Withings WiFi Scale Giveaway

I haven’t done a giveaway on the blog yet up until this point mostly because I’m sorta selective.  I want giveaways to be big, meaningful and useful to ya’ll.  Oh, and kick-ass.  None of this half-eaten gel pack that I found in my car trunk from last season stuff.  Go big or go home.


So, after finishing my In Depth Review of the Withings WiFi Scale last week I contacted the fine folks at Withings and asked exactly where I should send back the review unit to.  After all, I’m pretty clear that I don’t keep any of the stuff I review, but instead send it back (except for some POM juice once…they didn’t want it back after I was done…go figure).  Well, this past weekend they sent back an e-mail saying I could just go ahead and keep it.


I thought for a second…

And then another second…

And then I decided that instead of keeping it for myself – I’d give it away to you all!  Here.  For free.  Yup, a $160 sports gadget…gratis.

So, here’s the deets:

I’m going about this like a random raffle drawing, except that you can get multiple ‘entries’.  Here’s how:

One Entry: Simply place a comment below on this page, that’s it!  No lyrics to create, or poems to make.  No stories to tell, or anything complex.  Only comments on this page count (nope, comments from 2 years ago don’t count).

Two Entries: Two different ways to double up here.  In addition to the comment below, just put a link on your blog (if you have one) to this contest page.  Or the second option is adding your Twitter account as a follower of @dcrainmakerblog and retweeting the contest announcement.  By simply spreading the word, ya get an extra entry.  (Note: If you’re already a follower, simply re-tweet and you get credit!)

Three Entries: Triple-time baby!  This is easy – just do all three of the above!  Twitter, Blog/Site, and Comment.

See, that’s pretty painless, right?

Please let me know in your comment below how many entries you’ve qualified for if more than one, as it’s super-difficult for me to lineup a Twitter account named “AwesomeRunner28” to a blog named “RunnerGuy” to a comment listed from “RunningCowTippers!”, and I certainly want you to get all your entries.  I don’t need to know your account names, just how many entries.

I have no restrictions on where I’ll ship it to (I’ll be paying for shipping), but it just won’t go out FedEx First International Super-Priority Overnight if it’s to Tajikistan, Turkey or Timbuktu. But no matter where you live – the giveaway includes the whole kit and everything that came in the box.  Of course, the Withings site is free, so it’s a free-free all around sorta deal.  If you have any questions on the scale itself (technical, functional, etc…), post those to the review post instead.

The winner will be chosen from a container of all commenter’s printed out (dependent on how many entries you get, equals how many ‘tickets’ you get).

The contest will run for one whole week, until June 9th, 2010 at 11:59PM Eastern Time when I’ll close the comment period.  I’ll announce the winner the following day.

Good luck!

New Around These Parts?

Then I suggest one place for you to start…and it’s here.  Enjoy!


  1. Yo! Very generous.. just about to RT (as @paulwakeford)

  2. Comment, check
    Twitter, check
    Link, check…scheduled!

  3. Count me in for two entries! Comment is done, plus I linked on my blog. No Twitter account for me, sorry!

  4. I never enter these things but this seemed kickass. I’ll link it on the blog next time I write!

  5. Nifty! Comment plus a RT @etchagretchen

  6. Hello, qualify for 2 with the retweet. Sweet give-away

  7. Comment and twittering

  8. Awesome contest idea. I retweeted the contest link too. So that is two entries. Great site btw. pdkehoe@hotmail.com.

  9. Fab give away. Just a comment.

  10. That’s really nice of them, and you!


  11. count me in for one entree

  12. Three strikes….er in a good way.

    1. Comment – yep
    2. Re-Tweet – yep (@Made_Up_Name)
    3. Blog Link – yep

  13. I’ll have some of this action! Very generous! Link in on my Blog too.



  14. Thanks for the contest. I am using the three options. My blog is http://janderthings.blogspot.com and you are linked there since months… RT (as @jandercito)

  15. Nice giveaway 😉

  16. I am also in… Hope to win before otherwise ordering mine…
    But I live in Tashkent … and need UPS

  17. Wow, great giveaway.
    Only one entry for me..

  18. Ohhh free stuff…I like free stuff 🙂

    Count me in 🙂

  19. Great giveaway!
    twitting as @sjmm
    Link on smatykiewicz
    (think i have done it all right…)

  20. Count me in Ray!

    2 entries, as i’m linked via Twitter too!


