- facebook and this comment. Thanks!

  148. Count me in for three ballots please:
    1. I have commented and I am a follower.
    2. I have made a facebook announcement.
    3. I am mentioning you on my blog!

  149. Count me in for three entries please:
    1. I have commented and I am a follower.
    2. I have made a re-tweet
    3. I made a blog entry.

  150. I want to win so bad! My Garmin was stolen from me and I miss it SO much.

  151. One entry for me please

  152. I follow and I’ve been eyeing that Garmin for a while now!!

  153. Tweeted, Blogged and FB’d. Count me in for 3!

  154. Two entries for me (this and retweet).

    Many thanks, both for the giveaway and for the great content!

  155. Me me! Once again amazing blog! =)

  156. Put me down for 2 entries!
    (1. comment 2. Twitter RT by @stephen_jeffrey)


  157. One for me. One Garmin that is…

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  159. Count me in to :-)

    P.S. Good job Ray

  160. You’re the best, DC Rainmaker! Thanks!

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  162. In for 3 – blogged and FB’ed!

  163. Tweet, FB and comment… is that 2 or 3? :-)

  164. You know me. I do it all, so count me in for three. Comment, retweet, Facebook. And I’ll put up yet another blog post claiming your “Garmin Giveaway Goodness.”

    And one of these days, I might even win!!!

  165. LL

    Please put me in for one entry. Thanks!

  166. 3 entries for me please thanks!!

  167. Count me in for two entries – this and a link on my blog

  168. Three for me this time! Work on Polar/Look to let you review their new system, interested to get a deep dive into it (even though its not ANT+)

  169. I’m in for two. :)

  170. put me down for 2, Im RT right now under @Kmluper

  171. Justin (TX)

    1 Please… Haven’t started my blog just yet… Really hoping I win the Garmin, I sure could use it

  172. 2 for me. This and Facebook.

  173. Three entries for me…this comment, a retweet and a blog post!

  174. Hello there
    3 entries please :)

    1. Comment
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    Thank you!!

  175. One for me, please! Thanks so much.

  176. Two entries for me…this comment and a retweet!

  177. Comment, retweet @SJMM and Blogged (facebooked too!)

  178. Hey, It’s Sharon from Houston, and I would LOVE a new Garmin! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  179. Anonymous

    tweeted and follow twitter name @Bockle

  180. amy

    3 entries! Comment, blog and facebook. Thanks!

  181. 18000rpm

    In for one entry – Thanks Ray!

  182. Sam

    BTW I love this blog. The free giveaways make it even better! Please put me (Sam S.) down for three entries:


  183. Thanks for the offer!

  184. I qualify for 3 entries (comment, twitter, and facebook)

  185. Sarah

    I am also sharing on facebook. Count me in double!

  186. YNWAsteve

    Woot. Party with an HRM!

    Commented, Facebooked, and RT’d (from YNWAsteve)!

  187. Three entries for me :)

    Tweet, Facebook and the comment.

    Thanks again for this giveaway!

  188. Oh how I would love to have a Garmin. I will retweet ASAP.

  189. One entry this time for SteveF

  190. awesome contest! Put me down for three entries.

  191. One entry is enough for me :)

  192. I can’t wait to win! I can finally retire my old Garmin!

  193. tms

    Count me in for one! Thanks!

  194. Three entries for me and my third entry in your third contest…hope 3 third times a charm:

    1. Comment
    2. Retweet
    3. Blog link

  195. Hi there, great blog! I found you thru Barefoot Neil Z. I would like 3 entries, I facebooked you, followed on twitter (albertagreekgrl) and commented here. Have a great day!

  196. Love your reviews! Thanks for the hard work!


  197. Commented and shared on facebook. If I am lucky enough to win, I would like to donate to a deployed soldier if one enters.

  198. commented and retweeted!


  199. Two entries for me. Comment and Tweet. Thanks!

  200. Two entries for me please – this and a facebook post! Here’s hoping to win the Garmin!

  201. Hejsan DC,

    Home with two sick childrens. Just made some “american pancakes” to spice up the life around here. The kids are now happy buth the father needs heavier stuff to get back on track. Sleep could be one way but the XT seemes to be a whole lot sexier way to get there. I even got a twitter account for this. I also made some fuzz about you on my blog on (visible for all signed in members).

