FIT File: Summer Sports Tech Season is Heating Up! Zwift Ride, Edge 1050, Suunto Race S, and More!

For those not subscribed to the FIT File (it’s free!) via your regular podcast app or on YouTube, here’s a quick post with the highlights from the most recent episode.

In this episode, we chat about the new Zwift Ride “Smart Bike”, New Bike Computers from Garmin and COROS, The New Suunto Race S sports watch, and plenty more sports tech goodness.

0:00 What’s Coming Up!
2:48 Zwift Ride: Are Smart Bikes Dead?
15:07 YouTube Music App on Garmin
22:22 COROS Dura: Forever power?
32:48 Garmin Edge 1050: Brilliance or Battery?
47:58 Suunto Race S: Unreal pricing
56:22 Wahoo TRACKR: Finally usable?

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  1. TimmyB

    I got all excited when I saw “new watches”, thinking maybe you had some inside scoop for us with the SGW7 series. I’m looking forward to seeing your review of that when the time comes. Still love my PW1 but I really want a Wear OS device that looks and operates as well as some other brand. Hopefully, Samsung finally decides to put good sensors in this iteration.

  2. Sanguine Surfdog

    The “Best GPS Watches Buyers Guide” has not been updated since 2021? Has it been superceded?

  3. Paul

    Is there any sight of a music app (Amazon, Sportify etc) on the Edge bike computers?

  4. Andy

    Great insight as always!
    In case I missed it, will the Zwift Ride work with other trainers in the future? I will definitely be getting one as it will help get my wife on Zwift, but as my Garmin Flux-3 is less than 18 months old, I don’t want to purchase another one.

  5. Joaquín

    Hi DC!

    I am sure you get this a lot… but I have to try!

    When do you expect, according to past trends, that Garmin may be releasing their new fenix series?

    Gracias from Spain.


  6. Ryan

    Finally catching up with my podcasts. Disagree with the Wahoo Trackr. My H10 eats batteries, like will last 2 weeks before saying low battery and then I just have to run it till it dies. Disconnect the pod off the strap everytime. So this is something that I’m actually looking at because the H10 battery issues.