  21. All 3 done!
    Twitter (@urini) – done!
    Blog (http://www.sapiencoder.com) – done!
    And of course, this comment.

    Love your blog. Keep it up.
    (will flattery get me a fourth entry?)

  22. Nice giveaway!

    I’m going for the triple:
    Twitter: @Maarten_S (retweeted)
    Blog: http://maartenschreuder.tumbler.com
    Specific post: link to maartenschreuder.tumblr.com

    It’s in Dutch.. 😉

  23. Blogged @ link to momentum.subtlehints.net and retweeted as @moment_uhms

    This is awesome timing as my scale is on a verge of a breakdown 🙂

  24. me too! count me in 🙂

  25. Yes please! At last, the world will know my real weight! 🙂

  26. Jolly decent of you! Two entries for me please. (Comment and Twitter).

  27. Thanks for the give away. My tweet’ will shortly follow.

  28. The dilemma, If I do all 3 I get more entries but I run the risk of putting more people in the contest. Oh well, I will do all 3.

    1. Comment – check
    2. Re-Tweet – check (@obrats)
    3. Blog Link – check

  29. Anonymous

    Great review and nice giveaway. Two entries please…

    1. Comment
    2. Twitter (@joshbirdwell)

  30. Just one entry for me!

  31. And with this comment, that’s three entries for me:
    Twitter: casparv
    Blog: link to casparvredenbregt.wordpress.com

  32. Awesome, please put me in the draw!

  33. Super Awesome giveaway!

  34. Posted on my blog under the Giveaway’s section.

  35. Ray Maker Rocks!

    1. Comment – yep
    2. Re-Tweet – yep (@albertpwu)

  36. Following on twitter now and tweeted about your giveaway.

  37. Awesome giveaway! Comment and RT!

  38. Count me in!! RT @omarali_md

  39. Generosity? Is that still vogue? Sign me up!

  40. Hi Rainmaker…thanks for the chance. I have an inactive running blog (from 2 years in Romania). Hope it counts.
    Steve J

    link to stephenrun.blogspot.com

  41. I am commenting NOW!

  42. And even thought I STILL don’t get what twitter does… I retweeted 🙂

  43. Double up for me – hooray!

    retweet @kforshew

  44. This is my one comment. Great Blog, BTW!

  45. Dan McGowan

    Sweet! Two entries for me, RT as well from @dmags311.

  46. Fun! Thanks for the giveaway.

  47. Two entries!

    Comment and Tweet.

    Thanks for the contest!

  48. Awesome, Ray! I’ll take two! I’ll be linking to my blog momentarily.

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  50. Gimme gimme gimme 🙂 thanks ray!

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  52. cool idea! I will be getting double credit. Tweeting in a moment!!!

  53. here is my comment: “comment”

    I have two entries – comment and re-tweet.

  54. Hey Ray – I love your blog. Great reading, stories and photos. 3 entries, here – Comment, Twitter follower and blog link!

  55. In depth reviews and give aways…? Too Generous! Thanks!

  56. Consider me commented.

  57. Count me in for a trifecta: comment, blog link and Twitter follow.

  58. Just one for me. Cool contest. Thanks again.

  59. Count me in for one entry. No blog or twitter…

  60. I commented, I retweeted (via @runbakeread) and mentioned you on my blog (link to runbakeread.wordpress.com) I’m keeping my fingers crossed!
    Love the blog.

  61. I am putting my hat into the ring for the scale.

  62. Another triple – @normcorriveau and http://corriveau.ca

  63. Awesome –> Here plus a RT! Plus I’m local so no shipping, not that that would sway your decision.

  64. Enter me! I also linked you on my site! No twitter account here. Thanks for the giveaway! Cool!

  65. Rick2

    Count me in? I enjoy reading your blog.

  66. Great contest Ray! Re-tweet as well. No blog… sad.

  67. I wish I had big stuff to give away. Tweeted about giveaway: @KovasP.

  68. Count me in – thanks!

  69. Re-tweet…blog comment…done and done. Put me down for two tickets please!

  70. 2 entries:
    Here and twitter.


  71. Count me in for a single entry

  72. Solid review-solid giveaway. 2 entries please, comment+RT.

  73. I’m in for two entries.
    Comment – Completed
    Blog – rjmaguire.blgospot.com

  74. Seems easy enough. Thanks Ray!

  75. Comment, retweet, and link. In for 3. Thanks much

  76. Put me in for 1 – I can always use another toy to tell me I am fat.

  77. I’m in for two with a tweet.

    This contest should up the juice for your blog.