    Thanks the great work you do,

    /Christian Månsson, Gothenburg, Sweden

  202. 2 entries for me (retweeted).

  203. Jeff L.

    I hope to win that Garmin!!!1

  204. Wow! 229 comments already; that’s some serious readership. Count me in please. Will post to blog as well (which will net you zero additional readers and me one more entry: win for me, meh for you!).

  205. Kevin V

    Nice timing. My Garmin 50 just broke this weekend. One entry for me.

  206. Commenting on the post… entry 1.

  207. As this blog gets more popular the odds get slimmer. To be expected though! Tweet, comment and Facebook for me please.

  208. In for the triple comment/Tweet/FB play! My husband could put the 310XT to good use.

  209. Follower on Twitter

  210. This is an awesome giveaway! I hope I win :)

  211. I tweeted this giveaway @runcourtrun

  212. I posted a link to this giveaway on my blog

  213. One entry for a Brazilian guy here!

  214. Three!!

    1. Comment
    2. Blog Link: link to
    3. retweet @jennewsham


  215. Anonymous

    What a great give away! I’m commenting, following, and will RT.

  216. Two entries for me: this comment and a retweet! Thanks!
    Glad to see you had a good trip in Canada!

  217. Two entries for me, please – this comment and a facebook link.

  218. Pretty sweet, after reading your reviews I have been trying to talk the wife into letting me get one of these. Each of my runs is a little less neat without it!


  219. Count me in. My Forerunner 205 is trying to die.

  220. Two!! (I retweeted)

  221. Great!! One entrie. Thanks

  222. Rainmaker – count me in for the 310XT!



    One entrie, bye. Patricia

  224. 3 entries – comment, tweet, blog

  225. Three entries for me…

    linked, facebooked, and commented.

  226. 2 entries for me, facebook and this comment. You rock!

  227. Wheee! Three for me!

  228. 2 entries please (this comment and facebook). THanks for the contest!

  229. Comment and retweet! Hope I win!

  230. Just one entry for me.
    Thanks for all the help this past year and a half!

  231. Two Entries, comment and facebook.

  232. JohnSnIL

    One for my lovely,active and fit wife!!

  233. Sign me up–I’d love a 310!

  234. I SO want to win this! :o) Comment, Facebook page and profile share, a follow and a retweet. I promise I’m not obsessing. :o)p

  235. Kat

    Two entries as well: retweet (@griggskat) and comment!


  236. Ian

    One entry for me please.

  237. Stu

    Thanks for doing this.

  238. Dad

    Retweeted (@tonydicks), Facebooked & commented. Thanks!

  239. Matt Beswick

    Comment and retweet. Rock on!

  240. I’m down for two :)

  241. Wes

    two for me. I will post this to my blog!

  242. Two entries for me, comment & retweeted from @cyberjunkie21 !!

  243. There’s three for me (facebook, blog, and comment). Love your work!

  244. John Chopper
    Such a great blog. It has encouraged me to do a lot more training. I love the reviews!
    Thank you

  245. Shawn

    In for three entries… re-tweeted and shared on Facebook!

  246. Put me down for 3 entries please! Comment, check. FB post, check. Blog post, check. Thanks again for a sweet blog Ray!!!

  247. Oooh lawdy I’d love one of these!

  248. Commenting & I’m about to retweet.

  249. Another 310? Nice. 2 entries for me – thanks!

  250. happycontestant

    1 Comment… “Thanks”

  251. This is my first entry!

  252. Twitter: @llaneza9_runs (second entry)

  253. Dave

    Great product reviews. Thanks!

  254. Rosita, Two entries (comment and facebook) fingers crossed

  255. Three entries for me: comment, retweet and blog. :D

  256. Oh…and I retweeted and posted on FB! And started to follow :) hope read your stuff soon!

  257. 3 entries for me…comment, retweet, blog post

  258. No, I don’t do facebook. No, I don’t do twitter either. But I’m here following your great site so I’m in for one entry!

