Withings WiFi Scale Giveaway

I haven’t done a giveaway on the blog yet up until this point mostly because I’m sorta selective.  I want giveaways to be big, meaningful and useful to ya’ll.  Oh, and kick-ass.  None of this half-eaten gel pack that I found in my car trunk from last season stuff.  Go big or go home.


So, after finishing my In Depth Review of the Withings WiFi Scale last week I contacted the fine folks at Withings and asked exactly where I should send back the review unit to.  After all, I’m pretty clear that I don’t keep any of the stuff I review, but instead send it back (except for some POM juice once…they didn’t want it back after I was done…go figure).  Well, this past weekend they sent back an e-mail saying I could just go ahead and keep it.


I thought for a second…

And then another second…

And then I decided that instead of keeping it for myself – I’d give it away to you all!  Here.  For free.  Yup, a $160 sports gadget…gratis.

So, here’s the deets:

I’m going about this like a random raffle drawing, except that you can get multiple ‘entries’.  Here’s how:

One Entry: Simply place a comment below on this page, that’s it!  No lyrics to create, or poems to make.  No stories to tell, or anything complex.  Only comments on this page count (nope, comments from 2 years ago don’t count).

Two Entries: Two different ways to double up here.  In addition to the comment below, just put a link on your blog (if you have one) to this contest page.  Or the second option is adding your Twitter account as a follower of @dcrainmakerblog and retweeting the contest announcement.  By simply spreading the word, ya get an extra entry.  (Note: If you’re already a follower, simply re-tweet and you get credit!)

Three Entries: Triple-time baby!  This is easy – just do all three of the above!  Twitter, Blog/Site, and Comment.

See, that’s pretty painless, right?

Please let me know in your comment below how many entries you’ve qualified for if more than one, as it’s super-difficult for me to lineup a Twitter account named “AwesomeRunner28” to a blog named “RunnerGuy” to a comment listed from “RunningCowTippers!”, and I certainly want you to get all your entries.  I don’t need to know your account names, just how many entries.

I have no restrictions on where I’ll ship it to (I’ll be paying for shipping), but it just won’t go out FedEx First International Super-Priority Overnight if it’s to Tajikistan, Turkey or Timbuktu. But no matter where you live – the giveaway includes the whole kit and everything that came in the box.  Of course, the Withings site is free, so it’s a free-free all around sorta deal.  If you have any questions on the scale itself (technical, functional, etc…), post those to the review post instead.

The winner will be chosen from a container of all commenter’s printed out (dependent on how many entries you get, equals how many ‘tickets’ you get).

The contest will run for one whole week, until June 9th, 2010 at 11:59PM Eastern Time when I’ll close the comment period.  I’ll announce the winner the following day.

Good luck!

New Around These Parts?

Then I suggest one place for you to start…and it’s here.  Enjoy!


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    blog: link to trafficinthesquare.blogspot.com

  2. 1. I’m in
    2. RT as @teeproo

  3. Timewastingly addictive reading when I should be out cycling – still, added your RSS feed now.

  4. This sounds like a pretty great scale! Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  5. Count me in from the Netherlands @WebHaaZ. Your review about the edge 500 kicked ass.

  6. stigto

    Here`s my comment.
    You write great reviews.

  7. Count me in for one entry. I love your blog! Thanks for doing this and for giving some of us newbies inspiration to take our training to the next level.

  8. edo

    Count me in for 2 entries! Working on the third entry ASAP.

  9. It’ll complement my RJ45 equipped stovetop wonderfully
    twitter: nickbarnwell

  10. Very helpful site. I’d love to win this! Thanks.

  11. Though it´s quite late – I´m in (one entry only). And I´d like to add a question / suggestion as you seem to be well connectet with Garmin… Regarding the multisport mode of the 310XT unit – wouldn´t it be nice to have a “special” workout name (e.g. “multisport”) which works combined with multisport mode? I.e. a freely programmable training – except that using the “lap” button would change mode according to multisport settings. I would like to use it with a timetable with different speeds for different parts of an Ironman marathon…

    btw – I really like your blog 🙂

  12. dan

    OHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  14. Count me in too!

  15. milo617

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  16. Count me in.

  17. Tia

    Great Blog – great giveaway!

  18. Only blog I read. Thanks!

  19. Carrie Anne

    Awesome! Thanks for the giveaway! 2 entries here…

  20. Clint

    Positive Comment for you and Clever Training Ray.

    I was going to buy the Smart Body Analyzer and was also considering a swim MP3 player.

    After reading both this review and Finish, I headed to Clever Training to support the Blog; unfortunately, I forgot to enter the discount code when I paid for the two products.

    The next day when I realized my error, I contacted their customer support via email and explained the situation and they applied the discount to my credit card and said thanks for supporting the Blog and the Store!

    You’ve partnered with some great individuals on that one!