  78. Rich P.

    Nice. Count me in! Great Blog.

  79. will RT as @gtjojo189

  80. 1. Retweeted from @mcheeken
    2. Link posted at cheeken.org
    3. This comment! WOOHOOO!

    Seriously, I love a good giveaway.

  81. Awesome giveaway

  82. Comment, Twitter (@scoopisit), blog (www.scoopisit.com). Thanks!

  83. Retweeted and commented! I guess that is two. I could use a good scale as I am trying to get below clydesdale weight!

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  85. you are awesome

  86. I love give aways but this is actually a really good one! I am in for 2 (1 for this comment and 1 for a retweet by @whitarican).

    Thanks for the chance and also all the info your blog offers!

  87. Of course I’m in…now if there was only some way to delete all these other entries…hmm…I like the giveaway addition to the blog 🙂

  88. Commented, tweeted, and linked on my website. Thanks for offering up the scale. I have been drooling over it for months.

  89. Hey ray,
    Great work and excelent etics

  90. Comment: That is the best gadget I’ve seen in a giveaway yet. Daddy like.

    Retweet: done

    Link on blog: done (sidebar on link to evolvingthroughrunning.blogspot.com)

  91. Thanks for the generous offer.

  92. What a deal can family and members of the media play?

  93. I’m in! and I’m adding a link on my bloggie today 🙂

  94. 3 entries for me please!
    Retweeted, posting blog link, and commenting now.
    Thanks for the contest!!

  95. Consider this my third entry. Blog at http://www.thinktran.com. Retweet by @thinktran.

    ::fingers crossed::

  96. Comment only – great give away

  97. What a generous giveaway!

    Count me in for 3 entries:
    Twitter-Done (@ActiveEggplant)
    Link on blog-Done (http://ActiveEggplant.com)

  98. Hi Ray. I love the blog and checking out how you use technology in your sports.
    I also like this method of ensuring you don’t benefit from your reviews. Count me in for two entries via this comment and retweeting.

  99. Awesome!

    Comment plus retweet (@jake_eyler)

  100. Cool…I’m in! Thanks!!

  101. Favourite blog – actually the only one where I read new posts (and many of the old ones as well). Thanks!

    1. Comment
    2. Retweet (@brihan)

  102. 1. Comment.
    2. blog link ariasoli.blogspot.com
    3. retweet “ariasoli”

  103. You’re silly!

  104. Count me in for two entries! I got the tweet in and here’s my comment. Thanks!

  105. Count me in too. Love the Blog!!

  106. Thanks for the giveaway!

  107. David Luu

    Man i’m itching for one of these.. Awesome stuff dude, one comment, one entry!!

    David Luu

  108. Yay! this is a great idea.

    Linking from blog, tweeting at @katet1, and comment here. 3 for me, thanks!

  109. Great. Even RTed it (@gray_um).

  110. I’ll rewtweet it – make that 2 entries

  111. What about good timing, I just started reading your blog, and thinking about shopping for a good scale. I will also tweet this and post a link on my blog.

  112. Thank you. Like the reviews also.

  113. Awesome idea – nice work!

    Comment – si!

    Blog – Correctamundo

    Twitter – very soon

  114. Cool! A contest for something really cool. Nice!

  115. comment and twitter, check.

    That’s 2 for me. Should be enough, right?

  116. Generous giveaway. Count me in.

  117. One entry for me!

  118. Great Idea!! Count me in!

  119. I’m done for free stuff. Just the comment entry

  120. two entries for me ….following you via @vandewjj

  121. Add me to the list. Yeah!

  122. Very cool, put me down for 3. My blog is: link to pingjeffgreene.com
    on Twitter I’m cjsgrun.

  123. I’m in! One for Twitter and a comment here. Love the blog!

  124. Love this site, just another reason why 😉

    Blog: link to runningwithdummies.tumblr.com

  125. This comment has been removed by the author.

  126. Thanks for the generous offer! I retweeted (@leereforma), linked on my blog: leereforma.blogspot.com (side bar & current blog post), and commented on your blog. Hope I win!

  127. A scale that tattles on you to the Innerweb. Classic! I want it! Count me in for 3.

  128. I’m in with one entry.


  129. mmmmhhmm yello.. count me for 2 entries.. on here and on twitter (@tbarbier)..