  259. Two entries for me: this comment and a retweet! Thanks Ray!

  260. Going for all three!

  261. Two entries for me! Twitter and comment. Great blog by the way.


  263. Anonymous

    Thanks DC Rainmaker.

  264. OK 3 entries for me please.

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    Thanks for the great Blog.

    link to

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    retweet and comment.

  266. 3 for me! Good luck to all!

  267. thanks! 2 for me! comment & tweeting.

  268. THREE

    link to

    retweeted by ly0n123 *whispering “follow me”

  269. comment, and a retweet

  270. Tim

    In for 3 please, linked and tweeted.
    This will go great for my next IM training regimen.

  271. Count me in for 1! Thanks for all the time you put in.

  272. Just the one entry for me, thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  273. 1) Retweeted
    2) Facebook
    3) Link on my Blog

  274. Yay, another chance to win a Garmin! This comment will be worth one and shortly I will post on Facebook. Thanks so much for offering another great contest!

  275. Ash

    2 entries for me. Facebooked and this comment. Loved your reviews on the garmins-I’m seriously considering purchasing one but if I win one that would be even better!!

  276. retweeted and now following.
    Please consider me, pleeeease :) lol!

  277. Commented, Twitted and FB’d.

  278. Three for me please, Sir!


  279. commented, twitted, and FB’d

  280. Two entries Please! Here and FB

  281. Two entries for me, comment and tweeted. Hope I win!!!!

  282. 2 Please…this and FB…Thanks

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  284. Two entries – this one and a tweet

  285. Please enter me for one! Also, I’m FINALLY in the market for a Garmin so I’ve been taking full advantage of all of your Garmin reviews today. THANK YOU!

  286. Facebooked, Tweeted, Site: link to and comment

  287. Two entries…This comment and a facebook share!

  288. 2 entries for me. Twitter = jgosline

  289. I’d love for you to send one my way! Thanks for the chance.

  290. Great site! I’m new to running; I will be sure to check back often!

  291. Seb

    That’s two for me, this and a retweet !

  292. Anonymous

    2 for me: comment and retweet. Thanks!

  293. Two entries for me rainmaker. Comment and facebook. Thanks!!

  294. Sweet coincidence; just thought of buying one; now postponing this at least for a week.

  295. all three for me :)

  296. one entry for me and I hope I win it. Garmin died.

  297. Will add to my facebook to make it a double.

  298. Anonymous

    Didn’t win last time, I think it’s my turn. ;)

    Thanks and great work!

    (steve.vaillancourt at

  299. Two entries please: this comment and i linked it on my blog

  300. 2 entries please: here & twitter (@esslevy)

  301. Enjoy the blog. Keep up the good work.
    I’ll post on Facebook when I get home tonight for that second entry.

  302. Thanks for the contest Ray!

  303. Randomhouse

    Great blog! Congratulation!
    One entry here.

  304. I love freebies!

    2 entries for me, this comment and facebooK!

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  306. Three please!

    Blog on sidebar
    RSS follower

  307. Great Blog. Great giveaway.
    Put me down for 2 entries: comment and retweet.


  308. Wow, I hope I win!

  309. Ooops should’ve read more carefully. Including this comment, I’m putting it on Facebook as well, so I have TWO (2) entries!

  310. Wow, great giveaway! Put me down for an entry!

  311. 2 entries for me. This comment and a retweet.

  312. Great giveaway… Nice blog, I’m here everyday :-)
    I’m going for three !!!!

  313. Great giveaway… Nice blog, I’m here everyday :-)
    I’m going for three entries !!!!

  314. Great giveaway… Nice blog, I’m here everyday :-)
    I’m going for three entries, comment, tweet, facebook, link ;-) !!!!

  315. Facebooked as well!

  316. Dan

    I’m in, single entry!

  317. Great giveaway… Nice blog, I’m here everyday :-)
    I’m going for three entries, comment, tweet, facebook, link ;-) !!!!

  318. Jake Jendusa

    DC Rainmaker does it again!

    2 entries FBook and comment

  319. Jake Jendusa

    DC Rainmaker does it again!

    2 entries Fbook and Comment

  320. This comment!What a great giveaway!

  321. 3 entries for me!

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  348. runwild
    One lucky entry. Would not miss any of your reviews or comments, very enlightening.

