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Hands-on with SRM’s upcoming iPad app for their new PC8 head unit

Today I got the chance to go hands-on with a very preliminary version of the SRM iPad application that will accompany the new SRM PC8 head units next spring (2014) as part of a simultaneous release. I previously covered the … Read More Here


The Power Meter Buyer’s Guide – 2013 Edition

With all the new power meter products on the market recently, I figured it’s time to do a bit of a re-group and explain the options and some of my recommendations.  I’m not going to cover why you’d use a … Read More Here

First look at new SRM PC8 head unit with WiFi/GPS/ANT+ & Bluetooth

Updated August 30th, 7:58PM with clarifications/additions from SRM, see note at end for summary of changes. Today SRM unwrapped their PC8 head unit, which is the successor to their existing PC7 head unit that’s on the market today.  The PC8 … Read More Here