  130. Great giveaway!

    Comment and Linked..!

  131. thanks for all the info, and the generosity. Just one entry (via comment) for this luddite.

  132. count me in for one entry…and i’ll save you the shipping by picking it up, since I live in DC!

  133. Cool idea. Count me in. Thanks.

  134. One post. Looking forward to the new Garmin review.

  135. Great giveaway! Scheduled a link back for tomorrow am. I really need to figure out this twitter thing.

  136. Thanks for the contest, just about to retweet as @asdaly

  137. Stay Positive!

  138. Sweet deal !!! Count me in for a comment and a rt.

    Thanks !

  139. got my fingers crossed, love the blog, just the comment.

  140. Count me in Ray!
    Comment + Twitter (follow & retweet) = 2

  141. Awesome! Here is the link to my blog: link to thecore-tomdog.blogspot.com.

    That should put me in for two entries. Thanks.


  142. Enter me, please! Thank you! 🙂

  143. Please count me in for 2 entries – here and RT as Steve314.

    Nice idea!

  144. Oh Baby….tweet, check. Comment here check! PICK ME!!

  145. Count me in for one entry!

  146. As a DC local..I’m in! Thanks for all the work you put into this Blog.

  147. Ben H

    twitter and comment.

  148. Nice!! sign me up! Thanks 🙂

  149. how did i stubmble on your blog at just the right time, fingers crossed

  150. Even the blind squirrel gets a nut from time to time so PUT ME IN!

  151. throw me down for all three? I’m reading this 20 hours after its been posted and thers 160 comments…dang.

    Ive been eyeing the scale..who wouldnt wanna get it for free!

    comment, blog, twitter

  152. i’m in for 1 entry, Thanks!

  153. Thanks Ray,
    I’m in

  154. How generous! Count me in!

  155. Count me in for 1 entry!!!! Thanks

  156. Count me in for two entries, this comment and Blog posting. Thanks Ray!

  157. I will take one entry

  158. Very cool, count me in! I’d love to have a Withings scale.

  159. double contest entry – twitter and comment.

  160. Great giveaway prize! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  161. comment, done
    twitter->next @cheska732
    blogging –> i gotta figure out.
    BTW my husband just got me mavik cosmic carbon sl for my bike.. talk about <3

  162. Update me to 2 please.

    Signed into my old Twitter account. Following you.


    I am loving that scale. Thanks again for the contest.

  163. One please, for now.

  164. I’m going for two entries, have retweeted as @therealboto.

  165. Ray, count me in for two entries. This was worth getting on the twitter bandwagon. LOL.


  166. I’ll take a shot, surely!

  167. Hey mate, been lurking for a month or so. Count me in for two entries – here and twitter (@alistairgroves).

    Unfortunately no blog at the moment, in the process of setting up a new website 🙁

  168. 3 entries here please. Tweeted and on the blog at http://jontsnz.wordpress.com via comment on my lastest post (hmmm does that count?)

  169. Two entries for me please! (@samthehobbit) No blog – I’m a reader not a writer ;o)

  170. One entry please – Ben Scott

    Great blog!

  171. Shane Wilhelmsen

    Wow, this sure brought out the commenters (myself included)! Thanks for the great contest and consistently great blog, count me in for one entry!

  172. I like gadgets, and really like free ones. I’m in

  173. Long time follower of your blog… Love your race reviews! Count me in on the contest!

  174. Love your site!

  175. alundi_delphane

    Count me in for 1 entry
    Really enjoy your blog

  176. Count me in 🙂

  177. I’m actually just entering the contest for the half eaten gel in your trunk.

    I have a huge following of men on my blog…after my last post go figure, but I’ll link you anyway—-> “That Rainmaker is so Hunky”

  178. Wow nice scale! I’d love to replace my WW scale. Found you through Wes @ CodeGeek’s Tail.
    Thanks for the giveaway op!

  179. Andy E

    This is great and generous. Big fan of your blog. Will just do this comment for 1 entry.

  180. In for one entry. Thanks!!

  181. Comment, retweet, and blog post done. Count me in for 3 entries please!

  182. I’m in for this one – with being on the sidelines of running (8th week now) due to my ankle, not able to swim since my monster wipe out this weekend and only today getting back to light riding well I need something to keep me on track not to gain any more weight. Great review by the way of the unit.