  349. Three Entries for me!
    I’m glad I found this site and looking forward to reading your archives.
    Also, Thanks for helping our deployed military athletes participate. I know what blog I’m going to keep up with when I’m deployed (If only being under water for months at a time would help my swim time.)

  350. Anonymous

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    Here and Facebook


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    406 comments so far.

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    Awesome! Put me down for two entries (here and a RT).

    Btw, I certainly hope you took advantage of the Bonzai discount earlier this week to pick this one up. :)

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    Your summer may be coming to an end but down in Australia we have just started Spring

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    3 entries here – Back at it again, I haven’t done it yet but you better believe i’ll be in for the comment here, the FB post, the Twitter post and blog site recc.


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    3. Blogged – link to

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    doron from tel aviv

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    I just bought a 305 on your recommendation (and through your amazon link, I might add), but a new 310xt for the wife would be nice too.

  395. Sent here through a friend’s blog. Fun new blog for me to follow!

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    I want it (and can’t afford it).

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    1 entry!

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  415. Thanks for the great GPS watch reviews and the informative blog. Hope I can win the 310!

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  417. Your posts on GPS tech for sport are just amazing! Have provided good advise and saved me many hours of frustration and steep learning curves! Kudos from Saskatchewan DC Rainmaker.

    BTW 3 entries 1) post 2) follow and tweet link (twink?) to contest 3) post on my facebook profile

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    a tweet in dutch, a retweet of your original tweet, a facebook mention and a blog post!

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    Did I mention I really want a garmin forerunner 310XT??

    will put the contest on my page ASAP!

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    Thanks :-)

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    Look out for a RT from getfit2009 as well as a blog post on soon

  430. Three entries for me:
    Facebook.. done
    Retweeted.. done
    This coment.. done

    all registered by or @jalocreille

    Another awesome giveaway! thanks ray!

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    3 Christmas this year, you-hou!
    1 entry for me.

    Thanks for your great job – and for the giveaway for sure.

  436. Hey Ray,
    Two entries for me:

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    Keep up the good work!

  437. What a great giveaway. I know my chances of winning are pretty slim, but thought I’d give it a try!
    gentzkelly at hotmail dot com

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    Comment & Tweeter @albertpwu

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    I’m in for 1. As always great blog Ray.

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    love the site, very informative :)

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    Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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    You can reach me back on my blog!

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  470. So I get cool reviews and tips AND a chance to win a garmin? I’m in!

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  489. Three for me! Comment, blog, and facebook!!! I REALLY want to win this! I have been wanting a Garmin for so long! Just hasn’t been in the budget! Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  490. Keep up the good work, your blog is incredibly informative and fun to read.

  491. I facebooked your post as well and share your info with my tri team when I think it can help them out. Have a good weekend!

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  502. I’d really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really REALLY love the Garmin Forerunner 310XT! I’ve also retweeted AND shared on FB ;)

  503. Bart

    Great reviews DC it sure helps me in finding my first cycling gps, keep up the good work
    Greetings from Belgium

  504. Followed, tweeted, facebooked and commented….. Now give me the Garmin :-)

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    Great blog, keep up the good work

  506. Two entries please.

    Your contest entry lists are increasing with your fame – I hope you’re scripting the process somehow.

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    aphire Wanna free Garmin 310XT? Enter the giveaway! link to

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    Friends OnlyEveryoneFriends and NetworksFriends of FriendsFriends OnlyCustomizeCustomeditEveryoneFriends and NetworksFriends of FriendsFriends OnlyCustomizeAttach:PhotosVideoEventLink
    .Caleb Kinney Wanna free Garmin 310XT? Enter the giveaway! link to
    DC Rainmaker: September Garmin Forerunner 310XT Giveaway
    With summer essentially ‘over’, and only one long weekend worth of it left (well, for those in the US anyway) – I feel like I need to add a bit of excitement back into your summer sails…2 seconds ago · Friends Only · Comment ·LikeUnlike · Share

    Thats all three – cross my fingers.

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  518. Thanks to Coach Liz for sending me your way. Another tri blog to put on the reading list. (and a new 310 wouldn’t hurt!)

  519. Thanks for this chance dc!

    I have re-tweeted as well as posted on my blog.

