5 Random Things I Did This Weekend in Thailand

Okey doke – here’s what I’ve been up to the last few days, since leaving off with the New Zealand waking up before the sun don’t shine spin class to go check out that cycling studio.  Enjoy! 1) Flew back … Read More Here

Week in Review – November 1st, 2014

The Week in Review is a collection of both all the goodness I’ve written during the past week around the internet, as well as a small pile of links I found interesting – generally endurance sports related. I’ve often wondered … Read More Here


My analysis of the 2014 Kona bike count power meter numbers

Ok, so it’s been a few weeks since Kona.  No worries, by now all those who went to the Big Island have returned from the Big Dance.  Which obviously makes it a perfect time to discuss the findings. A bit … Read More Here


A Morning At Velo Boutique–A Full KICKR Group Cycling Studio

Earlier this week while down in Auckland for work a reader (Marc M.) shot me a note via Facebook letting me know that there’s actually a full-on Wahoo KICKR studio setup just a few blocks away from my hotel.  They … Read More Here


A few quick thoughts on Fitbit’s new activity trackers, GPS watch (with optical heart rate!)

(Update February 26th: I’ve published my Fitbit Surge GPS In-Depth Review here and my Fitbit Charge and Charge HR In-Depth Review here.  Go head over to those posts to get all the details!) This morning Fitbit announced a bundle of … Read More Here


5 Random Things I Did This Weekend In New Zealand

I’ve been down in Auckland, New Zealand for a few days now for what is about 10 days of a work trip here.  But this past weekend I was able to enjoy what has been some rather nice weather during … Read More Here


A Maltese Jellyfish Openwater Swim…with Live Tracking, Heart Rate, Live Video…and more!

Last week while in Malta I broadcasted a few of my swim sessions live to those that wanted to watch as I slowly plodded across the warm tropical waters of the islands.  I had sent out the link via Twitter … Read More Here


5 Random Things I Did This Weekend in Malta

For the past 7 days I’ve been hanging out on the small islands of Malta, which are located just east of the African country of Tunisia, within the Mediterranean (or just south of Italy).  For those unfamiliar with the specific … Read More Here

Kona FR920XT or Fenix2 Giveaway Results!

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend, and everyone that raced (or trained) was successful in that venture – especially those enduring the lava fields at Kona!  Since Friday when the giveaway opened, a mind-boggling metric crapton of you entered the … Read More Here

Hands-on with the Bioshift Automated Bike Shifting System

On Saturday I got a chance to go out for a test ride on a bike that completely autonomously controls the shifting for me.  I simply pedal, and it simply shifts. Of course, such technology has been rumored for as … Read More Here


5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

Yikes, crazy busy weekend as we work our way through October.  Here’s what went down the last 48 hours or so: 1) Had Zwift over to get setup on the beta We started off things late Friday with Eric Min, … Read More Here

Kona Giveaway Time! The Garmin FR920XT or Fenix2 Special Edition!

We find ourselves on the eve of the Ironman World Championships this weekend, which seems like no better reason to get into the swing of things with a good ole giveaway.  Especially now that the hangover has eased off after … Read More Here


My 2014 ANT+ Symposium Keynote Presentation

It’s been five years now that I’ve been presenting a keynote session at the ANT+ Symposium.  The annual event each September represents a solid cross section of the sports technology industry, with just about everyone present.  And the crowd isn’t … Read More Here

Heads Up: New ‘tools’ resource added here on DC Rainmaker

I’m often asked for ways for folks to correct/tweak/modify/convert/consolidate/migrate/sync and generally just dork around with activity files from different devices.  Those being files that you’ve created using some device, typically a GPS watch, but not always. For example, sometimes you … Read More Here


SportTracks adds Garmin Connect automatic sync

This past weekend SportTracks enabled support for automatic sync with Garmin Connect.  This rounds out the ‘big three’ when it comes to endurance athlete sites and Garmin Connect Auto Sync (including Training Peaks and Strava).  There are of course other … Read More Here


5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

Here’s a complete rundown (or, in this case, swim/bike/rundown) of what was happening this past weekend in my little world. 1) Did a bit of a rush hour triathlon of sorts With a final Garmin FR920XT unit in hand, I … Read More Here


The New Garmin FR920XT Triathlon Watch: Everything you ever wanted to know

Please note: My Full In-Depth Review is now published and available.  Please click on over to that post to get my final impressions of the unit. Enjoy! Today, Garmin has officially announced the successor to the FR910XT triathlon/multisport watch, the … Read More Here

First look at Zwift, an ultra real graphics trainer app

Today, startup company Zwift formally announced their product plans for their ultra high graphic training application, aimed at keeping cyclists entertained during their time sitting going nowhere on a trainer.  As you can see pretty much immediately, the graphic aspects … Read More Here

The Power Meters Buyer’s Guide–2014 Edition

How quickly a year has gone by since my last power meter buyers guide.  In that time we’ve seen an explosion of new entrants into the power meter industry, some even actually coming to market with products you can walk … Read More Here

Suunto Ambit3 Multisport GPS Watch In-Depth Review

It’s been nearly three months since Suunto announced the Ambit3, though considerably less time since the unit started making its way into the wild with final hardware and firmware.  Since well before either of those dates I’ve been testing the … Read More Here


5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

Here’s what I’ve been up to the past few days! 1) Worked my way home from the ANT+ Symposium First up was getting back from Kananaskis, Alberta (it’s in Canada, home of awesome maple syrup).  I was there last week at … Read More Here

Polar M400 GPS & Activity Tracker Watch In-Depth Review

Today, Polar has announced their latest watch, the M400.  This running focused GPS watch also contains day to day activity tracking (i.e. steps and sleep) along with smartphone connectivity.  The unit priced at $179US/€159EUR, is very competitively placed in the … Read More Here

Garmin announces ability to develop apps on wearables, with Connect IQ

Today, at the ANT+ Symposium in Kananaskis, Canada, Garmin has announced a sweeping change to how 3rd parties can interface with Garmin wearable devices a new platform called Connect IQ.  This will ultimately allow 3rd party developers to write applications … Read More Here


5 Random Things I Did This Weekend

We’re almost to the end of September, which means that I’m almost past what is a crazy busy time of year around these parts.  Just one more bounce back across the Atlantic this week before at least a week or … Read More Here


Watteam’s PowerBeat: A first look at prototype/beta power data

Last week while at Interbike I got to not only check out, but actually install, the much talked about $499 PowerBeat system on my bike to take it for a short test ride.  This proved useful in getting a first … Read More Here