  183. I’m new to this great site. Thanks!

  184. Comment 1
    Blog Post 1
    Total 2

  185. I love your blog. I first found it when about a year ago when I got my Forerunner and I’ve followed you ever since.

    @jmkizer for twitter entry

  186. Excellent giveaway – I just started reading your blog a month ago and I am hooked. Thanks!

  187. Yes guilty! I post my first comment ’cause of your giveaway, non the less since I came accross yours blog/page a while ago I read it regularly with great interest mainly in my office before I start the day, although I read yours »In Depth Product Reviews« rather at home when my little daughter & and the other one »still in the oven« are already chasing their dreams – and the fathe has some time for him self.
    Keep up the good work!

    Best wishes from Slovenia, not Slovakia
    link to youtube.com

  188. I love easy…so easy I reread your instructions twice!!

    btw – your garmin 310xt review helped me far more than anything I have read or watch. that watch does so much more for me now!!


  189. excellent giveaway – count me in!

  190. A

    Awesome Giveaway! P.S your review on the 310xt is what sealed the deal for me to purchase it and have been a keen follower since to your blog.

  191. In for 1. Thanks for your great reviews Ray.

  192. Amadeo Casas Cuadrado

    Count me in!! Love your blog!

  193. Awesome give-a-way! Count me in!

  194. Saw you on Kovi and decided to check the blog. So, count me in, and watch for a follow on Twitter.

  195. Brian Wakefield

    This is awesome!!

  196. Comment: Done
    Twitter: Done
    WebLink: In_Progress

  197. Awesome giveaway! Count me in for 1 entry

  198. Goodness you do have a following, 216 comments beofre mine!
    I will qualify for three: this entry,I followed you on twitter(didn’t know you were on twitter…) and
    I will post a link about your site on my blog tomorrow.
    A new scale would be sweeet as I need to work on my next ten lbs before tackling the Massanutten 100 mile race!

  199. Awesome. (1 entry)

  200. I am in too for one entry.

  201. Awesome! Thanks Ray!

  202. sweet – great giveaway! already RT on twitter…joppenheim7

  203. G

    Hi DC …. Your site is awesome … I bought a 310xt on your recco.

  204. Go big or go home! I’m good for 3 entries I’ll mention it on my blog tomorrow…

  205. JJK count me in for two just sent retweet

  206. I crave that scale (almost more than chocolate ice cream).
    Please put me down for 3
    I commented
    I blogged (side bar on link to try-a-thlete.blogspot.com)
    and I even learned how to retweet

  207. Why are there so many comments on this post?
    Put me down for two please (comment & twitter)

  208. Cool site, great info. I’m in!!!

  209. Hey Ray! Count me in for all 3!

  210. I found you watch shopping… and its (ur blog & my new watch) got me super pumped about training, I’ll be looking into acquiring my twitter account, just for the motivation. THANKS!!!

    (only one entry for now!)

  211. Nice scale! I really need one! Brian

  212. Sign me up… Now to get twittered..

  213. One entry for me. Keep up the great work!

  214. I want it please!

  215. This would be so cool!

  216. Nice! 2 entries here…RT @jasondc

  217. Comment to win the scale 🙂

  218. Very nice give-away! Count me in!

  219. Sweet giveaway. Count me in for one.

  220. pick me! 🙂

  221. I’ll try my luck! Love the blog. Have been reading for awhile now and never commented before.

  222. Just a comment

  223. Yaaeeaaahhh! I’m going to win!

  224. I am also game for free stuff! PLease count me in, and keep up the great work!

  225. Count me in for two entries. Comment + twitterRT. I don’t have a blog. : (

  226. Great idea for a contest! Only one entry as I don’t have twitter and currently no blog =(

  227. Been looking at getting a scale recently. Thanks for a great review. Count me in on the contest!

  228. This comment has been removed by the author.

  229. Count me in! Although I never won anything on my life… guess it’s worth a try!

  230. Iain Cormack

    I’d love to win the scale (does it come with a bbq duck?)

  231. Long time reader, first time posting 🙂 Keep up the good work! (and please make me a winner! hehe)

  232. Bonachi


    + Twitter 🙂


  233. I’ve never needed to post to this site before because you always cover everything comprehensively. But for a scale, well I’ll make the effort.

    Chris (Cape Town RSA)


  234. Super awesome giveaway! Thanks a lot!!!

  235. Great website,Ray !

  236. @realmarkcanlas

    DC Rainmaker
    I added you on my twitter and am commenting on your blog, which is great by the way. So count me in for 2 entries. (@realmarkcanlas)

  237. Got my fingers crossed

  238. Too bad I don’t have a twitter to double up…Hopefully this will suffice.

  239. Pam

    That is one awesome scale!!! And such a great, in depth review. Count me in for the draw please!