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  521. Awesome! Count me in for 1 please!

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    one entry for me

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  526. Two entries from me with this and a tweet!

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    Facebook and comment.

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  530. I can always use an upgrade!

  531. almost not worth scrolling down to 609 on my phone to get my entry in but I’m here!

  532. almost not worth scrolling down to 609 on my phone to get my entry in but I’m here!

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    Thanks abunch!

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    I love your blog. I currently use the Forerunner 50 and would love to upgrade to a free 310XT!

  541. AWESOME can’t wait to sport mine :)

  542. I’d love this, one entry

  543. Three entries! Comment, FB sharing, and through my blog. Can’t wait to sport a Garmin and thanks for hosting the giveaway!

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    Make that two entries; shared on Facebook.

  545. Too lazy to do much of anything else right now (plus, with 600+ comments, what are my chances?), so this comment will have to suffice for my entry. Thanks for the contest!

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    Hey Rainmaker.

    Put me down for two. 1) for this comment and 2) for facebook.

    Cheers, Rhys from Melbourne

  547. Comment! (9/9 is my birthday, btw. Could I think of a better birthday present? No, I could not!

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    Two entries for me: this comment and facebook. Fingers crossed!

  549. Three entries for me please, this one, blog posting and twitter.

  550. Thanks for the give-away, Ray!

    2 entries for me. Comment here and one on facebook.

    You rock.

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    Love your reviews. Always thorough and informative! Thanks!

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    link to

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    I would like the watch – to Denmark :)

  563. I’m in with 2 entries, cheers mate.

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    From Barcelona, Spain.
    I was just looking for a test on a device and you where there.
    Greatings from the lovely Spain,

  565. Count me in for two (Twitter and comment).

    Brian from Little Rock

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    Greetings from Spain.
    I love to see devices tests. Thanks for you work/hobby.
    Two entries, Facebook and comment. I have no Blog.
    Al Dalabi

  567. 2 entries for me…comment and posted the link to the contest on my blog…

  568. I was just at an REI store showing off your blog to the people who work there. I hope I win the Garmin.

  569. just one entry for me, awesome competition, DC Rainmaker

  570. cannot wait to see that in my mail box?

  571. I need this!
    Retweeted as ipcmlr :)
    Blog is

  572. Register me for “triple-time baby’!! I did it all leaving this comment, linked on blog, did the twitter thing and facebook! Love the garmin giveaways really wish I could win one though:)!!!

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  574. Two entries for me as well. This a great blog. Keep up the good work, I think we all appreciated.

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    Super reviews and more. Thanks!

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    Please put me down for two entries comment and facebook – thanks – heres hoping (again)

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  595. Tweeted about the giveaway and became a new follower.

  596. 2, facebook and comment it was :)

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    Here’s one comment and a facebook entry as well.

    If you need a map, let me know:

    link to

    “Jonathan Frishtick” ,

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  604. 3 entries for me. Comment, twitted, and bloggy love.

  605. Wow, this is like the best giveaway I’ve seen. I’d love to win!

    Amy Lauren

  606. Dan

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  607. Dan

    Please add 2 for me. I’m posting this to FB too. Thanks!

    Dan H

  608. Really? It’s way too easy! I blog, I tweet, I comment, and I get three entries? It’s all too easy . . . Now if only getting my sub-4 could come so easy . . .

  609. Two entries for me please (comment and Facebook).

    And thanks for doing this! Great information and now great prizes!!

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  611. I’ll take a shot at this!

  612. I’ll take a shot at this!

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    Please add me to the list.

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  616. Three entries for me!!!

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    Joining again. I hope to win this time. Thanks…..

  618. Martin Sanderhoff

    Fantastic blog – you´ve really helped me being able to go from couchpotato to ironman this year – thanks a lot.

    Martin Sanderhoff, Denmark

  619. have the 305 and would love a 310. Thanks

  620. Sweet!
    Two entries:
    Comment and Blog

  621. Count me in for 3 entries: FB update, retweet, and this comment!

  622. Just one entry on this end. Keep up the great work!

  623. Great – put me down for one entry please!!
    Will spread the word as well…

  624. sorry for all the comments….i have 2 entries total. one comment and also facebook!

  625. WoW! So Awesome! I hope I win so I can keep up with my hubby.

  626. Count me for 2 entries: comment and Facebook.

    I love your blog, Ray.
    Detailed, practical, funny.

  627. this is great! two entries: this comment and a facebook post.

  628. Two entries for me – this comment and blog post.

  629. Count me in for an entry. Thanks!

  630. Triple time baby! I am good for 3 entries. It is on Facebook and my blog: link to Awesome!.


  631. One entry for me! A friend of mine told me about this contest after I asked for her input on what Garmin thingie I should buy! My fingers are crossed! Thanks for doing this, eh? :) :)

    Julie :)

  632. Count me in for two entries – one for this post and another for facebook.

  633. I’m getting all three entries because I’m gonna need all the help I can get! (

    This Forerunner 310 looks pretty awesome too! I just started looking at other alternatives to Nike+ or Run Keeper and the Forerunner seems to cover all the bases.

  634. J_U_K_I

    Just one entry from Finland.

  635. Jen

    Excellent giveaway! 2 entries for me please ;)

  636. oh pleeeeeeease!

    button dot lambright at gmail dot com

  637. two more for me! would it help if i told you i’d have your babies if i win? i have cute babies…

    button dot lambright at gmail dot com

  638. Oh please, I’ll take 3… comments that is, I’d be happy with 1 Garmin. :) Thanks for the opportunity.

  639. This is such a neat giveaway. I will hope real hard that I win this one.

  640. Spence Bridges (

    enjoy your site.

  641. Great blog, please count me in for two (+facebook)

  642. 2 entries! this comment & facebook :) Thanks!!

  643. Oh jeez! I’d love to win this. I’d totally give it to my running partner though. She doesnt have one. I have a super old garmin and I love fred.

  644. two please: this comment and facebook.

  645. Link on my blog side bar.

  646. As soon as I get home I’ll follow you on twitter too. Ssshhh…checking bloggies at work. :)

  647. Comment, retweet & facebook. Please pick me, its my birthday tomorrow :D

    Thanks for the great blog and reviews!


    I would be proud to receive this as a gift. Truly enjoy your blog.

  649. 1 entry for me please. Thanks!

  650. Nice blog! One entry here!

  651. I will definitely leave a comment for this giveaway.

  652. incredible giveaway! I’d love to win this baby!

  653. 2 for me, commenting and a retweet. Hope 2 win!

  654. Pick me pick me! I am so poor and so old fashioned I use a 305, ahhhhhh!

  655. Facebook post


  656. Two entries please. Im commenting and I’ve retweeted. :)

  657. Anonymous

    Thanks! I retweeted and am commenting here. Have been coveting a Garmin, so my fingers are crossed; thanks for posting!

  658. Puerto Rico is here! Comment and retweeted!!!

  659. laughinglehman

    three entries:

    Blog link

  660. I love giveaways…..just never win them! lol

  661. I love giveaways…..just never win them! lol

  662. One entry for me, thanks

  663. 2 entries: this comment and retweet

  664. I’m number 768. Thanks for another giveaway chance… and your GREAT website.

  665. Two for me, this and twitter!

  666. Two please. Thanks!

  667. Nice blog!
    Watch out for cycling in Berlin area, Germany

  668. comment & retweet @nealfor

  669. HT

    and a retweet. 2 for me…

  670. Entry one: The comment.

  671. All 3 done. Prayer to the God of probability: it’s both my son and my birthday this month. Papa needs a new pair of shoes… and a killer GPS watch.

  672. Two entries: comment (here) and retweet. Thanks for the fun contest Ray!

  673. I sent you an email, but it’s working now. 3 for me: blog, facebook, twitter! Thanks!


  674. Two entires for me – I definitely put this on my FB!

  675. 3 – Twitter, FB, and Comment here – I so want that bad boy!!!

  676. Thanks for a great blog!

  677. For what it’s worth, here’s an entry!

  678. i’d love to have a garmin. right now i just use a stopwatch and google maps to figure out my run distance and pace.

  679. okay, i’ve done it all – facebook, twitter follow, retweet, blog post – link to – now, i win, right?