  240. Awesome…. thanks.

  241. I got two in – Twitter and comment! No blog!

  242. i have two entries!

    twitter and comment!

  243. dude, you’re my hero. just kidding. way cool blog. keep up the good work. when the little ones come forget about it.

    Mark Rios

  244. mark_rios@comcast.net

    dude, you’re my hero. keep up the the awesome reviews. And if you’re ever in the Sacramento area e-mail so I can show you how to ride that bike.

  245. AuroraBorealis

    Nice contest! Btw I like your in-depth reviews – please continue writing them.

  246. Just read about this giveaway on a blog post I was reading. Been looking at these scales for a little while now…

  247. blog linked- check
    re-tweeted- check
    comment- check…

    entries- 3

    winning drawing… check (hopefully)

  248. I’m definitely interested in this scale so count me in please, thanks!

  249. Thanks for the opportunity!

    So, this is my official comment entry, I re-tweeted you (as @davidaltmaier) and I linked to it (altmizzle.blogspot.com).

    Thanks again.

  250. Nice, just a comment for me.

  251. dubd71771

    What a great generous idea!!!

  252. This is really very nice of you. Following on twitter and retweeted as well….

  253. I’M FAT! GIVE ME THE SCALE!!!!!

  254. Count me in for 2 entries!

    1. This comment (woot!)
    2. I tweeted (I’m also following you now . . . so woot woot!)

    Love the blog, and your reviews/race reports!

  255. Count me in for tree
    RT …. done
    Link …. up and running
    Comment: keep up the gooed work 😉

  256. Jeffstu

    Count me in. Love your blog. Keep the reviews coming Ray.

  257. comment, twitter, and my site

    thanks for the awesome contest!

  258. Awesome giveaway. Count me in for two entries. No blog yet.

  259. Great idea for the giveaway ! Thanks.

  260. Thanks for all the indepth reviews. Choices, choices…


  261. classy way to handle the free reviewed item. one entry.

  262. Thank you for all your efforts. Your effort/reviews are invaluable to amateurs. Thank you.

  263. Cool. Withing WiFi Scale ! Great Reviews. Thanks.

    Check out

  264. Comment done, twitter in a sec..


  265. One entry here. From the Netherlands. If you want to avoid shipping you could run/swim/cycle across the USA/Atlantic/Europe to bring that scale over here.

  266. Count me in



  267. This is great, thanks! I’m in for the comment only.

  268. Even a scale of this calibre couldn’t begin to measure how much I enjoy this site. Keep it up.

    I hope I am the winner.

  269. Great contest! Always enjoy reading your in-depth reviews.

  270. Yes, very generous of you. I’ve got 2 entries (this post and the twitter re-tweet).


  271. Not sure if my other comment went.

    This comment 1 entry and re-tweet totals 2 entries.


  272. Anonymous

    Nice blog, cool contest! @chrisarisso

  273. I don’t know if my comment a couple minutes ago actually went through:
    comment: 1
    blog link: 2
    blog: link to trafficinthesquare.blogspot.com

  274. 1. I’m in
    2. RT as @teeproo

  275. Timewastingly addictive reading when I should be out cycling – still, added your RSS feed now.

  276. This sounds like a pretty great scale! Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  277. Count me in from the Netherlands @WebHaaZ. Your review about the edge 500 kicked ass.

  278. stigto

    Here`s my comment.
    You write great reviews.

  279. Count me in for one entry. I love your blog! Thanks for doing this and for giving some of us newbies inspiration to take our training to the next level.

  280. Count me in for 2 entries! Working on the third entry ASAP.

  281. It’ll complement my RJ45 equipped stovetop wonderfully
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  282. Very helpful site. I’d love to win this! Thanks.

  283. Though it´s quite late – I´m in (one entry only). And I´d like to add a question / suggestion as you seem to be well connectet with Garmin… Regarding the multisport mode of the 310XT unit – wouldn´t it be nice to have a “special” workout name (e.g. “multisport”) which works combined with multisport mode? I.e. a freely programmable training – except that using the “lap” button would change mode according to multisport settings. I would like to use it with a timetable with different speeds for different parts of an Ironman marathon…

    btw – I really like your blog 🙂

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